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#wei wuxian
starsxinxthexbluexsky18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Romantic boat ride with WIFI 馃挌鈾ワ笍
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baweiii19 minutes ago
Moments after the announcement of the Yiling patriarch's death, a wail of grief could be heard from the young sect leader Lan Xichen.
Tumblr media
The 'murder' and disguising of the second twin jade was suspected to be another one of Wei Wuxian's schemes
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ao3feed-wangxian47 minutes ago
by Anonymous
Is most qualified to receive it.
In which a resurrected Wei Wuxian not only becomes Chief Cultivator but the victim master of a possessive harem consisting of a lotus amongst gentians as well a cunning beast of a headshaker.
Chaos ensues; but then again, when does it not?
Words: 728, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: 榄旈亾绁栧笀 - 澧ㄩ閾滆嚟 | M贸d脿o Z菙sh墨 - M貌xi膩ng T贸ngxi霉, 闄堟儏浠 | The Untamed (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M, Multi
Characters: Wei Ying | Wei Wuxian, Lan Zhan | Lan Wangji, Lan Huan | Lan Xichen, Jiang Cheng | Jiang Wanyin, Nie Huaisang, Gusu Lan Disciple(s) (M贸d脿o Z菙sh墨), Y煤nm猫ng Ji膩ng Disciple(s) (M贸d脿o Z菙sh墨), Qinghe Nie Disciple(s) (M贸d脿o Z菙sh墨), Lanling Jin Disciple(s) (M贸d脿o Z菙sh墨), Other Character Tags to Be Added
Relationships: L谩n Zh脿n | L谩n W脿ngj墨/W猫i Y墨ng | W猫i W煤xi脿n, J墨n L铆ng | J墨n R煤l谩n & W猫i Y墨ng | W猫i W煤xi脿n, L谩n Hu脿n | L谩n X墨ch茅n & W猫i Y墨ng | W猫i W煤xi脿n, Ni猫 Hu谩is膩ng/W猫i Y墨ng | W猫i W煤xi脿n
Additional Tags: Crack, Crack Treated Seriously, I'm Sorry, Fluff and Humor, Harems, What Was I Thinking?, No Incest, Bottom W猫i Y墨ng | W猫i W煤xi脿n, Continuity What Continuity
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yiling-lazo52 minutes ago
Official illustration from Mo Dao Zu Shi Donghua for Guyu : The last solar term for spring
Tumblr media
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thejhambsan hour ago
TW: mentions of the incense burner non consensual sex scenes
controversial opinion, I actually like the incense burner smut in MDZS. It's not as simple as "omg, incense burner was rape, and therefore, Bad", it ties in to the values and morals of LWJ and WWX.
LWJ is explicitly shown to have rape fantasies, but irl, he always double checks during sex to see if WWX likes it, even after WWX making it clear that he is play acting. It ties in to the morality, because being moral isn't about your nature, or who you are inherently, it's about your choices, and that's what the incense burner shows (in a kind of icky way, but really, the protags are enjoying themselves and it isn't real, so... really not as bad as people make it out to be).
The fact that WWX also has a rape kink is just MXTX making them both extremely compatible, so that's not a thing to mention here. But, I think it's important to talk about how he's the one who starts the role play situation they have going on, which I think is highlighted in the extra "From Dawn To Dusk", when he tells LWJ to stop, and LWJ does, and then he completely changes track and tells him that he loves having sex with him. There are no unwilling participants here, just two weird guys with strange kinks
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minmoyuan hour ago
Tumblr media
Cr: 榄旈亾绁栧笀鍔ㄧ敾AC瀹樺井
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neverdoingmuchan hour ago
i feel like people take the whole 鈥榳wx was super annoying towards lwj as a teenager鈥 and just run with it, forgetting about how it also comes with the聽鈥榖ut only because lwj otherwise refuses to give him attention鈥.聽
