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#well kinda the other way around but yknow
zannolin · 5 days ago
(btw, sorry in advance for my very inconsistent usage of c!wilbur and cc!wilbur vs wilbur in this ask lmao. im referring to the character basically the whole time and i think its clear when im talking abt the cc)
no need to actually answer this if you feel like it would just be a reiteration of what you already said or something but i just wanted to say thank you for responding to my ask with such a long post. not only was it just interesting to read and cool to hear about a couple things i hadn't put as much though into, but im not always the best with putting my thoughts about this stuff into a well worded and put together post that actually compiles them all together in the way i want and its really nice to see that other people feel similarly to me about all this stuff with c!wilbur and "vilbur".
especially when i feel like i open my twitter timeline and am just bombarded (bit of an exaggeration lol but ya know) with posts that sort of break down c!wilbur into such simple terms that he has absolutely no depth or that constantly refer to him as "vilbur". to a small extent im like haha funny post cool art but also im just like. god. please. hes just c!wilbur....... granted this could partially be due to my lack of really seeing "vilbur"/pogtopia wilbur live firsthand (i started watching the smp back in october but i didnt really watch wilbur's streams at the time). so maybe that's why im more inclined to be against people referring to him as "vilbur" but idk. im also now a big cc!wilbur and c!wilbur fan so maybe that could be it too. who knows.
also the stuff with ghostbur is just. very confusing to me in general because??? how does the afterlife in canon work???? like you said in your post "alivebur" and ghostbur are not entirely separate. i had kind of always just sort of interpreted ghostbur as a part of wilbur. like a lot of people say, ghostbur was wilbur's good intentions. separate in a way but also not? i don't think it makes sense for them to be entirely different people. but wilbur's reddit posts imply that ghostbur is now in limbo himself and im like??? wait what?? i thought he was a part of wilbur i didnt really expect that he'd go off into the afterlife. and i feel like some other things have implied they are somehow separate beings? which also doesnt make sense? and its just very confusing lol. i haven't put tons of extensive thought into this so that bit was very jumbled together whoops.
im sure i've forgotten to touch on something in this ask and ill think about it again in a bit and be like damn. i forgot to mention that other important thing rip too late now. but anyways, sorry for sending such a long ask its just an interesting thing to think and talk about! thanks for having nuanced takes :)
yeah yeah yeah all this, definitely!
re: vilbur/not seeing him firsthand: I mean, I joined mid-rebellion era, like right around the festival actually, so I did see ““vilbur”“ firsthand and I still get eh seeing c!wilbur referred to as such. I think I wouldn’t mind it so much if the fandom hadn’t basically taken that and turned it into a full-on “let’s compartmentalize c!wilbur into different stages of his life and make them entirely separate people”, which, this just occurred to me now, is kinda like how ghostbur tried to compartmentalize all the “good” memories vs the “bad” memories — I’m kinda getting weird and rambly here for a sec but it’s isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s a mix of both. sure you have days that are more good or more bad, but for the most part it’s just a big jumbled up mess and trying to separate it out into black and white means you lose so much nuance and sacrifice a lot of good moments in an attempt to eradicate the bad, yknow? trying not to ramble more but that’s something i have thought about so much. like do you ever consider all the memories ghostbur willingly sacrificed just to stay happy? fuck, man.
anyways. where was i?
ah yes. vilbur. anyways. I agree that it might just be us being big c!wilbur fans and being annoyed about it, as I imagine c!dream fans might get seeing everyone hate on c!dream big time, to make a loose comparison, but again, it’s like a legit canonical thing and it niggles at me, yknow? even if c!wilbur is doing bad things, that doesn’t mean everything he does is bad. people do good and bad things. c!schlatt and c!dream didn’t do all bad things; we might have seen more of the bad than the good because they were front and center as villains in the majority of their involvement in the lore, and because they didn’t stream their pov, but that doesn’t mean every single thing they did was evil. that’s just unreasonable. (and this is a reflex from twitter, let me just clarify so I don’t get crucified: i am not saying c!dream and c!schlatt and even c!wilbur aren’t/weren’t bad guys. I’m saying no one person is entirely good or entirely evil and that’s something you have to recognize in order to properly discuss a character in any truly thoughtful sense.) basically I’m just tired of seeing everything c!wil does get villified, when a lot of it is actually just innocuous and innocent and normal or at least as normal as he can be after what he went through.
there are bad things, to be sure. in that lore stream, he was absolutely manipulating tommy for at least part of it. but again, not everything he did was evil and fucked up and bad. there’s literally a point where tommy leaves the call to go get stone and you can see the showman’s facade fall as wilbur says “he’s a good kid”. and I think about that a lot tbh. those little glimpses of who c!wilbur is underneath the persona, the facade, the front he’s putting up because everything has to be a story, and he’s not the hero so surely he has to stay the villain you know? yeah. man.
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foryouthegays · 5 days ago
So the thing with SoT is basically, yknow, big sand timer counts down your doom while you explore the desert-ruins-themed map, find vaults full of gold and either deposit the gold at a sphinx at a fee or keep them until you exit the portal. if you die, you're locked in prison until someone bails you with sand, if you die and the timer runs out, you and your coins are gone forever, no points and you're stuck in a larger cage with people throwing tomatos at you.
Vaults contain a lot of coins and require keys which are found in a completely different direction than where the vault is, so you need teamwork and communication if you want to score well. there's a bunch of traps that you need to be aware of, like the tnt, the pits with random mobs, the falling floors, and the infamous iron door (which requires a teammate to come and get you, guys it's not unsolvable) and even the coal trap, which can be done singleplayer if the person can logic their way out of it without stress.
Some paths require one person to stand on a pressure plate for another to access the path, so it is very team-oriented.
Typical strategy used is where the Sandkeeper watches the sand (the most essential person, may not be PvE skilled but they are good at communicating) and the other three run off into separate paths. The sand person goes down under the timer to solve some traps there for coins(and also the red vault key but that may change), and periodically yell out the time so that others can bring sand and leave when necessary.
I really love SoT because you can see real teamwork there. Build Mart and Bingo, to an extent, can be played individually (doesn't help but it can be done), but SoT requires you to talk with your teammates and figure out everything. It can be kinda anxiety-inducing at times though, when the person is still deep into the map but the timer is down to the last few seconds.
Noxcrew talked about making the game themed around a nuclear core exploding thing once, but I don't think it was all that seriously. If they do that this season, that would be cool, but I'm not holding expectations.
Oh very cool ty for the explanation!
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char-lotteral · 9 days ago
I would've liked if the last was structured different. The story stays the same but it's different. Here me out :
the movie could've opened up with Naruto randomly thinking about his life because he's not the kid people used to hate. Then he remembers the comrades he made along the way. You can still have him acknowledge his crush on Sakura and have him question the crush. Then have him remembering people who supported him first like jiraya etc. Then BOOM have him remember his conversations with Hinata. Not the Haha funny moments but the one that have meaning. Like when he told neji he was going to make him pay. Have him question his moments with Hinata. Have him wondering if there are maybe possibly other reasons why she was always there 4 him. The story plays the same way of course. Toneri kidnaps hanabi bla bla bla. They go on a mission bla bla bla. They save the world bla bla bla.
I think if it begun that way, it would've been more natural with Naruto's perspective. Like we could still Hinata's perspective too but it would be better. I seriously thought that's how they would tell The Last. I mean it's so obvious and easy 👀.
me too!! What I would have preferred is if they began the show with moments after the war or scenes when they were 17-18 yrs old. Scenes from the blank period, how most fans would name it. I mean, it was canonically mentioned that they did in fact grow closer after the war so why not show those scenes where Naruto ever so slowly grows more fond of Hinata? Imo, the game protrayed those blank period scenes really well. They were cute as heck so i recommend watching them
I understand what the movie was going for, I really do. I get that Naruto didnt fall in love with Hinata, he realized he was in love. But the way they executed it made it seem like he only fell for her because "oh wow! she likes me?! dang i think i kinda like her too"
Instead of the flashbacks about their childhood, the movie starts off with a scene immediately after the war where Nart lost his arm after the fight and Hinata comes running to him and Naruto is so relieved to see she's alright because he was worried as heck for her when he heard her call in the midst of the Tsukuyomi attack
Fast forward, maybe a short clip of Hinata taking care of Nart when he was armless. Then montages of them gradually hanging out together, Sakura teasing him, Kakashi forcing them to go on missions together, them having ramen dates but theyre not really dates. They couldve fit all of that in 20 minutes or so, like??? gAAhhHH
I also had this scene in mind where they went out on a mission together but there was a snow storm and they got trapped in an abandoned cave. They bond more, Naruto eats her bentos and he's all like. "Your bentos taste so good! Who taught you how to cook?" and she replies sadly "My mother" she then traces back to her memories of her mom, how she taught her to cook, how she'd prepare snacks and bentos for her and Hanabi, because for some fucking reason she wasnt mentioned in the series and Nart is like "Yknow, Ive actually met my mom once, but I wouldnt know what a mom would do with her kids." And they confide in each other about the loss of their mothers, he gushes about how he wished he had his mom's hair color, and THATS where Hinata gets the idea of knitting him a red scarf, the same color as his mother's hair. Genius? I know.
Its just, they have sooo much in common, theyre actually a lot similar if you think about it, which makes their dynamic all the more heartwarming! Hinata would know the giref of not having a mother growing up, the feeling of being ostricized by the people around you, the lonely childhood they had to go through. Theyre both the kindest and most empathetic people on the show!! I mean, theyre complete opposites but they are so much alike. You get me??
Maybe Hinata wouldnt understand the full extent of his pain BUT she would definitely understand the feeling of being shunned and ignored by the people around her. She would know what being inivisible would feel like and I'd like to think they talk about that with each other in their down time :,))
The storm is gone and then Nart is like "Hey, after this, wanna visit Neji together?" then she smiles and nods and next scene~
If they started off with that, it wouldve established to the audience that they indeed grew closer after the war and it would also explain Hinata's more comfortable atmosphere around Nart. Maybe then it wouldnt seem all too out of the blue
I also wished they talked about Naruto's crush with Sakura and how he moved on. I think I kinda get what she meant by "You only liked me because of your rivalry with Sasuke right?" The way I see it, Naruto always vied for attention as a kid, he has this sort of hero complex, always on top, always the one to get the prettiest girl. To which the prettiest girl in class was Sak. Which explains the whole rivalry thing.
I actually have some thoughts about his feelings for Sak and how it was completely different with his love for Hinata but its kinda long so hehe, if youre interested, my asks are open ;D
Then the whole Hyuga/Otsutsuki drama starts. Hanabi gets kidnapped blabla Shikamaru team blabla AND NOW THE GENJUTSU WAHH
Theyd replay the scene where Kushina jumps in front of Naruto just when he was about to be killed by Kurama and match it with Hinata jumping in front of Pain. Then Kushina's words "Find someone just like me" would be repeated over and over again
Hinata's I love you and put it side by side with Kushina's I love you
The red scarf with Kushina's scarf.
Their infinite love for Nart. AaAAAAAAAA THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!!!!
And by the end of the genjutsu scene, Kushina would hug him for the last time and ask him with loving eyes,
"Have you found her yet? Becuase I think you might already have."
Aand then everything after that stays the same ig. Except for that cage scene. I freaking hated that.
dont get me wrong i LOVE the movie but I have all the right to critique it and give it my two cents while also being a very big slut for Narhina :DDDD
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denkilightning · 14 days ago
ahhh you're the first person i've seen talk about how nd-coded c!george is!! it's such a shame that people gloss over cc!george's acknowledged inability to articulate well and his difficulty in expressing emotions bleeding into his character and then start expressing ridiculously ableist takes. it makes me kinda uncomfortable because i dunno george isn't really playing a proper character like dream, wilbur, tommy etc so it feels like people are criticizing the cc and not the character. do you have any more headcanons?
hi! yeah, it really is a shame people dont acknowledge how neurodivergent the entire dream team is, so.. have some nd! dream team headcanons >:)))
george likes pressure, so when the trio would cuddle theyd always stack on each other with george in the middle
sapnap has no volume control. hes either mumbling or yelling in the overworld, the nether he always yells but its neuters itself cus of how loud the nether is
george stimms by eating!! its usually bread. bread is good.
so dream and george have matching diamond jewelry (george's earrings and dreams choker) and when theyre away from each other they switch it, so you can always tell cus george always holds the diamond charm while dream tugs at the earrings.
bad has really long hair (i swear if i see a single bald joke i will eat yalls kneecaps- /hj) and he usually keeps them up in braids so they sway behind him and when he walks a certain way they rhytmically sway behind him and its a great stim. it also works with ponytails of any kind
this is unrelated to the headcanons but i am filled with so much rage i want to scream (/pos??? certainly not /neg) cus im listening to the tree on the hill from the lightning thief. i have no idea why this song fills me with so much emotions but if anyone would like a headcanon thread on my pjo au centered around dream team please tell me i want to talk.about them so badly please im beg- (/lh)
dream and george rocky cuddle :)
ad to the previous point: i dont know if its the actual name, but im talking about where they hug and rock together
george always makes sure to kick sapnap when he unironically calls himself dumb (dont call yourself dumb kids, it ruins your god complex- /hj)
george cant decode emotions from faces only, except when it comes to a) dream and sapnap (he can tell a big portion of them) b) when its pain on one of the hunters faces
george doesnt understand the concept of gender. like yknow the "what are your pronouns, knuckles?" comic?? yeah, thats george.
sometimes the team will ask george to call them something completely different like "capybara" or "epiphany" and george will just switch without missing a beat. they also experiment with pronouns with george cus hell call you "ketchup" without finding it weird
sword fighting is one of sapnap's special interest :)
both sapnap and george are semi-verbal
georges special interests include but arent limited to: fungi, tea, knive combat, archery
george and sapnap will stay up all night to let sapnap talk his heart out
ok so i headcanon that dsmp! rat is actually like a tamed wolf instead of a small dog, and shes bads service dog
sapnap grew up without knowing human western concept of gender exists cus bad forgot it existed and so did skeppy
anyway theyre all neurodivergent, queer and trans, cus i make the fucking rules :)
hope these are comprehensible <3
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doomedog · 19 days ago
remember this ship ask? yeah, i wanna do them all with lawlight bcs they control my brain. but it's a happy no death note au bcs it's me. oh and this shit is long plus it's 3 am rn so my words are very messy. but enjoy.
(i skip some numbers that i answered and the ones that i can't think of btw)
pre relationship :
How did they first meet?
L's investigation hq. he was a suspect of L, still, but this time he told soichiro to bring this 18 yo boy to the hq to test him, asking light to work with all of them. he ends up not guilty ofc, but L still wants to keep him…around.
What was their first impression of each other?
ah, the good old 'what the fuck dude???' from light and the 'oooh he got a big brain' from L. it's hard to get out of canon in this one.
Who felt romantic feelings first?
L. But it's more like thoughts, rather than feelings. It's just these random thoughts that pop out in his head like 'i don't mind kissing this guy, if he asks' but not like 'i want to kiss him' yknow what i mean? idk this is just something i experience a lot lmao. it develops to feelings once light falls for him and L can see that. So in terms of ideas, it's L, but in terms of feelings, it's Light.
