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#went out w a bang this was a big one!!
duskamethyst · 7 months ago
stranger danger.
Tumblr media
a/n: did i sit on top of my car to imagine this? sure did. a part of the jujutsu hub collab! thank you vee @suna-reversed for organizing this horny event for us horny people.
word count: 3.8k
genre: smut, nsfw, pwp
warnings: dubcon, literally dumbass porn, degradation + praising kink, daddy kink, gun play, mentions of alcohol consumption, dui and death, public sex, overstimulation, squirting, creampie, implied kidnapping
pairing: criminal!toji x f!reader
summary: dozing off in a parking lot seems dangerous but it seems like the right thing to do. that is, until a mysterious man taps on your window.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you shouldn’t have trusted yourself. you’ve vowed to yourself not to drink tonight, especially when you were driving to the city by yourself. maybe one drink wouldn’t hurt, you thought. but that one drink led you to another until you eventually found yourself light headed and could barely walk in a straight line let alone drive home.
so now you decide it’s best to just stop in a random parking lot and doze off for a couple of hours until you’re certain that you’re sober and ready to continue your journey back home. thankfully the lights are on and there are a few other empty cars in the lot, giving you somewhat a sense of security.
even though you aren’t completely sane at the moment, you make sure the doors are locked, turn off the engine and roll your windows down slightly to allow ventilation. if you could avoid a possible car crash, might as well avoid dying from inhaling some fatal gas. so you push back your seat and close your eyes to let sleep take you over.
but it isn’t for long until you hear a knock on the window.
startled and confused, you instantly get up thinking it would be one of the securities patrolling the area, telling you to scram but you’re only met with a rather handsome man, tall and brawny standing next to your car.
he leans down to your eye level and glares at you intimidatingly before he speaks, “get out.”
in such a panicky situation, your heavy cluttered brain doesn’t really tell you what to do nor what the hell is happening so you only stare back at him tongue tied, unable to properly gauge the situation thanks to both chemicals in your system and adrenaline pumping through your veins.
“are you deaf?” he snarls with anger distorting his face.
the sharp eyes piercing through you coupled with the discernible scar on his lips go so well into his menacing demeanor and you’re aware he’s getting impatient. unsure of what to do, your hand reaches for your keys to turn on the engine, thinking it’s best to leave but he bangs on the window as if to tell you that isn’t what he wanted.
“i only told you to get out. so, get the fuck out. now.” toji waits for you to comply, but instead you just sit there frozen and he sighs in exasperation. “look, i have a fucking gun. and if you don’t do as i say, i won’t hesitate to shoot your brains off. you don’t need it anyway, right?”
toji fishes out his gun, waving it in front of you in warning. “and you’d be fucking dumb to think it isn’t loaded.”
the threatening sight of the firearm is finally what makes you unlock your doors and he immediately swings the door open and pulls you out from your vehicle by the wrist. toji eyes you up and down, taking a special interest in the mini skirt you don with a filthy smirk across his face. he peeks inside the car briefly, delighted over the fact that you’re all alone in the middle of the night– in some deserted parking lot, no less.
“where were you from?” he suddenly asks with less gruff in his tone. the eyes raking up and down your smaller frame so flagrantly makes you feel small and vulnerable.
you lick your lips to return moisture lost to parched skin as your eyes shift from his gun to his face. “a party.”
“a party, hm?” he does a double take on your whole skimpy outfit, sending a plethora of titillating thoughts to run in his head and waking up his primal instincts. he hasn’t gotten his dick wet for a while and opportunities don’t come by so easily when he’s a man on the run. he’d have to be an idiot to let this chance slip through his fingers.
“must’ve put a lot of thought on your outfit tonight. why don’t you give me a little twirl?”
toji deliberately taps the gun on the side of his thigh, reminding you what could happen if you either scream or run. getting the hint, you decide to entertain him, knowing well that you could end up with a bullet in any part of your body if you try to escape.
but do you oppose the idea of a sickeningly attractive man trying to check you out with a weapon in his hand? not really. if anything, the alarming nature of the affair only gives a delicious thrill to your already messed up nerves.
his predatory gaze is fixed on your voluptuous curves and the little sway of your hips as you gracelessly turn around in your heels, making blood rush straight down to his cock before telling you to stop.
“get in front of the car.” he urges.
“huh? why?”
toji cocks the loaded gun in front of you, his expression turning stern and serious once more. “no talking, just do it.”
you walk towards the front with the gun behind your head, careful not to miss your step until you’re facing your car.
“hands on the hood.” he demands, dark eyes silently watching you do as you’re told like a well-trained dog.
you’re certain he can see your ass cheeks peeking underneath the hem of your skirt as cold air hits your skin. the thought of a pair of eyes staring you down hungrily forms an anticipative knot to pull tightly in your stomach as your mind wonders about the dirty things he might and could do to you.
the next thing you feel is the cool metal of the barrel under your skirt, making you shudder as it caresses your puffy folds before dragging upwards to hike up the hem of your unbearably short skirt in favor of checking your panties but oh, what a delightful surprise– not a single thread underneath it all.
“no panties?” he bites back a groan when he notices the glistening slick coated around his black gun. “don’t tell me you’re getting off to this?”
“‘m not–” you deny meekly despite the blossoming heat between your thighs growing bigger when you feel the tip of the barrel against your drenched cunt again.
“don’t lie. you’re a little slut aren’t you? went to a party without your panties on– something tells me you’re an attention whore.” he mocks, poking the gun against your entrance only to observe your little squirms.
“not a slut!” you whine giddily as you spontaneously grind against the long barrel in seek of relief for the dull ache that has formed in your core.
“no? you’re gonna tell me you’re not jerking off to my gun right now?” he chastises with a satirical smile on his lips, feeling his cock harden even more from watching the way you’re eagerly rubbing against the gun he currently holds in his hand.
“i– i don’t know what you’re talking about.” you try not to let your words slur as you play coy, even when breaths are already hitching in your throat.
“oh yeah? ‘cause that cunt is positively leaking right now.” you whimper at his words, being bad and filthy never felt so good– especially to a man you don’t even know. “bet you want me to fill that needy cunt.”
“mhm!” you mewl, gyrating your hips even more salaciously once you manage to find an angle to rub your sensitive clit, sending waves of sensations to every fiber and nerve in your body.
“now that’s an honest little slut.” he coos with amusement lacing in his voice. “why don’t you beg for it?”
you tilt your head back towards him, bottom lip jutting out into a cute pout and eyes pleading. “please..?”
toji lets out a huff, “not good enough, sweetheart.”
your eyes narrow at him, hoping he can read the desperation in them as you call him in the softest mewl that you've used to numerous guys before. “daddy.”
“hmm?” he strokes your clit by rubbing the gun back and forth and watches you quiver with a lopsided grin across his face.
“w-want– need your cock, daddy.” you pant in a shameless expression of your need for him.
“what do you need daddy to do to you, pretty girl?” he studies the barrel, now smeared with your slick.
“need daddy to fuck me– fuck my little tight cunt.”
toji draws his gun away and raises it at the back of your head. “then, get on your knees.”
you don’t need to be told twice as you instantly turn around and face him, the gun now pointing directly to your forehead and follows you even until you’re already kneeled in front him.
“you went a little too fast there, didn’t you?” he chuckles, the sound is smoky and alluring. “so eager. now, take off my pants.”
your hand reaches up to unbuckle his belt and undo his button before pulling the zipper down and tugging off his pants and briefs hastily. your mouth waters at the sight; his thick cock is already throbbing, tip flushing red and leaking precum with a prominent vein on the underside – causing you to quickly disregard the life-threatening weapon in front of your head.
seeing you blatantly gawk at him causes pride to spiral in his chest, as if you’ve never seen a dick before. but is it bad for toji to assume that you've never seen a dick as big as his?
“getting nervous now?” he teases. “fuck that. put it inside your mouth.”
toji exhales sharply once your tongue carefully licks off the salty pre on the tip, rousing him further with only kitten licks until the barrel nudges your head in warning, forcing you to stop your ministrations.
“are you asking to get a hole through your head?” he scowls, showing apparent irritation.
“no.” you answer meekly.
“then? i told you to put it inside your fucking mouth.”
“‘m sorry, daddy.” you wrap your fingers around the base of his cock and give it a few pumps up and down his shaft in hopes to please him and calm him down. “promise i’ll be a good girl.”
“then stop fucking around.”
without a second to waste, you wrap your lips around his cock and hollow your cheeks, squeezing and milking his cock with your tongue and throat as your head bobs up and down. you graze your tongue on the underside and slowly drag upwards, following the curve of his vein before giving a harsh suck on his tip, drawing out a loud groan from his throat.
“look at daddy.”
and you do, fixing your gaze with his darker ones as you slobber his cock with so much drool and you relax your throat in order to force yourself down to the base, devouring him whole even as he tilts the gun next to your head.
“wish i had my phone right now. you should see how you look.” his other hand reaches the top of your head, holding you in place and causes you to choke slightly before jerking his hips forward and begins to fuck your throat.
squelching noises resonate in the silent air, mingled with his grunts. drool starts to seep from the corners of your mouth and tears begin to well up in your eyes as his heavy balls slap against your chin.
“boys must really love you, hm?” you can feel the tension in his fingers as he puts monumental effort into restraining himself and he finally draws his gun away. “just taking it like a good girl.”
you can only whimper around his cock, the praise making you feel hotter that you find your hand between your thighs to push a finger inside your wet cunt.
“fuck– yeah, keep touching yourself like that.” he growls, the sound rumbling in his chest as the vibrations from your muffled moans are slowly sending him to the brink of an orgasm.
you’re too immersed by your own finger pumping in and out to even care about the ache that has formed on your jaw but the moment you feel his cock twitching, you both know it won’t be long until he breaks down.
“you’re gonna swallow all of it. got it?” he states more than questions, feeling his balls tightening as he starts to lose the last remaining control he owns.
you hum in response and flutter your eyes close and you wait until his hips still before he spurts thick ropes of cum down your throat, invading all your senses with the bitter taste of his load.
once he has emptied, you pull away with your tongue gliding along his length, not forgetting to lick off the sensitive slit to clean off any remnants.
“open your mouth.” he demands. you part your puffy lips and stick your tongue out, showing your obedience to his prior order and a delightful smirk makes its way on his face upon seeing that you’ve downed every drop of his cum. “good girl.”
“to be honest, i didn’t think you’d cum quickly.” you blurt out bluntly.
his brows furrow and his face contorts into a scowl. “‘fuck did you say?”
you shrug nonchalantly. you don’t know where it’s coming from either– the alcohol still lingering in your veins or the fact that you feel beyond proud that you’ve made him, some guy who claimed that he wanted to rob your car cum so fast. “well, all the guys told me i give the best head but none of them ever–”
“get up. face the car.”
toji clicks his tongue as you blink at him in confusion and he grabs your arm to pull you up on your feet before spinning you around and bending you down on the hood with his body pressing against your back. you swallow nervously when you feel a nudge against your ass, his dick is still hard despite the fact that he has cummed just a minute ago.
“you’re gonna regret that. once i fucking ravage that little cunt, you’re gonna be begging for me to cum quick.” he leans down to your ear as he threatens, sending shivers up and down your spine.
“i’m sor–”
“no. i won’t give a shit if it hurts you or when you cry for me to stop.”
toji gives a harsh smack on the plump flesh, making you jolt in surprise. with your hands down on the hood, he lifts up one of your knees on top of the car, causing you to spread wide open in an instant before he impatiently pokes the tip of his cock against your pulsating hole.
“but that’s what you want, right?”
your eyes roll back, lips parting in an appreciative squeal as you feel his fat cock stretches you out accompanied with a delicious burn when he sinks in deeper.
“mmh– s-so big–!”
“yeah? never had a dick this big before?” toji pulls out almost completely, eyes fixed on the cock glistening with your slick under the street lights, not missing the white cream attached onto the skin.
“n-no– ah–!”
toji cuts you off with one hard slam of his hips, drilling his cock into your tight pussy in a brutal pace while you keen and whimper as it brushes against your walls, each stretch and drag inside you so exquisite while deep crescent shapes of his nails form on your pliant skin as he holds you firmly by the hips for leverage.
“no wonder you’re so fucking tight. stupid boys didn’t know how to fuck you right.” his words thrum in a burst of heat as he growls in your ear, breaking through your every thought.
you tilt your head towards him with heavy lidded eyes and meet his lust addled gaze. your mouth is gaping in breathless moans, tongue slightly lolled out from your lips as you try to reach closer to his scarred lips, wanting to crash your lips onto his before it stretches into a devilish smirk and you feel warm liquid lands on your palate.
“you looked like you were begging to taste my spit.” he mocks. toji watches as you eagerly swallow it down your throat and he lets out a brittle chuckle. “dirty slut.”
your pussy flutters upon hearing how he degrades you, causing you to buck your hips wildly against him in an attempt to meet his thrusts.
“you liked that, didn’t you? i can feel you clamping down on me like a fucking whore.” he derides, fucking you harder and deeper until your world is reduced into nothing but the way he makes you feel completely stuffed and filled, the cockhead kissing your cervix with each deep strokes.
“please– make me cum, daddy–” you keen as pressure pulls taut in your lower stomach, the slick noises are so loud that the both of you can hear them even through your moans.
your body flushes against his, so close together and you can only focus on the sounds of flesh against flesh, the salacious rhythm making you more delirious.
“then, cum for me. let me feel you gush all over me.” toji brings his fingers to rub against your clit, easily tipping you over the edge by pressing tight circles until you find yourself crashing down with an orgasm exploding throughout your body.
“you want more?” he taunts, helping you ride out the aftershock by continuously rutting his hips into your cunt and not giving you the slightest chance to recuperate.
“ah– ‘s too much–” you whimper as soon as the pleasure begins to numb and you clutch onto his wrist tightly to try and pry his hand away from your sensitive clit.
“too much? don’t think that i’m done with you yet.”
toji finally draws away from you, but only turns you around to face him and effortlessly puts you on top of the hood with your elbows propping your weight. with his hands, he spreads and keeps your legs apart before sheathing his cock back inside your pulsing cunt again, completely mindless of your pathetic sobs. he lifts up your top, not surprised over the lack of bra underneath and he intently watches the way your tits bounce with each merciless pound of his cock.
“s-stop– please–” you whimper feebly as you try to shut your trembling legs together but he doesn’t budge and only keeps his grip on your thighs even tighter, stretching out your pussy for him wider.
“fucking take it.”
toji ignores your plea and his head dips low to your chest, latching his mouth onto one of your nipples and starts to flick it with his tongue coupled with harsh sucks until he pulls back with a pop and watches as the nipple stands erect before assaulting the other, swiftly sending sparks of pleasure down to the bundle of nerves.
“might as well keep you around. be my personal fucktoy. would you like that?” he grins up at you to see your jaw slacking, mouth falling in a wide ‘o’ as the burn down your core begins to cease.
“yesyesyes– make me your slut–!” your toes curl, making your heels drop down to the ground while your knuckles turn white from squeezing your hands into balled fists too hard.
“yeah? you’d do anything for a good fuck, huh?” he sneers at you, although he’s fascinated with your state of arousal.
“mhm– need daddy to fill me up with his cum–” your back rests against the car, reveling in the feeling of his cock abusing your swollen cunt like you’re nothing but a sex doll.
“but daddy’s not gonna cum yet. not even when you’re tightening around him like this.” toji slams your hips down closer to him, fucking into you deeper and harder with his heavy balls smacking your ass.
“t-too deep–! daddy, i’ll–” you babble, losing the ability to form cohesive words as you feel a strange knot twisting rapidly in your guts. the feeling is too intense and unbearable– the refined drags of his vein brushing against your spongy walls is anything but agonizing.
“come on. use your big girl words.” he drags out slowly and quickly pumps back into you ruthlessly. “or are you too dumb already?”
“i’m gonna–”
toji lifts up your legs over his shoulders as he leans down closer to you and he nips on your pulse point, causing your body to tense as your hands find home in his dark locks and tight shirt.
as soon as he lets go, your pupils are blown wide as pleasure washes throughout your body and you feel yourself gushing around the cock still buried inside you along with a broken moan from your lips. the release is oddly more relieving than your prior orgasm, making your body feel lighter as your mind ascends to a state of euphoria. you find yourself panting heavily as you squirt all over him, staining his black shirt with clear fluid and with some of it dribbling down to his thick thighs.
“making such a mess on daddy.” he groans as he feels your walls convulse around him rapidly, milking his cock dry and slowly dragging him down to his own high for the second time of the night.
you can only look at him in a cockdaze with no particular thoughts running inside your head, each one formed gone like popping bubbles. your eyes glued onto every bit of his features; the brows furrowed in concentration, the lips parting in grunts, the damp matted hair against his forehead and you drink the sight of it all even when you’re not sure if you’ll remember it all the next morning.
“fuck– it’d be a shame to not cum inside this pretty cunt, right?” his thrusts turn sporadic, dick twitching as a telltale of his pending orgasm that’s soon to crash down over him. he didn’t need to hear your answer as he ruts into you faster, hips stuttering out of control before a low, guttural sound escapes his throat as he shoots hot ropes of cum, flooding into your womb and stuffing you full with his seed.
and once he lets go of your legs you can feel your whole body sore all over, but you can’t bring yourself to care nor whatever is going to happen after this when the man in front of you has given you what you truly wanted and made you feel satiated like you’ve never felt before.
toji pulls out his spent cock and runs a hand through his hair before putting his pants back on. a cocky smirk graces his lips at the sight of your fucked out body, still splayed on top of the hood with his cum dribbling out from your pussy.
he presses your cheeks together with one hand and forces you to look at him, even as your lids are getting heavy to lift.
“i was serious about you being my fucktoy– and stealing your car.” he cackles. “so, do you wanna be in the back seat or do you prefer the trunk?”
Tumblr media
duskamethyst © 2020 • all rights reserved. do not modify, translate or repost anywhere.
enjoyed this work? wanna buy me coffee? :)
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tulsa-trash · 6 months ago
I usually don’t read the outsiders fanfiction but yours is so good that I can’t resist! just dropping by to say that + I hope you’re doing well and may I request a Dallas Winston fluffy headcanon/imagine? thank u so so much
Tumblr media
I’m doing great! Hope you’re doing good as well :D thanks for reading!
WARNING(S): Mentions of violence, swearing
Most teenagers would be thrilled if they got their house all to themselves for a weekend, but not you. Being alone in your big, empty house frightened you quite a bit. Especially when you were curled up on your couch watching a scary movie with all of the lights off. 
You found yourself cowering deeper into the blanket you had covering your body, the movie was now at a very intense scene. The killer was slowly sneaking behind his victim, the music getting louder and louder with every step he took. He grabbed the women and stabbed her in the chest, a shrill cry erupted from the TV just as you heard a loud bang come from your front door. 
"AHH!" You cried out. 
"Y/N?" A muffled voice called for you.
With shaking legs you got up off the couch and turned the lights back on, you sent the black and white television a dirty look.
"Ugh, why did I even watch that in the first place." You scolded yourself. 
More banging came from the front door, you glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. Who could possibly be knocking at your door this late at night? You grabbed the fire poker from near the fireplace and tiptoed to the front hallway. 
"W-Who is it?" You asked while readying your weapon by holding it up above your shoulder.
"For cryin' out loud, its Dallas! Open the door!"
You sighed in relief and unlocked the door for your boyfriend. You could barely make out his tall silhouette, it was too dark. He quickly brushed past you without saying a word. You rolled your eyes and closed the door behind him, locking it in the process. When you turned, Dallas was no where in sight.
You walked up to your bathroom door and waited for him to get out. 
"The hell is all the screamin' about? I could hear you wailin' all the way from down the street." He said from the other side of the door.
"Yeah... About that..." You face palmed yourself and shook your head. "I was just watchin' a scary movie. The girl was yellin' a lot."
His signature, taunting laugh sounded out, "Yeah babe, sure it was the TV."
You lightly kicked the door, "Well it is really scary, Dal. Now would ya come out already? You haven’t even told me why you’re here."
The door swung open, revealing the smug and cocky Dallas Winston you've come to know so well. Only he had a fresh busted lip, a swelling black eye, and a unlit cigarette dangling from his lips.
"What the hell happened to you?" You asked him worriedly. 
“Since when do I need a reason to come see my girl?” He ignored your question and lit his cigarette.
“Dallas.” You whined. 
"The other guy looks worse, trust me... why do you have a fire poker?"
You groaned loudly and decided not to answer that question. You grabbed his hand and lead him to the living room, forcing him to sit on the couch.
 "That desperate to start foolin' around, huh Y/N?" He teased suggestively whilst grabbing your hips.
You aggressively pushed his hands away before returning the fire poker to it's stand. You then rushed to the bathroom to get your first aid kit from under the sink. Upon your return he was casually leaned back on the couch, exhaling a big cloud of smoke. 
"No smoking in the house." You scolded before snatching the cancer stick out of his mouth. You crossed the room to your father’s ash tray and put it out. 
"Why are you still actin' like a goody two shoes? Your parents ain't even around." He huffed.
"Well maybe I don't want them to come back to the house smellin' like smoke!" You sassed. “They’ll think it was me and they’ll skin me alive.”
You made your way back to him and handed him his half-smoked weed, he took it and placed it back in his carton. As you cleaned his wounds, Dallas went on and on about how good the fight was and how he beat the guy senseless. Once you got to cleaning up his knuckles he was going into detail about how messed up the guys face was, which made you sick to your stomach.
"Dal." You finally cut him off. "All of these details yet you still failed to tell me why you even got into a fight in the first place."
"Ah, that ain't important." He shrugged. 
"Yes it is." You insisted. "I know you love fightin' but I highly doubt you almost killed this guy just for the hell of it."
There was a moment of silence that fell between the two of you, you glanced up from his hands to look at him. He was blankly staring at the wall, expressionless. He was good at that, hiding everything he was thinking or feeling. But you knew better.
"Dallas." You said his name softly, making him turn back to you. "Why?"
"The guy was talkin' about ya." He confessed. "There. You happy now?"
"What do you mean he was talkin' about me?"
"I'm not gonna tell you every f*cking thing he said, man. I sure as hell wasn't gonna let him get away with it." He spat.
"Were you jealous or somethin'?" You asked. 
He rolled his eyes, "The guy was disrespectin' ya, babe. Obviously I wasn't gonna sit there and listen to it."
You placed the first aid kit on the end table then climbed up onto his lap, straddling his waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a light kiss on his bruised cheek.
"You're not mad?" Confusion was laced into his deep voice.
You leaned your head on his shoulder, "No, I'm not."
You felt his hands rest on the small of your back, making goosebumps flood over your entire body.That was always your natural reaction to any of his soft gestures, you cherished these moments as if it would be the last time he'd do it.
"Thank you."
"Thank you, Dal. I don't know what those boys were saying about me but I'm glad you stuck up for me." You told him sincerely.
"Jeez, kid. Don't get all sappy on me now." You could hear the smirk in his voice.
You lifted your head up from his shoulder to look at him, raising one eyebrow. "Sappy? Let's not forget you were the one that got into fist fight over me."
Dallas snickered, "Gettin' all cocky now, huh?"
You nodded your head, "What can I say, its not everyday a girl got the ‘Big ‘Ol Bad’ Dallas Winston wrapped around her finger."
"Oh really?" He raised his thick eyebrows.
"Yeah, really!" 
He swiftly threw you off of his lap, making you land on your back beside him on the couch. You began to laugh hysterically, one hand holding your stomach while the other tried to cover the loud guffaws leaving your mouth. Dallas got on top of you and pinned both of your arms on either side of your head.
"Y-You were jealous!" You sputtered.
"Was not." He grumbled.
"Were too!" 
He sighed and let go of your arms, you giggled as you looked up into his dark brown eyes. "Don't tell the gang."
"No promises."
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astralkoo · 7 months ago
The Snack Thief (M)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader
Genre: neighbors au, smut
Rating: 18+
Words: 6.4k
Summary: in which your annoying, younger neighbor has a nasty habit of breaking into your apartment late at night and stealing your food.
Warnings: strong language, technically breaking & entering, broke college student struggles, older!reader, Jungkook saying noona, explicit sexual content; sub!jungkook, dom!reader, blowjob, kitty gets ate, sixty-nine, very mild degrading (jk gets called a slut like once), needy jk, fingering (m. receiving)
— author’s note; it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? i’ve been trying to get back into my groove so hopefully this is the start of a very active and productive summer for my writing. also! this is cross posted on my new wattpad account bckupbabies so if you see it on there, that’s me don’t worry!
Tumblr media
You woke with a start, heart pounding, skin drenched in cold sweat, fear gripping at your chest.
There's someone in your apartment.
It was a split second realization, one that ripped you violently from the gentle thralls of sleep and had thick, stifling terror settling like heavy stones in your gut. Sucking your lips into your mouth to prevent your breath from coming out too audibly, you strained your ears, listening carefully. At first, all you could make out was the soft whirring of the fan above your head. But then—
In an instant, you were out from beneath the covers, a shiver rushing down your spine as the cold night air nipped at the exposed skin of your arms and legs. Instinctively, your hand shot to the nightstand, rushing over the smooth wood surface, seeking out your phone. Only— it wasn't there. Shit. You must've accidentally left it on the counter last night. Shit.
Gritting your teeth, you stumbled through the darkness, bracing a steadying palm against the wall to guide yourself across the bedroom.
"Where is it, where is it, where is it?" You hissed, searching blindly for the item you're always sure to keep near your bedside in case of a situation just like this. It didn't take long before your fingers grazed the smooth rubber grip of your old-reliable baseball bat. You let out a cautious exhale and moved silently towards the door, careful to avoid the floorboards that squeak.
Keeping your back against the wall, you stepped into the short hall. You could hear more clearly without the separation of your bedroom door; the heavy footsteps and low grumbling voice. It wasn't just your sleep hazed mind playing a nasty trick; there was someone in your goddamn apartment. A combination of fear and rage heated the blood currently rushing through your veins, the thundering of your pulse almost deafening in your ears.
Another loud bang sounded through your apartment and your shoulders tensed.
Were they even trying to be quiet? What a shitty burglar. They should've done their research before busting in. You were a broke college student working at a freaking campus cafe just barely able to afford paying your rent every month. The most valuable thing in your apartment was probably the ultra soft two ply toilet paper you'd splurged on last time you went shopping for basic necessities.
And you'd be sure to bash the bastard's head in before he could lay his greedy fingers on your precious two ply.
Letting out your fiercest battle cry, you swung your bat over your head and launched yourself out from behind the wall, poised for the attack. The man in your kitchen, who was elbow deep in your snack cabinet, shrieked (incredibly un-burglar-like, you might add). The sound was so high pitched and sharp that you flinched, startled as he whirled around clumsily, not only banging his elbows but tripping over his own feet in the process. You were barely able to catch a glimpse of his face before he fell, disappearing behind the counter.
But something about that scream was vaguely... familiar?
The top of his head peeked out from behind the countertop, familiar doe eyes blinking back at you sheepishly. "Hi, noona."
The tension in your shoulders immediately melted upon realizing that you in fact not being robbed by an armed lunatic— rather, you were being robbed by your annoying next door neighbor. Again.
"Are you out of your mind?!" You hissed sharply, frustration flaring, "it's fucking three in the morning! Why the hell are you in my apartment?"
"I was hungry!"
"That doesn't explain why you're here!"
"I was craving ramyeon but I ran out! And– and you always have extra anyway so I thought you wouldn't mind!"
"Ha! You thought I wouldn't mind—" You gritted your teeth, on the verge of seething when you noticed he was still ducked behind the counter. "Why are you still hiding? Get over here." So I can beat your ramyeon stealing ass, you added in your head.
"Drop the bat— then we can talk." He bargained, nodding pointedly towards your weapon, still poised for attack.
Grunting, you reluctantly released the handle, letting it fall to the floor with a sharp clang.
Jungkook let out a low breath of relief, before meekly stepping out from his position behind the counter. Your eyes immediately dropped to his hands, still desperately clutching onto two packets of ramyeon.
Pinning him with a glare meant to reprimand, you crossed your arms firmly over your chest. "Jungkook, you can not keep—" your scolding was abruptly interrupted by a low, thunderous rumbling, your gaze jumping in surprise to the younger boy's face, which was now donning an embarrassed blush. "W– was that your stomach?"
Sucking his lips into his mouth, he nodded, head dropping in shame.
A wave of sympathy washed over you upon realizing just how hungry he must be. Any anger at having your sleep ever so rudely disrupted quickly fizzled out, the tension in your shoulders dissipating as he shuffled his feet shyly.
"Geez, this brat." You muttered under your breath, trudging over to where he stood and snatching the ramyeon packets from his grasp. He looked up at you with wide, pitiful eyes, and you could tell he thought that you were going to kick him to the curb. Instead, you jerked your chin into the direction of the couch and said, "go sit down while I make these. Don't need you hovering over my damn shoulder."
It would be a lie to say your heart didn't flutter a little at the sheer amount of excitement that lit up his face, pink lips breaking into a wide, uncontainable grin. Deciding not to push his luck, he quickly bobbed his head and scampered over to the couch, tossing a bubbly, "thank you, noona!" over his shoulder as he went.
You scoffed, though the corners of your mouth tipped upwards in spite of yourself.
The kid was cute. You'd give him that much. With those big shiny eyes and that stupid bucktoothed grin. Even if he was a perpetual trespasser and a food thief to boot, you'd let his little indiscretions slide... for now.
The ramyeon didn't take long to make, but, even all the way across the room, you could practically hear Jungkook's stomach growling up a storm by the time you were pouring it into two separate bowls. He was squirming on the couch, peaking over the back of it with wide, wanting eyes, damn near drooling at the mere smell of the sodium soaked noodles.
"Don't spill," you warned with a click of your tongue as made your way to the couch, handing him one of the bowls, "eat this, then go home, alright?"
Jungkook was already stuffing his cheeks before you'd even finished speaking, but he paused to pout over at you upon processing your words. "Noona..." he gurgled in soft whine around his mouth full of noodles, making sure to swallow before he finished, "why do you want me to leave so badly? You're hurting my feelings."
You scoffed as he pressed a large hand to his chest, wincing dramatically as if your words had somehow truly wounded him. "Do I have to remind you that it's 3am? I was sleeping. I would like to go back to sleep. I was having a very good dream before you fucking broke in to my apartment and tried to rob me." You hissed, plopping down on the couch beside him and shoveling your ramyeon into your own mouth.
Damn. That shit was good.
"I wasn't robbing you." He protested weakly. You raised an unconvinced brow.  "Just... borrowing."
You barked out a laugh. "Oh? So you were planning to return all the snacks you were about to steal?" His eyes lowered, a guilty pout turning the corners of his mouth downwards. "Yeah, didn't think so."
"Still..." he grumbled bitterly, looking up at you through his thick lashes. "I'm much more fun than sleep."
