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#well some are rereleases
glimmerkey · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Build-a-Bear Halloween 2021 Releases
Pumpkin Glow Bear / Midnight Sparkle Cat
Bear Bones Dino / Pumpkin Spice Bear
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cathrynemoon · a month ago
Rules: Tag people you want to know better. Tagged by @knightotoc! 
favourite color(s): growing up, it was pink! then in my teens i rebelled against pink and decided i liked black and i ended up with lots of black clothes that i later found boring. i still love pink and black, other than those colours i think my faves are warm, gold and earth tones. :)
currently reading: the pandemic has really killed my ability to read books, but i recently started reading Echoes of Love by Rosie Rushton. it’s a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, my favourite of her books. i borrowed the ebook from my local library through the Libby app, it’s been a lifesaver for me this pandemic! i’m only two chapters in and still trying to get used to Anne Elliot being a teenager in this adaptation. 
last song: one of the theme songs from the Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess has been playing on repeat for daysssss since i finished the series. it’s called 愛殘 (spoilers for the drama in the link) which means broken love and it’s a haunting, tragic love song, perfect for this tragic romance drama. the drama really hit a lot of the right id spots for me and i’m still feeling the high from it.
sweet, savory, or spicy: i don’t really have a sweet tooth, so savory and/or spicy for me!
last movie: i had to check my Netflix history for this. before i started binging Goodbye My Princess, the last movie i saw was Look for a Star, a Hong Kong romcom starring Andy Lau and Shu Qi. she’s a regular girl in Macau working two jobs to survive and he’s the CEO of a huge company. you know how this story will go! XD i grew up watching Hong Kong movies and dramas, so this was a nostalgia rewatch for me. Andy Lau is so handsome and Shu Qi is so gorgeous!
currently working on: not really working on anything right now. i have some ideas for gifsets, but haven’t started on them. i’ve also been feeling the itch to try writing fanfic again. we’ll see how that goes!
tagging @welsharcher, @wordsmithie-tells-stories and @maydenfang but no pressure!
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yatsugarekun · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
i can't believe the gems heist happened more than a year ago, it feels like yesterday
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ticklish-lilavenger · 19 days ago
The Red Effect (Chris Evans fic)
In honor of the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), I wrote a little fic!
Summery: Y/N is a big Taylor Swift fan and has to make an agreement with Chris for the new album release
Word Count: 1382
Warnings: FLUFF, slightly suggestive moments, a swear word or two, but 99.5% fluff
Tumblr media
“Chris, babe. Can you do me a favor tomorrow morning?” You casually asked your boyfriend from the passenger's seat of his car.
“Of course, anything.” He responded by placing a loving hand on your knee.
You smirked a little, wondering how he was going to react to this very serious request, “I need you to break up with me for like 3 hours tomorrow.”
Chris choked on his laughter, “Excuse me?!”
“Only for a few hours, Red Taylor’s Version is dropping tomorrow and I wanna get the full effect. I can’t be in a happy healthy relationship.” You explained.
He dramatically knocked the back of his head on the headrest, “And what do I get out of this? I have to be the bad guy here!”
“We can do that thing you’ve been wanting to try.” You said a little too quickly.
“You’ve been thinking about this, haven’t you?!” He gasped.
You rolled your eyes, “I had to come in with a plan so you couldn’t say no.”
Chris looked over and gave you some sassy side eye, “Fine, but only for three hours.”
The next morning you were at the kitchen counter eating breakfast while Chris stood at the sink loading the dishwasher.
“Babe, can you grab me the almond milk out of the fridge?” You asked sweetly as you poured your cereal.
“God, Y/N! You couldn’t just get it while you were getting the cereal!” Chris snapped coldly at you.
Your heart skipped a beat for a second, what the hell was wrong with him this morning?
“Babe, it’s Taylor day. I’m breaking up with you for three hours.” He reminded you softly.
You gasped, “Oh yeah, I just didn’t think we’d start this early.”
“Do you wanna wait until later?” He asked.
“No, now is fine. I’m not gonna stop what you have going.” You said.
“Now where was I?” He roared, “How dare you ask me to go to the fridge two feet away from me to get you almond milk for your cereal?!”
You bit your lip trying to hold back your giggles, he was taking this very seriously.
“Don’t giggle at me when I’m trying to break up with you!” His glare was a little bit terrifying, he was really flexing his acting muscles here.
You, however, had no acting muscles, so all you could do was cover your face so he couldn’t see you or your giggles.
He sighed dramatically, “I think it’s time for us to call it quits. I can’t continue a life of you demanding almond milk for your cereal. It’s just not working for me.”
You took a deep breath and choked through more giggles, “I understand.”
He had to look away and bite his lip for a second so as not to lose character, “Well,I’m gonna take Dodger out for a while. Have fun with Taylor. Hope she’s worth it.”
After he made his dramatic exit from the kitchen, you could hear him giggling in the mud room as he leashed up Dodger for a long walk in the woods.
You cleaned the house as you had the new Red album blasting throughout the house. You decided to check social media to see how the rest of the world was reacting to your Lord and Savior’s revamped album. Upon opening Instagram, there was an updated story from Chris Evans, of all people. Nothing from ASP was happening and he wasn’t playing piano… maybe a snap of the scenic landscape in the woods? You opened it to see his face and his cheesing smile.
“So y/n asked me to break up with her for a couple hours today so she could feel the full effects of Taylor Swift’s rerelease of the Red album… so I’m just out here in the woods with Dodge, waiting out the next three hours until we can get back together.”
If he wanted to get the internet involved in this breakup, two could play at this game. You set up your phone and filmed a story of yourself jumping on your California king bed, throwing pillows, and singing “I Knew You Were Trouble” with your whole chest.
Later you were laying on your bathroom floor screaming the bridge to All Too Well, ten minute version, of course. And the door opens slightly and you see Chris standing above you holding his phone.
“Can I take a shower?” He asked.
You growled and threw a roll of toilet paper at his face, “we’re still broken up! Use the guest bathroom, asshole!”
