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#weeb struggles

When u can’t talk about an anime cos no one has watched it and they don’t want spoilers:

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I can never look at the year 1999 without singing “1999 Bizarre Summer!” I can’t tell if that’s good or bad.

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It’s really funny when people ask me for anime recommendations and I look back on all the things I’ve watched. Like, I feel like I’ve watched a lot, but when I actually sit down to write a list I keep on drawing blanks.

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having an opening stuck in your head but don’t speak Japanese so you desperately try to recreate the sounds

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How the fuck do people watch simulcasted anime I’m dying here.

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Watching naruto with my brother and I just

My bab ies

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theres this japanese store in the center of athens and i wanna go there and buy all the fucking ramen noodles because theyre SO cheap compared to shit you find in local super markets and i could get like 10 packages with 10 euros but im nervous of looking like a weeb

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Doing embarrassing shit when you think you’re home alone and then finding out you’re not is literally the worst thing

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I hate when I remember a specific piece of dialogue from an anime, and I can’t remember where it was from. The frustration is devouring my soul.

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i want to reread tokyo ghoul but it’s 2am and i’m rly sleepy

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