You snorted. "I beg to differ."
There was an uncharacteristic lull of silence, and you spared a questioning glance in Jungkook's direction, not expected to be greeted by the astonished expression painted across his face.
He looked... genuinely offended.
"Noona," he sounded rather distraught as he set his half eaten bowl down on the coffee table before turning his body fully towards you, "how could you say that?"
Your brows lifted expectantly, confusion swimming in your gaze. "What?" You laughed lightly, not understanding why he suddenly seemed upset. You were just joking around... had you accidentally hit a nerve?
"You have fun with me." He insisted once more, a certain desperation to his words.
"Yeah... when it's not 3am."
"Liar." He scowled, gaze dropping to where his fingers were tracing miscellaneous shapes on the fabric of your couch. "That's when you have the most fun with me."
His voice had dropped into a low whisper at that last part, so you had to strain your ears a bit to make out exactly what it was he was saying. At first, you were confused. The most fun...? But then you saw the faint blush coating his cheeks, the shy fluttering of his lashes, the nervous fidgeting of his fingers...
And it clicked.
A few weeks ago, you did something stupid. Something you shouldn't have done. You'd given into urges that should have remained buried deep, deep inside of you.
"Jungkook." Your voice held a warning pitch as you growled his name. He shuddered ever so faintly at the shift in your tone and quickly turned away from you, snagging his lower lip tightly between his teeth.
"It's true..." he grumbled petulantly, kicking his foot lightly against the leg of your coffee table.
You stared at his profile through furrowed brows, gaze hard and unwavering as you set your own bowl onto the table. "We talked about this, Jungkook. We agreed not to bring it up again!"
"No, you— you made that decision all on your own." He protested quickly, thrusting an accusing finger in your direction. "I made no such promise."
"Jungkook," you sighed heavily, squeezing your eyes shut and pressing your fingers into your temples as they throbbed, "what I did—"
"We," he corrected, leveling you with a stubborn glare, "what we did. Stop acting like I wasn't a willing participant."
"You're a kid—"
"I'm nineteen! I can make my own decisions!"
"No. You can't."
At that, his expression hardened, lips pursing, fingers curling into tight fists, eyes flaring with determination.
"Watch me."
In the next second he was on top of you, straddling your lap, large hands cradling your jaw as he pressed his warm lips purposefully to yours.
Startled, your hands leapt to hold his waist, instinctively steadying him. The rest of your body remained stiff and unresponsive, frozen in shock from the sheer unexpectedness of the kiss. It wasn't until Jungkook let out a soft, pleading whine against your unmoving mouth that you were kickstarted back into motion.
"Jungkook," you gasped out his name, somewhat more breathlessly than you intended, hands rushing between your bodies to push him away by the swells of his firm chest, "w–what are you—"
"You want me." The younger boy swiftly interrupted, his warm breath caressing your lips as his fingers gripped gently at the back of your neck. "You want me. You can't deny it. You said so."
You were goddamn dizzy. "When did I—"
"Fuck, Jungkook. You have no idea how long I've wanted this. How long I've wanted you." It took you an extra second to realize that he was quoting back your words from that night. Word for fucking word. Heat rushed to your face, your hand gripping harder at the thin fabric of his top.
"How do you even remember that." You grumbled bitterly, embarrassed at having been called out.
The corner of his mouth curled into a small, teasing smile. "I have a pretty good memory."
"Bullshit," you scoffed, "I can't count the number of times you've forgotten to bring back the shit that you 'borrowed' from me. I bet you have a fucking closet full of my sweatshirts."
"I didn't forget... I just didn't want to give them back." He informed you in a soft, lilting hum, running his thumb over the smooth cut of your jaw.
"Thief." You spat, but the word lacked any real fire. It sounded weak on your tongue, a soft fluttering of breath that easily could have been mistaken for a moan. You saw his eyes drop to your mouth, desire pooling within them, so thick and dark that you felt it polluting the air around you, polluting your lungs with every jagged inhale.
He shifted on top of you, strong thighs squeezing around your hips. You tried to pretend that you didn't feel the press of something hot and hard against the top of your leg, but the tremble of your eyes and the clench of your fingers were not easily mistaken.
Jungkook sunk his teeth into the delicate flesh of his lower lip, and your gaze followed the motion unconsciously. You didn't even realize you were staring at his mouth until he spoke in that low, hoarse whisper, ripping you violently from your trance.
"Can I take a little more?"
Your brain was screaming at you to say no, screaming at you to not be selfish, to not be greedy. To not want something so terribly that you felt it trembling through your very bones. You shouldn't want this. Shouldn't want him. He was too young, too naive, too sensitive. You'd break the poor boy before he even realized what happened.
You should say no.
Mind made up, you opened your mouth, fully prepared to reject the boy and put a stop to whatever the hell this had become, right then and there. You were prepared to be the responsible senior that you needed to be, for both his sake and yours.
But what actually came out was something entirely different.
Jungkook barely had time to let out a happy whimper before his mouth was back on yours. A soft groan rumbled in your chest as your arms curled around his slim waist, tugging him ever closer. Long fingers tangled in your hair, he gently tugged your head back, leaning himself over you in order to deepen the kiss. You permitted him to do so without resistance, lips parting to allow his eager tongue to invade your mouth.
His body was hot and heavy above yours, but you didn't mind the added weight, the pressure on your thigh probably the only thing keeping you grounded. Because the heat between your legs was a anything but grounding. Sticky and wet, an accumulation of unspoken need and neglected lust that refused to be ignored for even a moment longer. A bleary haze fell over your mind, all the blood in your head suddenly rushing downwards to feed the growing flames in your groin.
The first roll of his hips was so minute, so slight that you would have missed it completely had it not been for the soft, airy moan that escaped his throat. The second was less than subtle, a hard, deliberate grind that rocked his already half-hard erection against your stomach. You felt it there, where your shirt had ridden up to expose a thin strip of skin, the front of his sweatpants growing thick and damp with his steadily increasing arousal. Your grip around him tightened, nails biting into his clothed hips hard enough to have crimson flowers blossoming across his golden flesh.
The sting coaxed a strained moan from Jungkook's inflamed lips, the rolling of his hips growing more frantic. You were quick to steady them, not wanting him to overexcite himself too soon.
"Calm down." Even in your own ears, you voice sounded thick and unstable, and you silently cursed yourself for having gotten so worked up by a mere kiss. But, in your defense, it was one hell of a kiss.
"I'm calm." He insisted unconvincingly through harsh pants, fighting for oxygen but not willing to pull away from you lips long enough to actually breathe. Quite the dilemma.
You chuckled softly, sliding a hand up to grip his jaw, preventing his mouth from finding yours for just long enough to soothe the fierce burn in your lungs. He took that opportunity to strip himself of his top, tossing it haphazardly to the floor.
You felt your stomach tighten, taken off guard by the unexpectedly display of glowing, sun-kissed skin you found before you, stretched across thick, toned muscle that flexed and tightened with even the most minuscule of movements. Subconsciously, your tongue slipped out of your suddenly dry mouth, dragging over your swollen lips.
Jungkook mimicked the motion, reaching down with ink embroidered hands to grip your wrists, gently guiding them up the length of his fit torso. "Touch me." It was a plea, the low whimper lacing the words a dead giveaway of his unyielding desperation.
You didn't hesitate to comply.
Pushing forward, you set vengeful teeth upon his prominent collarbone, biting down just hard enough to leave your mark. He moaned loudly, head falling back as your nails raked over his sensitive nipples. A violent shiver transversed his body, goosebumps rippling across his exposed skin that was set on fire by your greedy touch. He found the back of your head and neck with trembling hands, urging you closer without use of words. You kissed up the length of his taut throat, sucking and licking until you were content with the colorful array of bruises you'd left in your wake.
"Kiss me." You whispered against the defined curve of his jaw, wanting another taste of those pretty little lips. His head dropped forward obediently, mouth open and ready to be received by you. Fuck, he looked so hot from that angle; dark, hooded eyes pooling with lust so deep you could drown it it, kissable, rose petal lips glistening and swollen and just begging for attention, full cheeks flushed a dangerous shade of red that only enticed you further.
How could he look so ruined? You hadn't even touched his dick yet.
The thought roused a scoff in the back of your throat, and Jungkook pulled back slightly at the sound. "What?" He asked, the tip of his nose brushing yours.
"Nothing..." you grinned lazily, before kissing him slowly, deeply, lustfully; kissing him in such a way that the poor boy was trembling in your lap, gasping and whining by the time you pulled away with a lewd smack, lips wet and stained an erotic crimson. You chuckled as he swallowed, pupils blow and unfocused. Reaching up, you cupped his chin, rolling your thumb over his lower lip. He sighed, eyes fluttering as he teased the tip of the digit with his tongue.
"... just wanna put your dick in my mouth."
At that, his shimmering doe eyes popped open wide, shocked— then excited.
"Don't tease me." He pleaded weakly, hips stuttering over your thighs.
You reach between your bodies, taking the time to revere the fine-tuned slopes and edges of his ridged abdomen, before finally finding the hard outline of his flushed, angry cock straining against the thick fabric of his sweats. He gasped brokenly at the contact, forehead falling against your shoulder as he gripped desperately onto your arms, dull nails digging into your biceps. You turned, smirking lips feathering over the shell of his pink tinted ear.
"Wouldn't dream of it."
And then, he was on his back.
Jungkook let out a squeak of surprise, chest heaving as he attempted to process the sudden change in position. But you didn't give him the chance, slotting yourself between his spread thighs
"W– we didn't do this last time." He stuttered clumsily, staring up at you with those wide, dangerously innocent eyes that made you want to absolutely wreck him.
"No, we didn't." You confirmed, nipping lightly at one of his pert brown nipples. He jolted, letting out a low, unsteady moan of your name, a cry for your attention.
"S– sensitive, noona."
God, he is so fucking cute.
"I'll be gentle." The reassurance did little to soothe the violent thundering of his heart, the heavy thrum of it setting his every limb to shaking.
He was nervous. You could tell. Understandably.
Truth is— Jungkook was a virgin.
Key word: was.
As in, before he broke into your apartment at 3am on that fateful morning where you lost your cool because damn did you he look good in that skin tight black t-shirt that showed off those sexy tattoos and those thigh hugging black skinny jeans that squeezed his cute butt in all the right places. Of course, you didn't discover that until after the deed was done (seeing as he hadn't had the mind to tell you while your tongue was shoved halfway down his throat).
But god, you felt so guilty. You'd never taken anyone's virginity before. And you weren't so sure fucking on a kitchen counter was the most... romantic way of losing it. It had been quick, messy, all sweat and teeth and nails, the blunt edge of the cold counter digging into your ass.
Sure, it felt fucking amazing, and you'd received no complaints from Jungkook's end. But still. Had you known, you would've been... gentler. Or, at the very least, you would have had the tact to take him to bed.
You hadn't even blown him for fucks sake.
So, if you were doing this —and, as it appeared, you were most definitely doing this— then goddamnit, you were going to do it right and make up for all the things you hadn't done his first time.
You descended his body slowly, taking your sweet time licking and nibbling over all his lovely curves and sharp edges, marking the places you'd been with pink, flowering bruises. His head kicked back, mouth falling open around an onslaught of heady moans as he reveled in your unrelenting affections. Distracted, he didn't even notice you slipping his pants down his legs until the cool air hit the sensitive tip of his weeping cock.
"N– noona!" He propped himself up on his elbows, desperate to see you, to find your eyes through the disorienting cloud of lust he found himself engulfed in. Arousal spun his brain into useless mush inside of his skull at the sight of you between his legs, looking right back up at him, pretty mouth hovering just above his hard need, soft breath caressing the feverish skin.
"Relax, Jungkook. It'll feel good." You chuckled, pressing a soothing kiss to his hip.
"I– I know," he swallowed, and you didn't miss the dark blush creeping into his cheeks as his eyes fluttered shyly, "I just— I want to make you feel good... too... b- because last time you didn't..."
Last time you didn't...?
"Okay," you hummed simply, pushing yourself up with an easy smile, "I can think of a solution."
Jungkook watched with bated breath as you stood, damn near choking on his own spit when you abruptly shoved your pajama shorts down your legs. "N- no underwear?" He whispered, voice hoarse and strained as he stared unabashedly at the bare expanse of smooth skin between your thighs, glistening with sticky wetness.
You smirked faintly, appreciating the reverence glistening in his melting brown eyes. "For convenience sake," you teased.
He flopped down on the couch with a dramatic groan. "Fuck, you're killing me."
Leaning over the younger boy, you pressed a deep, purposeful kiss to his delicate, lovely lips, eliciting an appreciative moan from his burning chest.
"Don't worry..." you pulled back, breathing the words into his open mouth, "I'll do it slow."
"Fuck..." he squeaked.
Laughing softly, you dropped your knees to the edge of the sofa and splayed a hand over his toned stomach. He was hard and warm to the touch, and you liked the way his muscles flinched and fluttered beneath your palm.
"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do," you pressed your lips to his throat, feeling the way it bobbed as he swallowed, "I'm gonna get on top of you..." you walked your fingers down towards where his dick lay, red and leaking across his belly, "and you're going to eat me out," he moaned shakily against your cheek, hands lifting to grip your arms, "while I suck your pretty little cock. How's that sound?"
"S– so good. Fuck, that sounds so fucking good." He pulled at you greedily, begging you with wide, wanting eyes.
You caved to him all too easily, carefully maneuvering your body until you were situated above him, knees planted on the cushion on either side of his head. Hot breath rushed over your exposed core, sending shivers ricocheting down your spine. Hands gripped at your thighs, rough and calloused against your skin. He was pulling again, whining out soft, shuddering "please, please, please" as he tugged at your hips, trying to get you closer. Closer.
Teasingly, you kept your hips raised, just out of reach of his ravenous mouth, so eager to steal a taste. "Noona," he whined petulantly, "don't be cruel."
Cruel? You nearly scoffed. You haven't even begun.
Regardless, you decided to end the torture there, lowering your hips until you were within his reach. He didn't let a moment pass before his tongue was on you, lapping eagerly at your wet slit. You gasped, clutching tightly onto the thick muscles of his thighs, your own legs growing weak under his relentless ministrations.
Holy shit. You didn't expect it to feel that good.
It was only when Jungkook's hips bucked beneath you, a pleading whimper vibrating through your center, that you realized you weren't fulfilling your end of the deal. Stuttering back into motion, you encircled his hard length in an unsteady hand, feeling the raw heat of it throbbing angrily within your grasp.
"You're good with your tongue, baby." You chuckled breathlessly, pumping him slowly with the help of his spilling precum. He moaned in response to the praise, long fingers digging in hard to the flesh of your ass. Another, more violent tremble wracked your body as his tongue dragged over your sensitive clit, the responding rush of pleasure pulling a low groan from your chest.
Shit, if he kept that up—
Feeling that you'd given him enough of a head start, you dipped down, swiftly engulfing his glistening tip in your lips. Jungkook gasped against you, and you could almost picture his eyes snapping wide open, jaw going slack. The blissful pressure of his tongue gave way to cold air as he tensed and shuddered beneath you, all those hard, rigid muscles turning to jelly as he processed the mind numbing sensation of your mouth around his cock. It was an unwelcome absence, and you quickly found yourself growing impatient and —shamefully enough— needy, your aching core craving attention.
But Jungkook was a mess beneath you, moaning and whining pathetically as his hips bucked and spasmed, entirely overwhelmed. His arms were wrapped around your waist, holding you so tightly you were certain you'd be feeling it tomorrow. You felt his tongue, sloppy and uncoordinated lapping at your folds with a desperation that set your blood to flames. The vibrations of his sounds resonated through your clit, and you hastened your own movement, feeling yourself clench and throb with your impending release.
You pulled off of him with a lewd pop, a thin string of saliva connecting his swollen tip to your lower lip, before sliding your hands beneath his ample thighs and tugging.
"Lift your legs for me, baby."
He obeyed immediately, feet rising from the cushion, too lost in your intoxicating taste to second guess what you were planning. At least, not until he felt your touch shifting from his thighs to his ass, and a warm, wet dribble of saliva sliding over his hole. He flinched violently, a gasp shooting from his lips at the unfamiliar sensation.
"Ah–! N- Noona, where are you touching—" he yelped, trying to sit up and catch a glimpse around the shape of your body. Swinging your ankles up to rest against his shoulders, you forced him back down, looking back at him from over your shoulder with a cocked brow and a seductive grin.
"Where do you think?" You chuckling teasingly. "Are you clean?"
"Yeah..." he whispered shyly, and you could practically feel the heat of his blush radiating against your skin as he confessed, "I– I showered before coming over..."
"Good." You slid a single finger over the ring of muscle, watching in amusement as it fluttered and clenched in response to the unsubstantial caress. "Tell me if you need me to stop, alright?"
At first he only nodded, but choked out a soft "okay" when you pinched his thigh, urging him to use his words.
Purring out a low praise, you returned to his cock, licking a thick strip from base to tip as your index slowly circled his entrance. Jungkook whined and squirmed, still trying his best to keep up with pleasuring you. It was cute, feeling and hearing him struggle.
Somewhere in the back of your mind, you wondered what kind of face he was making beneath your dripping cunt. Were his eyes rolling to the back of his head? Was his tongue hanging out of his mouth? Was his feverish skin glistening with a mixture of his sweat and your arousal? Fuck, you were so curious.
In an attempt to stifle your frustration over not getting to see what kind of fucked out expression he wore, you sunk the tip of your digit into his hole, down to the first knuckle. Jungkook gasped at the unexpected intrusion, his already hard grip on your thighs tightening further. Even with just the tip in, he was clenching hard, and you allowed him a handful of moments to adjust to the sensation. You hummed around his length, swirling your tongue expertly over his sensitive tip to distract from any momentary discomfort he might've been feeling.
It seemed to work well enough, his body gradually relaxing around you as he let out soft, airy moans, delicate whispers of your name fluttering from his lips. "You can—" he whimpered as you licked his slit, "you can put it in deeper."
Heat coiled in your gut, a wicked smirk spreading across your face. "You want it deeper, kookie?" There was a taunting pitch to your words that had the boy curling in on himself, skin hot with embarrassment. When he made no effort to respond, you squeezed your free hand around the thick base of his dick, wrenching a cry from his throat. "If you want it deeper, you have to ask nicely."
"You're so mean, Noona." He whined hoarsely, the muscles in his legs tensing sporadically from the effort it was taking to not fuck himself into your closed fist.
"That didn't sound like a question..."
Jungkook groaned weakly, head tossed back in a mixture of embarrassment and frustration. There was a beat, and then you felt the shy press of his lips against your clit accompanied by a light flick of his tongue.
"P– please put it in deeper, Noona..."
"Mmm, good boy," you emphasized the praise by slipping the rest of your finger into his tight heat, spitting once more to ensure substantial lubrications.
"Ngh— oh f– fuck—"
"Does it hurt?"
"No it just..." he swallowed thickly, "feels a little weird."
"This should help with that," you murmured, more so to yourself than him, curling your finger in search of that small bundle of nerves that would make him—
"Ah! Oh fuck!"
A smug grin settled across your lips. Found it.
Jungkook moaned loudly, tossing his head back, hips bucking violently as you rolled your finger against his prostate, sending tendrils of white hot pleasure bursting through his body. That's more like it.
"Feel good?"
"Yes! Yes! Feels– ah! Feels so good, noona," he sobbed brokenly, clutching onto your legs. You thrust your finger into him slowly, making sure to ease him into the feeling of having something inside of him. If you played this right, perhaps he'd let you do more than just finger him. You had toys sitting in your closet that you were just dying to use. Who better on than the cute snack thief next door?
"Think you can take another?" You asked, a bit eager to stretch him out, to see how much he could handle.
He nodded quickly, grinding his hips greedily down onto your finger, wanting it deeper, harder, faster. "Please. Please. I want more."
"Needy little slut." You laughed dryly, nudging your middle finger against the rim of his wet hole. You sure as hell didn't miss the way his pretty cock twitched in response to the degrading words, and a whole new round of excitement festered inside of you.
You were going to have so much fun with him.
It took a bit of careful prodding before you managed to press the length of your second digit inside of him, his tight walls clamping down around the invading appendages.
"Please move." He begged pathetically.
You planted a steadying palm to his hips as they began to buck, holding them down against the cushion. "You're too tight, sweetheart."
"I– I can't help it." He whined, a distressed cry breaking from his heaving chest.
Sympathy swirled in your belly. You could damn near feel the desperation radiating from his body in thick, hot waves. Dipping your head, you pressed a light kiss to the swollen, red head of his shuddering cock.
"Then let me help you relax."
Jungkook sobbed as you took him into your mouth, the warmth of your skilled tongue tracing a slow ring around the underside of his tip sending his head into a tailspin. It wasn't long before you felt the tension in his muscles melting away, quickly snatching the opportunity to start fucking your fingers into him. The pace you set was slow and steady, but you made sure that with every thrust you were brushing against his prostate.
The amount of pleasure rushing through his body at that point was overwhelming, and he'd been reduced to a moaning, crying mess beneath you. Any words he managed to choke out between his sounds of bliss was broken and unintelligible on swollen lips. A small corner of your mind was concerned about your neighbors, wondering if they could hear his wailing through the dangerously thin walls.
"N– Noona— it's so good, oh my god feels so fucking good—"
Fuck. To hell with the neighbors. They should be goddamn grateful.
You sped up the pace of your fingers, burying them down to the knuckle with each thrust. He was writhing now, unable to control his body let alone keep still as he was engulfed in a mind numbing heat. It wrapped itself around his every limb, his every sense overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of his impending release.
"I– I think I'm gonna—" he couldn't even make it through his warning before he was cut off by his own whimpers. Luckily, you didn't need him to finish his sentence to know what he was trying to say. The signs were obvious enough, especially with the way his wall were throbbing around your fingers, the way he was pulsing between your lips, lathering the back of your tongue with an onslaught his salty pre-cum.
You hastened your ministrations, taking him off guard as your plunged down on his cock, stopping only when your lips met the sweat-slick skin of his pelvis. Jungkook cried out a shattered version of your name, unable to stop his hips from jerking up violently at the feeling of your throat constricting around him as you swallowed.
That seemed to be the last push he needed, because within the next second he was writhing and spilling hot cum down your throat, walls clamping down so hard around your fingers you worried they might break.
It was like nothing he'd every experienced before, he could feel it in every single part of his body. From his curled toes to his trembling finger tips, every last inch of him was devastated by the hurricane of erotic bliss. And unlike every other orgasms he'd experienced in the past, the high of it last way longer than just a few seconds. By the time it finally began to fade, he was still shaking.
You pulled your fingers out of him as gently as you could, but he still whimpered at the sensitivity, quivering legs squeezing shut. Maneuvering around so that you were draped over his chest, you whispered soft apologies against his throat and jaw, spilling soothing kisses across the flushed, perspiring skin. Jungkook curled into you, nuzzling his cheek against the top of your head.
For a while you stayed like that, letting him bask in the post-orgasmic bliss as you bathed him in the kind of tender affection that he wasn't used to receiving from you. But, you'd always considered aftercare a vital part of a good sexual experience so, even if it was a bit out of character, you were more than happy to tell him just how good he'd been for you. And he was more than happy to relish in your praise.
"Noona?" He called for your attention suddenly, after his breathing had finally evened out and the deep crimson coating his cheeks had faded into an endearing pink.
Against your lips, you felt him swallow.
"You didn't cum, did you?"
"I didn't." You admitted after a beat, suddenly reminded of the ache between your legs. You'd managed to be distracted from it, entirely too focused on breaking Jungkook in all the best ways to be concerned with receiving any pleasure. But now, you found yourself very much aware of just how badly you were craving your own release. Subconsciously, you squeezed your legs together.
There was a pause.
"Sit on my face."
The demand had your hooded eyes flying wide open, mouth freezing mid-kiss.
"... please." He remedied in a bashful whisper.
For a moment, your brain went blank, not fully processing the request. But when it finally did, there were only two words that flooded into your mind and rushed from your lips in a breathless, excited murmur.
Fuck yes.
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persephoneyss · a month ago
The Persona.
Tumblr media
Pairing: kim taehyung x f!reader.
Genre: Yandere, dark themes, angst, ghost au!
Summary: "A shadow that won't go away, even in the dark - what is that part of you called Persona showing?"
Warnings: Yandere behavior, obsession, many scares, implied murder (suffocation), ghost/spirit! Taehyung, anxiety problems, use of sleeping pills, self-injury, blood, naming bleeding, work abuse, slapping, etc.
Number of words: 4k+
Tumblr media
︙Author's note: I posted this fic a long time ago on my wattpad, but I decided to bring it here. It's a very different au, and it's really inspired by a character from "Spirited Away".
I hope you enjoy, comments are always appreciated.
(Sorry for any mistakes, my first language is not English and I am not fluent either.)
Puedes leer este fic y más aquí en español.
Tumblr media
You had no recollection of his appearance on an appointed day. He presence was imminent and somehow realistic.
The evil that befalls mankind is caused by itself, in a certain dark way and far from knowledge its heinous acts are punished with hardship and headaches. Your mind went blank, it was simply wonderful.
You were not five years old but still your head managed to create an imaginary companion for you. It was a terrifying and ridiculous scare. Your eyes watched him with fervor, he was beautiful in physical appearance.
His height, face and body caught the attention of your curious eyes. You thought about talking to him but you remained mute, it would not be appropriate. Besides, you still didn't know if it was really a hallucination of your head.
Maybe he was a thief and with those you couldn't be nice.
His dark eyes were the most unlikely thing about him. He was wearing strange old clothes, it was a shirt that was quite big on him in gray and pants with the same characteristics, the clothes that covered nudity, even if it was in bad taste, didn't make him look less beautiful. He was in constancy, beautiful.
"W-what's your name?" Aware of any danger, your voice managed to get his attention more than required. Your hands reached for your phone that was just under your pillow, your first thought was to call the police. But...
He hadn't hurt you.
He didn't answer your question either, he was sitting motionless on the floor staring at you. You hesitate, you do it again. In any case, you decide to wait patiently for something to happen, you get bored easily in wanting to win his empty stare contest, he was boring.
"What's your name?" you insist again, tired of her silence. "You have to leave, this is my house."
Your eyes tremble for a moment, your hands hold him helping him to his feet. And in a moment, he is walking out the door in the same silence in which he arrived. You breathe, releasing all the air you had been holding in your body.
His presence was terrifying and managed to give you chills.
You forget that easily, standing up from your bed. You change your clothes ready to go out for some air, however, a loud bang falls on your ears. You hold your breath again as you walk to the door ready to go to the kitchen and catch an intruder, but before you can leave the same "person" or rather, quiet man re-enters with a plate of food in his hands.
"W-what is that? I don't want it." Startled you move your hands away from him and his strange kindness. You back up a few steps putting some distance between the two of you, his face that showed a slight smile disappears. But again he insists with a noise from his throat, bringing the plate closer to you in anguish.
He seemed distressed by your rejection.
"I don't want it!" you repeat, his attitude was scaring you. You back away backing away until you bump into your bed, you fall into it sitting up. The man standing in front of you drops any expression and changes it to a sad one. You scream in horror as his figure suddenly seems to disappear. The plate falls without warning to the floor, leaving a mark that nothing was a simple dream or a bad play of your head.
It was real.
The next few days passed in a constant riddle, you searched for him all over your house thinking you would find him and get him to tell you what he wanted from you. But he was nowhere to be found. He just vanished into thin air, he flew away like the wind on your winter afternoons.
You lowered your head checking the small list in your hand, you had only a few products left to buy before you could go home.
"That'll be 9,843 won miss"
The line behind you pressured you to hurry your movements, biting your lower lip with such force that it made you bleed, tasting the metallic taste of your blood. A trickle of saliva slid down your chin making you lower your head even more embarrassed.
"Miss, you have to pay. The people behind you are waiting"
A tear slipped this time. "I-I don't have the money, please..." You say in a choked whisper. The young man in front of you watches you uncomfortably, obviously not knowing what to say or do in the face of your wretched situation. "I'll pay for it later-..."
"I'm sorry, I can't do that. You have to leave."
You look at him in surprise, you really expected him to help you but you had simply underestimated the world too much. You had some faith in your own, and now it was like discovering a reality that was always there for you. Wake up, no one is going to help you.
You left the store empty-handed, your slow, stealthy footsteps sliding along the floor of the alley where you came from. You hoped to get lost on the way, it would be something very exciting that would give some enchantment to your stupid life.
And suddenly, a dry gasp woke you up. Again you look at him, he had appeared out of nowhere, just like he left before. He came back and you knew he would never leave, he was wearing the same boring clothes and grimace. "What are you doing here?" you ask angrily, trying to find your phone in your pocket. "I-I have a gun, so don't try to do anything" You lie.
You tremble in terror as his hands hide behind your body, you wait patiently for him to make his first attack so you can run and call the police with a valid reason. However, it doesn't happen. His hands come back into view, they were empty. You frown in confusion, but quickly fall prey to fear and confusion again. Almost as if by magic, several bills of various categories begin to fall out of his hand. They fall to the floor mixing with the dirty water below, you panic starting to move closer to try and stop whatever he was doing. "Stop please stop it!" You scream in overwhelm.
The man stops, obeying your command. You inwardly pray that this and what is happening to you was just an ugly nightmare, and that soon the annoying noise of your alarm would wake you up, ready to start a new day. The stranger looks at you curiously, maybe he thought you would get down on your knees to pick up the money that fell from his hands as if it was nothing.
Obviously, that was wrong. It wasn't worth it.
"You need to stop showing up like that, you might scare someone." You say reluctantly, taking his hand that apparently did exist and you could feel it. Cold as ice. "Come on, before someone else sees you. You're scary."
He's quiet. He just lets himself be guided by you, for a moment you thought about going with him through the crowded streets and maybe being able to check if everyone could see him too. But you discard that idea immediately, you didn't want to spend some kind of embarrassing moment and make people uncomfortable.
"Come in, I'll let you stay for a few days."
The man nods, calmly stepping inside. You feel a glance from behind you, you find your neighbor who was an old woman looking at you strangely. Then only I can see it, amazing and interesting. You laugh at your thoughts closing the door. You hadn't felt the need to talk to him all the rest of the night, he was just sitting there unnoticed. He would spend minutes sitting there doing nothing, then seemed to want to follow every step you took.
"Do you want dinner?" your voice echoes in the quiet place, he looks at you for a moment nodding slowly. You grimace, you didn't feel comfortable being the only one talking out of the two of you. "Can you talk?"
He denies. You're surprised he admitted he couldn't do it, you press your lips together nervously. Still wary you approach him, who is sitting on the floor. "So, can I name you? It's tedious not being able to call you properly."
He nods with a slightly odd smile, you return the gesture by taking a seat next to him while avoiding touching him. You think for a few seconds before coming up with the right name.
