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So, haii! This blog is basically to give updates on the SCP fanfic I’m writing, “Built on Lies and Tears.” You can find it on my profile with the same name, DaniSun44.

I’d really appreciate it if people read it! I’m already low on brain space lol and so welp my writings gonna be weird hehe


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This random couple today left their baby (in a baby car seat thing) right beside me in a cafe and then walked away for a few minutes to order.

And I’m just sitting here like wtaf are you doing?? They had their back to me and in that time someone could’ve taken the baby!

Like I’m a perfect stranger and you don’t know what I might do or what other people might do. And yes I would never do anything and yes we live in a safe area, but still? It’s just weird to have that amount of trust in me in the world we live in.

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