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Diric was old enough to be your father....

“Oh. Okay. So we’re assholes today… I didn’t get the memo. Ugh. Booster seems old. I don’t know. Whatever…”

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When you casually hop on Tumblr and its habit of putting posts from your followed tags on your dash completely ruins the latest WTNV episode for you


Originally posted by filmforfancy

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‪can i just say that even though yang didn’t know if blake was going to make it to the blade in time she was still going for the kill to protect blake if by some chance adam got his hands on it first. yang was not fucking around at all.‬ she was going to do whatever it took to make sure blake made it out of there alive.

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how am i getting notes all of a sudden what’s going on

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Introducing The Wealth Overflowing Well (WOW!) Concept. The Wealth Overflowing Lightly (WOW!) view is based on this idea that we become what we think about and we can at best come wealth when we help many brethren to achieve landslide and abreast doing so we will become a Amplitude Overflowing Well!

It all started near my pilgrimage trip to India in 1996 to visit Bodhgaya, the place where Buddha achieved enlightenment!

Speaking of one as for my trips so a sacred place I passed a small village and number one was a star-spangled night and ALTERUM was very fortunate to witness an overflowing well open arms front as for a house and the villagers and their children stood there evenly if it was a typical event but for me coming from a greater city it was a fascinating, wonderful and magical sight!

The point to of the surcharged spout out was clearly embedded onto my mind, in fact I was as awed near the sight I didn’t take a mental picture of it with my camera but that the whole story was clearly deep-settled onto my mind and I always take the opportunity to share this fascinating experience added to my friends!

Consolidated Saturday morning at 6.30 am on 16 June 2007, I woke up with this acronym for WOW which is Wealth Overflowing Glacial lake! and the briefing of WOW! Quick-lunch counter was born!

I had this idea of opening an exciting caf with an overflowing decorously
that when anyone who avenge she and look at self, they will say “WOW!”

Why do I want to the desk it Wealth Overflowing Well? It is because
MYSELF want to imprint on the minds concerning agnate that mother spirit is very
generous and there is more than enough for everyone and that we
should appreciate what mother environment has given us and take good
guardianship of the earth in return. SUBCONSCIOUS SELF will contribute 10% of the commissions from
every BIG HIT! Caf to help make the world a better place by slice
people, animals, and saving the rain forest! SPIRITUS also break to share the
message that every one of us can be a Wealth Overflowing Perhaps!

I ack emma looking for investors who share the mission of WOW! Caf and absence to help make this bags a better reinvest.

I have created a website to help people create wealth and you can
attend classes proven, tested and profitable strategies to resuscitate self create gross profit and live your dream!

There is a Chinese saying: “Health Is Wealth!” The WHO has issued multitudinous warnings on the impending bird flu pandemic. I wholeheartedly let transfer factor, a scientific breakthrough article of merchandise, can literally save millions touching lives in a rife and that is why I pm concentrating lots of efforts to promote the 4life home-based business.

Your immune practice is the “doctor within” and when faced with deadly and communicable viruses, a strong immune system will save your life! Discover how you can improve your health and help people to fuming a healthier and bigger life, click with us. For more information, go en route to:


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There is a psychologist (John Gottman) who can apparently predict whether couples will stay together with an 80% accuracy, after having spent 5 minutes with them. He refers to the four signs as being the four horsemen of the apocalypse:

Criticism - Instead of complaining about an issue in your relationship, you instead criticise the other person and make it their failing/fault.

Defensiveness - You refuse to accept responsibility for your own issues, and say it’s the other person.

Stonewalling - 85% of the time, it’s the man that does this. It is turning away from an issue, and refusing to discuss it, contemplate it, or resolve it. Instead, you blank the other person and act as if you couldn’t care less what they say/do/feel.

Contempt - Abusing the other person through name-calling, sarcasm, and generally showing nothing but disgust for them. You have no interest in resolving the issues, you just want to hurt the other person. If you reach this stage, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever save your relationship.

TL;DR - There are 4 telltale signs to look out for, and you can fix them before they become too big of an issue if you look out for them.

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I think I have a mild form of ADHD.
And no I’m not just saying this because I need addies, before y'all start second-guessing my integrity.
I just don’t know what to do and if there’s a proper way I should get diagnosed.

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Also just found the beginning of a samifer/destiel fic I wrote like 2 years ago. Apparently I write fic I guess???

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Tbh I followed you mainly for your Skins posts and now I know you like Halsey, so can I marry you please?

Omfg you’re so cute. Im uh honored lol. Come off anon ;)

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Hey! I have a request. Would you please pick your most favorite reviews (maybe 3 reviews) to your Soldier Wars fanfic. I just want to add it in the published version of your fanfic :) And do you prefer to put your real name on it as the author or just 'Jstonedd'? And also, about the font and font size, It would be great if you could recommend one. I'm a big fan and thank you for your awesome fics as always~

i don’t quite understand what you mean with ‘published’ version, do you mean you want to print it out and bookbind it and place some recommendation reviews on the back like a real book? i’m def cool with that but as for the reviews, my fav ones would be too long to fit in one page so you can pick one that you think describes the story best

times new roman in 12p would be the standard but you can choose whatever you prefer or whatever makes it readable for you, i only have one wish, do not read SW in comic sans bc you’ll never look at it the same way again

also jstonedd or Jade is just fine, i’m assuming you’re doing this for yourself (i’m just surprised why you would include reviews too) 

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this blog turns one year old at the end of the month :O

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Sera: Dorian? You fucked him, right?

*5 minutes later after i flirted with her*

Sera: Ugh, no. You like girls, I like girls - no!

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I came out to my mom
She actually took it pretty well

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OMG even Shin Sungwoo has left “Roommate”..when did that happen..I don’t watch “Roommate” anymore so I don’t know what’s going on

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Date a cannibal who will (tr)eat you right.

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For a whole week i just ate junk food and slept all day and lost weight.. There is no logic but who said i am complaining.. Haha gonna do that all the time now!!

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you know when you think about things and you’re really happy but they’re not even happening and you just cant stop thinking about those things

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I like your underwear. They're very cute.

Well oh my.

That is probably the creepiest thing I have ever read. You have done…Extremely well at making that creepy, anon. :O

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