The spirit watches you warily, he really didn't expect you to correctly decipher his name. Its connection to you must have been stronger now, or maybe you just guessed. Taehyung, was the name he had in his past life. And now he was doomed to live among mortals as a not necessarily good spirit, wandering day and night not knowing which way to turn. That is, clearly, until he found you, a small pearl of sand on a beach. You were beautiful, and in a way a bit naive.
Taehyung had seen it all, how you sat in front of your bed looking at the window while thinking if it would be right to jump at that moment, you wondered in that curious head of yours if someone would look at your corpse by chance or at least for fun. Then the pills, you took a lot of pills to calm your anxiety, you were a compulsive person and without a doubt, you were lousy at controlling yourself in high-pressure situations.
You were a stupid, aimless person, just like him. The only thing that kept you apart was that you could not be aware that Taehyung was very present and would never leave you alone.
You were his, he would protect you from the world. He had the power to do that, he could even give you money, prepare your food, clean your house or anything that would make you happy and make you love him.
Never let him go-...
"Alright...uh.... Taehyung" You name trying to distract your mind from the strange being, his eyes watch you and make you feel uncomfortable right away. You sigh, then take a breath again. "You'll eat with me, I hope you don't mind eating only homemade ramen. I couldn't afford my groceries today so I had to improvise."
His body is so close to yours that you can feel the chill he emits. You doubt it's real, surely you're in a bad dream that extended longer than required and soon you'll wake up. His hands are raised to show again several bills of great value, they fall to the ground so easily that you find it hard to believe that your mind could have created such an incredible being.
Wake up!
"I told you I don't need your money, please stop, you shouldn't do this for others just like that!" you shout, all the frustration inside you bubbling up. Taehyung looks at you in surprise, it was the first time you showed you had a real temper. You mostly kept your head down, so cowardly. "First rule if you're going to stay in my house, don't make money appear out of thin air."
A gasp comes out of his mouth, he looks worried and distressed. His nervous face gives away what's going through his mind, he quickly drops to his knees picking up the money from the floor before your frightened and surprised self, his hands fill with countless bills. He stands up bringing his full hands towards you, begging with several noises for you to take what he wanted to give you. Tears begin to fall from her face as you insist on not accepting it and try to leave already completely terrified, you turn around watching as she crawls across the floor towards you sobbing and still with her hands raised in the air with the money in them.
Your legs tremble, your breathing stops and little by little the anxiety of the situation begins to affect you incredibly badly. You bite your already previously injured lip, blood trickles down your chin and your hands as well.
Taehyung watches as drops of blood fall to the ground, frightened he gets up trying to touch you thinking that you would push him away. However, all you do is fall to your knees hugging your body protectively.
"Please help me..." You sigh tiredly.
Taehyung disappears before you, causing a wrenching sob to come from your throat. But in a moment he reappears with a first aid kit in his hands. He approaches your weak body taking your arm seeing that you had no cut, but your fingernails had torn the palm of your hand hard. He very carefully and fearfully disinfects the wound, he was thinking what did they do to you to make you so easy to break.
"I'll go to sleep, you can eat if you want."
He nods silently, watching you struggle extra hard to make it to your room. He had managed to disinfect your lip as well, though you never showed him any sign of pain. You were used to tearing your body apart and then building it back up again. A small wound was like a caress to you.
The next day, you prepared yourself as best you could to start your classes. You had ignored Taehyung all morning, even though you knew she didn't need you and couldn't care less.
Bus rides were melancholy for you, you liked to watch the streets with excitement. It was amazing how the world kept turning even though you yourself felt it was the end.
You thought you would see Taehyung following you but it didn't happen. A sigh of relief came over you. You stepped off the bus with a sober and comfortable smile, looked for your lounge calmly and sat down in your seat greeting your seatmate politely.
Strangely, everything was fine.
Your hand moved quickly as you tried to take notes of the class, your eyes only focused on the writing of the teacher who seemed very impatient to erase everything and leave. Suddenly, Taehyung appeared in front of you scaring your mind and making you let out a scream of horror.
"Is something wrong, miss Y/N?" the teacher asks seriously, clearly upset.
"No, no. I'm so sorry." You whisper standing up to bow respectfully.
Taehyung sits on the classroom floor, staring at you as you ignore him again concentrating on continuing to write. You are frustrated as the teacher walks past the strange being but can't see it, you wished everyone could have the privilege of seeing it for what it is, terrifying.
It would be comforting to your damaged mind.
Taehyung stands still, not doing or saying anything as usual. It was fascinating, it was curious, it was strange and you didn't want to see him anymore in your life. You weren't even sure you wanted to know where he came from, and you got tired of asking what he wanted from you with all this.
It existed and it was really fucked up.
Class ended giving way to recess, your seatmate offered you to eat lunch with her so you wouldn't have to be alone in the noisy cafeteria. You accept happy to be able to forget about your loyal follower who is only a few steps behind you.
"Hey, are you all right? You're looking behind us for a while now, are we being followed?" Hyo questions.
"I guess not"
Hyo lets out a laugh at your answer, you smile embarrassed and more reassured that he didn't misunderstand your words. You count the bills in your hand, checking that you won't be able to eat anything but an apple and a glass of water. You receive your order, watching your last bit of money go.
You should start getting a steady job.
You sit down with Hyo who happily eats his hamburger, you smile at him again starting to eat quietly. Hyo suddenly spits out his food on your side of the table, you watch in fright as his face grimaces in infinite surprise. The cafeteria goes silent at the same time, your eyes follow everyone else to witness a bottle of Coke and a hamburger flying through the air as if it were magic or something paranormal. You stand in shock, not knowing what to do, but it's too late when both products are already landing on your side of the table fully served for you.
"What the fuck!"
Hyo gets up as you do, the students start running to get out of the now 'haunted' cafeteria as soon as possible. Your eyes catch the figure of Taehyung appearing right next to Hyo who is still paralyzed, she waves at you with her hand and an adorable smile. You press your lips together, shaking your head and approaching your companion to help her walk to the exit.
"Are you out of your mind, you can't do that kind of thing!" You claim, you were sure it had been him. Taehyung yawns, stretching his body on your living room floor pretending to sleep. "I'm being serious! If you want to stay here, don't try to help me!"
Taehyung opens his eyes, he is a little surprised. He is curious to ask if that is a rule too or an angry saying. He watches you, you are trying to find your sleeping pills in distress, he smiled pretending to be asleep again. He clearly hears how you open the white bottle and how you put two pills in your mouth, drinking water and walking to your room quietly.
He gets up from the floor walking as patiently as you do, following your footsteps like a puppy. He watches you collapse on the bed, totally exhausted. You had walked home, you had no more money to go by bus.
Taehyung felt useless, he wanted to help you with everything you will need, he even went as far as trying to put money in your backpack but you never noticed or used the money.
He was starting to get annoyed by your irritating attitude.
His hands touched your face, he bent down to your level lying on the bed. He sat on your legs, knowing that he would stay in that position for quite some time. He tried to speak but his voice got stuck in his throat, he was trying to be able to communicate with you but rationally it was impossible.
"Y-you..." He sighed, smiled happily and surprised to be able to utter a single word after so many years. He had lost count as he surpassed a thousand.
He bit his lip, wanting to get a little closer to you, he felt nervous and self-conscious at the thought of getting his hands on you in a dirty way. It was tempting, but it was wrong. You were not his properly and consciously.
Or maybe so. Taehyung felt strangely comfortable with you, he had never felt this way even in his physical form.
It seemed that something about you attracted him more than usual. You were not special, you were just like others in many ways. However, to him you were a jewel shining among the filth of the world. He was evil, Taehyung was repulsed by other humans.
They were a pest, he was disgusted by the idea of becoming one of them again, but he would do it if it allowed him to stay with you and have more than the odd cohabitation, possibly form a family. He felt elated at the idea of you ever being pregnant with him, he had seen how humans used that to their advantage to chain their loved ones.
He could do the same with you, clearly.
Your tired eyes left evidence of your lack of rest in your life, you waited on customers at the small "Omelas" coffee shop where I had recently hired you as a temporary waitress. You weren't complaining, it was a simple and practical job, and it gave you time to go to school and even, the pay was good.
"Taehyung..." You whisper in fright, almost dropping a cup on the floor but you catch it in time. You look at him annoyed, walking past him. He was starting to show up more regularly and almost always managed to scare you, at a certain point it was really bad to have him. It was only succeeding in ruining your life even more, you didn't need something like that now. "Go away, I'm too busy. Or do what you wanted, just don't show up like this."
You didn't want to admit that he scared you more than usual and gave you goosebumps whenever he was near you. It was like a horror movie in scale. Taehyung thought for a moment, he didn't want to watch you die slowly.
I was aware of how tired you always seemed to be, how you constantly had constant downfalls in the street while running to get to your school.
I still don't understand why you didn't want to accept what I gave you.
I could give you more if you wanted.
"What's wrong?" you ask annoyed feeling Taehyung pull your blouse roughly wanting to get your attention. You turn around expecting to see something important, but you only see him putting money in front of you again and making more appear every second.
You were about to complain to him but you remember your words 'First rule if you are going to stay in my house, don't make money appear out of nowhere', you feel stupid, the rule was only valid inside your house. Taehyung could do whatever he wanted outside of it.
"I'll accept it, but please stop..." You say quietly, not wanting to attract the attention of other employees or worse your supervising boss. Picking up the money quickly, Taehyung disappear just before your worst nightmare has come true.
Black shoes appear in front of you, you bite your lip in embarrassment trying not to exert too much pressure or you would bleed again. Your boss was an obnoxious man, you noticed it from the first day when he slapped a girl your age in front of everyone for breaking several utensils he was carrying on a tray. You thought someone would say something or she would file a complaint, but that didn't happen, she went back to work as if nothing happened, just like everyone else.
You made up your mind not to make that obnoxious man angry.
"Miss Y/N..." He said with a smile, his eyes looked lifeless and so cruel it was disgusting. "I understand that you have never had so much money in your miserable life, but that is worth a lot and even more to me. And you have the audacity to throw it on the floor."
Your voice choked up, you wanted to tell him that was your damn money that fell, or well it was given to you by a ghost that it seemed like only you could see. It would sound ridiculous and no doubt he would fire you accusing you of being a thief and a liar.
"Sorry, sir"
You rush to pick everything up, you try to get up but the man forces you to stay on the floor. You look up not understanding his order, but quickly receive the same treatment. A particularly hard slap lands on your cheek. You feel the pain, it was all too familiar.
"Learn your place, you little filth." He says with a dismissive tone, "Useless girl"
You look down, your tongue feels the metallic taste of your blood as usual. You touch your lip, it was starting to bleed again. You stand up wiping your face before continuing your labors. Ignoring how Taehyung sits on one of the chairs in the cafeteria watching through the window people walking on the streets.
"Let's go home." You tell her with a smile, you were beginning to appreciate her presence despite knowing that soon it would be nothing but history. Your cheek still ached, but you let it go.
Your home was warm and very peaceful. You sit next to Taehyung who watches as you put an ice pack on your cheek.
"I'll go to sleep, good night Tae."
The process repeats. You were chained to an endless loop, Taehyung misses your footsteps and soon gets up leaving your house to go to her first meeting. He sees the man who hurt you coming out of a bar with a woman obviously much younger than him, both are drunk and laughing non-stop.
The woman screams in horror and starts to run away as the man falls to the ground at a moment's notice, Taehyung holds him by the neck watching his static face. He felt fury, he looked so calm when only hours before he had hurt you in such a way.
He tightened his grip choking the man trying to shake him off, he was completely confused not knowing who was attacking him. Taehyung smiled in amusement, laughing at his pathetic self. Humans seriously were so stupid at his feet.
"D-die..." You whispered, tried to say something else but couldn't.
You were confused and Taehyung loved it, I could see how you rubbed your hands nervously when the news that your boss had been killed reached your ears. The main suspects were all women who filed a complaint against him for both labor and domestic abuse, not being listened to in all cases, the man you called boss was a fucking degenerate but he had the respect of the local police who took the case very seriously, questioning everyone in the cafeteria cautiously.
You frown in disgust, you couldn't believe how they could be so interested in finding out who killed someone so despicable. Internally you are thankful that no one saw the aggression on his part towards you, so you weren't a suspect who possibly killed him out of revenge.
"Excuse me miss, can you tell me what was your relationship with Mr. Jung? And where were you yesterday at the time of the murder? Be as precise and honest as possible, please."
You answer calmly, fearing nothing. The policeman watches you carefully until he lets you go with a thank you, you return home after a day at school and having to stop by the cafeteria to drop off your resignation. You sigh hiding your cry of frustration, you thought you had finally managed to establish a good relationship in your life, dividing your schedule perfectly between school, work and a break.
However, you were back to square one.
Taehyung appears with a bag of cookies, you look at him laughing at his sudden kindness. You sit next to him eating from the cookies, you were thankful that you could at least enjoy short moments like those.
"I thought a lot of bad things about you, Tae..." You say honestly, watching him eat like an innocent child. His cheeks puff out with the many cookies he stuffs into his mouth. "But you're someone exceptional, I wish I was a little more like you."
Taehyung nods, if wanting to admit he felt proud of himself. He tasted of glory and didn't want to give it up. It felt powerful to see your lack of confidence, it was like you let yourself be stepped on easily and honestly, it was obnoxious.
"Weak." He whispers getting your attention, you watch him trying to guess what he said.
"I'll go cook something to eat." You interrupt the awkward silence that had formed. Taehyung was a stigma, a strange being, maybe someday you would know what he really thought of everything around him.
They say curiosity killed the cat, but at least he died knowing what he was up against.
Taehyung made you realize that sometimes a little bit of listening to your instinct was enough to survive. Maybe you don't remember much, and you shouldn't. Taehyung made sure to ruin every point of your life to his liking, he sat as he always did watching your dreams and illusions fade away like humor. He mocked your naivety, he had known you since you were a child and had managed to see you fall more times than you got up.
You were ridiculously weak at his hands.
Possibly that's why he fell in love with you as much as he hated you, he wanted to protect you and make you understand with blows that no one was superior to his pain. You were dumb, stupid just like the others. But you had a glow that made him fall back to you and behave as if he were at your service.
Karma, perhaps.
He felt repulsion from you when your eyes weren't on him, at the same time he felt love when you looked at him so foolishly.
If he couldn't have your attention, let alone your pain, then he would be the one to give you a chance to die in peace.
Together. Forever and ever.
Tumblr media
persephoneys© All rights reserved, copying / translation or adaptation without permission is prohibited.
Tumblr media
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(Questions are always welcome, any questions about the fic will be answered with pleasure)
Tumblr media
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liaskzgirlll · 6 months ago
•I could be your daddy•
(Bang ChanX Freader)
Warnings: Smut, Dilf, explicit language, Dirty dirty talk, mentions of abandonment child, secret, daddy~
Tumblr media
It was two days before your birthday and you were at your best friends house. Mia had very special place in your heart. [Mia it’s your lovely sweet best friend]. You were eating pizza and watching movies when Mia’s phone rang, you covered your ears as The Weekend’s- Call out my name blared through the speakers. "Hello? Yeah dad....I know. Well what time are you coming home? Oh...okay. Yeah she's still here...No she's going home tomorrow. Yeah, yeah. Bye." You listened to their one sided conversation.
"Is everything okay?" You asked and she simply nodded.
"Yeah.. my dad is just coming home a bit late from work. " she shrugged. You nodded your head and went back to your nearly forgotten slice of Hawaiin pizza. After a couple more hours of watching horror movies, Mia decided to go to bed. You weren’t very tired so you decided to stay up a little longer.
"My dad will be home sure you don't want to come to bed?" Your best friend asked.
"No, that's fine. I'm going to come up soon anyways. Go on, get some sleep."
"Okay." she said, and walked up the stairs and into her room. Not too long after Mia went upstairs, her father came . You heard him coming closer with an empty glass of wine and placing it to the table. He was so captivated about his job that he barely noticed that someone was in the living room. He was music producer and his group was in making of a new album so his frustration of every single detail hit red. Job was getting him sucked up, he was so absorbed in his thoughts and then..he saw you sitting on his couch sweet and innocent with those eyes that he constantly was avoiding. You were his daughter’s best friend after all For fucks sake!
"Ohh,Ahh, hello, Y/N..I would have gave you my last glass of wine but I drunk it like tequila shot." Mia’s father said, taking a seat beside you on the couch.
"Uuh hello Mr. Bang..Noo it’s okay, don’t worry about it...Um Mia went upstairs earlier but I couldn’t sleep..guess it’s time to go now..I’ll leave you get rest then.." you got up to head upstairs when he grabbed your hand to sit down again.
"Just because Mia went to sleep you don’t have to do the same. Make yourself at home Y/n." You cracked smiled at him and did as he said. You loved seeing him like this, so raw in your eyes. He was tired of all the responsibilities but goddd you loved his work ethic even when you were crushing on him every fucking time you’d see him so relaxed beside you. Despise that, he was an amazing man to his work, to his surroundings and especially to his daughter. Mia’s mother had left them when Mia was really young and Chan became both father and mother for her. He was your forbidden fruit.
You felt slightly uncomfortable because you were wearing nothing but a tank top -with no bra- and a pair or short shorts. You noticed he was wearing a black hoodie with a black beanie hiding his curls. He surely looked very young for his age. You had both turned your attention to the tv and that's when things got awkward. There was indeed a very intense sex scene being shown, and the man was going down on the woman. You could feel Chan's stare burning a hole through the side of your head but you didn't say anything. Until he broke the silence.
"Mia told me you recently got a tattoo?" he said, sounding more like a question. You nodded shyly.
"It's in a bit of a....private place." you whispered looking down as he laughed.
"Oh come private could it be? " he asked. You sighed and pulled down the waistband of your shorts a bit to show him the tattoo, which said "Res non verba." It was a Latin phrase you deeply believed in every aspect of your life which means Actions, no words. He bent down in front of your opened legs to look at the tattoo. You weren’t wearing any underwear so when his hot breath fanned out on your core you had to bite your lip to hold back a moan. You couldn't let your best friends father know how turned on you were getting from this. Well neither was supposed to see your core in this state. The image of his face between your legs as he lapped up your arousal.
" Actions speak louder than it’s a nice tattoo..I like it." he said, moving back to his previous position. While moving, his hand brushed over your heat roughly causing you to moan.
"s..hit" you cursed. Chan smirked at you, noticing the effect he had on you. Atmosphere changed in a matter of time. And now he was in charge,teasing for all the times you were passing in front of him while liking your ice cream cone and making eye contact with him and getting him hard like a rock. You were his forbidden fruit.
"You liked that?" he asked, inching closer to you. You nodded and blushed. His hand trailed up your thigh as you both looked back at the tv screen, which was now showing the man thrusting into the woman.
"Have you ever been fucked like that before, Y/N?" he whispers in your ear and you immediately freeze.
"W-what?" You gasp for air and he smirks.
"You heard me." he says while moving his hand to your clit, rubbing it through the thin fabric of your shorts. You bucked your hips at the feeling, making Chan laugh at your reaction. He dipped his hand into your shorts and continued his torturous actions. He slips a finger in you and pumped in and out. Your heartbeat gone wild. Then he knelt down in front of you and took your throbbing clit between his lips, sucking on the bundle of nerves.
"shit, baby..don't stop.Oh my..fuck Mr. Chan." You moaned with one hand covering your mouth and thinking about the pet name you just split out of your mouth and with your other hand wrapping your fingers in his hair, while you tried to shuffle your moans because your best friend could hear you in any moment. He continued to work on your wet folds making you squirm under him. He looked up at you through hooded eyes and that was all it took. You came all over his tongue. When you came down from your high, you pushed him down on the couch and knelt before him, much like how he did not long ago. You unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. His hard length slapped against his chest and your eyes widened. It was so beautiful. Veiny like his hands and the redness of his tip looking so delicious welcoming for your lips to give a kiss. You had imagined that he would be big but not this big..
He interrupt your thoughts by grabbing your chin bringing you up to kiss you. It’s was messy and passionate. You were going crazy. He made you look at him ,make eye contact with him while he squeezed your cheeks together making your lips and o shape and brought you close to his mouth..his breath touching your wet lips.
" You called me like that huh? But I’m not a baby Y/n. I am your best friends Dad. I’m an old grown man. I could be your daddy."
"And you would love that. Don’t you..Da-ddy?" He smiled and his head rolled back while he petted your head affectionately.
"Open!" He said demanding and he gave you his spit inside your mouth. You took his saliva and played with it in your tongue and lips inside out. He breathed across your face while he crossed his big thumb over your lips touching his mouth liquid.
" have no idea what it is that you’re doing to me. That’s why I’m avoiding you Y/n..but you are always such a good girl that makes me want to fuck you and moan in your ear how good you’re feeling around me even more."
In other any case you would be embarrassed of the sins you were committing all in once but in this case you went down to him grabbing his thighs more hungrier than before.
You slowly took him into your mouth and he let out a long moan. You took as much of him as you could in your mouth, feeling him slide down your throat.
"Yes baby..take that fucking cock. Uhh what a good goood girl you are." he said, thrusting his hips upwards. You pulled back a bit and looked up at him, batting your eyelashes. You went in again, pushing yourself to touch his stomach with the tip of your nose smelling his cologne spread over his body. You licked up and down teasing him and licked a long strap that made him moan an octave down and louder.
"Easy baby girl..You want us to get caught? You want Mia to caught you taking me so well like a sweet friend you are?." You ignored him completely and got to the same point as before, but patiently taking him down your throat until you could feel his happy trail brush against your nose. He groaned , letting out sighs of ecstasy as he held you there for a minute before pulling you back.
"fuck, get up." he growled and you stood up immediately. He pushed your back on the couch, hovering over you and lining himself up at your entrance.
"On the pill?" he asked and you nodded . He smirked and slammed into you, causing you to shriek loudly..He clamped a hand over your mouth to shut you up.
"Baby you have to be quiet." he said. You nodded your head while his mouth was still in your mouth. You shuddered at his fullness .
"fuck , that's right baby. Take that cock. But no, you keep ignoring my words. You’re such a naughty girl aren't you? " he asked as he pounded into you not breaking eye contact with you. He pulled out of you suddenly and flipped you over, so you were now on your hands and knees. He pushed up and ploughed into you, grasping your hips tightly as he did so. He grabbed your hair in a ponytail and yanked it, pulling your head back kissing your moans with his lips on yours.
"Such a fucking slut. fucking your best friends dad."
"Y-yes..oh god." You purred. All you could hear was his pelvis slapping against your ass.
"fuck yes ! Chan just like that..right there. I love your fucking cock in me. Don't stop !" You moaned in pure ecstasy.
"You love it , don't you? Huh? You love my cock in your fucking tight pussy." He said and reached around to your front to rub your clit.
"Yes baby.. I love your cock. So fucking good Daddy." You moaned. At this point you couldn't care less if your best friend was upstairs listening to everything. Chan slapped your ass gently and soothing it after.
"fuck, your so tight Y/n " he said. He started going very slowly making you whine. You threw your hips back and you heard him curse behind you.
"That's right princess, fuck my cock. Fuck me. " he said through gritted teeth as he felt himself reaching his high. Meanwhile you were a moaning mess under him. You clenched around him and you came all over his cock and Chan was yet to cum.
"Chan baby..cum for me. Cum in that tight pussy..I want all of it.' You moaned while making your innocent eye contact and that was all it took. His groans and liquids shot into you and you smiled at him as the liquid oozing down your leg.
"fuck that was amazing baby girl." He said, finally dressing himself up while you were doing the same. You were both dressed and now collapsing onto the couch.
"Yeah..and imagine huh? you could be my daddy." You said laughing ironically and you both froze when you heard footsteps getting closer.
You turned to see to the side of the living room and you both saw a sleeping Mia.
"What th.. Guys turn the fucking volume down I was in so deep sleep and that sex scenes woke me up." Chan froze as he looked at you panicked.
"Sweetheart what are you talking about? We were just talking about your college and your summer plans." You clearly didn’t say a word. He tried to cover up. Mia came close to the table grabbed the remote and turned down the volume. Immediately you both looked the TV for only to see the protagonists making love on the beach. You felt guilt and relieved at the same time. Mia looked at you both with sleepy eyes while she raised her hands in gesture.
"See? Not that hard. I’m so sleepy..I love you both. And I’m sorry for being mean. Now goodnight." She hugged both, you and Chan and she disappeared from the room. She didn’t hear anything..Luck was with you..the movie? were gonna review it with 5 stars after this...She was too sleepy for you own good. Mia was such an angel. How could you tell her something like this? It wouldn’t happen again.. Ever!
Chan looked at you while he quietly laughed letting himself at the couch again beside you. He slipped his hand and pulled a hair of your face behind your ear. You looked at him gulping at the thought of his beautiful hands around your neck. No Y/n no..that could never happen again.
" on the beach huh?"
And that was the moment you wasn’t gonna be the last time he was inside you.
Dis/ Imagination and not how I view Chan in real life. Hope you all enjoy 😊
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husbandohunter · 7 months ago
Hello may I request albedo x shy reader where albedo and reader has feelings for each other but reader is too introverted to do anything and albedo doesn't want to tell as he thinks he scares her as reader always gets red and is stuttering when he talks to her. Klee finds out about this and makes it her mission to get albedo and reader together.
Klee gets albedo to play hide and seek with her and invites reader to play together with her. Albedo is counting down while klee and reader hides. Klee and reader hides in a location that klee always hides in so albedo would find them quickly. While they're hiding where albedo is within hearing distance, klee ask reader about whether she has feelings for albedo or not. Reader then admits to having feelings for albedo and makes klee promise not to to tell him. Albedo having heard all this comes behind reader and says why not, proceeds to bring reader to a private location and tells reader his feelings.
If this is too detailed a shy reader x albedo headcanon is enough.
I Found You [Albedo x Shy!Reader]
Tumblr media
Synopsis: For someone as meek and reserved as you, love with Albedo was a game of hide and seek...literally!
Genres: Fluff
(A/n): Ahhh what a cute idea, don’t be afraid to be detailed at all! I love hearing people’s ideas. Buuut kinda went overboard with this one since I am in the narrative mood, hope you don’t mind >//< Word count_2.3k
Albedo wonders if he had done something wrong?
Three weeks, four days, sixteen minutes and twenty five seconds. To this moment he had counted down every tick of the clock since the day you began avoiding him. That's how he sees it at least. You weren't always deliberately doing this on purpose, as Lisa's personal helper, there were times when you were given a chance to converse with the Chief Alchemist after dropping off the books he requested for research purposes. Albedo would ask how your day went, trying to find out if you wanted to take a short break and drink some of the tea Noelle had prepared for him. Your response was a modest one but he didn't mind, he eventually came to enjoy your tranquil prescence after a long day of work. 
But something changed. Those moments where you came in during your free time have gradually faded to nothing more than swift bows and small greets coming from the door. Every attempt he made to invite you for another tea session you left as quickly as you entered. At first he dismissed these moments, thinking that you were probably too busy with no time to stop by. Albedo was a busy person himself, though, that didn't prevent him from noticing your odd behaviour whenever he saw you in the hallway. Just as he was about to call your name, you avert your eyes and take a sharp turn until you were out of sight, leaving him perplexed and alone. The alchemist couldn't help feel neglected. Compared to everyone else, he was the only one you couldn't approach with ease. It bothered him immensely.
Did he accidentally say something to upset you? Albedo was well aware of his straightforward attitude which might have caused a negative affect on your contrasting, rather delicate personality. But he always felt that he had taken great consideration on how to approach you. Or what if it was the time when he happened to eat the last bite of Noelle's shortcakes? Remembering the afternoon you sat in his office, he recalls that there were exactly five instead of four treats left on the plate. Little by little, they began to disappear, you only ate two while he devoured three. Was this the reason why? No, that can't be it. You were the one who offered and refusing would only be impolite. Unless you felt pressured to do so when he told you that he was very fond of sweets….
Albedo heaves his shoulders and lets out a breathly sigh. He became very melancholy since then, staring out the window from the second floor when there were still unread research reports lying on his desk. His mind was so cluttered that he couldn't bring himself to focus these days. How troublesome. If only he were more adept with the ways of socializing, only then he can figure out what triggers you to be so nervous around him, why you tend to shrink when he gazes into your eyes and how is it that he feels so bitter when seeing you act the complete opposite with someone else.
"Big brother?" asked Klee. She hops off her stool before throwing the box of crayons to the side. The young girl prances her way to where Albedo stood and tugs on the hem of his coat, "Is there something wrong? Why are you sad?"
"Klee," Albedo turns his head in reponse. A pair of oversized cherry orbs looks at him with concern while the girl's bangs falls sideways to frame her petite face. He felt the white fabric crinkling within her grip as she signals him to come down. Placing one knee on the floor, Albedo gently smiled, speaking in his soft and brotherly tone, "Don't worry, I'm fine. Have you finished your drawing?"
"Mhm, almost done!" She throws her hands up and cheers, "But can you help me with the backgrounds? Klee doesn't know how to colour them."
"I don't see why not," agreed the alchemist, "Come, I'll teach you."
Just when Albedo was leading Klee back to the little space he set up for her, a knock was heard on the door. He ushers her to stay put and Klee tries to peer over his shoulder to see who the visitor was. When she recognized you standing at the frame, her smile grew wide in excitement.
It's big sister (Y/n)! Did she come here to play with us too? Oh please please please!
"(Y/n), you're here," Albedo couldn't help the apparent surprise on his face, "What brings you? Is there something I can help you with?"
"Ah sorry to bother, I-I have the documents you requested from the library!" You nervously handed him the folder.
Huh? Klee brings a finger to her chin, That's wierd...Why does she look so scared?
"Thank you (Y/n)," Albedo slips them out of your trembling grasp in the same fashion he would handle old relics on the verge of breaking. It was so long since you last visited him and he didn't want to startle you, "I appreciate you for bringing them here."
You shook your head in response, "It's nothing much…"
There it was again. You were avoiding to look at him in the eye. At this rate the next thing to occur would be you taking your leave and he didn't want that. Not when he finally gets the chance to fix his mistakes. Using his calculative mind, Albedo tries to formulate the best approach to soothe your worries. He thought of the first step, something that would make you more comfortable. Perhaps he could try smiling? Yes, that could do it. They always seem to have positive affects.
He calls you. The sound of your name on his lips brings you out of your frenzy state and you subconciously lifted your gaze, daring to take a small peek over his countenance. 
"I'm very glad to see you again, truly."
You froze into place. Your brain stops working and the whole world comes to a halt. It was the sight held in front of you that stole every last breath away leaving you with nothing but butterflies fluttering about. They spread their wings, voraciously swarming from the pit of your stomach, desperate to burst along with the pounding of your heart. Never in your life have you witnessed or even fathomed the idea of how Albedo would look if he smiled but here you were, mesmerized and captivated like a butterfly entranced by the flower's glow.  It blooms. So brilliantly that you couldn't stop yourself from being drawn. Eyes you fought so hard to tear away from, sparkled just for you, crinkling from the impact of his evergrowing smile. It was the feeling that made you fall for him. The same feeling that pushes you to run somewhere far far away, knowing if you flew too close, the outcome would risk everything you were trying to protect. 
