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stupidpunk · 2 minutes ago
I'm MEDICATED for my depression but it isnt WORKING
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musicjunkie777 · 29 minutes ago
I really need to start exercising again man. And get a damn tan.
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greenpenchronicles · 47 minutes ago
Exit 420: Ash Land
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musicjunkie777 · 48 minutes ago
Hey y'all. If anyone is bored as shit or need an impromptu smoking buddy, my snap is theburnout777
Classy name right?
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un-lovable-dipshit · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Today’s a good day for bad ideas
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ladder-discourse · 55 minutes ago
maned wolves aren't wolves OR foxes, they're the only surviving member of their genus Chrysocyon! they live solitary lives and are incapable of howling, instead using a loud roar-bark that can be heard long-distance across their natural pampas habitat! they're also omnivorous, and according to some studies up to 50% or more of their diet is plant matter!
LMAO shit, you got me there. It’s been a while since I last did a wiki walk on canid taxonomy.
I’ve also heard their pee smells like weed.
That’s not relevant to anything I just think it’s extremely funny.
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tigbitties69lol · an hour ago
Just finished smoking up & hornii as hell. Who wants to help me cum?
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feathers-fallen · an hour ago
Shotgun Wedding - Platonic. p.2
Request: Technically @boobberries ?
Characters: Punz x gn!Reader x Sapnap
Content: weed, shotgunning, fluff
It had been quite some time since Luke, Nick, and yourself finally agreed that all of you were dating. Both boys were dating you, at least. They would occasionally go out on their own, even have a set of matching rings, but their focus was more on you. The three of you hung out 5 days a week, at least. Sundays depended on their bands, how late they were practicing, if they were practicing at all, ect.
Thursdays, though? Thursdays were off limits to you. You knew that, understood it, and were okay with it. The boys had asked you to not contact them Thursday nights well before you were a thing, and when you started dating, they assured you it wasn’t anything bad. Just a “boys night”. Again, you understood and were okay with it. It gave you time to yourself, a day without them arguing—though it had significantly died down since that night—and some time for your boys to bond.
So it understandably confused you when, at 10pm Thursday night, you got a text from Luke.
It was a simple thing. Four words. And yet, you felt like you had just read War & Peace. Small, meaningless, and utterly confusing, the text read:
“Come smoke with us.”
Shortly after you got sent an address. You just responded “ok?” and got in your car. When you arrived, you saw Luke and Nick waiting outside for you, bedroom eyes from the former and a dumb smile from the latter.
“Hey babe."
"Hi honey!"
You laughed at the difference between the two. Luke was much more laid back and bordering on a sensual tone, whereas Nick seemed genuinely happy, akin to something like a golden retriever.
"Hey boys!" You made your way up to the door where the two stood, kissing them both on the cheek. "You already started, huh?" You noticed the redness of their eyes and giggled when Nick looked away in shame.
"Didn't think you smoked. Nick thought we should ask first—"
"And Luke fuckin' texted you instead."
The banter never ended with those two. Honestly? You found it endearing. However, you did find one issue. "I've never smoked before..." You watched their faces fall and hurriedly continued, "...but I'd be okay with trying with you two."
Time didn't seem to pass normally once you said that. It felt as if two seconds had passed from the time you were outside to when Luke had you in his lap, your legs across Nick’s, exactly how you were the first day you figured out what this was. But when the time came and Nick passed you the joint, everything slowed.
Luke was trying to explain how to not choke, Nick was arguing that you’d be okay, you weren’t dumb, and suddenly you knew that you had breathed in way too much and were coughing.
“Shit! Breathe, baby. Breathe. There you go. Good.” Luke was rubbing your back as Nick hastily took the joint back from you.
“I’m so sorry, darlin’. I didn’t think—“
“Obviously. They just said they’ve never smoked and you—“
“It’s not my fault! I just—“
“Again with the fighting! Please, stop!” There was obvious hurt in your voice. You hated seeing them actually angry at each other, even more so when you were the cause.
Unlike that first time, neither of them seemed upset. They looked guilty, almost. “Sorry.” They replied in unison, Nick kissing the back of your hand and Luke opting to rake his fingers through your hair.
“How about...” Luke trailed off. “How about shotgunning?”
You quirked a brow. You knew what it was, but did it actually work? “Um.. yeah. I’ll try it. Who wants to—“
“Luke can do it. I think I’d just kiss you.” Nick rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, and you giggled at his honesty.
Luke took the joint and breathed in, waiting a few seconds before turning your head to meet his and exhaling into your open mouth. “Wait... Okay now... Yeah. Just like that.” He directed you on how long to hold it in and breathe out, and you decided last minute to try and carry the high to Nick, grabbing his shirt collar and pulling him towards you.
He was right. He only kissed you.
The kiss, however, felt heavenly. Nick was wan sunshine after a rainy day, and when you were just being soft, this was even more prominent.
Immediately after you broke away, you were pulled back and Luke had his lips on yours. It wasn’t the hungry, needy kiss you were expecting; it was softer, yet still filled with that icy passion you’ve learned to love.
Your other boyfriend wanted in on the action, so he gently picked your legs up, put them down on the couch where he was sitting, and climbed on top of you, kissing your jaw and down your neck. He was giggling quite a bit, infectious laughter causing you to do the same when you finally broke away.
“Why are you laughing?” You spoke through small bouts of laughter.
“Weed,” Nick said like it was obvious. “And I’m happy you’re ours.”
Luke pulled you closer to his chest and Nick held both your hands in his. Sandwiched between your two favorite boys, Luke occasionally shotgunning the smoke into your mouth, you were happy.
"Thank you for this." You kissed both your boys on the cheek.
"Yeah, babe, why thank us?"
"Because," you sighed, looking down, "I love you both. So much." There was still a foggy feeling in your head from the high, and being with your lovers made it feel fuzzy and warm.
The three of you spent the rest of the night showering each other in kisses and soft affection. Something kept bothering you, though. "My loves?" The boys both made sounds of acknowledgement instead of speaking.
"If we could all..." You paused, collecting your thoughts. "If, one day, we could, hypothetically, get married," both of you rlovers looked up, shocked and blushing, "would we all wear two rings?"
"You're so fucking high—" Luke tried to brush it off but was cut off ny Nick's joyous shouting
"Oh my god we're getting married! Now, let's go—" You kissed the brunet to shut him up.
"Do you really want a shotgun wedding?"
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aragchis · an hour ago
Tumblr media
i drew this as a like thing for the friends and im so sorry
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confusedchild101 · an hour ago
you know, i still can’t do anything right and i’m almost 21. i managed to be fucking stupid and i could’ve got my friend fired bc i said i’d roll her a blunt for her wedding on fb. and like i feel bad and she probably hates me and like it makes me wonder how i haven’t learned how to be mute
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