Did either of them try to resist their feelings?
Oh our favorite light denial yagami. Of course he's cursing himself for having feelings like this but once L calls it out he's over. 
If you had told one of them that the other would be their soulmate, what would they think?
Light would laugh it off, and be like "i don't like him that way you know". L would shrugs be like "well yes that's possible, i don't think i mind". 
What would their lives be like if they had never met?
boring, lonely, empty, you name it
(more under the cut)
general :
Who initiated the relationship, and how did it go?
hmm, they both initiated the relationship? ykwim? They both notices they had feelings for each other and just...go from there. they never have like a relationship talk, they just go with the flow until at some point they starts to get comfortable to refer the other as partners. They basically can read each other's mind, after all.
Did they have an official first date? If so, what was it like?
Yes, sort of. A tennis game! And a coffee sesh after, just like canon. They plan this to be just "let's just relax, this case has been really exhausting, take a one day break, L" but when Light got home, sayu asked "how's the date going?!" He immediately said "it's not a date, you watch too many dramas it's rotting your brain" And sachiko gave him a smile while shaking her head at this statement and when he's back to his room he immediately calls L and was like "hey does that count as a date?" and L answers with "depends, do you want it to be?" with a smirk that light can hear.
What was their first kiss like?
it was late at night, light was helping L with the case when everybody went home. they were sharing their view about this certain criminal when light notices L staring at his lips, first he ignored it but it happens again and again to a point where their face just got real close and then...kiss, somehow. idk lmao.
Were they each other’s first anything (kiss, relationship, etc.)?
First person who can understand each other and are equals, the only ones who can tear the other's wall down, and just practically soulmates in any form that even their sun & moon signs mirroring each other's? YES. 
What’s their height difference? Age difference?
i hc L as just a little bit taller than light, but it's not like you can see it through the hunch anyway. ofc we all know the 6 years and 4 months age gap
What’s their relationship with each other’s families?
Sayu likes L, Sachiko is kinda surprise Light doesn't date a typical pretty person, but it only makes her heart fonder. L doesn't mind them, he thinks they're nice, light grew up in a good place. Soichiro? Well, he might me a bit reluctant but he loosen up slowly, his son is happier than he ever was, after all.
Who takes the lead in social situations?
Light, obviously. Because he's a charmer and if L takes control, the person they speak to would run immediately the first 2 minutes.
Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear?
it is a universal knowledge that L does this. like, come on, count the fics, you can't, there's just so many. he loves to break that perfect wall and make light feel 🥴😳. it's entertaining. But he knows when to stop. too much of that will be embarrassing in light's part, and he respects his boy's dignity.
love :
Who said “I love you” first?
Light!! The thing is it was said over the phone. He gets more and more comfortable talking with L through calls, since every now and then L travel frok countries to countries. One time he just like "yeah, safe flight. love you, bye" he expected L to say goodnight to him as a response as usual but L was silent and he realised what he just said and realised that he fucking mean it. L seems to still be able to read his mind even thousands miles away so he replies with "i love you too, goodnight". they never missed seeing each other more than that night.
What are their primary love languages?
we had a discussion for this! but as we see in canon, they're both very acts of service with a little hint of physical touch here and there. quality time is also important. words and gift aren't really needed for them.
Who uses cheesy pick-up lines?
L. Only to annoy light. It's terrible that he almost cringed to himself, but it does bring a good laugh for light.
How often do they cuddle/engage in PDA?
PDA is a not their preference, they just love being in private more. They might hold hands sometimes, butmost times they won't. Altho they always stand or sit reaaaaally glued to each other even though there are so many space. 
Who initiates kisses?
both. they want it, they got it. but light gives light kisses (ha) more, not necessarily on the lips, usually when L was really busy working, keeping his feet on the ground.
Who’s the big and little spoon?
They don't spoon a lot, they prefer not touching at all or cufdling face to face, but when they do, Light is the little spoon because being a big spoon makes his sleeping position kinda uncomfy, he feels awkward with his legs, it's just not. thankfully L thinks cuddling light this way is very calming.
What are their favorite things to do together?
Tennis and solving cases, duh. Or sometimes they play video games fighting each other. Anything competitive and/or challenging that make their brain grow 10 times bigger. But sometimes, a comfortingly peaceful and quiet dinner with hushed words thrown here and there about random things feels like the best thing ever.
Who’s more protective?
L. For identity reasons, ofc.
Do they prefer verbal or physical affection?
Physical. They can read each other's mind, they knew it by gesture, touches, and glances. 
What are some songs that apply to their relationship, in-universe or otherwise?
IT'S MY TIME TO SHINE. venus by sleeping at last fits them so well, that song is in the background of multiple cozy couch smooches sessions or even when they're slow dancing (please listen to this tho song it's so good). also i think they would like persephone by the tragic thrills too, L would be like "this song reminds me of you" and Light answers with "i'm persephone?" "Yeah" "i'm a fucking badass then" "yes you are". oh and first day of my life? lover of mine? pink in the night? sweet creature? the lakes? oh god i have too much answers
What kind of nicknames do they call each other?
they don't do nicknames, really. although, L sometimes called light with some snarky tony stark styled nicknames when he feels particularly playful but annoyed at the same time.
Who remembers the little things?
They both do. Big brained assholes they are.
domestic life :
If they get married, who proposes?
It's not really a proposal, they didn't  even remember who said it first. But one sleepy night after a hard case, someone said "hey you wanna get married" and the other was like "sure, why not" "really?" "yeah, i think i'm ready, you?" "me too" "great" and then they go to sleep. at breakfast the next morning L called watari from across the room and said "wammy i need you to prepare [enter marriage stuff here], and light, you must call your family after this". poor old watari chokes on his tea.
What’s the wedding like? Who attends?
The wedding is in a secluded little place near the wammy's house, L used to go there a lot as a kid. With just light's parents, sayu, and watari. Well, not until Light caught Mello, Matt, Near, and Linda peeping from the bushes
Do they have any pets?
A chunky cat the wammy's kids feed daily but never try to keep them in, because no animals are allowed inside the orphanage. L saw it and was like "light let's bring this bitch home" she is, indeed a little bitch, but light and L loves her dearly. her fur has light brown and black colors, like both of their hairs, so she becomes their daughter, L gave him a weird ass name but i can't think about it rn.
Who kills the bugs in the house?
Light because he's the one who's actually bothers to. They ofc annoyed L but he cpuldnt care less to actually get rid of them.
Who’s more likely to convince the other to come back to sleep in the morning?
L. He rarely sleeps and once he did, he wakes up very fucking late and will pull light back to the bed if he's woken up by the empty space beside him.
Who’s the better cook?
Light. L is a spoiled brat. But Light can't bale for shit, that's Watari's job. Light grow up learning and helping his mom making meals for the family. He's not the best, but it's good enough to make L craves them in between his sweets.
Who likes to dance?
None of them. But they would slow dance on rare, sentimental occasions. And it's like so fucking romantic bcs all the lights are off except for a candle or a table lamp or a cabinet lamp whatever that has yellow-y dim light. And they don't speak, they just casually move against each other, but heart ready to combust like i do when i the mental image came into my head.
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lebignom · 24 days ago
Unusual asks! 3, 10, 12, (geez so many relationship questions between these numbers wtf???) 39 and 40 :D
Thanks :DD (and yes, there were a lot of relationship ones xD)
3 How old are you and how old do you get mistaken for?
I’m 23. Hmmm idk it actually never happens that someone tries guessing my age, or at least i don’t remember any instances the last few years. I do remember one party when i was sixteen tho, when one dude thought i looked 20 (which in itself wasn’t a bad thing but it still pisses me off a bit because he said it in such a disregarding way. He was into my friend a lot more which is fair but that’s no reason to like side eye and ignore me but yknow. Men.)
Kinda unrelated to age guessing but still in the range: one of my best friends turned 30 this year and whenever the subject of aging comes up she’s like "you are an infant wtf" xD
10 What talent do you wish you had?
Good question, difficult to answer tho. I mean there are some things i wish i could do but those aren’t talents, like i know i could get there if only i trained hard enough. For example: different types of sports, playing more instruments, learning more languages. I could do those if only i invested more time and dedication but i’m quite happy with my skill set at the time. I am looking forward to having more time for music and writing again tho but that’ll happen once i finish this semester.
12 What do you think about the most?
It constantly switches between uni stuff and whatever my current hyperfixation is. So right now it’s either "oh god i still have to finish those calculations and then i gotta start writing the theory part of my thesis" or "i swear to god if they make Alex end up in a straight relationship i’m gonna throw a fit"/"UND WIE DU WIEDER AUSSIEHST*"/"Bela <3"
*dä lyrics can be inserted interchangeably
39 How often do you listen to music?
Almost all the time, i don’t really like silence around me. Plus it helps me drown other noises out when i need to focus. So for getting actual uni work done it’s mostly sth instrumental so the lyrics won’t distract me (if i read/write in english, german lyrics are ok and vice versa but same language for working and music isn’t ideal) or white noise when some intense focusing is needed xD
When i’m writing original stuff i either listen to my writing playlist or i choose songs that fit the storyline/situation cause that often helps me in conveying the right mood/vibes in my writing. For anything else i mostly just listen to whatever my likes are on youtube atm (dä for the last few months)
I also once again noticed how fast time goes by when i listen to dä songs while exercising. The last few times i exercised together with my mom and we listened to stuff we both enjoy (she likes some dä songs too but she’s often like „can we put on sth else for a change please?^^"“). And then the other day i was on the treadmill alone so ofc i put on dä and time went by so quickly. Incredible.
40 First concert you attended
Good question as well. Since i grew up in a small village in Austria, we have a local music band. They usually play marching music (very good) but every year around easter they have some sort of spring time concert where they play popular music and spundtracks etc as well. And one year when i was in second or third grade or so they played the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. And let me tell you, little me was hyped the fuck up. Sparked my potc hyperfixation (second one after harry potter actually).
But if we’re talking concert concert of artists - i might be wrong here but it’s the only thing that comes to mind right now: Macklemore at Frequenzy Festival in 2014. Went there with the same friend as in question 1 for Imagine Dragons actually but Macklemore was at the same stage just before them so ee were like "might as well". Was cool, Dragons were better tho xD
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bro-strider-hate-blog · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
I will include my tags again but only because i cant get enough of myself and not to sound like im tooting my own kazoo but this is the one time in my entire life that ive been objectively correct in every way
Lengthy and unrelated thing under the cut: 
Let me talk about canon bro for a second 😌 even though its barely and tangentially related to this and you dont have to read it <3, in fact i would encourage you not to read it i just wanna run my mouth. People love to use him as a cheap villain in their dave angst fics which is like... hilarious to me. Like i get it, since hes abusive he must also be misogynistic and homophobic and transphobic and also genuinely hates dave and revels in his suffering right? Lmeow no, hes just some guy and despite everything he is in fact trying his best. Hes naturally intense and aggressive and this doesnt translate well to child rearing, especially since his one goal is to make dave strong enough (physically and mentally) to Survive whats coming. The random sneak attacks ? The traps littered around the house ? To keep dave on his toes and buff his spatial awareness. The cameras ? To monitor his progress (if hes not up to standard then we’ll just up the “training”) and / or film some puppet snuff (puff ? Snupp?) so he can keep running his dumb website and like provide for them or some shit , or ig to buy random crap and throw it around the house. Who cares if the kid sees the porn anyway its just puppets, plus hes seen way worse at that age and turned out fine (no he didnt). Dave has to be resourceful , he has to be creative and think on his feet , lets have impromptu rap battles and scrabble games. He has to know numbers like the back of his hand (idk why this is even a phrase do any of you memorise what the back of your hands looks like) to effectively utilise his sylladex.... actually nobody even uses that shit idk why bro was so insistent on it. Dave is his protege, his charge, dave is NOT his friend and hes not gonna let him forget that. He teaches him all he knows, in the way he knows. Making comics, mixing music, ironic jokes, being cool and getting shit done. Actually its GOOD that the kid is terrified of him, if hes the scariest thing in the room then dave wont fear anything else. Lets spar then, if dave wins then hes trained him well. If dave loses then hell become resilient. Either way he has to be strong or else hell die, training is necessary. Its either this or failure and failure equals death. Do your own laundry, ration your own food, become independent as fast as possible because i wont be around to take care of you forever
Nothing bro does is without reason, neither is it “sadism”, its all very logical to him despite being horrific to any sane person because his only friend is the mansplain-manipulate-manspread puppet that raised him and he has awful coping mechanisms that barely stretch past beating himself 1. up 2. off. Like he kept his baby alive to the point where it could keep itself alive (kind of alive) and thats a win to him.
That was my thesis on why bro is not a bigot like ,, he makes porn of fucking smuppets, that gives him zero chance to fetishize The Ladies. I doubt he has porno mags littered around the house its just endless plushie dicks and asses (and the two puppets handcuffed together were legit kinda funny like Why). So why would dave have internalised homophobia if it did not stem from his brother ??? Acting as if his only friends werent exuding anti gay vibes, like christ, john “im not a homosexual” egbert, him and rose’s competitive flirting gag (before they found out they were related >.>), just generally the three of them accusing each other of being gay, yknow, as kids do (jade is exempt from the argument we love jade here). Things were just more homophobic back then and its not like bro and dave had a sincere talk about gender and sexuality in the 13 or so years they lived in the same house like why would you even come out to your younger sibling if you could just not !!! Lol !!! I could be getting all this info wrong lol so correct me if im wrong but bro has this cute comic artstyle and it was about someones charge (? Sibling?) straight up dying and the saw guy makes an appearance the end , like there was no sex or gore or whatever but if you look at sbahj the second page literally has an incest sex joke like where does dave even get his material from , which online sites has he been trawling , well haha its not bros job to monitor his kids search history lets ignore it and move on if the kid wants to be gross and make dumb jokes who is he to judge , spread your problematic wings and soar into the cancel clouds little guy
Anyway heres a disclaimer: if youre gonna clown on this post and tell me im an abuse apologist or some shit just understand that i have a lot of free time and love being a huge asshole when provoked but like youre so welcome to add to the discussion i love bullying my favourite character bro strider by steamrolling him we’ve talked about trans rights for too long now is the time for trans wrongs
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ambersky0319 · 25 days ago
Usually I vent in the tags but... Gonna keep it under a read more this time. For. Various reasons.
In summary: Grandma is a huge. Fucking. Bitch. And that is putting it kindly.
If you decide to continue, for whatever reason, please note that I bring up: abuse, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, n*zis/mimicking n*zis, threats of various kinds, and... I think that's it?
My grandma keeps digging a deeper grave for herself
First: she does a fucking n*zi salute and calls my sib (my BARELY A TEENAGER SIB) Hitler for asking her to turn something on. And her defense (there is none, but she tried to save her ass)? "Oh, it was a JOKE"
Then. She gets pissed when my sib and I ignore her. Bc uh. Yknow. That's pretty fucked up. She knows we can't stand that kind of shit from either of them. I've threatened to punch my grandpa for making an antisemitic comment, if I had been in the room when she had pulled that shit I probably would have actually slapped her.
