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So if Chara keeps frisk in that cell for a few more hours, asgore and toriel would appear and free them. So you see, there are many factors in this that ruins their plan every time. Especially since Frisk told Blooky and Mettaton. I have the feeling those two would tell their friends about what happened.

it sucks to be chara except when it doesn’t. this is why chara was in such a rush to return home and expedite their plan with asriel. time was working against them.

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That’s a difficult question because over all I’m fine? But there’s a lot of stuff making me feel eh

Gjfkf I suppose I’m fine thanks for asking

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hmmm… in all honesty, not that great? but i am getting help now so hopefully things will get better soon!

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You’ll have to wait and see for the changes. But the reason there are no Crystal Gems on Earth was because there was no way to survive the blast, unless you had a Diamond protect you. And the Crystal Gems didn’t have any Diamonds with them, just some strangely OP Rose Quartz. So there’s no chance. None at all. Yep, the Crystal Gems didn’t survive. Mmhmm. Yep.

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Nope. Blue didn’t start the war. Blue’s Court is completely separate from the Crystal Gems. Pink still rebelled as Rose Quartz (though there are a few changes to the war). But of course, there are no Crystal Gems on Earth anymore. The only reason Blue’s Court survived the corruption blast was because Blue was a diamond. And there were no Diamonds with the Crystal Gems, so there’s absolutely positively no way there are Crystal Gems on Earth.

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