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studyspiration-coffee · 2 years ago
what to do when everything’s a mess
Wash your hair. Don’t worry about all those articles online about the best haircare products of 2019 and whatnot, get in, wash it like you usually do, get out. Leave it to air dry, it’s less work for you.
Brush your teeth. Even if you brushed them this morning and are probably going to brush it tonight, do it anyway. Especially if it’s exam time, all that tea or coffee you’re most likely downing (props to you if you only study with water) probably makes them feel kind of gross.
I know most of these lists tell you to run a bath, but let’s face it, for those of you who even have a bath in the first place, the thought of filling that tub and sitting there in complete silence for a couple hours seems like a trek. And ironically exhausting. So instead, just brush your hair, take a nap (set a nice soothing alarm) and once you’ve gotten out of bed, wash your face or at least splash cold water on your face.
CLEAN clean clean clean CLEAN. Easier said than done, but at least start by clearing one messy component of your area; it could be your floor, your desk or your bed. You don’t need to clean and re-organise your entire room marie condo-style for you to actually have a reason to take the time to clean in the first place. A little goes a long way, and you don’t ALWAYS need to do the hard yards ya know.
I would say read a book, but sometimes your brain is melting or buzzing so it can’t really focus on anything lengthy. So instead, find someone reciting a poem online, and just listen to it. I recommend Jeremy Irons and his voicing of tons of T.S Eliot poetry, or Allen Ginsberg reciting his own poetry (Howl is a classic).
If you’re one of those people who drowns their sorrows by listening to music, don’t listen to music!! Don’t reinforce your pain!! So to that I say, listen to a podcast. If the classic podcast genre of true crime is a little too stressful and you’ve already cried twice today, listen to interviews with actors, screenwriters and directors. It can be really refreshing to listen to people you already enjoy the content of talk about their work. I recommend Awards Chatter and Happy Sad Confused.
Stop staring at screens! Just physically sit outside for a bit, you don’t need to go for a jog or do a general workout, just…sit. People-watch, try and memorise the exact scene in front of you, from the mis-en-scene to all the colours and sounds and the way the sunlight feels on your eyelashes. Write it down if you want to, you could even denote a single notebook to your little outdoor descriptions. Or just write on a napkin. To each their own.
Have you eaten today? And I mean something hearty, something that isn’t primarily made out of air and salt. Something that falls under the umbrella of snack does not count; meal is more like it. If not, eat. Preparing food might feel exhausting, but so’s going a relatively long amount of time without something nutritionally substantial.
If you’re feeling emotionally heavily, get out a notebook or even just a scrap of paper, a pen and cry until your eyes are as blurry as can be. With tears down your cheeks, scribble out how you’re feeling. Don’t bother with how neat or messy it is, whether the sentences even stay on the lines, it’s not about being aesthetic. In fact, it’s about being as messy as possible. Let all of it out, and let is act as a physical manifestation of what’s going on in your head. Don’t fight it or deny it, relieve yourself by both constructing and understanding yourself. 
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justinhubbell · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To those we love
To those we lost
And those of us
Whose paths have crossed.
- - -
About this: I’m in therapy. I am in recovery. I am healing.
This triptych is part of a book I’ve been working on.
I’ve been suicidal since the third grade. What I’ve learned over the years is, being suicidal is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not your fault. You’re not “broken” or “worthless” or any of that.
We have the power to change our relationship with anything. We can find balance within ourselves. It’s there.
If you were looking for, or needing a sign? Here it is.
If you needed permission? Take mine.
It might take you a few tries, yes, but there are many people who can help. It’s a slow process but you are worth it.  Don’t give up!
I love you and I’m proud of you!
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sk-lumen · 5 months ago
You’re most powerful when you honor your own rhythm. If your circadian rhythm is nocturnal, don’t follow those “waking up at 4 am changed my life” routines because they’re not for you. If you function best when you focus on a single task, single job, single goal, then working half a dozen sidehustles may not be for you. Honor your own rhythm, work with it instead of against it, and you will achieve so much more than if you blindly follow what’s considered “correct” by social conventions of the time.
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too-hot-to-hoot · a year ago
It's more important than ever to stay healthy in these dark times! Here's some healthy eating and general nutrition guides for plant-based diets. Answering the all-too common "where do I get my iron, etc?" questions.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How to make substitutions:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vegan superfoods and everyday staples:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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scarletravenswood · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
One of my favorite things to do when I get in from the cold is to head straight into a warm & relaxing bath - even better if I have the time to include herbs, plants, and crystals into my self-care routine. Do take enough time for self-care during these winter months? 🌿
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rabbruad1 · 2 years ago
Not every person you encounter will be strong and well and whole. They may, very well, be a person upon whom life has taken a heavy toll.  Do your best to comfort, and console.
