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thingstrumperssay · 2 days ago
Have you ever reached the breaking point where you have to stop caring so much about everybody else and start caring about yourself as a coping mechanism to life?
I’m angry and just so god damn tired that gun control has been reduced significantly in New York, but at the same time it’s been increased in the state I live in, and the city I live in is one of the two reasons why this state is a “purple” state.
And the state’s senator is currently projected to lose since he flat-out said that he’s going to ban all forms of birth control after Roe v Wade gets overturned. (Which will mean that abortion rights will be in a tug-of-war battle between the Democrats and republicans of the state. Our rights always are.)
So really I’m personally in a better shape today than I was a couple days ago, but since I have basic human empathy I care about those who are basically fucked, and that makes me go down into a depression until I start thinking about me specifically. I could probably code it into an event in RPG Maker.
I dunno. I’m just venting.
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chieftimetravelcoffee · a month ago
Why are some people afraid of skeletons you literally have one inside you that's like being scared of yourself
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siennahrobek · 7 months ago
The fact that people think that Padme was on the verge of talking Anakin down in Revenge of the Sith and she would have succeeded if there hasn’t been interference…. Lol okay sure.
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peachcabaret · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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chaiiskindagross · 2 months ago
katsuki: i think i might be gay
sero: and i shoot tape outta my elbows. s’whats new pussy cat?
katsuki: *becomes flustered and starts screaming* THE FUCK DID YOU SAYTA ME, SOY SAUCE FACE? *begins foaming at the mouth*
mina pointing to bakugo while holding an imaginary microphone, reporting the “news” while denki records her with his phone: and here we have a raging homosexual committing a hate crime against an upstanding citizen, please stay clear of this blonde haired, red eyed demon if you see him in your neighborhood. stay sexy, america
denki: pffft that reminds me of that one vine, hehe, we’re lesbians
mina: only on saturdays my friend
hanta: *swinging for his fucking life as bakugo chases after him* ITS NOT MY FAULT YOURE IN DENIAL AND QUEER
jiro: *mumbles to herself as she watches from far far away* in denial and queer… i want that on a t-shirt, that would make big bucks
bakugo: ILL KILL YOU
kirishima: *has witnessed the whole thing from afar and approaches mina and denki who are also watching from afar* Is Bakubro having a gaysis again?
mina: a what?
eijiro: *doesnt miss a beat in explaining* he has it every other week where he says he’s gay and then a day later he recants it. It usually happens after we make out, i told him that he could also be bisexual which is totally valid but he keeps ignoring me. i think he’s got some internalized homophobia going on so we should try and support him however we can
mina: y’all… made out?
eijiro: *nods*
denki: WITHOUT ME?!
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sijalmk · 22 days ago
Cooking thoughts
What if Jake made a deal with Khonshu to be his avatar so he can keep Marc and Steven safe because he cares deeply about them and consider both as the family he never had even though he was in their void and never knew about him. However he gave up his freedom and his life just to keep those two safe.
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jaydennnlol · 2 months ago
I've thought about this for a while now and do you think Saiki ever just kind of lays on the ground sprawled out like a ragdoll. Like he rarely looks like he relaxes do you ever think he lays down a blanket and just sits on the floor for no particular reason while reading. Or floats in the air upside down letting his arms free fall.
I feel like Saiki would enjoy niche things like sitting on countertops or hanging his torso off the side of a couch, like a kid eating ice cream when they know they aren't supposed to. Am I just projecting or doesn't that seem like something he'd like to do on rare occasions he's especially bored
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simplysable · 7 months ago
Resident Evil: Village Characters as My Friend’s Out of Context Quotes
Ethan Winters:
“What are you gonna do, break my fingers? I have multiple.”
T he Duke
“A coatrack has no philosophy.”
Mother Miranda
“It’s nice to have dreams, and it’s nice to have your dreams shatter every once in a while.”
Alcina Dimitrescu
“My hands are covered in the blood of the innocent.”
Donna Beneviento
“If you think of the idea ‘show not tell’, this is that on steroids.”
Salvatore Moreau
“Sometimes you just be vibing and there’s a dude fucking a fish.”
Karl Heisenberg
“Maybe you could not mentally torture me?”
My friends are so normal.
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brasskingfisher · 8 months ago
This may be a culturally ingrained thing, does anyone else grab something out of the oven and say: "hothothothothothot" whilst burning their fingers?
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fijoyberry · 8 months ago
Having a conversation with someone...
*oh no I've tuned out....quick say something so they don't think you're rude*
Me: I've never been hit in the head by a duck..
Them: *blatant look of bewilderment*
*oh no now they think you're weird... quick say something smart*
Me: ducks don't have sphincter muscles..
*much better!.....now to make a smooth exit*
Throws glitter and trips over as I run away..
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rosemarysdevil · 8 months ago
dark timeline where wwdits makes it to 15 seasons and nandor tells guillermo he loves him and then is killed in a fatal sunlight accident.
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injuries-in-dust · 9 months ago
Random thought
You ever looked at the lyrics to the old song “My darling Clementine”?
It’s this verse in particular that caught my attention:
Yes I loved her, how I loved her Though her shoes were number nine Herring boxes, without topses Sandals were for Clementine.
Shoe size 9, was that unusual for the time? (song written in 1884)
Google isn’t really able to tell me what the average shoe size for women was in that time period, but I actually did a little digging. Because this is what my brain just wouldn’t let go of until I got some answers.
The song says her father was a “miner forty-niner.” Indicating he’d come to the area during the 1849 California gold rush.
In the mid-late 1800s the average height for women was 5 foot, 5 inches. Men being 5′7″.
