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Lan Zhan drove me all the way to my shitty apartment. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted the night to keep going and going and going. 

And then

He said “Let me help you carry your things”

Which is fair. 

I had a lot to carry. 

I didn’t really WANT him to see the hole I lived in, but my desire to make the night last even a few minutes longer won out in the end. 

He didn’t say anything about the mess. Or the fact that it’s one room with a closet of a bathroom attached in the corner.

Or how my “bedroom” is partitioned off by a hanging sheet to hide my bed. 

I stared at my feet for a bit. I’m normally not ashamed of how I live, I earned every knobbly corner of this place after all, but I don’t know… I want Lan Zhan to think the best of me and where I live is just undeniably shabby. 

But even so

Even so

I didn’t want him to go. 

I wanted him to stay. 

So I asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner. 

I didn’t have any food in the place, but I did have an entire book of take out menus. Ha!

He smiled at me again 

And despite the small room

Despite the mess

Despite how shabby the place is

He smiled at me and said he’d love to join me for dinner!


So I shoved my stack of take out menus (the best part of where I live is that everywhere, EVERYWHERE, delivers here) and told him to pick whatever he wanted!!

While he looked through them I started clearing off my little table. It’s full of art supplies normally and is covered in (completely dry) paint, but it does work as a dining table in a pinch. 

I apologized for the mess though. I don’t normally have guests over. 

Maybe I am ashamed of how I live…

Ah well.

Anyway he picked my favorite Indian food place. Knew he had good taste! (Present company notwithstanding).

“I know you’re not so big on takeout, but you’ll like this place!’ I said. “Besides the only other option is me cooking and no one wants that.”

It was then that I realized that I own exactly one chair and no couch. 

Normally this isn’t a problem because I just sit on my bed to watch TV or whatever. 

Well in complete mortification I improvised by dragging the table over to my bed so we could at least have a place to put our food while we ate. We picked out a movie to watch for when the food arrived. 

Bless this man for not commenting on my shitty lifestyle. 

We were actually able to get through about half of the movie after we finished eating and we were honestly both getting a little drowsy before we started hearing… noises.

Okay so she doesn’t bring someone home every night, but when she does, Wang LingJiao likes to be LOUD.

I don’t mind it but I’m betting Lan Zhan probably did. 

I mean it’s her house and she can do what she wants in her own home. It’s great that she’s enjoying herself but ughhhh… Not exactly what I would have wanted for the first time having the love of my life in my room. 

And then, of course, she started getting louder .

“Don’t worry that means it’s almost done.”

I tried to kinda laugh it off. 

“She likes to put on a show,’ I said. “You know she really likes it when she’s quiet.”

And then I realized that was WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION and asked him to please not ask me how I knew that. 

I actually recently helped her get out of a really shitty relationship recently. I broke into her apartment to tear the asshole off of her actually and apparently that gave her the last push she needed to finally end things.

The restraining order actually should go through later this month early next month! I’m really happy for her!

Well anyway to thank me she took me out to dinner and, well, she’s an oversharer. 

(Will note that she was only ever REALLY loud with him. Pff. Apparently he’s decently equipped but has no idea what to do with it. All the hardware in the world is useless if you don’t read the manual she says. Like I said. TMI. )

Well at least it didn’t last long. Poor girl. 

Well either way it woke us up. And I realized how late it was getting. 

And I just… I didn’t want him to go. 

I really really didn’t want him to go. 

So I said that I knew it was late and I’d understand if he’d rather not but he’s welcome to stay the night if he wanted so he didn’t have to drive home in the dark. 

And I told him we’d have to share the bed so I’d understand if he didn’t want to. 

And he just said “I am comfortable sharing your bed with you only if you are”




So I do what I always do and hide my a;sdlkjf;aslkjfa;ldkjf by teasing. 

“Who wouldn’t want to share a bed with you? ;)”

Complete with wink

Dear god what is wrong with me? Just thinking about it now I want to crawl under a rock. 

He just coughed a bit and his ears turned nice and pink but he agreed. 

So I went to my “clean” hamper and offered him some of my comfy pajamas to wear. They’re big on me so they should fit him pretty well right?


Okay the shirt was a bit snug but you won’t hear me complaining!!!


So we curled up together 

And he 






And then we just…. Fell asleep

Somehow over the past couple months I have managed to fall asleep in Lan Zhan’s arms more times than I can count!

