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Cultural Impact of: HETALIA

Who else remembers Hetalia? Today’s Otaku Thursday is in memory of the OG chaotic fandom

#hetalia #otakuthursday #anitwt #anime

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! Today we’re going to be throwing back to a phenomenon that swept the otaku nation. I’m talking about none other than: Hetalia Axis Powers. Why though? Honestly, because it popped into my head ago–quite literally. Like I started humming Marukaite Chikyuu. Out. Of. Nowhere. Now, I was a big fan of Hetalia in the wayback–wayback meaning back in 2009 leading…


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The real definition of weeb simping is when you’d see his cool expression thirst for the challenge… a glimps for something he once saw

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Just your spice wifu out here trapping lmao

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Someone: “I have tea”

The whole group chat:

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no one:

the firt episode of the promised neverland: *to the theme of avocados from mexico* little children from an orphanage

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