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musashi · a month ago
Tumblr media
granted that i only really see it in the twitter/tumblr sects of the AA fandom i really just think it is a product of two things:
1. the black and white thinking prevalent in these spaces, the absolute lack of nuance
2. abused kids projecting onto miles, because miles has canon PTSD and is SO deliciously easy to relate to if you are neurodivergent in any manner. he really is made for Us.
i have FEELINGS about how meta this all is, and i don’t know if i can put them into words, but i want to try.
its SO fucking interesting because ace attorney is literally a deconstruction of the first point? it could definitely be more radical in how it treats retributive justice, but it does a pretty good lukewarm job at driving home the core point that the criminal justice system is inherently flawed and often fails to account for nuance, simply falling into a dichotomy of bad / good and perpetrator / victim. nuance is an intimidating thing, scary to face head on, and black and white thinking is much easier--there are monsters in the world, and they deserve to be punished. to challenge that and think otherwise is terrifying.
that... is miles’ fucking character arc? THAT IS MILES’ CHARACTER. these people who... so clearly see their own pain in him, are stuck right on the precipice of when he breaks free and finds his truth, his peace, his joy.
i have talked in depth about my own complex feelings on retributive justice and specifically karma as a force. but tl;dr as a person coming from a place of repetitive abuse, retributive justice and black and white thinking was like this armor for me--no matter what horrible things happened to me, all i had to do was be patient and wait for the universe to thrust it back upon them. the hurt was all worth it so long as they would be punished, not by me but by something greater and bigger than me that saw and memorized all the horrible shit they’d done.
and this is miles’ solace, too. there is so much trauma inside of him that he cannot erase or unravel, but what he can do is protect others who might be in his shoes. miles becomes a prosecutor because he personally wants to see to it that no one suffer the way he does, he wants to be this divine hammer of punishment that casts due suffering onto the worst of the world. this is easy, this is work that makes him feel good, this is a way for him to protect his younger self in protecting others. miles is an abused kid with a gentle, overflowing heart. he is not a bad person, not in the slightest.
but! he’s wrong. it’s not about bad and good, it’s not about black and white, it’s not about monsters and their victims. at the end of the day, crime is about neglect and tragedy and missteps. people do not do terrible things because of some inherent evil, they do terrible things because they didn’t have someone to offer connection and support. things are not always what they seem on the surface, either, and in all miles’ pain he lost sight of these facts, tunnel vision in his prosecuting career as a crutch for his own pain.
that’s game one--he fucks off, he processes it, he comes back better. he heals. miles makes great strides in understanding all of this, about himself and about the world. 
BUT DO YOU SEE WHY IT’S ALL SO IRONIC... i feel like the people who write these takes about manfred are truly just. they SEE miles and they RELATE to miles and they miss everywhere he went after his trauma. they miss the healing he did. they miss the truth he came to and the way ace attorney just holds up a big sign that says ‘THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IS FUNDAMENTALLY BROKEN, WE NEED TO HUMANIZE CRIMINALS AND REHABILITATE THEM IF WE’RE TO MAKE A BETTER WORLD’ 
and still i read so much AA fic where the perps are just mindless monsters, catalysts to the abuse of others. manfred and dahlia are the worst by far, it’s like they’re stripped of their humanity entirely and exist only to cause pain unto others. it’s such a fucking uninteresting take, for me--if manfred von karma is a monster, then there is little to no narrative weight to everything he does to miles in the eleventh hour. if you make him a loving father and mentor, there is immeasurable fucking weight. 
i. yelling
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ehghtyseven · 2 months ago
✨🐧✨ rusty ✨🐧✨
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wendybird017 · 9 months ago
I'm so fucking tired. I'm tired of having to shrink and edit and censor myself because men will "get the wrong idea" or some other similar bullshit. I'm tired of being told that I invited inappropriate behavior by wearing too much makeup, or dressing a certain way or doing anything that could conceivably be attractive to men.
I'm angry that I've spent so much of my life being gaslit and having my concerns trivialized that it takes me so long to put a stop to people who are draining, demanding and manipulative. I'm angry that being kind or sensitive or candid makes me a target to predatory individuals especially in the church.
I'm furious at men especially inside the church who think that they have the right to any kind of say in my spiritual life. I'm not your spiritual pet project and you have no authority over my faith journey.
I just want to exist in space with my community and not constantly be worried about how some immature, manipulative, selfish man might react to the smallest detail of my person and use that as an excuse to harass me.
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sarahsquirrels · 4 years ago
The idea of finding my Stan makes me all giddy! Im so ready!