So. We ignore her. Bc. That's what we do when EITHER of our grandparents pull that kind of shit. Which. Happens way to fucking often. And you wanna know what? If it had been our grandpa who had done it? SHE WOULD HAVE AGREED WITH US IGNORING HIM. The fucking HYPOCRITE.
This all happened on Saturday, by the way. Saturday afternoon.
Saturday evening rolls around, sib and I are having a chill time, having been just talking to each other and taking our minds off our grandma's shitty behavior.
Then, our grandma opened my door and starts "lecturing" (yelling) my sib about being disrespectful. I try to jump in, like, "hey, what you did was fucked up and there's literally no excuse. Stop yelling at them." Then I get told "I'm not talking to you" and continues to verbally go at my sib, trying to guilt them
Eventually she gives up and leaves. We rant about how fucking shitty she is again. Life kinda moves on.
Then, our grandma starts AGAIN when it's time for bed. Her and my sib share a room bc my room's too small to fit 2 people, and my grandpa is so repulsive hardly anyone wants to be in the same room as him for more than 5 minutes.
So. I mostly tuned this fight out bc. It was pretty much the same stuff as before.
It finally dies down. Grandma goes to bed. Sib messages me like an hour later saying they're having bad thoughts, I feel kinda bad but I don't have the social energy to be around anyone for the rest of the night. So I gave them some tips on how to distract themself from bad thoughts, bc by bad thoughts I thought they meant like. Suicidal thoughts.
Well. Turns out they were having a panic attack.
They didn't tell me it was a panic attack until the next day. It was caused by how much they had been yelled at. Because. My sib is triggered by people yelling. Bc. We came from an abusive household. Full of yelling.
So they had a rough night
Ignoring bitchy grandmother continues into Sunday, because we aren't just going to get over this. She knows we never just drop something like that.
Grandma is. Incredibly annoyed by us ignoring her. Goes on and on about how "oh I can play this game" and how "disrespectful" we are and sure. Maybe we're being disrespectful. But I've ignored people for less shitty behavior for months. Like. Bitch. Family or not. Same household or not. You're not getting special treatment.
My sib and I ignored her for most of the day, maybe enjoyed rubbing it in her face that she was acting worse than our grandpa (who has been acting slightly less like an asshole as of late) and that we'd rather talk to the man we've been ignoring since roughly late 2019 outside of what was necessary instead of talking to her
Sunday, there's not really any comments. Just. Snide remarks basically.
Then... Today.
Holy fuck.
Not as bad as Saturday, but just as intense in terms of arguing.
So. We all had dinner. Me and my sib ignored our grandma like we were doing and grandpa ate in his room like he's been doing ever since last year. I tell my sib I'm leaving, bc I was done and also wanted to go back to my room and continue reading a fic I was invested in (still have not continued reading as I write this).
Not even 5 minutes later my sib barges into my room and apparently
They told our grandma that she caused their panic attack the other day.
Our grandma said.
"Just get over it."
Just get over roughly an entire life of trauma. Just get over a trigger that you fucking knew about and should know by now to avoid doing. Just get over the fact that you did something so incredibly offensive that you made the guy no one in the house can stand seem like a decent-ish person. Yeah. Just get over it.
Not to mention my sib has been coughing and said their chest hurts a bit, and has been since the panic attack but they're waiting a few days more to see if it gets better. But yeah. Sure. Just get over it.
Then as my sib is recounting this to me we overhear our grandma telling our grandpa that she thinks my sib is lying about having had a panic attack (my sib described what they had felt and I'm 95% certain it was a panic attack). And then laughed about it even if they weren't lying.
Fucking hell.
It's just. This bitch is almost 75 fucking years old.
And yet 2 teenagers are more sensible than her.
Her, who claims to not be racist (despite making racist remarks or "jokes" constantly, even when we tell her to stop). Her, who claims to not be transphobic (despite misgendering my sib literally any chance she gets after almost half a year since they came out). Her, who claims to not be abusive (despite acting just like our parents even after we call her out on it).
Fucking hell.
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your-lover-crutchy · a month ago
hey id love to see your crutchie headcanons about his backstory!!
*sits* ok get ready this is gonna be a long one (under the cut!!)
Big tws for: abuse/abusive parent, death, self harm, mental health issues, suicide attempts, and abandonment (please let me know if I missed anything there!!)
OK SO. Crutchie (then he was just Charlie, he hadn't gotten his nickname yet) lived with his parents until he was around 7 or 8
His father was really abusive, both emotionally/verbally and physically
His mother, on the other hand, was an absolute godsend, one of the sweetest people you'd ever meet (that's where Crutchie got most of his kindness from, his mom was his biggest role model when he was young and she affected him a lot)
His father only continued abusing the both of them for years, but his mom tried to protect Crutchie as best she could
Eventually though, she gets sick and she's bedridden for a while, before passing away, which obviously breaks Crutchie to pieces. She was pretty much the only good thing in his life at that point, and now he's stuck with his father and no one else
After his mom passed away, the abuse only got worse, now turning into neglect as well, and Crutchie ended up getting sick with polio, which, obviously, affected his leg pretty bad
With everything happening at home, Crutchie starts getting really overwhelmed, and being a dumb reckless kids, grabs his crutch, his teddy bear, and his mom's old necklace, and just runs away in his pajamas without really thinking it through
After who knows how long of running, he ends up just hiding away in a little alley and just starts crying because obviously this was ,, a really bad idea
And eventually someone else finds him and introduces himself as Jack (!!!)
Jack calms him down and takes him over to the lodge, they'd planned to only keep him there for a week at the most, but obviously things didn't work out that way
Crutchie was really quiet for the first while he was there, for a week or so he didn't even say a word, just nodded or shook his head
Eventually he starts saying a few small things, but still never talked much as a result of trauma
Jack keeps popping by to check if Crutchie's doing alright and stuff, usually brings him food at the end of the day if he can
By now Crutchie begins to really trust Jack, and the two become best friends (yay!!)
They both went through really similar trauma, so they kinda help eachother out yknow :]
And soon enough Crutchie's selling papers by Jack's side just like a real newsie !! Woo woo!!
And everything seems fine and lovely up until the strike
Things had been just fine before then, but that's when Davey, Les, and Katherine come along
Jack suddenly starts hanging out with them all the time and Crutchie just tries to brush it off
At least until Jack calls Les his little brother and Crutchie's abandonment issues are going through the roof, cause Jack used to call Crutchie just the same thing, but now he's being replaced and he thinks Jack hates him and that he's not good enough and all that
Crutchie's mental health wasn't great in the first place, given he couldn't really get help for any of his trauma, but now he's just hit rock bottom
He keeps a smile on his face and acts like everything is fine so the others don't worry, everyone sees him as this soft happy lil boy and he can't bring himself to ask for help because he doesn't want anyone being disappointed in him or anything
But the moment he's alone he just breaks down entirely
Soon enough he ends up just resorting to self harm because he doesn't know how else to cope, which uh ,, doesn't end too well for him
Sometimes he sits up on the rooftop and just hangs his legs over the edge and just. Debates jumping off because it's all just too much for him to handle
There was only one time he actually tried, but he didn't think it through too much, and Jack woke up and managed to stop him before anything bad happened
He hadn't tried again since then but he ,, definitely Thinks about it
And all of this just keeps building up and his mental health just keeps getting worse and worse and worse
And then he ends up in the Refuge and just feels ,, so betrayed and abandoned and like Jack never cared about him
And deep down he knows it wasn't Jack's fault, he froze up because he was scared and didn't know what to do, but Crutchie still feels so awful thinking about it
And now he's right back to being abused and so many awful memories of his father start resurfacing because of it
By the time he's back he's hardly himself, he feels like he's an entirely different person
Everyone was so happy they won the strike but he'd just sit up on the rooftop and stare at the stars every night and just start to cry because he feels so unloved and unwanted here, but he can't bring himself to say a word about any of it and try to get help
Jack just keeps blowing him off over and over and making excuses not to hang out with him and sometimes he just wishes he was never born because every single day is just so painful for him
After a long time of dealing with it, he finally just asks Jack if they can talk up on the rooftop one night
And he reluctantly opens up about all of this and it hurts so much for him to talk about but he knows he can't go much longer staying silent about this
And Jack understands all too well what he's going through, he used to feel the same way, sometimes still does
So he helps Crutchie try to get a bit better and learn to talk about his feelings instead of taking them out on himself
Jack brings the whole thing up to Davey and they manage to gather up the money to get a few small therapy sessions for Crutchie because. He definitely needs it
And Crutchie tries to deny that he needs it but. Once he finally goes it helps a lot to talk about everything
And of course he never like, fully recovers but. He's happy now so that's what matters :]
(P.s. if anyone reblogs this, please don't say you relate to this/vent about things in the tags!! It happens a lot on posts like these and it's very upsetting for me /nm /srs)
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uridealbf-cb · a month ago
It’s fooooorrrrrr (see end for more notes)
Yah!! I mean you’re not wrong I like blindfolds but still!! And what’s that supposed to mean Eunwoo-hyung!! >:( I could blindfold someone if I wanted!
Well I like lots of different things about all of you but I can agree with everything you guys said~ Even though I’m kind of guessing for Taeyong-hyung since, yknow (〃ー〃) Unrelated but Taehyung-hyung saying hands reminded me of the fact that I hold hands weird and people are always like ??? at first but then they can’t stand me holding their hand any other way hehehe (✿ ◕‿◕)
(End notes — Hehe I used AO3’s format kinda for suspense, did it work?)
Dying my hair! I’m gonna bleach n dye it sometime this month and I’m asking around for color suggestions hehe :> Thank you for thinking I’m cute too!! 🎀
Eunwoo: 😊 I'm sure you can. In my mind you're such an innocent cutie tho. That doesn't mean I'm right~
Taehyung: *laughs* you're seriously so cute. I don't think I'd find weird anything you'd do.
Admin: awww purple hair! That's so cool!
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wolfprincesssarah · a month ago
Commentary: BWF, 9: Jurisdiction Friction
Relevant chapter here. Crescent Rose, Reimagined Ruby's usage of Crescent Rose (in the original Valois, Croissant Rose—and yes, there will be jokes about that later) in this AU has been somewhat deconstructed, but it's still the same beautiful weapon it is in canon. It's stupidly heavy, for one—weighing in at almost 180 pounds—which, yes, means that Ruby's swinging around a weapon that literally weighs 1.5x as much as she does. Strength enhancements, the 'standard' Aspect (for more on that, see this entry of my Atlesian Codex, which is mostly up-to-date) granted to someone with an awakened Aura, assist in this significantly, but in order to make up the difference to the point that she can leap through the air and do all the other crazy things that Hunters do, the weapon is also dynamically reduced in weight in something akin to a "Mass Effect" field, by the use of Gravity Dust integrated into the metallurgical composition of the weapon, activated when in contact with the user's Aura. This is called Huntsman Steel, which I believe I've covered previously. The rest of Team RWBY's weapons, and really most Hunter "Ace" weapons, are all made at least partially or completely out of Huntsman Steel, but these generally don't benefit from its usage nearly as much as Crescent Rose does. When it's not touching Ruby's Aura it weighs its full, normal weight, and given how many forms it has (more on that in a sec) and the fact that we're also taking into account the weight of pneumatics, electromechanicals, etc, involved in its operation, explains why Crescent Rose has a brand new ding in its pretty red paintjob. That Lucky Old Gun Expanding on Crescent Rose and treating it as more of a mechanical beast of its own, rather than something that gains new powers as the plot demands, (Early RWBY had animation and budget limitations preventing more advanced usages of Ruby's Scythe—this isn't really a criticism, and I hate I feel the need to specify that it isn't) resulted in slowly working out more mechanical details, and I realized that with only a little bit of tweaking, it could easily be justified that her Scythe had a sword form where the crescent blade folds up against the barrel instead of curving outwards. Seemed like a fitting thing to add in, especially considering canonically she based it off of Qrow's weapon. It's basically a variation on the war scythe form, where the blade is flattened against the barrel instead of curved. While not shown off here, it might show up later. Notably, as also briefly depicted, people reload in this fic. It won't be drowning in detail, but will come into play at a few crucial moments. When Ruby's pumping her rifle manually in the show, in this AU that's her basically loading a new shot in faster than can actually be shown and firing at the same time, which is handy as her standard box magazine holds just four rounds. I'll admit it's kind of a cop-out, but it's a credit to her skill with the weapon as well as its design that she can do that. And it's also important, given the fact that yknow, she's seen firing way more times on-screen than the show can support. I also chose to have her rifle be a 20mm rifle because real-world counterparts have so much recoil to them that they can't really be reasonably fired by a human. When coupled with the sheer damage output such a round would have, it fits Crescent Rose perfectly. For more on ammunition and some lore about standardization of supply chains in this Remnant, have a look here. All in all, this slightly tweaked form of Crescent Rose has four primary forms and two forms that are variations on the existing four.
