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I think Lan Sizhui was a Yiling Laozu fanboy. When talking about the goddess in the temple, he specifically refers to his work to show how WWX’s theory might be wrong, then tells the story about the goddess who he harrassed and made angry, and then, he specifically got into an argument with Jin Ling bc he was defending him

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In my head Jiang Cheng knew that Lan Shizui was Wen Yuan since the first time he saw the boy clinging to Lan Wangji’s leg on Jin Guangyao’s wedding. He never said anything but he knew, that’s why he always treated him a little differently than just random diaciples, there was a softness there that no one besides Jin Ling could see. Why didn’t Jiang Cheng try to get rid of him? What changed? Well first of all, he looked at the child and then at his own nephew and knew right away that he would not be able tu hurt the little Lan. He was just a child. He was also the only alive thing left, that reminded him of his brother. Because the boy may not have the Wei blood inside him, but he definitely was Wei Wuxian’s son.

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Jin Ling noticed that he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking his dog and a pretty boy whistled him loudly. 

N/A: Idk what I’m doing, I just saw memes about Jin Ling x Lan Jingyi and I fell in love with the ship haha. A-Yuan is a Wen in this AU.

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks.

Day 21: Calamity

Jin Ling noticed he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking the dog in the nearest park, his uncle Jiang Cheng was sick of viewing him all day in bed just because his only friend isn’t in the city for the weekend.

“Get out the house and do something!” he yelled at him after the lunch.

A fucking winter Sunday’s afternoon.

What the hell?

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There’s this cute fic where Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng misunderstand Wei Wuxian’s relationship with Lan Wangji as being abusive and try to intervene and there’s one scene where Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi are watching the fallout from a distance and just….munching on lotus seeds like it’s popcorn. GOLD.

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