"(Y/n)?" The alchemist tilts his head in confusion. He noticed the redness seeping into your features and immediately brings a glove hand to press against your forehead, "Your temperature is rising. Are you feeling sick? You should have told me earlier."
"I can't…" 
"Hm? Why not?"
"Ah I just remembered there's something I need to do!" Taking a step back you gave him a stiff bow, "Good luck in your research Sir Albedo!"
Given no chance to reply, Albedo watched you dash away before disappearing around the corners. He could only stare blankly at the empty space in front of him before dropping his arm back to his side, contemplating; where did I go wrong?
"Does that mean (Y/n) doesn't want to play with us?" Klee said dissapointedly.
"…I suppose."
"Big brother?" Upon hearing Albedo sigh, Klee finally figured out what caused him to falter these days. Perhaps not entirely being the small child she was but there were enough clues to let her know that the relationship between you and Albedo was somewhat strained. To Klee, she saw you both as the bestest friends! And it was only natural that friends play together right?
"Eh? You want me to play hide and seek?"
The Spark knight nods heavily as she grinned up at you, "Uh huh, and with big brother!"
"Klee, don't force her if she doesn't want to, it'll be fine with just the two of us," Albedo scolded lightly and folds his arms over his chest.
She only returns him a pout, "But it's fun with more people!"
"It's okay Sir Albedo, I don't mind," you chimed in at last. You were just taking a stroll near Starfell Lake after you finished organizing the bookshelves in Lisa's stead (as always, she naps while you worked away). All of a sudden, Klee waves over from the otherside and proceeds to drag you into a friendly game for little kids. You weren't sure why she seemed so desperate but…
"Yay!" While jumping side to side, the girl did a little mini dance while waving her arms in the air, "You're the best (Y/n)!"
It was hard to refuse someone as cute as Klee.
"So for the first round, big brother is going to be the one who counts to twenty while you and I go hide so he can never ever find us," Klee informs enthusiastically. 
"Alright, that shouldn't be a problem," said Albedo.
You followed suit with a giggle, "But considering it's you Albedo, I don't think twenty seconds is enough."
He quirks an eyebrow, shocked from the way you referred to him.
"Ah, I-"
"Let's go!" Klee interrupts which you were thankful for, "And no peeking!"
Turning to face the Statue of Seven, Albedo counts down monotonously while you and Klee scrambled for an ideal hiding place. This was not the first time you indulged in one of her many activities, in the past it had almost become part of your daily routine to assist the alchemist in entertaining his little sister. Even Klee was capable to be the seeker for several rounds and Albedo would lead you to a spot nearby yet discreet, just the right amount of difficulty for her to handle.
He wouldn't think of this area again, would he?"
Eeek! Better hide.
You hopped into the crevice formed between the mountain rocks and crouched down, huddling your knees together against your chest to blend with the shadows. You let out a soft sigh, pleased that you were able to make it in time.
"Wow big sis, I didn't know you would be here too."
The screech nearly escapes when you were startled by a pair of ruby eyes gleaming at you innocently. Klee signals you to stay quiet and you nodded, bringing down the hand that you used to cover your mouth. From a distance you spotted the chief alchemist shifting his footsteps against the grass, though he was far enough on the otherside to not notice you and Klee together in the same room. You beamed softly. He was purposely holding back.
"Pssst! Big sis?" Klee whisper-shouted, "Are you angry at big brother?"
You returned a curious glance, slightly taken aback by the outlandish statement she made, "No of course not. How could I?"
(If anything, it was the contrary).
"Then why are you always running away from him? You guys used to be really good friends, Klee misses you and big brother misses you that's why...that's why he's always sad when you're gone.
"Oh...I-I had no idea..." feelings of guilt begin to emerge when you realized what your action seemed from a different prespective. You were so caught up with being cautious that it prevented you from seeing how Albedo would react on the recieving end. Without knowing, your true colours began to reveal themselves as you could no longer stand the thought of making Klee (making him) upset, "I'm sorry, I'm just not good with words."
The little girl cocks her head to the side.
"Ever since I was little, I never found it easy to make friends. Until now when I finally became Lisa's assistance, I still can't approach other people and they tend to shy away from me since I am...difficult to hold a conversation with..."
Hugging your knees even closer, a fond expression graces your features, "But Albedo was kind to me. He was patient when I didn't know what to say. Whenever I made a mistake, he would always be there to teach me the correct steps. I have alot to thank him for."
"I think it's also on of the reason why I fell for him too. But I will never have the courage to say it. I don't want to ruin the friendship we have so I chose to keep it to myself. Though, I guess it only made things worse. So promise me that you won't say anything okay? I'll apologize to him later."
Klee did not respond. She only stares past your shoulder and you immediately spun around to see Albedo standing at the entrace with an expression equivalently shocked as yours.
"I...I-" you stammered. The embarassment was so unbearable to the point that tears began to form at the corner of your eyes.
"Wait, don't cry. There's no need to because-"
You thrusted your way past him before he could finish his sentence, sprinting to the distance while yelling, "I'M SORRRYYYYYYYYYYY!"
"Wait!" The alchemist chases shortly after, "Come back!"
You groaned at the pain throbbing against your skull as you pushed yourself upright. A fallen branch, it was. One you didn't catch before tripping over your steps and tumbling down the hill while landing harshly on the sensitive pad of your elbow. The surroundings seemed unfamiliar to your memory since you never travelled too far from Mondstadt, your vision was filled with nothing but the endless columns of trees and bushes nearby. There were no signs of anyone else within the area.
"I'm lost," you announced in a defeated tone. Something cold taps against the tip of your nose and you realized that the clouds have already gathered over your head, violently spilling the rain down to where you sat. You crawled to a dry space where the tree branches were thick enough to keep the water out. You stayed there, waiting. But waiting for what?
"I can't go back," you meekly say, "I can't see him."
The air was cold and you shiver in response. You hated how much of a coward you could be sometimes. You were always so weak, never having the strength to be courageous for once. Albedo was a beautiful man, he was smart and he was popular, he was everything you're not. There's no way that he'd return your feelings.
"I found you."
Why did he come back?
"Thank goodness you're alright. Are you hurt?" Albedo lowers himself to meet your level. Up close you could see the strands sticking from the side of his golden head and the residues that marred his features. Still, he looked beautiful. Your heart soars from the intense gaze he kept on you, drawing lower until he caught the scrape at the side of your arm. Albedo pulls it forward so that he could examine them at nearer proximity, "Hmm this doesn't look so good. We should head back so I can treat your wounds immediately. Can you stand?"
You nodded. 
"Good. Here, take my hand," he offers his gloved fingers and pulls you up to your feet. You could tell that he was trying to be gentle from the way he adjusted his stance so you wouldn't wobble. Kind. He was so kind.
"Why did you come for me?" You started, "I don't understand."
Albedo frowned. There it was again, the expression he hated. The one where you wouldn't look at him in the eye.
"I just don't want to-"
He didn't even bother with what you wanted to tell him. Instead, Albedo removes his coat almost within an instead and threw it around your shoulders. He wraps you gently, making sure that the rain didn't touch your bare shoulders before bring his arms around your figure and trapping you in his embrace. You could feel his fingers raking against the strands of your hair as your vision was blocked by the star on his neck. A little voice thanked the archons for this particular position, for two reasons in fact. The first being that he wouldn't be able to see your expression, knowing you must've looked as if you ate a bowl of raw Juyeun chilis. The second reason, well, you were simply overjoyed. 
"Do you understand now?" 
Closing your eyes, you succumbed to the grasp of your beloved, "Yes, I do."
"You won't run away?"
His tone was almost a plead. You reassured him by moving your head to the crook of his neck, how foolish for you to assume all this time, "I won't, don't worry."
"Are you sure?"
"I promise."
"Good," Albedo's eyes soften in response as he pulls alway to see your face, "I love you too (Y/n)."
Alas the butterfly and the flower finally united as one. Like nectar, he was sweet. How bold of him. It seems that not only was he able to steal your heart but your first kiss as well.
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neocrush · 7 months ago
— enhypen reaction to hearing you sing for the first time !
genre: fluff + established relationship for heeseung and sunoo
pairings: idol!enhypen x gn!reader
note: requested by anon ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ heeseung
you got into an argument, a dumb one actually
but you both being the stubborn people you are, you decided to give each other the silent treatment
you couldn’t handle it much longer
you just wanted to say sorry and cuddle with him
but then again - you didn’t wanna deflate your ego
so directly speaking to him was a no-no
so you sat there in his bed, grabbing his guitar and started strumming it
until you started playing and singing get you by daniel caesar
heeseung must’ve heard you as he slowly walked towards his room, pressing his ear on the door
he didn’t know you could play the guitar and sing
pls he had massive heart eyes
was convinced he fell in love with you all over again
he completely forgot the argument ever happened and just barged in
“you’re the love of my life.”
you stopped playing and singing and just went *instert shocked pikachu face*
“can you sing for me? please?” and you just shake your head no
pouts and gives you puppy eyes
you give in and kiss his cheek “fine, but only if you do it with me”
he nods and cuddles you as you both sing each other to sleep
★ jay
you were a new trainee at belift and he was at the studio, preparing a new song with jake and a producer
the producer had called you in to record a demo for one of the hybe groups
he wasn’t that fazed when you entered the room - the both of you having a mask and bucket hat on
as you entered the recording booth, you removed your mask and hat
you listen to the instrumental and re-read the lyrics once again as you asked the producer if you could record the song without instrumental first
the producer agreed and started recording
you got straight into the chorus, surprising jay
that specific part was in a very high key and he was shocked at how effortlessly you sang it at the first try
the recording went pretty well
but the way jay kept on looking back and forth between the lyrics he was writing and you in the booth didn’t go unnoticed by jake
you were done and had to return to practice as you bowed to the boys and producer - leaving the room
jake nudges jay, signalling him to go follow you and at least say something
jay took the hint and left the studio
“y/n!” he called out and you turned around
“your voice is beautiful. would you want to record with me- i mean enhypen some time?”
★ jake
you were part of a girl band
you played the bass and was also the lead singer
your company - a fairly small one - was just recently bought by bang pd so you were under hybe labels
your group used to perform for different high school festivals and you just happened to have performed at sunoo’s
after hearing the news that you were under hybe too, sunoo begged his members to come with him see your band at the company
“sunoo they’re there to practice, not to do free concerts” - jungwon
jake chuckled and he was the only one who agreed to come with sunoo
“hyung did you know their lead singer is the same age as you” sunoo said wiggling his brows as they both made their way to your practice room
jake just shook his head at his younger member
hearing a familiar melody, sunoo dragged the older member to what he was sure was your practice room
“sunoo you can’t just barge i-“
was he seeing an angel?????
“sunoo i thought they did rock”
“yeah but they have bsides in other genres too yknow”
you were singing your solo song twilight
jake nodded and watched you in awe, admiring how into the song you were
your members weren’t there and it may seem lonely but your voice echoing throughout the room made the atmosphere feel heavenly
once the song was over, sunoo cheered and clapped his hands as you grew shy, finally acknowledging their presence
the two boys introduced themselves to you and you did the same to them
you chuckled as you saw jake fumble on his words
“i know who you guys are, i watched your very good cover. you should try doing rock sometime, it seriously fits you guys!” you complimented them
as they grew shy, you couldn’t help but notice jake’s unique smile and how he plays with his hands when he’s nervous
“do you wanna grab lunch with us?”
“is the jake sim asking me out?”
“is the y/n l/n rejecting me?”
you both laughed as sunoo playfully rolled his eyes and you went to go get lunch with the two
★ sunghoon
you were at karaoke with the guys
all of them were having the time of their lives, doing song after song without taking breaks
jay and riki were singing new face and you were busting your lungs out watching them get tired of the never-ending song
remember when yoongi went “when does this song end” when bts was singing new face during that one run episode? yeah that’s them
when the song finally finished, jungwon noticed how you have been laughing and just sitting there the whole time
so he took the mic and pointed at you
that little shit
sunoo had already queued asap by stayc for him to sing, but jungwon insisted that you sing it since you should at least sing one song
“but that’s my song!” - sunoo
“sunoo you can do the choreo while y/n sings” - jungwon
sunoo nods, also wanting to hear you sing
(ps he wanted to do the choreo lol)
you refused and kept shaking your head until your crush, sunghoon, placed his hand on your shoulder, making your heart do backflips
“cmonnnn y/n, please?” he pouted at you
finally giving in, you stand up and grab the mic from jungwon
starting the song, your body was stiff
but once you reached the chorus, you and sunoo were doing the choreo while you sang with a big smile on your face
not you being a whole kpop idol whoop
sunghoon couldn’t help but look at you and smile to himself and blush - you looked so cute and your voice was so addicting
you even lipsynced the “i think you’re really cool” part (the one before the chorus) while winking at him
the song really brought out your inner confidence as you made sunghoon a flustered mess
once you were all finished and went home, riki showed you a video he took of sunghoon when you were singing
“dude i swear he’s super into you! look at him smiling ear-to-ear!!! he looks like he just saw an angel”
“oh shut up riki”
you mentally thanked jungwon for setting you up like that
★ sunoo
“can you sing me to sleep please?” you asked sunoo asked with puppy eyes
he poked your cheeks, nodding
“you’re so cute. of course i’ll sing you to sleep baby”
getting in bed with him, he started playing with your hair and caressing your shoulder
he softly sang love is not over by bts
what took him by surprise was that you suddenly joined in, harmonizing with him
he knew you liked music but wasn’t aware that you had such an amazing voice
he held your hand as you both finished singing the song, giggling
“baby you have the sweetest voice ever, you should sing more often” he playfully pouted
you softly laughed as you moved his bangs out frame, kissing his forehead
“i’ll only sing for you darling, i don’t want others to fall for me”
he playfully hit you as you laughed at your own joke
facing you, he looked into your eyes
“i love you so much.”
you blushed at his words
“i love you even more sunoo.”
★ jungwon
your group and enhypen were appearing on weekly idol together
your members kept on teasing you because you had previously revealed that jungwon was your ideal type on knowing bros
what you said garnered a lot of attention from knetz and engenes, some negative but most of them positive
“they would make an adorable couple”
“i wanna see them sing together”
“their visuals together would shake the whole country”
you were glad engenes didn’t hate your guys for being open about your admiration towards the boy
you being nervous was an understatement - this was your first time seeing jungwon in real life
and you expected the hosts to bring up what you said about him so you were prepared to face him directly
pls this sounds like ur about to have a boxing match w him
anyways filming started out okay until the hosts (ofc) brought up what you said
a few laughs here and there but suddenly they had an idea
“so you’re the main vocal, correct?”
you nodded at one of the hosts
“that’s perfect because it’s time for our karaoke session!”
you ended up getting paired up with jungwon to sing just one day by bts
you made eye contact the whole time and it didn’t take a genius to see the instant chemistry
your voices went so well with each other that even you and his members were shocked at how heavenly you both sounded together
you were both smiling and you could just melt right then and there
once you were done, you covered your face with your hands as you were a blushing mess
your members and enhypen clapped and one of the hosts went “you guys should sing an ost together”
you both got super shy and the rest of filming went well
a month passed and the episode aired
engenes and your fans went insane on sns and knetz were demanding a collab
it wasn’t anything serious until your ceo brought you in in a meeting with hybe executives and he popped up the question
“how would you like to feature in enhypen’s newest album?”
★ riki
your classmates were cleaning the classroom as it was the last week of the whole school year
you were sweeping the floor, humming the song that was silently playing in the background as the room was filled with chatter
riki was removing the decorations on the walls, listening to your soft hums
the songs that were being played were fairly calm
until a more energetic song suddenly played
your classmates suddenly became all energetic when i can’t stop me by twice started playing
you smiled, singing along
you were just playing around but you didn’t realize that you just hit nayeon’s high notes
“woah! y/n??? you’re really good”
you saw that riki was listening the whole time (and so was the rest of the class lol) and you got shy
you shook your head and stopped singing
“no keep going!” - a classmate
you gave in and went on with the song and riki gave you a “you’re so awesome” look
once the song was over, your classmates started playing even more hype song
a guy went “lets do karaoke!”
a girl chimed in “y/n has to go first!”
riki softly laughed and nudged you to go sing
you used the broom in your hand as a fake mic and mic stand as you sang blue hour by txt
he filmed you, zooming in on your smiling face
he was sure going to cherish that video forever
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secretbangtnn · 7 months ago
Best Of Me| Two
Tumblr media
Pairings : →ot7 x reader, poly!BTS x reader
Genre : → vampireau, yandere!au, age gap, gore, obsessive behavior, ddlg/caregiver, poly, fantasy, supernaturals
summary : It’s quite unusual to find a little baby on your doorstep, especially that their area was not of the poorest - you could say that a vampire town was efficient with money and snobby creatures. However over time the first idea of just giving back the little girl seems more and more radical and those moody vampires slowly start perceiving deeper feelings to human they even wanted to kill.
previous | next
Tumblr media
notes ~ I did it!!! Omg im so happy I finished it, hopefully the next one are going to come sooner. The first chapters are going to be with a baby oc - im sorry if its boring, but after it we can start with the real plot, the things are gonna get dark. Hope that you will like it, and remeber to give me some feedback - im whore for a comments and ask and beside they motivate me very much
taglist :
@missseoulite @gukkculture @silscintilla @the-falling-star @apollonshootafar @mwitsmejk @lovinggalaxies @b-e-t-x-s-o @jisoosbitch @ariverflowsonthemoon @maboiisuga @peachescream1723 @sichajeon
Tumblr media
Cries everywhere. Sobbing so loud that all the birds disappeared from their little birdhouse outside the window. And as funny the view was, a big ball of stress and nerves started collecting itself in the rather calm manor. Reason of all this mess was just one, so easy to notice.
“Jungkook!” Just like a ball of nerves now the big ball of dirty blankets and clothes hit the young vampire, making him stumble a little. Obvious disgust on his face with a piece of distaste on his tongue which just a second ago had been caused by the same thing he now fisted in his hands.
“You didn’t have to throw it at me!” Barked Jungkook staring at the broad shoulders of his oldest brother. Child now a little calmer, however still sobbing slightly, keeping the atmosphere at bay.
“You have brung the kid so you will hold the things he made. Be happy that I'm not forcing you to change the diaper instead.”
Disgust on all of their faces is now being something normal, having kids in the same room as them, definitely does not go well with hundred years old vampires. The only one without a gag reflex seems to be Seokjin, acting like a pro mother, just after her 3rd pregnancy with the next on the road. However all of them agreed with the statement that it was all but Jungkook's fault, which came with consequences for said boy.
Thus now sitting on the couch, five of the ramaing vampires, looked with a bored expression at the panicked and nearly vomiting jungkook. Youngest of them always had a soft stomach, never being the one to clean after disasters, forcing people to basically clean after him, and maybe that's why all of them felt such a satisfaction upon them while staring at the shitty situation.
Literally shitty.
Stumbling a little from the intense smell, Jungkook started to try getting rid of the used diaper in his hands, holding it with his fingers dingling it as far from his face as he could. Maybe the smelly object was not the only thing that should be named like a feces, knowing that a person who should just throw the diaper away, purposefully walked closer than intended to a couch with older vampires, stumbling not that accidentally and making the thing in his hand fly straight to a lap of a reading Namjoon.
A moment of silence, only lasting for a short second. Namjoon was never the one to shout or get mad, rather prefering to act calm and well put together, believing in a peace making and solutions not requiring usage of violence but when the heavy baggage on his lap suddenly started to warm his lap, he completely crushed his persona as well as book in his hands.
“Ups...hehe.” Jungkook laughed awkwardly, knowing well his fate. Doe eyes looked at the tall man, standing a little farther than him, just behind the couch. Jaw tightened so were the hands, keeping the last strings of calmness that were floating on very dangerous water.
“Listen, before you actually do something think of the time when you destroyed my ps4 and
I did not even complain.” Hands just before him similar to the way you would to with a wild animal, and in Jungkook's opinion, it was not that far from the truth, observing how Namjoons jaws nearly crushed from the tension.
“Okay okay, we all need to calm down, It was just an accident.” Cut in red head, standing in the middle of the war zone. It was stupid idea, definetly not the brightes of the sunny vampire, even if it came from the good intentions. Hoseok, just like an innocent child that got stuck in a big people argument, was the one that got hurt in the end.
And everybody knew that when Hoseok gets mad it's the extremity that anyone in this room is scared to experience once again. There is silent agreement between the rest of the brothers that was made after one of Hoseok's outburst, promising that no matter what the devil can’t come out.
The apple of discord laying now upon redhead’s feet, innocent like a little kitten that just waits to be petted, but in this case it wasn neither a fluffy ball of fur and definitely not something that should be touched.
Silence so loud, banging in their ears with an uneven breath. Second after second, rest that were not included in the middle, counted sitting on their heels with nerve wracking feelings.They stared as Hoseok’s shoulders rose and went down with each puff of air from his flared nostrils, neither of them dared to move, preferring to stay in a safe zone.
Just as red headed one wanted to take his first kill, a loud laugh echoed in a room, coming from a little child in Seokjin's arms, that probably just came back from being cleaned up. A fresh smile on its face, eyes sparkly looking straight at the scene.
“What are you doing, idiots?” Asked Seokjin, a visible vein on his forehead, sticking out under his free hand that now pinched a bridge of his nose. His eyes catching a glimpse of the used diaper, right on his favorite carpet. “You had one thing to do, one thing Jungkook.”
“It was an accident I swear on my ps4!” He tried explaining, shaking his arms. Seokjin saw to much lived too long to believe it, everybody knew it but even than they acted like bunch of idiots when something like this happen.
“Namjoon destroyed it, you said it yourself.” Spoke Jimin, sitting on a couch with a happy smile, pleased with himself. Younger's head immediately halted in his way, a look of betrayal on his face.
“You midge…”
“I don’t care, just clean it up, in the meantime me with the little snack are going to cook something, right my little cutie?” Cuted the older while caressing the child in his arms, turning his voice in a baby one. And just like this the scene came to the same point, the only difference was that neither Namjoon or Hoseok were in the room, probably running away as fast as Sekojins came.
Jungkook sighed, squatting down to take care of the said thing. Again the disgust and a feeling of nausea hitted him with a side giggles of his blonde haired brother.
Going into the kitchen he spotted the child that looked at him as soon as he appeared. Little smile and sweet laugh, making him soft and mushy for a while.
“I hope you know that you gave us a big problem with bringing a human child there.” Seokjin spoke, not looking from a cutting board, himself to immersed in said action
Jungkook knew, earlier thinking of it like a mere action, something that they can get rid of as fast as a lollipop wrapper. But it was not, and now looking at the kid, he realized how his careless behaviour could weigh down not only on his family but the whole society of vampires.
“Don’t just apologize, we need to take care of it as fast as we can, in the meantime doing everything to not harm it. If someone finds out it’s going to be a bigger problem, probably even straining the relationship with human - and that’s something we do not want.” Cuted older, in the end turning around pointing the sharp knife on Jungkook.
It was true, the delicate stattlement between those two societies is still new, fresh and hot, ready to burn anyone's fingers, anyones who is to carless. The today is a better world, something that all of the brothers know, remembering dark times - some of them being not older than mere hatchling then. World was a dangerous place to live in, vampires hunting humans, humans hunting vampires, a competition that never got settled, and they hope it never will.
“Try feeding it and come to the living room after you are done. We will discuss the next actions - good luck.” A little wink at the end, Seokjin wiped his hands off on the way patting the younger's back, harder than normally.
“Wait what?! You are not being serious right now, right?” Asked confused Jungkook, fastly turning around to an already disappearing figure. Cold sweat on his body as he looked at the smooth face of the older, that defended a flying kiss to his shocked self. “Why can’t you do it?”
“I can. But the human seems to take a liking to you.” And how absurd it sounded, the baby really looked at Jungkook like some god, sparkly eyes always following his bigger figure.
“Seokjin! Don’t leave me please, I can’t do it.”He whined, looking for the said man, to his luck he was nowhere to be found. It was going to be alright - he tried to believe in those words now clutching baby spoon, that he was sure they did not have, and a mashed food, looking more like dog food than actual meal.
His Eyes staring right into the sparkly and to obnoxious happy, making him even more irritated. In the end, Jungkook hated little children, being and acting like one himself
Little hands stretching towards him with a toothless smile on the side, getting bigger as Jungkook came closer. That was it, taking a big breath he come to the other side of the table - almost touching the stool where the human sat. Ready and determined to get the task done, treating it similar to a quest in the game, he took the little spoon with some of the smashed food, and started to get closer to the child's mouth.
And as the brothers again started to live their normal life, thinking that at least for now, everything is settled, a very obvious squeal shook the while house.
All of them now sitting on the couches and armchairs, taking nearly all of the space. Some of the observing the crawling baby with prominent couriousty some of them with disgust even fear, not knowing what future the baby will bring.
Namjoon although feeling the little distaste, knew or better had a plan with what to do.
Smile on his lips not reaching his eyes, however stumbling on the way of eye contact with some of his brothers.
“Okay so, definitely we need to do something with...this.” Said Jimin, look on his face full of distress and disgust resting on the child, that as if it knew of Jimin’s attention looked back full of giggles and reaching hands.
“That is obvious, we can’t keep human child.” Barked Yoongi, the one which rather prefered to stay quiet in those metters.
“Jungkook should take care of it, It’s not my fault he is to stupid to not question a left human on a doorstep.” Smug smile now on Jimin's face, as he gave the side glance to the said male, happy with triggering the younger temper.
“As If you woul…”
“Okay we get it Jimin, it was Jungkook's fault, but still it can affect us all, so try to be at least a little bit helpful or shut up” Interrupted Seokjin staring at both of them in turn. The oldest obviously tired of all of the drama, massaging his scalp, to relieve the tension a little. “Let's start one by one, any ideas?”
Silence, a loud silence throwing the tension to the already burning fire. Seokjin's vein once again appeared on his forehead, making Jungkook nearly knock from a terrifying sight of it. It was pulsating, green and bumpy.
“Maybe let’s put it back?” Asked the quiet voice, Sekojin ready to snap at the stupid idea thinking that some of the youngers don’t know limit of the unfunny jokes, only to find innocent eyes of Hoseok.
“That’s … well that is AN option, thank you Hoseok - keep it up. Any other ideas?” Seokjin’s hands molded into a thump, giving the tired smile to Hoseok, knowing of his still busing nerves.
“Why are we even trying so hard, throw it away i say.” Jimin mumbled while staring at the little child going his way, quickly putting his feet on the couch, scared of a chance of being touched by the human.
Tired sight left mouth of the olders, his vein fading a little - to Jungkook luck, and his hands now clenching his blonde lock. He was helpless, disappointed in his brother's ideas and intelligence. He was sure that, that was indeed an end, his family will be arrested for keeping human, and vampires are going to lose a peace they fighted for.
Everything because Jungkook wanted to take unfamiliar child to their house.
“What about the orphanage that opened like one month ago, can’t we just leave it there?” Cuted Namjoon, making everyone snap their head. Seokjin nearly crying, wanting to kiss his brother as much as choke him for his slow process of thinking.
“Couldn’t you say earlier?!
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barnesbabee · a year ago
[B]reeding Kink || C.S
Tumblr media
[ꜱᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴇɴᴄʏᴄʟᴏᴘᴇᴅɪᴀ - ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ʙ]
Summary: He broke into your house, and now he’s breaking you. (it's not fucking consentual non-con it's just inmate!San istg)
Pairing: Choi San x Reader
Words: my fairy godmother said it was 4311 words
Genre: Smut
⚠ mention of drugs, breeding kink, mentions of blood, mentions of violence, inmate!San ⚠
Tumblr media
  You woke up with loud banging on your door. It was so sudden, you didn’t know what time it was, what was happening, or where you were. It took you a quick second to scan your surroundings. 
    It was 2am, or so said the clock on your bedside table, and you were sitting up in your bed, startled and confused about the booming sound echoing through your house.
    You got up from the bed and hurriedly wrapped your robe around your body, however, just as you were getting to the living room to look through the peephole, the door burst open. You covered your mouth with your hand to prevent any noise from coming out and hid behind the sofa, praying to whatever wanted to help you that he hadn’t seen you.
    You closed your eyes tightly and started breathing heavily as you heard the loud footsteps roam around your house. 
    It was hard to breathe and you felt as if someone was pressing on your chest. 
    You opened your eyes slowly and peeked behind the couch. You could see a man… His appearance wasn’t clear as the whole place was dark, the only thing illuminating the room being the moon. He had a broad back and dark hair, that you noticed, and he wore heavy, black boots, that left a trail of dirt wherever he walked. 
   Who was he? What did he want? Why was he in your apartment?
   You hid back and waited until you could no longer hear him.
    The silence of his steps felt unsettling… Your chest rose and fell rapidly, and it took all of the courage you had to peek around the couch once more. 
    However, this time you were met with a man’s face. He wore a wide, Cheshire Cat-like smile on his face as he stared right at you. You could almost feel his warm breath hit your face…
    “Hello, doll!” 
    You opened your mouth to scream but the male was faster. He slapped his hand over your face, preventing you from yelling for help or anything of the sort. 
    The male approached his lips to your ears.
   “I’m gonna need your help doll…”
   You took a look at his appearance. He had on a white, stained, and slightly ripped wife-beater, along with a flashy orange jumpsuit. You examined his body carefully. His hair was damp and his inked, very well-built arms were shiny, he had been running. You were inspecting everything as carefully as you possibly could.. when you noticed.
     Was that blood!? 
     There were little spots and splatters of dried, red liquid all over his clothes, which made you widen your eyes. What the fuck had he done!? 
     He noticed your sudden change of emotions and realized you had seen the state of his clothes.
     “Listen, I don’t wanna hurt you. I need you to hide me, I’ll explain everything but you’re not in danger, yet.”
     The ‘yet’ at the end of his sentence sparked something in you and you began struggling under his hold. He gripped your arm and forced you to stop shifting.
    “Calm. Down. You’re not in danger, but if you call the police on me, if you yell for help, you will be. All you have to do is be a good girl and cooperate, because if anything goes wrong, all you need to know is that there are eight of us, if I get caught it won’t be looking too pretty for you.”
    You looked at him, eyes still widened and breathing very heavily.
    “You got it?” He asked.
     He slowly removed his hand from your mouth and placed it on his thigh. You were full-on crying in fear at that point. 
    The male said nothing, he just sighed and ran his hand through his sweaty hair. He also didn’t know what to do. He had no idea where the other seven were, he had no idea if they were still alive and he honestly didn’t know what happened next.
    “Y-you should take a shower.” You told him, as you finally felt the reek coming from him. 