I’m guessing that’s another thing I should probably try to avoid. I don’t want whoever he’s seeing to get the wrong idea. 

Ah well.

Somehow I woke up the next morning to the smell of food??? And not leftovers from yesterday???????????

Lan Zhan was in my kitchen cooking up breakfast for the two of us!!!!!

(How does this keep happening?????)

When I asked him where the fuck he got the ingredients he said he ordered the 2 hour grocery delivery service that I didn’t know existed.

(Also it wasn’t THAT late and he’d already been up for more than 2 hours??? What time does he wake up in the morning???!?!?!??!?! Fucking 5 am????? Seriously!!)

So we eat this magical breakfast and he offers to drive me to work since we have the same shift that day.
He even says he’ll wait for me to shower first

(Which of course means in my nervousness I forgot to bring my clothe with me INTO the shower because I normally don’t have to which means I had to run out in a fucking towel and tell him to stare at the WALL!!!


But apparently he didn’t LISTEN because he asked me about the scar on my back. From when I was stabbed. 

Well he asked about it on the car ride to work. 

I told him it was a long time ago. That I got stabbed a few years ago but it’s nbd.

And it isn’t really. I mean it healed up well enough. And I even managed to get most of my range of motion back in that shoulder! So it’s all good! Could have been much worse!

Besides, everyone gets hurt now and then.

But he still frowned at me. I hate it when he frowns. And told me he doesn’t like that I got hurt. 

Well that really doesn’t.. Change anything. 

And besides, you should try to make the most of what you have, right?

SO I told him “on the plus side I can tell you when it’s gonna rain!”

And Mr. SnarkMaster said “So can I. I look out the window.”

So /I/ said “You can tell when it IS raining! Not the same!!!”



“I can tell when it’s gonna rain TOMORROW!”


He was quiet again after that, but then he took my hand at the next red light and looked at me and said “I still don’t like that you’ve been hurt. I know everyone gets hurt, but this is something else.”

I told him it was from before we even knew each other. There’s no point dwelling on it now that it’s past. Not like we can do anything to change it. 

And it’s not exactly like I’m looking to repeat the experience. 

Then he said he’d make sure to protect me so it won’t happen again. 

I didn’t say that, while it’s a nice thought, he can’t be around me 100% of the time. He’s got other things in his life that are more important than I am.
But… yeah… it’s a nice thought. 

Instead of saying that I just told him to watch the road. 

He tried to snark me by saying the light was still red but the light chose that SECOND to turn green so I win. 


He didn’t bring it up again but I bet he was thinkin’ about it still. 

We made it to work eventually and I shooed him up to his apartment to shower and change while I opened up. 

And so he did. 

And that’s… well I guess that’s it. 

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We got a little bag to collect the apples in and were basically told to have at it. 

We got a few good juicy looking ones. I was planning on giving mine to Shijie if I saw her before they went bad. I know she loves making apple pies in the Fall. 

I was up on a ladder picking a really red one I spotted when I had… 

It was a crazy thought really. I can’t believe I…

I just saw Lan Zhan at the bottom of the tree.
I thought about all the shit that went wrong in my life and how many times I’d fallen on my own with no one to catch me.

And I thought of how much better my life was with Lan Zhan in it. 

And I thought.

-If he catches me, I’ll….-

And I just…

Let go.

I got the briefest glimpse of absolute terror on Lan Zhan’s face before I fell securely in his arms. 

He barely even staggered as he held me close.
This time I could feel his heart pounding through his vest. I must have really scared him.
I still feel bad about that but at the time all I could do was hold on and try not to cry. 

I don’t even know what I was trying to do!!

I gathered enough wits to try and pull away but he didn’t let me. 

“I have caught the reddest apple” 





“Reddest apples are the best”






Well before I could reprimand him for trying to kill me with words

We were chased out of the orchard for not practicing safe ladder edicate. 

Look, dude, I know you’re just doing your job but there is no safer place in the world than in Lan Zhan’s arms. 

All the same we’d already gotten enough apples anyway and it was starting to finally get darker. 

So we decided it was time for the hayride before we went home. 

 There was this tractor that was pulling a trailer with like hay bales to sit on and all that.

A lot of people were already clearing out so it wasn’t so crowded when we got on. It was just a little ride around the outside of the maze, but the sun was just starting to set and just

It was another perfect moment.

