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aging-fit-freak · a day ago
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the-exercist · a day ago
There comes a point where we need to acknowledge that there is a limit to the actual "choices" we can make regarding our health.
Yes, that guy may choose to smoke every day. But we need to consider that he grew up in a home with active smokers, was exposed to second hand smoke at a young age, had older family who was willing to buy him cigarettes as a teen, works a labor intensive job where the only available times to sit are smoking breaks, has limited resources for stress or mental health relief, is supported by a social structure that normalizes smoking, does not have insurance that will cover the resources he needs to safely quit the addiction, etc etc.
And yes, that woman over there chose to start a new diet and workout routine that led to her losing significant weight. But she has access to medical care with multiple professionals who can monitor her health, can afford the expense and transportation necessary to buy fresh food regularly as well as store it appropriately in her kitchen, is educated on the nutrients her body needs and how to prepare a balanced diet, can afford to exercise safely within a controlled environment, has the extra time and energy to dedicate to exercise and meal planning every day, etc etc.
Our "choices" are supported by 1. the environment we live in, 2. the community we engage in, and 3. the resources available to us. Each of us are limited to some extent, and are already pushed towards certain daily "choices."
That doesn't discount the effort you're putting in or the personal responsibility that you share, but it does inform us on the wider constraints and advantages that exist in the world of health. Don't just ignore that because you want to compare your actions to those of strangers - You are neither better nor worse than them.
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carebear101 · 2 days ago
i need to be empty and small and insignificant and delicate and hollow and tired and cold and euphoric and controlled and sick and pretty and all bones bones bones.
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blueberrylifestyles · 2 days ago
I would just like to congratulate myself on a phenomenal two weeks. I moved my body in ways that will make me healthier every time I do them and I ate great food, still had a night of junk food, and managed to lose 8 entire pounds. I'm doing awesome and I'm proud of myself.
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edknows · 2 days ago
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celinegabor · a day ago
How To Begin Again [Yes, Even For The 500th Time]!
So, how are those resolutions coming? Yeah, me either. But that’s okay! I’m going to share with you guys how I get myself back on track and back to business as usual.
It’s normal to mess up, slip up, or even quit when beginning something new because well - ITS NEW.
It isn’t anything to feel bad about - let’s talk about how to start fresh.
D I S C O V E R.
This is the very first thing to do. Sometimes, when we don’t stick to a plan or a goal - it is because somewhere deep down we either don’t ACTUALLY want that specific goal OR we don’t have the tools we need to complete it.
Take 30 minutes today with a piece of paper and write down what you think happened. Take your time.
Here are some questions to get you started:
• How does this goal make me feel in my body?
• When did this goal pop into my mind? What influenced it?
• Why do I want this goal? What will I truly gain?
• What kept me from making this goal (& others) a daily habit in my life?
• What would I need to succeed this time and how can I get it?
• What are my fears surrounding this goal? Why?
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P R E P A R E.
The next thing you’ll want to do is prepare yourself for success by looking at the answer to your questions above. Let them guide you in your preparation and make a list of everything you’ll need to succeed.
So if your goal is to wake up earlier, maybe you’ll need to put your phone in a separate area away from your bedroom the night before so that you can rest.
You’d pick a place to leave your phone.
Then you’d decide what time you’re going to bed.
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T R A N S F O R M.
Thirdly, you’re going to TRANSFORM your spaces to reflect what your goals are. I don’t believe in faking it until you make it because faking it is for people who can’t but YOU can. We aren’t faking it - we’re BEING it.
If your goal is to be more studious - your desk should reflect that. Place your books, pencils, notebooks etc on your desk in a way that peaks your interest. If you want to be a lawyer later in life - try putting a few law knickknacks on your desk!
You are the future you! Become them.
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C H E C K - I N
As you begin executing to accomplish your goals. I want you to take a day or two each week to RELAX and to STOP your routine. This is very important. Flexibility in life is necessary for our health.
You need to know that you can RELY on yourself to pick yourself back up again should things be thrown off. The shame around goal setting only exists because we shamed ourselves when we messed up instead of understanding that NOBODY is perfect.
During your days off - reflect on how you’re doing and what’s not working or what you no longer have an interest in.
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R E W A R D.
You HAVE to pat yourself on the back for doing well. A lot of us struggle with this because it didn’t happen for us growing up but I’m telling you to celebrate every tiny victory you have.
We work best when we are LOVED so love yourself and applaud yourself often. Sticking to one of your goals really well? Reward yourself with something you like and tell yourself ALOUD that you’re really proud of you.
You’ll be surprised at how much more fun and simple it is to tackle your goals from a place of love rather than from a place of guilt or “falling behind”
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S U M M A R Y.