   He looked down at himself and nodded. The male stood up and looked at you.
   “I can’t trust you though.”
   “W-what then? You’re just going to stink forever? Are you going to make me sit in the bathroom while you wash?”
   You were just mocking him, but from the way he shrugged you could tell he didn’t mind one bit to have you in the bathroom with him. You refused at first, but you didn’t really have much choice as he dragged you around looking for the bathroom.
    You sat on the toilet, facing the wall as you crossed your arms in front of your chest.
    “I can’t believe you’re okay with this.” You complained. 
   “I was in prison, doll, I had hundreds of men looking at my ass every day when I showered, having a girl in a bathroom with me isn’t exactly a nightmare.”
    You were both silent. The sound of the water hitting the floor echoed in the room and the water was so hot that the atmosphere around you two became foggy. 
    “Fuck, this is heaven…”
    You would’ve chuckled if you weren’t so scared and uncomfortable.
    “You know, we have warm water in there, but there are so many people taking showers at the same time so it just ends up being cold all the time. The showerheads are also really old, so they get clogged all the time and there’s barely any water coming out… You come out looking mustier than when you went in.”
    You smiled at that. You could tell he was a people person, he was comfortable enough in this situation to tell life stories and maybe that was the purpose, but you started slowly feeling a little at ease. So much so that you gained the courage to ask the question you were scared of. 
    “What were you in there for?”
    You had to know. You couldn’t have a conversation with him, you couldn’t not feel uncomfortable and uneasy without at least knowing. 
    There was silence, and the water turned off.
    Your eyes widened from the nth time that night and you felt all blood be drained from your body. The sense of fear and anxiety washed over you once more, and you didn’t know how to react. Should you run? Should you stay? Should you speak, or should you be quiet? 
    A little childish giggle sounded in the bathroom almost forcing you to look behind. He pulled the shower curtain to the side, and although this man was naked from head to toe right in front of you, your eyes were glued to his face. The giggling was creepy, you hated it.
    “I’m joking, I went in for drug abuse and distribution.”
    You took a deep, shaky breath and closed your eyes, letting your head fall forward. You shed a couple of tears out of stress and relief. 
    “You… fucking idiot.” You cursed at him, still feeling a little lightheaded.
    He giggled once more and wrapped a towel around his waist, after roaming about the bathroom looking for one.
    “Why… Did you have blood all over you then?” 
    He pointed at his abdomen, where a deep cut that your eyes had completely missed stood.
   “It was mine. Mostly… Listen escaping prison isn’t that easy and there’s trap wire and people shooting, if you’re not bleeding it’s because you’re Michael Scofield, and sadly we’re all kind of stupid.”
  Although he moved like the wound didn’t hurt, you couldn’t help but worry about it. You pointed at the ripped flesh.
  “Can I… Can I fix it for you?”
  He cocked his head to the side as he looked at you, silently questioning himself as to why you would want to help him. He shrugged, nevertheless. He wasn’t about to decline help…
   “I’d like that.”
    He tied the towel tighter around his hips so it wouldn’t fall, and sat down on the toilet you were previously resting on. You reached for the cabinet over the sink and took the medical supplies from it.
   “This is going to hurt a bit so just, distract yourself by telling me about you.”
   The male scoffed at your words.
   “I’ve been to prison, I don’t think I’ll be hurt by- oh f-fuck!”
   You giggled at his little curse as you pressed the gauze with hydrogen peroxide against his wounded skin.
   He rested his head against the wall and flexed his abdomen.
   “O-okay so, my name is San I’ve been in there for 2 years and- fucking Hell go easy on me!”
  You giggled and mumbled a soft ‘sorry’ as you listened to his stories. You tried very hard to focus on your job, but your eyes would sometimes wander around his torso and covered thighs.
  “I uh, I started selling drugs when I was eighteen, I got thrown out of the orphanage and my little sister came with me, and I wanted to make good money so she could go to university.” he paused for a second, wincing as you switched products “It was fine for a while, I made some friends there which was nice. I never really had friends, cause I kept moving from the orphanage to foster houses back and forth, so I never stayed in one place long enough to make lasting friendships… B-but it didn’t go so well cause I got caught in a swoop and the eight of us went in.”
  When he finished the story you had no idea what to say… You felt a little bad about what he had just told you. 
   “I’m sorry…”
   “It’s fine, life isn’t always kind. Plus,” he stopped to grab your chin and bring your gaze up to his “I never said I was a good person, doll. I just said I was tryna get my sister to a better place.” 
   You stared into his eyes for a second, before snapping back to reality. You stood up and mumbled something along the lines of ‘I’ll get you some clothes’ as you walked off.
  Some of your larger garments fit him quite well. A pair of large, black joggers and a yellow hoodie that looked stupidly big on you. He had to go commando however, since you didn’t happen to have a pair of boxers lying around.  
   You set up the couch for him to sleep in as you weren’t about to give up your bed for an inmate that had just broken in, but he seemed pretty content in the comfort of your couch. 
    “You sure you don’t need some company in there, doll?” 
    You chuckled at his bold attempt and pressed your tongue against the inside of your cheek. 
    “Yes San, I’d rather keep the convict at least one hallway away.” You joked.
    Although you felt a little more comfortable around him, knowing that he wasn’t 100% a scumbag, you couldn’t let your guard down. 
    Your theory was proven when you woke up not much later after you fell asleep with a shadow looking straight at you from the doorway. Not remembering that you had a guest, you yelled. 
    He immediately came rushing to your side and shut you up with his hand.
   “Why did you scream!?” San asked, panicking.
   You removed his hand from your face harshly.
   “Because a huge shadow man was standing in my doorway like a lunatic! What are you doing!?” 
  “It’s… It’s 7am I’m hungry.”
 You shot daggers at him through your sleepy, hooded eyes.
  “Do you not sleep?”
   “Not really…  We have a lot of sleep deprivation in there.”
   Somehow he had this habit of making you do things by making you feel bad. And this was no exception. 
   You groaned and dragged yourself off of the bed, feeling kind of embarrassed about how terrible you looked compared to him. Although his hair was messy, it still made him look good, as it further defined his jawline.
  You didn’t know what he wanted to eat, so you just pointed at your cabinets and began teaching him what was inside of each of them.
   As you did all of this, you realized how often he’d brush his dark locks back, in order to get them out of his face. You looked at your wrist and surely enough there was a spare hair tie on it. You offered it to San, who gladly accepted the item and tied his hair in a small ponytail.
  You started walking back to your bedroom, to resume your interrupted sleep, but a pertinent question popped in your mind, and sleep was no longer your biggest preoccupation.
   You turned around and walked back to the kitchen, to find San shoving his hand down the cereal box and eating it dry.
    “San… What’s your plan here? I mean, in the long run. You can’t just crash in my sofa forever.”
    The male in question looked at you, a suggestive gaze playing in his eyes.
   “I can always crash on your bed.” He wiggled his eyebrows at you as he said this.
   “I’m serious, San. This can be really problematic for me! Do you realize the trouble this could put me in? If someone finds out you’re here I’ll have so many legal complications! I’m on the fourth floor, why did you even choose my apartment!?”
   San went quiet for a second and looked at the floor.
   “You’re the 69th apartment…” He replied quietly.
   You rolled your eyes and turned around, stressed out about his response, while rubbing your temples.
  Before you could get very far, however, the man grabbed your wrist and made you turn around.
   “You’re right, I’m sorry… We agreed to meet up in an abandoned building a couple blocks down from where we lived. We needed to lay low for at least a couple of hours. I got lucky I managed to lose the coppers, but I don’t know about them…”
    He had sat down by the dining table and buried his head in his hands. For some reason, 
you felt as if you should comfort him, so you approached the male softly and pet his head slowly.
    “I can try to help with the smaller things!”
    But little did you know that that statement would soon come back to bite you in the ass, when you came home later in the day, after your very tiring night shift, and found eight very big men sitting around your living room, just chatting it up as if it was their own house.
    Ignoring the possibly dangerous men sprawled on your floor and couch, you closed the door and walked towards San.
    “What… The fuck.” You said through gritted teeth, trying to remain calm.
    “Well, you said you could help with the smaller things, and that side of the town was flooding with cops looking for us, so I figured we could come here to lay low!” He said, gesturing to his friends.
    You closed your eyes and inhaled deeply. 
    “When I said small things I meant maybe food or warm water to shower with. I didn’t mean I’d be the shelter for eight hooligans!”
    “What did you just call us?” One of them calmly asked. 
   You looked behind San to face the bleached haired male, who had a mixture of angry and offended on his face. It suddenly hit you that all of these escapee inmates were in your house, staring at you as you insulted them, and nervous tears started brimming in your eyes.
    “I-I’m sorry Sir, but you are sitting on my rug and you came from jail I think I’m entitled to be upset right now.” You told him, holding up your index finger.
     “Listen I’m sorry but overstaying my welcome-”
     “Oh, you think you’re overstaying!?” 
    Already sick of your snappy attitude, San gripped your arm and pushed you back against the wall, causing you to wince and drop your keys. His face was millimeters away from yours, so close you could feel his breath on you.
    “Listen doll, I don’t think anybody wants eight wanted criminals in their living room but you don’t have a choice, okay!? Neither of us would be here if we had a better choice but we fucking don’t, so why don’t you make this easier for all of us and cooperate?”
    You had no choice but to nod, as you swallowed nervously. San let go of you and sighed, disappointed that he had to resource to violence.
   There was an awkward silence, that the male you had known the longest felt the obligation to fill. 
    “So, uhm, these are my friends… “ He said and began introducing them one by one.
    Some of the men remained expressionless, only giving you a nod as a greeting, while a couple smiled politely and the rest chimed a small ‘hello’. 
   “Did you… All go in for the same thing?”
   “Friendship goals, right?” The male you now knew to be named Mingi said, stealing a smile out of you. 
   There was the heavy silence again… And you searched deep in your head for what could solve the awkwardness.
    “Are you guys hungry? I don’t have enough food here but I could go out and buy some chicken. I don’t think it’s safe to have people deliver.”
    They all agreed and so you went on your way, to buy food for all the unwanted guests. It was probably a bad idea to go out on your own and carry all this chicken and alcohol (that you bought hoping that the eight men would become bubblier and less threatening after consuming it) but you still thought that was a better scenario than being caught in public with a wanted criminal. So after about forty-five minutes of struggling, you managed to get into the house with three huge bags: two for the chicken and one for the drinks. 
    Their eyes all lit up once you stepped foot inside of the house and suddenly they resembled little kids. The men instantly attacked the food, proceeding to hurriedly unwrap the chicken.
    “Damn Y/N, were you in jail too?” San asked when he saw you hungrily devour the food. It seemed like you too hadn’t eaten anything that good in years.
    You quickly flipped him off and continued eating. 
  Your speculations were correct, and as the empty alcohol bottles started piling up, the room started echoing with happy chatter and laughter. 
   All of the stress and panic about the situation started washing off from them as the hours passed by and you had to admit, hadn’t they been wanted criminals you wouldn’t have minded being a part of their odd friend group.
    “H-hey Y/N, you should sit here, it’s more comfortable.” San joked with a sly smirk, as he patted his lap.
     “Keep trying, lover boy.” You told him as you rolled your eyes.
     San then placed his hands around your waist and pulled you to sit on his lap, keeping a slight grip on your body, soft enough for you to leave if you were uncomfortable. 
    “Was this a good enough try, doll?” He whispered in your ear.
    You said nothing, and your silence made him chuckle as he pulled you back, until your back hit his chest. Somehow he was right. It did feel more comfortable… And maybe it was the alcohol, or the fact that San was actually insanely hot, but all of the tension left in your body evaporated, and you felt yourself melt into his touch. 
    All of the sounds started fading into the background and you didn’t even acknowledge the rest of the boys, as all you could feel was the way San was drawing shapes on your thighs with his long fingers, and how you wanted them a little farther up your body. You pressed your thighs against each other, and this action didn’t go unnoticed by San, who squeezed them tighter in his hold and groaned in your ear. 
    You could feel a hard-on beginning to form in San’s pants, as it began poking your ass. You shifted in his lap, causing his boner to harden by the second. He gripped his waist tighter and pressed you down on his growing problem. 
     “I really want you, doll, I think you want me too…” He whispered in your ear. 
     “You’re imagining things San.” 
      He rolled his hips up and held you in place, so you could feel every curve of his fully hardened member press against you. Of course he noticed the way you inhaled shakily and giggled. Giggled. 
     San was indeed an intriguing person…
     He kissed a couple of spots on your neck, and bit down on an area he found softer, managing to steal a small whimper out of you. 
     A couple of heads turned towards you and they smirked, acknowledging what was happening, but not wanting to bother or steal the moment away. They turned their attention back to the other men, leaving you two isolated once more. 
    “Please, let me fuck you, doll… I wanna feel how well you clench around me. Will you let me do that?”
    Your mind was clouded by pleasure and curiosity, and so you stood up and grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards your bedroom, not even bothering to give him a verbal response.
    The second the male heard the door click, he pushed you against it with his body and smashed his lips against yours. His hands were obsessed with your hips and thighs, constantly squeezing them as you grinded against his crotch. 
     He tapped the back of your legs and you wrapped them around him. San carried you to the bed as if you were made of feathers, and even though his tongue was harsh against yours, the way he let you down on the bed was soft.
      The two of you only pulled away when the confinement of your clothes started becoming unbearable. You peeled the work clothes (that you had never changed from) hastily from your body. San undressed just as quickly, and he couldn’t believe his view. After all that time being incarcerated he managed to have someone so good looking so willing to fuck him… He smirked and slapped your thighs, proceeding to grab them as he kissed your jaw, then your neck, then your chest, then your stomach, only stopping when his lips were dangerously close to a place you’d be wishing for him to touch you. He stopped and looked up at you. God, he wished he could take a picture of you right now… All jittery and messy, needy and aching for his touch. 
   "F-Fuck San, please!“ You begged, finally, when the teasing became too much. 
   "Anythin’ for you, doll." 
  He teased your entrance with his tongue before entering two fingers, as to prepare you for what was to come. San squeezed and bit your thighs as his fingers entered you in a high speed. 
    "Oh my G-God, San- I want you in me." 
    He groaned at your neediness, and shoved the fingers that had previously been in you past your lips. 
    You maintained eye contact as you sucked slowly on his digits.
    San lined up his cock with your entrance and pushed into you slowly, causing you to wince slightly and bite his fingers. 
    The male immediately removed his hand and moved both his hands to rest on your waist. 
    "Y-you okay, doll?” He asked, afraid he’d hurt you. 
    "Yes- yes, move…" 
     San bottomed out inside you with a loud groan. He didn’t move for a second, trying to take in how tight you were and how good he felt. And even though he tried to hold back by starting to thrust into you slowly, he soon lost control. His hips snapped against yours uncontrollably fast and neither of you cared if the moans and whimpers could be heard in the next room. 
    "S-shit, look at you doll, taking my cock like a good girl-“ 
     You gripped his arms, digging your nails into his skin, loving the way he talked to you. 
    Something about seeing all of those artworks in san’s body made you feel more attracted to the male. 
   "You feel so good inside me Sannie.”
    The pet name and the little praise caused his cock to twitch inside of you, and you could tell he was almost there, by the sloppiness of his thrusts. 
    You wanted to see what he looked like in pure lust, you wanted to do the dirtiest things with this man, his sinful figure bigging out someone you didn’t even know you had in you. 
     "I-I need to cum doll, where do you want me to-“ 
    "Inside me! Please, please cum inside me San!” You begged as you clung onto him for dear life. 
    His cock twitched once more, and he looked at you with a mix of surprise and lust in his eyes. 
    "Y/N are you sure cause-“ 
    "Fucking breed me, San! I want your cum dripping out of me, please!" 
   The intensity of his thrusts increased as did the grip he had on you. 
    "You want me to breed you? Hm? Make you mine forever? Turn you into a bad girl for me? Y-you’re so dirty…”
   "Y-yes! God yes!“ 
    "Oh f-fuck!” Was the last thing he managed to yell as he buried his member deep inside of you, shooting white spurts of cum that covered your walls. 
    It was the way his body trembled and the way his mouth fell open with small whimpers that caused you to climax right after him. 
   His sweaty body collapsed on top of yours as he slowly pulled out, and you could feel the cum drip out of your hole. 
   For a couple of seconds all that could be heard was the heavy panting, until San lifted his head and looked at you. 
    "Fuck, I guess you belong to me now…“
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dreamypqulson · a month ago
So This Is Love
Summary: You come back home all banged up one night but luckily Ally is there to fix you right up.
Pairing: Ally Mayfair-Richards x Reader
Word count: 1000
Warning: Blood, mention of injury’s (let me know if there’s more that i should add)
Tumblr media
As you walked into your silent house, you tried to stifle your groan as you felt a shooting pain through your body. It didn't help that the house was pitch dark but there was no way that you could even lift your arm up to hit the light switch and either way, you didn't want to wake Ally up so walking in the dark was going to have to do.
You wouldn't be about to hide the big bruise that was forming around your eye or the scratches that could be found all around your body but you sure as hell weren't going to scare the living shit out of your girlfriend by showing her your bloody appearance.
You tried to make it up the stairs but you have yet to even make it up the first step and your legs were already turning into jelly. "Y/n?" you heard Ally's sleepy voice echo through the halls. If you weren't already hurt, you would punch yourself for waking her up.
"Uh yeah i'll be right up" for a moment the house went silent and you were sure that, that got her back to bed but when your heard the tap of her feet on the stairs, you knew you were screwed.
But of course Ally couldn't ignore the shakiness in your voice, she could feel in her gut that something was wrong so of course she had to investigate.
Each step she took down the stairs just made your heart speed up faster to the point where it almost made you forget about the pain. You weren't scared that she would be mad or any of the sort, you just didn't want her to be freaked out or worry about you. The last thing you want to do is put all this on her plate.
"Y/n, are you alright" her foot hit the last stair and you almost choked on your dry throat. You could only hum in response at this point.
"Oh my god" Ally said once she turned on the light "Y/n" the fear on both of your faces made you both look like you saw a ghost. "What happened?" she rushed towards you with wide eyes. Tears began to form in your eyes and as they rolled down your face, they burned.
"I'm sorry. I should've kept my mouth shut but he just pissed me off so much" you began sobbing, only making the throbbing in your head worse. "Shhh, baby slow down, start from the beginning" she gently ran her fingers through your hair, carefully not to hurt you even more.
"At the store there was someone guy and apparently he recognized me from you and he doesn’t agree with what you say so he said some words and then i said some words and then next thing i knew, punches were being thrown" you explained.
"Who punched first?" She asked and you looked down, not wanting to tell her and make her even more angry than she already was "Y/n, who punched first?" this time her voice was stern and you couldn't ignore her question "him."
You swore that you saw smoke begin to come out of her ears "I'm going to get that man arrested" you shook your head quickly "no Ally please, i don't want to make him more angry at you and clearly me" you knew that Ally being the senator, she had that power and could easily get him arrested. "Y/n, he hurt you."
"Please Ally" you said and she sighed "we'll talk about it in the morning but right now i want to get you cleaned up" you hated being the reason to keep her up when it was so late but you couldn't even say anything before she was leading you up the stairs, holding you tightly so this time, you could successfully make your way up.
"This is going to burn so you can squeeze my hand if you need to." With clenched teeth, you grabbed on to her free hand as she placed the cloth -soaked with rubbing alcohol- on the big cut on your face. "Fuck" you squeeze her hand tightly as the pain worsened.
"I know, i'm sorry, i hate hurting you but i don't want it to get infected" she said with a pout on her face "it's okay" your toes curled from the burning sensation that was now on your forehead.
As she examined each cut and bruise, you could see her only get even more angry but trying to hold herself back. Not at you, but at who did this to you.
"There you are sweetheart" she looked back up with a smile, sighing to try and brush away the anger for tonight. "Thanks" you looked down, ashamed and slightly nervous that she really was mad at you for letting that comment get to you and probably ruining her reputation.
"Hey look at me baby" she gently grabbed your chin so you were face to face "what's wrong" she could read you like a book "are you mad at me?" you questioned "now why would i be mad at you honey? You're not in the wrong."
"Just promise me you won't get in another fight. I can't be kissing broke lips" you roll your eyes at her comment but you couldn’t help but smile at her "i promise" you pecked her cheek before hoping off the counter with the help of her. "I'm gonna take a shower" you said, looking down at your blood covered clothes. It was worse than you thought.
"Alright love" she was about to walk out before you called out for her again "can you come in with me" you didn't know where this clinginess came from all of a sudden but you body was starting to ache and you just wanted Ally.
"Of course."
The steam from the hot water filled the room making you feel just a little bit better but having Ally with you made you feel a lot better. “Ally thank you for being so sweet to me” you said as she kissed your back before turning you towards her “I should be saying that to you, y/n” she ran her fingers so delicately through your hair. So this is love, you thought as her lips pressed against yours.
taglist: @loverofallthingssarah @goodeday2u
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thecaptainsbride · 10 months ago
You Are Worth It [Levi x Reader]
Tumblr media
Summary: You were ready to do anything for this man and if that meant defending him from your own comrades, then so be it.
Set before and during the No Regrets OVA
This is for @vennilavee  ‘s Writing Challange. I had fun writing~ 
This scenario is actually a part of my OC’s story BUT I decided to change it up a bit here and there and make it into a Levi x Reader instead. Enjoy!
Word Count: 7646
Warnings: Violence, Vulgarity, Profanity, some gore, some harassment
Pairing: Levi x Fem!Reader
Feedback is deeply appreciated~!
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。 
The Underground.
It was a foul place – lawless – full of thugs, drunkards and creeps. Unfortunately, it was also the home of women who most of the time had no other choice but to sell themselves, it was the home of sick people who only wished to glimpse the sun, and it was the home of malnourished orphans who died like flies in the dirty streets. And nobody was doing anything to help those in need.
Nobody but you.
You remembered the first time you set foot in the Underground. You were just but a little girl, holding tightly your step-mother’s hand as she made her way through the muddy streets, not caring whether her dress would get dirtied. You smiled fondly at the memory. Your step-mother’s friend had lost the rights to her citizenship and was hurdled into the clutches of the Kingdom of Shadows, being forced to work as a prostitute. But the two women kept being friends and your step-mother frequently visited to bring her food. You went only once but it was more than enough to break the pretty picture you’ve imagined – of a place safely tucked below the Inner Walls, with glowing crystals and beautifully shaped stalagmites. It was a hellhole.
You still thought of yourself as a little, naïve girl. You blamed your parents’ coddling. You were supposed to be more aware of the real world as a teen and almost young adult. You wanted to know the truth and the horrors that accompanied each day. That was one of the reasons you also wanted to join the Survey Corps. But you had promised to yourself that you’d join after you face the hell that is the Underground and after you offer some help to those who need it. After all, how could you fight and protect people from the Titans, if you couldn’t even protect them from fellow humans?
“Listen now, little lady, I know that you wanna do some charity shit down here but we also have work to do instead of escorting you. Just because your father is the Deputy Commander-,” grumbled the Military Police soldier from behind you but you didn’t pay him any attention. Instead, your ears strained to hear another sound – a child crying. You hushed the soldier and before he had the chance to give you some scathing remark, you walked away from him and towards the sound. The alleys were too narrow and the repugnant smell of piss and alcohol was heavy in the air but you tried your best to ignore it and kept walking. Turning right, then left, you came to a dead end. And there it was – the child – crouching on the ground with his knees pressed to his chest and little hands rubbing at his eyes.
You approached slowly and knelt down, your gown puddling all around you, the light blue fabric immediately getting mudded and dirtied.
“It’s all right. I’m here. No one is going to hurt you. I got some food too,” you spoke gently as to not startle him as your hand took out an apple from your bag and handed it to the child. He looked at you with big eyes and you offered an encouraging smile. That smile fell off your face the second you heard the clicking of a gun right behind your head. It pressed against you roughly, almost ruining your perfect bun. The child simply stood up and ran away.
“Now, don’t move, pretty thing. We don’t want to accidentally blast your head, do we?” came in a man’s gravelly voice, sending shivers down your spine. You dared not move as you felt him getting closer, his breath tickling your neck. “Ya better get those money ready, lass," he hissed out and you willed your body to stop shaking. It was impossible. Were you going to go out like this? Murdered by some thugs? Were you going to rot in this very same alley? Before you got the chance to see the outside world?
There was a swooshing sound. You closed your eyes, anticipating the worst, but then strangled grunts and coughing was heard, making you snap your head in the direction of the sound. Your eyes widened as you saw the two men fall dead on the ground, clothes soaking with the crimson blood that leaked from their throats, some managing to drop onto your cheek. Your eyes focused on a third man who was cleaning his knife. He didn’t pay you attention as he pocketed it and turned his back on you, ready to walk away.
“W-wait!” you called out and he halted. Let me at least see your face. Let me at least learn your name. “You saved me… I-“ you stuttered out but he interrupted you roughly, turning around to look you in the eyes. He was the most handsome man you’ve laid eyes on. The pampered, powdered noble boys couldn’t hold a candle to his rugged looks and the aura he was giving off. He had raven hair, locks falling around his eyes, pale skin and sharp eyes the color of a stormy sky. His clothes were a little bit baggy but even like this you could tell his body was built nicely so you assumed that he was a thug as well. Speaking of clothes, his were way too clean and pristine for someone living in such a filthy place.
“Don’t waste your breath. Go back upstairs to your gold and fine porcelain. You don’t belong here,” he spat out and your eyebrows furrowed as you slowly stood up, coming face to face with him.
“I’m sorry but you can’t say where I do or do not belong to. Maybe I don’t really fancy the world you speak of,” you told him firmly and his gaze lingered on your for awhile.
“You’re a lunatic then,” were his last words before he walked away.
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
You didn’t listen to the man. One bad experience and some rude words weren’t enough to convince you otherwise. In fact, that made you more stubborn and you soon found your way in the Underground once again. This time you carried a knife. Your grandfather had taught you how to throw them and you regretted not bringing one last time.
The day passed by in a blur. The heavy bag full of bread and left-over pastries from your family’s bakery was now empty and you were ready to head back home and take a long bath. But you stopped when you heard a commotion. You bit your lip. You didn’t want to risk getting caught up in something again. But your heart was beating faster and your body felt warmer the closer the sound got and you supposed that there was some supernatural force that was pulling you towards it. Soon enough, you found yourself in the midst of a brutal brawl. The same guy who saved you a few days ago was being ganged up on. He was surprisingly holding his ground, sending lethal punches and kicks his enemies’ way. But you should’ve known they would fight dirty as one of the members sneaked behind the guy and prepared to shoot him in the back.
Your body moved before you even ordered it to, hand grabbing the knife hidden in the pocket of your dress and throwing it. It embedded into the head of the thug and he fell. Everything stopped for awhile. You could see the two members of the group looking at you with both shock and rage. You could see the surprised expression on the guy’s face, his arm up in mid-punch. Then there was a bang and you felt a searing pain in your middle region. Your vision blurred and the last thing you saw was the guy who saved you pummel the remaining members of the gang to death and scream something at you.
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
When your eyes fluttered open, they saw an unfamiliar ceiling. Your first instinct was to stand up and run but your body was too tired and the only thing you managed to do was shift and move your head.
“Finally awake?” came in a voice and you gasped as you saw the same guy. Had he saved you? What exactly happened in the first place? You wanted to ask him multiple questions but the one you settled on was:
“Are you all right?”
He shot you an incredulous look.
“You were the one who got shot, dumbass. Worry about yourself,” he grumbled, furrowing his brows and you let out a weak chuckle.
“You are right… You know, we’ve saved each other’s lives so many times already and yet I do not know your name.”
“It’s Levi,” he answered your silent question and you smiled as bright as you could.
“Nice to meet you, Levi! My name is Y/N! Y/F/N!”
His eyes widened a fraction as he stared at you, a spark of what seemed to be recognition, relief and even fondness could be seen deep within. He uncrossed his arms and walked out of the room. You counted the minutes awkwardly, fiddling with your fingers or clenching and unclenching the sheets, before you finally decided to sit up. It was a struggle. The bullet had got you in the upper stomach but apparently he had nursed you back to health. You noticed that your torso was neatly covered in clean bandages as the blankets slid down a bit, making you shiver at the bareness of your arms. You blushed at the thought of him seeing you like this but nothing could be done. And you didn’t care that much about dignity and nudity when it came down to saving lives – others’ or your own.
Your thoughts were interrupted when he walked in the room, carrying a plate with peeled and sliced apples. For a moment, he stood by the doorframe simply watching you, before he made his way towards you and sat on the corner of the bed, placing the plate on your lap and outstretching his other hand. Your eyes fell on what he was holding and you gasped as memories from years ago flooded you.  
The day when you had been so curious you had begged your step-mother to take you with her. She had agreed and you had made your way to the Underground. You had stuck close to her as she walked into what you now knew was a brothel.
“Carol! It’s so good to see you!” exclaimed your step-mom and the other woman chuckled as she gave her a hug.
“You didn’t have to bring so much food again. I’m so grateful to have you.”
You smiled as you watched the two women converse but your attention was stolen by a figure in your periphery vision, making you completely turn around. It was a boy. He didn’t seem to be much older than you. He was wearing a ragged shirt that reached his knees and some worn out pants but his hair looked clean and neatly cut. He watched you shyly, interest sparkling in his eyes as he took in your appearance. He had probably never seen a noble in such a place. You smiled and waved at him and he mirrored you after his hesitation worn off. You took a few steps forward and smiled brightly at him.
“Hi, there! What is your name?”
“Levi,” he uttered and you put your hands on your hips. You probably looked ridiculous – a child with lots of baby fat, trying to look and give off a motherly aura.
“You are very thin, Levi. That just can’t do!” you exclaimed in disapproval as you reached into the bag of food your step-mom had brought, taking out a few apples and placing them in your white apron. You neared the boy and beckoned him to take them. “Here, take these! Dad always says that an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” you grinned.
He gulped and his hands trembled a bit when he took the fruits from you, eyes gazing into your own with such gratitude and respect. And because you were so focused on his features, you noticed some smudged dirt on his left cheek. You clicked your tongue as you grabbed a handkerchief from your pocket and proceeded to wipe his face since his arms were busy balancing the apples from falling out of his grip.
“You got some dirt here. It’s very important to stay clean, you know,” you told him gently and he nodded.
“My mother says the same,” he whispered and you smiled as you tucked your handkerchief in his pocket.
“Then you keep this and make sure to stay clean,” you smiled at him before your step-mom called you and you had to bid him goodbye.
“Wait!” he called out and you looked at him over your shoulder. “What’s your name?” he asked timidly and you grinned at him again.
“Y/N! Y/F/N! It was nice meeting you, Levi! I hope we can meet again!”
But you never met him again. When next time your step-mom had returned from her visit and you had asked about the boy, she said he was nowhere to be found but there was a rumor that one of the women working there had passed away and her child had disappeared.