Storage Form
Scythe Form
War Scythe Form
Compact Rifle Form
Extended Rifle Form
Sword Form
As for where she keeps all that spare ammo, well. *shakes a combat skirt, and a ton of brass clanks out from hidden pockets and loops* That's where. Of Furballs and Fangs So by now, if you've also touched my other fic with a faunus protagonist, that's still technically on my schedule to update alongside these—ugh—you might notice that she's waaaaaay more feral than Rubi is. So far she's done a furry thing like once, while Louve does something wolfy every five seconds or more. There's a reason for that, and it mostly stems to how much Louve has been embedded in this universe's faunus cultures, over how diverse Rubi's experience has been, being in a multicultural (and biracial) family. Her mom wasn't around all that much, and while she did have more of that faunus culture, she was Valen more than a faunus. Thus, the tag on the fic—"Aggressively French Ruby Rose". So, with the rather young death of her mom, and the fact that Rubi was effectively raised clanless, she doesn't have those sorts of personality oddities that come with being a proud faunus (which is a notable contrast/later point of contention with Blake, who was raised in a clan and in that culture... though even by faunus standards, she's a bit... weird. Same with Louve.) However, Rubi does still softly growl sometimes, bite people, or licks them to show affection (OwO). Look, I'm not taking a side in the nature-nurture debate here and I love dogs. And cats. That being said, Blake will not be hissing in this fanfic. She's a powerful warrior, not a common kitten. More importantly, she's a classy lady. She scratches, then hisses. Recolored Scars I have a bit of a love/hate (mostly love, it's a great story and inspired me a tad for my own AU) relationship with Scars. On one hand, I really love the way its author really rips apart and deconstructs the horrifying child soldier situation that Ozma has forced Team RWBY and their friends into. I love the idea of Weiss finding religion, and having that be a part of her character arc. On the other hand, and I utterly growl these next words pensively and through clenched teeth, it's hard for me to sit through because of how gosh-darn bleak its take on RWBY is. It's hard for me to sit through Weiss going through utter hell and turning into a mentally broken woman, Ruby being a trans woman and getting misgendered in the first chapter... I love the story but it causes me actual physical pain to read it, which I suppose is also the point. How that relates to my AU, is that in a few ways, this story is intended to be a lighter and softer take on similar ideas Scars is chasing as well. Where it deconstructs, I intend to reconstruct and put back together, with some of my own ideas. Much like that author as well, I don't intend to fix RWBY, but rather offer another point of view on the setting. Part of acknowledging that is the similar opening here for Ruby. In Scars, Ruby's placed into a similar situation, being arrested for her intervention in the Til Dust Til Dawn robbery and misgendered. Situation goes down similarly here, with some passive-aggressive remarks from the officers until Ozma shows up driving a green caddy. Then, the officers are both humanized in a brief interaction. From a metafictional standpoint, this chapter, combined with Chapter 2, is intended to represent one of the core ideas at the heart of this AU. The world can be dark, bloody, and full of terrors. But blood eventually washes away, scars heal over and, through great effort, we can learn to come to terms with painful memories. And whenever the world feels like it's against you, lean on your friends and allies for strength. I guess the tl;dr is that this AU is kinda like what would happen if Scars went to therapy and was put on antidepressants. Referential Love On that note, I kind of embrace the superficial similarities, so there will be a few in-passing references and inside jokes related to Scars. If the author takes exception to them, I'll remove or edit them, of course, but they're all intended to be good-natured, loving homages to another good author in the RWBY fandom. It could be argued that creativity is the art of hiding your inspiration, but I like to think acknowledging your inspiration is the sort of thing an honest author should do, out of the love for the craft and respect for your fellows. But eh, that's just me. Another fanfic that's had a big effect on me is one that's got kind of a divided opinion in its own fandom, Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. While there aren't very many references or similarities I've squeezed into this story specifically yet, Sarah Sable's journey in While We Fall and the planned stories that come after will parallel Blackjack's in a few unintentional ways. Like Scars, I'll be occasionally throwing references from that story too. They won't be too shoehorned, and honestly unless you've read that story from beginning to end, you probably won't be able to spot them. And the thing is, that story is also long, so. That's a tall order. One notable character exists in this AU that is sort of an homage to a character in that story and shares their name, but her very existence is something of a spoiler. Again, this is one of those things where, if you've read Project Horizons, you'll probably spot the one I'm talking about as soon as I use their name, and ideally catch on to the fact that using that specific name is not just background fluff. Consider it metafictional foreshadowing, in a way. "Dead Ball!" Basically, this version of Ruby played cricket when she was a little younger. And yes, she had one hell of a batting average in her league back on Patch. Every member of Team RWBY has had a little bit more badassery added to them, in different ways. Of course Yang's just aggressively ripped, and the rest of them are pretty realistically fit too. I don't really focus on it because it makes me feel a little dirty BUT it is there. I like to have a side of realism with my over-the-top nonsense so, there you have it. There is a little bit more to that scene, with some subtle foreshadowing for a future plot thread involving her. It's not just her deciding to go apeshitt and whack a grenade away from her. Though I admit, even by my high standards, that was fairly extra.
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tartagliaxx · a month ago
hi lei!! after my classes i took a nap so i don't feel like a corpse anymore however i still have no gift for my friend and i have to give it to them in a few days,,,,its hard to look for one because i'm so concerned about them likeing it that it stresses me out fywidyowf also thank you for choosing to ignore my embarrassingly bad spelling and make me feel soft before i went to sleep
to combat my gift stress i offer my daily kaeya thought to you :3 i remember i saw someone on twt make a good point about kaeya's design his design is asymmetrical like his rat tail, earring and vision are all on one side and his eyepatch and fluff are on the other and how it was done on purpose to show his conflicting feelings of loyalty i also think its interesting that his color scheme is mostly blue and blue symbolizes trust realating to his storyline but something i don't really get is why the designers choose to have him with a chest window? your chest is where you keep your heart, and leaving it open kinda makes me think about leaving your heart open,, 😭😭 help i'm sitting here analyzing a tiddie window- 🍰
that’s great! taking breaks and naps is very vital in surviving classes. and about the gift thing, don’t stress yourself too much. i’m sure your friend will like whatever you decide to give them brcause it came from you. as they say, it’s the thought that counts. this is for their birthday, right? not sure if i remember correctly but at the end of the day, giving gifts is always optional. what’s far more important than material things is the comfort that a friend brings. just make sure to greet them from the bottom of your heart and let them know that you are there— that they aren’t alone in celebrating such a momentous day. for me at least, that’s worth more than anything in this world.
and as for the spelling thing, dw abt it either lmfao. i also make spelling errors often since english is not my mother tongue and pronunciation makes my head wonky when i try to write it down. im glad i was able to make you feel at least a tiny bit happy before you slept though!
*dreamy sigh* i am so in love with kaeya that my body physically ascends every time i see his name. that’s very cool though! character design is always something i am curious about and seeing theories/symbolisms revolving around it just makes me scream ‘oof’ but like, in a very good way. ngl designers probably took one look at kaeya, said ‘oomph he’s hot’ and decided to take one for the team and provide fanservice. yes. im talking abt the tiddie window, the current source of my will to live. altho if what you’re thinking is true, my god i might as well take the fast train to heaven because a.) so many fluffy thoughts and b.) so many angsty thoughts.
yknow what you should do though anon? stop hyperanalyzing kaeya’s tiddie window and justifying your extreme need to look at it by saying you’re trying to theorize /j
all that aside, hope you have a great day ahead of you!
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heartbrreak · a month ago
Psych questions!
For Basri who I adore way more that some of my own OCs - 3, 19
For my girl Loreley - 4, 6
And the elusive Val - 2, 17
How about some Crow, too? - 14, 22
i will Cry thank you fjshhshsfksjd 🥺
3: Does your OC struggle with any type of addictions?
HOO boy yes they do. I’ve gotten to explore this with them. More in AUs than in FH canon so far, but they have somewhat of a drinking problem. Obv tw for. alcoholism for the rest of this answer, but, they don’t/ won’t realize how bad they’ve gotten with this unless or until it’s pointed out to them. It’s very much an “I’m drinking to relax, this is a normal amount of drinks for me, I can hold my liquor so this amount isn’t a problem” thing for them, unfortunately. Same goes for their smoking habit; that one’s arguably more persistent since the drinking is something they’ll actually curb right away if someone they love expresses concern about it but they’ll just. Keep smoking. Nicotine addiction is a bitch!
19. Is there anything others often admire about your OC
All their. Glaring character flaws aside, something the people they’re closest to tend to notice and appreciate about Basri is how gentle they can be when they want to. They’re very attentive and aware of the needs of the people around them so they have the capacity and sometimes the willingness to be Oh so tender, even despite what they’ve been through/ their insistence that they don’t care. Admirable Babey Qualities
rest’ll be under the cut since this one got lengthy!
4. How does your OC behave typically under severe stress?
Hmmmmm well. Not very politely fksjdhd. She lashes out a lot when stressed — more than usual, even, which is saying something. On a more internalized/ not-interpersonal level, she tends to respond to being stressed with. A lot of alcohol, for one thing. Has a lot of nervous energy, recklessness, gets kind of high on herself. Once things get rolling in canon, she’s a lot more likely to go pull some kind of unplanned, damaging stunts as Anathema when she’s stressed; or, she hops into her puppet and goes looking for trouble that way.
6. Does your OC have an unrealistic view of some area of their life or worldview?
Oh, very much so. She’s perhaps the most out of touch with reality of my sidesteps which is. Kind of a feat. She’s just... not one for self-awareness or reflection or bothering with things like. Understanding or empathy. Her goals are very short-sighted and self-centered so if something isn’t. About her. She probably hasn’t put any thought into it. tbf, in that sense it’s less that she has Incorrect worldviews and more that she has. Limited ones.
2: Does your OC adapt easily to changes in life or do they have a hard time getting accustomed?
Val is extremely adaptable, kind of by necessity due to what she’s been trained for. She’s always on the lookout for and ready to deal with sudden change, regardless of the scale or long-term effects. It’s a survival tactic more than anything; the adapt or die mindset is strong with this one. And on a less severe scale, she’s just not a stubborn person by nature, anyway— tends to go with the flow.
17: What does your OC do when they’re dealing with intense emotional pain?
Despite being actually Very aware and empathic and helpful about others’ emotional pain, when it comes to her own, Val just bottles that shit straight up. She knows it’s not healthy. She knows she’s allowed to seek help. She just tells herself she doesn’t have time for it yet and sets it aside for later; usually ends up distracting herself so she won’t have to feel any of it until she can forget about it. It’s really a recipe for disaster, but she’s done a good job of convincing herself it won’t blow up in her face before she manages to get her shit together enough to sort through her backlog of Un-Dealt With Emotions, but, yknow. We’ll see!
14: Where and what from does your OC seek most typically comfort from?
Ah, Crow. Bad coping mechanisms central, here (and on that note, a TW for self harm, alcoholism, and smoking on this answer). They go straight for substance use or cutting for “comfort;” it’s a bit fucked but it’s what they’ve got, as far as they’re concerned. They’ll smoke half a pack of cigarettes in a day or drink an entire bottle of something and somehow still call it self-care. Or food — they are a Comfort Food sort. They’re also big on music but it’s usually just... not enough, and being stuck on the road and working jobs doesn’t enable them to seek comfort in live shows or practicing their own music as much as they’d like. If they were smart they’d realize they have Bautista to rely on, but they’re. Kinda not.
22. Does your OC believe in something supernatural or not scientifically proven?
Weeeell... It IS greenwarden we’re talking about here, so they don’t really need science to prove that there’s some fucked up shit lurking around in the world. That considered, they lean toward believing in things they can’t see; most people don’t know that the things they deal with are real, so far be it from them to think they’re privy to everything that exists. They’re pretty superstitious because of all that, too. Jury is very much out on religious beliefs; they’d count themself as agnostic, although their parents were both at least somewhat religious (father grew up Jewish, mother was a bruja).
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camseanron · a month ago
𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: "fuck this, i need a drink." he leaves the circle. he looks at nobody. 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: sean had gotten up and was about to go after craig, but when ellie did, he turned off and went in the other direction instead. sean's pissed at a lot of things, and overall he's really fucking drunk. all he can think is one foot in front of the other but he hears ellie's voice and it sounds like he might be imagining it and if he's not, then he's definitely not doing this right now. so he keeps walking, through a door and round a corner and when he hears paige's voice, he turns to face her whilst taking a couple steps back and pulling cigarettes out of his pocket, pulling one from the pack. "i'm not okay, really, but i'll find you later. i just -" he held his cigarette up, turning again to make his way outside. the cool of the air is refreshing and it sobers him up just enough to sit on the ledge of a fountain and light his cigarette without any risk of  falling in and drowning . when he hears a door on the other side of the courtyard-type-area open up he dreads it's someone coming after him, but when it's craig and he's going in the opposite direction towards the cars, he's relieved and concerned and angry and everything in between.  𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: craig doesn’t witness sean move to get up and go after him, doesn’t see ellie start to do the same, nor does he witness her going after and then getting blatantly ignored by sean. by then he’s already moving through the house pushing through people at a pace that makes him damn near impossible to keep up with, making his way back to the place where in his out of his mind inebriated state, he last remembers having the keys to his shitty car. he’s got a bottle in one hand while he’s searching around in the trampoline room, and once he finds them it turns into him making a beeline for the nearest door to lead him out of the hollingsworth house. he finds himself crossing the driveway where there’s tons of cars parked, drinking from the mouth of the bottle as he walks. when he gets close enough to the drivers side door of his own vehicle he yeets the bottle he’s holding, watching the glass shatter and the remainder of the booze soak into the ground. he thinks about what a good time he’d been having, how weird he feels now. maybe it’s the come down, maybe it’s the confusing emotions that came from kissing an ex, or being insulted by a best friend’s replacement for him, or just... sitting in that circle with all of those people. either way, craig is ready to go. he fumbles with his keys, dropping them, having to bend down to pick them up, and when he’s in that position he kinda feels like he might puke. he doesn’t, thankfully. 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: sean's annoyed. and angry. on behalf of the past few months of his life, and for everything that happened in the past five minutes. everything he had to witness sat in that circle. it was shitty, and he feels bad for the fact paige came after him and he asked her to go like that. he was just pissed. and he'd been avoiding both ellie and craig for months now to avoid an argument, to avoid a fight, and then one nearly appeared right in front of him. he never asked, or gave permission, for landon to be pissed on his behalf. and it also wasn't okay for craig to have been such a dick towards landon for no reason. but that doesn't mean he suddenly gives zero fucks about craig whatsoever, and when he sees the guy walking towards his car - he knows it's a bad idea. he gets up, throws his barely-burned cigarette into the fountain and pretty much runs over to where craig's bending to get his keys. he almost falls over when bending down, but he steadies himself and reaches out to grab them before craig manages to, managing a "you're not driving" and a half-hiccup before stepping back a few paces, putting some of the distance back between them that had been present since mid december.  𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: “dude.” craig complains through half slurred words, “gimback my keys, i’m goin’ home.” he steps forward at the same pace he creates distance, and holds out his hand for them like sean is just going to willingly give them back over. 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: "fuck off," sean says, not with nearly any venom but just distaste at the fact that craig would even think that he'd just hand the keys back over like that. he doesn't like the way that craig is coming forward at the same pace he's going backwards, and it's only when he nearly knocks over an array of flowerpots that he stops. "order an uber." 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: "m'not paying for a fuckin uber! i can drive. gimback my keys!"craig he does his best to try and snatch them right out of sean's hand, not even realizing he's backing him into flowerpots until one teeters and almost topples over. 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: "well it's a long walk, then." sean sounds the most sensible that he has done all night, and he's not sure what brings that out of him. especially where his stupid ex best friend trying to drive whilst drunk pulled him away from the calming cigarette he'd planned to have, which floats in the fountain as they have this stupid argument. he ducks under craig's arm, too drunk to have any sense of balance and hitting his head on his forearm on the way under. but he makes it, and this time he's backing towards the direction they'd just came, definitely not in a straight line. "stop being a baby." 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: craig accidentally smacks sean in the forehead with his arm, "i'm not being a baby! you're bein an asshole!" he lunges for the keys again, grabbing sean by the wrist, trying to pry them out of his hand. he is taller than sean by a notable amount (he thinks anyway bc he's a turd), but sean is definitely stronger, so they're a pretty even match. 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: sean's fist is clenched around the keys, not willing to give them up for no bitch. the audacity of craig to call him the asshole? after sean having to maintain hurt for multiple months and still being there to make sure craig didn't drive whilst this fucked up? ridiculous. he grabs the wrist of criag's hand that's holding sean, moving around swiftly so that his back was to craig's front and pulling his arm down. he just figured craig wouldn't be able to reach over his shoulder and down that far, planning to put space between them again when he's free. "yeah, well, that's me," he concludes, taking ownership of the title. "go catch a bus." 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: craig doesn't hesitate when sean turns around to get away from him, jumping and climbing up onto his back the second he presses it to his front like a damn monkey as he reaches over his shoulder, still trying to fight the keys out of his hand. "dude! c'mon i'm serious, i wanna go h-oh shit!" obviously they topple over. i said craig was toller. he's also heavier, and sean's drunk, so i mean.  𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: sean can barely keep himself upright and has absolutely no chance with craig suddenly on top of him. he hadn't anticipated it, and suddenly he's holding the keys underneath his body. which granted - it feels safer there, but he also does not want craig on top of him. he uses his elbows as a weapon, jutting one backwards in effort to get this pain in the ass off of his ass. "you can go home, but you can't -" he pauses here to try and shake craig off. "-can't ride me home so get off my back!" 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: craig is now yeah literally sitting on sean’s ass as he tries to reach underneath his body where he knows he is shielding the keys from his reach, “is that a challenge?” he asks sean, a line that comes to him way too quickly, sneaking a hand underneath him finally but not getting a grip on the keys as desired. instead he accidentally pinches a nipple in the struggle, “shi- sorry..- dude, c’mon!” 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: sean's not sure where the line is, but he's definitely sure they've way surpassed it when he gets nipple injury from this stupidity. "this isn't fucking funny," he warns through gritted teeth. and everything's spinning so slightly and he feels like he's gonna throw up with craig sitting on him like he's a fucking beanbag but somehow he manages to put both hands on the ground below him and push himself up, hoping to knock craig off but unsure if it'll instead result in craig sitting on sean's back like a child playing horsey. 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: “who’s laughing?” craig demands, “fuck!” but suddenly he’s being thrown back and he has to hold on or risk being yeeted, so that’s exactly what he does, just grips onto sean’s shoulders and doesn’t let go, then winds one arm around his thick ass neck, but doesn’t actually apply any pressure, it’s the loosest not chokehold ever. “give. me. the. keys!” 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐧: "it's not gonna happen,"he pushes up onto his knees, trying to get him off. "i'll drop it round yours tomorrow," he offers, not for one second believing that craig deserved this level of kindness but somehow happy to play the role whilst it was here and still easy to slip into. "fucking- just go back in the party," he ordered, just wanting to have his cigarette at this point. and if sean discovered that they were crushed, craig might wanna be long gone for his own safety. 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠: months of rising tension fueled by going so long without speaking has led up to this moment- this ridiculous moment, with craig on sean's back in the middle of the hollingsworth's insanely long driveway, not that far from a smashed bottle of liquor on the ground beside them, screaming at each other because he won't give craig his keys (rightfully, he shouldn't have them). "yeah, yeah okay, alright, okay- 'cept you haven't been to my house in months!" and with that he finally climbs off of him, or rather shoves off of him, coming to his feet. "yknow joey asks me about you every fucking week, at least- sometimes multiple times a fucking week and i have to tell him, 'no joey, i know joey, we all miss sean joey, sean hates my rotten fucking guts joey, sean's never coming over again!'" he is definitely way too fucked up to be having any conversation with sean...- but he definitely shouldn't be steering it in this direction. his eyes are getting glassy, threatening to flood when he speaks, and the words start sounding thicker in his throat. he turns away from him, blinking it all back. "fuck this, i'm just gonna walk." he definitely can't walk from this rich ass neighborhood and expect to get to his house in the burbs, but in that moment, he doesn't care. he just starts walking. 