Three hours was almost up and you had successfully jammed to Red and all of its vault tracks twice through. You and Chris continued your social media charade because his fans were living for it. You even printed out a picture of him and put it on his dart board. You posted a picture of his darted up face with We Are Never Getting Back Together playing in the background. Chris posted videos of him wandering around Lowe’s and Target just trying to kill three hours. He came home with a few bags with stuff you all needed for the house and groceries, while he put everything away, an alarm on his phone went off.
He ran to the bottom of the stairs and called out for you, “That’s three hours! Get over here, ya goob!”
You jumped off your bed and ran downstairs straight into his arms, “I missed you!”
“Was the album worth having a three hour break up?” He asked, kissing your face all over.
You giggled, “Yes it was and your fans roasting you and hyping me on social media made it even better.”
Chris chuckled and carried you over to the living room couch, “My fans turning on me is funny to you?!”
You nodded nervously, knowing as soon as he dropped you onto that fluffy couch, you were toast.
“I’ll show you funny!” He lobbed you (as gently as possible) onto the coach and climbed on top of you.
“CHRIS! DON’T!” You cried out.
“Don’t what?” He asked innocently as he hovered over you.
You scrunched your nose, knowing he was trying to get you to say ”tickle me” but you knew his tricks. “I’m not falling for it!”
He grabbed your wrist and pinned it above your head, “Then you won’t be shocked when I do this!” He scribbled his fingers into your armpit.
You screamed out with glee, “IT TICKLES!”
“Does it?” He said sarcastically, continuing his attack, “I had no idea!”
You tried to wiggle away but it was no use, Chris was a very large man. You were so stuck.
His attack moved down to your ribs and your laughter went up an octave. Chris couldn’t help but smile at his squirmy, happy girlfriend under him. Your laugh was among one of the many things he loved about you. The way that you squealed like a little piglet whenever he got one of your bad spots and how you would throw your head back and smile so big without a care in the world.
“Do you forgive me for my transgressions over the almond milk?” He asked, stopping the tickles.
You nodded through the residual giggles, “Yes!”
You went about the rest of your day as if no breakup had ever happened. Everything was back to normal. You stood at the kitchen counter, adding toppings to the pizza you had made for dinner that night; Treacherous was playing softly in the background. Chris walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.
“I like this one, it’s happy.” He said quietly.
You tapped your phone to start it over again so he could hear the entire thing.
As the intro started, Chris began to slowly sway both of your bodies along with the music.
“Put your lips close to mine
As long as they don't touch
Out of focus, eye to eye
'Til the gravity's too much
And I'll do anything you say
If you say it with your hands
And I'd be smart to walk away
But you're quicksand.”
Chris purred into your ear, “Damn, those lyrics.”
You hummed, “I know right.”
He softly nibbled your ear, “Pizza can wait, I wanna cash in on my end of the bargain.”
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otomeman · 8 months ago
[OBEY ME] Decades of Fashion
This was a project I've been working on for a while, but it required a LOT of research to get done.
The idea was this: The boys have lived for thousands of years, and as such, they've had to adhere to certain fashion changes over time. But in the midst of me really wanting to show Beel drinking Pepsi Blue, I realized that each of them really fit into a style over the course of seven decades.
Lucifer - 1940's [Post-War Americana]
Tumblr media
Oh boy, those coats were popular in the 20's and 30's. I thought Lucifer worked well with the vibe of an old-style gangster. But really, this look worn in the 40's would have been one of showing off wealth. During the second world war, we had a shortage on EVERYTHING, including fabric - when nylon was needed for parachutes, women used to draw makeup lines on the backs of their legs to indicate a seam where their stockings would go. As a result, suits in the 40's were trimmed back as far as fabric usage. Coats no longer had capelets around the shoulders, jackets no longer had flaps on the pockets, pants were restricted to a certain width, and 3-piece suits were nonexistent - no one sold suits with vests anymore.
Incidentally, that's why Zoot Suits were so popular in American minority communities - it was a "fuck you" level of luxury to have suits with so much excess fabric!
Mammon - 1950's [Rebel Style]
Tumblr media
From gangster to greaser! While we associate Greaser subculture with the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando, the term actually originated with Hispanic teens - "greaser", in addition to referencing their slicked-back hairstyles, was the name for Mexican workers who greased the wheels of shopping carts, and there was actually a law in California called the "Greaser Act" specifically put in place to protect "law abiding" Californians from these rowdy (but un-armed and non-dangerous) teens.
Not only does the Rebel style really suit Mammon in general, associated with sleek cars and loud boys and an inarguable style, but I've always thought of Mammon as being kind of Latino. However, it also bears noting that Greasers were very anti-materialistic. Sure, you wanted money, but Greaser culture was more geared towards rebelling against the ones who had it.
Leviathan - 1960's [Japanese Ivy]
Tumblr media
Post-war Japan had a certain loss of identity as they were occupied by the American military and exposed to cultures from around the world. But by the sixties, Japanese culture was absorbing everything it found and making it their own. The popularity of Disney and TV animation gave rise to anime that began early in the fifties, but was really in its prime by '65, and much of that then spread to the rest of the world. Mach Go Go Go became Speed Racer and Mighty Atom became Astro Boy in the US.  In partIcular, based on Levi's current anime tastes, I think he'd be a huge fan of Cyborg 009 and Mahoutsukai Sally - The original Magical Girl who would eventually lead to the creation of the invented anime The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl.
But along with animation, Japan absorbed something else in 1964 - American Ivy League fashion. Magazines with spreads of American university students in sweaters, blazers, loafers, and cotton trousers became incredibly popular and inspired a fashion style simply called "Ivy" in Japan - and this style persisted until the mid-eighties!
Satan - 1970's [Collegiate]
Tumblr media
'70's fashion in America was lawless. As the youth of the day broke free from society's constraints and pursued their own agendas, they brought with them a rebellion of peace and love that had been brewing with every fight and war since the 40's. As opposed to the Mod fashion of the 60's, modern fashion was more about comfort and natural colors.... and bellbottoms. So many bellbottoms. But there were no fucking rules. Wear your jacket on one shoulder or two or none, mix colors and patterns, wear that corduroy jacket with the suede elbow patches, fuck you dad, I went to college!
I feel like it also bears mentioning that god DAMN, white belts with gold buckles were weirdly popular.
