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thinoli · 8 months ago
does anyone else legit see their eating disorder as some sort of hobby?? and sometimes it is legit amusing and entertaining like watching a good show?? bc-
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ohitsabb3ysfitblr · 3 months ago
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-105 lbs and feeling HOTT 😅🔥
Happy Hump Day! ✨
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moon-boness · a year ago
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lowcal-dreams · a month ago
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Rainbow couscous salad with salmon
Calories with the salmon - 535
Calories without - 310
This is a really hearty salad, it has CousCous, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, feta cheese in it. I would recommend having a protein with it to keep you full. If you don’t like salmon you could add anything else like chicken, tuna, tofu, nuts, or prawns etc. I used a big pasta bowl so you can see just how big a portion this is for the calories.
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This issue with me is I’m really good at restricting but when I do eat I binge and it’s always high calorie carb snacks. So I’ve created my safety food drawer for when I do binge. It contains energy drinks, chewing gum for when I can resist. But for when I can’t I have baby bells, raisins, fibre bars, skinny whip , ryvita and rice cakes they’re all low cal. I’ve been thinking about purging, any tips on how to safely purge as the thoughts are so overwhelming I don’t know how long I can hold off it. Please flood my inbox on how to do it secretly too, I’m sick of looking the way I do. I also have fruit and vegetables that I can snack on but obviously they can’t go in my snack drawer.
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rexxilexxi · 7 months ago
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BEFORE [59 kg]
AFTER [49 kg]
[ ME ]
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sowhatimded · 8 months ago
I remember I used to go 4 days without eating so easily and now I can't do even 2 I want to die
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thinnnnfairy · 16 days ago
Bones sticking out, skin looking pale, little bruises covering your delicate body. Isn't that what you want?
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universesinmind · 10 months ago
Magazines be like: “the best kept w3¡ght l0ss secrets!”
And then just list ed behaviors and symptoms
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ag-ss · 7 months ago
the worst part when your trying not to eat is eating dinner with the family 🥲🔪
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angelic-high · 5 months ago
Food Log Dec. 6, 2021
Total: 0cal
Total: 0cal
2 Strawberry wafers (85cal)
Caramel rice cake (50cal
Strawberry jam 1tbsp (50cal)
Baby bel (70cal)
Seaweed (20cal)
2 servings of chicken veggie dumplings (460cal)
Ginger sauce (20cal)
Ginger tea (19cal)
Total: 774cal
Todays total: 774cal
Im on my period so im extra bloated and having a fuck ton of cravings n just wanna eat everything. I’m cramping the fuck out and going to school is a pain in the ass I wish we had an option to not go however long our period is.
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fitbishlife · 6 months ago
I want to start posting weekly weight updates every Monday.
11/22 - 163lb/74kg
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cigarette-ghost-girl · 8 months ago
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thinoli · 8 months ago
anyone else despise their upper body? like my arms are so big for what??? the reason why i never wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts tho i really want to. maybe one day
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ojbody · 8 months ago
✨ Trying to get skinny enough to pretend to be Audrey Hepburn for Halloween ✨
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cupidsseventhmuse · 5 months ago
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I know it looks weird but hear me out; corn in a cup, with hot sauce, salt and lemon juice. That’s tasty shit believe me. And a Rocher because I have the habit to always end my meals with Sth sweet.
Calories: 378cal
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leftovercoffeegrounds · 5 months ago
lost 2.2lbs overnight and now I might reach my goal of 115 by 12/15!
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thinnnnfairy · 17 days ago
Weight log for May !!
7/5: 59.7kg
10/5: 58.9kg
13/5: 57.9kg
17:5: 58.4
20/5: 57.4
24/5: 57.8
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arcaadiia · 10 months ago
tw ed/weight content
should we have a discord server for people with EDs who started at a high weight and/or are at a high weight?? cause like, i know when thin ppl with EDs are upset about their weight, it’s not about me and that’s fine that they have an ED and i know what it’s like. but it’s also a different experience to being in a larger body and having an ED, especially not being believed and being considered fat and therefore unhealthy in society (which is not strictly true and i despise that). anyway, would anyone join that? i think we should have that.
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euphoricstarve · 10 months ago
starved myself for 6 days with a bunch of walking, had some snacks, diet pills, i went from 80.7kg (177.9lbs) to 76.4kg (168.4lbs) feel like shit rn, its 2:46 am, my friend is sneaking into my house, i tried to eat a few bites of bread but that shit made me nauseous, drinking peppermint tea, gonna see how that goes. EDs suck but also dont at the same time:/
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