“We meet again,” you sent him a watery smile as tears gathered in the corner of your eyes. You didn’t know why, they just did. You never pegged yourself as an overly emotional person but life was a mysterious companion.
“Yeah,” drawled the man quietly and for the first time since you’ve met, that permanent frown was replaced by a small, soft smile.
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
Since that fateful meeting, your visits to the Underground became more frequent. You didn’t only want to do charity but you wanted to visit Levi. He told you to not come back. That it was dangerous. But you didn’t listen. You wore simpler dresses – not the big, intricate gowns. You tied your hair in a simple ponytail or bun – not the stylish hairstyles screaming that their bearer was a noblewoman. You usually never wore jewelry with the exception of the earrings your step-mother had gifted you, but you took them off during your visits, trying to blend in the best way possible. Of course, you were a woman, therefore it was only natural to attract creeps. But you managed to deal with them. You just wanted to help children and see Levi. Was it that much to ask?
“Eeh! There is a body of water this huge? And full of salt!? I cannot believe it!” exclaimed Farlan.
“It’s true! It’s written in a book that’s been banned by the government! Why do you think they banned it if it wasn’t true!?” you shot back.
“So, you mean to tell us that there are also fields of sand and multicolored lights in the sky in North?”asked Levi while he was focusing on polishing his knife.
“I know it may sound too incredible to believe but I know it’s the truth! I just know it! And I’ll go beyond the walls and see it for myself!” you grinned enthusiastically and Levi’s eyes moved from the knife and onto your form, one eyebrow raised in both question and challenge.
“Hooh? And how are you going to do that? By going on lavishing balls in Mitras?”
“By joining the Survey Corps!” you declared and the silence became so heavy that you could cut it with a dull knife. And suddenly, all hell broke loose.
“What?! Are you insane!? You actually want to join them and go fight titans?!” shouted Farlan as he stood up from his chair and you mirrored him, crossing your arms.
“I’d pick the titans ten times over the political wars we’re waging in the capital and all the hypocrisy and backstabbing!”
“You’re gonna get eaten! Do you really want to face such a death?!”
Their shouting match was interrupted by Levi’s almost frighteningly low tone, making them sweat and gulp.
“Oi, brat... Tell me you’re not serious… Tell me you’re just…in a phase or something,” he said as he put the knife on the table, his attention now fully on you. You sighed as you slowly sat back down on the sofa, a sad smile gracing your features as you looked at the two men. You contemplated but in the end you decided that you had to tell them.
“I’ve been serious ever since I saw my mother get eaten years ago,” you confessed and their eyes widened.
“What?” stuttered out Farlan as he slumped back down on the chair.
“I haven’t told you, have I? I was…five when mom…snapped, for a lack of better word… She told me that she wanted to see the outside world and I… I was so excited!” you gripped the fabric of your dress so tight that your knuckles turned white. “We sneaked outside the walls and… I was saved just on time by a Survey Corps soldier… My mom on the other hand,” you uttered, biting the inside of your cheek until it bled. “Shiganshina will always be my hometown. I can’t stay in Mitras. I can’t! My place is not inside the walls.”
“I thought you were… noble,” murmured Farlan and you chuckled.
“That’s half the truth. My father IS the Deputy Commander of the Military Police. Even before that, he was rich and powerful, coming from a family full of soldiers and nobles. The most respected family… One day he met my mom in Shiganshina. He was already married at the time but… One thing led to another and…here I stand,” you explained. “He would send money but I never saw him until…that day,” you gulped but the pain and bad memories were replaced by determination and bravery.
“I’ll join the Survey Corps. I’ll see the outside world. And I swear to you, once I am capable, I’ll get you two citizenship. I won’t let you rot in here,” you stated firmly and the men could only stare at you with both concern and fondness.  
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
In the end, you did exactly what you wanted. You joined the Survey Corps after graduating top of your class. At first you were placed in Ness’ squad but after your first expedition and after you showed incredible skills and potential, you were moved to Erwin’s squad. You proved how great of a strategist you were and you showed them your political skills when it came to dealing with the Royal Assembly. That gained you lots of respect from the higher ups within the Survey Corps. You also built a name for yourself as Humanity’s fastest because all fellow soldiers who’ve seen you fight, including veterans, have said that there was no one faster. You didn’t brag though.  
Now, a year later, you were a squad leader yourself and there were rumors that you would be promoted to Captain. You smiled at the thought. You pushed your body and mentality way over the limits to prove yourself worthy as fast and as efficient as possible in order to gain a title – to gain power – because thanks to that it would be easier to save them.
Just hang on for a bit more, Farlan, Levi. I’ll soon be able to get you out of that hole.
Flagon’s fist hit the table as he growled in irritation, interrupting your thought process.
“Quite frankly, this is humiliating!”
“I couldn’t agree more,” nodded another Section Commander by the name of Deckan Caddel. His demeanor seemed calm but his eyes were glinting with a murderous intent. You never liked him. Sure, he was great soldier. But he joined purely out of revenge and bloodlust – because his father was eaten. He didn’t care about protecting Humanity. In fact, he always had such disregard for people, especially those who weren’t from Wall Sina like himself.
“Are you honestly telling us, who have always held formality in high regard, to accept a bunch of criminals?”
You had half a mind to tell him to chill the fuck out but you bit your tongue. Flagon was a good guy beneath his prejudices.
After discussing the newly recruited members and the formation that Erwin suggested, the meeting was over and everyone left. Out of the corner of your eye you noticed Deckan ogling you before he walked off. You narrowed your eyes but brushed it off as you made your way to the private quarters aligned with your office and prepared for bed. Tomorrow morning the said criminals would be introduced to the others and it will be decided in which squad they would be put on.
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
You were…shocked. The criminals everyone were talking about were none other than Levi and Farlan accompanied by a younger girl. Your mind didn’t even comprehend Commander Shadis’ words or the trio’s introduction. You were too busy staring at them, still unable to process that they were here, donning the noble uniform of the Survey Corps. You gulped down the tears threatening to spill and patiently waited for the introduction to be over. While Flagon was busy with subtly expressing his disdain of the three being placed on his squad and sending sharp glances Erwin’s way, you finally managed to gather the strength to come closer and into their line of sight.
The moment Levi’s eyes clashed with yours, you felt like crying and running to embrace him. Your heart started beating faster and your body warmed up after feeling so cold for literal ages. You didn’t know how this man; why this man; had such an effect on you…but you loved it.
His eyes widened and he subtly elbowed Farlan whose attention shifted to where he was looking at. He wasn’t as subtle as Levi though and his reaction was quite open as he pretty much gawked at you. Both men’s eyes shone brightly with fondness and relief.
Even when everyone were dismissed and allowed to go back to their own business, you didn’t. You quietly followed after Flagon as he walked the new recruits to the barracks.
“You two men will sleep here,” you could hear Flagon instructing them from your place in the hallway. “You lot have been living in the dumps of the Underground but do try to keep this place clean,” your eyes widened comically and you almost choked on thin air. Just as you supposed, Levi’s outraged “huh?” followed right away and he neared Flagon threateningly, breaking his personal bubble.
“W-what’s with that look?” stuttered out the man and you decided to intervene before it had gotten out of control.
“Now, now, Flagon, you used to sleep in those barracks too. But you’ve probably forgotten that they always have been dirty,” came in your voice, making everyone’s heads snap to your direction. Farlan’s lips twitched in a smile but Levi’s face was composed. Flagon clicked his tongue.
“And what are you doing here, Y/L/N?” he asked with a sigh and you shrugged, fully entering the room.
“I just came here to make sure you don’t start a fire or something,” you shot back teasingly and he rolled his eyes before turning his back on everyone.
“I’ll leave you to it. And next time don’t try to approach a commanding officer with such attitude. Maybe Y/N will be able to teach you some manners,” snapped Flagon and Farlan tried to salute respectfully.
“Yes, sir!”
“Your hand’s upside-down! You begin training early tomorrow! I expect you to be punctual!”
The moment Flagon was out of sight and earshot you didn’t hesitate to throw yourself at the two men, hugging them tightly. Farlan was quick to return the embrace but Levi froze for awhile, hesitating, before he awkwardly patted your head as you sobbed.
“It’s you! I can’t believe it!” you pulled away and took a good look at them. “You seem healthy. I’m so happy to see you! I still can’t believe that it’s you who Erwin recruited. He must have seen incredible potential! We have so much to talk about-“ your rambling was interrupted by a coughing, making you face the redheaded girl.
“I think we haven’t officially met! My name’s Isabel Magnolia! Nice to meetcha!” grinned the girl and you smiled at her, shaking her hand.
“My name is Y/F/N. It’s pleasure meeting you! You are probably confused as to how we know one another but I’ll tell you everything!” you hooked your arm around hers and tugged her towards the door. “I’ll show you to the girls’ barracks and,” your gaze flickered to the boys, finding Levi’s and holding his for awhile. “I hope I’ll see you two shortly.”
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
You had talked to Isabel until the late hours, telling her about your background, about how you met Levi and Farlan, about your life in the Training Corps and then as a soldier in the Survey Corps. There was so much to talk about and you really wanted to make friends with her since she seemed to be someone very important to Levi and Farlan.
The next day had rolled fast and before you knew it, everyone were up and about – training. The three newbies were to be evaluated today – their skills tested.  
Levi was walking amongst the horses, mind wandering off to the mission at hand. If he wanted it to be successful, he had to play by the Survey Corps rules and one of them was to learn how to ride. Isabel had no problem with it. She seemed to be natural. Then again she has always been an animal lover so he wasn’t surprised at how fast she grasped horse riding. Farlan had some troubles with the horse he had chosen, the mare too feisty for him to handle. And Levi? Well, he still hasn’t chosen one.
“I think she likes you,” came in your gentle tone and he sighed, grateful for the momentary distraction. You came to stand beside him and before he could ask, you pointed ahead, making him focus his vision onto the beautiful black mare that was intently staring at him.
“You know, it’s not only you choosing the horse. The horse has to choose you too,” you told him as you both approached the mare and Levi slowly outstretched his hand, allowing the animal to sniff him before licking it. He smiled when she nudged his hand, beckoning him to caress her.
“Her name is Danika. I raised her,” you smiled and he lifted his eyebrows. “And this is Astaroth. My partner,” you grinned as you pointed to the horse right next to Danika. He was the biggest horse Levi has seen amongst all Survey Corps horses and the only one with such unique coloration.
“He seems a bit…different than the rest,” he mused and you hummed in agreement.
“They had found him outside the walls a bit before I joined. When I tell you he was wild, I mean it. They hadn’t been able to tame him never mind how many times they tried. Then I came and tried. My way. And it worked. He became my partner since then. He’s the strongest and fastest horse in the SC history. Trust me, it’s not easy riding him into battle sometimes but I’ve grown used to it,” you explained and he huffed.
“It’s not only about growing used to it. You yourself are probably a great rider. A natural,” he commented and you shrugged.
“Maybe…Say, do you want to ride together?” you asked and he nodded.
That’s how you found yourselves riding the horses deep into the forest and away from all the ruckus in the training grounds. You wanted Levi to truly feel and experience the riding and bond with his horse which took some time instead of immediately jumping onto the animal and rushing it into gallop like what most did. And while the silence was comforting, you decided to break it.
“One of the perks about being a part of the Survey Corps is that you get to live surrounded by nature. Just look at it. Look how beautiful and peaceful it is. Fields upon fields and forests upon forest. So much greenery and beauty,” you sighed dreamily and Levi hummed in agreement.
“It’s not bad.”
“At the same time if you get tired of the peace and quiet, you can just roam the halls of the castle or the training grounds and sink into the pleasant noise of soldiers chattering, laughing, eating and training together,” you smiled as you looked at the man. The green shadows the trees cast upon him and the flickering-through-the-trees light bathing him made him look so beautiful, so relaxed…so gentle. Then your thoughts wandered off to a place deeper and darker.
“I still can’t believe that you’re here. That you chose to join the Survey Corps… I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think you guys are ready to be soldiers. Not yet. You need so much training and the expedition is too soon and,” you realized you were rambling so you took a breath and exhaled slowly. “I just…I just feel like Erwin’s offer and your decision will bring some catastrophic consequences. I trust my intuition. It has never failed me.”
“A bit too late for that now,” huffed the man and you bit your lip.
“Why didn’t you wait a bit more for me? I’m sure you calculated almost three years in the Training Corps and then one or so more until I get a higher rank-“
“I thought you were dead,” he interrupted you with a soft, heavy tone that surprised you.
“There were a few times when I would overhear the MP soldiers talking. They spoke of failed expeditions and death. They mentioned you too. Humanity’s Fastest, huh?” he shot you a wry smile and you blushed but held his gaze as he kept talking, the smile turning into frown. “Not long after, I heard them talking about a particularly nasty expedition that resulted in lots of death. That even you weren’t fast enough to escape.”
“Oh, Levi…It’s…It’s my fault for not finding a way to contact you. Trusting someone blindly and waiting for years is just…not possible or rational,” you looked away and squeezed your eyes, your grip on the reins tightening. Levi shook his head.
“I don’t blame you. It’s not like you could’ve come visit personally or sent letters. So you don’t blame yourself either, brat.”
The following weeks were a pure bliss. You spent all your free time with Levi, Farlan and Isabel, filling them in on everything that had happened throughout the years and helping them adjust to the world above.
But dread came. It came too soon for your liking – in the form of the 23rd Expedition.
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
Your squad was mostly responsible for support and defense. Whenever someone shot a black or a purple signal, your squad was to go and assist the squad that had shot the flare.
That’s how you had clashed with Flagon’s squad and you had to combine your strength in order to kill the horde of titans that had appeared suddenly. It was overbearing and a member of your squad was nearly eaten by an abnormal. It was an aggressive abnormal, like nothing you’ve encountered before. Despite the warnings of your squadmates, you had jumped into action, slicing off its hand and entering its mouth in order to grab the girl’s ankle and haul her out. The tongue had been so slippery from the leaking saliva that you had slipped and half of your body had fallen into its mouth. When your arm ceased holding its mouth at bay, it clamped down – not hard enough to snap you in half but hard enough to cut into your meat. Levi had been the one to save you, slashing at the titan and then catching you as you fell once the monster had released you.
Now he was standing awkwardly to the side, fists gripping tightly the handles of the swords, yet shaking, as you were sitting on the ground, back leaning against your horse who had crouched down to serve as your pillar, with the female soldier you had saved wailing and fumbling with the bandages.
“Calm down, dear, it’s not that deep. I just need you to tie the bandages very hard, ok? Like you’re tying a corset,” you encouraged her weakly but her hands seemed to shake even more. Levi tsked as he grabbed them from her hands and shooed her away silently. He grabbed your arm and carefully helped you up, turning you so your back was facing him.
“Wow, Levi, you sure know how to treat gunshot wounds,” you commented as you observed the way he had nursed your injury. It had been a few days since the incident and you were already able to move. The man shrugged.
“Used to it.”
“I have to return home. My family must be worried,” you muttered as you looked apologetically at him. “Do you think you can help me put on my dress? The corset is a pain and it still hurts when I stretch.”
“Tch, come here.”
“Ouch! That’s too tight!”
“Just bear with it.”
He pulled sharply at the bandages, the sound of fabric rubbing harshly against fabric and skin almost sickening as well as the way your waist and belly seemed to become flatter and flatter due to the force and how tight he was tying the bandages around your abdomen. You kept silent. The only thing you allowed were small grunts of discomfort slipping through your lips.
“O-oi, isn’t that too much?” snapped Flagon but you shook your head.
“It’s better than bleeding out. Besides, I need to go to Erwin and the Commander,” you grunted and Flagon furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t like this weather. I have a bad feeling about it. It wouldn’t be wise to keep fighting if it starts pouring. It wouldn’t be a problem for the titans but it will be a major hindrance if we cannot see clearly. I’ll go to the center and talk to the Commander,” you explained while Levi finally finished with bandaging you. Your eyes locked and you exchanged gratitude silently. His gaze stayed longer on your form, eyebrows slightly furrowed in concern before he got onto his horse.
“You do have a point. The weather will be very problematic but on the other hand, we cannot cut the expedition so soon. We just left the walls,” reasoned Flagon and you sighed as you climbed on Astaroth. When he felt you on top of him he finally rose to his legs.  
“We can go back and wait until the weather is better, then continue. We are not going to lose anything if we just wait for a bit in Shiganshina.”
“Yeah, but I don’t think that the Royal Assembly will be understanding regarding this matter. They are already up our asses, threatening to defund us at every turn. This will be a good opportunity for them to spit on us yet again,” he growled and you sighed. He had a point, but still…
“I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Royal Assembly. I can deal with them. But I won’t risk the lives of my soldiers and comrades,” you declared firmly and your squad smiled as they looked at you with love and admiration. You were a great leader and you were already thinking and behaving like a Captain. That’s why you were so deserving of this title.
“Let’s go,” you commanded and everyone turned their horses, ready to gallop towards the center.
“Y/N,” Flagon’s voice halted you and you half turned to face him. He had a solemn look on his face. “You can’t save everyone.”
“I can try.”
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
Flagon had been right. So right about you not being able to save everyone. You realized that as you stared at Farlan’s body – bitten in half and lying in the mud with his intestines hanging. Or Isabel’s head at Levi’s feet. Flagon and his squad’s bodies were distorted and strewn throughout the field alongside their horses. It was a nightmarish sight to see. Even more so than usual. Who would have known that there would be more aggressive abnormals? You wanted to throw up right here and now but you were too focused on Levi. Levi whose raw, pain-filled, raging screams you had heard just a few minutes ago. Levi who was trying his hardest not to cry, yet his tears were still there mixed with the remnants of the rain droplets. Levi who screamed at Erwin, confessing that his true goal was to kill him before falling to his knees, seemingly giving up on life.
After Erwin spoke to him and left alongside his squad, Levi didn’t move from his position, eyes hidden behind his bangs, but you still knew that they were focused on Isabel’s head, probably flickering onto Farlan. Your squad members looked at you worriedly. You were too still and unresponding. They weren’t used to seeing you like this.
You gulped as you took a few hesitant steps forward, kneeling in the mud beside the broken man. The same man who you now, after this gruesome expedition that almost cost you your life, finally came to realize you held feelings for – feelings stronger than what someone would hold for a friend.
You gently took his bloodied hand and his eyes snapped to you when he finally lifted his head.
“Let’s go home,” you whispered as you sent him a small smile and he lowered his head again. Despite all, he allowed you to hold his hand and help him stand up and lead him to his horse.
The journey back to the walls was silent. Levi was to ride with your squad. You wanted to watch over him. You were at a total loss. You didn’t know what to expect from him. Therefore you didn’t know what would be the best way to comfort him. One thing was for sure. You had to be ready for him acting like a cold dick and trying to push you away. You supposed that with personality like his, that behavior was to be expected.
。☆ ❅ ★━━━━ ❅ ━━━━★ ❅ ☆。
And you had been completely wrong. He didn’t do anything like that. He didn’t push you away. He wasn’t cold. In fact, it was the total opposite. He accepted your comfort. He accepted your affection, albeit hesitantly. He allowed you to be near him and make him company. You didn’t talk much. Just being near one another was enough.
He thought that you were the only person he had left now. Like hell was he going to push you away. He wanted to be strong and go through this alone. He didn’t want to burden you with his pain. He knew you were suffering too. Yet deep down he bitterly admitted that he needed you to be there for him. He needed you to hold him. He needed your reassuring words and your company that soothed the aching throb in his soul.
“Do you believe in reincarnation, Levi?” you asked him one night as the two of you were seated on the rooftop, staring into the skies.
“I don’t know anymore,” he whispered.
“I do. I believe that this body is just a shell and when it crumbles, our soul leaves and finds another one, either on this world or on another. Just look at the sky! It’s so huge! And I’m sure that there is more behind it, the further you go. Worlds upon worlds,” you smiled breathlessly and he raised his eyebrows, looking at the stars intently, as if trying to see beyond them the worlds you were speaking of. “I like to believe that all my friends who die get reincarnated into a world beautiful and free of titans and get to live normal and happy lives. That’s why I think that there is a certain beauty and relief to death, even if it hurts so much.”
“It doesn’t sound half bad,” he breathed out and you gave him one of those warm smiles that poured light into his heart. The type of smiles that almost had him smile back.
He was probably exaggerating but from now on, you truly were…
His everything.
He didn’t care about anyone else. Why should he? It’s not like they cared either. In fact, they kept calling him a criminal. They kept being rude and condescending, mocking him at every turn. Hange, Erwing and Mike were the only exceptions so far, willing to befriend him and actually putting an effort in doing so. And you of course. The rest of the higher ups kept quiet so he didn’t know how they felt about him. But out of all, there WAS one bastard that just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He always went overboard with his insults and disrespect that even some of the cadets who used to hate Levi thought it was barbaric and had a change of heart regarding the matters.
Yeah. His name?
Deckan Caddel.
But you? You were brilliant. Every time Deckan would insult Levi openly, you would jump in his defense and insult the bastard just as fiercely which would make him glare dangerously at you before storming out. Levi always berated you.
“Tch, I don’t want you getting in trouble, dumbass. It’s not worth it.”
But to you it was more than worth it. So you fought. You fought for Levi.
And everything was good until one night, after waking up from a particularly nasty nightmare, you had rushed out of the comforts of your personal quarters and down the hallways. You wanted to go all the way to the male barracks and seek Levi’s comfort but a figure had halted your journey, making you stumble and almost fall down the stairs if a large hand hadn’t grabbed your arm roughly, shoving you against the stone wall.
“And just where is the little slut going?” taunted Deckan and you wriggled, trying to get out of his grasp.
“Let me go!”
“Nah, I don’t think so. Just who do you think you are, huh, little girl?” his voice sent shivers down your spine as his hands held your wrists so tight you swore you heard the bone crack. “I don’t care whether that sewer rat is your lover or your fuck buddy. You aren’t a Captain yet. So if you continue to oppose me and publically humiliate me just to defend him… I’ll make sure to break the life out of you, you hear me?” he growled as his knee slammed into your abdomen, causing you to groan in pain and cough out bits of blood. Said knee then slid down and came to rest between your legs, pressing onto your crotch and making your eyes widen in panic as your struggling became more fierce. “I’ll break you in every single way,” he drawled and his other hand went to grab your chin, squeezing it tightly. “And then I’ll make sure to suspend you from the Survey Corps,” he spat out and your eyes widened. “Or better yet. Now that I think about it, an accidental fall down the stairs might just do the job for me,” he smirked deviously and you gulped, anticipating his next crazy move.
Before any of you could do anything, a hand shot out from the darkness. It grabbed Deckan’s collar and harshly pulled, causing the man to steer off balance and lose his footing. You watched with a combination of relief and horror how everything happened as if in slow motion – him outstretching his hand in order to grab onto something, his body going further away from you before hitting the stone and proceeding to roll down. A thud was heard some seconds later, followed by a painful groan.
Then the sound of someone’s kick connecting with someone’s jaw echoed through the hallway, finally snapping you out of your stupor as you looked down to see Levi crouching down next to a beaten and bloody Deckan who was barely conscious.
“Touch her again and during the next expedition I’ll personally shove you into a titan’s mouth. I’m done with being silent and taking your shit, you filthy swine,” growled Levi and Deckan could only look in fear through his swollen eyes, barely nodding his head. Levi tsked before he climbed the stairs once again, taking your hand and quickly leading you into your office.
“You didn’t have to do that,” you whispered as he closed and locked the door.
“So I should’ve let that mongrel push you down the stairs?” he spat out and you shook your head. “He deserved what he got. I don’t regret my decision.”
“No, but-“
“Don’t! Just…don’t…” yelled Levi before his voice settled into a pained groan, almost cracking as his head lowered letting the bangs cover his eyes, his body slouching against the door. You knew that look. The vulnerable look. “Please, don’t get hurt…not because of me,” he mumbled. “It’s not worth it.”
You frowned as you approached him. Without hesitation, you took his face into your hands and kissed his forehead before you settled his head onto your chest, arms engulfing his form.
“How many times do I have to say it? I’ll die for you if I have to. Because it is worth it. It is worth it if it’s for your sake,” you whispered into his ear as one hand went to stroke his hair and he relaxed in your embrace, sighing softly as his own arms went around your body, pulling you even closer.
“Live for me instead.”
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bnhatrashcanons · 9 months ago
they hurt your feelings
w/ bakugou and kirishima
genre: angst to fluff
a.n. i have seen so many people in different fandoms tackle this prompt and now its my turn so suffer along with me <3
Tumblr media
you knew going into this that katsuki was a little rough around the edges. this was more than fine for you
to make up for his prickly edges you decided to overwhelm him with love and affection, surprise hugs and face kisses all the while you scrounged for any affections you could get from him
he never told you it bothered him, though you should have guessed
you just loved him so much and you wanted to show it
clearly that desire for affection was going to come and bite you in the ass.
you sat with your arms wrapped around his waist, head nuzzled into his back. you peppered soft kisses to the clothed muscle every once in a while. he had been working at his homework which was fine with you. you didn’t mind the silence as long as you got to hold him. but he had been at it for an hour and a half. he deserved a break. you pressed a kiss onto his shoulder before speaking for the first time this evening. 
“hey bubs?” you whispered and were just met with a soft grunt from your boyfriend, sounds of pencil scratching onto the paper louder after you spoke. “bubby?” you asked one more time after a few moments. 
“jesus fucking christ, what, y/n?” he snapped, running his hands down his face with a groan of frustration. you jumped a little bit at the sudden harshness of his tone. you swallowed thickly, unsure if you wanted to answer him now. “you’ve already interrupted my train of thought you wanna fucking talk to me now?”
“i was just gonna suggest that you take a break,” you meekly whispered. “i just think you deserve one. you’ve been at this for so long and i just. i could rub the tension out of your shoulders.” 
“no.” he snapped. wow. okay. shut down so quickly. 
“okay baby, i just-”
“can you shut the fuck up for five minutes?” he pried your arms off him and scooted away. “you’re so fucking annoying jesus christ. i have never met anyone more clingy and annoying in my life. do me a favor and fucking leave i’m busy.” you blinked at him, tears pricking in your eyes. did he really just say that? were you that annoying. instead of putting up a fight and risking more of your feelings getting hurt you nodded and exited his dorm, heading back to yours to cry your eyes out. when you collapsed onto your bed, putting his notifications on mute so you didn’t have to talk to him. if you were clingy then keeping your distance was the best option in keeping your relationship alive.
on katsuki’s end, after an hour of cooling down he began to flood your phone with texts apologizing. nothing big or meaningful just a few ‘sorry. didn’t mean it’ type messages. not that you read them, which was confusing for him. you usually responded within 3 minutes. he set his phone down. you’d answer him in the morning. he tried falling asleep but dreams were replaced with the darkest of nightmares. he woke up feeling like he couldn’t breathe. like there was someone pressing onto his chest trying to get into his lungs and rip them out. he hated this feeling. he hated the memories masquerading as dreams. where were you? you always calmed him down. getting up he scrambled to grab his phone and call you. biting his knuckles he kept calling and calling but you didn’t pick up. 4 times. what the fuck? his heart continued to pound. he couldn’t do this. he wouldn’t be able to get back to bed. slipping on some form of shoe he walked down to your dorm and banged on the door. the nightmare kept replaying in his head and he felt like screaming. you still weren’t answering.
“y/n,” he spoke voice raspy. “i know you’re in there open the door please.” he knocked again. nothing. he knocked one last time. “y/n please i need you open the door i can’t.” after a few moments of you not opening the door, he was going to walk away. but then you opened the door. “y/n.”
“bakugou go to bed,” you demanded with your arms crossed. 
“first its katsuki to you,” his voice was shaky. “and i can’t sleep.”
“not my problem,” you snorted ready to close the door on him but he held it open. 
“please. just let me in,” he begged. you sighed and moved out of the way to let him in. he sat down on the bed and pulled his knees to his chest. he was terrible at asking for this, usually you just caved and gave him the hugs and cuddles he needed but instead you just stood there. he looked up at you. he looked so tired. you wanted to hug him but after that outburst you didn’t think you should. “y/n?” he asked after a moment.
“i’m sorry. for what i said earlier. you aren’t clingy. i mean you are but it’s not a bad thing. you keep me sane. i’m sorry.” 
“thanks for the apology but-”
“hold me please? i’m not good at this but i need it.”
you crossed your arms. “do you really think i’m that annoying? i’m sorry for it i just want to show you how much i love you but-”
“i don’t. i’m sorry. i’m sorry i’m making you question how you show me your love but please damn it. i know it’s gonna make you uncomfortable but i need a hug. please?” you nodded and sat next to him and held him tightly.
“we’ll get through this katsuki. tell me about your dream. talk it out.”
Tumblr media
you never in your wildest dreams believed that loving doting eijiro kirishima would make you feel insecure.
he loved you so much and not showing it wasn’t manly, according to him
but with the more dates he skipped out in favor of bakusquad hangouts
you weren’t so sure you were enough for him anymore
this was the third date this month kirishima missed. he stood you up and you were starting to think that the restaurant was going to stop letting you come back if you kept getting stood up. you texted him only for him to leave you on delivered. you texted sero asking about kirishima’s whereabouts for him to respond that they all went out to dinner. you were aghast. you really weren’t enough for him anymore, were you? the moment you got back to the dorm you got into bed, pulling the sheets close to your chest. he would rather be with anyone else but you, huh? you couldn’t stop yourself from crying. you were so wracked with sobs that they eventually rocked you to sleep. 
you woke up the next morning to your alarm for class. groaning you picked up your phone to turn the alarm off. you looked idly at your notifications. 23 texts and 4 missed calls from eijiro. you didn’t listen to the voicemails and all his texts were empty apologies. you didn’t bother opening them. instead you got ready for class and to join the rest of your classmates downstairs for breakfast. he sat next to you at the table as you silently ate your rice. it was quiet between you before he smiled at you brightly.
“so i know i missed our date last night, but i was thinking you and i could check out that botanical garden tonight? to make up for it, you love flowers-” you felt bad cutting off kirishima’s happy, excited proposition but you got up in the middle of his sentence.
“no thanks. i’m busy tonight.” you commented shortly. he blinked, smile faltering a little bit before returning.
“no worries! what about tomorrow? we have the day off from school and maybe we-”
“no. busy tomorrow too.” you cut him off again, cleaning your bowl despite momo’s objections that she would do it herself.
“seriously?” his tone was filled with dejection, his tall frame faltering a bit at that. you just nodded.
“ask bakugou,” you snorted, gathering your materials for class. 
“bakugou wouldn’t want to go. i asked you.”
“then ask kaminari,” you gave him a venom filled smile.
“hell yeah let’s go eijiro!” kaminari beamed. kirishima didn’t even fight to continue the plans. he just accepted that kaminari would be his new hangout buddy. fuming you left the dorm. kaminari winced. “what’s their problem?”