Asmodeus - 1980's [Pop Trend]
Tumblr media
Pop culture was skyrocketing in the eighties, as was the sheer accessibility of fashion. It was never as cheap to wear the hottest trends as it was here. Stars like Madonna popularized the inexpensive, bright-colored messes of style that the day's teens HAD to have. Plastic jewelry, acid-washed jeans, hair-wrecking crimping and curling, bright and heavy makeup... and leotards for EVERYONE. Jazzercise and videotape aerobics also threw their hats in... or rather, their leg warmers and tights.
And while it doesn't have much to do with fashion, I could see Asmo being at his absolute prime here... Queer community and sexuality was coming out of hiding around here, and with it, the stigma and horror associated with the gay agenda, promiscuity, and the AIDS epidemic. Fuck those assholes.
Beelzebub - 1990's [Urban Sport]
Tumblr media
The 90's were... experimental. As we entered the Internet age and the approach of the new millennium, a lot of shit happened. Hip-Hop and R&B culture that began in the late eighties influenced a lot outside its own minority sphere, from fashion to music to celebrity. Things once worn as sport gear, windbreakers and basketball shoes and baseball hats, were adapted to the increasing physical presence of stars in music videos and movies. (I don't really know how much of a position I'm in to talk about how much cultural appropriation inspired a lot of that, but it did. And then they talked smack on the sources they got their shit from.)
As for those stupid parachute pants with the zip-off bottoms... I don't know whose fault that was. The Y2k bug, I guess. Swatches were cool though.
But Beelzebub probably would have been going nuts with all the experimental snack foods we loved back then. Soda with little chewable balls of questionable origin? 3D nacho chips? Yogurt in a TUBE? HOT POCKETS!? A glutton's paradise. I drank Crystal pepsi when they rereleased it and it tasted like old bubblegum. shit's nasty.
Belphegor - 2000's [Emo/Goth]
Tumblr media
This is it. This is what years of punk, grunge, goth, and The Cure led to at the turn of the millennium. We took Tripp pants that were popular in blue denim in the nineties and put so much shit on them that it was hard to walk, but we DID IT. Because it looked cool. Do you hate life? Do you hate everyone? Smear liner in your eyeballs and belt your legs together in two denim dresses, and wear bracelets and belts that get banned at high school because someone started an urban legend where you have to have sex with someone if they snap your black jelly bracelet off. That shit never happened but damn if they didn't try to convince us it did.
Emo and goth subculture was actually seen as pretty toxic. And I can say that because I was in it. People who did this stuff were seen as idolizing self-harm and suicide. Some people actually did. Most of us probably approached it the same way zoomers gleefully post memes about ending themselves all the time. In Belphegor's case... yeah, he probably does hate the world.
Thank you so much to my patrons who made this post possible!
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tiz-aves · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Species] | Grey catbird
The grey catbird (Dumetella carolinensis), also spelled gray catbird is one of several not closely related passerines known as catbirds, all of which have earned their name by the songs they sing, not the amount of cats they feed on annually. 
Although arguably not a large bird, the grey catbird is considered medium-sized within passeriformes. It reaches a length from 21 to 24 centimetres, weighs between 23 and 57 grams and has a wingspan in-between 22 and 30 centimetres. At first sight entirely slaty grey, the grey catbird has a small cap and a blackish tail which features a rufous-brown underside. 
Throughout the year the grey catbird mostly occurs in dense low growth. It’s the most common in leafy thickets along the edges of woods and streams, shrubby swamps, overgrown brushy fields and hedges in gardens, while avoiding unbroken forest and coniferous woods.
Like many other passerines, the grey catbird does the vast majority of its foraging and feeding on the ground, flipping leaves aside with its bill as it seeks for various prey items. Plant matter is usually consumed in shrubs and trees.
Although more than half of the adults diet may consist of vegetable matter, nestlings are fed almost entirely insects. Insects this species commonly preys on are beetles, ants, caterpillars, grasshoppers, typical bugs and more, as well as spiders and millipedes. Vegetable matter fed on consists mostly of wild berries and some cultivated fruits. Occasionally the adult manages to catch small fish, and at feeder it will eat a wide assortment of items which includes, but most certainly isn’t limited to, doughnuts, cheese, boiled potatoes and corn flakes.
The adult male of this species uses its loud song to proclaim its territory, using a softer version of the song when near the nest, or when an intruder is spotted. One singular song can last up to 10 minutes, the female may sing quietly back to the male.
Early in the breeding season the male sings constantly both in the morning and the evening, sometimes even at night. Courtship behaviour involves the male chasing the female, posturing and bowing with wings drooped and the tail raised, sometimes not even facing it. The nest is placed in dense shrubs, thickets, briar tangles, and low trees, usually one to three metres above the ground. The nest (which is mostly built by the female) is a large bulky cup of twigs, weeds, grass, leaves and sometimes pieces of rubbish, lined with rootlets and other fine materials. When a brown-headed cowbird lays its eggs in the nest of grey catbirds, the eggs are usually punctured and ejected by the nesting pair.
The female can lay from 2 to 6 greenish blue (sometimes spotted) eggs, the average being 4. The female is the only part of a pair to incubate the eggs, which lasts 12 to 13 days. Both parents feed their nestlings, which leave the nest 10 to 11 days after hatching. A pair usually has 2 broods per year.
Although the average wild grey catbird ages only 2.5 years, the oldest individual on record was a minimum of 17 years and 11 months old when it was recaptured and rereleased during banding operations in 2001 in New Jersey. It had been banded for the first time in Maryland in 1984.
With a global estimated breeding population of around 27 million individuals the grey catbird is evaluated to be a species of least concern according to IUCN criteria. There is some disagreement on whether they have been slightly increasing or decreasing in recent decades, but overall populations seem to have been stable since 1966 to now.
Tumblr media
Photo credits: Alan Vernon, Wilfred Hdez, Henry T. McLin
Sources: Wikipedia The Free Encyclopaedia, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Audubon society, Animal Diversity Web, AnAge: The Animal Aging and Longevity Database
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blackbackedjackal · 4 days ago
That “domesticated coyotes” anon has been bouncing around in my head all day. One thing people forget is there are specific requirements that need to be met for domestication and, if I remember correctly, we can meet those for very few animals. It’s why we’d never be able to ACTUALLY domestic moose, there’s no way we could provide the amount of food for them.