#mdzs#modao zushi#wei wuxian#lan wangji#wangxian#cql#the untamed#i'm tempted to do a proper post on this but for now pls accept this#it's a game that wwx plays - lwj refuses to pay attention to me. okay what do i need to do so he *does* pay attention to me? how far do i#need to go? what is he willing to put up with before he gives in and acknowledges that im in the room with him? how much do i need to do so#that he will look at me but not so much that he becomes furious at me and refuses to ever let me near him again?#and then he goes down his crooked path and that's the too much! thats the part where wwx has done too much and lwj wont let wwx near him#so to speak#by lwj's own actions and words and by wwx's understanding of himself and of lwj they can never stand side by side. not now and not ever.#and then wwx comes back from the dead and amidst his attempts to get free and hide his identity he keeps playing the same game he used to#play as the innocent & carefree teenager - bc lwj doesnt know who he is so there's none of that baggage that they'd had that wwx had died w/#but then lwj *does* know who he is and he *does* pay wwx attention#and it honestly throws wwx so off balance bc this isnt how he remembered them - how he remembered lwj - but then he adapts and they play new#games and lwj promises that he's always paying attention to wwx now and it's true#wwx chatters on deep into the night and even though he expected lwj to go to sleep when it hit 9pm he can still feel lwj's eyes on him#he occasionally throws out a question to lwj. 'dont you think so lan zhan?' 'do you agree with me?' 'what do you think?' 'have you seen#anything like this before?' and wwx never expects a response but lwj does respond. it may not be a lot. maybe a single mn or whatever but he#*always* responds now and wwx will never stop being delighted that lan zhan is paying attention to him#and lwj will never stop being delighted that he's able to give wwx his full attention#and i love them both so much ahhhhhh
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wuxian-vs-wangjian hour ago
鈥淚鈥檓 taking you to Baoshan Sanren to fix your eyes!鈥 *cuts out own eyes and stuffs them in friend鈥檚 face* ||聽鈥淚鈥檓 taking you to Baoshan Sanren to fix your core!鈥 *cuts out own core and stuffs it in brother鈥檚 face*
Guys, I鈥檓 starting to suspect "Baoshan Sanren鈥 is just Cultivator shorthand for聽鈥淪elf Mutilation鈥
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midorigable2 hours ago
Khi xem b脿i h谩t n脿y, m矛nh nh峄 l岷 nh峄痭g ng脿y 鈥淭i峄僽 Long N峄 峄 trong l膬ng m峄 v脿 cu峄慽 c霉ng 膽瓢峄 nh矛n th岷 鈥淒uong Hoa鈥 sau 16 n膬m nh峄 nhung... th芒蹋t gi么蛠ng khi "L芒m Tr岷" nh矛n th岷 鈥淣g峄 Anh鈥 sau 13 n膬m. "L芒m Tr岷" gi峄憂g nhau "Ti峄僽 Long N峄" r岷 nhi峄乽... trang ph峄 gi峄憂g nhau...膽峄乽 m岷穋 膽峄 tr岷痭g, kh么ng th锚虊 be虊 cong v脿 y锚u t矛nh 岷﹏ b锚n trong.聽 鈥淣g峄 Anh鈥 v脿 鈥淒uong Hoa鈥 c农ng r岷 gi峄憂g nhau...gia 膽矛nh bu峄搉, ngh峄媍h ng峄 v脿 ng芒y th啤 . Nghe b脿i h谩t n脿y khi岷縩 m矛nh ngh末 v峄 n峄梚 膽au m脿 h峄 ph岷 tr岷 qua 膽峄 膽瓢峄 峄 b锚n nhau.聽 Xiao Zhan, 膽ang ng峄搃 峄 膽贸...ng峄峵 ng脿o v脿 d谩ng y锚u, c贸 bi岷縯 r岷眓g 膽芒y l脿 b脿i h谩t ch峄 膽峄 c峄 Carmen Lee " than dieu dai hiep 95" ng瓢峄漣 膽贸ng vai聽 trong b峄 phim 膽茫 膽瓢a anh 岷 tr峄 n锚n n峄昳 ti岷縩g 馃挄馃挄馃挒馃挒馃挅馃挒馃挅
This is the "condor hero" 95 theme song, starring Carmen Lee, she played Lan Yi / Gusu Lan Shi聽 in The Untamed. Xiao Zhan is sitting on the panel next to the original singer.
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obiguadkenobi2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Quick experiment. Trying to find the ideal amount of drunkness to make sketches so:
which do you think I was the drunkest when I drew?
and which do you think looks best?
Click for better 鈥渜uality鈥
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orion-flux2 hours ago
You know those "jokes" that get very very lost in translation unfortunately? This is one such instance within chapter 75 with the issue of the "Lan" character which phonetically sounds the same but, can mean "Orchid" 鍏 and "Blue, lit indigo" 钃.