I made the excuse of the air getting colder but Lan Zhan let me snuggle into him the whole time and even hold his hand again. 

We didn’t even really talk. We just sat together in comfortable silence and enjoyed the view. 

It’s a shame it was over so soon because when the hayride was over it meant the day was over. 


We stopped by the little farmhouse to buy a few more apples and some cider. I got a couple of pumpkins to carve with A-Yuan later too. Oh! And we got a couple of dorky matching keychains! hah.

And then it was back to the car. 


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We decided that there were only a few things left. So we were gonna do the corn bath, the apple orchard, and then we’d finish the day with a hay ride! 

Okay so if you’ve never been in a corn bath before it is an admittedly hard sale. We got there and Lan Zhan got that adorable skeptical look on his face. 

I snickered at him because he’s so cute and started to just remove my jewelry and shoes and stuff. I gave my rings to him to hold because the corn dust would make ‘em fall off if I wore them in there and his vest thing had zippered pockets so I knew they’d be safe. 

I balled up my socks and shoved ‘em in my boots before I just dove right in. 

It feels so weeeeird but in a good way! The little corn kernels everywhere. 

Lan Zhan was a bit more hesitant. He very carefully unlaced his shoes and pulled off his socks. He straightened them out and folded them up so he could tuck them meticulously inside his shoes which he then set neatly to the side before doing the same to my shoes and socks. (Who folds socks??? This man apparently.)

And then he started rolling up his pants so carefully. Pretty sure he was stalling at this point.

But he did eventually, very carefully, step into the corn. He had such a weird expression I couldn’t help but laugh. 

And then because I am, as I have mentioned before, a goblin, I decided enough was enough and I chucked some corn at him. 

“You’re not gonna drown! Come on!”

And so in retaliation he snatched my ankle and yanked me down into the corn. Just schwoop! Gone. Wei Ying Down!

Didn’t give him TOO much time to be smug about it though because I nabbed him right back and yoinked him down too. He fell straight on his back and just kinda laid there for a moment staring into the middle distance. 

Wasn’t really sure what to do with that, did he hate it? Was he just winded? Was he teasing me???, so I just started to bury him in the corn. 

Got most of his giraffe legs covered when suddenly he just throws corn at me! How rude!

(Ignore that I did it first. That is irrelevant. Lan Zhan is supposed to be the bigger man!)

So naturally I retaliate with my own corn missiles!

And we had a bit of a battle.
I mean we couldn’t get TOO into it in case we beamed a kid in the face or something but still! It was a valiant battle. 

One of his shirt buttons came undone at the top and once my brain caught up with the rest of me at the sight i decided to cover my staring by going for a titty shot. 

Got him with perfect aim! (Okay seriously though it was just a glimpse of chest and I’ve been thinking about it every since. HOW IS HE SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE THIS ISN’T FAIR??!!!)

So, because he’s apparently a sore loser, he grabbed me and yanked me back into the corn again!

But I wasn’t going to be defeated by such underhanded tactics!

But what could I do when he was pinning me down?

Honestly didn’t think this would work.

But apparently

Lan Zhan


That’s why he was so a;sdjfalskf about getting into the corn. He was trying not to squirm because it was tickly! Hah!!!!

And oh


He laughed!

Okay I know tickling people is cheating in like every book but oh that LAUGH!!! That laugh is what heaven sounds like! A chorus of angels couldn’t compare! 

When I eventually let him breath he did his best to glare at me, the effect ruined by the glitter of mirth in his eyes and the lilt of residual laughter in his voice.

“Not fair,” he said (Completely true)

“No what’s not FAIR, Lan~Wang~Ji, “ I said, “is you keeping that laugh to yourself all this time!!”

He paused for a second but looked straight at me and said’ You know what to do to hear it again”

Like… is he OFFERING to be tickled? Who does that???

So obviously I’m a bit suspicious, but I get my tickle fingers ready for round 2. 

Except he chucks more corn at me!

Got me right between the eyes!!!

Utterly defeated I fall back to die properly, complete with back of the hand to the forehead, dramatically fainting into death. 

He crept up beside me carefully, probably to gloat or tell me to stop messing around or something.
I grabbed him and pulled him down with me.
I couldn’t resist. But he didn’t seem to fight it either.
I held him like that for a while in the corn. 