It also ties into the exotic pet trade industry as well. What a lot of people don’t realize is the exotic pet trade is that they don’t prevent animals from going to into extinction. From what I’ve seen cheetahs are struggling massively because people in these businesses yank them from the wild, some dumbass who doesn’t realize what all goes into taking care of a wild animal like that buys it, maybe even declaws it, then dumps it at an already max capacity sanctuary because they realize how much it costs to own one. Insects are another creature that are quickly losing numbers because of the pet trade and it’s sad no one talks about it.
I’m so sorry for this massive ramble, but it’s something I get overly passionate about and it’s upsetting that people don’t realize that these animals rarely survive when rereleased into the wild and it’s stuff that feels like isn’t talked about enough. People just need to realize some things just aren’t meant to be.
I agree! There's no reason or benefit for humans to domesticate coyotes when we already have dog breeds that can do most of what coyotes can (and often better then they can in some aspects). Why don't we domesticate coyotes like we did with dogs? It's because they're two completely different species. The process of domesticating them wouldn't be the same as with dogs to begin with, and no one here has another 40,000+ years to figure that out. There's also research being done that the original lineages of canines that lead to the modern domestic dogs aren't the same as modern gray wolves. So we may have domesticated an entirely different wolf species that was closely related to what become modern gray wolves, but were much more susceptible to the domestication process then other canids. If the species had to be THAT specific, then what makes anyone logically think coyotes (that diverged from a different wolf-like canid nearly 2 million years ago) can all of a sudden be domesticated via isolated incidents of animal abuse over a few generations?
Insect, bird, amphibian, and reptile populations are suffering from the exotic pet trade so severely! Many are just plucked straight out of the wild and then sold to the person with the most money and the least amount of resources to care for those animals. It ruins those local ecosystems, decimates those wild populations, and most don't even make it to a buyer because they end up dying due to stress or neglect before even being sold. It's a big issue that really needs to be discussed more. But fools on social media don't want the facts. They just want bite-sized consumable abusive animal content without having to feel guilty, or worse, want to exploit an exotic animal for clout and narcissistic purposes.
It's all good, I definitely understand your passion and frustration. It's a very irritating seeing people so ready to defend thinly veiled animal abuse and deny the facts.
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newtonsheffield · 17 days ago
did you watch the short film? what did you think?
Of course I watched the short film!
So here are my thoughts and just thoughts in general on the ten minute version of what was already the best Taylor Swift song in my humble opinion (she cried when she played it on the Red concert I went to and it was magnificent)
At first I was a little shocked by the age difference between Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink but then after about three seconds I got it. When Taylor was in her very early twenties and late teens she dated some actors mi or nearing their thirties (John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal) and we all should have found it unsettling. But no one did. Or if they did, they didn’t say anything. And that slightly queasy feeling you got when you saw that 19 year old girl with a grown ass man in that video? It’s a lesson, and I love that she’s at the stage in her career where she’s like “This is uncomfortable and here’s why.”
I feel like Red was always lyrically a very underrated album, and The rerelease is a Why album. It’s her definitive heart break album and it’s perfect.
The imagery in this was beautiful. As was the cinematography. Perfect.
That scene where they’re at dinner with his friends and the after made me squirm a little. Because we’ve all been in a social situation like that right? We’ve all been this person, stuck in the corner with nothing to say or do, and you feel uncomfortable and no one is noticing you. You could honestly scream and no one would do anything.
The after scene *chef’s kiss*
“Don’t! You’re making me feel so stupid!”
“You’re making yourself feel that way”
And here’s the real clincher:
I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age
Why are we comfortable with this???? Because it’s true. These men are nearly 40 and they’re still dating barely legal girls. It’s gross.
For some reason the lines that have been stuck in my head are
And you were tossing me the car keys, "fuck the patriarchy"
Key chain on the ground, we were always skipping town
Because it feels like we were supposed to believe there was this big feminist persona that wasn’t real, and the imagery is so vivid. And this is what I’ve always loved about All Too Well and songs like Tis the Damn Season. The imagery that the song writing evokes is so vivid in your mind you can see it all right there.
Anyway, has this gone on too long? Yes
Am I obsessed with Taylor Swift? Yes.
Is Forever Winter a Kathony song? Yes
Oh apparently some actress is Jennifer Anniston
And ahhhhhh ladies let’s get ready to smoke John Mayer when Dear John is rereleased!
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dothwrites · 17 days ago
For your wine o’clock- maybe something in honor of Taylor Swifts rerelease of her Red album, something with Cas and his pop girlies? Like hearing a song that gives him that ‘oh’ or an impala soundtrack to some destiel shenanigans? Enjoy the wine!
bless you. wine o'clock is always the best hour. ❤️
"turn that shit off."
castiel turns with some surprise to look at dean. dean looks determinedly out the windshield of the impala, but castiel sees the small tick in his jaw. dean is pissed, though at what, remains a mystery.
"I like this album," Castiel protests mildly. "and you said i could pick the music."
against their disagreement, taylor swift's album 'folklore' plays. the music seems discordant against the emotions swirling around them. castiel finds himself mostly serene, but dean's fingers are twitching against the steering wheel, and his jaw is tightly clenched.
"yeah, well. driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole."
"you said I could pick," castiel stubbornly insists. it's not particularly that he wants to hear this album (though he does), but more dean's persistent refusal to hear any of the album. there's a deeper issue here, one that's more interesting and deeper than a simple dislike for pop music.
"pull over," castiel says suddenly, and the command is enough to make dean's fingers twitch on the steering wheel. "pull over," he demands, when dean looks like he's hesitating.
there's a second where castiel thinks dean is going to refuse, but then dean sighs, like castiel is interrupting his whole afternoon, before he pulls onto the dirt shoulder. the impala's tires bounce, but she's a sturdy vehicle and doesn't give much more than a token protest.
"what's your problem with the song?" castiel asks, keeping his tone mild. if he approaches like he's attacking, then dean will respond in kind, and the real point of the matter will be lost.
"i just don't like it," dean insists. he's clenching his jaw hard enough to crush diamonds.