Tumblr media
The message is not only because of the phonetics, but due to both "Lans" and what they represent literally in the context of what they mean in Chinese symbolism and the small nudge to Wei Wuxian's ever present infatuation with Lan Wangji.
Orchids in Chinese are known as the flowers of scholars, confucians, who taught dao as the pinnacle ethics and morals. So, it is used in a large amount of traditional art as Confucius compared it's likeness to what a perfect, noble, refined, cultured and virtuous man should be. Beautiful but understated, was the ideal of Confucian beauty of men. It is also a popular addition at weddings as being set in vases means unity. The Lan clan is the one notorious for the beauty within their sect and shifts into the subtle call into their romantic inclinations under their refinement.
Indigo blue as a color meaning represents integrity, power, fair justice and surprisingly, deep devotion. The Lan Clan was first and foremost built upon the love of their ancestor for his spouse. And, they are the most traditional in their practices of Confucianism methods out of the other sects.
Ironically, when Wei Wuxian calls for the courtesy name of "Rulan" (roughly translating as To Be As AnOrchid), he had just seen off Lan Wangji who he brooded over possibly never seeing again, and who was the one to let him know of Jiang Yanli's marriage. He has always viewed Lan Wangji as someone who was respected and virtuous, someone on the opposite spectrum of what he thinks of himself.
There's the layer of Wei Wuxian reminiscing of Jiang Yanli's wedding, being told he's not the one marrying and Jiang Cheng's suspicions of the name itself as he notes, the Jiangs and Jins are not known for their delicate refinement.
But, he catches on to Wei Wuxian's exultations of the idea of Lan ideals, more so of Lan Wangji's, that Wei Wuxian used to pick on. Only to suddenly call those same gripes "A good name to go by".
TL:DR; Wei Wuxian's own pining is a joke that even Jiang Cheng has to convince himself doesn't mean what he thinks it means out of sheer denial.
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twyly572 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Incorrect CQL Quotes: Part 3 of ???
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icecreamkink3 hours ago
nie huaisang: and then ill bring my problematic fave back to life to throw him in my enemies way, not unlike a pok茅mon
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nie-smh-my-head-huaisang3 hours ago
Anyone here play FFX? Because I have MDZS FFX AU brainworms, because I thought about ffx again for a solid second and was like "Yeah, WWX is exactly self sacrificing enough to go on a convoluted suicide mission because he feels like he owes it to the Jiangs specifically to keep them safe for another ten years"
Wen Ning and Wen Qing are his guardians. Hypothetically, if they finished the pilgrimage, WN would be the new Sin, but LWJ saw WWX breaking so many rules at their temple and was like "he's going to make every sect temple want to kill him, I have to do something to keep this person who will potentially bring the next Calm safe." And then falls in love instantly, and I'm like "yeah, LWJ is selfish enough to put WWX above the entire world and find a new way to defeat the giant murder whale called Sin."
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plan-d-to-i4 hours ago
jiang cheng stans when Wei WuXian leaves Lotus Pier to try and save war refugees and the people jc owes a life debt to: HE BroKe hiS proMise!!! He鈥檚 a mOnsTer!!!111 hoW coUld hE aBanDon a PoWerFul cLan lEader in a position of immense power and privilege to try and save iNnocent peopLe inStead of plAying jc鈥檚 wWX is my SerVant foRever fantAsy!!!!!!!
jiang cheng stans when jiang cheng tortures WWX with a dog after he promised to always protect him from them just to be cruel:
Tumblr media
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myfriendsarerealidiots5 hours ago
I鈥檓 late but here鈥檚 my gift for @dianne-dejarjayes-art for @mdzsgiftexchange
(It鈥檚 also late for what鈥檚 set in the story but we all can鈥檛 be on time now can we?)
Thank you to the mods for planning this event, I had fun (despite all the delays lol) and thanks to @maraichh for beta-ing for me聽
Surprise! - A WangXian fic
鈥淲angJi, can you do me a favor?鈥 Lan XiChen called Lan Wangji into the main hall. A smile was across his face and his hands clasped his back. As expected of the one dubbed as Hanguang-jun, he nodded. 鈥淚 received a request. It seems that a small village south of CaiYi town has a small ghost problem that I want you to attend to.鈥
鈥淢n.鈥 Lan WangJi nodded and turned to leave, his light blue robes swirling behind him as he walked.