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m88n · a month ago
part one of the playlist series
smut, comedy, fluff, college + fuckgirl au
Tumblr media
a dinner date with johnny suh led to you indulging yourself in him, and perhaps, provided further incentive for you in pursuing deeper relationships with others once more.
►listen to it’s a vibe - 2 chainz, body language - big sean, like i want you - giveon (full series playlist here)
Tumblr media
“Finally y/n has some time to see me, huh?” Johnny teases you as he settles on the seat across yours in a dimly lit diner.
“Hey, don’t make it sound like that,” You scoff, breaking into a wide smile.
“It’s just what it is, y/n, with you being in demand and all,” He says offhandedly as he starts browsing the menu.
You could only lightly chuckle at his remark, Johnny’s always been such a good conversationalist, and you find that his tendency to lean towards playful, flirty banter too compatible to leave alone. That’s how you finally decide to take up his offer on a dinner date despite mostly preferring to stay cooped up at home.
“How you been?” He asks you after maintaining a somewhat lasting gaze on you.
“How have I been? I’ve been alright, I guess—”
“Yeah thought summer camp did a huge number on you, you barely could walk to the bus after two nights of living it up and partying, heh. Remember Mina helping you walk. Great look on you by the way, but I was just a little concerned at the end. Maybe just a tad.” He lightly jokes, but you actually do sense his concern from the gentle tone of his voice.
You burst out in laughter from the utter embarrassment that all that really did happen in summer camp. Damn, you truly let yourself go that time.
“I’m all good, dude, don’t worry. Been through worse when I’m drunk,” You say matter-of-factly.
“…Not sure if I should be concerned or relieved, but I’ll take it.” Johnny chuckles.
You scoff, shaking your head. “So, we ordering or what?”
“Oh, yeah, so I’m assuming you’d be good with drinks too tonight?” He asks.
“Yeah, I’m down.” You respond.
“Cool. Let’s keep it under control this time, don’t want you puking five times a day like last time—”
“Oh my god, shut the fuck up, please,” You say, covering your face from the embarrassment, albeit being unable to suppress your laughter in utter disbelief of your own antics.
“It’s all good, y/n, you’s always a party,”
“Oh god,” You sigh out, in the midst of your chuckling.
Tumblr media
After around two hours of eating lightly and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, you both find yourself mildly intoxicated as a result. Your conversations gradually become considerably more open and candid in nature, and it’s become of a harder task to keep your inner thoughts from pouring out in your exchanges with each other.
“Nah, but I really can’t believe she said that about you,” You say a little loudly, earning some attention from the customers near you two.
“Yeah, dude, like, she wanted to collect all the summer camp dudes like pokemans or something,” He says, chuckling, faint whiskers forming on his cheeks.
“That’s kinda fucked… That’d be objectifying y’all too. Like, I’m all for women’s rights and feminism and all, but same goes for you guys too, you know? You don’t deserve that shit,” You say in complete frankness, inhibitions nowhere in sight.
“…Thanks, y/n. That actually means a lot though. You a sweet gal, you know that?” He says half-jokingly.
“’A sweet gal’ what, are we in the 1950’s?” You say, laughing.
“Well, I mean if we were in the 50’s I’d still ask your ass on a date, that’s for sure,”
You squeeze your eyes shut, scrunching your nose as you vaguely pull a wide smile, sipping on your pint of beer.
“Yeah, I like spending time with you too,” You finally respond after placing your beer back on its coaster.
“Damn, thought I was gonna be left hanging there, phew,” He says, placing a hand on his chest to comedically exaggerate his relief.
“Coming on pretty strong, are you now, huh?” You say as you take a fry from one of the plates, munching on it.
“Yeah, I don’t know, sometimes it just feels like we gotta bridge that gap, yknow?”
“What gap?” You say, taking another fry from the plate.
“I don’t know, I just feel like, I gotta establish that we’re moving to the next step, you feel?”
“I mean, okay, yeah, I guess,” You respond, pupils lightly wavering.
For once in this exchange, Johnny sighs out, the brief silence making you look up to him in question.
“You know, y/n, I think you’re really attractive.” He finally says, lazily looking at you with heavy-lidded eyes.
“I mean, yeah, I think so too. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.” You respond simply.
“What, you think you’re really attractive too?” He jokes, successfully defusing the slight tension that’s built up.
Laughter bubbles from your chest. “Nah, nah, dude, you’re attractive. I think you’re cool. I think we get along really well.” You correct yourself.
“Yeah? You think so?” He asks you.
“Dude, what’s with you, why do you need me to reassure you, isn’t it so obvious,” You ask in the midst of your chuckles.
Johnny just raises his hands in response, “I don’t know, you just never know, you know.”
Even though you’ve both carried your conversations in a lighter tone thus far, you nonetheless sense his feelings of uncertainty. And you’ve come to the slight realization that you’re probably not providing the responses he might specifically want.
“I don’t know dude, I’m really just taking it slow with these things, you know,” You say, casually taking another sip from your beer.
“And what does that mean, y/n?” He asks, also taking a sip from his pint.
“Like, you’re obviously really attractive to me, but when it comes to feelings, I’d like to think I’m a little slow to warm up these days. Because of this and that,” You explain.
“Oh, yeah, I’m chill with that too. I’m just worried I’d be taking you hostage with my eagerness to get to know you more than just a friend, possibly, you know?” He responds honestly.
“Oh, no, I’m down for, whatever, you know. Kind of, whatever,” You say, laughing at your attempts to put your own thoughts together.
Johnny laughs at you endearingly. “y/n, I’m also still figuring shit out, don’t worry. Like I’m not one to commit to feelings or whatever right away either, I honestly just hate if I feel like I’m feeling this insane chemistry one sidedly, you get me?”
You shake your head to physically shake off your feelings of confusion. “Yeah, okay, gotcha. Just know that, you know, if you ever ask me to hook up with you, I’d be down. That’s where I’m at, I’d say. You know, if ever you’d be good with that.”
Johnny smirks, eyes slightly widened. “Damn. Am I just a booty call to you now then?”
You laugh at his remark. “Dude, you know what I mean, come on.”
“Yeah, yeah, I do. That sounds more than good to me,” He scoffs, finally sinking into his seat relaxedly, all while smiling warmly at you.
Tumblr media
As the night deepens, Johnny finds his hands on your waist, pushing you against the door to his apartment flat. Your hands find home on back of his neck, linked together and tugging slightly at his long brown locks. You’ve been kissing each other for a good few minutes ever since you both found yourselves alone in the elevator ride to his floor. You moan softly as he captures your lip in between his teeth, then briefly sucking on your lip to soothe the slight, yet pleasurable pain. He starts peppering kisses down your neck, firmly sucking on a sensitive spot, causing your eyes to roll back ever so slightly. Hearing your breathy moans gradually increase in volume, Johnny tightens his grip against your waist, digging his digits into your exposed skin, slightly riding your body-hugging top upwards. You were about to move to reciprocate his touches, when you notice rustling sounds from the elevator area, and you both knowingly look at each other. In what seems like the speed of light, Johnny takes out his keys from his pockets, before finally unlocking his door and letting you both in in a stumbling mess.
The moment the door closes, Johnny captures your lips in a heated kiss, firmly pinning you against the walls of his narrow hallway. You feel your whole body weaken in his grip, as he continues to trail hot kisses down your collarbone to the dip of your breasts. Unable to move your upper body, you nudge your knee against his hardened bulge, causing him to groan as he continues to slip the straps of your top down your shoulders, effectively exposing your chest. He teases you by peppering soft kisses around your nipple, causing you to squirm against his hold, as he’s purposefully avoiding your sensitive spot. You moan needily for more of his touches, and Johnny hums in response, continuing his ministrations against your breasts. He pauses to take a look at you between the long strands of his hair, the shadows further deepening the intensity of his gaze. He takes a brief gander at your desperate reactions, before smirking to himself in satisfaction. He finally takes your nipple into his mouth, causing you to whine against the touch—tugging his hair harder and jerking your knee against his bulge in response. He growls in response, before taking your hips to swiftly lift you up in a princess carry.
He carries you towards his bed as if you weigh as light as a feather, throwing you onto the surface with gentle force. He impatiently takes off his shirt, revealing the incredible musculature that you’ve always felt above layers of clothing. You can’t help but gaze at the glaring size of his toned biceps, feeling your drool seeping out of your lips a little. You shift your sights towards his abs, and you could see, perfect six packs sculpted onto the surface, as if the gods were to do that last-minute in an attempt to create the most sexually stimulating visuals for you. But no. Johnny probably just spends time in the gym. A whole lot, you might add.
“Like what you see, baby?” He asks you with a smirk, noticing you taken off guard.
“Damn. Spending time in the gym really doing you good, John.” You finally say after somewhat managing to come back to your senses.
“That’s what I’d like to hear, babe,” He says, before moving his way closer to you on the bed, eventually towering over your body with his gargantuan figure.
He kisses your lips gently whilst caging you against the pillowy surface of the mattress, allowing you to place your hands against his arms. Desperate to take in more of the warmth radiating off of his body, you lightly squeeze the surface of his skin as the feel and texture of his distinct muscles continue to pour liquid fire in your belly. You sigh onto the kiss, allowing the entrance of his heated tongue into your mouth. As your lips and tongue continue to entangle itself with each other, teeth lightly clashing, you feel the featherlight touch of his fingers slowly go lower and lower on your body, until it reaches the waistband of your skirt. He pushes your skirt down to your knees with little to no effort, before quickly slipping a finger into your panties. Your breath hitches at the action, and you notice him stop kissing you, choosing instead to observe your reactions with heavy-lidded eyes whilst wearing a slight smirk. After some moments of teasing around your entrance, he finally pushes a finger into you, causing you to take a sharp inhale, as Johnny gazes over your reaction amusedly.
“Damn, so wet for me, baby,” He drawls, finger prodding your insides, as he maintains his sights on your face. You let out a strangled mewl, before he lodges a second finger into you without any warning, allowing a soft guttural moan to pass your lips right afterwards.
“…Ugh, John, your fingers are so fucking.. thick,” You managed to say in between broken breaths.
“Wait until you see the real thing baby, you in for a real surprise,” He says slightly comically, suddenly taking his fingers out of your insides, earning a surprised sigh from you both from the shift in mood and the abrupt retraction of his digits. You finally let out a hearty chuckle from his whimsical remark, before observing how he keeps his gaze heavy on yours as he sucks his fingers fresh off of your folds.
“…Mmmm, never told me you’d taste this sweet,” He hums.
“Pfff, haha, alright, that’s kinda hot.” You respond honestly, albeit still quite humored.
He suddenly forcibly takes your black, skin-tight midi skirt down from your knees, along with your panties, earning a startled yelp from you. He bunches the skirt up with one hand, taking your arm with the other, and continues to tie your wrists above your head with your skirt.
“….Damn, okay,” You mutter in response, feeling your core heat up in anticipation. You rub your thighs against each other to soothe the need for any friction in between your legs, before Johnny rests his large palms on both your thighs to stop you. You look up at his face, only finding him wearing a playful smirk on his face.
He snakes his palms towards the bottom of your hips, before gently hoisting your legs upwards, propping them firmly on his broad shoulders. You feel him gripping your legs firmly, his muscles bulging from the slight force, as he digs his fingernails onto your exposed flesh. He looks at you with a hungered gaze, before moving slightly forward to lightly suck on the skin of your thigh, teeth and tongue grazing your delicate skin. You whimper lightly at his touches, feeling limp from the helpless state you’ve been reduced to.
He lines his crotch with your entrance, before noticing that he has yet to unzip his pants. He quickly fondles with the zipper to his jeans, swiftly freeing his hardened member from the confines of both his jeans and his briefs, tossing his clothes onto the general direction of the floor, before reassuming the position he was at prior. Your jaw slackens at the sheer size and girth of his rock-hard length, tip reddened and angry, seemingly ready to burst at any time.
“Oh… F.. Fuck,” You mutter to yourself, not noticing that you’ve done so out loud.
He looks at you through his loose strands of hair, smirking once you’ve met his eyes. “You ready for me, babe?”
“I mean… Fuck, yeah… But…. Will it fit though?” You ask, genuinely puzzled.