"dean," castiel insists, and at the soft sound of his name, dean explodes.
"it's the fucking... the..." dean gestures at the stereo, helpless indignity in his expression.
beyond them, taylor swift sings: and i can go anywhere i want/anywhere i want, just not home, and castiel starts to understand.
"dean," he says softly, daring to place a hand on dean's arm, "you know I don't..."
"i kicked you out," dean says, his voice thick with restrained emotion. "you were human, and i..."
"i'm not angry," castiel interrupts, and dean snorts.
"i was at first," he continues, keeping his voice serene against the surging tempest of dean's emotions. "but then i realized you were just trying to keep your brother safe."
"It doesn't..." dean tries, and then starts again. "i shouldn't have..."
"no, you shouldn't have," castiel says, squeezing dean's arm when he senses him retreating behind the supposed anger. "but that was so long ago. and we're here now. who's to say that we would be here without you having done that?"
"who's to say we wouldn't have wound up here a lot sooner?" dean shoots back. when he dares to look at castiel, there are tears gleaming in the corner of his eyes.
"i don't know." castiel dares to slide his hand up dean's arm, to his shoulder, to press against the bolt of his jaw. he presses his thumb against dean's pulse until dean's jaw relaxes. "but i know that i like where we are now. and i wouldn't give that up for anything in the world."
dean sniffles. "fucking taylor swift," he says, his voice thick. he ducks his head, hiding his reactions.
"i know you like her music," castiel dares after a second.
"sam's a fucking bitch," dean says, his voice thick and muffled against his shoulder. he sniffles with a huge, wet sound.
"you told me that. one night, after you'd been drinking and i put you to bed," castiel offers. "you asked me to put 'shake it off' on."
"fuck," dean sighs, turning the single syllable into eight. "i forgot that."
"you were very humorous that night," castiel tries, like that's going to make things better.
dean doesn't respond, not that castiel expects him to. he knows that, even now, without the spectre of his father looming large over him, dean struggles with his own self-image. admitting that he enjoys this music would be one step too far. but castiel can still poke.
"do you want me to switch songs?" he asks.
dean labors underneath an invisible weight for a long moment before he sighs. "no." he looks towards castiel, his eyes red-rimmed, but a small smile tugging at his mouth. "i'm glad you're here, cas."
"i'm glad I am too," castiel answers, his own smile tugging at his mouth.
"good," dean says, using the word to bolster himself. "good." he inhales once, and inhales again. "that's good."
after a moment, dean rubs the back of his hand against his eyes. He jerks the steering wheel so that impala rumbles against the asphalt once more, but this time, as the double yellow lines flash by them, he reaches out for castiel's hand.
castiel wraps his fingers around dean's, and that's how they spend the rest of the trip, as taylor's voice serenades them through the miles.
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demilypyro · 3 months ago
Frankly it's funny that The Market was surprised that the ME trilogy rerelease did well. Did Andromeda really make everyone forget that the Mass Effect trilogy were some of the most highly praised games of the Xbox 360 era?
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holyalto · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Bored in the House - a solo sim pose pack
This pose pack is all about being bored in the house (...or in the garden where I had my sim posing...)! It’s a ten pose pose pack for ONE sim. All poses contain an annoyed/bored expression. Maybe it would have been better to name it “Annoyed in the House” but anyway! It’s available for download below. 
Please note: This is a rerelease of some old poses that I did 2+ years ago when I started this blog. There will be some clipping on various sims as at the time, I didn’t know how to pose that well. But it’s just sitting in my mods folder collecting dust so I thought I’d share it again. I may go back and fix it up if there’s enough of a demand for me to do so but this is what we have for now. I will be releasing a few more older packs just like this one over the next few days. So please be patient until I can get some of my newer content tweaked and ready for release.
Please do not reupload or modify my creation! And ABSOLUTELY NO SimsDom! If you do need to tweak the poses for your story, please feel free to do so for your own personal use, but do not reupload. <3
1 bed pose 1 dining chair pose 1 arm chair pose 1 couch pose 2 sitting on ground poses 1 leaning against wall pose 1 laying on ground on stomach pose 1 laying on ground on back pose 1 standing pose
sfs (no a**ly)
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real-frosty · 2 months ago
What if it isn't Ganondorfs remains under Hyrule in Botw2? What if it's Demises remains instead. I say this because not only did we just get a rerelease of Skyward Sword, but they're also bringing the flying islands back. And he IS the source of Ganondorf, and subsequently Link and Zelda's reincarnations, as well as (I think, don't quote me on this) Ganondorfs Malice in general. Not to mention in the trailers you briefly see some WILD FLAMING RED HAIR, the same kind Nintendo made such a point about being one of Demises ties to Ganondorf.
What if the goal of Botw 2 is to end the chain that's been going on for centuries. To strike down the very demon who cursed the land to always face such termoil.
Spoilers for Age of Calamity below
They literally just opened up a new timeline, they wouldn't even have to stop making games, just end the main timeline and pick up the new one. Or they could just let the series rest, that too.
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bakubabes-hatake · 3 months ago
For The Love Of Humanity's Strongest (Part Three)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is a rerelease of the series that I’ve been doing for a little while now. I’ve made some changes and changed up the wording to make it more of an x reader piece for you all, so I really hope that this new version of it will be a lot better for you guys. I’ve been saying that I’m going to revamp all of my series for a while now, so I’m finally getting to that for you all.☺♥
Pairing: Levi Ackerman x Yeager!Reader
Summary:  When all seems lost Y/N knows that she can count on one person to always be there for her brother, Eren Yeager, and herself. Can humanity’s strongest not only keep Eren in line but keep his relationship alive as well?
Warnings: angst, violence
Word Count: 2.5k
Masterlist (bolded part on masterlist are the revamped parts)
Commander Pyxis led the four of you onto the top of the wall, overlooking the chaos that had fallen on Trost. Eren and yourself had explained everything to him, just the mention of your father and his experiments making you realize what had happened to make Eren this way. Your childhood, the cellar he had never let you into, back at your old house in Shiganshina, the fact that he had given Eren the key to it before disappearing. You stressed that Eren was vital, he could help you all make a dent in the crisis that you were having. His titan could be useful, even if he didn’t have full control over it yet. Humanity could now get ahead of the titan’s onslaught.
