daidz-art · 8 months ago
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tazmiilly · 10 months ago
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is he wrong though
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spemton · a month ago
CAN WE HAVE THE Transparent spam
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tinnim2 · 5 months ago
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2016 / 2021
reverse falls Weirdmageddon
I still love it
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milara-cipher · 6 months ago
I am going crazy. FUCKING CRAZY.
I love gravity falls
it is an incredible story
but one thing is driving me nuts.
Bills Zodiac
Tumblr media
This is the Zodiac Stanford Pines finds in the cave. It is also the same one he draws in weirdmageddon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The one Bill shows them.
Tumblr media
The one Gideon draws in prison.
Tumblr media
Now here is my problem, the Zodiac Stanford draws can't be wrong. It was working, even if it hadn't been the right one it was working in some way.
We see it working it can't be wrong.
Tumblr media
Bill is afraid of this circle, he stops them from trying it again.
Tumblr media
Gideon uses a different circles to SUMMON Bill, so the circle has obviously more than one function.
So now is the Question
What function does the Circle Bill himself gives them have.
Tumblr media
It's pretty safe to say that this circle woudn't hurt Bill because he obviously isn't stupid. But it has to be important in some way because it is the same as the fanmerch circle.
Tumblr media
Can someone help me with this, I'm going crazy over it.
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transbipper · 3 months ago
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happy six year anniversary to the gravity falls finale!
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mars-onthe-moon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Even when I try to make Bill a horrible person… I still love him.
This is a mild ode to another drawing I did a year ago.
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gravityfallsrockz · 3 months ago
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What do all these Gravity Falls episodes have in common?
They all aired in February and their anniversaries are coming up!!
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dreamu-ani · 2 months ago
Bill No
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
uh oh you are fucked
Tumblr media
Mabel’s right you don’t know how to negotiate fr
Tumblr media
You tell them mabel
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes this is going to be a gravity falls blog now
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graboidfarmer · 4 months ago
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I debated about whether to post this illustration from my upcoming chapter of Where the Light Is, because it’s a bit spoilery, but I just love the way it turned out so much.
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gendertianguis · a month ago
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( pls read pinned post! )
Weirdmaggeventic is a xenogender related or that feels like Weirdmaggedon.
Specifically how the sky looks, including the nightmare realm, the madness bubbles, and the fearamid, but it can be also related to anything. Anyone can make variants of it or combine it with other genders too.
Requested by anon, coining and flag made by me!
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daidz-art · 10 months ago
If that doesn’t work, maybe Stan confronting dark!Ford over his attempt to kidnap Dipper? 👀
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Been working on this since yesterday and stayed up till 4 and still didn’t finish until today. 😭 I CANT LIE I was so tempted to just NOT do this at all, but I’m so glad I did because it was a lot of fun to draw.
If you enjoyed this pls reblog! 🫀🦷thanks besties
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amooo1023 · 19 days ago
Yandere!Bill Cipher x GN!reader (romantic) Headcanons
A little bit of context! These headcanons take place in weirdmageddon and when Bill plans world domination.
Tumblr media
You had just moved into gravity falls, which made things a lot easier for Bill to find a target. 
Before he tried to strike up a deal with you, he decided to go in your mind just to see what he should ask you. That way you were sure to listen and would obviously take the deal!
He decided to watch you for a little while before he actually did anything. You were surprisingly interesting, unlike other humans. But you were sickeningly sweet and kind even to the point he doesn’t understand your actions. I mean seriously? That other guy obviously purposely spilled his wine on you! Yet you forgive him? You were either very forgiving or just extremely ignorant.
EIther way he quickly got fond of you and couldn’t help but feel a bit attached to you, even if the only thing he had done is go through your memories or watch you. Or maybe he wasn’t fond of you? Maybe he was obsessed? He couldn’t really tell if it was a sense of foreboding or if it was that he liked you, it felt like a mix to him. He’s both disgusted by you but also intrigued by you, It’s confusing to him! 
He goes through your things too, checks up on you, almost every living moment of your life. And the worst thing is that you don’t even notice him! You don’t feel his presence looming over you. You don’t even realise how many things he has stolen from you. He can’t help but feel ignored by you. You don’t even have any privacy. He checks up on you every day and every second, while you sleep, change your clothes, batheing, read or do anything really! You’re almost like a drug he can’t stop taking, even if he has never done drugs before. 
He really wants to feel you against him or just holding you. Any kind of form of touch from you will always be amazing. Anything will do. It's almost suffocating how far he has to be from you. He just wants to fill that empty space with you against him.
He hates all of your friends, family, enemies or anyone around you. Even if someone simply looks at you. Once those people have gone to bed he’ll make sure that they get nightmares for the rest of their pitiful life. And well maybe drive them away from you? And just maybe “accidently” drive them to sucide or extreme depression. No biggie! Now that you don’t have them to annoy you anymore you’ll feel a lot happier! Even if it was just for his own sanity.
After a few months have passed he eventually can’t hold himself away from you anymore. So he lets you in the dreamscape and makes a deal with you! Just because he likes you doesn’t mean he isn’t going to use you! Once he meets you he is met with a confused scared face. He can’t help but let a boisterous laugh at your dumbfounded expression. You just were too cute! He almost has to hold himself from squishing you or tackling you to the ground.
