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#well this was fun

I was tagged by @yanak324 - thank you babe, but it was HARD AS HELL

Rules: You can only use a movie once, no repeats.

Favorite movie: gotta be honest. Titanic. The DRAMA. The COSTUMS. Young LEONARDO DI CAPRIO. Kate Winslet’s TITS. I mean, this is a perfect movie and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar

From Polish, Cold War. Everyone in the world should watch this movie. 

Also, The Handmaiden, La La Land, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Before Sunrise and Parasite. I cannot NOT mention them, don’t be monsters and let me. 

Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Anastasia. Also, The Princess and The Goblin, I had this gem on VHS and loved it more than my father. Anyone else saw it?

Favorite Tom Hanks movie: Catch me if you can! 

Movie that makes you cry:  Hachiko: A Dog’s Story did not make me cry. It fucking broke me. And don;t even mention Grave of fucking Fireflies around me

Favorite 80’s movie: Dirty Dancing. Rest In Peace, Patrick, you were an angel on earth

Favorite comedy: i wanna say something intellectual and indie, but i watched Easy A and Crazy Rich Asians wayyyy too many times to lie here

Favorite sports movie: yyyy, Battle of The Sexes was pretty good

Favorite courtroom movie: to be honest, idk. The only one that comes into my mind is Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is actually a pretty great movie

Favorite war movie: 1917 is fucking epic. Also… Pacific Rim counts here, right? 

Favorite animated movie: I mean, i cannot just choose one. Don’t be so cruel. Def Mulan, Wall e, Your Name, Perfect Blue, Fantastic Mr Fox, Howl’s Moving Castle… okay, I’m shutting up now

Favorite horror movie: THE VVITCH

Most overrated movie: (500) years of summer. God, i hate this movie. 

Favorite gangster movie: Oldbody! (the korean version of course)

Movie you can watch over and over: Mamma Mia, both parts. These movies are pure oy. Also: Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Pride and Prejudice

Movie with the best soundtrack: Moulin Rouge, gotta agree with my girl Yana here. But Chronicles of Narnia have fucking EPIC scores

Movie you’re most embarrassed that you love: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I am such a sucker for this movie, u have no idea

Favorite Christmas movie: Home Alone. It’s a Polish tradition to watch this movie on Christmas Eve and I do it every. single. year. 

Favorite sequel: Shrek 2 and The Empire Strikes Back are the two single greatest sequels in the history of cinematography. If you disagree, u are just deluding yourself. (also Mamma Mia 2)

Nominating @marauders-groupie

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If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let’s get to know the person behind the blog 馃崁

Okay, that’s a super cute idea and I’ll definitely send it to some friends if I remember.

  1. I think La Croix is a good drink and those who dislike it are a bunch of pansies.
  2. I’m currently watching Glee (on season one, no spoilers) and I’ve gotta say, it’s iconic. They’re a bunch of horny loser theatre kids and I can relate. Jonathan Groff looks fine in this show,,,
  3. I think I’m better than most people because I’m an Aquarius and consider that sign to be the best. I mean, it’s the most rare sign! C'mon, that’s gotta count for something

Have fun, 7 folks I’ll send this to ✌️

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Bias Tag

thanks for tagging me @fullsuninbloom i will totally blame my existential crisis on you.

rules: list 10 biases and then answer the following questions.

1. Baekhyun

2. Kai (fa;vija;wf i’m so sorry just know you’re my OG)

3. D.O.

4. Chanyeol

5. Sehun

6. Suho

7. Taeyong

8. Mark

9. Ten

10. Lucas

Between 1 and 4, who would you rather kiss?

Baekhyun or Chanyeol? Baekhyun, bruh. no questions! oof. next please.

Between 2 and 7, who would be your best friend?

Kai or Taeyong? Taeyong. i’d probably die if i had to friendzone Kai.

Between 5 and 10, who has a better voice?

Sehun or Lucas? AHHH SHIT. uhhhhhhh????? i’m sorry, i’m just more familiar with Sehun, so it’s gonna have to be him.

Between 1 and 8, who is the funniest?

Baekhyun or Mark? JFABIJ;OWF Mark is a crackhead omg! but i gotta go with my boy Baekhyun on this one. i’m like Kyungsoo. anything Baekhyun does, i’ll laugh.

Between 6 and 9, who would you date?

Suho or Ten? Suho. 100%.