Commander Pyxis stared off in the distance as he thought it all over. “Well, that’s that. So this cellar could clear everything up for us?”
Eren was exhausted, barely able to hold himself up, the tone of his voice showing just how tired he had become. “Yes, sir.” Eren knelt down to keep his strength and you wrapped his arm around your shoulder to help support him. “Well, at least I think so.”
Pyxis nodded and watched you both carefully. “For the moment there is no way to validate all of the claims that you two have made.” He pointed to his head and tried to reassure you before turning back around. “For now I’ll just catalog them in here. With that being said, I can usually tell the difference between lies and truth, which is why I will personally guarantee your safety.”
You felt as if a weight had been lifted from your shoulder. You would have done anything and everything to keep him safe, anything and everything to keep the three of them safe. They were all you had left of your old life, you were responsible for them. Just hearing those words come from the Commander of the Garrison’s mouth made you feel a thousand times better. You looked between everyone as sighs of relief left you all. “Thank you, Commander.”
He nodded to you and moved his gaze to Armin. “You’re Cadet Armin Arlert, is that right?”
Armin threw his hand over his heart in a salute. “Yes sir!”
“You mentioned a plan to harness this so-called ‘Titan Ability’ and use your friend’s power to retake the city. Do you believe it could work? Or were you grasping at straws to try and save your asses?”
Armin was nervous now, his body was practically shaking. “Uh, well… both Commander.” Armin’s wheels were turning in his head as he realized that the Commander wasn’t upset with him. “I was going to suggest that Eren, using his strength as a Titan, could lift the giant boulder below. We could use it to block off the wrecked gate, it’s just big enough.” He sighed. “That was the best idea I was able to come up with on the spot like that.” You all stared at him. It wasn’t a horrible plan, in fact, it gave you a sense of hope as you listened to him. “I-I just wanted to make everyone see how Eren’s ability might provide a solution to the problem we’ve all been facing.”
Commander Pyxis took a swig out of his flask and turned, walking forward to kneel on the ground before the two of you. “What do you say, Cadet Yeager?”
Eren looked confused at his sudden question. “Say, sir?”
“That hole. Do you think that you can plug it up, son?”
Eren’s eyes grew wide. “Well, I… I don’t know. It’s possible. But at the moment I don’t understand my power any more than you do. It’s just, I sort of feel irresponsible giving you an answer, because I don’t really know for sure.”
“Ah, yes… of course. My apologies. I worded the question wrong.” Your gaze shot up from the ground to the Commander’s face at his next words. “Are you willing to, Cadet Yeager? Or not?”
Eren looked at Mikasa and Armin behind him before glancing over at you. He grit his teeth, speaking with venom and determination. “I’ll do it. I don’t know if I can seal that hole, but… I’ll do it.” Eren unwrapped his arm from your shoulder and stood back up, placing his hand over his heart.
Pyxis looked over at you with a heartfelt smile. “I think we could use the help of a certain someone if you’d think he’d help us out.”
You smiled and stood, saluting him. “He’d be more than willing to, you have our whole squad.” You turned to Eren and grabbed the back of his neck roughly, making him look at you. “Start the mission, I’ll find Captain Levi and the others and shoot a signal fire when we’re in the area to help out.”
Eren smiled wider at the mention of Levi, happiness filling his eyes as you turned away, launching your ODM gear as you left to find your team.
* * * * * *
You found Levi and the squad standing on a roof just a little way into the city. Petra spotted you first, they must have been out looking for you. “Captain Levi, behind you.”
Levi turned and you could see the worry on his face wash away. You landed beside them, his worry mixing with anger as he tried to keep sounding like your Captain and not your boyfriend. “Where have you been? We heard cannon fire and yelling, what’s going on?”
Erwin landed next to you out of nowhere. “Pyxis needs you, that’s all you are to know, kill as many titans as you can in the area unless you see the retreat color shot up.” Erwin looked over at you and nodded. “When you get into town Y/n will be deployed to the front ranks to help you. The rest of you will join her after she shoots up a purple flare.” The rest of your team knew nothing about what was going on and you felt horrible. You hated keeping secrets, but you had to protect Eren. You knew how the others would be when they found out, but you weren’t sure how Levi would react to all of this.
You all took off on your ODM gear and headed toward the other side of the wall, looking to see if you could find anyone. You came upon a hoard of titans that were making their way through the city, headed straight for where you knew the boulder was. Captain Levi.” He looked toward you. “We need to take out that swarm before they reach the center.”
You could tell he was confused, but he knew you must have been more in the loop and reluctantly called out orders. “All of you take them down. Y/n, head to the center like Erwin said and shoot a signal flare when you approach so we know where to go.”
Everyone answered him as they split ways. “Yes, sir.”
As you flew around you spotted exactly who you were looking for. Mikasa was standing on a rooftop with a titan facing her. She was hollering at it, it had to be Eren. A punch from the titan came flying at her and you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Mikasa jumped out of the way just in time and hooked her ODM gear into his head. She hung in front of his face and hollered more. “Eren! I know you’re in there!”
You hooked your ODM gear into his head as well and dangled with her. Mikasa looked over at you with panic in her eyes. You hollered along with her. “Eren! Snap out of it! We need you!” His fist started to rise and Mikasa caught sight of it before you.
Her eyes widened as she grabbed for your cloak to get your attention. “We have to move!”
Eren’s fist came barreling at you with full strength. Soldiers around you were starting to holler as well. You anchored in separate directions and got out of the way just in time. With a terrible shriek, Eren’s fist hit his own face, knocking himself out against the boulder.
Titans were starting to surround the group that stood on the roof. The Captain of the squad that was there, Ian, looked over at you. “If you’re here then where is Captain Levi and the rest of your squad? Pyxis said you were coming to help us.”
“They’re taking out a hoard of titans that were headed this way. We have to keep him safe, we’re expendable, he isn’t. He is to be safe at all costs.”
The others in the group started to fight you. “It’s a death wish, the mission is over, we leave him here and we go.”
