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#weight loss

im yeLLING the moment i had been dreading the most is near schools gonna fucking ask ME To ACTUALLy come and submit shit everyones gonna see how much weight i gained. 2 months ago i wanted ppl to see me, to see my progress, to SEE ME AT MY FUCKING LOWEST LMFAOo what is life.

,okay 1 week to go, i can do something. starve all day everyday??? inshaallah, i keep saying this but i fuck myself over pLs just FOR ONCE DONT BINGE DONT EAT please lets pretend to love ourselves and not fuck it up again.


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Food log (pls eat a healthy amount of calories)

2 cups tomato soup - 500 cals

Total - 500 calories

Yeah I know that’s an over estimation but my boyfriend (bless his heart) made me soup and usually it’s only 250-300 for 2 cups but he put cream in it !!! I literally almost had a panic attack bc I usually put water so it doesn’t add calories. I’m not eating anything else today bc I really don’t know how many cals are in that :(

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1567 calories today

Busy day. Went out for early voting, worked on some orders from my shop, and took a nice long walk in the cool weather with the dogs. Hoping that weight is real and not just a fluctuation, I could use some positive reinforcement right now lol. Feeling better today. Hope it lasts.

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(Beginner) Saitama’s Training: Day 4/100

The only soreness I woke up with today was in my left shoulder. I think I’m already getting stronger! Or at the very least, my sore muscles have almost completely recovered 😅

  • 10 minutes stretching
  • 100 wall push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 squats
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i wonder if im ever going to be able to get on track and lose weight

i know binge eating disorder may not seem as scary as the other disorders, but i fear i will be this size or bigger for the rest of my life. i fear i will become the woman that needs 24/7 care because i cant stop binging. it’s selfish, to wish i could stop eating. but i cant help wishing for it…

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