Between 4 and 8, who is the best dancer?

Chanyeol or Mark? OH GOODNESS. *panics* Mar—? Cha—? Chanyeol?

EDIT: my logic says Mark but i also just think of Chanyeol dancing Artificial Love in front of me at EXO’rDIUM and i just—

Between 3 and 5, who would you most likely marry?

D.O. or Sehun? D.O. i swear the dude is my spirit animal. please cook for me and sing to me as i fall asleep.

Between 1 and 7, who would you nurse when sick?

Baekhyun or Taeyong? …Baekhyun? obviously? lol but i mean i should also help out my bestie Taeyong aaahhhh!

Between 6 or 8, who would you rather vacation with?

Suho or Mark? Suho. he can help me take aesthetic insta travel pics and shit lol.

tagging @blackberrykai @soos-goddess @baek-byunies @baekhunz @luvpcy @asymmetricalbyun @simplyyeol @betchabyun @kyungseokie i wanna know who your 10 biases are! and if you wanna play, then join in!

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And I’m on the phone with you. You sound damn happy and surprised to hear me, I don’t how to respond. I smile and deflect, lie tell you I called you to only say, Hi. To tell you about school and my life. That I just wanted to listen to your voice. And it tastes like blood in my mouth.

(the truth was we were in a low point and we needed money and you were an option.)

(but every time I tried to bring it up, my voice would not speak. not when you say you’re the only whoever cares anymore, I’m glad you called and remembered. that’s great to tell me about your life. not when there’s a distance of seas and years between us and - I don’t how to close it. )

It feels like a chore. You got to do this. It feels like an obligation. Sometimes it’s guilt because your voice sounds so genuine and I am not (because I don’t how to love you. because I don’t how to talk to you).

I don’t remember you. Not really. Just parts. You leaving again. You shutting that door. Jumping on your back. In the back seat of your car with everyone as a song blasts out and we all are having fun. You taking us to the park and saddling grumpy me with the kids. You taking me to school.

Do you miss him? They ask.

And I think, maybe I do. But it’s complicated.  I think about you sometimes. A trigger and I think about what if. I wonder about what happened.

I remember being young and listening to Mom cry. Mom and her tired face. Mom and her hatred. And I hate you. But I don’t. Not really. I don’t know you.

I don’t your story. I don’t where you’re from and where you’re going.

I hear: so? what does it matter to me? they’re not my family I already have one. But then I’m on the phone with you and I feel something like love in your voice.

April 2014. I remember you coming back for a reason. I was older then. And I came home with you at the door, smiling at me with open arms. And I thought, what do you want me to do?

Those two weeks was the most, I think, I felt like - I missed you. Because I realised there was something to miss, there was something to like after all.

But then I remember being was sick and Mom being busy and you taking me to the hospital while I sat in the passenger seat in pain and unable to breathe.

You took me to the emergency area and we sat there and waited for the doctor. They said I had to stay overnight for later testing but there weren’t any more beds left in the hospital and I had to be kept in this temporary bed; you looked so lost then.

You asked the doctor can I leave him for a moment and come back? I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. But the doctor had a disbelief expression as if she couldn’t believe you had asked that question. And Mom was so angry when she heard about it later.

It didn’t matter anyway. You weren’t allowed to leave me and had to sleep in the chair. Later when I was transferred to the main part of the hospital and I was woken up from my nap you were gone. I think I felt was something like - disappoint then.

But Mom was there when I was awake; hovering, nervous and worried. It made me smile, honestly, you’d think I’m dying or something. I remember her warmth and think – you were very cold.

And I am on the phone with you. You tell me about your family, your work and home as I tell mine over and over (the same story on repeat). You smile and I smile and we’re laughing but I don’t understand the joke.

I remember that April, those two weeks and the car rides to school. I didn’t have to wake up early to go on the stinky bus, run to my other bus and be uncomfortably squeezed between strangers. Those mornings were easier. Those mornings with you were fun. And I remember, being giddy and excited. Curious.

And I remember how the rest of us jumped into your arms but I and my other sister hesitated and didn’t take the step. Instead, you had to. And I hated it. Felt uncomfortable.

Do you miss him? They ask. And I don’t how to answer. No. Yes. Maybe. How do you love a stranger? But you aren’t one. Not really.

And I am on the phone with you. It’s been two years and I didn’t realise, you didn’t realise and we laugh.