You shot a glare at them all as they spoke. “We are to keep him safe at all costs, we can’t disobey orders.” As you all argued you heard footsteps coming from behind you… Titan footsteps. You spun around quickly and your eyes grew wide. Eren’s titan form was walking across the square toward the hole in the wall, the boulder upon his shoulder. You smiled and hollered, taking out your flare gun to shoot the purple flare up to signal the team your location.
You looked around at everyone and Armin landed next to you. “As long as we’ve got his back and see it through from this point on, victory will be ours!”
Captain Ian and yourself looked around. Ian hollered out with intent to his squad. “Defend him! To the last man if that’s what it comes to! Eren must reach the gate!” Titans were coming out of the alleyways as they heard Eren’s screeches. “I don’t want a single titan anywhere near him!” Ian turned to Mikasa, Armin, and yourself. “The three of you go, I want you with Eren immediately!”
Soldier poured through the air, you all had a taste of what victory was going to taste like and you weren’t giving up. You shot your anchor into Eren’s arm and flew to him. You landed on his shoulder, putting your hand on his face. As he turned his head slightly to look over with you, you met his giant green eyes. There was no denying that they belonged to your brother. The same softness that there always was when he looked at you in human form was still there in titan form. You smiled at him as Mikasa and Armin flew around you. Titan steam began to pour off of him under the weight of the boulder, he was so close, it wasn’t going to end yet. It couldn’t You gripped onto a strand of his hair and hollered out. “You can do it, little brother! Just a little further!”
As he approached the hole in the wall you gripped tighter to him, putting another anchor into his shoulder. You braced yourself for the impact as his arms began to move. “You’ve got this!” You could feel the motivation pulsing off of him. “FIGHT EREN!” There was one titan standing in your way, Mikasa rushing in to take it down. Eren’s titan hollered as shouts erupted from Armin, Mikasa, and yourself. “GOOOOO!” Eren slammed the boulder into the wall as you turned your head to avoid any shrapnel that came from the force, sealing the hole before you… sealing humanity’s first victory.
Eren’s titan stood back up and put its head to the sky, screaming louder than he had before. You took your flare gun out and shot a yellow smoke round up, turning around to everyone that was standing before you. “We made history today! This day belongs to humanity!” All the soldiers around your group hollered, eyeing the titans closing in from the sound of your shouts. “Take them down! Take them all down!”
You started to cut into Eren’s neck as his titan form collapsed onto its knees. You cut until you could see him, careful not to hit him at all. You grabbed onto his arms and Armin came to help you. You both tossed an arm over your shoulders as Mikasa hollered below. “How is he?”
You hollered back down to her. “Unconscious and scorching to the touch. We have to get him up the wall.”
Mikasa flew up and cut the pieces of flesh still holding him to the carcass. Armin lost his balance and as he did it sent the two of you toppling to the ground. You hit hard, knocking the wind out of you as you desperately reached for Eren’s unconscious figure. The sight of two titans coming toward you made you fight through the pain as you fought to breathe. You had nowhere to go as you looked around for a place to aim your anchors. One of the titans reached his hand out for you as the others were frozen in fear, hollering out to you. You covered Eren’s body with your own as you braced yourself, ready to give your life for his. You quickly put the blades of your swords up, hoping if the titan hit it that it would back off long enough for you to get away with him. Just as the titan’s hand was about to reach you a flash of green went by and blood splattered everywhere.
The sounds of blades cutting flesh filled the air and both the titans landed on the ground beside you. Standing on the back of one of the slaughtered titans was the person who had just saved you. You couldn’t see their face, but you knew exactly who it was as his cloak blew in the wind.
Mikasa and Armin jumped down and stood next to you. Eren spoke weakly, staring at the symbol on the back of his cloak that matched the symbol on your own. “The Wings of Freedom.”
Levi turned around, anger on his face and slight venom in his tone. “Pay attention kiddos. This is the part where you explain to me what it is I’m looking at.”
Levi hopped down from the titan’s body and walked over to you. He reached his hand out for you as Mikasa and Armin picked Eren up. You grabbed his hand and stood. “Erwin is going to explain everything, he said I can’t say a word until it’s released.”
Levi growled some but helped you to your feet. He took in the sight of Eren as he struggled to even stand. “Let’s get him out of here. Follow me.” He started to walk and you matched his pace to catch up with him. You reached for his arm and he ripped it from your grasp. When he looked over at you he had a look of distaste that you had never seen on him before. “The two of us… we’ve got some things to discuss.”
You swallowed hard. You hadn’t even known about Eren’s abilities until today, how were you supposed to explain this to Levi? You didn’t even know what to think about it yourself. And you also knew how Levi was… family or not, he would see him as a threat to humanity until he was proven otherwise.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @monic00l @strangeinternetwasteland @rowley-with-ackerman @kyu-pine @ellechanwrites @barrysimpparker @impinthecloset @nikiniki743 @saudade-mayari @mykuronekome @rokudaddie @vs-redemption @ani-girl-me @feelingsandemotionsnotexplored
Tumblr media
©2021 bakubabes-hatake, please do not repost/modify without my permission, please do not use my work as ASMR without my permission
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newlibrary · 18 days ago
~Red (Taylors Version)~
Tumblr media
In honor of the queen rereleasing Red, I have decided to do moodboards for the tracks! I am leaving some out (ie Ronan) as they aren’t necessarily meant for this type of thing. They will mostly involve Rangers of the past and present but there may also be an unrelated guest player or two! Hope you like them!
Also special thanks to @kreiderrider and @tippedbykreider for helping me match songs with hockey boys and @erikjohnson for proofing my moodboards you guys are the best and I love you dearly!
Holy Ground
State of Grace
I Knew You Were Trouble
All Too Well
We Are Never Getting Back Together
I Almost Do
Stay Stay Stay
Sad Beautiful Tragic
The Lucky One
Everything Has Changed
Begin Again
The Moment I Knew
Come Back… Be Here
Message in a Bottle
Forever Winter
The Very First Night
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whitleyschn33 · 23 days ago
Nitpick November: 07
It’s not midnight yet where I live - 
So remember when it was said that the weather and mountain ranges of Solitas kept the Grimm population at bay from Mantle and Atlas? Yeah, I’m glad that was actually upheld when we got to Atlas.
