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Posted by Sewickley Academy – And this goes for more than just exercise – it goes for family/kids, friends, fun, and most importantly, YOU! #Weightloss #Exercise

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I ended up eating a piece of toast & 2 boiled eggs yesterday cause I was walking in the snow for like an hour & half so I waked off the cals anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️ Today I woke up at half ten and have been cleaning my flat since! Had two cups of black coffee aswell, doubt I’ll eat today, maybe a carrot or something 😂

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I wish I could go on a shopping spree, but with that body it would be a waste of money and time

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Calories for today:

Breakfast - cereal - 30cal

Lunch - spaghetti from tin - 244cal

Dinner - beef, chips, onion rings - 466cal

Drink - Green Tea, Coke - 3cal.

Total: 743cal

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Day 8 01/24/21


“Sundays are my care days

Aloe face mask (soothing and healing)

Cut a piece of raw aloe leaf

Apply raw peice all over problem areas and relayer as it dries

Leave on for as long as possible

I fan my mask dry cause aloe causes my skin to get itchy when it’s still wet 😊

As per usual I rested and meditated

I did a moderate work out for 30 mins

Then I binged. It started with healthy snacks

2. Boiled eggs, almond milk smoothie, diet pop

But as the night progressed I convinced myself it’s a cheat day and it doesn’t matter.

I allow myself to eat what I want. I don’t over due anything (except food) I just dont understand why I can’t grasp the concept of not eating after 10pm.

Hopefully this week is better, fuck it I know this week will be better.

Ps. I haven’t posted any weight numbers cause I’m trying to avoid my scale for a while.

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So I’m noticing a lot of food logs within the ED community on here… A lot of the “low cal” foods logged are like cookies, crackers, snacks… Nothing wrong with that, if you deprived yourself of those things entirely you will be more likely to binge. But I strongly encourage you guys to eat veggies or like lean meats. They keep you full for a super long time, the snacks are a nice treat but if you don’t make yourself feel full, you are going to binge… Trust me…

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25 January 2021

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Is intermittent fasting really the right diet for you to lose weight? 

Recent findings have raised questions regarding muscle loss due to intermittent fasting.

If you’ve been wanting to try your luck with intermittent fasting for weight loss, there are some things you must know beforehand to be successful. 

>>>You can check out the blog for in-depth details: 

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Im gonna do this diet my sw is 124 lbs Im rebblogging this when im done see yall later

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Here’s some more inspirational pictures

It’s okay to not want to be stick thin

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I need an ana coach or an ana buddy!


Age: 15

Height: 5’3, 160cm

Weight when I posted this: 52.1kg, 114.8lbs

Goal Weight 1: 50kg, 110.2lbs

Goal Weight 2/Ultimate Goal Weight: 45kg, 99.2kg

I’m from England, United Kingdom.

I want to lose weight and fat, and be happy with my own body for good.

Strict, Meanspo or Sweetspo, I don’t mind.

I’m a self harmer as well. My last cut was a few days ago (my parents check me for cuts so I can’t do much at the moment, also don’t have razors in my room :( )

Any age (preferably under 20 but i don’t mind).

I’m in secondary school, Year 10.

I love doing photography and I’m studying journalism.

I care about calories a lot - I calorie track every day and exercise excessively if I go over 1000.

My limit is between 600 and 900 (since I live with my parents. I have to eat - no option).

Exercise routines to be made.

I love the feeling of hunger.

My usual breakfast is either berries and yogurt (56cal) or cereal (30cal).

My usual lunch is tinned spaghetti (244cal).

My usual dinner is between 300 and 600 calories, I try to eat as little as possible (usually I manage between ½ of a plate to ¾ a plate), which probably evens to about 500cal.

Please help🥺

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this is gonna sound stupid, but that enderman girl on tiktok is probably one of my favorite thinspos

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do i want to throw out my drink that has 440 calories or no

should i skip lunch and continue my fast or no? by lunch time it will have been 22 hours

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This last week of me eating whatever whenever in an attempt to kick up my maintenance calories honestly lasted SO. FUCKING. LONG.

I’ve been dreaming about today when I can get back to weighing my food and knowing EXACTLY what I put into my body 🥴

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