And it’s later, later when I am older and have grown much closer to Mom when I sneak into her arms and tightly hug her that I realise —

you aren’t a part of my life and I wish you were so that some things were easier and I don’t think about love and hate but just.

if you were here it would be easier for my mom; if you were here it would be easier for me; if you were here it would be easier for us.

but you weren’t — And I think, oh.

I don’t miss you. I haven’t ever. How could you miss a stranger?

I don’t hate you. I don’t love you. I was only loving the idea of you. And it’s okay now, I realise because we don’t need you. We haven’t. Not really.

But I’m on the phone with you still. You listening closely as I talk and all I am thinking is: when will this call finish?

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well fuck, you write a sentence and a half and just die some days huh.

“So I’m thinkin’ we can hit up some stalls, get some food and then ride the wheel to wrap up,” Jounouchi said, leading Kaiba through the small crowd. When he mentioned the ferris wheel, Kaiba

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bold what applies.      italicize what sometimes applies.      repost don’t reblog.

i.   DRACULA.   cold to the touch. flickering candles. cold breath upon your neck. billowing white gowns. midnight strolls. pearl trimmed bands. indulging in your deepest desires. the fall from grace. the fear of outsiders. bloodstained sheets. dark imaginations. something lurking in the shadows. the urge to run away. glowing eyes in the darkness. the scent of garlic.   preying on the weak. the power to both bring and take life.

ii.    THE   PICTURE   OF   DORIAN  GRAY.   old bookshelves. kisses on the hand . a devotion to the finer things in life. prizing youth and beauty above all. paying the ultimate price. the pursuit of pleasure. blood red sins painted over in white snow. a drug-induced stupor. breaking the heart of the one you love. losing what’s left of your humanity.  

iii.   FRANKENSTEIN. frantic sketches. the stench of something rotten. unorthodox beliefs. a scream from the woods. candles burning out. dangerous knowledge. contemplating existence. the crunch of leaves. the chill of winter in your bones. dark ambitions. prometheus reborn. the contrast between life and death.

iv.   THE   COUNT   OF   MONTE   CRISTO. false accusations. taking justice into your own hands. divine justice. elaborate schemes.  playing upon others’ weaknesses. the solitude of the ocean. an ever-changing identity. dissatisfaction in your life. an alienation from humanity. escaping from prison.

tagged by: @coffeeandkungfu

tagging: @widcwer @musesxinnumerable @tastecfpoison

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Lucifer was…annoyed and delighted as he stared at the crumpled alpha on the ground. “Bloody hell, this is pitiful.”

“Where am I? Who are you?” The teen wolf ha, see what I did there? I should be doing homework asked as he looked around the room.

“I’m the devil and you’re in hell where you belong.”


Lucifer rolled his eyes. “I’m supposed to be heading to earth now but instead I’m here with you.” He scowled. “Do you know how annoying you are? How much I have to listen to people talk about you?” Lucifer scoffed, shaking his head like a disappointed father. “True alpha this, true alpha that– bloody hell! Your stupid face pisses me off so much.”

Scott opened his mouth about to respond but Lucifer cut him off. “And who do you think you are deciding who goes to hell and who doesn’t? The poor kid a couple of rooms down has been getting his heart ripped out over and over again even though he doesn’t fit our requirements! He’s not dead.”

“I’m dea—“


Scott sat there blinking silently as Lucifer continued to complain. “I swear, watching you and your pack is the equivalent to watching a soap opera and you would quite honestly be the most bland character I’ve ever seen! Days Of Our Lives better watch out because you’re coming for their crown! Also, stalking your ex? Hurting an abuse victim? Being an overall dick?” Lucifer kicked Scott in the nuts.


“That’s for being a piece of shit.” He huffed. “Stilinski should’ve let you burn.”

The room rumbled and Lucifer couldn’t help but grin. “Oohh, looks like your friend got picked up. What was it you people were dealing with? The Ghost Riders?”

“Please let me go, I need to help my friends.”

“Hmm…no!” The devil said cheerfully. “I’ll just go help them myself. MAAAAZZZZEEE!” He called out. “WE’RE TAKING A DETOUR TO BEACON HILLS BEFORE WE GO TO LOS ANGELES!”

In the distance, Scott could hear something break along with a pained scream as the door to his hell swung open.


Lucifer cackles and happily skipped to the door. “Oh, and Scott?”