“they’re pissed because kirishima has been ditching them for us,” bakugou snapped, sipping his tea. kirishima’s brows furrowed.
“what? no they’d tell me.” kirishima wanted to shrug it off but something about bakugou’s accusation sat heavily on his chest.
“then why did they say no and tell you to go with kaminari? face it dumbass they think you don’t want them anymore.” that hit kiri like a bus. no. of course he wanted you! and only you! swallowing thickly he got up and ran to catch up to you. you couldn’t have gotten too far to campus. all he had to do was run. he caught up to you and called your name loudly. against your better judgement you sighed and stopped walking. he finally reached you and panted, wanting to speak but his windlessness prevented him from doing so.
“go-go out with me tonight please,” he begged through jagged breaths. 
“i told you i’m busy. besides you have more fun with your friends anyway,” you rolled your eyes and he grabbed your hands and squeezed them tightly.
“i don’t want them i want you! i’m sorry i’m sorry i made you think that i wanted to spend more time with them than you i’ll be on my best behavior from now on! just don’t leave me don’t i don’t know what i’ll do whatever you ask i-”
“shut up,” you smiled and hugged him. 
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agustdakasuga · 6 months ago
Reflection Of You | Chapter 1
Genre: Historical!AU, Timetraveller!AU / Different Dimension, Romance
Pairing: SUGA x Reader, Yoongi x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Idol!Suga, King!Yoongi, Guard!Seokjin, Guard!Jungkook, RoyalAdvisor!Namjoon, Servant!Jimin, Servant!Hoseok, Prince!Taehyung
Summary: Confirming you were dating the famous Min Suga of BTS, you knew you were bound to make some enemies. But what you didn’t expect was to be cursed, going back to meet a cold-hearted, arrogant king that shares the same face as your rapper lover.  
The nightmare the both of you feared had finally come true. 
Tumblr media
“Thank you, ARMY!”
“We’ll see you soon!” 
“We love you forever! Goodnight!” You watched the monitor with proud eyes, your hands clasped together. After a long world tour, the boys had their final concert in Korea, their home country. You, along with the other staff, clapped as the 7 boys stepped off the stage.
“Good job!” There were exchanges of hugs and pats on the backs. Technically, you weren’t a member of staff, so you respected the distance, standing at the back of the crowd.
“There you are.” Someone said, almost like a sigh of relief. 
“Great job, as always.” A smile slowly widened on your face as you opened your arms to hug him, resting your cheek against his peck. 
“I’m sweaty.” Was all he said. 
“Like I ever minded.” You chuckled, pulling away to look up at him. He gave a soft smile, leaning down to peck your lips. It was quick but endearing. You knew for him, doing that in public was already a large feat. 
“Noona! You’re here!” You were yanked out of your beloved’s arms. 
“Of course, Kookie. It’s the last show of the tour, I wouldn’t miss it.” You patted his head as he lifted you off the ground.
“Yah, look at the scowl on hyung’s face after you stole his girl.” Taehyung appeared, slinging his arm around your maknae’s neck. You giggled, shaking your head. Someone stood beside you, holding your hand. Speak of the devil. You turned your head to see him looking at his phone in his other hand, totally nonchalant about holding your phone. 
“Great show today, guys. You were amazing.” You told all 7 of them as they packed up, ready to head home. 
“Thank you, (y/n).” Jin pinched your cheek lovingly. 
“As much as I love spending time with ARMY, I’m excited to have some time off, as well.” Jimin yawned, adjusting his hat in the mirror. You nodded in agreement. The boys deserved a nice break. 
“The vans are here.” The managers informed. 
“Let’s go, aegi.” He called. You walked hand in hand with him. Before you stepped out, he stopped you. 
“You forgot again?” He chuckled, taking a mask out of his pocket. He gently hooked the elastics over your ears, adjusting the fabric on your face to make sure that it was comfortable. 
“Thank you.” You said sheepishly. 
“Hurry, love birds!” Hoseok called out, being the one to share the van with the two of you. Even if you were all boarding the van privately, you were still cautious, wearing a mask when you went out in case any fan manages to slip past security and saw you.
“We’ll sit at the back.” You were yanked into the seat, making you blink in shock. You felt your lover’s headrest against your shoulder.
“Any plans for the break, Hobi?” You asked. 
“Hmm, besides going home? I would like to travel but I don’t really have a destination in mind. What about you? Are you and hyung going to do something?” He asked back. 
“He’s visiting his family. Unfortunately, I have work but I’ll try to join him for a few days. After that, we might take a few days off to travel too.” You smiled. 
“Must be nice to travel with a companion.” Hoseok teased. 
“Not when your companion just wants to sleep and eat all day.” You giggled. There was a grunt of annoyance from beside you. 
“Hey, you sleep just as much as me. We hardly stepped out of our hotel room the last vacation because all we did was sleep then nap all day. Besides, I deserve to sleep and eat all day for how hard I’ve worked.” He scoffed. You nodded your head, you couldn’t argue with that after all the hard work the boys have put into the tour. 
“Touché.” You booped his nose. 
“Still hard to believe hyung is the first one to get a girl. We all thought he was too much a gramps to get one.” Hoseok laughed. 
“That’s part of his charm, I guess.” You smiled. Looking down, you saw that said male had fallen asleep against your shoulder. A slight frown was on his face as he crossed his arms. 
When the car stopped in the gated apartment complex, the 3 of you were dropped off at the front of the dorm building. 
“I know, I know. You won’t be spending the night in the dorm. Goodnight, you two.” Hoseok waved you two off. You giggled and gave him a hug before parting ways from him. 
“I can’t wait to just spend the next few days in bed.” 
“When are you going back to Daegu?” 
“Next week. What, can’t wait to get rid of me already?” He teased. You scoffed, entering the lift together and tapping the resident card, pressing the lift button. 
“If I wanted to get rid of you, I could just return to my place.” You shook your head. 
“As if I’d let you.” He said from behind you. Pressing the code into the keypad on the door, you pressed your finger print and the door unlocked. The two of you shuffled into the big apartment. You turned the lights on and placed your bag on the couch. The first thing you did was put away the washed dishes from your breakfast this morning. 
“You can do that tomorrow.” His voice groaned. 
“It’ll take less than a minute. Go ahead and shower.” You chuckled. Once again, you were yanked away from the cupboard. He rested his chin on your shoulder, arms loosely looped around your waist. 
“What’s wrong?” You whispered, stroking the back of his head. 
“Is it too early for post concert blues?” 
“You are such a workaholic. You’ll be on stage again soon. Besides, ARMY wouldn’t want to see all of you so tired out. They would want you to rest well and have a break too.” You comforted. 
“When I’m with them, I just feel like I have the whole world.” 
“ARMY is lucky to have all of you. You’re their world just as much as they are yours.” You smiled. 
“You’re forgetting something. ARMY gives me the whole world. But right now, I know I am holding my whole world.” He placed a gentle kiss against your temple. 
“Cheeseball.” You shook your head with a laugh. You shooed him away to shower while you finished the chores for the night like folding the washed clothes, filling the coffee machine for tomorrow and arranging the few fan gifts from ARMY around the house. 
“I’m done.” He called from the bedroom. You entered, seeing him pull a plain white shirt over his head. He rubbed his wet hair with a towel. 
“I’ll go shower.” You said, picking some fresh clothes and bringing it to the bathroom. You were quick with your shower, blowing drying your hair afterwards so you wouldn’t have to wait for it to dry. 
“Hurry, I want to sleep.” 
“You don’t have to wait for me!” You replied. 
“Alright, alright.” You shook your head, hanging your towel back on the rack to dry. You closed the bathroom door, slipping under the covers. Immediately, you were drawn into a warm embrace. 
“Don’t wake me up tomorrow.” He mumbled, eyes closing. 
“Wouldn’t dare to.” You joked. He opened one eye to glare at you while you smiled innocently at him. He yawned, tucking his head into the crook of your neck comfortably. 
“Goodnight, aegi.” He placed a kiss against your skin.
“Goodnight, Yoon.” You replied. 
You’ve known Yoongi for years now. When you worked at a music store near BTS’ old dorm when they had just debuted. He would come at night, just before closing to browse the shelves. Even if you came to know the whole group through Yoongi, you and Yoongi connected on a whole new level, you understood each other through music. 
It was about 2 years ago that he had asked you out on a date. Of course, you were unsure, considering how popular he was and you didn’t want to burden him by keeping your relationship a secret. 
But you trusted Yoongi. When he told you he would protect you, you gave him a chance. And you’ve been happily together ever since. 
It scared you when Yoongi threatened to leave BigHit when the management found out about you. You told Yoongi that you wanted him to prioritise BTS and ARMY before your relationship together. That was your only condition. 
“Because ARMY and BTS were there for you before I was. You need to be there for them just like how they are there for you.” You told him. 
With that, the management and Mr Bang approved of your relationship. They also appreciated how you made Yoongi happier and were a positive influence when he had his low times. 
It was around 4 am. You woke up, feeling the space beside you still empty. The sheets felt cold, meaning that Yoongi hadn’t returned. You sent a message to Jungkook, who you knew would still be awake since he was working on releasing a surprise song cover for ARMY. 
“Yoongi hyung? He hasn’t returned.” The youngest informed. 
“Thanks, Kookie.” You hung up. You respected Yoongi and his work, never wanting to interrupt him or stop him but you knew you had to step in at certain times. 
‘The number you have dialled is currently unavailable-’
You sighed as you were directed to voicemail again. Putting your shoes on, you left home to visit his studio. 
You pressed the doorbell, waiting for an answer but to no avail. Even if you knew the code, you wouldn’t just enter. Just like everyone else, you would always ring the doorbell first and wait for a reply. You pressed it again.
“Who is- Oh, it’s you.” Yoongi poked his head out. 
“Hey.” You greeted. 
“What are you doing here? I’m busy.” Yoongi said. It came out colder than he would have liked but after working for hours and not getting the results he wanted, he was getting frustrated. 
“I know. Just wanted to see how you were doing. Can I come in?” You asked. Yoongi looked back into his studio. 
“I’d rather you not. Like I said, I’m busy. I can’t have another person here, it’ll only distract me more.” He said. Yoongi wasn’t someone that dealt with emotions well, you knew that. When things weren’t working out, his defence mode was to just push everyone away and hide alone. That’s just his way of dealing with emotions. 
“I understand.” You nodded, not wanting to push him any further. Without another word, Yoongi just closed the door, retreating back into his studio. 
“Hmm...” You roamed around the lounge area. You smiled as you came across the famous picture of Jimin that Yoongi got as a prize during the photography episode of Run!BTS. 
“Time to go home.” You went back home. Even waiting for Yoongi outside his studio, you knew he would feel guilty later on and you didn’t want that. You laid in bed but was woken up by Yoongi pressing his face into your back.
“Yoon...?” You tried to turn around to face him but his arms held you in place.
“I’m sorry.” He mumbled, burying his face into your back. You reached over to put your hand over his. 
“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” You said, sleep laced in your voice. You yawned, finally turning around to face him. You cupped his cheek with your free hand. 
“The songs weren’t working out, the lyrics were trash, I just... I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. After you left, I just-” 
“Shh, you don’t have to explain. I understand how frustrating it must have been. Everyone has their own down times. Don’t worry, I’m just glad you’re back to rest. Maybe after a nice sleep, you’ll have a clearer mind to write better, hmm?” You smiled softly. 
“Next time, be angry with me.” 
“Why do you want me to be angry with you? I mean, I have times when work frustrates me too. We aren’t perfect.” You laughed. 
“You’re too nice to me.” He pressed you against his body, inhaling your comforting scent. You loosely wrapped your own arm around his middle, letting out a yawn. 
“Go wash up. I’ll wait for you.” You promised. 
Yoongi was usually an early riser but after the concert last night, he had slept in until the afternoon. When he woke up, he realised that you weren’t beside him. He sat up, running his fingers through his hair as he looked for you. 
‘Fridge empty. Went out to get groceries. Iced Americano is in the fridge. - (y/n)’
Yoongi smiled at your note, folding it and tucking it into his pocket. He never told you but he keeps all the notes you leave him, even for ones that just say, ‘gone to work’. He shuffled to the fridge, taking the glass of cold coffee out, adding ice before sticking a straw in. He sat down by the kitchen island, scrolling on his phone. 
‘BTS’ Suga seen holding hands with mysterious female after concert.’
‘Insider releases photos of BTS’ rapper and a female embracing each other, said to be his girlfriend.’
‘Has the cold, savage rapper finally met his match?’
Yoongi’s eyes widened as he saw the alert news. He felt his heart stop when he clicked on one of the articles. There were blurry photos of you holding hands with him, leaving the venue last night. 
“PD nim.” Yoongi called his boss. 
“It seems a fan had snuck in under the guise of a staff member. We’ll handle the press for now and tell you what to do next.” 
“How can this happen?!” 
“Calm down, Yoongi. We have apprehended the culprit and will be turning her over to the authorities. Just make sure (y/n) is safe. The two of you should stay indoors for now.”
When he hung up, his phone rang again, it was the members. But right now, he couldn’t answer them. He was too worried about where you were and whether you were safe. Quickly, Yoongi dialled your number. Fortunately, you picked up, totally ignorant that your relationship was now public. 
“Good morning, or should I say, good afternoon?” 
“Aegi, are you okay?” He panicked.
“Okay? Of course, I am. Didn’t you see my note? I just finished paying for groceries, about to leave the mart.” 
“Stay right there, aegi. I’m coming to get you. Don’t talk to anyone, alright? I’m coming.” He said as he grabbed his car keys, putting on a mask and a cap.
“Okay, now you’re scaring me. What’s wrong, Yoon?” 
“They found out. I’m so sorry I let this happen. I’ll explain more when I come get you, alright?” He said and hung up. He got into his car, speeding to where you were. You were standing by the mart entrance.
“Yoon.” You sighed in relief, entering the car with all the groceries in your lap. Yoongi sped away, back to the gated community. True to that, as he passed the security, he saw some fans standing at the post, trying to enter. Luckily, fans didn’t know he owned this car and the windows were tinted so he could drive past without anyone suspecting. 
“Let’s go. Hurry.” He grabbed the bags, pulling you with him to the apartment. Only when you reached, you finally stopped him. 
“Yoon, calm down. It’s okay, I’m okay. Now tell me, slowly, what happened?” You led him to the couch to sit down. He buried his hands into his palms while you rubbed his back. 
“Someone snuck in as a staff member last night and took pictures of us. It was in the press this morning.” He explained. 
“Does PD nim know about this?” 
“He said he will handle the press and tell us what we have to do next.” He shivered, his breathing quickening. You knew that was a sign of Yoongi’s anxiety so you pulled him into your embrace immediately. 
“It’ll be okay, Yoongi.” You comforted. 
“Have you spoken to the boys?” You asked softly. He shook his head. As he said that, your phone rang. It was Namjoon. 
“They’re just worried and want to know if you’re okay. Let me tell them that we’re okay.” You told him, answering Namjoon’s call and putting him on speaker. As you predicted, the other boys were on the other line, bombarding the both of you with questions. 
“We’re okay, just a little overwhelmed. Thank you for your concern. We’ll just wait for PD nim’s instructions.” You told them. 
“Do you want us to come over?” 
“Maybe later on but not right now? Just let Yoongi and I grasp the situation and calm down first. If there’s anything, we’ll be sure to keep you all updated.” You promised. 
“We’ll see you later then.”
“I’m so sorry I let this happen, aegi.” Yoongi cried, cupping your cheek and rubbing it with his thumb. 
“Hey, it’s not your fault. We will get through this. I know it’s a little earlier than we would have liked but we knew the risks we were taking by having this relationship, Yoon.” You wiped his tears. 
“You don’t understand, aegi. Those people that could hurt you, they aren’t really ARMY. They’re crazy and obsessed. I’ve seen what they have done to others before. I will never be able to live with myself if I let the same thing happen to you.” He shook his head. You knew what Yoongi was referring to, the ‘sasaeng fans’ that the media always talked about. 
“Let’s not think of the worst.” You hummed. Yoongi’s phone ringing broke your embrace. It was PD nim, along with the PR team. 
“Yes. I understand… I’ll speak to her and let you know. Thank you.” Yoongi said and hung up with a sigh. You tilted your head, hoping they didn’t give Yoongi the ultimatum. 
“They said I either publish a note to the fans, explaining everything. Or let them deny the photos, say that you are just a family member.” He explained. 
“I see...” Those were reasonable options. 
“What do you think is the right thing to do?” You asked Yoongi. 
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clara-licht · 6 months ago
You Belong With Me
Tumblr media
Part of Best of Me Series
Summary: 5 times (Y/n) Stark felt jealous and 1 time it was Peter’s turn. (set before Just Out of Touch, can be read as a standalone)
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Word Count: 4.1k
Warning: mention of blood and maggots
Note: after a whole year, it’s finally here! Here’s another story set in the world of Just Out of Touch! This story can be read as a standalone, but reading JOOT might give you a bit more context. But if you haven’t read it, spoiler for JOOT, Hecate is (y/n)’s vigilante persona. (Y/n)’s pronouns are she/they, where they is specifically used when they’re out as Hecate. Since this story focuses on (y/n) and not Hecate, I used she/her throughout the story. In future stories both she and they will be used when there are both (y/n) and Hecate. Without further ado, enjoy the story!
Title Inspo: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
Best of Me Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist | Main Masterlist
1: Compliment
(Y/n) side-glanced at Peter who was pacing back and forth in her room. She let him mumble and curse at himself while she laid on her bed, bored.
"Oh I'm so stupid! How could I have done that?! Ugh, she must hate me now!"
She rolled her eyes. "You're not stupid, Pete. You're in STEM school by scholarship for a reason, you know."
Peter stopped his pacing to look at (y/n) with his big doe eyes and panicked expression. "That's got nothing to do with this!" He exclaimed.
Rolling her eyes again, she asked, "What did you do again?"
He groaned and banged his head on her bed, mumbling something.
"I complimented her skirt."
If she had to roll her eyes again, her eyeballs would probably be stuck that way.
"What's so bad about that?" She asked.
Peter didn't even lift his head from the soft duvet. "I sounded like a pervert, (y/n)!" He groaned. "She totally knew I've been checking her out the entire year!"
(Y/n) shook her head exasperatedly. "You couldn't have known that. You just complimented one piece of clothing, Peter. She wouldn't know you've been staring at her clothes every day."
Peter only let out another groan and turned over, pulling the duvet to cover his face. "No, she definitely knows!"
"What did you say, exactly?"
"I said the color suits her and asked if it's new…"
He removed the duvet and stared incredulously at her. "What do you mean, so?"
(Y/n) shrugged. "I don't see what's so bad about that. I mean, it's flattering?"
"Oh, you don't get it!" Peter threw his head back. "I asked if it's new! Meaning that I already know her clothes and noticed that I've never seen that skirt before!"
"Now that you said it like that, you do sound like a pervert."
Chuckling, (y/n) lifted the duvet and removed it from Peter, eyes glowing soft blue. "Calm down, Spidey. What did she say?"
"I don't know. I ran away afterwards."
Her chuckle turned into a full-on laugh as Peter turned away with a pout, hoping to hide his flaming face.
In between her laugh, she shuffled closer to the boy and ran her fingers gently between his hair. "Well, if it was me, I wouldn't think much about it. I would just be flattered that you think a skirt looks good on me."
Still pouting, Peter mumbled, "But it's not you."
Her laughter ceased, replaced with a slightly sorrowful smile.
"But it's not me." She agreed.
2: Jokes
"What's taking him so long?" Happy grumbled.
"It's only been 10 minutes."
"10 minutes too long!"
(Y/n) only hummed and looked out the window. “It’s high school, Happy. It’s where he socializes with his friends, of course it’s going to take time.”
“Not if I can help it.” He muttered.
Shaking her head fondly, her eyes swept through the entrance of Midtown High, trying to see if the young vigilante was anywhere near them. Today was a scheduled lab day and she volunteered to pick him up with Happy. Since she already finished any lessons she had for the day Tony had let her go.
As she kept watch, she couldn’t help but feel a little bittersweet. Sure, she enjoyed her studies online, but she knew that she was missing that typical high school experience. Going to classes, eating lunch in the cafeteria, walking home with friends… But she was also aware that it was all for her safety.
The woes of having a famous father.
(Y/n) was shaken off her thoughts when she finally noticed Ned among the students in front of the school. If Ned was there, then Peter was surely not far.
Sure enough, she could spot a familiar tuft of brown hair right behind Ned.
And apparently he wasn’t alone.
Peter was talking with a girl facing his way. (Y/n) couldn’t see her face but she had a good idea of who she was.
Peter had a shy smile on his lips and his cheeks were nearly blossoming, if (y/n) could say so. In true Peter fashion, he seemed to be stumbling upon his words and spoke a mile per minute. The girl seems as though she didn’t mind as she was laughing along. And yet, unlike the oblivious Peter she was used to, this Peter looked at the girl as if she was a goddess sent to the earth to absolve every sinner from their fated doom. This Peter smiled at her as if she handpicked each star to light up the darkest night.
His darkest night.
(Y/n) unconsciously took a sharp breath when she saw the girl laughing so hard she had to hold onto Peter to stabilize herself. The way she clutched Peter’s arm and the color on Peter’s cheeks…
“There he is! Call him, tell him to hurry up.”
“Just… Just give him a minute, will you, Happy?” She mumbled, eyes never leaving Peter. She was unaware of Happy glancing at her with a frown on his forehead. Like her, he did notice that Peter had a girl with him. He just hadn’t yet connected it to why (y/n) looked off.
As (y/n) sat there looking at the window, the tight feeling in her chest kept getting more painful as time went. On one hand, she would love to get out of the car and go to him, replacing the girl’s position beside Peter. But on the other hand, she knew that things didn’t work that way.
‘He’s happy, that’s all that matters, right?’
She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Peter already saying his goodbyes and approaching the car. It was only when Peter sat beside her that she was shaken off her trails.
“Hey, you good?” He asked.
(Y/n) smiled, a hint of sorrow that Peter didn’t notice on her lips.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”
3: Flirt
The silence was quite awkward, if (y/n) must say.
Tony was out on a conference of some sort in Japan, and as much as (y/n) would love to visit the country, her father couldn’t literally pay her to sit through that conference with him. While she would inherit the company one day, she’d avoid any stuffy meetings if she could.
That day was another scheduled lab day for Peter, though. Tony had forgotten to tell him to reschedule, so he still went to the tower. Peter was going to leave until (y/n) called Tony and he told Peter to just mess around in the lab.
And there they were. In Tony Stark’s personal lab. Just the two of them (along with Dum-E).
(Y/n) could tell something was off with Peter. The first sign was when he said he would go home when he heard Tony wasn’t there. Usually he’d just stay and watch a movie with her. And now he was all quiet while fiddling with his webshooters.
Of course, one could say that perhaps he was focused on fixing or upgrading it, but (y/n) knew that there was nothing wrong with his webshooters and they already installed the upgrade a couple weeks ago. They hadn’t come up with new ideas since then.
“Hey, Pete?”
“Hm?” He didn’t even look up.
“Is there anything in your mind?”
“Huh? No, nothing.” Peter mumbled, still fiddling with his webshooters.
(Y/n) frowned. Something was not right, indeed.
A few minutes passed with silence between them. (Y/n) kept sneaking glances at Peter and Peter kept toying around with the shooters on his wrist. He wasn’t even doing anything. His eyes were unfocused and he was deep in thoughts.
Heaving a sigh, (y/n) removed the goggles she had on. She was doing a project for SI, but it could wait.
“Okay, let’s talk about this,” she said.
Peter finally looked up and stared at her, confused. “Talk about what?”
“Well, this,” she said again, gesturing at Peter.
“’re gesturing at all of me.”
“Of course I’m gesturing at all of you! You’re acting weird!”
“No I’m not.”
“Yes you are! You’re so quiet and you kept playing with your webshooters! Is there something wrong with them or what? You look like you’re thinking so hard and we both know you’re smart enough to not have to think that hard about your shooters!”
Peter didn’t say anything for a while as he stared at (y/n), eyes slightly furrowed.
“Well?” (Y/n) prompted. “You know you can talk to me about anything, right?”
Peter sighed and bit his lip. He looked up, as if pondering whether or not he should tell (y/n) about what was on his mind.
“It’s, uh, it’s about Liz.”
(Y/n) heart dropped.
“W-What about her?” She asked, feigning ignorance.
The frown made another appearance on Peter’s forehead. His fingers returned to the webshooter strapped on his wrist and started fiddling again. It was then that (y/n) noticed that this was his way of fidgeting. He used to fiddle with his fingers and then it was with his shooters.
“Well, I saw her today…”
“She, um…” Peter swallowed. “She was, uh, flirting, I think? With Flash.”
By some miracle, instead of feeling that tightness in her chest from the mention of her, she felt truly confused. “Flash? The same Flash that picks on you and doesn't believe in your internship?”
“Uh, yeah…?”
“Why would she? Doesn’t she know what kind of person he is?”
Peter laughed dryly. “He’s rich, (y/n).”
“And so am I, what about it?” (Y/n) raised an eyebrow. “I’m not as obnoxious as that guy, am I?”
“Of course not. You may be getting a big head, though.” He teased with a grin.
(Y/n) only swatted at his arm.
(It took every single will in her not to make a dirty joke then and there, telling herself it wasn’t appropriate for the topic.)
“Anyway! Why did you think she was flirting with him?” (Y/n) asked, ignoring the tight feeling that finally arrived despite the miracle earlier.
“Remember last week? When you picked me up with Happy?”
(Y/n) nodded. ‘How could I not?’ She thought bitterly.
“I don’t know if you saw, but uhh we were flirting, I think?”
“You think?”
“Well, Ned said we were…” Peter mumbled. “We were joking around and she kinda laughed so hard she had to hold onto me…” He recounted, a blush starting to make its way on his cheeks.
(Y/n) took a deep breath to try and calm her erratic heart. Her heart felt like it was sinking with each word coming out of Peter’s mouth. Had she not been a strong-willed young woman with experience in keeping her face neutral, she was 100% sure her eyes would be all watery by now. Not that she didn’t feel the burn on her eyes as she pretended not to hear Peter whispering ‘her hand was so soft’.
“And was she doing the same with Flash?” She asked, and again, by miracle, her voice didn’t crack.
Peter’s hand fell from his wrist and he nodded dejectedly.
“I thought she liked me, you know?” He muttered. Unlike her, Peter was an open book. He was never good at hiding his expression that it was a wonder that his secret identity was still intact. (Y/n) could clearly hear the pain in his voice.
It honestly infuriated her how easy it was for him to affect her.
(Y/n) cleared her throat. “Don’t take it to heart, Pete. Maybe she was just being friendly with him.”
“Or maybe she was just being friendly with me.” Peter mumbled, still dejected.
It filled her heart with grief that he could make such a pained expression in front of her. Had it been her, she could say with certainty that she would never let this boy in front of her go without a smile. But then again, who was she to do that? It wasn’t her that he wanted to put that smile on him.
And so, with a heavy heart and a smile hiding sorrow behind it, she told him, “Why don’t you ask her to do something with you? Like a date?”
4: Date
“(Y/n)? Where’s Peter?” Pepper immediately asked when she saw (y/n) lounging alone on the couch.
(Y/n) shrugged half-heartedly, shoving a spoonful of her favorite cookies and cream ice cream to her mouth. An older season of CSI: Miami was playing on the screen in front of her. She kept eating her ice cream unbothered as the screen showed a bloody corpse full of maggots. Oh, apparently it wasn’t a corpse and she was still alive. Who would’ve thought?
“Don’t you guys usually spend Sundays together?” Pepper asked again.
(Y/n) mumbled something that Pepper couldn’t hear.
“Sorry, what?”
“He has a date.”
Pepper blinked once. “A date?”
(Y/n) nodded.
“With… who?”
“...a girl from his school. An upperclassman.”
“Huh… Is that so?” Pepper hummed, taking a seat beside the young Stark.
She glanced at the angsty teen, still enjoying her ice cream accompanied by a pool of blood and maggot and David Caruso on the screen. “How are you feeling?”
“What do you mean? I’m totally fine.” (Y/n) answered through a mouthful of sugary dairy.
“I don’t think so, honey.” Pepper smiled at her, taking the tub away.
(Y/n) didn’t bother to answer, stubbornly keeping her eyes on the screen.
“I always thought both of you would end up together. What happened?” Pepper tried to ask.
“Us ending up together, huh?” (Y/n) chuckled dryly. “Not a chance, Pep.”
“Why do you say that?”
(Y/n) turned to the CEO of the company that one day would be hers. “Have you looked at Peter? Really looked at him?” She asked. “Because if you have, then you’d know that his eyes were never on me. Not once.”
Sighing, she reached to take back the tub of ice cream from Pepper. “A friend is all I am to him.” She muttered.
(Y/n) was perfectly fine with returning to her angsty mood accompanied by ice cream and crime lab, but apparently Pepper was not.
Pepper stood up and asked FRIDAY to turn the screen off.
“Aw, Pep! Why did you do that!” (Y/n) whined, not unlike a child getting her toy taken away.
“No wallowing in self pity, young lady. Now up you go! We’re going out.”
She groaned and plopped her face on the couch.
To say she would regret going out would be an understatement.
Because an hour on her outing with Pepper, she actually saw Peter on his date.
He was wearing a shirt and grey sweater, like how he wore to school, though the collar was neat. He definitely combed and gelled his hair. She didn’t like it, to be honest. (Y/n) always loved his curls that would fall to his eyes when it got a bit too long. She loved the soft unruly strands that felt silky when she ran her fingers through them.
Peter and his date, Liz, were in a cafe together. It was a cute and aesthetically pleasing one too. (Y/n) was in the Italian restaurant right across the street. Pepper sat with her back to the glass window, so she couldn’t see them, but it was as clear as the sky for (y/n).
And (y/n) wanted to look away, she really did. Yet for some reason, she just couldn’t stop staring at the happy couple. She watched as Liz reached a hand out to wipe something off the corner of Peter’s lips. She watched as Peter laughed shyly. She watched as he hesitantly tried to hold Liz’s hand on the table. She watched as Liz grinned and took his hand in hers.
She watched as they smiled at each other like they were the only people in the world and she was nothing but a speck of dust.
She watched, with bitter heart and a sorrowful smile as she told herself, as long as he’s happy, right?
5: Broken Heart
How could this have happened?
They were having such a great time together!
So why...?
“Peter, I’m so sorry…”
“It’s not your fault, why are you sorry?”
“I was the one who pushed you to ask her on a date…”
Peter chuckled. He tried to look unbothered, but he was still so easy to read. (Y/n) could basically hear the pieces of his broken heart rattling around as he moved.
It hurt her more than seeing him with her.
“Well, you couldn’t have known everything, (y/n),” Peter said. “Besides, at least I tried, you know?”
(Y/n) bit her lip.
