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thereignclub · 2 days ago
just a reminder : taking care of yourself is productive. taking some time to rest your mind, body, and soul is productive. realizing that you need to give yourself some space to decompress and relax is productive. it is a good use of time because it will benefit you in the long run. we can’t constantly be straining ourselves hoping to be successful if we don’t let ourselves rest. it’s essential. don’t feel bad for giving your mind and body what it needs, it's necessary for your wellbeing and future success.
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postitforward · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Holiday Blues with Tumblr
Feeling down? Dreading the short days and long nights? Well, this holiday season, Tumblr is here to help you conquer your Sunday Scaries all week long!
We’ve partnered with amazing yogis, wellness brands, and mental health enthusiasts to bring you Holiday Blues with Tumblr. With a huge shift in the weather, hours of daylight, seasonal affective disorder season, and whatever else the world is throwing at us this week (🐝Murder Hornets just entered the group chat), we want to empower you to participate in some transformational acts of self-care 🤗.
Don’t worry, we know ‘self-care’ can feel like a chore, not to mention another dent in the bank account. That’s why Tumblr wants to meet you where you are—on your dash.
How does it work, you ask?
EASY! PEASY! LEMON 🍋 SQUEEZY! All we need from you is to show up; we’ll take it from there! Over the next six weeks, Tumblr and our partners will host LIVE classes: fitness classes, mindfulness exercises, interactive quizzes, playlists, and maybe even a dance party.
What if you miss class?
NO STRESS!! We’ve thought of it all. If you can’t make it to the live class (you will be sorely missed), each class will be available here on Post It Forward or on our Youtube channel.
Get to the point! When is the FUN?
Hold your horses — starting November 22nd until January 2nd, here’s what you have to look forward to:
📿Mindful Mondays📿
LIVE morning meditations run by some cool folx
💗Wellness Wednesdays 💗
Mood-boosting tips, tricks & playlists 
💪Flex Fridays💪
LIVE CLASSES and all the yoga 🧘 your heart could desire. All levels welcome—Yoga is for everybody and EVERY BODY
💆Self-Care Sundays💆
Think expressive writing meets self-discovery … with a dash of Dance Dance Revolution. And did we mention, it's LIVE?
We will also have reminders for each class…. we told you WE GOT YOU!
Calm your mind with Mindful Monday on 11/22 (add to your calendar)
Break a sweat with Flex Friday on 11/26 (add to your calendar)
Pamper yourself with Self-Care Sunday on 11/28 (add to your calendar)
Tumblr media
A Few Gentle Reminders:
Make the time for yourself if you think it might make you feel better 🤗.
Showing up is the hardest part. You take care of that and we will take care of the rest.
This is meant to be fun (and we want to make sure you do JUST THAT here on Tumblr).
This is YOUR JOURNEY, so do it your way! Take the classes that make you feel good. Come to the live sessions, or just catch them later. Show up to every class, or do the same class every day for the next six weeks. You do you, boo boo.
One LAST thing:
We need your help to spread positive vibes as we conquer the Holiday Blues. Use the tag #HolidayBluesWithTumblr to share reflections from Mindful Monday , a sweaty selfie from Flex Friday, or anything that comes up for you after a Self-Care Sunday session.
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sk-lumen · 9 months ago
You’re most powerful when you honor your own rhythm. If your circadian rhythm is nocturnal, don’t follow those “waking up at 4 am changed my life” routines because they’re not for you. If you function best when you focus on a single task, single job, single goal, then working half a dozen sidehustles may not be for you. Honor your own rhythm, work with it instead of against it, and you will achieve so much more than if you blindly follow what’s considered “correct” by social conventions of the time.
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desultory-suggestions · a month ago
You have every right to be angry when you are mistreated. 
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thotsfortherapy · 2 months ago
sometimes life is about minimizing the little stressors you have in your life. planning your outfit out the day before, not wearing that eyeliner that takes forever to wash off, putting a glass of water on the nightstand so you don't have to walk all the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night. it's important to know that small changes can have just as much impact as big ones. baby steps my friends :)
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blk-vinluxee · 10 months ago
I just love black women in clean & luxurious spaces.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thereignclub · a day ago
To live the life you desire
For your body
Drink a glass of lemon water
Take your vitamins
Go for a morning walk
Eat a colorful plant based meal
Try a new form of movement
Stretch for 10 minutes
Take a cold shower
Immerse yourself in the sun
Stay hydrated throughout the day
Apply a face mask
Breathe deeply and with intention for 5 minutes
For your mind
Read a book
Clean out your closet
Have a phone free morning/night
Rearrange your room
Listen to a podcast
Write down what you are grateful for
Establish your morning and evening ritual
Plan your day
Try something for the first time
Watch a ted talk
For your soul
Watch the sunrise or sunset
Spend time outside and in nature
Say no without explanation
Connect with someone you miss
Wash your bedding
Read or write poetry
Plant a garden or buy a plant
Greet a stranger
Do something that makes you laugh
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postitforward · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Mondays suck.
Mondays coupled with seasonal affective disorder & holiday blues? Even worse. 
