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#weight loss

Don’t treat yourself with food when you reach a weight goal or your ugw. Choose clothes, shoes, books or trips. I decided to buy clothes when i hit my ugw. You can have a day where you decide to eat whatever you want, but for me it won’t happen until i reach my goal weight. I do have cheat meals but usually it’s one type of food that is forbidden for me, like a bowl of ice cream or a few chicken nuggets, but it’s never my whole meal. When i buy that food i make sure to buy a small protiin so i won’t be tempted to eat it the days after. I never have leftovers cause i know that I’ll eat them when I’m not supposed too.

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So believe it or not but like 2yrs ago I ran a 10k. Was training for a half when my bad leg and hip decided it didn’t want to do it 2 weeks out 😒 I spent the next couple months on bed rest then slowly got back into lifting but haven’t run since. I walk every now and then but nothing like before.

Well all you insane runners on here have motivated me to get back into it 😱 Started C25K today, forced myself to stick to it’s plan, and had a light easy jog. Kinda crazy how I just got into the routine again and that this felt easy (3yrs ago when I first did it I did walk Intervals, I couldn’t even jog back then).

But ya, here’s to getting back into running and hopefully dropping my last 40-50lbs 😜 Goal is to get back to an easy 5k then progress to a 10k. Based on my bad side I think I’ll stop at 10k 😅

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Is this a relapse?

it’s almost 10am and I’ve been awake for 3 hrs putting off breakfast to exercise. And it feels like everyone is unintentionally sabotaging my workout. Now I feel like I don’t have the energy bc I waited too long, AND I didn’t burn enough calories after what I ate yesterday. Then my mom comes in my room and grabs my weights so she can workout. Which was somehow triggering to me, and now I want to put off eating a little longer so I can eat less calories today.

This sounds so much worse when I write it down. But I feel like I need to hear how bad it sounds so it doesn’t get worse. Why tf am I so triggered rn? Why do I want to destroy myself?

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I gained 10 pounds and I wanna die. Like can I kms now? I feel like I’m starting to spiral again from stress. My progress is fucked. Now I’m ready to frantically fix it. I need some distractions from food. I feel like punishing myself with plain almonds. Holy fuck, this is disordered. I hate that this has become my coping mechanism😪

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Remember that time I was in a pageant? Well I have a secret 😬 the dress I wore was actually TWO sizes too SMALL. 😳I was shopping for bridesmaids dresses when I saw this dress and fell in love! It was on sale and I kept going back to it. So I decided if I could squeeze into then I was going to get it. Well squeeze I did.

Today I decided to put the dress back on and WOW 🤩 it fits soooo much better! You see those little cut outs on the side? Yeah you couldn’t see them before because I couldn’t pull the dress down over my stomach without suffocating.


I even had papaw take these pictures and he likes to angle the camera up from his bellybutton 🤦🏻‍♀️

So here’s to the Nola I was before and the Nola I’m becoming! 💕

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Today’s my first cheat day treating myself for being so good and there is always a cheat day try not to beat yourself up loves that’s how you always fail and fall into binging. But, due to me binging a lot I know what a binge is= like going to Mc D’s getting a 20 piece nugget 2 Large Fries And eating it all. I know what that feels like and it’s such shame and disgust. But, so far on my cheat day I have eaten 2 donuts, and two cinnamon buns. I feel fat but I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. Going to get harder more cutting back on everything this coming week. First week I wanted to cut binge eating out which check I did…. so now it’s the extra work no bread no cheese etc this following week. It will be hard but I know I can do it and maybe even you can. My questions box is always open and even my dms. Plz don’t be shy to hit me up.

Also a cheat day to me is two meals small not over doing it like I ate a lot so far and maybe a dinner idea usually my cheat days coming forward will not be sweet driven and maybe like one meal that I want to eat at just saw a donut and I couldn’t help myself lol. But like I said don’t beat yourself up!

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Originally posted by badassreactions

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Today I made a hard decision, from tomorrow to 21 day I wiil be

Eat under 1000kcal/day

Do a workout every other day (and burn min 350kcal)

Drink just water(3l) and dark caffee

Now I am 84,9 kg at the end of the 21 day I wanna be under 80

If you have any tip pls send me

Ohh and I want to make everyday a check here 🙄

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so since i lost a bunch of weight lately, everyone but my mum (who will constantly tell me i’m eating too much no matter how much weight i lose or how much i starve myself) has been telling me that i really shouldn’t lose any more, and i’ve been trying to listen to them because in reality, i know losing weight won’t make me as happy in the long run as having people in my life who care about me. so with that being said, i’ve really been trying my best to eat multiple meals a day, like lunch and dinner, whilst still keeping my calories as low as possible so i don’t set off my anxiety. it’s really tricky ngl but i think i’m slowly getting there ? for example, lunch today was half a can of soup (120 kcal) and a Fibre One chocolate popcorn bar (85 kcal). In total, that’s 204 kcal for lunch. for breakfast I had orange juice so that’s another 22 kcal making it 226 kcal so far today and I can still eat a small dinner later without feeling too awful about myself :)

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