Bruce Adler
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stillstudies · a year ago
friendly reminder that saying YES to new experiences and opportunities even if you’re a little afraid of them is super brave and great!!! but also remember that you have a right to say NO and that you do not owe anybody (even yourself) an explanation. we cannot take care of other things if we are not taking care of ourselves first.
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stillstudies · a year ago
just a gentle reminder that you have survived 100% of your worst days. you’re a survivor. you’re living and breathing and getting through your days. tomorrow is a whole new set of 24 hours to try again. it’s never too late! be kind to yourself xxx
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lalalizzy16fitness · 2 years ago
To any runner who thinks they are “Too slow”
To any runner who thinks they are “too slow”.
Most people who classify themselves as runners favorite pastime is to screenshot and post their latest workout around the block. Focusing on their pace and time it took them to do it. Which may leave you feeling a little inadequate knowing your own times without having to post them every time you take a trip around your usual route.
While there is nothing you can do to combat the never ending workout selfies and running timer’s people post on their own social media you can choose to ignore them. Every time you get out there and run, you are free.
You are never too slow to burn the calories and work on losing the weight. No matter how slow you go it is better than sitting still.
You are never too slow to watch the sunrise and enjoy and still quiet before the earth wakes up for the day while you’ve already began your journey.
You are never to slow to give a fellow runner a nod of approval or even a labored “Good morning” as you past each other on the dewy morning sidewalk.
You own the road.
Tumblr media
You may start to overthink your runs. You may ever start to think am I good enough to be out on the road. No one is watching you (really), everyone else you see if just trying to hit their mile times same as you and if they are walking, well, they are probably trying to think about what to make for dinner. Or if he’s going to text back, but at least they are moving forward.
You will still get stronger
Your quads will get stronger; you will fall in love with the power of your feet striking the cement, or the dirt. Your will be amazed as the miles become easier and you begin to set your alarm clock at 5:45 am and even if that doesn’t get any easier. The miles will.
You revel in your success
You are not to slow to chug chocolate milk and remember doing the same thing as a 7 year old.
You are not to slow to become a runner, because you already are one.
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myastrologyblog · 2 years ago
Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions for the Signs
Aries: Plan for your dreams
Aries is a fiery sign who is all about doing, doing, doing, but not so much about planning. They get bursts of quick energy with genius ideas but often never act upon them. This year, Aries, use one of those strokes of genius and see it to completion. Whether this is investing in a new property, creating a business plan, writing a manuscript or planning the trip around the world that you always wanted to take, make plans to take small, incremental steps to achieve this. Whatever big project that you always dreamed of doing, but always seemed so out of reach–now is the time to believe in yourself and see this project of yours come to life.
Taurus: Try minimalism
Taurus, with Christmas and New Years having recently passed, I’m sure you have a plethora of new gifts and clothes in your over-bustling wardrobe, while your poor desk fights for space with your new impulse buys. A good resolution for you is to give up your lesser-used objects and see how much more relaxing life can be without the clutter of them. Minimalism is a lifestyle all about appreciation and value. While not only being more aesthetically pleasing, it can teach you a lot about self-control, the purpose of items and freedom from material fixation. Plus, think of how shocked your friends will be when you stroll up to your next weekend getaway with only hand luggage!
Gemini: Pick up new books
In this busy, digital age, life can become a bit repetitive. We work or study, then we come home and procrastinate on the internet. Reading is a brilliant and great gateway between the two. It’s relaxing, fun and educational. Often in life, after we grow up and leave school, we forget to continue our learning and education. And often when we are in school, we forget about the fun and magic that can be found in learning. Being such a mentally curious sign, there’s no doubt you read a lot anyway, but setting a goal to read styles of writing you haven’t previously explored will open up your mind to new ideas, perspectives and worlds thus adding a bit of well-needed stimulation in an otherwise monotonous week. 
Cancer: Practise Gratitude
Cancer is a sign that truly appreciates the good things in life, it’s one of the many great qualities about them. But when things turn bad, Cancer puts on a pity-infused blindfold to the wonderful things and people they do have in their life. To combat those rainy mood days, try practising gratitude often to get you into the groove of positivity. Set a reminder on your phone, keep a gratitude journal or have someone remind you and begin to write down or say aloud three things you are grateful for that day. Gratitude is the opposite of lacking and so you cannot feel both at the same time. Gratitude can instantly turn a bad day into one of the best you’ve ever had, life is all about perspective and Cancer can benefit greatly from learning this!  