Lucifer turned his head to look at Scott, allowing his face to flicker.

“Enjoy your stay.”

The door slammed shut behind Lucifer, screams echoing behind him.

Lucifer grinned and fixed his suit.

What a great start to his day.

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@brownskinsugarplum76 you didn’t skip a beat with this one ma’am!

Nicknames: Lay-Lay / Lay (can replace y with an i for both)

Name: Hallai (pronounced “Ha-lay-ya”)

Zodiac: Libra (ion remember all that extra moon solar system hi-low stuff)

Favorite Artist(s): [Rock/Oldie Goldies related since this blog is mainly for that] Led Zeppelin (obviously), The Police, Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Talking Heads, The B-52′s & R.E.M (ATHENS GANG GANG!!!), The Clash, Joni Mitchell, Jethro Tull, Steely Dan, Yes, The Who, Kajagoogoo, Prince, Gorillaz, Culture Club, Billie Holiday, Hall & Oates, Fleetwood Mac, James Brown, Os Mutantes, Spirit, Funkadelic, Chicago, Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Mamas & The Papas, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Association, The Band, Ohio Players, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Love, CAN, Jim Croce, The Yardbirds, The Specials, Electric Light Orchestra, Janis Joplin, The Amazing Blondel, Frank Zappa, Sam Cooke, Living Colour, System of a Down, Duran Duran, Oingo Boingo, The Mills Brothers, Dionne Warwick, New York Dolls (I would put more but this is way more than there should be lmao)

Favorite Sports Team: Bold of you to assume I watch SpOrTs ….I meaannn besides UFC & Figure skating ion really be in the cut like that my dudes, and like Plum I suppose I rep the Georgia Bulldogs….to an extent….only because I’m not too far from UGA

Other Blogs: 

@pinktiger501 (My VERRRYYY first blog that I opened when I was 14…you can literally see my gradual phases of fandoms I’ve been in change by the year)

@aceblankthoughts (I think I made this sideblog when I was 16? It was supposed to be an aesthetic/minimalist blog but I failed and it turned out just as chaotic as my first one)

@melanated-writersblock (I made this just last year! May second favorite blog I’ve made after this one. My Korean music sideblog where I ALSO write fics for artists as well)

Do I get Asks?: Surprisingly yes! It makes my heart happy

Blogs I follow: In total I follow 1,309 folks on here

Tumblr Crushes: I have none

Lucky Number: 1,999

Wearing: (Right Now) my blue MTV shirt and black shorts, (In the next hour) my dark plaid trousers with my black Led Zeppelin tee over a white turtleneck and my platform black velvet doc martens (today is my first day back at uni for the Spring semester so I gotta make a good impression)

Dream Vacation: Staying at a nice house in Italy with a decent amount of land and probably a vineyard for a summer. Or a trip to Seoul with a few of my homegirls (we’ve been talking about this since my sophomore year of highschool, it’s gonna fucking happen before I turn 30). Springtime in France, I wake up and walk to the balcony of a cozy penthouse studio apartment with a vintage feel while listening to a Billie Holiday record while I read a nice book and eat my morning breakfast after a night of getting my back blown out by Timothee Chalamet……………………………yeah probably too specific-

Dream: To be a world renowned film and tv show producer/actress/director/writer/singer/etc. and whenever I’m not working on big film or tv projects I’d like to be a film professor at a big university or at least do guess speaker lectures about film and tv at ivy league universities on my down time. (whew! the ambition…..THE FLAVOR!!!)

Dream Car: A 1974 Cadillac Eldorado, Toyota Sequoia (I have a 2003 model but a newer version would slap), and a Murcielago Lamborghini

Favorite Food: Cuban food & Bahamian food. Period. 

Drink of choice: Cuba Libre, Sangria, Sky Juice, Goombay Smash & garapiña

Instruments: My voice is my number one instrument I basically hopped out the womb singing. I played trumpet…middle school through highschool…7 years of my life wasted on an instrument that I felt no connection with (and I STILL can’t fucking read notes!!!). Love the piano but can’t play for shit. And I wanna play the guitar so bad but I haven’t started yet and I’m already 20 and I feel like it’s too late but oh well I’m still gonna try.

