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#weight loss journey
aestheticallybee · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Did a super fun hike today and enjoyed this cool weather 🍁✨ it’s amazing how much more confident I feel in pictures lately
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rachgetsfitt · a day ago
Hey dudes
Slept ok last night, had some weird dreams lol.
Going to make my better for you French toast. Want to try to get a workout in. I’ll let you know how it goes. Also have a ton of chores to do.
Hugs and have a great weekend everyone!
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thatweightlosslady · a year ago
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Here are some questions to ask yourself if you find yourself having cognitive distortions. Fact checking is important when you find yourself overthinking.
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aeriana250 · 3 months ago
Ed group chat on Instagram🦋‼️ drop your @ to get a dm about rules🤍❕ or dm @anna_rela
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chrisdoeslife · 8 months ago
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40 pounds down, 40 more to go!
I’m finally back in Onederland! It took me 33 weeks to get here, so I lost a little less than an average of 1.5 pounds per week. I’ll take it! Onward and updownward 😊🥳
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lavenderthunderstorms · 2 months ago
I get sad about binging but then I remember that Mr. Worldwide has been there, done that.
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thethinnergoalss · 2 months ago
things that happend to me bc I‘m skinny:
• some family friend got clothes worn by models as a present and they were way too small for her so she gave them to me because I was the first person she thought of whom they could fit (and they fit perfectly)
• People I haven’t seen for a long time told me how beautiful I‘ve gotten and how pretty I was
• when I say something about me being too fat for something everyone just laughs it off and takes it sarcastic and jokes about „me being fat“
• a waitress laughed at me when I tried to order something and asked if I was sure I‘d eat all that or if she should rather give me a smaller portion
• I notice people looking at me, not with disgust but stunned and with envy
• People don’t question my eating/drinking choices, like ever. I could get a salad and they‘d think that’s why I‘m skinny or a burger and they‘d think it‘s okay bc I‘m skinny anyways
• People joking about how easily they could pick me up or spin me around and stuff like that
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rachgetsfitt · 17 hours ago
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My hairs a mess but it’s okay lol. Sorry for the selfie spam, I’m feelin myself today 🤣❤️
The braces are moving my teeth fast. I literally notice a difference every day. Pretty awesome.
Anyways hope everyone’s doing well. I’m feeling ok. Pretty sleepy but other than that ok. Nutrition is good. So is hydration. And I’m really proud of myself for just getting my workout done instead of finding an excuse not to do it.
Take care everyone ❤️
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neonlaece · 28 days ago
Sitting at my desk last week. Tired of being tired and overweight and weak. Looking for inspiration, motivation, accountability, anything.
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g0thschlampe · 8 months ago
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Honestly so proud of myself. That photo was a year ago today!
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imnotinterestedbug · 3 months ago
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Progress picture. Weight has stayed about 165-168 but I’m leaning out so that’s cool. Y’all see my abs coming thru??
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