Put yourself first and spend some time with a meditation practice. It might sound tough, but 10 minutes isn’t a long time—and sometimes just taking a moment to breathe can make the rest of your day more centered and calm.
Meditation can:
Reduce stress
Control anxiety
Lengthen attention span
Improve sleep
Boost overall health
It’s also free and can be done anywhere, which is why it is one of our favorite forms of self-care 🤗. Give it a try and tune in.
📿Mindful Mondays📿 with our host Jarrick The Floating Yogi for SIFT Meditation at 8am ET
About the class:
Participants will discuss SIFT Meditation and ways to incorporate it into daily life, then meditate with sound bowls from Buddah A Blessing LLC. Meditation simply puts sustained focus on something. SIFT is an acronym for Sensations, Images, Feelings, and Thoughts. SIFT stands for Sensations, Images, Feelings, and Thoughts. This is an excellent technique for youth to scan and get acquainted with their subjective experience. Jarrick will host a Meditation session where users can observe these SIFT’s and the Meditations ability to create space between them, their triggers, and responses. This will also allow participants to feel more confident if their identified triggers were to arise in daily life. SIFT meditation clears up our Mindspace to make more balanced decisions in tense situations.
Meet Jarrick
Tumblr media
Jarrick The Floating Yogi has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into his life since 2014. He’s trained in Power, Dharma, and Ashtanga Yoga and holds a consistent Ashtanga practice to this day. For several years in his younger days, he was in a band, so he quickly took to Cymatics, the effects of sound, frequency, and vibration on matter and consciousness using sound bowls and other instruments. Jarrick was introduced to Yoga through the fanciful world of Japanese Anime. There he found a world of parallels through the teachings and parables. Jarrick’s kind and gentle manner is well suited to lead students of all levels to integrate the lessons learned on our mat into our daily lives.
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desultory-suggestions · a month ago
You are not a bad person for struggling with jealousy, hatred, disgust, or any other emotions we perceive as ugly. You are allowed to feel. 
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justinhubbell · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To those we love
To those we lost
And those of us
Whose paths have crossed.
- - -
About this: I’m in therapy. I am in recovery. I am healing.
This triptych is part of a book I’ve been working on.
I’ve been suicidal since the third grade. What I’ve learned over the years is, being suicidal is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not your fault. You’re not “broken” or “worthless” or any of that.
We have the power to change our relationship with anything. We can find balance within ourselves. It’s there.
If you were looking for, or needing a sign? Here it is.
If you needed permission? Take mine.
It might take you a few tries, yes, but there are many people who can help. It’s a slow process but you are worth it.  Don’t give up!
I love you and I’m proud of you!
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lazyyogi · 2 months ago
Spirituality is absolutely essential. Why? Because humans are awkward as fuck.
Contemplate the following metaphor:
1. A person juggling smoothly without realizing what they are doing. There are no thoughts or emotions that disrupt the juggling.
2. A person who has realized they have been juggling and now they are fumbling and struggling. All of these thoughts and feelings about juggling--fears, tensions, desires, excitements, etc--get in the way of the flow.
3. A person who is aware they are juggling and continues to do so smoothly and calmly. There is clear, awake, lucid awareness without any disruption from thoughts or emotions that may arise.
The first example demonstrates where the majority of non-human beings of this world are in their development. The natural world is a thing of beauty because of the effortless non-aware harmony. This is the garden of Eden. It does not make animals any less alive or important than humans. It is why animals are innocent. All living creatures are alive and know they are alive, but their experience of the world and of themselves differ. We can make choices, good or bad, that they cannot.
The second example is where most humans are. We have developed a self-awareness that allows us to become tense, awkward, and confused. The transition from example 1 to example 2 is the story of the Garden of Eden. It is the Fall from "grace." The mistake is in thinking that we have to get back there. There is no going back and nor should we want to. There is only moving forward. Evolving.
The third example is where things are going. The stability of realization, or enlightenment, allows for a fusion of examples 1 and 2 into something different from both. There is the effortless flowing harmony of the first example with the sharp clarity and awareness of the second example yet without the ignorance implied with either.
One of the main features that characterizes the change from example 1 to example 2 is the ego. The sense of self is highly developed in the second example to the point in which it becomes self-aware. With the shift from example 2 to example 3, all of the useful functions of the ego (juggling) continue but without the selfing aspects (awkwardness).
That movement forward from our current self-aware awkwardness to full embodied realization is the purpose of spirituality. If it could be said that life has a meaning or purpose, this would be it.
As it stands today, spirituality has become a multibillion dollar industry focused on wellness, increased productivity, and positive life fulfillment. In other words, it has completely lost perspective. It is trying to make us more comfortable with the way things are rather than urging us beyond our current stage of development.
I am not saying there is a problem with wellness, productivity, and life fulfillment, but I am saying it does not go far enough. Don't stop there. We are all going to die, regardless of how healthy, productive, or fulfilled we are. Awakening beyond the appearance of birth and death, therefore, would seem far more rewarding.
Contemplate this and what it might mean in the context of motivation on the spiritual path.
This is the first post in an upcoming series: Fundamental Dharma.
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