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musashi · a month ago
If someone is completely new to the Ace Attorney series, where would you recommend they start? How did you start/find out about the series?
game 1! either playing it yourself or watching someone play. no commentary, full commentary, i'd say just find a good LP where the people playing respect the story and settle down.
of the LPs i've heard ppl recommend pixel partners and press buttons & talk. you can also play with a guide which is what i do when i stream haha. the original trilogy is really cheap! its 15 bucks for all 3 games on switch rn, probably the same for steam. you can licherally put the OG trilogy on anything at this point.
i have always known about AA, back in the early days of the internet it seemed like everyone had played it or heard of it, i've been around since back when the objection.lol website was like. a simple text box that made u a little flash animation! and i had always had people in my circle who liked AA, especially when i joined tumblr. my general opinion on it was "that's the game about the two lawyers, they're gay i think"
then two years ago my friend posted a 'what white haired anime boy are you' uquiz and i took it and got some dude named manfred von karma and was like, who the fuck is this guy. and i then received, hm. about 20 asks! several of them were like "wendy what the FUCK" and the other half were like "so close! please google his daughter."
i was very perplexed by this request. ace attorney didn't have women, i thought. there are no women in ace attorney, i had never seen a single one. so i looked up franziska and she was a mean anime lady with a whip and i got sad about how people on the internet perceive me and proceeded to eat some cheesecake and watch pokemon.
then its a year and a half later and im in a linked universe server and my friend rin is like 'guys i have ace attorney brainrot, if i stream ace attorney will you all come along' and i said 'yes! the uquiz said i was manfred von karma.' and the rest of my friends were like 'wendy what the FUCK' and then they were like 'wait no google his daughter' and i was like i did and it hurt my feelings. but you guys are nice to me and my friends, so maybe i should listen to you.
and then we played ace attorney for 6756756 years, for 7 hours straight, in a discord call for several saturdays. eventually we all started reading it like a high school english class, doing voices and whatnot. when we got to JFA, the night of the first case, i paced around my apartment in a nervous tizzy for 8 hours like i had a fucking audition or something, screaming at various objects in my house in, ostensibly, the worst german accent you can imagined. i own an 8 foot bullwhip now her name is schnappi like from the schnappi das kleine krokodil :) i forgot what we were talking about
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ehghtyseven · 3 months ago
me, yelling: career points year for tanger! woop woop! awesome! way to go buddy! 🥳
also me, whispering: did you really have to do it before signing a contract extension though? 😅
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wendybird017 · 10 months ago
Ok so I'm laughing alone in my apartment like a cycle path thinking about this but let's talk about how Jiang Cheng has the best fashion sense in the whole cultivation world.
Hear me out! The Jins? Boring bland ass color scheme. Your clan color is gold and that's the best you can do? You all got the same damn outfit on and look like Jin Guangshan copy pasted yall. Do better you rich sons of bitches
Second of all the Lans. Yeah yeah you're so cool and righteous in your all white. I want more soft shades of blue and grey. Also ngl Xichen and Wangji definitely went overboard on the hair accessories. Like how many hair pieces does Wangji have in the timeskip? Like too many. This isn't 1997 take out at least one of your giant butterfly hair clips Hanguang-jun.
The Nie clan is doing all right on the fashion front but I'm going to attribute that to Huaisang. He definitely picks out da-ge's wardrobe and is the reason he's well dressed.
But all these suckers got nothing on Jiang Cheng. He's here with the freshest most versatile color pallette in the show. We got soft pastel green and lavender, we got beautiful shades of violet and indigo. If his momma taught him one thing it's how to dress like a badass bitch. Every cultivation conference he shows up looking immaculate and everyone is a little bit hot for him even if he is a surly bitch. He's blacklisted across the board but he still incites incredible amounts of thirst.
Xichen and the one braincell he shares with da-ge just stare at him bc he's so goddam pretty. Even Jiggy is a little star struck by him (and begins to question his choice in hats). Jiang Cheng doesn't understand why no one has good taste. If he weren't co-parenting with Jiggy he would have had Jin Ling yank those stupid ass 2004 Claire's hair accessories outta his head.
Anyways...the costume department for the untamed did an incredible job and I love love love every single outfit
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wendy-ran-away · 6 years ago
My sarcasm sense is tingling.
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wendyhamlet · 7 years ago
I'm thinking once I hit a 100 followers I'll make a video in celebration
just me talking about random stuff...probably dancing/singing...making weird facial expressions...just being odd in general...what do you think?
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squiggies · 8 years ago
Im literally so scared of moving its like the planets fucking aligned themselves to make sure i had everything good happening to me at the palm of my hands and than just fucking swipe it away from me I was at the brink of buying my first car a fucking muscle car to be exact but I had to chip in for the moving vans and plane tickets and all that shit My dreams college was just upstate now i have to spend money that i could be saving to pack all my things and fly there I finally got into a band and all of a sudden we have to move jesus fucking christ at least im good at making friends im like a fucking social butterfly but i just hate that once i get happy most of the time its taken away
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deathinthestorm · 5 years ago
Get to know you game
Send me an ask describing yourself with three fictional characters.
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