Oh wait. They didn’t.
This is actually going to be a two-for-one nitpick, because this is about both RWBY’s retcon/not retcon (you’ll see what I mean in a minute) of Grimm in Solitas and how CRWBY chooses to drop these retcons (and the initial information in the first place). In this case, they can’t really be separated. 
So, if you never heard that Solitas had mountains and harsh weather that kept the Grimm population down, that’s not a fault of your memory! That’s because, as far as I can remember, this information was only revealed in the side series “World of Remnant”, some of which was on YouTube at various points, and others were only on RT’s website (maybe), until they started rereleasing them on YouTube about a year or so ago. Actually thinking about it now, I’m not sure if it was ever even said in the show proper that Atlas’s climate was a tundra. Whatever. Point is, this episode, released in 2016 during Volume 4, set the stage for Solitas’s climate and their relationship with the Grimm - something that should have been done in the show proper, but at least this wasn’t relegated to the books, trailers, or mobile games. It was a side series that theoretically was being aired in the same place as the actual show and therefore likely to have been watched and seen.
But then we skip to Volume 7, and this went out the window. Grimm attacks were, while not necessarily treated like a common occurrence in Mantle, wasn’t treated like an impossibility like a city located in a place where Grimm aren’t meant to be able to survive would treat it. No one acted like this was a surprise, or like it shouldn’t be happening. The Grimm attacks on Mantle were all chalked up to being possible because of a hole in the wall - and the Grimm are heavily present for the next two volumes without any comment about this much Grimm activity being unusual.
“Well, okay,” you might be thinking, “it’s annoying that they retconned this information, but since it wasn’t actually ever said in the main series, it’s not that big a deal.” And I might agree with you - if RT didn’t decide to actually give an explanation for the Grimm in Solitas, but only on the fucking card description for the Sabyr Grimm unit in Amity Arena, RWBY’s now-defunct mobile game.
“These Sabyrs seem to have somehow adapted to Mantle's environment. Gone are the days when the cold kept the Grimm at bay, and now we deal with the ice crusted versions of the Sabyr. Still, there is a burning question in our minds. Didn't these Sabyrs... adjust a little too quickly?”
What the actual hell?? This description confirms the WoR information and implies that, yeah, up until recently, Grimm couldn’t survive in Solitas, but at some point fairly recently, certain Grimm have evolved to endure the harsh client - evolved too quickly to seem natural, which implies that Salem has been involved in the creation of these Grimm. This feels like it was a hint at the idea that in V7, we’d see custom Grimm made by Salem sniffing around Atlas and Mantle’s defenses, softening them up with repeated Grimm attacks until they’re ready for Salem and/or her lackey’s to swoop in and finish the job. Something that was never confirmed anywhere in the show - and what’s more? This idea that Grimm have recently evolved to brave Solitas’s weather? Like I said before - no one in the show acts like it’s a thing. No one says anything about how weird it is for Grimm to be this prevalent, no one wonders about why they’ve so suddenly changed, nothing. Something that should be a plot point is relegated to a virtual trading card text box and has no impact on the show proper.
So RT has simultaneously “retconned”, “didn’t retcon but instead dangled a plot thread”, and “never introduced” the concept of Grimm not surviving the colds of Solitas. Depending on which sources of information you’ve actually read, this worldbuilding point comes off with wildly different degrees of competence. If you’ve only seen the main webseries, congratulations, you’re the least muddled, because you were never given any expectations about the Grimm in Solitas, and so no information was retconned for you. If you’ve seen both RWBY and World of Remnant, then you’ll be annoyed about the retcon in the lore. And if you’re a good loyal fan that’s watched both webseries and played the mobile game, and got this unit, and actually read the card description, then now you’ll be left with the thought that “hey, they didn’t retcon this, according to the mobile game, but no one in the show acts like this is information that exists in their world.” I’m just... astounded. Flabbergasted. 
AND IT WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SO HARD TO MAKE THIS WORK IN SHOW. They have an explanation! It’s right there! It would have taken 0 effort to work it into the story, and may have even made V7 better for its inclusion! Have RWBYJNORQ express disbelief and confusion at the Grimm attack when they arrive in Mantle, then have Ironwood explain that in the last couple months or so, the Grimm have been getting closer and closer to Mantle, by now even growing so bold as to attack the city directly, destroying their defenses - defenses that were never meant to keep out Grimm, only humans, and therefore couldn’t take the attacks and recently collapsed, while the Amity Project was already underway. Add in the fact that these aren’t the usual Grimm that lived outside Solitas, but new versions that appear to be specially adapted forms - forms so perfectly adapted it seems deliberate, letting Ironwood and RWBY come to the conclusion that it has to be Salem’s doing, scouting out and weakening their defenses in preparation, making Ironwood more desperate to keep the military on high alert and ready to fend off the next attack, especially after hearing what happened at Haven, and to complete the Amity Project so humanity can finally start launching a counter attack rather than sitting here and just waiting for Salem’s next move. It would also explain why there’s suddenly an enormous hole in the wall - a recent Grimm attack that the wall was never designed to withstand, rather than just “I dunno, neglected even though Ironwood is supposed to be ultra paranoid about his defenses?” 
Just - a couple lines of dialogue in episode 1 and an extra scene or so in episode 2, and this entire mess wouldn’t be a problem. That’s all it would have taken. Instead, we have three varying levels of canonicity for one piece of information - and this isn’t a one time deal. RWBY has comics, novels, manga, at least three spin-off series if I’m counting right, trailers, character shorts, mobile games, board games, at least two games on or coming to consoles/PC, convention panels, a DnD podcast thing, director commentaries, Twitter posts, Cameos, blog posts - so many different sources of information and lore outside of the main series, all with varying levels of canonicity that sometimes alotoftimes contradict each other, and it’s next to impossible to agree on what takes priority, what’s “most” canon. It’s a mess, and it’s clear to me that what CRWBY needs is an actual lorekeeper/lore bible, because they either don’t have one or they don’t have one that’s doing their fucking job.
...Well, okay, so the Grimm thing is a nitpick, but this second part? That’s not a nitpick, that’s a critique, because this is a problem that’s only been snowballing into bigger and bigger proportions, and it needs to stop.
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