He scoffs, “I mean we’ll just have to see if it does. Don’t think you could get any wetter than that,”
You blink, still amazed at the sheer size he’s sporting. “…Shit.., yeah, come here baby,”
He moves to gently lift your hips, aligning it with his length, before taking a brief look at your face for any confirmation. You let out quickened breaths in immense anticipation and a dash of slight fear—the good kind, you might add—and upon noticing this, Johnny touches his forehead with yours, smiling at you.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you,”
If you weren’t so distracted by his insane size and the fact that you’re about to be broken in by the large object coming at you in plain view, you would’ve really noticed the way your heart skipping a beat at his gesture.
You finally feel the tip of his member nudging your folds, followed by Johnny slowly moving his hips forwards in order to sink himself into you. You wince, feeling your insides completely stretched in ways you’ve never felt before, letting out a helpless, desperate whine. Noticing this, Johnny captures your lips in a brief, hot kiss, before firmly anchoring himself with his arms on the mattress to fully sheathe himself into you.
“F…Fuck, hold on, I feel so full—”
“Almost there baby,” He mutters, beads of sweat trailing down his forehead.
“..It’s not fully in yet?!” You breathily ask, not believing that he’s got more to go.
“…God, you’re so fucking tight,” He groans in between gritted teeth, and you notice the way his veins bulge even more prominently on his arms, him seemingly trying his best to go slowly for you.
His arms move to grip your legs resting on his shoulders, in an attempt to hold himself from lodging his length too quickly into you. You finally feel the rest of his girth splitting you open and filling you up in your absolute depths, and you could only let out a strangled, guttural moan as he finally buries himself into you.
“..We in?” You ask, panting and heaving from the fullness.
“We in, balls deep.” He responds in between ragged breaths.
You were about to chuckle when you feel him slowly drag his length from your folds, making your eyes roll back, your own hands gripping each other in the confines of your skirt.
“God, baby, you’re taking me in so well,” He gasps to himself.
“…I.. I sure hope so,” You pant breathily, trying not to come undone with the way he’s filling you up to the brim.
He pushes his hips forward in a quick snap, drawing a throaty whimper from you.
“Sorry, I can’t help it—you feel too good,”
You respond in an incoherent string of moans and whimpers, as he decides to continue assaulting your pussy with an inconceivable speed given his unbelievable length. Your legs quiver and your toes curl from the way he’s hitting all your sensitive spots with each stroke. You’ve never felt this good before, you couldn’t believe you hadn’t fucked him any earlier. As he angles your hips to fuck you even deeper, your legs still hoisted on top of his shoulders, you quickly feel the contents of your brain replaced with white noise, thoughts only gathering in the way Johnny’s cock making you feel all stretched out, your limbs weakened from total loss of control. You feel so much pleasure being this dominated by Johnny, by Johnny’s tall, muscular figure, by Johnny’s burly cock. His cock, his damned thick cock filling you up with each stroke. As he continues to fuck you senseless, gripping on your legs sure to leave bruises the next day, your eyes roll back even further and your vocal cords let out unintelligible noises, while tears begin to form on the ends of your eyes from being fucked so good without being let up even for a second.
He drops down to kiss you, tongues and teeth clashing, effectively muffling your moans as he continues to stretch the depths of your sensitive pussy. He takes one arm, gripping your wrists on top of your head harder as to further emphasize the power dynamics in this situation. You feel tears stream down your face as you continued to be assaulted in your helplessness, yet feeling your entire body bloom with heated pleasure.
“You good, baby?” He asks in between pants, swiping a tear from your left eye with his thumb.
“..I-I’m good, i-it just feels too good..,” You manage to whine out in between broken breaths.
“..Fuck,” He breathes out.
Then without so much of a warning, he takes your hips with both of his arms, flipping you over on all fours, earning a startled whine from you from the loss of his fullness as well as the sudden change of position in your body.
He lightly grasps your head with one hand, pushing it downwards against the mattress, while he hastily pushes his member against your folds, once again filling you up with the fullness you’ve come to miss for a brief moment. You elicit a throaty groan from the feel, feeling your body once again experience that familiar loss of power that comes from being dominated by him. He fucks you roughly and quickly, groaning with each thrust, and you once again feel your consciousness rapidly slipping from your frail grasp. His hands move to your breasts, allowing him to fuck your brains out while firmly grasping onto them, completely making you feel like you’ve been reduced to nothing more than his personal plaything.
“Fuck, baby, I’m close, Fuck—”
“Cum on my back, John, fucking paint me white,” You cry against the mattress, slightly sobbing with tears painting your cheeks from the incredible pleasure.
The moment you feel warmness trickle down your back, you couldn’t recall any other time in your life that you’ve been made to feel this good. You reach your own high almost at the same time, feeling yourself black out a little—the only thing you’ve managed to feel with your senses is your entire body quivering, the lasting imprints of pleasure left from Johnny’s cock, and your own delicious wetness you’ve grown to feel between your thighs.
You’ve finally come back to your senses when you discovered that Johnny has taken the time to clean yourselves up while you lay on his bed motionless for a good several minutes. He lays on the bed close to you, gently tucking strands of your hair behind your ear.
“..You alright?” He asks you with a slight concerned tone, eyes fixed on your expression.
“…Yeah… Yeah, fuck yeah, I’m alright, John…. I’m great…” You mutter with a smile, eyes closed, stretching your body to revel in the bliss you’re feeling post-intercourse.
He chuckles, looking at you basking in the pleasure still. “I’m glad. Cause it felt really good to me. Was kinda scared I’d break you there,”
“Are you serious? You didn’t even give me a second to breathe, John, don’t give me that,” You say with a smile on your face.
Hearty laughter bubbles up from his chest, and you’d be lying if the sight of him looking all sweaty, sexy, and incredibly cute didn’t cause a slight skip in the way your heart is beating. You could only fake pout as a response, not too sure how to respond to him, not too sure, perhaps, how to respond to yourself.
He quickly ruffles your hair, before placing a chaste peck on the tip of your nose.
“You were gripping me so tight, though, don’t lie, you wanted it as much as I did, too,” He says teasingly, looking at you straight in the eyes.
You roll your eyes in response, not being able to suppress the smile breaking onto your lips.
“Shut up. It’s been a while for me. And didn’t know you were sporting a monster cock,”
“y/n! Language!” He calls out to you teasingly, yet not being able to stop himself from laughing, whiskers forming on his cheeks.
“Really, John? After all that?” You ask, chuckling with him.
“I know this seems a little generalizing, but thought you’d have more action. I mean. You’s sexy. Just curious though. Was it a matter of choice or…?”
You gently push Johnny’s head with your hand in a joking manner. “Dude, cmon,”
“Haha, sorry, sorry, nah, it was just a question, you’re obviously free to answer or not,” He says offhandedly while chuckling.
You scrunch up your face for a moment to deliberate whether or not you want to open up a little more. Something that you’ve come to know about yourself—that it’s much easier to open your legs to someone you’re attracted to rather than to pry open the crevices of your heart. But you see how Johnny’s genuinely attracted to you. Not your body, not you as an object, you. Even as a friend, even as anything. You consider that it wouldn’t be a bad idea trying to make yourself more emotionally open, because otherwise you wouldn’t even take the step to do it yourself, with no one else prompting you to do so.
“It’s a trust thing—” You start, and Johnny’s sights gently snap onto you, winning his complete attention. “I’ve been through relationships and hookups that completely shat on my feelings of trust, you know. Long story short, dudes have made me feel like an object that guarantee their feelings of security and power, nothing more, nothing less.... You know how things could go. It’s like my mental health didn’t really matter—”
You shift your gaze to Johnny, taken aback from the undivided attention he’s giving you and the lack of surprise he exhibits in the sudden shift of your tone.
“…And I’ve been wanting to work on it, but the more I try, the more it eludes me, I guess. The more I try to get to know more people, the more I realize the method I’m doing it isn’t the right way. I keep trying to welcome people in, but they could only come as far as the front door. It’s like trust is a paper, and once it’s been crumpled, it’s damn near impossible to get it as smooth as before.”
Johnny keeps his gaze still as you keep trying to explain yourself, prying some of the truths open from the depths of your heart.
“That’s why I just found relief in knowing that if, from the start, I’ve only made it known to others that the front door is as far as they’re gonna go, I think it’ll be alright. No one’s gonna be hurt big time, or anything like that—so that’s where you came in, I guess. If that made sense.” You finish.
He smiles at you, and looking into his warm brown eyes, you really do feel like you’ve found comfort in him. He makes you feel safe, as if you’ll be fine, just the way you are, the way you want to be—however you choose to be.
“Thank you for opening up to me, y/n, must’ve been a big step there,” He says gently, ruffling your hair with affection.
“Thank you for making me feel safe enough to, John, it really does mean a lot to me.” You respond with a big smile, your eyes turning into beautiful crescents. A slight warm blush creeps onto Johnny’s cheeks, and he averts his eyes for once in this conversation, being taken aback from the sight of you.
He clears his throat, managing a slight smile. “That’s alright, I care about you, y/n, that’s what friends do,”
You smile from the unconditional comfort you’ve been allowed to feel around him.
“I get it though. Trust really is a rickety thing. I’ve been there too, so, I do get it. But you know, what? What better way to kick this human dilemma in the ass than to get to know more good people around you. Or at least, try to, I suppose.” He says lightly.
You narrow your eyes, unsure of what he really means. “What are you proposing..?”
“My birthday’s coming.” He responds.
“Oh. Okay, well, happy almost birthday! I guess—”
“I’m holding a party on this apartment’s rooftop on the day of. I’ll be inviting some good company. Some people from the camp—Mark would be there. You do know Mark, right?”
You narrow your eyes once more, trying to fetch an incredibly vague memory of a “Mark Lee” in your memories from within the summer camp. Some hints of a sprained leg, a hasty need to connect—you decide that yeah, you do perhaps know him. Not that well at all, though.
“Or is your 3-day streak still messing with your memories?” He teases, whiskers apparent.
“Hey!! I’m not that bad… Or maybe I am. I barely remember him. Dang..” You say, palming your own face.
“You literally had a moment when you just talked to him in the corner during one of the nights. Too hammered, I take it,” He says, laughing.
“Yeah, shit. I guess I’ll have time then to refresh my memory a little. But really though, thanks a lot for inviting me, it’d be cool if I could come.” You say with a smile. “Is it gonna be a big party?”
“No, not really. Just inviting people I feel would be cool to celebrate my birthday with,” He says, smiling back at you.
“Awe, I’m cool to you? Haha thanks Johnny boy!” You say whimsically while wearing a smirk.
“Johnny boy, alright, that’s a new one,” He chuckles. “Damn, of course I’d think you’re cool, I literally pried your pussy and heart open in one go wassup,”
You pinch the bridge of your nose to recoil from Johnny’s sense of humor you could never really get used to. In a good way, you might add.
“Sure, alright, no objections there.”
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isellcrackforthecia · a month ago
a film written by  Ayden Wylde
SETTING [starts out taking place at an apartment complex in north carolina] [shows the drive from there to colorado] [blackwater ridge colorado is where most of the film takes place]
[CHARACATERS] [T1_C1_Wade:23; Micahs younger brother and Maries BF:Cocky:skilled] [hunter/tracker:versed in weapons:rock climbing champion:] [T1_C1_Marie:21; Wades GF:Shy:hiker:] [T2_C2_Micah:25; older brother to Wade, leader of the party:Mysterious:skilled] [hunter/tracker:versed in weapons:] [T3_C2_Evie:21; Maries bestfriend and Mariahs GF:Outgoing:athletic/runs track: [T3_C2_Mariah:20; Evies GF:Super smart:versed in the supernatural:versed in] [weapons:] [T4_C1_Caleb:22; Amandas BF:Full of fun:athletic:] [T4_C1_Amanda:22; Calebs GF:Lighthearted:]
[Wade and Marie have been together since the beginning of highschool] [Evie and Mariah have been together for 3 years] [Caleb and Amanda have beenm together since their tenth grade year]
  scene opens with a wide overhang shot of a large forest, with a faint scream, birds fly from the trees                                                           camera flys into the forest where the scream came from (via drone)(one shot)   camera slows into a clearing with 4 tents, torn to shreds, several bags and supplies,   all dumped out and signs of there have being a firepit
fade to black   9 days ago
fade from black opens to a young man and a young woman sitting in a car the young man in the drivers seat of the car jammin out beatin on the steering wheel                                                      
Caleb: C'mon guys what the hell is the hold up?? Amanda: Cal' lighten up. we will get there when we get there. Caleb: Bullshit! (he honks his horn multiple times) GUYS!
            Wade comes flying out the door with Marie's and his bags in hand and begins to load up
Caleb: Wade where is your brother man, im trying to get to the site. Wade: He should be here any minute dude, chill out. Youre gonna piss off my neighbors with all that noise.
            just as Wade says that Micah comes speeding over a hill down the street honking his horn.
Micah pulls up behind his brothers car Micah: Ive got room in the back if you guys need it
            Micah, Evie, and Mariah all step out of Micahs car
             Micah and Wade go inside for a last minute check  
              Micah rapidly slows down and grabs his brothers shoulder                                                                                                                            still walking just slowly Micah: are you and Marie doing? Wade: *scoffs* we're uh we're good. great actually. Micah: thats awesome and kinda unbelievalbe, to mom at all recently? Wade: yeah we-Micah whats up? Wade stops walking Micah: *sighs* i just, i havent been around in more than a couple of years and i, i dont know Wade i feel like i shouldve been,        and im sorry. thats why i set up this trip. i just want to be back in everyones lives again okay. i just- Wade: okay. okay. i get it quit being such a bitch Wade smiles and runs down the hall to the door of his apartment              Micah lowers his head a chuckles a bit and carries on walking to the apartment              leaning in the front doorway catching the end of Wade and Maries conversation
Wade: babe cmon ive already triple checked youre going to be fine for a week in the wilderness. Marie: what if something happens i mean life is unpredictable Wade: well...i'll be here to protect you *leans in* Micah: i wouldnt trust that so much if i was you Marie. *he says jokingly walking into the apartment* Marie: MICAH!! *she runs over to hug him* god how long has it been, look, im all grown up now *laughs* Micah: *scoffs* yeah, we all are.
Caleb yells from the door of the apartment building Caleb: i swear to christ i will come in there and f-
Micah and Wade: OKAY!
cut to them all getting into their cars and hitting the road to Blackwater Ridge CO                                                                                   #montage of them driving from north carolina their drive was roughly going to be 24.5 hrs long during montage they see the north carolina, missouri and colorado state signs they hit several gas stations, and just driving sight seeing shots montage song; gamma rays by louden swain (i dont know if i have to ask XD)
         both cars pull up to a parking area with multiple trails leading off of it                                                                                                     they all exit their cars and begin to grab their things
Micha: so we are going to be walking down this path about a half a mile guys so prepare yourselves Amanda: half a mile!? babe carry me? Caleb: wish i could hun but i am kinda carrying everything else...sooo... Amanda: you want to be an ass then i can just leave Caleb: *drops the things hes carrying and jogs to Amanda* okay im sorry i didnt mean to hurt your little feelings        lets just get to the sight and ill set up the tent and we can...relax...for a bit yknow Amanda:*excitedly* Okay!