Meanwhile you're met with a yellow golden triangle that’s floating and hovering over your weak form and laughing seemingly uncontrollably at your expression. 
But he has to play it cool and does almost the same charismatic act he has done with other people, however with a tint of playfulness in his voice. And slowly luring you in to make you feel more comfortable and safe. It's obvious that it’s working against you because you keep moving closer to him and being more open to talk. Every word that comes out of his, well whatever he uses to talk to you is carefully picked from watching you. 
It doesn’t take much to get you to trust him fully. It’s almost frightening how gullible you are, yet at the same time he likes that about you. Makes his job a lot easier. But still one meeting with him and you already trust him? He knows he’s good at these sorts of things, but have a little suspicion for once!
So he strikes a deal with you. You being a gullible human you trust him immediately without having a care in the world you shake his small black sticklike hand as blue flame envelopes both of your hands, until it disappears. For some reason you feel as if you had done something very VERY wrong.
He could now talk to you whenever he pleased! Touch you, hug you, talk to you. Anything he could do whatever he wanted to you, well maybe not whenever only in the dreamscape could he do anything to you. He hasn’t gotten his physical form yet. He’ll do all the work, you won’t have to do anything. Other people can’t see him, only you, unless he strikes a deal with somebody else.
Until that time comes he does all sorts of activities with you while keeping you away from any living thing, except for himself of course. The activities are usually something that involves him getting near you or touching you, but sometimes it’s just simple scare games. For some reason he always wins every game you play. It feels almost as if he is reading your mind because no matter where you go he always knows where to find you or how to beat you.
When he finds you, he tackles you to the ground and squishes you a bit violently. His light around his triangular body always becomes a bit lighter and has a peach-like colour around it when you come to greet him. You’ve always wondered why it happens but you don’t question it.
He’s a lot more giddier and happy around you and chaotic? Either way he is very affectionate but somewhat possessive of you. He always asks why you have to leave sometimes and grabs you rather forcefully. He insists you stay and if that doesn’t work he manipulates you into staying sometimes.
He drives people away from you any chance he gets. And if you hang out too much with one person even if he has given them nightmares. He just finds another way of driving them away from you. Such as making everyone they love around them die, family or friends. If that doesn’t work? He suggests you stay away from them. If you deny that they are bad and continue to stay with them. He eventually gives you nightmares that indicate that they are a bad person.
Once weirdmageddon sets in and he finally has his physical form the first thing he does is take you with him only to tell you excitedly that he has taken over gravity falls, while snuggling against your now smaller form against him and drawing triangles with his finger against your fragile skin and rumbling emitting from his three sided form. His glow gets a lot brighter and emits a pinkish colour as blue chains form from the ground and wrap around you, locking you to the ground while being intertwined to his body. You twitch and try to get out of his forceful grip only for his grip to get tighter and harsher the more you move the more force is put into his grip. 
Tears run through your cheeks as chains wrap around your body at a quicker speed and get harsher against your skin. Adrenaline runs through your body telling you to run with all your might. But to no avail. You're stuck in his vomit-inducing touch. Until the chains stop. 
Bill moves a little closer now wrapping his arms around you. This time he nudges against your head with his pointy sides. If he pushed into your skin anymore you are sure it would pierce right through you. And if you moved, well you were sure to meet a terrible fate. You lay still slowly accepting your fate. Shutting your eyelids up.
Only to be met with low whispers to your ears you can barely hear what he’s saying the adrenaline has almost already left your body, as you feel a lot more tired. Arms hugging you into a tighter embrace. While he purrs at your body being so close to him. A low lighthearted calm laugh could be heard, almost to calm for your comfort. Hums emitting from him. Until you hear one last sentence from him. “You’re mine.” As the laughter turns more boisterous and insane until it breaks into uncontrollable laughter. Chains wrap against you again this time tighter until everything turns black.
I wrote this because I was craving yandere Bill cipher and also because seeing human bill cipher really annoys me. And yes Bill Cipher purrs in this UHHH. I went for the typical "your mine" line hope you people don't mind :´). I hope you enjoyed this???
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sharkaiju · 4 months ago
Ford seeing Bill in his dream: Oh my god!
Bill: Yes, it's me! Your god!
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pottersfieldcustodian · 2 months ago
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hatsampixie · 9 months ago
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I dare someone to draw a fusion of these two demons. ):3
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zootopiathingz · 3 months ago
Dipper would’ve never been happy as Ford’s apprentice. The euphoria of it all would last a few months at most. But eventually he would get homesick. He would miss his home, school, his family. He needed a normal teenage life.
Don’t ever be mad at him for choosing to go home with Mabel. He made the right choice.
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mars-onthe-moon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Pines? The twins are drawing summoning circles in study hall again.
Like in what universe do these kids turn out okay?
Not really reverse Falls/Pines, more just the twins turning dark through all of their truama and Bill’s influence. We love psycho children here.
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gravityfallsrockz · 7 months ago
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Weirdmageddon is in Argentina?!
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stargaze-ren · 5 months ago
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I regret absolutely nothing
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