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#wei ying
p-h03n1-x · 2 hours ago
“Come and make a wish”
Tumblr media
Source: CQL Weibo
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oikawas-sad-slut · 2 hours ago
In the mood to writing something sad so MDZS fans, give me your saddest fanfic prompts/ideas/headcannons pleaseeee!!!!
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lanzhans-nipnops · 3 hours ago
brb going to the guanyin temple to get my government assigned boyfriend 
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mdzsincorrectquotes · 4 hours ago
Xue Yang: I brought you here to play the deadliest game.
Wei Wuxian: *nods knowingly* Knife monopoly.
Xue Yang: ...
Xue Yang: I was actually going to hunt you for sport, but now I’m really interested in whatever knife monopoly is.
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sharpieshepie · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Bus stop”
I didn’t know I needed this rainy school-day, modern AU
Lan Zhan has to hold his umbrella, Wei Ying’s bag, and Wei Ying.
Because Wei Ying is a baby and he’s busy holding important things like his recorder and Lan Zhan rabbit
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the-pudding-is-a-lie · 11 hours ago
Can I request Wei Wuxian going to dog exposure therapy with a really old dog? A gentle senior citizen dog? An elderly pooch who just wants an ear scritch and a nice patch of sunlight to lay in? And maybe Wei Wuxian is sitting next to that patch of sunlight and the dog’s still at arm’s length but arm’s length is close enough for him to give it the ear scritches it wants and he’s slowly getting less terrified about it?
Tumblr media
I am a big fan of the concept of Wei Ying (and everyone else) getting all the therapy he needs! (* ゚∀゚*)ノシ
Commission Info | kofi | redbubble
((Friendly reminder that dog phobia is an actual thing and using it as comic relief is making fun of a people who are most likely scared for their lives. Please don't do that. :) ))
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ticktockbunny · 12 hours ago
“Wei Wuxian!” I call out his name from the pier “I’m home!” I say and wave at him and I see his siblings wave back at me, waiting for me to return to Yunmeng. “You wouldn’t believe where I traveled!...” I tell them every story and every thing I did along the way while I was gone.
Character Interaction: Wei WuXian
Tumblr media
“Wow… you really went around all those places?” Wei Ying flashes you his signature grin. He pictures you in your head in the types of places you described to him, perhaps dressed in different clothing that would surely compliment your figure. A part of him finds it endearing, and another partially envious. How he would have loved to go together with you, but that could be for another time when his responsibilities could be put on hold.
After wrapping up your story, he pulls you into a warm embrace. One severely overdue ever since the first day you left, the first day he started to miss you. He cradled your head against his, inhaling in your scent that could only complete his notion of home within Yunmeng. He whispers to you, “welcome back.”
Tumblr media
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simon-says-nothing · 13 hours ago
new chapter of fire on fire!
hey yall I updated my wangxian fic, fire on fire !
As the song crescendoes, Wei Ying briefly thinks, ‘ Eh, what the fuck.’ before practically running at Lan Zhan, leaping as high as he can. He doesn’t want to think about what happens if this goes wrong. But somehow, he trusts Lan Zhan, trusts him to catch him.
Warm, strong hands grasp his waist as he reaches his full height, and for a moment, Wei Ying is soaring.
chapter link:
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wangxian-on-repeat · 13 hours ago
Wen Qing, holding out a bowl of medicine: Just think of it as weird-tasting soup
Wei Wuxian: How dare you slander soup in such a manner
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disastermages · 14 hours ago
[read it on ao3]
@joshua-beeking's draw it in your style has been living in my head for a while, and I can't draw, but I can write, so it's just a little thing inspired by it
The full moon bears down on top of Lan Wangji as he follows the trail of clothes Wei Ying had left, picking them up and folding as he goes. He’d found Wei Ying’s over robe thrown over a low hanging tree branch, his white undershirt tossed onto a bush, but he finds Wei Ying’s trousers and his boots last, all three of them laying at the edge of the lake and making Lan Wangji sigh in fond exasperation.