Languages: Spanish (thanks to my Cuban dad…my phrasing and accent is impeccable but I’m not fluent and I’m fucking failing my ancestors), I use a lot of Bahamian slang because of my mom and I sometimes confuse my friends (it’s not my fault they don’t know wtf a boongie is), and Korean (started teaching myself when I was 15, I can read and spell out hangul but I haven’t practiced in a while…if I keep it up for a year or so I could be fluent….which is a shame…..I should’ve been fluent in Spanish instead……..)

Celebrity Crushes: (Sheeesh…we’d be here all day) okay so……Sting, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Anthony Kiedis, Duff McKagan, Eddie Vedder, Josh Kiszka, John Boyega, Trevante Rhodes, Timothee Chalamet, Dacre Montgomery, Florian Munteanu, Seulgi, Jeongyeon, SZA, Indya Moore (aaaand we’ll call it a day for now)

Random Fact: I marathoned both Magic Mike movies the day I turned 18, and I used to scam men on BBW dating sites and made $379 by the end of it.

Tagging: Umm……lemme tag @fan-with-issues @duffshairdye @slashscowboyboots @hallyudoinchica @rogers-wateringcan @ilovetomkeiferslips @xx-kurt-cocaine–xx and anyone else that would like to do it!

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First Line meme

I’m pretty sure no one tagged me, but here, have some first lines (or more)!

Gendry misses her. He feels as if half of him has been forcibly removed, as if he’s going through life as only part of man.

His jaw was clenched and his knuckles were taut, tension seeping out of every pore as he resolutely refused to even glance in her direction.

It had been years since Robb Stark had seen his littlest sister. Eight, to be exact.

“So, thoughts?” “Catch her while she’s monologuing at us?”

For all intents and purposes, Arya Stark is no more than a ghost of Winterfell.

“You don’t get to just walk out on me! That’s not how we work!”

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You talk a lot about being a good gay and lesbian ally for someone writing a het ship.

This Ask in general, plus the fact you term it only as being able to be an ally to people who are “gay and lesbian”, pretty much tells me right off the bat that you’re likely biphobic.  So we’re gonna go through this.

There’s a B in LGBTQA.  It stands for “bisexual”.  Arthur is bi.  Sadie is bi.  I have explicitly written them both as acknowledging attraction to both men and women, and given I’ve mentioned it more than once for both of them, I don’t think you can accuse it of being a “token” singular inclusion.  Hell, I even wrote Sadie’s first instance of coming out being to Arthur.

They’re two bisexual people engaged in a relationship together.  The fact that he’s a cis male and she’s a cis woman doesn’t change the fact that they are not het chars and Sadithur, at least as I write it, is not a het ship.  It’s a bisexual ship.  Them being together doesn’t somehow “cancel” that part of them that experiences same-sex attraction. 

Your idea of bisexuality is apparently “really a confused gay/lesbian who has to end up in a same sex relationship”.  It doesn’t work like that, cupcake.  There isn’t some kind of “is your homosexuality righteous and pure enough” test where any yearning at all towards the opposite sex automatically means you hand in your MLM or WLW card.    

Man, I shudder to think what your opinion of the frequently-lopped off “A” in LGBTQA of ace/demi/grey ace people is if you even can’t accept the concept of bisexuality as valid.

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 So, i was tagged by one of my faves @queensansasteel​ (thank you my dear <3) to put the 10 songs I’ve been listening to the most lately, and then tag 10 people. Get ready for a random list that probably makes no sense!   

  1. Cake by the ocean / DNCE
  2. Raising Hell / Kesha
  3. Don’t start now / Dua Lipa
  4. Sweettalk my heart / Tove Lo
  5. Drip / Jessi feat. Jay Park  
  6. Le ragazze di porta venezia / M¥SS KETA
  7. Barrio / Mahmood
  8. War / Brooke Candy
  9. Mother’s daughter / Miley Cyrus
  10. Mad Hatter / Melanie Martinez

Your turn! @navcissus​ / @nerjaveika​ / @ddagent​ / @monikasartblog / @deisdestiny​ / @afternoon-tea-robyn​ / @itskreen / @ireneborselli​ / @ronordmann​ / @iriswestsallen​ / 

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what would be your mutuals contact name + picture if you had their number.