Leo: Spend more time in nature
In such a busy working age, it’s hard to find the time or energy to do anything other than commute to and from one industrial building to the next. Did you know that three-quarters of children in the UK spend less time outdoors than prison inmates? I’m sure the same can be said about adults. There are so many benefits of engaging with nature. As a bold Leo with so much energy and a real passion for adventure, the perfect resolution for you is to go on more hikes and spend more time doing outdoor activities such as sports or even gardening. Studies have reported how nature is good for our happiness and healthiness. It’ll give you, the ever-venturesome Leo, a sense of adventure as you discover new things, a sense of productivity and good use of your energy.
Virgo: Be kinder to yourself
Dear Virgo, you work yourself so tirelessly sometimes only to come home to more self-criticism. While being a perfectionist has led to many great things in your life, it’s important to remember that it’s okay not to be productive 100% of the time, and it’s also okay to take time to yourself. While your sign is naturally the provider/server of others, you need to learn to use that trait on yourself and serve your own needs. Learn that they are important and that kindness begins at home. You will only learn to be less critical of the world by starting with yourself. While you may not be the pampering type, some self-love and lazy days are exactly what you need in order to ultimately be your most productive and loving.
Libra: Strengthen your existing relationships
Libra, you are a social butterfly, you charm any room and your genuine politeness makes you a lovely gem in everyone’s minds. Unfortunately, you have a way of getting carried away with this gift and end up making more superficial relationships than deep ones. This becomes a problem when you face tough times and realise you are alone in your problems. Your resolution is to reach out to some old or existing friends that life has led you to lose contact with. They’ll appreciate it, and this way, you can rekindle some amazing friendships and thus create stronger, more valuable bonds with people. Taking time out to appreciate and spend time with the people in your life who have been there for a long time will make you, and them, much happier.
Scorpio: Solo-travel
Scorpio, the deep, mysterious and soul-seeking sign. Well, guess what? You’re not going to learn the mysteries of the world by sitting on the couch in your hometown. While extended solo-travelling may not be the most viable options in everyone’s lives, it’s good to experience a trip by yourself no matter how short it may be. It’ll not only give you more insight into the world but also into yourself. This time in a foreign place will allow you to truly be yourself as you shed any reputations you have back home and appreciate the benefits of your own company. You can also forge many new connections, experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and learn to trust in yourself, your independence and see the value in transient relationships.
Sagittarius: Start a blog or channel
You have so much to say, and not enough hours in the day to say it, so why not start a blog? Because you are such a busy and often convoluted talker, you might find your comments being brushed off or going unheard by others. However, by sharing your voice on a louder platform you may see the importance of your ideas. You have the gift of the gab so why not make use of it? Blogging, or vlogging, is a great hobby (or career) for an innovative and intelligent Sagittarius. It channels all your creative energy into an organised and thus readable (or watchable) segment that others can understand. Blogging always requires research as well, which makes you learn more every day. It hones many different skills that you excel in such as writing, research, creativity, planning and execution and also connects you with like-minded others.
Capricorn: Get off social media
Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules and restrictions. Yet, you have such a hard time with your unconscious addictions. More than any of the other signs, Capricorn relies on old-fashioned status for respect. That self-respect gets lowered when faced with everyone else’s highlight reels being broadcasted on Instagram and Facebook. Suddenly, you start buying things just for the likes or going places just for the photo-opportunity. Learning to live authentically, in spite of anyone else’s happiness or progress, is vital for you. By comparing yourself to others, you will always be striving for a false sense of happiness. Perhaps a good length of time disconnected from social media would be a great way to boost your real happiness.
Aquarius: Volunteer
Aquarius, the world lover. You are a unique paradox. As much as you love the idea of world peace, ending world hunger and bringing people together–actually having to react to people’s emotions is entirely uncomfortable and awkward for you. But, no true saviour lies behind a screen. People often donate some pocket change to charity at the end of the year and say they did their part, but this will not suffice you. By actively going out into the world and giving people your most important resources– your time and empathy, you will positively be helping the world, and the world will be helping you. This will bring you closer to overcoming your uncomfortable emotions, affecting people’s lives for the better and getting outside your own head with real life issues.
Pisces: Talk to strangers
Now, hear me out Pisces. I know you’re probably already pulling back just from reading the title. Talking to strangers–why would I ever do such a thing? You ask. Because there are so many benefits from this that outweigh the risks. Pisces is naturally a loving and social sign but you are often held back by your own insecurities. Try talking to that person on the bus, or introduce yourself to the cute person sitting alone in a cafe–you never know what will happen and you will be grateful you did it no matter the outcome. By building this essential skill, you will feel so much happier and more free from your internal restrictions. You will also be surprised at how receptive people are to being approached and gain so many new and wonderful connections this year.
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