“You’re the best, Lan Zhan. The absolute best.”

I meant it.

Still do. 

I kissed his cheek again and asked him to please please never change. 

He turned my head to look at him. He was so close. So close. 

“You are. The best.” he said softly. 




I couldn’t handle that so I let him go and we got up. I suggested we shake out the corn and go pick some apples. 

We put our socks and shoes back on. I let Lan Zhan keep holding my rings until I could wash the corn dust off my hands so they wouldn’t slide off right away and then we went off to the apples.


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I asked him what he wanted to do next because I remembered this was supposed to be a Lan Zhan day, not Wei Ying hour. 

He said he wanted to try out the crafting stuff. 

And I thought he couldn’t get cuter.

So technically I think the crafting stuff was meant for kids but we didn’t let that stop us. We made a few things together. I made a fat little turtle out of a plate and some sticks. 

Lan Zhan started crafting…. I… I think it was a bunny???? I’m pretty sure it was a bunny…. 

NGL it was kinda hard to tell. (Is this the one thing he’s not good at? Is it possible?????? Or is it the more likely possibility that the supplies we had just sucked and no one could do much with it?)

Anyway I was struck with an idea that I enacted before thinking it through, as usual.

I set down my turtle and shuffled up behind him. I took the jacket he’d given me and leaned in close so I could wrap it around both of us.
“You say you’re not cold but I don’t know that I believe you”

And I rested my chin on his shoulder so I could watch him trying his best. 

I wonder if he could feel my heart beating against his back? Or feel it in the pulse of my wrists?

Even so… Even so.

That moment. For me that moment was everything. That moment was perfect. 

We stayed like that for a long while while he finished up his project. I wish we could have stayed that way even longer. Forever.

But we weren’t here to sit on a bench, so we eventually had to get up and move on. 

Well… we moved down lol. There was a second crafting station for pumpkin carving! 

And it was really cool because if you wanted you could donate your pumpkin to this like light up the night festival! They have like a million pumpkins lighting up a path for people to walk down and admire! It’s super cool! (It’s in their pamphlet. I haven’t ever actually gone but it looks incredible). 

So we decided to make matching pumpkins to donate!
With, what else, bunnies! 

I even carved in a little advertisement for the Honey Bun Cafe so people might come visit us haha. 

So turns out.

Pumpkin carving is not Lan Zhan’s strength. Although, in his defense, trying a bunny for your first ever (???!!!!!) pumpkin carving is maybe a bit more advanced than is probably fair.

BUT! You COULD tell it was a bunny in the end! So Score one for Lan Zhan!! 

I was a bit distracted watching him though and managed to cut my finger a little like a dumbass.

Who cuts their finger on child safe pumpkin carving knives? Those stupid dull ones witht he orange handles that break half way through the pumpkin? Yeah that. I cut myself with one. 

But not to worry! Nurse Lan was On the Scene! He rummaged around in the pockets of the jacket I was still wearing (aaaaaaaahhhhh) and pulled out some fucking anticeptic wipes and a bandage! 

Does he ALWAYS carry those around? Or did he bring them with us just when he knows I’ll be there because he knows I’m accident prone?

Who cares. 

They have bunnies on them.

The bandages.

They are in a rainbow of colors with adorable cartoon bunnies. 

He patched me up and kissed my finger (??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) when this nice lady told us what a cute couple we were. (?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I panicked for a second there because I really didn’t want Lan Zhan to get uncomfortable. I told the lady we weren’t a couple but thanked her anyway and kinda laughed it off. 

Lan Zhan looked a bit uncomfortable regardless but I hope he didn’t dwell on it too much. 

I nudged him a bit and teased him to try to cheer him up.

“The only couple we are is a couple of nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrds”

He smiled a little at me but I think he was still a bit bothered by it.

Probably thinking about whoever it was on the other side of that phone. 

So I decided that was enough pumpkin carving and asked him what he wanted to do next. 


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So for added dramatic flair, once we got out I draped myself over a hay bale and cried that I thought we were going to die but you saaaved us Lan Zhaaaan you saved us! You’re a hero!! 

Did people stare? Yes. But I like to think they were amused and charmed. 


Lan Zhan smiled again and offered me a hand to help me up again. 

I asked him how he was so good at getting out. Surely he must have done a corn maze before and he’d been leading me on this whole time!