鈥淭ake Wei-gongzi with you.鈥 WangJi paused in his step as he reached the exit to the main hall. He turned to face his brother. 鈥淲hy are you surprised, WangJi? I can鈥檛 let you go on a trip without your husband.鈥 The tips of his ears turned cherry red. He left the main hall of the Cloud Recesses without another glance at his cheery brother.
His feet brought him to the front of his own courtyard where a figure wearing black and red instead of the Gusu clan鈥檚 white and blue was playing with the rabbits huddling in a corner. 鈥淟an Zhan!鈥 Wei WuXian waved at him from a distance. He hopped onto his feet but kept a rabbit nestled in his arms as he ran towards WangJi. WuXian handed the rabbit over to the latter and a smile wiggled it鈥檚 way onto his lips as he rocked back and forth on his heels. 鈥淲hat did your brother ask you to do?鈥
鈥淣ight-hunt.鈥 WuXian vigorously nodded, urging the other to say more but when he didn鈥檛, he resorted to other tactics.
鈥淲here are you going? Can I come along? Will the juniors join you?鈥 He jumped up, wrapped his hands around WangJi鈥檚 shoulders and nuzzled his head into the crook of the other鈥檚 neck. 鈥淧lease tell me Wangji-xiong鈥︹ His words tickled against the other鈥檚 ears.
鈥淪outh of CaiYi town, you can come along.鈥
鈥淩eally?鈥 WuXian pulled himself closer to WangJi鈥檚 jade-like face. 鈥淚 can go?鈥 He wrapped his legs around the other鈥檚 waist.
鈥淵ay!鈥 He leaned forward and planted a small kiss on the corner of the other鈥檚 lips. 鈥淲hen are we leaving?鈥
鈥淭oday.鈥 WangJi walked towards the entrance of his bedroom. The rabbit in his hands stayed still as he returned to the small group that had huddled around his feet. 鈥淎re you getting off?鈥 He turned to face WuXian who was still tightly wrapped around himself even as he reached the innermost parts of his bedroom.
鈥淒o I have to?鈥 He was given a mischievous look by the person on his back. 鈥淚 won鈥檛.鈥 WuXian held onto WangJi鈥檚 shoulders and rocked back and forth yet his actions barely moved the ever stoic Hanguang-jun. 鈥淏eing on Lan-erge鈥檚 back is the best.鈥 He was about to say more until he was yanked off and into the awaiting wooden bed. WangJi planted a firm kiss on the other鈥檚 lips then made his way to WuXian鈥檚 neck. 鈥淪top! Stop! Stop! Hanguang-jun! We need to go somewhere later.鈥 He pushed against WangJi鈥檚 chest which gave him two inches of headroom for a minute. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 breathe.鈥 His arms went limp as he was pushed against the bed and peppered with tens of kisses all over his lip and neck.
One sore Wei WuXian later and they were on Bichen. WuXian gingerly held onto WangJi鈥檚 waist as they flew over CaiYi town. 鈥淟an Zhan was there really a need to torture me like that? Everywhere is sore now. How am I supposed to walk later?鈥
鈥淣o need. I鈥檒l carry you.鈥 WangJi glanced at WuXian who turned red and moved his gaze to the view beneath them. 鈥淣o good?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 a grown man y鈥檏now. I can walk on my own.鈥 WangJi鈥檚 eyes were a little downcast when WuXian said these words. 鈥淒on鈥檛 be upset, WangJi-xiong, I just want to save myself a little bit of face, alright?鈥
鈥淟an Zhan,鈥 WuXian fawned, 鈥渄on鈥檛 be mad at me anymore. We can do what you want when we get back.鈥 He caressed WangJi鈥檚 back, feeling the scars beneath his robes. WuXian rested his head against the taller鈥檚 back. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again, Bichen was hovering over the ground at a level that could be jumped off from safely. 鈥淎re we stopping here?鈥
WangJi gracefully hopped off Bichen and reached a hand out to WuXian. The latter took his hand and was pulled into the former鈥檚 arms. Bichen flew back into its sheath as its owner walked into the woods with his squirming husband in his arms. 鈥淟an Zhan! Put me down! I can walk!鈥
鈥淣o.鈥 WangJi tightened his grip around WuXian鈥檚 shoulders and knees. Overhead light was dimming as the sun began to set into the west.
鈥淎h that鈥檚 it I really have no more face to spare.鈥 WuXian stopped squirming and surrendered to laying in WangJi鈥檚 arms like a ragdoll. 鈥淒o whatever you want, Lan-erge. I give up.鈥 His ears were tipped with pink.
