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Noticed something weird with twitter today. It could be nothing but..given the state of what’s happening, maybe it is something and I wonder if anyone else is having this happen too?

Every time I’ve tried to click a link on fb about the protests in Minneapolis twitter acts like I’m logged out and won’t let me view the tweet. This tweet, for example, was the latest I wasn’t able to view:


If I close twitter and reopen it directly it acts fine, and doesn’t take me to the log in screen. It doesn’t ask me to log in. I can search the user who tweeted and see if that way. Idk what the issue is.

I’m not one for the conspiracy kool aid but it certainly seems fishy, like suppression maybe? Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

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had a half an hour thinking session with myself about what happens when you turn twenty. because all my teenager days were just.. me thinking about how i was still a teenager and i didn’t know life beyond that, mostly bc i remember nothing before i was 11. now what do i do? do i grasp at the teen years and build my life forward through them?

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Regardless of what the point was, Random needed something to eat. He couldn’t remember the last time he ate so he was focused on that completely. He walked two steps and saw something shinny on the ground. Random bent down and picked up a shinny rock. He wanted to skip it more than anything, so he walked over to a small lake and skipped the rock on the surface of the water. It skipped about four times and then a large duck rose out of the water looking pretty pissed off.

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