While shoe size can be an indicator of height, it isn’t perfect, some people can have feet bigger, or smaller, than average for their height.
According to google, you can get an estimation of height by taking a shoe size times 4.5 (boys is height in centimeters equals 5.3 times shoe size plus 133. The formula for girls is height in centimeters equals 4.5 times shoe size) plus 140. Divide your answer by 2.54 to convert it to inches.
Giving us 5 foot 9 inches. A little taller than average for the time period.
And since the formula isn’t perfect, we can only estimate that dear Clementine was actually anything between 5′7″ and 6′ tall.
Then, considering that another verse goes:
Drove the horses to the water Every morning just at nine.
We can infer that darling Clementine was a hardworking young woman, used to handling large livestock. The kind of lifestyle that builds some good muscle on a person.
So we can conclude that Clementine was less of a delicate southern belle, and more of a towering woman with strong arms and probably broad shoulders to match.
TLDR: The song “My darling Clementine” was about a guy whose sad he didn’t get to marry his tall muscle girl fetish, because neither of them knew how to swim.
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siennahrobek · 6 months ago
Okay so I was at work last night and mindlessly flipping packages of cheese, when I thought of something that just made me laugh. It was just absurd and amusing.
There is this notion going around that Obi-Wan just kept promoting Cody, like, constantly. Some people even say that he was forced to stop.
And I’m just thinking like, what if he promoted him to a rank that wasn’t actually originally a thing in the GAR?
Like, how funny would that be?
What if at the beginning, Marshal Commander wasn’t a thing and then Obi-Wan just kept promoting him and some poor being doing the paperwork looks at it and is just all like ??? And has to make up a title/rank to appease the general. He just slaps Marshal Commander in front of it, makes a few guidelines and boom; new rank. Or, of course, Obi-Wan just writes it in thinking it’s already a rank/title and not realizing it doesn’t exist in that current state of their military.
Eventually it just becomes a generally known thing. So then other Generals who want to promote their commanders do it, like Master Mundi with Bacara and Aalya Secura with Bly.
Am I the only one who would find this hilarious?
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sunflorall · 11 months ago
Calling each other with weird nicknames is a love language.
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chaiiskindagross · a month ago
*mina runs in, the rest of the squad’s chilling on the couch in the living room*
guys! GUYs! GUYS! guess what I learned to do?
bakugo: *groans and throws his head back* why would i care?
kirishima: jeez bakubro, we have to be supportive of our friends no matter what
bakugo: as if i give a FAWK
sero: damn dude, you’ve been watching too much BET
shinsou: that’s my fault, sorry
mina: *slowly losing her patience but then stops to stare at shinsou* why are you watching BET? y’know what… we’ll deal with that later. JUST— let me do my thing !!
kirishima: *nervously laughs, waving his hands around* alright mina, show us what you learned
mina: *gets visibly excited but then relaxes a little before becoming serious and then smirks* ara ara~
the boys:…
jiro: okay, but, what if that was my 13th reason?
bakugo: *absolutely disgusted, wants to die right there on the spot*
kirishima: *as red as a stop sign*
kaminari: mommy… sorry? mommy? sorry. mommy? sorr- *gets cut off by sero covering his mouth with his hand*
sero: kaminari, stop talking before you embarrass yourself
shinsou: ಠ_ಠ i’ll just…. *slowly gets up and lays on the floor, cradling himself like he just woke up from a horrible nightmare*
mina: *pleased with the reactions she’s got so she decides to do it again while adding a little wiggle* ara ara~~~~
kirishima: MINA, PLEASE—
kaminari: *muffled by sero’s hand* dontschtopmommy
sero: *turns to kaminari slowly and makes a disgusted face* bro wtf 🤨
bakugo: *peace signs and fades into the atmosphere*
kirishima: *panicking* BRO?!?!?!?!?????????? GUYS, BAKUGO SHIFTED AGAIN
saiki k: ah, i see you’re back. what was it this time?
bakugo: 🧍
saiki k: wow, that bad? let’s get some coffee jelly.
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knight-lancelot · 11 days ago
Thinking about crowd of naked people in the extremely tight space, all them having upset bellies. Their bellies are swollen and gurgling from diarrhea because they was fed with large amount of unhealthy food and strong laxatives. They all are trying not to fart or even shit. You can hear all theese painful moans, gurgling of upset full guts and sometimes accidently released farts and burps. People are pressed to each other and every move makes them huddle, pressing on someones swollen belly and forcing from them some stinky gas.
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ehbunnehsblog · 7 months ago
Once I got high and watched Barbie movie doll commercials and wished I lived in a liminal space type of bedroom and just watched Barbie movies and listen to Kesha and be surrounded by Barbie movie dolls and VHS tapes and other dolls like Monster High dolls
Idk how to describe the feeling but it just felt nice and I wish I had a bedroom that gave off those vibes. Like ik it sounds crazy but it's really difficult to describe whatever this feeling was but it was very interesting.
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porculanbabydoll · 3 months ago
Every time i get back to tumblr i discover darker and deeper problems this app has.. sometimes i just stare at the post and im like “you should start therapy bro, so should i…”
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weexere · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Yo,Redoing this account
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shinyeeveelvl · a month ago
smut ahead and random thoughts. And yes I know I'm a c!Sam simp lmao
C!Sam is a stripper,right? So image Sam giving you a show just to turn you on im thinking more of a male y/n when I say this, him seeing your hard on through your pants and desides to help you out by grinding into you causing you to cum in your pants and he just smirks at you knowing you'll have to walk back to your base in that state.
I need to stop having these random thoughts lmao
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