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#welcome to the madness

So there are some new people following me.

Hey guys I’m Lissy, a Fire/Medic somewhere in New York. I used to be BatMedic on the night shift. I recently got a new new job that has me working day tours but it comes with health and dental insurance so I deal with it.

Anyway, because now that I’m a rotating schedule it’s hard to find time to work out, cook healthy meals, and overall stay on top of the routine I built for myself working night tours. It took a bit of trial and error to see what worked and what didn’t but now after a few weeks I think I have a handle on it.

So that’s why I am here; to share this journey and I’m excited to bring you all along for the ride.


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“Family Don’t End With Blood.”

@castielslittlestbee huzzah, new brethren! *deep excitement* I love additions to the clan…

Here’s a rambling post cuz the bipolar mania is strong with Lucy today little introduction to Us.

As a part of our affectionate and spectacularly irregular family, you will find (in no particular order):

Supreme Nerdiness in all of its wonderful forms.

NOTHING BUT L-O-V-E (Well, and sarcasm. And sass. Oh, and a shit-ton of talent, like so much. Oh yeah and a lot of silliness. And puns, lots of sexy puns. I call it punnilingus).

DESTIEL (and pleeeeennnnty of other ships/pairings, let’s be honest.)

Celebration of all that is different whether that be the slants on favourite foods, skin colour, fic kinks, neurodiverse/neurotypical, marmite or vegemite, sexuality, wearing matching or odd socks (or indeed any socks at all), Team Dean or Team Sammy or Team Cas (or Crowley, Garth, Donna etc), various mental health issues, seeing blue and black or white and gold stripes, age… yadayada, I’m sure you catch my accepting-of-all drift.

Probably a bit of rambling in comments. And possibly posts that seem to ramble on and on. Maybe. I mean, only a little. And not from all of us. Mainly @petrichoravellichor A.K.A. my wifey, Petra, and I… Yeah, okay, I mean me.

Guys, WE GOT ONE!!! Welcome, Bee! *furious lip-smacks*


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