Evie:*grabs Amanda from behind to scare her a little* a half a mile isnt even that bad dont get your panties in a bunch
         Evie begins tickling Amanda and picking on her.
Caleb: quit flirting with my girfriend Ev come get your pack
         Evie begins to walk towards Caleb just barely coming to pass Mariah before grabbing her for a hug
Evie: why would i be flirting with your girlfriend when ive got a perfectly good one right here Mariah: shut the hell up and grab our packs, dork Evie: okay, okay, but you guys havent heard the last of Evie Welsberg
Micah: do you guys ever stay on one task          he says as he grabs his things Wade: why would we ever big brother?
         they head down the trail about halfway through Marie starts to get a wierd feeling
Marie:*looking over her shoulder* i kinda feel like someone is out there watching us guys Wade: just relax, its a forest and theres animals, so there probably is something out there watching you 'oooooh' Marie: shut up wade im serious Micah: lets just get to the camp and if you still feel that way then we will have a look around okay? happy?
          they get to their barren campsite and set up for the night
Amanda and Caleb retire to their tent
Micah: do you feel better or do you still think i need to check it out Marie: *seeing Wade over Micahs shoulder shaking his head no* i dont know i guess i feel fine Micah: so? youre fine then? cool. *he turns*
Wade and Marie retire to the campfire
          Wade starts playing guitar (carry on my wayword son)            Evie, Mariah and Micah gather around the fire with them listening to him play
           a twig snaps in the dark woods             Micah flips around to look              they hear a moan come from the almost pitch black forest which puts them all on edge
Micah: Whos out there!? *no response* Marie: what the hell was that? Micah: i dont know but im going to go have a look Wade: NO! Micah no. its dark i have no idea what that was youre a skilled hunter but just wait for daylight Micah: whatever that was could pick us off by daylight. im going to go have a look,       besides ive got ole bessy *pulls out pistol* Wade: Jesus K Le Christ! Micah why did you bring that you know Evie hates guns. Micah: for protection? and it seems like we may need it
           Micah disappears into the dark forest
           Wade sits back down at the campfire and no sooner does he hear his brother scream
Everyone: Micah?! *saying it at different times and in different times*
           Caleb comes barreling out of his tent buttoning his pants.
Caleb: what the hell was that? Wade: it was Micah. put on your shoes and come with me *he grabs a flashlight* Caleb: say less.            Caleb gets dressed and as theyre heading out into the woods Marie comes running up to Wade
Marie: come back to me okay? one piece. promise? Wade: promise.
            Wade and Caleb venture out into the woods in the direction Micah went.
Caleb: sooo..why are we out here what happened? Wade: we heard something out here..dont know what it was..didnt sound like any animal ive ever hunted. Caleb: and Micah..? Wade: Micah came out here to see what it was and something happened to him you heard it. *Wade begins to panic*
             Caleb Stops Wade
Caleb: okay relax deep breaths hes fine he got away from it hes smarter than all of us combined okay just...       lets walk a little further and if we dont find anything we head back to the camp and look in the daylight
             they begin walking again              they walk a couple of meters when Wade kicks something in the brush              its Micahs gun
Wade: dude... Caleb: okay lets head back to thecamp and wait till light Wade ive got the most messed up feeling              Wade looks around for his brother and doesnt see anything Wade: *taking a deep breath* okay
              making their way back to the camp the hear something behind them and beging to sprint back               they get back to the camp half out of breath looking terrified
Evie: what the hell happened to you? wheres Micah? Wade: we couldnt find him only found this *holds up pistol* Evie: great what are we supposed to do now Wade: we wait till light then we find my brother
cut to the sun coming up
             Evie, Mariah, Amanda and Marie all slept Wade stayed up all night and              Caleb stayed up to make sure he didnt do anything stupid
             as the sun is coming up the girls all emerge from their tents
Wade: okay guys, lets get a plan going Caleb: we should split up into a couple of groups, Wade, you and Marie head off in the same direction Micah went last night       Amanda and i will go around the creek and meet you on the other side       Evie, you and Mariah go back in the opposite direction and see if he just got turned around and lost
             as they go in their respected directions fade to black
open too Evie and Mariah walking through the forest shouting for Micah
Evie: MICAH! Mariah: shhhut up. you dont know what could be in these woods Evie: i swear to christ, youre always going on about the 'supernatural'.      please just give it a rest and try to be serious for one second, please? Mariah: but honestly think about it Micah is a big dude and he had a gun no predator is going to be able to snatch him up        without leaving some kind of trail. im just saying that anything is possible dont rule anything out.
              Evie stops walking and begins to mock Mariah.
Evie: oh yeah what would it be then? Mariah: well i dont have alot of deets on what it does...but i guess it could be a black dog, its quick..?
              Evie busts up laughing and begins to walk again hollering for Micah               when the hear Marie screm from the opposite direction           Evie and Mariah both hightail it back to the campsite as they come barreling in so do Marie along with Caleb and Amanda Marie: What the HELL was that thing?!? oh what the...what.....
Marie looks as if shes seen a ghost
              Caleb grabs Marie by the shoulders.
Caleb: where. is. wade?
              Marie doesnt answer
Evie: give her some space for a second Cal shes obviously in shock just let her breathe
               Evie guides Marie away from the group to sit down on a rock
Caleb: does anyone know what the HELL is going on?! someone is out there messing with us and ITS NOT COOL! *he yells*
               Amanda getting Caleb to calm down in the background of Evie and Marie talking
Amanda: okay babe youre fine just look at me and forget about all of this for a sec
Evie: Marie? you ready to talk about what happened?
                Marie looks at Evie with absolute fear in her eyes
Marie: Evie,i have absolutley no idea what that looked like a man but it was too tall and skinny and grey-*she begins to panic* Evie: okay, okay deep breaths, did he talk Mariah: dont call it that...that thing was not human Evie...                 Evies eyes widen as she gets up and walks over to the rest of the remaining group Evie: Mariah, can i talk to you over here rest of you go talk to Marie without making her more distraught, okay?
Mariah: whats the deal. Evie: im not saying its all real, but tall, skinny, greyskinned looks like a man and is fast. Mariah: uuuuhhhhmmm.....gimme a second, it could be a lot of things...maybe a skinwalker?..or a Wendigo,        i kinda believe they are the same thing. Evie: okay so what is it? Mariah: well they used to be human, but cannabalism drove them to mutate both in body and in mind making them no longer human        fun fact actually the donar party mishap was in this area so maybe its a wendigo from that- *Evie interupts Mariah* Evie: please no rambling its not the time...actually that makes sense...kinda, keep going what kills them and where do they keep their 'food' Mariah: well like most things a solid decapitation and burning whats left would be the way to go as in to kill it        but we dont have anything to decap it with so...we could disorient it long enough to get away... Evie: how? Mariah: ffffire?? Evie: baby that is stupid but it may just work *kisses Mariahs forehead*             they both jog back to the group Evie: okay guys i cant explain it all right this second but ive got a plan.
Evie: alright so- Marie: do you even have a clue as to what this thing is? Evie: well- Mariah: its a skinwalker...ooor a wendigo its undecided Marie: a what? Mariah: a skinwalker they- Evie: enough...we need to get our boys back yes? *the group agrees* Evie: alright well then heres the plan. Caleb, you, Amanda and Marie are going to try to keep its attention but be super careful      this thing is quicker and smarter than us. Mariah and i are going to try to find its little hideout Caleb: wait we could do this smarter Evie. Evie: what do you mean? Caleb: weeelll..we get bait out there and the rest of us close enough to follow but not enough to be seen. you following me? Mariah: well whos the bait? Caleb Marie and Amanda all look at Mariah Evie: oh no, Hell no, absolutley not Caleb: oh cmon Ev shes perfect she knows everything about all the monsters right? Mariah: well yeah... Evie: you dont have to babe its okay Mariah: yes i do its okay neither skinwalkers or wendigo kill thier prey before taking them to its 'home'        unless you piss it off...Which i promise i wont do, okay...ill be safe Evie: okay well...what do you guys have that is flammable? *she says with a giant smile* Amanda: ive got a can of hairspray and a lighter. Evie: okay we got booze how much? Caleb: a bottle and a half Evie: okay well make two molotofts use a shirt or something. Caleb: on it. Evie: Marie? are you ready to do this? Marie: we have too. to get Wade and Micah back. Evie: alright babe come here. Mariah walks up to evie and they hug for a long time Evie: i love you you know that right? Mariah: of course i do im going to be fine lets go Evie: you heard the woman, lets go!
Mariah ventures out into the wilderness alone, the group waits 10 seconds and then they follow keeping her in eyeline but keeping their distance
Mariah singing to keep herself at ease: its like teaching arcitecture to an eskimo you can show him everything you know                                        hes still gonna build it outta snow *shakily*
            a loud shout from out in the forest makes her jump it sounds like Wade. Mariah: Wade?! Wade is that you?             another shout seemingly closer but it sounds like Micah the second time around Mariah: okay so mimics voices..dingdingding wendigo for the win..oh jesus
            she continues to walk checking over her shoulder every couple of seconds she can hear the beast circling her              she continues to sing eskimo by louden swain               the rustling stops and she hears what is almost a whisper but sounds scratchy and terrifying "help"                she turns around and everything goes black
Caleb: is she singing? Evie: leave her be shes nervous and i think its cute              they hear the creature making noises and they watch patiently until it snatches up Mariah and bolts
The group of four takes off running following the creature they follow it to an old run down mine it looks over its shoulder and then proceeds to walk into the mine
Evie: okay we give it a second and follow it in weve got to be quiet as mice i dont care what happens not a sound      understand? Group: got it Evie: Caleb you and Amanda stay together with a molotoft and the flamethrower? i guess that what we could call it.      Marie and i will keep a molotoft with us and we are going to find our friends. lets go.
             they collectively head into the mine
             walking through the mine they come to a fork and they split into their respective groups and go along their way
Caleb: its so erie in here Amanda: it is kind of a monsters hide out..what did you expect kittens and rainbows? *laughs* Caleb: SHH! mice remember? Amanda: sorry...i was just pickin Caleb:...did you hear that (he moves Amanda up against a wall next to him) peaking aroung the corner Caleb Gasps and instantly covers his mouth Amanda: tapping him and without using words motions what? Caleb: *mouthing* its right there he peaks aroung the corner again Caleb: i see Micah and Mariah, i dont see wade though. go find the others ill stay here and hidden and keep an eye on what happens here Amanda: *while walking away* i swear to god if you die i will kill you Caleb: *salutes and smiles* understood captain! Amanda giggles and wanders off to find Evie and Marie
Fade to black
Evie: i think we shouldve gone the other way theres nothing down here but a maze. Marie: maybe thats the point traps us.. Evie: Marie, refreakinglax okay lets head back the way we came youve been dropping trailmix the whole way? Marie: of course? im shook not stupid?
             they begin to follow their trail back the way they came when they hear footsteps.
Evie: over here! she whispers they duck behind an old couple of crates. Evie peaks over the top
             as a figure emerges from around the corner Evie ducks, then begins to just barely peak over the crate to see Amanda
Evie: *stands* you scared the living christ out of us Amanda where the hell is Caleb? Amanda: hes fine waiting for us actually, we found it. where its keeping everyone Marie: then why are we standing here lets go!
             quietly they make it to Caleb               standing at the wall where Caleb and Amanda were is Amanda, Marie and Evie
Caleb: psst guys Evie: guys over here *she leads them behind some debre Caleb is hiding behind* Amanda: how are we going to get it to leave? Marie: we could distract it.. Caleb: how so? Marie: well Evie and I were getting pretty lost in the other side of the mine. we left a just use the trail to hide in that       side of the mine and make a lot of noise to get it to leave long enough we can get Micah and them cut down and get out of here. Evie: whos..gonna do that? Caleb: i will. Amanda: Caleb, what did i tell you i- Caleb: Amanda look at me *he grabs her by the face* ive got to say this now because i dont know if im going to get the chance to later       Amanda Miller, you are my light in the dark, my bell in deep water, you are the sand in my pockets that keeps me on earth.       i love you with every ounce of my being and NEVER think otherwise you hear me. know i always will even if im not here       ill always be here *he places his hand on her heart as a tear falls down his cheek* i am going to do everything in my power to make       it out of here alive with you by god. but if i die protecting you then i die happy. and im okay with that. Amanda: well im not *she struggles to say through her tears* Caleb: not right now youre not, and not for a long time you wont be but one day you will. *he kisses her and then stands up picking up a molotoft on the way then disappearing into the mine*
              they wait what seems like an eternity passes and they hear Caleb in the other side of the mine Breaking things
              the creature turns quickly running down through the mine towards Caleb
              Amanda Marie and Evie make their way through the debre and remains on the floor of this mine                Marie sees Wade tied up and rushes towards him Marie:Oh my God! *while turning around she vomits*
Wades body hanging hands tied to a metal hook on the ceiling his throat slit and eyes still open his stomach torn open with his entrails laying across the ground in front of him. even dead his eyes seemingly filled with dread
              Marie falls to the ground at his feet and begins to sob
Amanda cutting down Micah And Evie cutting down Mariah they both are unharmed other than the bleeding lumps on their heads from being knocked out Amanda lays Micah down on the ground and begins to try to shake him awake Amanda: Micah wake up cmon
Evie gets Mariah down and wakes her up fairly quickly Mariah still groggy: youre here! she says happily Evie: of course i am, im too stubborn to have left you Mariah: i think my arm is broken it hurts and i cant move it Evie: okay, can you stand? Mariah: lets see shall we (shes still obviously groggy the hit on her head probably caused a concussion)
           Micah begins to stand up Amanda: be careful. youre head wound will styphon your senses Micah: im fine wheres my brother? *slurring*
           Marie (who has been quiet stands up and walks towards Micah): Micah im so sorry we came as fast as we could we tried so hard to-
           Micah pushes past her and cuts his brother down crying Micah: im so sorry baby brother i shouldnt have been so stupid...(he closes Wades eyes) *as Micah begins to stand* Amanda: Micah we- Micah: wheres Caleb? Evie: hes distracting the thing...speaking of...*she goes to the corner to peak around it and listen.                                                 she still hears Caleb yelling and Breaking things.* Evie: hes okay for now but we need to go. Marie: we cant just leave him here?! Micah: we have to. no use carrying dead weight. Marie: how could you say that hes your brother?              as marie says that they all hear Caleb Loudly "SHIT" and a scramble
Micah: we need to go now, what did we bring as a weapon. Mariah: *giggling* FFFFIRRRE! Micah: keep her quiet lets go
            they proceed out of the mine when Caleb barrels into the group Caleb: go. Go. GO!
           Micah picks up Mariah knowing she cant run on her own and they all start sprinting
           with the monster gaining on them, coming closer to them faster then they were going to hit the entrance             into the mine let alone the forest
           Micah trips and falls busting his knee and dropping Mariah             Caleb makes a split second decision and turns around to help
           he helps Micah up and the wendigo grabs Mariah in the mess, snaps her neck, drops her and keeps coming   Evie: NO!          Marie grabs Evies arm and frantically tries to keep her running as Amanda makes her way out of the mine           stopping just outside the entrance Amanda: Goddamnit come on!