“Wei Ying should not undress so carelessly.” Lan Wangji scolds, finding Wei Ying easily in the moonlight, his form still on the surface of the water, or at least it had been, until Lan Wangji had called out to him.
“Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying calls back, diving back underneath the water for a moment and swimming closer to where Lan Wangji stands, grinning while Lan Wangji deposits his now folded clothes onto a rock, “You should come in with me, Lan Zhan, the water feels nice.”
He half expects to be splashed as he comes closer, it had been one of Wei Ying’s ways of baiting him into the water before, but Wei Ying does no such thing, he only slides further below the water, until only his eyes and his hair show above the waterline.
“One shall not disrobe in public.” Lan Wangji says softly, watching the way Wei Ying’s hair moves beneath the water, the corners of his mouth pulling upwards as Wei Ying comes back up for air. Did Wei Ying know how beautiful he was, covered in nothing but water?
Lan Wangji means to tell him, but there’s a spark in Wei Ying’s eye, one that Lan Wangji knows far better than to trust, his face nearly blindingly perfect by the moon.
“We aren’t in public, though, Lan Zhan! It’s only the two of us out here, shouldn’t it be fine?” He should resist, Lan Wangji knows he should, but Wei Ying makes it difficult, he always has.
“And what will Wei Ying do if someone comes?” He’d already been won over, but Lan Wangji won’t allow himself to give in so completely so easily, “Will Wei Ying defend the honor of his husband?”
Wei Ying makes a single lap before he comes to where he can stand, his hair sticking to his back like a second skin, and Lan Wangji longs to wrap that hair around his fist. “I’ll protect you, Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying promises easily, holding three fingers up in the air, even while he threatens to outshine the moon with his smile, an errant curl of hair clinging to his cheek like a kiss.
Lan Wangji wants to replace it with a real one.
“Come here, Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji commands, pulling his forehead ribbon off easily, but refusing to allow the ends of it to dip into the lake, he wouldn’t allow it until the ribbon was wrapped around Wei Ying’s wrist, where it belonged when Lan Wangji himself wasn’t wearing it. Wei Ying doesn’t need to be told twice, sloshing his way out of the lake to come to stand in front of Lan Wangji, water droplets clinging to him like glittering gems. Lan Wangji doesn’t stop himself from kissing the ones that line Wei Ying’s shoulders and his neck, uncaring if his own robes get wet with Wei Ying so close to him.
“Does Lan Er-gege want this one to help him undress?” Wei Ying asks, allowing Lan Wangji to wrap the forehead ribbon around one wrist, but tugging on the knot of Lan Wangji’s robes with the other.
“Wei Ying may undress me,” Lan Wangji agrees, tying the knots reverently, “but he must fold each layer neatly and lay them with his own clothes.” Lan Wangji isn’t prideful enough to deny the satisfaction that comes from allowing Wei Ying to strip him bare, layer by layer until nothing remains between them, but the whine that comes from deep within Wei Ying’s chest raises something familiar and warm within Lan Wangji.
“You wear so many layers, Lan Zhan! It would take me all night to fold them.” Wei Ying complains, but he still pulls the knot free, loosening Lan Wangji’s hanfu and leaning in to kiss his neck, teeth nipping over Lan Wangji’s Adam’s apple.
“Wei Ying looks just as beautiful by sunrise as he does in the moonlight.” Lan Wangji allows the topmost layer to be eased down his arms and back, noting with rising satisfaction that Wei Ying saves it from getting muddied without thought or hesitation, his warmth only leaving him when he moves to set Lan Wangji’s robe on top of his own.
Layer by layer, Wei Ying undresses him, his hands lingering and warm as he pulls Lan Wangji’s trousers down his legs, fingertips kneading into the soft flesh of Lan Wangji’s thighs. “Wei Ying, do not get distracted.” Lan Wangji warns, a sigh fluttering out of his chest as Wei Ying kisses him just above his knee, the trousers still draped uselessly against his own thigh while he kneels.
