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#well done quiz
vestwpockets · 7 months ago
everyone: agnes is gonna be agatha, it’s so obvious
agnes: the names agatha harkness
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no-real-talent · 6 months ago
2 Bonus Clues
@electronicgentlemencrusade Well Done Rewa!!!! 🖤
The Clue about the 2nd Clue:
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If I told you the part circled in red was a type of cell. Would it help?
B) No. of words in our url
There are Three words in our url 🖤❤
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obliviouskind · 5 months ago
what obscure love language are you?
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taking care of them while they have a drunk panic attack at 3am
you're always there for the people you love when they absolutely need you, and that's what counts. you're something of a protector, and you try to make sure that the people you love feel comfortable and safe around you. you show up when it counts.
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rbcclndr · 9 months ago
i have never been so genuinely miserable taking a class holy fuck i can’t wait to be done with this shit in a little over a week
#i’m sorry for complaining but literally every day is horrible#the content is just not what i’m interested in so there is absolutely no motivation to learn it#these goddamn weekly quizzes are TANKING my average because they’re worth a horrendously disproportionate amount of the grade#and the professors are incredibly harsh and extremely unforgiving#not to mention that they just expect us to know what’s going on and always understand everything#i wish they assigned homework throughout the whole semester rather than these fucking quizzes#i would HAPPILY have done loads of homework every week to be able to learn and practice the content#rather than just study on my own and hope i understand things only for me to realize i don’t actually know exactly what they want me to and#then my grade suffers for it#i’m just so worked up and tired of this fucking class#i’m gonna study my ass off for this final - and hopefully do pretty well on it#and of course it would improve my grade#BUT THE FUCKING QUIZZES ARE STILL GONNA DRAG MY GRADE DOWN BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON THEY THIUGHT THAT PORTION SHOUKD BE WORTH HALF OF OUR#GRADES WHEN EACH WUIZ IS ONLY 4 QUESTIONS AND YOU MAKE ONE STUPID MISTAKE EACH TIME AND BOOM YOUR QUIZ AVERAGE IS A C#i hate it here i really do#i’m so sorry for the rant i just hate this class so so much#i’ll probably delete this later i just needed to yell#my friend is gonna take this course next semester but with different professors and i pray that it goes better for her because i honestly#have lost all interest/appreciation for these topics because it’s been such hell learning them#thank you for reading this far if you have
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thewhizzyhead · 8 months ago
There is always the option of learning to sing badly. If they try to make you sing, make them regret it. But good luck on your essays. -Patroc
honestly i already sing pretty badly so i don't think i even need to try on that one fjxjsf i do wanna learn on how to actually be somewhat bearable at singing tho at least for my sake so yay! Also thanks for the good luck wishes patroc cause after like 24 hours of work I'm finally finished WOOOOO
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jonny-versace · 8 months ago
Not us starting the new year with a Cl* win...... 2021 really is just 2020 wearing a fake moustache......
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seanslaters · 9 months ago
Listen I’ll take 5th considering I’m out of practice! Once an OG lurker always an OG lurker 😂
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