Instead of answering he picked something out of my hair. Straw? A leaf? Doesn’t matter. 

My heart exploded again so I just did the only thing I could do in such a situation.

I swooned dramatically again, though this time I swooned into his arms. (I swear this man could probably bench a truck if asked).

He caught me

Because he’s wonderful 

But then








I mean I know I started it but FUCK 

I have opened a door that will probably just give me more heartache in the end. But at the time I really just… didn’t care. All I cared about was being so close to him. 

Eventually my brain started functioning again and I managed to gather enough willpower to stand up straight again. 

Cleared my throat and asked him what he wanted to do next. 

“Eat” he says

In that smooth as velvet voice of his. That I could honestly listen to forever. He could read the dictionary to me and I’d be happy. 

Shame he’s so efficient with his words though. I’ll take what I can get. Every word is a gem. 

And I wasn’t gonna complain that that was his choice either because i was starving at that point, but didn’t want to admit I’d skipped breakfast. 

I don’t know why. Just didn’t want him to know. 

Anyway we went to the little area with a bunch of food trucks and told him to get however much of whatever he wanted. I’d been saving up for this ever since I decided I wanted to take him out (it’s much easier when you work for a job that actually fucking PAYS you but I digress.)

He stared at the menus for a while and pretty much got a bit of everything except the real basic stuff like Pizza and burgers. 

He said he was trying everything that was new to him. (MY HEART)

And apparently that includes corn on the cob??????
How can you never have eaten corn on the cobb??????????

Well… on second thought. Having seen him, his brother, and his uncle… I think it is kinda hard to picture them all just sitting at the table and gnawing at a corn cob like some sort of animal with a bone. 

Anyway I felt like a little goblin hoarding all this food. We skittered over to the picnic tables and laid out our feast. I cackled like the goblin I was and I got another smile from Lan Zhan. 


We split everything but I made sure Lan Zhan got the first bite of it all before I did. That way he could have more of what he liked and I could polish off what he didn’t like!

Turns out he has a sweet tooth! He went to TOWN on those mini donuts!  

I was so excited to see him trying all this stuff and asking what he thought

Do you like this? What did you think about that one?

Should we get more of that later?

That I forgot that I was dying of hunger like a poor family on the Oregon Trail. 

Until he shoved a corndog in my mouth and told me to eat. 

Oh Lan Zhan what would I do without you~? <3

(Seriously though. My life would be so much worse without you in it. Thank you, Lan Zhan, for taking such good care ofme. I don’t deserve it but you do it anyway. I hope I was able to give back even a fraction of that care.)

We worked our way through our feast fit for kings and I found I was very glad we hadn’t eaten BEFORE the maze or Lan Zhan would have had to roll me. 

I told Lan Zhan as much and that smooth fucker said he would have just carried me!

“Noooo I’m so fat now with this little food baby I’d break your back!” I protested like an eloquent prince. I started rubbing said food baby while resisting the VERY strong urge to undo the button on my jeans which were a biiiit tooo snug now. 

And of course because I can NEVER WIN AGAINST THIS MAN 

He replied “I’ll carry you both” like the smooth fucker he is.

“What a diligent father!” tease in a feeble attempt to save some face. 

And he just

SMILES at me again. Like a real noticeable to the general public smile!

And my heart just STOPS.

I yelled at him to WARN me before he smiles like that. My poor heart. 

He just smiled AGAIN while promising to try. 


I bumped him with my shoulder because honestly what else was there to say? He is the ONLY person in the WORLD who can leave me speechless. And he takes advantage of that WAY too often! It’s not fair!


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Where was I? Ah yes

So I just took his hand in mind and told him to pick what he wanted to do first. “No rules but having fun” is said. 

He squeezed my hand and my heart just melted. He pointed to the maze, still looking a little nervous. 

My heart melted again. 

“The maze it is!” said and I started to pull him towards it. Only to realize we were heading towards the exit. 

I abruptly and flawlessly changed directions and went to the (rather obviously signed) entrance instead and he suspected nothing!! NOTHING


And that is what I will choose to believe forever.

Bless his heart he didn’t say anything about it. 

I wanted to ease him into it a bit more. I know new experiences can be a bit rough for him. So I did something that would be VERY familiar to him at this point.

I started talking. A lot. 

