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#weight loss
bothpoisonandantidote · 2 years ago
If you’re going through some shit, I won’t tell you to have a good day.
Instead, just have a day. Stay alive.
Eat your meals. Drink water. Breath deeply. Wear something comfortable.
It’ll get better.
But until then, just have a day.
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caloriesareevil · a year ago
You guys ever get the feeling that skinny people are treated better by anyone and everything on the planet for no fucking reason???
Just me? Ok.
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alliebear · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Everyday I’m closer to my goals 💗💗 Hi guys, a few of my Weightloss before and after pictures got a lot of reblogs, first of all thank you. Second, thank you to my new followers 💪🏻 I’ve been getting many messages about my weightloss journey, all though I can’t respond to all I would love to help you all. So I’ve been thinking 💭 how many of you would be interested in being my fitness guinea pigs? 😂 okay it sounds bad.. let me explain.. let me start off with a little brief intro first. Hi my name is Angelica aka Ang I’m 23 years old and I struggled with an under active thyroid and obesity my whole life. At my highest point I got to weighing 370 lbs... I’m 5’4. I was always aware and self conscious about my weight, since I was a child I tried many diets and wanted nothing more than to lose weight and fit in with the rest of the kids. My whole life I knew weightloss wasn’t easy, but i don’t think I was ready for that commitment until I turned 20 I knew I had to make a change if I wasn’t going to accept myself then I had to change, change big time, it required a ton of discipline and nothing more than commitment and consistency. I managed to lose about 170 - 180 lbs. I’ve never felt better in my own skin, not only physically but the quality of life is something I will never take for granted again. So here’s where you all come in 🥰 I’m currently taking a course and studying to be a personal trainer and health coach. And I’d love to help a few of you with personalized guides with diet and exercise, lots of home workouts because of currently situations. in return id just like before pictures your start picture and as time goes on comparison pictures. I will check in on you and before I create your plan we will have a conversation about your life style, food likes/dislikes likes and if you have any workout equipment etc.. all I need is 100% commitment, know it’s not easy but I promise if you follow 100% you’re gonna see some amazing changes. Those changes will key you going and make you want to never quit.. however you must know it’ll take a lot of hard work and some time to see any of those changes. That’s why I need 100% commitment and 100% consistency. I will pick a few of you. Because I do want to be able to make these plans as personalized as I can I can’t help 4727747 people. Please message me if you’re interested. We got this 💪🏻
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skinnymarie-again · 2 years ago
Informative post vol 2.
I can't stress enough the importance of this.
Okey, so let's talk a little bit about "omg I gained 3 pounds overnight what the hell, I'm so fat"
Tumblr media
So i can't really understand this logic, maybe because I learn about human body in my uni like all the time, but I just wanted to say:
General overview is this: You are literally a hole. It starts with your mouth, it ends with your anus. Your other organs and body fat are surrounding this hole. When the food moves through this "pipe" your body is absorbing nutriens, kcal and water. What it can't absorb - mostly fiber - stays in the pipe and turns into poop. This is why they say fiber is good for you, it's kind of uncloging your digestive system.
Tumblr media
So imagine two scenarios. First: you ate one piece of cake which was like 500 kcal and had almost no fiber. Then you didn't poop. The next morning your weight stays the same/ lower - you stayed under the caloric limit, and almost no fiber stayed in your digestive track. Ok, now let's imagine you eat, let's say, 500 kcal worth od apples (it's probably like 6-8 apples, depemding on a size). You also ate 500 kcal, but your fiber intake is much higher. Then you didn't poop. Next morning... You gained! But it's not fat. And you ask yourself what the hell, I only ate 500 kcal, and just apples, that are suppose to be healthy! Well - now you know - it's fiber, staying in your system.
And now I want to talk about getting enough fiber in your diet.
Tumblr media
Especially if you are low-restricting, please take caution and add fiber to your diet. I promise you, you won't gain fat because of this and it can literally save you from many diseases even like colorectal cancer. If you experience not being able to poop for a couple or days, or even a week, it probably means you really should get your fiber. All the "poop" is still in your guts, and it also makes your weight - much higher and you - bloated. Defecation is really important, so please don't underestimate it.
If you eat mostly whole, plant-based foods you should be ok, but here is a list od high fiber foods:
So here are foods with high fiber:
- Split peas 16g/cup
- Lentils 15.5g/cup
- Black beans 15g/cup
- Baked beans 10g/cup
- Chia seeds 10g/ounce
- Green peas 9g/cup
- Raspberries 8g/cup
...and many many more.
Disclaimer: I would love to see you all recover. To be able to eat with your friends. But i know some of you won't do this, so at least please, please, if you can do anything to do this more safely - do this.
Tumblr media
Pardon my english, it's not my native.
If you'd like to add something or you don't agree on something please correct me in the coments/reblogs.
Would you like to see more posts like this?
I N F O R M A T I V E   P O S T    V O L   1
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the-exercist · a year ago
Healthy New Year's Resolutions That Don't Involve Weight Loss
Rather than focusing on losing weight in 2020, let’s think about what we can gain. What can you add to your life to make it more satisfying? What new practices would make you happier and feel better? Consider some of these healthy resolutions for the new year:
Get more quality sleep
Eat vegetables at every meal
Wash your bed sheets regularly
Spend more time outside
Actually eat your fruit before it goes bad
Get back in touch with old friends
Bring your own bags when grocery shopping
Don’t watch tv or use the computer during meals
Support local farms and food producers
Take vitamins
Learn to knit or sew
Stretch and improve your flexibility
Volunteer to register voters
Concentrate on improving your posture
Make doctor and dentist appointments regularly
Cook and prepare lunch instead of relying on processed foods
Replace your toothbrush
Clean your kitchen and dishes after each meal
Stop biting your nails
Compliment someone every day
Regularly donate unworn and ill-fitting clothing to a local shelter
Wear sunscreen every day you’re outside
Clean your pantry and throw out expired food each month
Quit smoking
Explore local museums and parks
Put your laundry away
Get an eye exam and update your prescription
Cut down on the amount of plastic you use each day
Re-try foods that you hate, but haven’t eaten in years
Delete a social media account
Moisturize and remove your makeup before going to bed
Attend town hall meetings
Keep a journal
Focus on changing your behavior instead of changing your body, and then every step will be a step forward.  
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psychoticful · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I don’t feel that unhealthy you know? If I wanna be thin, don’t they say that that’s better? I will outlive the normies.” To the Bone (2017)
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