鈥淗anguang-jun?鈥 WangJi raised his head at the voice and WuXian peeked outside of his sleeves.
鈥淪iZhui?鈥 WuXian tried to scramble out of WangJi鈥檚 arms but the latter鈥檚 grip was tight around his body. 鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥 His eyes looked behind the junior and spotted a small group of people behind him. SiZhui noticed his gaze and shifted to block the opening behind him.
鈥淭he sect leader sent us here to deal with some ghosts. We were just finishing up.鈥 SiZhui approached the pair but left a respectable distance between them. 鈥淲ei-gonzi, why is Hanguang-jun carrying you?鈥
鈥淗ow am I supposed to know? Ask him yourself.鈥 WuXian crossed his arms across his chest and turned his face away from SiZhui without remembering that he would be facing WangJi鈥檚 chest if he did so.
鈥淗is wai--鈥 WuXian鈥檚 eyes widened as he scrambled around in WangJi鈥檚 arms and planted a kiss on the latter鈥檚 lips.
鈥淣evermind, don鈥檛 ask him.鈥 He kept a hand over WangJi鈥檚 lips while he faced SiZhui. 鈥淟an Zhan鈥檚 a bit tired from traveling.鈥 WuXian eyed the area behind the junior carefully. A group of people of all ages were standing there behind a row of trees. They were gesturing 鈥榥o鈥 with their hands and eying WuXian while shaking their heads. 鈥淚f you guys have it covered over here, Lan Zhan and I will be around CaiYi town.鈥
鈥淵es, Wei-gongzi. We can meet up there once we finish.鈥
鈥淟et鈥檚 go, Lan Zhan.鈥 WuXian let go of WangJi鈥檚 lips and rested his hand onto the other鈥檚 shoulder. 鈥淭hey can handle it, the resentful energy here isn鈥檛 that strong.鈥
鈥淎lright.鈥 WangJi unsheathed Bichen and stepped onto the sword with WuXian still in his arms.
鈥淕ood luck, SiZhui!鈥 He bid the junior goodbye as they rose several feet into the air and above the treetops. 鈥淲angJi-xiong, can you put me down now? Aren鈥檛 your arms tired?鈥
鈥淣ot tired.鈥 WangJi shifted his hold. 鈥淲here do you want to go?鈥
鈥淎nywhere, just put me down first.鈥 WuXian rolled around in the taller鈥檚 arms. WangJi finally gave in and let WuXian stand on the sword on his own two feet. 鈥淭hank you.鈥 He held onto WangJi鈥檚 shoulder as he balanced his weight on the blade of the sword. 鈥淟an Zhan, let鈥檚 have a small snack?鈥 He clasped his hands behind his back and showed WangJi a smile.
They landed near the river running in the middle of the CaiYi town. Bichen flew back into its sheath as the pair walked down the streets. CaiYi town was as busy as ever. Mothers were hanging out laundry on the sides of the streets while their children were running around together with toys in hand. There were people rowing boats on the river, selling fish and similar produce. Along the riverbank were people selling loquats and even an occasional seller of the world renowned Emperor鈥檚 Smile.
WuXian snagged a jar of wine and WangJi threw the seller a coin as the former started drinking straight out of the jar. He let out a refreshed gasp of air. 鈥淟an Zhan, want some?鈥 He turned on his heel, shook the jar of wine in front of WangJi鈥檚 face while he continued to walk backwards. 鈥淥n second thought, I don鈥檛 want to show other people Lan Zhan鈥檚 drunken side.鈥 He turned back and took another swig from the jar.
Near the entrance of the Cloud Recesses was a quaint shop where WuXian frequented during his stay at the Gusu Sect鈥檚 territory before WangJi started cooking him the spice-filled dishes he desired. He rarely visited the shop after that since he was always with his husband who could cook amazing meals for him.
He knocked on the support outside the shop and not an incense stick later, the shopkeeper came rushing outside. 鈥淲ei-gonzi, Hanguang-jun.鈥 She clasped her hands in front of her and bowed to the two world-renowned cultivators. 鈥淲hat can I do for you?鈥
鈥淎 few snacks for the both of us please.鈥 WuXian gestured to himself and the one next to him. 鈥淲e won鈥檛 be staying long.鈥 He said casually to the shopkeeper who busied herself with preparing snacks behind the counter.