Told him about the only other time I’d been to a corn maze with the Jiangs and how much I’d loved it. And how i wanted to share that experience with him too and I hoped he liked it too. And that I really wanted him to have fun today. 

Wasn’t really paying attention to WHERE we were going while I talked. But hey, that’s the point right? Get lost!

Before we got TOO far in we found a sign with the layout and a stack of maps and pencils. Turns out we were in a giant corn pumpkin! 

I joked that we were in a pumpkin just like Cinderella. 

“Guess that makes you my prince charming. Don’t worry, I don’t have a midnight deadline.” 

Complete with cheesy wink.

Yes… I am that embarrassing. 

And then.

Like a complete fool

An absolute buffoon

I tugged him down by that hand of his I was still holding 

And kissed 

His damn


And then BOOKED IT.

“Betcha can’t find me!”

Yeah part of it was because I was being a little shit and wanted to play hide and seek.


So turns out Lan Zhan is apparently insanely fast. I shouldn’t be surprised considering his legs are like fucking skyscrapers. 

He’s a bit slower on the turns than I am though so I did actually give him a good run before he inevitably caught me. He also had the advantage of I didn’t really want to get away but who’s counting right?

And then 

Before I could even catch my breath


Ghosty I’m joinin’ ya in the afterlife. Make a space at the table for me.

Okay I didn’t die but I’m pretty sure the noise that came out of me wasn’t human. 

(Now before y’all go jumpin in saying well obvs he’s not dating because he kissed you!!! Let me point out that people kiss their friend’s cheeks all the time and I did it first so there is nothing to indicate that this wasn’t completely platonic. I kissed MianMian’s cheek the other day too. (I was thanking her for buying me a coffee at the end of a loooong day).

Just because they kisses feel different to me doesn’t mean they ARE different. 

Anyway. At this point we are like COMPLETELY lost. 

Which was kinda the goal I guess. 

We took a second to catch our breaths (Hope he thought my face was red from the run and the chill and not any other reason haha.) and started to wander. 

Eventually we found a sign! It had a little “you are here” mark that we ignored because where’ the fun in that, but it also had like a number with a weird sentence next to it. 

Lan Zhan pulled out the map that I had completely neglected to take because, again, where is the fun in that? And turned over to find a list of questions! 

So like apparently there are signs all over the maze for you to find and answer all the questions! The signs each have one answer on them and you’re supposed to find them all. 

You don’t get anything but it’s fun anyway! Objectives! 

And they’re all weird random trivia. Some about fall, some about the corn maze, some about pumpkins. Things like that!

So Lan Zhan diligently marks down the answer because he grabbed a pencil as well (Have I mentioned how much I love this man? Even if he’ll never be mine, I’ll never regret loving him.)

Well he tried to mark down the answer but it was made more difficult because I was bouncing on his arm saying we had to find all the signs! Because of course we had to!

He’s so patient with me. Really. He’s the best. 

He just smiled softly at me and nodded.
Once he was finished writing the answer we started off again. 

Either he trusted completely that I knew what I was doing, or, more likely, was happy to just wander around behind me because he just let me lead the way.

I will say this right now. I am known for a lot of things, but my sense of direction is not one of them. 

Still persistence pays off and we did actually find a lot of the signs after a while! 

And… a lot of the signs we’d already found were re-discovered a few times.

But who’s counting??

Eventually though we kinda figured we should find our way out. We found this tower thing that lets you see the whole maze (it was really cool but it showed us we were NOWHERE NEAR where I thought we were). 

We stayed there for a little while before moving on. 

Apparently Lan Zhan has an AMAZING sense of direction and had, in fact, been humoring me this whole time, because he took the lead and I think we got the last few signs and got out of there in like 10 minutes. (Which was good because I realized that I hadn’t eaten breakfast because i was so nervous about being on time and I was starting to feel rather famished).


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So in order to get things off on the right foot, I got up EXTRA early on Saturday. On purpose. Of my own free will. 

I wanted to get a full day of this. SO I told Lan Zhan to meet me at that hobby shop we met at before for that walk we took at 9 in the morning. Oh that seems so long ago now but it wasn’t. 

So much has been happening in my life lately it feels unreal. 

Anyway, 9AM. That meant I had to get up early enough to get ready and walk there (Hell if I was lettin’ my skateboard ruin my hair that day).

I had wanted this day to help Lan Zhan unwind from last weekend. I know how tough that was for him. I wanted this to be a GOOD day. I think I succeeded.