Oh this is interesting.! also some wont be name names cause of reasons but let’s see what I can come up with …

@ncttrashnoodle woodles 🥺💕


@mitaesoroo bibi 🧸


@sapphiretsuki mom 💌 (she says shes gonna adopt me sooo…)


@sezy001234 sezy 💙


@stay-nearskz taii 🍭


@sundropsoo marie 💛


@baekhyunbitz jade 💜


@esdblu mydearestES 🧁


@halla-san cj 👑


look at me being all creative 😬 I’m horrible at this, also these are the moots I talk to the most and obviously their pic is their bias 🥺

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Cherry Wine, Be, Foreigner's God GO

- Cherry Wine- Do you have a sweet tooth?

my whole body is a sweet tooth at this point. it is known, because the first thing i got from my colleagues for my birthday was a bag of candy i’m crazy about
ALSO my url is a brand of jelly candy

- Be- Have you changed much as a person in the last year?

(i’m a fake fan i don’t know what Hozier song is this???)

Not much, no, but some. I got angrier with some people that I used to respect. Maybe started appreciating solitude even more, a healthy amount of it at least. Other than that, the same delusional bitch you know and love

- Foreigner’s God- Do you ever talk to yourself or something above?

I curse to myself when something doesn’t go my way, but otherwise, no. God is dead, kids

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@theimpalpableasked :   “I’d let you if you asked.” (From Dom 👀)
—— re : soft starters , not accepting .

         there is a script that repeats itself constantly , when she’s in his presence . he will speak , let out a off - handed comment that might seem only relevant to trivial surface matters , and she’ll hear something more in it , like a spectre haunting is words , like everything he says somehow always speaks of now , yes , but yesterday too , and whatever will come next . as if there was a thread constantly joining the two of them , and he’s so desperately trying to get her to see it . once again he succeeds in the effort that has failed so many people before him , and he leaves robin at loss for words . for a while she’s just staring , lips parted as if wanting to say something but forgetting what her line was supposed to be . and yet she remembers : every single time , she remembers all of it . the sounds , the smells of a night out . stealing his sweaters and telling herself it was just because they were much warmer than hers . holding him so close she’d be afraid her skin might melt into his , and yet somehow welcoming it anyway . his words echo in her ears and for a second she almost asks , to just come over and stay with him , the way it used to be , the way it was supposed to be . it would be easy now , wouldn’t it ? forget about past convinctions and just wave a white flag , quietly beg for a forgiveness she hasn’t earned , but seekes desperately , constantly , every time the thought of him passes through her mind and flares up every part of her like an infection she can’t recover from . she almost gives in . almost … a word hanging above them like an axe , always cutting down every bridge they ever tried to build . or perhaps she’s been wielding it — so terrified of an invasion , so isolation becomes a much more appealing option , even if she’s withering , even if her lands are empty and barren and all she needs is a drop of life again . but still she steps away , shying away from the edge of feelings so loud , so vividly bright they might swallow her whole — and in fear of their strength she prefers to be a coward instead , once again offering a chuckle to lighten the hidden weight of his words - replying to truth with unforgiveable triviality .i — i don’t know , dom . she hasn’t called him that in a while , and it slips out of her lips so fast she barely realizes it . she loses control around him , a little bit like losing balance . she never was a fan of free - falling . now she takes a step away from him , as if his presence alone had enough of a gravitational pull to make her slip again . smiles meekly and avoids eye contact , folding her arms as if to close herself off . once again , slipping out of his grip .i have work , and the research , i just — ”  . her gaze lingers into his : just a second , however . it’s just not the right time . never was , apparently . 

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| Day 5 | Sigh the Air Genasi Oathbreaker Paladin |

| Strength: 14 | Dexterity: 11 | Constitution: 11 | Intelligence: 10 | Wisdom: 8 | Charisma: 12 |
Background: Bounty Hunter
Old Oath: Oath of Redemption

Violence was meant to be a last resort, as a team of four they all made that oath together. They would redeem the people, everyone deserves a second chance, they’ll be helping the world. But that kind of life didn’t pay well, a bounty hunter that hardly actually killed their mark wasn’t a good bounty hunter.

One day one member of the team had enough, she killed the mark. She didn’t give them the chance to redeem themselves, she didn’t give them that second chance the team believed everyone deserved.

Sigh broke the oath they all made as friends, and the group of four soon became a team of three. They gave her a chance to redeem herself, but she didn’t take it.

She’s not the calm before the storm, for she IS the storm. The wind is powerful around her, in battle she was like the destructive force of a tornado. You should fear the sound of thunder, for they say that means she’s near. The storm may very well take your life next.

Storms are cool, very cool.

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