+ question yourself on why it is you want your goals to begin with
+ use your answers to prepare you for success by listing what you’ll need to accomplish them
+ reflect your goals in your spaces with items, pictures, etc that remind you of your goals
+ check in with yourself often: two days of the week let your routine go completely. trust yourself that you can begin again!
+ reward yourself for every little victory.
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miaa-4 · 2 days ago
I want to be so skinny my rib cage and hip bones stick out more then my stomach
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sk1nnyslim · a day ago
99,4 lbs this morning!!! So happyyyyy
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bearlyboney · a day ago
Hope this isn’t against community guidelines, but here’s some ana tips. Lmk if I need to delete.
🦊 Use Tums to calm your stomach and reduce the sounds from fasting.
🐼 Use chewing gum. Really. Bulk buy that stuff. Use it as much as needed.
🦁 Green Tea is a great alternative to coffee, especially with coconut milk in latte form.
🐯 Cut a piece of yarn or string in the exact size you want for it to fit around your thigh/arm/waist. Then you’ll know how much you’re changing.
🐻 If you need to eat, hard boiled eggs are wonderful. Mostly protein and quite filling, impossible to go back for seconds or give yourself a bigger portion.
🐨 Still hungry? Eat ice. Need flavor? Mix in some zero calorie drink mix and freeze.
🐱Eat some, but count the calories. Eating a little is necessary for living, sorry, I don’t make the rules. About 500 calories is awesome if you can’t or don’t want to fast. The app My Fitness Pal is a wonderful, free calorie counting app that can track your goals.
🐸 When planning for the gym, the hardest part is simply going. Make a gym timing plan, and if possible, try to schedule motivation about a half hour before then. Thinspo pics, looking in the mirror, taking pics of your body, reading/scrolling through ana inspo, or anything else that can motivate you to work out.
🐵 When eating a meal, take a sip of water between bites to make you feel fuller faster.
🐶 Time your meals. Make them drawn out to make your body feel fuller quicker.
🐰 When dishing up a plate, without thinking about it, put food on your plate. Then half it.
If there are any other ideas you guys have, lmk!!!
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chrisdoeslife · a day ago
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Workout 8 of 10 is done for the month! I tried a new workout video and got bored halfway through, so I switched to my trusty Grow With Jo video. Home workouts are getting boring so hopefully numbers will get better and I’ll be able to go back to the gym in February.
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aging-fit-freak · a day ago
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suvisfitness · 2 days ago
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My day is off to a good start! I woke up, worked out, had a healthy breakfast, showered & moisturized my body, cleaned the kitchen and now I’m just chilling, drinking green tea and listening to music.
Since it’s my only day off from work today, I’m planning on focusing on my hobbies, cleaning, cooking, studying and maybe seeing a friend :p
Have a nice day everyone!
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carebear101 · a day ago
if you find yourself craving something, simply trace “don’t eat” over and over on the palm of your hand. takes your attention off the food you think you want
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blueberrylifestyles · 13 hours ago
I will not "motivate" myself through self depreciation or negative thoughts.
January 23rd, 2022
Over the last couple of weeks, I've changed my mindset and improved my habits. But over the last few days, I've noticed myself slipping into old habits (late night raid of the lunch meat drawer, oi.)
I've made a commitment to myself; to be healthier, be better. While I advocate towards compassion for oneself, there's a time and a place for tough love as well. Tough love, not self hate.
I don't need to verbally tear myself down, nor do I need to have a negative mindset. Could I have made better choices? Absolutely. Can I change that? No. What am I gonna do now? Give myself a hug and get back to it.
Being a Negative Nancy isn't going to do the work, I am. So, I'm gonna be kind to myself. I acknowledge that I was definitely being lazy and made stupid choices, I myself am not stupid.
But I need to get back at it. Now.
What's something kind you can say to yourself today?
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ohitsabb3ysfitblr · 11 hours ago
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199.8 lbs this morning 🤯🥳
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goldensquirrel · 2 days ago
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Good lift this morning. Woke up early and snuggled the pup and worked 2 hours. Off for the rest of the day and looking forward to the weekend.
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miaa-4 · a day ago
Tbh i have no respect for people who make meanspo(unless its for themself or someone asked them to) like what is going in your mind that makes you wanna bodyshame someone so bad
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sk1nnyslim · a day ago
Help me! Someone has some advice for when you know you are going to binge? I dont want to but i cant stop thinking about it. Pls heeelp
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inaracewithmyself · 10 hours ago
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Been back on my workout bullshit since the start of the year and it’s feelin pretty good.
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date-me-not-them · a day ago
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