Well… I wanted that… but also… I kinda just wanted to go on a date. Which really… I mean… it wasn’t a date. And I shouldn’t have treated it like one. Especially since…. 

Well at the very least if I wanted it to be a date I probably should have TOLD him that. But I was being selfish. I doubt he would have said yes if I asked him out as a romantic thing. But as friends… then I could just pretend for a while.

And I did. Hardcore. I’m… a bit ashamed of how I acted. But what’s done is done. (Despite the common opinion I do actually feel shame sometimes. A lot of times actually….)

The point of all that is that I decided to dress up some even. I put on my nicest jeans (the ones that make my ass look fucking amazing), and this nice like jacket/scarf combo. The scarf was a gift from Shijie way back when. She knitted it herself for me with this SUPER soft yarn. Its’ this nice deep red and nice and big. I love it so much. I’d wear it all the time if it weren’t sure to give me heatstroke in the summer. Well that and I want it to last as long as possible. 

(I think I actually stole the jacket from Jiang Cheng way back when but eh details details). 

So I got up early to get dressed and like actually BRUSH my hair n shit. Again, though many would ne’er believe me, I do, in fact, own a hairbrush thankyouverymuch. My hair’s just still short enough that I don’t normally need it. Besides the messy out of bed look is sexy right? Right??


I managed to wake up on time and got out the door after all my primping with enough spare time to get a coffee! I actually timed it perfectly. It’s easy when Lan Zhan is always perfectly punctual. (It’s impressive really. Neither late nor early. Just perfectly on time). I got a coffee with like ALL the caffeine for me so that I didn’t hate life when Lan Zhan showed up, and I got a tea for him. And I timed it so it’d be the perfect drinking temp by the time he showed up!

Sometimes the best laid plans actually work ha!

Admittedly I probably should have started drinking my coffee sooner, heat be damned because I was probably a little more than half asleep by the time Lan Zhan showed up to pick me up. Heh. But nothing better than waking up to see Lan Zhan’s face no matter what the circumstance!

Didn’t spill our drinks so still counting it as a win. 

I was about to get up and just jump in the car but this perfect human being got OUT to greet me and gave me a nice warm hug! (It was only a bit chilly but I was tempted to complain about how cold it was so he’d hold me tighter. Resisted. Barely.)

I will never get enough of the feeling of being in his arms. Never. 

Anyway we climbed back into the (nice and toasty) car and got ourselves all buckled in (safety first folks!). And then idiot that I am I realized that my map was still in my pocket, unbuckled my seatbelt to get it out and buckled up again before I smoothed it out. 

Lan Zhan raised a perfect eyebrow at me and tried to sneak a peek at my paper but I snatched it away before he could ruin the surprise. 

Told him no peeking allowed!

He pointed out he could punch in the address into his fancy car GPS like a normal human but that would spoil it!!!

I told him he was just gonna have to trust me. He looked a bit dubious (fair) but consented. 

Okay so… turns out I actually DO need to be more careful when I’m writing. There were a few instructions that even I had trouble reading what with the paper being so crumpled and having written in a rush because I almost forgot this morning. Smudged the ink a few places too. 

Lan Zhan probably lost a bit of confidence in me after we nearly missed our turn offs the second… and third…… and…  well either way! No peeking means no peeking! 

And I got us there JUST fine in the end!

I think for a moment Lan Zhan lost ALL confidence in me when I made him pull into this parking lot that was really just a large field. There were other cars parked there but other than that all you could see was corn and hay bales. 

And a giant sign of WELCOME. It was cute! We got out of the car and I took a deeeeeeep breath. It smelled like leaves and pumpkin and apple cider and mini donuts and just oooof. The best of all the Autumn aromas. 

Lan Zhan asked where we were, but I just grinned at him and told him to trust me again. We got in the fortunately very fast moving line to get in. There was an entrance fee but I was prepared! I already had my money in my hand so Lan Zhan couldn’t be sneaky and pay for it instead. He likes to do that but I was adamant that today was going to be my treat! This was for him after all and I wanted to treat him.  

He looked a little put out but I grinned at him and told him “Everything is on me today. Anything you want, you tell me!” and then I STARED HIM DOWN basically DARING him to disagree.

He stared back for a long moment but eventually signed softly and agreed. 


