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((Fierce corpse Wen Qing, post-canon, horrible concoction of novel elements into CQL-verse, just run with it. You WILL come to appreciate second person perspective.))

The biggest task after Jin Guangyao’s death, the one that no other sect could help with, nor currently-sectless-and-already-far-too-involved Wei Wuxian, is tidying up the Jin Sect. Much of it, you  can delegate in theory, but in practice,you have no idea who you can safely delegate things to. Some of the people in Koi Tower are loyal only to Jin Guangyao; some were loyal to your grandparents. None of them are really loyal to you.

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Wei Wuxian a little unhinged: My newfound brothers and sisters! To the Burial Mounds! To the Burial Mounds! 

Storm drenched Wen Qing ready to flip holding her undead brother and a toddler: Fantastic idea! And what are we going to eat? The bones of the dead?!

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It’s interesting how watching a show with different people/alone changes the entire viewing experience. When I watched it myself, I fell in love with Jiang Cheng’s eyerolls and then Xue Yang’s cheerful psychopathy. Now that I’m watching it with my father, I notice how little there is of JC is in the early episodes and realize he can come off as just a grumpy jerk to new viewers, before they watch him breakdown and bust out his best outfits.

Instead, this time I’m more focused on the Wen Qing/Wen Ning relationship, as my dad seems most intrigued by Wen Qing and her conflicted loyalties so that’s what I’m looking at. I never really got a grasp on her, much as I like her, so it’s making me really look at her and her choices in a whole new way.

I’m also appreciating Wen Chao a lot more now that I’m set on the main characters and have the luxury of paying attention to the smaller roles, and the wonderfully horrible Wang Lingjiao who I can’t help but love to hate. I never thought to discuss the nuances of Wen Ruohan‘s character, as he’s pretty black-and-white, but now with my dad we’re talking about how he saved WQ and WN, the debt they owe him, his thinking Wen Chao is an idiot, his not punishing her for helping her family…it’s a whole different look at things.

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(Masterpost of all the rewatches) (Canary’s pinboard of original content)

Warning: Spoilers for All 50 Episodes!



Wei Wuxian hides in a boat among the lotuses next to a pier in Lotus Pier, the second-most-literally-named home in the show, after The Burial Mounds. This pier has a railing that goes all the way around it, without any ladders or anything. Not to be ADA on main but this means if you can’t Jedi jump, you’re fucked.  


Hefeng Liquor

While Wei Wuxian waits and tries, not very successfully, to keep his shit together, he hears the guards talking about the local booze that they’re going to drink at their murder victory party. We learn, in a desaturated flashback (that OP has done her best to resaturate), that this is lotus-infused wine invented by Wei Wuxian during happier days. 


He kicks the flashback off with his favorite activity, Unnecessarily Erotic Beverage Drinking. I’ve slowed this gif down so we can all appreciate the unnecessariness. The way his hand caresses that leaf OMG


Hopefully he is not drinking lake water out of that leaf. Side note: How is it possible that Xiao Zhan doesn’t have a drinking water endorsement deal? I had to resort to Zhu Yilong’s brand of water for this gag. I figure if it’s good enough to pour directly onto a lightning burn like they do in The Lost Tomb Reboot, it’s good enough for a leaf hummer chastely drinking out of a leaf

(more behind the cut!)

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From chapter 13 of the thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break


“It’s the pain, and probably one of his bad days on top of it,” she tells him when he asks.

Wei Ying, he learns, often sequesters himself from the others, sometimes not leaving the cave for several days. He spends that time feverishly inventing cultivation tools.

“It’s distraction,” she says, sounding tired. “Whatever is going on in his mind, he’s trying to distract himself from it however he can—he’d probably numb himself with alcohol if we had it.”

Nightmares, Lan Wangji is certain, and the trauma of his experiences, perhaps his own lack of self-worth driving a need to be useful through his inventions.

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The Untamed has taken over my life and I aint complaining either. I haven’t felt such joy since the time I was watching that fight from twilight breaking dawn pt 2 as it was only a dream and carlisle didn’t get beheaded.


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