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#wei ying

Hey what’s up, I decided upon the absolutely ridiculous task of drawing every single outfit Lan Zhan and Wei Ying wear in my fic For A Good Time Call, 21 chapters worth of clothes, and naturally I started by making the world’s most overcomplicated croquis.

Anyway here’s Chapter 1! Wherein I wanted to cry drawing Lan Zhan’s outfit, it was so fucking boring.

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I made this free phone wallpaper

Hope you like it

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Only one page left! From time perspective I could handle this arc better and make it shorter buuut- it’s too late anyway



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WWX reading his zodiac compatibility with LWJ


WWX: Lan Zhan,it says our compatibility is low but make up sex is great

*Hits LWJ*

LWJ: Wei Ying what are you doing?!

WWX: Getting you angry to prove if the second item is true is.

WWX 😊😝😦😵

LWJ 😶😶😡😶


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Like all recognized cultivists, Lan Zhan agrees that vigilantes should not join their fight against ghosts, ghouls and other evil. Their unregulated fighting methods pose a danger, both to them and the people they are trying to protect. It’s unfortunate, really, that the Yiling Patriarch has never cared about rules at all.

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Just, imagine if JC had just a little less patience. Imagine when they went looking for the cave after the Wens burned down the Cloud Recesses.

WWX: Lan Zhan is walking strange. What’s wrong with him?

JC: other than being in love with you? He got hurt trying to protect the library.


JC: Don’t even try to pretend that you’re not gay for him too.

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