鈥淗ow do you know?鈥
鈥淗m? What was that, Lan Zhan?鈥
鈥淗anguang-jun!鈥 SiZhui鈥檚 voice came from behind them. He quickly bowed towards his seniors. His breaths were sprattic and uneven as if he ran all the way here.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong? What happened?鈥 WuXian grabbed SiZhui鈥檚 shoulders and held the junior steady. 鈥淭ake a deep breath and explain.鈥 He leaned closer to SiZhui and whispered into the latter鈥檚 ear. 鈥淓verything is ready?鈥 WuXian felt the nod of the one in his arms. A smile wiggled onto his face within the space unseen by WangJi. When he pulled away, his face had a serious look on it. He turned to WangJi. 鈥淲e should hurry, the others could be in danger.鈥 He glanced at SiZhui, his gaze steady. 鈥淪iZhui lead the way.鈥
鈥淵es, please follow me Wei-gongzi, Hanguang-jun.鈥 Before WangJi summoned Bichen, he threw a coin onto the table.
They got onto their swords, WuXian and WangJi sharing the narrow blade that was Bichen. They flew over Caiyi town and headed south to the forest where they bumped into SiZhui earlier. The sun was nearer to the horizon so the forest was darker. The moon was starting to rise from the other side. SiZhui led them deeper into the forest and the dim lighting became even dimmer.
鈥淏e careful.鈥 WangJi wrapped his arm across WuXian鈥檚 shoulders. 鈥淭here鈥檚 something up ahead.鈥
鈥淵ou can feel it?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 good.鈥 WuXian whispered under his breath. 鈥淟an Zhan, what do you think is here?鈥 He looked straight ahead. 鈥淭he resentful energy is pretty strong.鈥
鈥淎 gho--鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e here.鈥 A mischievous smile covered WuXian鈥檚 face. He broke free from WangJi鈥檚 grip and jumped onto the other鈥檚 back. He wrapped his legs around WangJi鈥檚 waist and his hand covered his eyes.
鈥淲angJi-xiong don鈥檛 shake me off or I might hit my head, alright?鈥 He turned to SiZhui who was staring at him with wide eyes. 鈥淲ell?鈥 he glanced around the forest which was slowly lighting up and filled with more people, juniors and sect leaders alike.
鈥淗appy birthday, er-ge.鈥
WangJi鈥檚 ears became tipped with red but before he could recover, WuXian removed his hands and rested them, along with his head, on WangJi鈥檚 shoulders. 鈥淗appy birthday, Hanguang-jun.鈥 Juniors, fellow cultivators greeted the birthday boy in chorus.
Lan XiChen came from the side. 鈥淗appy Birthday, WangJi.鈥 Behind the cultivators present were tables filled with presents and platters of cuisine from all over.
鈥淭hank you.鈥 WangJi bowed slightly. His silent voice filled the clearing and echoed through the trees. A tiny smile was visible on his jade-like face. He shifted his arms to hold WuXian so that the latter was sitting on his right arm.
鈥淓ek, Lan Zhan what are you doing?鈥 WuXian grabbed onto WangJi鈥檚 neck as he was shifted around. His cheeks flushed as he was pressed closer to WangJi鈥檚 steadily beating heart. After his initial shock, WuXian snuggled closer to his husband鈥檚 chest.
People started separating into groups, sect leaders chatted with sect leaders and the juniors formed a group near the center of the clearing. The only people who stayed where they were at the start were WuXian and WangJi.
鈥淪orry for not greeting you earlier, Lan Zhan.鈥 WuXian gently tugged on the lapels of WangJi鈥檚 robes. 鈥淚 wanted to give you a gift this year so I asked SiZhui and the rest to help me prepare this. Do you like it?鈥
鈥淢n鈥 WangJi nodded slightly and dipped his head lower to reach WuXian鈥檚 lips.
鈥淎hem.鈥 Lan XiChen loudly cleared his throat before his brother could reach his goal. 鈥淭here are juniors here, WangJi.鈥
鈥淏rother.鈥 He pulled back and his posture was straight as a pole was more. 鈥淧lease excuse us.鈥 He turned on his heel and within the span of five minutes, he and WuXian were in his room at the Cloud Recesses.
鈥淟an Zhan, what are yo--鈥 WangJi鈥檚 lips met WuXian鈥檚 and his ears turned red as he continued to pepper the other with kisses.
鈥淩eceiving my gift.鈥
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