“Sorry, sorry,” Wei Ying laughs, color spreading across his cheeks while he folds the trousers haphazardly, one leg dangling far past the other, “you’re just really pretty, Lan Zhan, all the time, but especially in the moonlight, that’s all.” The minimal distance Wei Ying had left between them feels unbearable, but Lan Wangji closes it himself quickly, one hand coming to press against Wei Ying’s cheek.
“Does Wei Ying still wish for me to join him in the water?” Lan Wangji asks carefully, it had been the point of their game, of undressing him, but there were a number of things they could do on the shore like this, all of them flooding Lan Wangji’s mind at once.
Absently, Lan Wangji strokes his thumb back and forth, pressing it into the corner of Wei Ying’s mouth, watching as those same thoughts pass through Wei Ying’s mind, his cheek warming under Lan Wangji’s hand.
Suddenly and wordlessly, Wei Ying is nodding and breaking away from Lan Wangji’s hand, grabbing onto his other wrist to pull him into the water. “Lan Zhan, you’re so unfair, you were trying to distract me.” Wei Ying accuses, swimming just a few feet away from Lan Wangji the second he can, his pout precious, even in the darkness. Lan Wangji swims after him, his speed still slower than Wei Ying’s, a fact that had brought Wei Ying smug satisfaction when they’d first discovered it, Lan Wangji had only been able to kiss him for it then, and he wants to kiss him for it now.
He still manages to wrap his arms around Wei Ying, keeping the two of them chest to chest, even as Wei Ying’s hands come to cling to his shoulders, both of their legs still kicking. “I am sorry, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji says, though they both know he isn’t, “if you will allow me, I would like to make up for it.”
Wei Ying eyes him warily, but he doesn’t pull away, the ghost of a smile still clinging to his lips, “How are you going to make it up to me?”
“Wei Ying must close his eyes and tilt his head back.” Lan Wangji’s voice lacks the commanding tone from before, it’s softer now, nearly pleading as Wei Ying watches him with that same spark in his eyes, right before he tilts his head backward, just as Lan Wangji had asked.
Tightening his arms around him, Lan Wangji kisses Wei Ying’s neck, up and down both sides of it, into the hollow of his throat, over his Adam’s apple, and up his chin, saving the very last kiss for Wei Ying’s lips, soft and warm against his own. A small, soft noise escapes Wei Ying’s mouth, and Lan Wangji takes the chance to lick into his mouth, tilting the both of them forward until they tip over into the water, a mess of widened eyes and flailing limbs as they separate from each other.
Wei Ying’s ringing laughter makes the embarrassment more than worth it, his hair covering his eyes, even as he swims closer, Lan Wangji smoothes it back and away from his face, the water clinging to his lips tempting Lan Wangji to try again.
“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, will you dress me after we dry off?” Wei Ying asks, pressing a kiss to Lan Wangji’s cheek and wrapping his arms around his neck, “I’ll build a fire so you won’t get cold, Er-gege.”
Wrapping his arms around Wei Ying’s waist, Lan Wangji settles for kissing the tip of his nose, “Mn, I will dress Wei Ying.”
“My good Lan Zhan.”
“My Wei Ying.”
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idolision · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
I got vaccinated for COVID. 
My period is 11 days late so far. I didn’t had any side effects after vaccination but my period seems super late. My sister-in-law was a bit sick after vaccination but her period seems on time.
I can’t help but feel its the historical ignoring of women’s only problems. If you report feeling fever to the authority, they’re gonna take you seriously. But, as a woman, if you report little problems with period to the authority, it seems they’re prone to rub it off as nothing. 
“You’re only making a fuss about small discomfort!” -- Something along this line..?
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simgrim-art · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
My third and last piece for @mdzsrbb !
What would happen if mo xuanyu did the summoning ritual while still in Koi tower leaving wei wuxian alone in the middle of his enemies?
@YellingWei has the answer, go read her amazing fic!
➡️ LINK ⬅️
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