Caleb: Go. Micah: What? no. Caleb: GO! NOW!          Caleb lights a molotoft and throws it at the beast turns and pushes Micah closer to the mine entrance Caleb: GO! *he says as he full body tackles the flaming monster getting over it and running into the mine* Caleb: come get me you stupid son of a bitch
          during this Micah gets out of the mine grabs the girls and keeps them moving
           the creature turns and sees the rest of them are gone and follows Caleb down into the mine
Micah, Marie, Evie, and Amanda haul ass to their campsite and rapidly grab the packs with only their radios and keys and continue to haul ass through the forest looking over their shoulders the whole time
           they get to their cars get them into the road and wait just in case he made it out
cut to Caleb running through the mine Caleb: *panting* theres got to be something in here to kill this thing with he hears the monster make a shrill moaning sound still a bit aways from him rummaging through debre he finds a pickaxe
Caleb: oh hell yes! a very low growl coming from right behind him he jumps up turns around and swings
cut to black
still waiting in their running cars for the slightest sign that Caleb is out there they hear it
In the depths of the forest, the wind begins to rush against the fragile tree branches. A shrieking howl can be heard. It starts as a bone chilling moan and continues to rise in both power and terror until it climaxes in blood-curdling horror. A sense of dread consumes them as they realize their friends will never make it out of those woods,
backing up wide shot as they drive off
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leafy-wings · a month ago
glory for the ask meme?
good morning!
for this ask meme
Sexuality Headcanon: lesbiab Gender Headcanon: nonbinery.. demigirl maybe. “girl maybe but fruity” A ship I have with said character: i postulated this before tentatively but; glory x snowfall? ehh? i really want to write a fic of them hanging out, where glory introduces snowfall to the idea of suntime, mirroring the scene in hidden kingdom where its like “the first lesson is to sleep. you need it” yknow! glory understands snowfalls queen trauma so well, glorys young too and while her legacy is success she only became queen to save her tribe in the face of a horrific prophecy. i would love to see a more slowburn for snowfall realizing nightwings are pretty ok and glory could help, sympathizing with the things that they did while under pressure while still forgiving/not forgiving them. like i think glorys the best character for making the point of; what happened to you was wrong, bad, and unnecessary, it was done with malicious intent, but those that did it thought it necessary, were not doing it for fun, and no longer have the need to do it. the intersection between.. justice, revenge, and healing vs sympathizing and understanding the grief those against you might be going through and understanding that since theyre not going away you need to come to terms with them. ofc their situations are different but i think a nice parallel and different enough to make a point. id love to see them argue about how the monarchy is bad or maybe have snowfall consider lax rainwing protocol for icewing society as well as the games to become queen so she doesnt have to kill or be killed. i also kinda maybe ship snowfall x hazel so maybe all 3 of them are there. i like it A BROTP I have with said character: i want glory and peril to be friends.. i wanna write a short character study fic about them and how they viewed their time under scarlet. i think of all people glory would understand needing to be weaponized to keep oneself safe, and i like the idea of peril more apprehensive to approach glory because of her emotions. she feels more feelings than peril does who only ever really feels angry or excited. OH YEAH i really wanted to write a fic where they have a lil therapy session because sunny insists upon it, but its only the two of them to see if they can socialize, where glorys supposed to drop her mask scales because hiding her emotions isnt healthy while peril has to try and pin down her feelings while they talk because she needs to learn social cues and other dragons feelings and what better way than with a dragon who shows their feelings so clearly? i just want them to talk about the fallout of the prophecy in a very frank and understanding way. plus i like tsunami and glory, i feel like perhaps tsunami was not nice enough to glory while under the mountain while still wanting to defend them, tsunamis shtick is trying to protect her friends while glorys shtick is trying to protect herself and a few save dragons around her. id love to see the both of them try and get the other to have more wide reaching empathy for others as well as. argue the ethics of being queens gfhjgfd A NOTP I have with said character: glory and deathbringer i fucking hate deathbringer. aside from the age (and yes actually id be uncomfortable with an 18 year old dating a 30+ year old too yeah thank you) deathbringer is just too immature and giddy and non serious. i know the conceit is supposed to be, just like thorn/smolder, that its a character who is serious and haughty as a defense mechanism getting their walls broken down by someone who pushes them into having fun where theyre actually also fun and mischievious and joking on the inside, but like. this is NOT the time. hes annoying and aggravating and i dont see the charming aspect when i know that glory is young and traumatized and in the midst of basically the worst event of her life and deathbringer is basically the first dragon whos nice to her SPECIFICALLY to flirt with her. and i cant believe that deathbringer knew WELL That the rainwings were being kidnapped and tortured TO DEATH and didnt do basically anything to warn her. he is a NIGHTWING adult during the time in which they are enslaving her tribe so i can safely side with snowfall on this one and say Fuck Nightwings Until They Repent. A random headcanon: glory definitely makes wide reforms to rain/night society in regards to being more progressive and welcoming. making more accessible houses for houseless rainwings, getting rainwings to actually raise children, getting schools and places for therapy, just overseeing all the business of the rain/night kingdom to have it be more “normal”. not that she wants them to act like other tribes because thats “normal”, no, of course not, she loves her tribe(s) including with all their strangeness and proclivity for nature, but.. sometimes legislature is there for a reason so you dont get unfair treatment, and glory only seeks to see her tribe treated fairly General Opinion over said character: i like glory! shes one of my favorites; i sympathize with her a lot in being traumatized and unsure of how to deal with it. the part at the start of the book where she ruminates about kind of missing being with scarlet hit me so hard... i understand how it is when youre traumatized so thoroughly and basically alone though you have friends AROUND you, that you become a bit “selfish” because you just want to see yourself safe, and then the ensuing protectiveness you feel over people like you. i like that she cares about justice, which is not always kind and given through nice words. i do wish her trauma about being almost MURDERED by her guardians as well as abused ALL HER FUCKING LIFE was grappled with more (and yes im one of the anti sunnys who think she was a real bitch for demanding that glory forgive the dragons who TAUGHT HER SHE WAS WORTHLESS. if sunny feels bad for the guardians who didnt abuse her to the extent that they did glory than thats HER issue, and she has no place pushing the decision to forgive them onto glory, when iirc webs never even fucking feels bad). she also gets a hard case of “turns into nothing when its not her POV” and so fucking aggravatingly is that her given personality trait is “i love my boyfriend who is 2x my age”. her aggression, sense of justice, wittiness and haughtiness are scrubbed clean and replaced with little romantic quips with some guy i hate. she has so much left to her character and so much insight to offer in a lot of what happens in the book but, no, shes just set aside.. id also love to see what shes actually doing as queen
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tamiddyinyourcity · 2 months ago
Lets be chill.
Friday, March 12th of 2021.
Patrick #2 is:
A stupid fucking slut.
One of the best friends I used to have. Proven, by the time I cut him and another girl off, and took him back... several times.
A cunt.
A whore.
An unpleasant manipulative shitbag who really needs to work out his people pleaser tendencies and stop being a human carpet for others. PLUS, hes sorta cute.
And I am:
Having a manic high and brain fog mixed with suicidal and homicidal thoughts due to Late Night Syndrome and MSG in my Chinese food.
Still of course annoyed by the past.
About to fuck a friend of theirs, after sexting another, last month.
It's just a coincidence. I promise. Would I fuck his brother? Definitely.
But ew. They're both ugly, but also hot.
Fit my standards, but totally grody as well....
Vincent hit me up last month for whatever reason. I think it was casual conversation, he had been going through a rough time and shit was difficult for him or something.
I recall sometime over last autumn when he was flirting with me, I didn't realize... he knew my ex. UNTIL I did the classic "hmmm whats their oldest post look like" thing.
And the oldest photo?
My ex tagged. Two years before.
That striked the question on, "Would that stop me from fucking this cute redhead twink type guy? Who I find incredibly cute in an odd way?"
And naaaaaah.
As long as it didn't get in the way of me having fun and being sane while not interfering with the life of that clown fucker I dated, (so gross,) then cool.
But all that did happen was him complimenting my chest a lot, before sending me a video of him cumming and saying my name.
But he annoyed me shortly after that.
He was getting stagnant. Not fun. At all.
I don't like boring men who don't recognize I'm the best person they'll ever fucking get with.
So, I said they looked like a fucked up version of Roy L. Dennis, (big forehead redhead twins honestly,) then dipped. And, pointed out some other things he did to piss me off.
I feel sorry about it. A little.
I'm 90% sure he's not suicidal. I doubt a random girl confirming hes self centered with a big forehead will hurt him.
I'll send him a message later to wish him well. I already apologized, but, eh.
Plus... sexting and planning to fuck the girl who beat up a friend of yours is kinda evil as well, if you think about it.
At least Marco fucked me behind Matty's back and was super justified.
A big difference between "he dumped this girl who did nothing to her and is trashing her soul when she did nothing to him, so, i can screw his sexy ex girlfriend who he wants nothing to do with and its totally moral and helps her out", and "this girl literally was super toxic and dangerous at some point to my friend..... a close friend i actually like. ill still flood her DMs with compliments and try to plan fucking her."
Kinda a dick move.
But, I'll still feel bad for Vinny. The poor guy.
To the extent of "He probably was going through a rough time."
But he's fine, definitely most likely.
I'm currently experiencing large emotional fluctuations.
I want to hurt someone. A lot. Really badly.
But I'm okay.
I know this is just mania and some potential PMS diced in.
I just want my nerves to settle. :)
Me and Cameron are fucking soon.
It's March 13th, and we meet the 23rd, I believe.
My interest in him wasn't based on my ex, truly. He was just a neat guy.
Positive, nice, relatively emotionally settling.
He radiates the same energy as a succulent gives off. Sure, succulents don't do much, but they're peaceful because of that shit.
He's the dude who saw me chugging wine like it was water on IG and scream crying, and wasn't too pussy to reach out to me.
He's the guy that posted 1 year and three days ago today, that he still thinks of old acquaintances and friends and wishes to reestablish contact with him. And me, not being a pussy, (but, still being embarrassed due to the events of the previous winter and whatnot,) took the time to reach out to him and apologize for not keeping contact, the awkwardness of before, and more.
And hey look! A year later, and now that chance moment means he gets his first time with me. Neat huh?
I remember liking how me sending a meme about anal piss fetishism (long story) resulted in me and Patrick having our beautiful, sweet, and short lived fun relationship, because sometimes its nice. Small risky moves make big ripples.
And hey, Cam making that post meant I made a new buddy. A buddy I can bang. Heck yeah.
But the question of "Will our friendship be ruined if we fuck?" is.... yknow; existent.
Considering I've wanted to fuck him and/or give him a peck since last summer, (NOT for being an ex's friend, lol, solely because hes a neat individual,) I'd say its worth a shot.
If the "I wonder what his dick looks like" thoughts still prosper to this day, its safe to say I need to take a dick.
Plus with JC in trouble, (grown ass man, but on punishment for letting me be his first.... geez, can I stop dooming virgin men please,) my local fuckbuddy I can use for fun, validation, and outings without the cost of ubers + sex + food is gooooone.
Now he's all lonesome and moody, and extremely depressing and boring. Should've gave me aftercare, JC, and maybe things could have gone differently. Or, not slept with me that time at fucking all.
....good ass sex, though. I hope he'll be okay though. From what I hear, he's okay but also losing his fucking mind.
Poor guy. Stupid family of his is strict.
All I can do is hope he feels better.
Closer to WAP is a goldly remix from Cardi B and Nine Inch Nails, really. Ayy.
Fits my lovely vibes currently. :)
Cameron seemed like a good fit.
Fits my type. (Pale, tall, slim, great personality and humor so far, doesnt take everything way too seriously but can still show up when hes needed and reach out when he can.)
Relatively close. And he's never gotten laid, which is not only nice for the sake of a slightly lower chance of STDs, (except in hindsight Calvin had herpes and was a virgin; hope he's doing relatively okay, though,) but its kinda nice to be someone's first. It's usually a noteworthy experience for a man.
And, maaaaybe a corruption kink? Maybe I just like subs? (Not all male virgins are subs, but a lot start off that way; Patrick, Matty was half a virgin, JC, more.) Maybe I just like the idea of someone being excited to have sex and isn't just seeing me as yet another hole of many. It's the sparkly and shiny first; and some don't know if theyll ever get laid again, so that also matters.
But I guess, "Why Cameron? Why not just some dude online again?"
I like a degree of compatibility. It's why I date guys who fuck me but still happily have me over for video games and movies, who I go to the beach or scenic overviews with, and who I let gift me things or travel with me. It's much nicer to have a fling than any old fuck.
So of course, sure I could go online and find another slutty ass dude like the last one I met. (Thanks for the valentine's day gifts, Ethan! You idiot whore of a man.)
BUT I'd rather not catch covid or an STD.
So, why bother risking illness and questioning my compatibility with some fuckboy when my perfectly good friend Cam is around, open to getting some chinese food and going to the beach, then letting me show him around my city, as well as the bedroom? :)
Sounds like a good time. Plus we've still managed to talk about friend things nonetheless, like Saints Row and he supports me on my YT channel, he gives me updates on how the stressful week has been going.
I'm not too sure what to expect from him.
I mean... Okay, penis-wise, its the girth of a toothpaste tube and "the length between if he stretched his pinky finger and index finger as far apart as possible", (N I C E,) but I meaaaan in the bedroom.
New sex is unpredictable, for so many reasons.
Especially with virgins, yknow?
Zack #2, when we first fucked, literally went in and fucked me like he was doing the Grind On Me challenge. I cried tears of pleasure, from how fucking godly that toxic Virgo Hoe's dick was. (We have the same birthday. I hate his stupid ass.)
Patrick #2 lasted like.... idk, four seconds? He just kinda went "Oh, so that's what that feels like? Hmm...... hmm..... hmm. ......Hmm. hmm. I'm cumming, yeah, I just came", with a straight face. (Or, his usual ugly blobfish face he does when he feels awkward.)
JC lasted what felt like ages and he fucked the ever living shiiit out of me. Chain hitting the face, swear EVERYWHERE, he was doing all sorts of moves and swirling and shit. Not to mention him being a god with his tongue, lordddddddd men who eat it like that instantly get access to my throat AND a cake.
(Too bad he doesnt eat sugar. I was so ready to bake him a big ass cake when he did that thing in 69, whew.)
And Cam is........ shy, really.
I've always known that.
He doesn't exactly give Michael Cera vibes, but like, he also kinda does. Odd fellow, but not one you'd have much bad to say about. I think the worst thing I can say about him is "he sometimes sounds accidentally like a smart aleck when it never needed to go there"; which, can be dangerous around me.
Let's manifest that not being a problem though.
All I know is:
I wanna get out the house and have a nice day out.
I am extremely horny and need some relief these days that isnt just porn and almost breaking my damn wrist.
I'm tryna get smashed and smash, by a pale mfer with cool fluffy hair.
It might be kinda surreal.
But oh well, friendship would've been risked anyway if I kept lusting but never offered it.
So, yeah.
Let's get me laid!
Lmfaaoooo, peace out yalls! Talk to you guys laters.
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