Before he could change his mind and start fussing, I grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. My heart was going a million miles an hour because now was the moment of truth. 

I stepped away from him and spread my arms wide like I was some weird person showing prizes on a game show. 

“Ta-Daaaaaa! It’s a Corn Maze!!!” 

And it was.


Have y’all ever been to a corn maze? I only went once with the Jiangs shortly after I was taken in by them. I think Uncle Jaing wanted to make a good impression. We all went as a family. Even Madam Yu.  (She pretended to hate it but I know she enjoyed being able to spend time with her kids without anything else going on. Even if she had to deal with me being there too.)

I’d been looking for a place for a while when I stumbled across this one. It isn’t the same one I went to as a kid. Actually I think this one’s even bigger. It had everything!! Music, food, a petting zoo, crafts and games and just everything! And an apple orchard out back! 

I kinda stayed there with my arms up, probably looking like the world’s stupidest scare crow. I was trying not to be disappointed because he looked… well more confused than anything. 

“It’s a pun. Get it? A Maize Maze. Corn Maze. Maize…. Pun…” 

He nodded at me (i finally put my arms down) and asked me what we were supposed to do. 

I’d thought it was a bit self-explanatory but then the poor man hadn’t even been to the movies before a couple of weeks ago. (We went together on one of our saturdates and it was wonderful)

So I started pointing out all the things we could do. There was the maze, of course, but also live music and the petting/feeding zoo. I pointed to the crafting section and the orchard and there was even a corn bath! 

I think.. He kinda broke at that. XD The look of a man who was completely lost. 

“A corn… bath?”

“Yeah it’s literally just a pit filled with corn.”

He gave me this LOOk then. Oh dear god I just wanted to kiss him. He looked so adorably perplexed. But he just nodded like he was accepting it. 

I started to lose confidence as I was talking about the apple orchard and the hay ride. 

I started to give him an out because clearly this was a horrible idea and of course he wouldn’t be interested in such a childish bunch of activities. I said we could leave if he wanted. 

He assured me that no it was fine and that he wanted to do all the activities with me. Told me he’d just never done anything like this before. I kinda knew that already but every time I realize how limited his childhood was it just breaks my heart.


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My lover asks me:
“What is the difference between me and the sky?”
The difference, my love,
Is that when you laugh,
I forget about the sky.”

– Nizar Qabbani

I’ve drawn my fair share of sad Wangxian and was in the market for something sweet, fluffy, and tender. Like hand kisses.

But then I wanted to draw wedding robes, and just mushed the two together. Both are kissing each other’s hand.

I am not sure how accurate the wedding gear is, but since this is a fantasy setting, I took some artistic liberties. I just can’t imagine Lan Wangji without any ornamentation on his head; the man is a certified fashion icon, after all.

His robes do have cloud embroidery; Wei Wuxian’s own robes have embroidered lotuses. His headdress has the shape of a lotus ion top of a cloud.

Special shoutout to @stiltonbasket and @mylastbraincql for letting me scream in their inboxes about this thing at various stages of production.

I have a headcanon for Wei Wuxian’s headdress, but it’s a bit sad, so under the Read More it goes (as per @mylastbraincql ‘s request).

Wei Wuxian / Lan Wangji / The Untamed / Mo Dao Zu Shi © Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

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For @fytheuntamed​‘s Untamed Fall Fest. Day 22: Warmth

January & June
Fall in Love with someone
who feels like the Warmth of the Sun
on a cold January Morning

but Soothes your Heart
like the Cool Waters of the sea
on the Hottest day of June.

- Nikita Gill

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I just finished the very first episode of the live action just now and let me tell you that there’s isn’t any heterosexual explication of how the relationship between Wei Ying and Lan Zhan is portrait. They are husbands your honor.

I’m starting with the second one 🍎

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Jin Ling noticed that he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking his dog and a pretty boy whistled him loudly. 

N/A: Idk what I’m doing, I just saw memes about Jin Ling x Lan Jingyi and I fell in love with the ship haha. A-Yuan is a Wen in this AU.

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks.

Day 21: Calamity

Jin Ling noticed he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking the dog in the nearest park, his uncle Jiang Cheng was sick of viewing him all day in bed just because his only friend isn’t in the city for the weekend.

“Get out the house and do something!” he yelled at him after the lunch.

A fucking winter Sunday’s afternoon.

What the hell?

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