Logically, she should be happy, shouldn’t she? Liz had told Peter that she wanted to remain friends, that she couldn’t be with him. That meant Peter was free for the whole world. Whether or not she had a chance was something else entirely. And yet, she felt extremely guilty.
“I’m okay, really!” Peter grinned with a fake cheerfulness. “I had a great time and I appreciate her telling me the truth instead of leading me on. I’m sure we’ll remain great friends even after this.”
‘But you were never great friends with her…’
“I guess she’s just trying to focus on her studies, you know? Since she’s a senior and all.”
‘But she did lead you on…’
“And you know what they say, there are plenty more fish in the sea!”
‘But you were so fixated on her…’
Peter’s eyes softened when he realized how quiet (y/n) was. “I’m really alright, (y/n). It’s not your fault at all.”
“Besides,” he grinned, this time genuine, “Maybe now it’s my turn to help you find someone! Your help was greatly appreciated and now I can return the favor!”
(Y/n) refrained from smiling sardonically at the irony. The only way he could help her find someone was if he magically fell in love with her, but she knew better than to be wishful like that.
“Thank you, Pete, but that won’t be necessary.”
“Whaaaaat why? I can give great love advice!”
“Yeah? Like what?” She raised an eyebrow.
“Anyway! When you find someone, tell me, okay? I’ll try my best to help you, since you were so helpful to me.”
Helpful, huh?
Why can’t you see it?
How badly I want to say those words?
Instead, (Y/n) smiled, sorrow seeping into her being. “It was my pleasure.”
+1: Reverse
arachnophobia: wanna go out tonight? hecate hasnt been out for a while
ironlady: cant today
ironlady: harley’s coming
arachnophobia: harley? the one whose garage mr stark broke into?
ironlady: yep!! cant wait to see him
ironady: its been a while
arachnophobia: can i meet him?
ironlady: ofc just come here
The moment Peter stepped out from the elevator, he could hear the laughter already. He didn’t need his enhanced hearing to know that (y/n) was positively joyful.
He followed the sound to the penthouse’s living room where he could see (y/n) sitting on the couch. Beside her was a young man his age with sandy blonde hair. Both of them were talking animatedly with each other.
“Oh, Peter!” (Y/n) turned around, a big grin on her face. “This is Harley Keener, the potato boy dad and I told you about!”
“Potato boy?” Harley frowned.
“It’s either that or problem child 1, which one do you prefer?”
“Tony’s been calling me that?”
“And what are you?”
“Problem child 2, duh.” (Y/n) rolled her eyes.
Harley scoffed. “Yeah, right, il mio tarassaco.”
“Hey! Only dad can call me that!”
“I know, I know, don’t get your panties in a twist, Princess Stark.” Harley laughed as he ruffled (y/n)’s hair, much to her chagrin.
Peter couldn’t get one word out. He watched as (y/n) tried to get back at Harley and mess with his hair as Harley dodged her. He watched as (y/n)’s face was overtaken by a huge grin and her eyes lighted up in joy.
“Harley stop it!”
“You started it!”
“No I didn’t!”
“Yes you did!”
“No I didn’t!”
“Yes you did!”
“No I- you know what, I’m not doing this. You haven’t even greeted Peter!” (Y/n) huffed, gesturing at Peter who was still standing still behind the sofa.
“Oh, yeah, my bad,” Harley said. He stood up and dusted his pants, then reached out a hand.
“Harley Keener, at your service,” he grinned.
Peter took his hand hesitantly. “Peter Parker. Nice to meet you.”
(Y/n) beamed at the two of them. “I’ve told him so much about you. I think you guys will be great friends!” She told Peter. “Dad is talking about making Harley his intern too, so you two will be Stark Industries first and only high school interns. Tony Stark’s personal interns, to be exact.”
“Wait, intern?” Peter asked, clearly taken aback. “But don’t you live in Tennessee?”
Harley shrugged. “I’m moving here around next month. Not a lot of opportunities back home, so Tony offered to house and send me to school here. I’m here today to look around before the big day.”
“It’s a shame I can’t go to school with you, though.” (Y/n) complained. “I’m getting bored of this whole homeschooling thing.”
“What can I say, Princess Stark,” Harley said with a teasing smile, “a Princess must remain at her castle.”
“Yeah, well, this Princess can take care of herself and goes out at night alone, what about it?” She rolled her eyes.
“Alright, alright, you got a point, Hecate.”
“I told you, I’m not Hecate right now!”
“He knows about Hecate?” Peter asked.
(Y/n) nodded. “He was the first one to know, even before dad. I told you of how Harley’s been coming here for years, right? He basically knows more about me than dad at this point.”
“That, I do.” Harley said, staring at Peter a little too long. Something dawned on him when he saw something on Peter’s face.
He turned to (y/n) and slung an arm around her shoulders. “Anyway, I gotta run and find Tony now, got things to ask him. I’ll see you later?”
“Yeah, you know where to find me.”
“Great! See ya later, Princess Stark.” Harley dropped a big kiss on her head and left the room, but not before giving Peter a meaningful look.
Peter was frozen on his spot.
In all his time knowing (y/n), not once did he ever see (y/n) that happy. She looked so carefree, as if she trusted Harley blindly and trusted him to keep her that way. It took him some time to get (y/n) to open up to him. He knew that he couldn’t compare himself to Harley who knew (y/n) longer than him, but for some reason it ticked him off.
But why?
And when Harley held (y/n) close to him like that? It felt wrong to Peter. Then he went and actually kissed her! Well, on the head, but still. Something felt off within Peter and he didn’t really know what or why.
Somehow, it was almost like…
Like it should’ve been him?
“Peter, are you okay?”
Peter was startled from his thoughts when (y/n)’s face suddenly entered his peripherals.
“I’m fine, why do you ask?” He quickly said.
(Y/n) hummed. “You look a bit off, that’s all.”
“It’s nothing, I promise.”
“If you say so…”
“So, uh,” Peter started, “that Harley… How long is he staying?”
“A week, I think. He’ll move in next month, on the 15th.” (Y/n) answered. “I can’t wait for next month, honestly. I missed him so much. Him living with me and dad here would be a blast.”
“When do you want to go out?” Peter asked, changing the subject immediately. Somehow, for some reason, he didn’t want to hear (y/n) talk about Harley anymore. Especially not about how he would be living with her.
“Ah, well… Not this week? Maybe after Harley’s back to Tennessee?”
“You can still go out without me though! I know Spider-Man must be anxious to get out there!”
“...yeah, you’re right. Uh, you know what, I actually forgot I had to run an errand for May, so I’m going to leave now, okay?”
Peter quickly rushed out. The penthouse was getting stuffy for no reason and he couldn’t stand being there anymore.
What is wrong with me?
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kickingn-ames · 7 months ago
Deja vu
pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
a/n: yes, this got a lot of inspo from deja vu by olivia rodrigo . i'm currently obsessed w it and just ratted the words out.
summary: Does he get deja vu when he's with her?
w/c: 2.9k
warnings: none
my m.list
requests | guidlines
“Hello? Earth to Y/N?” You snapped out of your daydreaming and flinched, staring through wide eyes at Ned sitting in front of you.
“What?” He shook his head and sighed, pursing his lips as he gave you a look.
“What did I tell you? Stop it, you’re not helping yourself like this,” he reminded you. You groaned and leaned back on your chair. Your head turned to the open window next to you, the cold fall breeze hitting your face and making you close your eyes. He was sitting in front of you with his back to your table, the blonde girl giggling at a stupid joke he told. You scoffed as he whispered something into her ear, touching her back and pulling her closer to him.
“Come on, Ned. You know I can’t just…” you trailed off and stared up at the sky, thinking.
“I know, but if you keep remembering and thinking about him, you won’t move on. Ever,” he said and packed his books.
“Well, who said I couldn’t try?” you softly laughed and gave him a sad smile. From the corner of your eyes, you could see Mj and Harry entering the library. They were talking and immediately shut up when they noticed Peter and Gwen not far away.
“What 's up? You don’t seem happy,” Mj sat down next to you and took out her spanish book, sending a smile your way before her gaze fixed back on Ned.
“Our girl Y/N here won’t stop thinking about him. It’s like she doesn’t want to let him go,” he whispered as he leaned on his arms over the table, coming closer to you.
Mj’s head turned to you, a judging look and a smirk across her face.
“You know, if you keep staring at him like this, smoke might leave your ears. Look! I can even see your eyes turning red!” she cackled. You just rolled your eyes and went back to the chemistry homework waiting to be done on the table.
“Peter!” you shrieked as he picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder and running to the living room.
“There’s no going back now. You promised to watch it with me!” he huffed and set you down on the sofa, starting the movie and nestling himself next to you. Rolling your eyes, you laughed and shuffled closer to him.
“I promised you we’d spend the night together, not to watch Star Wars for the ninth time this week!” He draped his arm around you and pulled you closer to him. His nose brushed your neck when he lowered his head and placed soft kisses on it.
“The day you said yes to being my girlfriend, was the day you agreed to watch all the movies whenever I want,” he whispered. You huffed and crossed your arms across your chest, acting mad with a playful pout resting on your lips.
“Mj!” someone called from behind. She turned around, her eyes rolling when she noticed who it was. You turned your back to the voice, taking out your phone and acting busy. You were scrolling through instagram, when a picture of Gwen smiling and throwing her head back came up on your dash.
“Uhm,” he stopped when he saw you turned back to him. He didn’t know you were with her. “I- I wanted to ask if you want to go out with me, Ned and Gwen later?” he asked. Peter was showing feelings of worry when you turned around, staring behind him.
Mj frowned and looked back at you, raising her eyebrow. “Where are you guys going?”
“Getting ice cream, in that one shop,” he was playing with the hem of his sweater when he scrunched his nose and whispered. “The one called Malibu.” It felt like your heart was being ripped out, as if someone stepped in front of you and ripped it out, laughing in your face. For outstanders, it looked like you were just standing, a hurt look on your face.
“Mh, nope,” Mj answered and took your hand, dragging you with her before you could even let the tears spill out your eyes.
“Such a fucker. Didn’t he say he’d never go there again?” Mj complained.
“Come on, Peter!” Your boyfriend rolled his eyes and slapped your hand away.
“No! I told you, I don’t like their ice cream,” he argued. His palm went to his mouth, making a gagging sound and puffing his cheeks.
“You can pretend you don’t like it, but I know that you love their strawberry ice cream,” you teased as you walked closer to the door of the shop. It was a hot summer day, the sun was out and you could hear people and kids chanting and chatting all around you. There were birds singing and two kids taking pictures of them.
“Babe, I told you I don’t wanna go there again. Their ice is expensive, besides, why are their ice cream balls so small? They’re probably even smaller than a golf ball,” he explained. You giggled and took his hand, lacing your fingers with his and smiling down at your hands. A timid smile was plastered on his face as he flushed at the act of affection. You kissed his cheek and beamed at him.
“Okay okay, I’ll go with you,” he agreed. You cheered and hugged him closer to you. “But only if you and I get a spoon for two! I don’t want to pay for an extra spoon,” he said. You smirked and nodded, knowing he just wanted to sit next to you and be close.
“Y/N! Are you coming?” Harry yelled from downstairs. You were all at Mj’s, getting ready. Ned wanted to invite close friends for a small party, meaning Peter would be there too. Taking a last glance in the mirror after fixing your jewelry and shirt, you smiled and left the bathroom.
“Yeah, give me a second!” You put on your vest and jogged down the stairs, Mj and Harry waiting at the door for you.
Arriving at Ned’s, he greeted you at the door and hugged you three. When you entered the house, Peter, Gwen, and Brad were sitting in a close circle in the middle of the living room, the TV in front of them turned on and played quiet music. You weren’t close with Brad. He was in your spanish class, but shared three classes with Mj and Harry. Which is why they knew him better. He was nice and smart, didn’t really talk much with you when you got partnered up in class. Mj had told you that he used to have a crush on her, and that it was the reason why they started hanging out more. She thought he was rude, but once you spend time with him, you'd actually see that he was nothing like that.
“Finally! We’ve been waiting for half an hour now!” Brad shot up and walked to the door, giving Harry and Mj a hug and high fiving Harry.
“I’m Brad,” he smiled at you and shook your hand. He did look good, you had to admit. His black hair was gelled back and a confident smirk decorated his face. He was taller than you and had to look down, which made you feel hot. His black shirt hugged his torso perfectly and you could see his bicep flexing when you shook his hand.
“I’m Y/N,” you let out and stood in front of him as Mj and Harry walked past you. Mj shot you a wink before making a kissy face, prompting you to roll your eyes and bite your bottom lip before staring back at the guy in front of you.
“Oh, I know. We have spanish together, right?” He stepped away from you and titled his head to the side. You took the signal and walked into the room with him. Gwen and Peter were talking together, but his gaze fixed on you and Brand once you walked in.
You sat down on the sofa next to Brad. He scooted closer to you and let his arm rest behind you on the back of the sofa, his posture now wide. He radiated a confidence which made you feel attracted to him, forgetting the teasing looks coming from Mj when you stared back at him.
“Harry has told me about you. You guys have chemistry?” You leaned back, feeling his arm brush your back and your cheeks grow hot. You guys fell into a comfortable conversation and spent the time talking, while Mj and Harry teased you both and went back to their own talking.
“Peter!” Gwen shrieked and giggled. He put on her jacket and sniggered as his head fell back. The jacket was too tight on him, only reaching his waist and hugging him. She took his hand and placed it on the right side of his face, her other hand reaching into her the pockets of the jacket he’s wearing and staying there.
“Nope, it’s mine now,” he rose up from the floor and stood up straight and tall, letting his hand run through his soft locks and messing them up.
“No, Peter you’re too big!” you laughed and ran after him. He put on your vest and started running away from you in his living room. He jumped over the sofa and sprinted into his room, locking himself in.
You banged your fist on the door and bent down, trying to look through the lock. It was dark, he was probably resting with his back against the door. You heard shuffling from the other side and stepped back.
“Okay, okay. If you open the door, I’ll get cookies and we can have a Star Wars marathon,” you suggested. Peter’s eyes on the other side of the door lit up and a smile made its way on his face. He turned around and grabbed the door handle but abruptly stopped himself.
“You’ll fall asleep in the middle of it, babe,” he remembered the one time you fell asleep in the middle of the second movie. He had to carry you to his bed and tuck you in, kissing you goodnight before laying down comfortably next to you.
A chuckle escaped your lips at the memory.
“I promise I won’t,” you said. It was silent, and you knew he was raising his brows at the door and not believing you.
“Okay! I promise I’ll try not to!” you laughed. You heard a ‘click’ after it being quiet, and stepped back, waiting for him to open the door and come out. It never happened. You frowned and grabbed the door handle, pushing it down and opening his door. You stepped into his room and looked around. The room was quiet and messy. His clothes were thrown on one stack next to his desk and his bed was not made.
“Peter?” A gasp left your mouth when you felt hands around you from behind, losing your balance at the unexpected attack and falling forward on your stomach. The brunette behind you cackled, prompting him to fall on you, resting all his body weight on your back.
“Ow!” you shrieked, trying to move under him. His head rested between your shoulder blades, soft brown locks tickling the back of your neck as soft kisses are placed on the side of your face.
You heard laughing and whispering coming from the music classroom as you passed the closed door. It was lunch break, meaning everyone was out or in the cafeteria having lunch.
Brad had told you to pass by his classroom, he wanted to show you something. Over the two months you guys got to know each other, he became one of your best friends. He was always there if you needed help, there to lift your mood and make your laugh. You and Brad shared the same interests, yet still learned from each other.
A frown settled on your face when you got closer to the room, softly grabbing the doorknob and opening it quietly, only enough for you to look in and not disturb.
Peter was sitting on the piano seat, Gwen close next to him. He had his hands over hers, his fingers drifting over the piano keys and playing a familiar melody as your eyes cast on them. A small gasp erupted out of you, an upset frown on your lips as your jaw clenched.
“Come on, we’ll be late!” Peters hand grabbed your arm, dragging you to the opposite side you were walking in.
“I don’t want to go. I can’t even play the piano,” he rolled his eyes and complained. Last month, you had started playing the piano and told Peter about all the progress you made. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make you smile and Peter’s heart beat faster in his chest watching you marvel about your new hobby. He loved seeing you talk about things you love, even if those things weren’t his best interests.
“That’s why we’re even here, dummy,” you giggled and pushed the door to your room open. There was a black, small piano in the corner. You had saved money for one for two years, it wasn’t much, but it was enough to learn and get better. Besides, you could always spend a little more time at school in the music classroom and practice.
“Okay, you sit down, I’ll be right back,” you left the room leaving Peter alone to sit on the small chair in front of your piano. After a minute, you came back with another chair and a flat book in your hand. “See this?” you showed him the book and opened it, turning the pages. He nodded.
“I’m currently learning this song, it’s not difficult, but it definitely is a challenge. You remember the song you showed me last week?” He nodded again, smiling at the memory of you dancing with him to the song ‘Uptown girl’ by Billy Joel in his room and knocking over the glass on his desk. “I wanted to learn that one, but I doubt I can play it on the piano so I gave up.” He let out a breathy chuckle at your statement and giggled.
“But I got this one!” you beamed and sat down next to him on the chair you brought. Breathing in and sparing him a last glance, you lowered your eyes to the piano keys and let your fingers drift over them, playing another song by the same artist.
You sighed and waited in front of the closed door. Peter had asked you to meet him in front of the lockers room right after PE. He came out and smiled at you, only receiving a nod from your end. He lowered his head and motioned for you to follow him. You came to a halt in front of the gym door.
“So, what do you need? If you’re asking for the spanish homework, I told you to-” He cut you off and shook his head.
“Uhm, no. I just,” he frowned,” wanted to ask why you’re so...weird?” He was nervous you noticed, playing with his fingers and not really looking at you.
“I’m...what?” you asked with a puzzled look on your face.
“You know, distant.” You still looked puzzled, which is why he went on. “You’re ignoring me,” he explained, letting his hands fall limp to his sides. You huffed.
“I am ignoring you?” you asked, baffled. He nodded slowly. He was starting to think he did something wrong, wondering why you seemed so shocked.
“Peter, you are ignoring me. Ever since you started hanging out with Gwen and-”
“Oh, so this is about her now? Weren’t you the one who broke up?” he argued. You stared at him through wild eyes, furious. He didn’t understand.
“Yes, because you ignored me for her!” you complained. “I broke up because I knew you lost feelings. Because I noticed your changes.” You closed your eyes and let out a shaky breath. “Because I noticed when you’d look behind me when she stood there, not at me,” you whispered. He opened his mouth and shut it, not knowing what to say.
“Y/N,” You shook your head and looked at him. “No, you don’t need to explain yourself. I just want to know why? Why didn’t you break up when you noticed your feelings fade?” you asked troublingly. He was taken back, staring at you in shock.
“I didn’t want to hurt you. I knew- I knew you…,” he trailed off, not daring to say it.
“You knew I loved you and didn’t want to break up?” He nodded.
“Yeah, so rather have my girlfriend hurt and see me falling in love with somebody else and let her find out, than talking to her, right?” you scoffed and laughed sadly. You turned around and started walking, not wanting to spend another second looking at his speechless state.
You were just his type for a moment, not someone he wanted to do unique things with. He was repeating everything you and him did together with her. And he didn't even want to admit it, did he even know? Did he even realize everything they do, is what you did? Hell, you two even sounded the same, same interests. It 's all reused.
Does he get deja vu when he’s with her?, you wondered to yourself.
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smutsonian · 11 months ago
Hello love 😺 umm can u pls please please write dark!steve x reader, where he bully and verbally harrases the reader but somehow kind of love her but just treat her bad and degrade her but when someone else tryna make her fun of her then he shows who she belongs to kinda stuff (pls if u gonna write pls make it so it so dark🥺🥺)...... Feel free to ignore tho cause i'm sorry this seems so long 😬😬🧡
2/2 Hey it's me again 👋👋😬who just send u a request of a long one shot of dark steve rogers x reader where he bullys her but i just forget to tell u that can u pls make that a Highschool AU pls , i really forget to tell u 😬😬
steve rogers x reader
summary: Steve bullies you after you rejected him and he soon regrets it.
warnings: dark, non-con, violence, bullying, blood, self hatred, insecurities, psychological trauma, they are of age, please don’t read if you’re not comfortable with any of these. Not proofread.
word count: 1.7k
a/n: just wanted to post something so this may or may not suck
Tumblr media
Steve wasn’t always a bully.
It’ll probably be because you hurt his ego.
Maybe he asked you out one time but you were new in school and wary of people so you politely declined his offer.
For Steve, he saw that as you humiliating him in front of the school. The new girl just rejected the Steve Rogers. 
Steve would be like ‘who do you think you are?’ and the cheeky flirty guy he was before becomes someone else.
He started spitting insults here and there, never missing a day to make you feel weird about yourself. 
The soft and beautiful blue eyes from before turned dark and hostile towards you.
Sweet words turned harsh.
Flaws that you didn’t see before started surfacing.
Suddenly your hair is too messy and all over the place. Your skin is too dead and it makes you look creepy. Your eyes are too dull and sad that you don’t seem friendly anymore. Your nose is weird, and so on. The list never ended and you started to change from the person you are before.
Steve made sure to make you feel the way you made him feel.
You suddenly became closed off and did everything to be unnoticed. It’s better to be a nobody than be the center of everyone’s torment.
Steve is a popular guy and it didn’t take long for everyone to follow his lead.
You’re just trying to finish your last year and finally leave the hell you created for yourself but Steve swore to make your life a living hell.
“If it isn’t my favorite dead girl!” Steve’s voice booms through the hallway, the chatters immediately stopped to witness the popular guy, and now, the loser of the whole school interact.
“Got somewhere else to be?” His voice was sweet as well as his eyes but you know, everyone knows that his intentions are far from being sweet.
“What? Your tongue isn’t working anymore? Bet it rot with your dead body and now everything is decaying with you, is that it?” He raised an eyebrow at you, waiting for his friends to back him up which they did. Steve smirked as the hallway started being filled with thunderous laughter and they’re all directed at you.
You did nothing but bite your lip in hopes of stopping yourself from crying in front of everyone. You can’t afford another round of teasing.
You fake a laugh before turning away from him and started heading to your last class.
Steve hated the way your eyes looked at his with nothing but sadness.
Your sadness wasn’t even directed at him but at yourself.
He just wanted to make you feel the way you made him feel so you can understand that the both of you belong to each other.
You’re fucking perfect and Steve is far from that. He might be the most popular guy in school but you were way out of his league so he had to bring you down just a little bit.
But it got out of hand.
He had no idea how to stop what he started but then something happened.
He was just on his way out of detention, the hallways are now empty, everyone has already gone home and Steve was used to that. What he wasn’t used to is the sound of whimpering. More importantly, it’s the sound of you whimpering.
He wasted no time and ran towards the direction of your voice and as he turned the corner, his blood turned red hot in seconds. He’s seeing nothing but red at the sight in front of him.
Mrs. Roberts asked you to come to her office before going home to discuss something and you didn’t know whether to cry because of sadness or cry because someone actually cares for you.
Mrs. Roberts shared her worries with you because your once impressive grades started pummeling down to the point where it can cause problems with your chances of graduating.
Mrs. Roberts gave you special assignments to do so you can pass her subject and you thanked her for that. You even hugged her so tightly and dwelled on the affection for too long which worried her.
“Is there something wrong, dear?” She asked, eyes glossing over yours with worry.
You decided against telling her and just shook your head at her. “Do you think I’m failing my other subjects? What if I don’t graduate in time?”
Mrs. Roberts was quick to calm you down, telling you how the meeting with the teachers went and even joked about you purposely failing only her subject which you laughed at.
You left her office with a smile, chuckling at the memories of her jokes when you suddenly felt an impact on your left side and then your right side when you hit the lockers with a loud bang, making you whimper in pain.
“The fuck are you laughing at, dead girl?” An unfamiliar voice says above you.
You look up to see a boy a year younger than you but before you could reply, his foot started meeting your abdomen, your sides, or whatever part of you that he could kick. At some point, he was able to kick your face which made your ears ring in pain so you decided to shield your head with your arms to block his kicks.
“I don’t know why Steve never did this before but I am doing it for him. He’ll be so proud of me! I can take over his place after he graduates.”
You didn’t even realize that you weren’t receiving his kicks anymore but the sound of kicks can still be heard.
You peak out of your arms to see the young boy’s body across from you on the floor, receiving hits from a large man above him.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, punk?!” Steve’s voice growls in anger and you didn’t know if you were thankful that you weren’t on the receiving end of his growl but it still terrified you.
“M-making you proud! I’m doing the thing you can’t seem to do!” The younger boy spits out red liquid before scrambling away after Steve pulls him up by his collar.
“If I fucking see you touch her again, you’ll never be able to see a day again, you understand?” Steve pushes the boy away before looking back at you, all the anger on his face turns into something softer.
He scrambles towards you, kneeling before you and helping you so gently until your leaning on the lockers, heaving at the pain that the boy caused you.
Steve continued to stare at you, eyes observing you before his hands gently prodded your face.
“You’re bleeding…” He murmurs before pulling out a cloth and dabbing it softly on the wound, apologizing when you flinched at his touch which surprised you.
“W-what are you doing?” Your voice trembles and Steve only sighed in response, shaking his head in disappointment.
“Why did you have to reject me?” He asked, carefully putting a band-aid over the scar and kissing it so gently with his pink lips. You stared at him in shock and confusion.
“Wh-What the f-fuck?!” You try to push him off but he only gripped both of your wrists with one hand while the other caress your face.
“We would’ve been so happy together. You would’ve had a great experience but you always manage to put yourself in danger… Why didn’t you just let me in?” The hand on your face goes to the back of your neck and your struggles were no use when he easily pulled you into a kiss, his tongue easily forcing itself into your mouth and coating and mixing your saliva with his.
“I should’ve not given up but you… you hurt me, ya know?” He pulls away before admiring your face.
“I lied though. You’ve always been so beautiful. I just wanted you to give me a chance but then you started avoiding me more.” His jaw clenches before his grip on your wrists tighten.
His other hand goes under your shirt before fondling your breasts through your bra. He leans in towards your neck before sniffing and moaning as he continues to massage your breasts while his hips started to grind against yours in need.
He growls against your neck as his grind started to get violently fast.
“Ahh fuck!” His hips stopped before he’s shaking against your body.
Your eyes widened at him as you looked down at the front of his pants which now had a stain on the crotch area.
“D-did you just—”
“See what you do to me?” He laughs before kissing your lips once more, the hand on your breasts trailing down before he forces it down your pants and under your panties to feel your core with his big hands.
His fingers make a quick swipe up your slit making you shiver at the feeling of him on your sensitive area.
“And I see what I do to you…” He inserts one finger, groaning at the way your walls are tightening around just one finger.
Steve swore he could cum again at the thought of his cock entering your very tight pussy.
“We didn’t start strong but we have all the time in the world now…” He places a kiss wet on your lips, continuing his assault on your core while his thumb finds its way to your clit.
Steve enjoys the way your hips jolted at the feeling and he smiled.
“I will help you graduate with honors and then after that,” he pulls back from the kiss before smiling at you.
“We’ll start over. I’m never leaving you again. I’m never going to give up on you. We’ll finally have what we both deserved.” He feels your walls fluttering around his one finger so he added another, thumb flicking your nub harder, forcing you to release.
“Mmm!” You bit your bottom lip as an orgasm was forced out of you, pleasure showering you as your eyes shut tightly.
“So fucking beautiful…” Steve pulls his hand out of your jeans before quickly placing his fingers inside his mouth to taste you.
“So fucking delicious as well.” He helps you up carefully before guiding you out of the school and into his car.
“I’ll drive you to school and from school from now on. There won’t be a time when I’m not watching over you. I’ll protect you from now on. I’m going to right every wrong thing I did to you, baby…” He leans down to kiss your lips then your head before fixing your seatbelt for you and starting the car.
“Everything will be better now.”
a/n: been trying to write but it’s just not working rn but im trying to come thru hehe
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bands | seventeen
Tumblr media
[ series masterlist ]
summary: jeon jungkook has it all: the looks, the fame, the money, the women. being considered the sexiest man in the industry, he finds no complaints about the way his life is going nor does he find any reason to apologize for the way he approaches it. he is a force to be reckoned with - until he meets you.
pairing: stripper!reader x idol!jjk
genre: (18+) strip club/nightlife au, post grad au | fluff, angst, smut
words: 5.0k
warnings: cussing, mature language/implied sexual content, verbal and physical altercations, i don’t know how these contracts and legal things work so if something doesn’t make sense in the beginning pls excuse me, mentions of cuts/wounds but nothing graphic, unprotected shower sex, lip biting, neck kisses, hickeys, shoulder biting, multiple orgasms 
note: this series will have about 4 chapters left + perfectly wrong series has a part 3 coming in april!
tags: @brightcolorsoffendme​ @min-nicoleee​ @eggbutnotyolk​ @ra-mun-e @miinoongi​ @jimidol​ @ppeachyttae​ @thebeebi​ @bluesharksandfish​ @kooafraid​ @liriaus​ @thisartemisnevermisses​ @ggukkieland​ @preciouschimine​ @sunniejinnie​ @cypheruby​ @cyb3rbab3​ @masterlists101​ @awhnamjoon​ @redhedhoseok​ @wooya1224​ @taeismydeath​ @jikookiekosmos​ @un2-verse​ @aynsx​ @wearenot7withu​ @knjeuphoria​ @bringitseijoh​ (closed!)
Tumblr media
Today was a really, really long day. Moreso because Jungkook, Jin and Namjoon were tired. It was a long night, especially for Jungkook. However, as soon as they touched base at work today, all three of them made sure to let their executive team and leadership know about what's been going on with Bigs and Eric [even if it was barely 7AM]. First of all, that contract needed to be cut. Namjoon made it clear there was no way their group was going to continue working with someone like Eric. A mentally, physically abusive asshole who didn't even care about the people around him. Second, even though it was their own choice to support Bigs, Jungkook had given them a tip on how things were really at the club - without having to put you on blast without your permission first. Obviously, there wasn't enough concrete evidence to really take action against Bigs, but they did say they would talk to their people, and their people would talk to their people, and so on and so forth. As for Eric, they went straight to work on cutting the contract when they saw Kai's picture from last night. Without hesitation. No question.
Jungkook meets Kai in his guest bathroom, bringing him some supplies to help tend to his cuts. Jungkook watches as Kai lightly taps the alcohol-drenched pad at his brow and below his nostrils before adding some ointment and putting the tiny bandage over his brow cut.
"You okay?"
"Yeah, thank you." Kai sighs. "Seriously, for everything."
"It's not a problem. May I ask— how did this start?"
"I don't know, I literally didn't do anything. I mean, it's not even surprising at this point. But, my stepdad got all drunk and the last thing I heard was him talking to someone on the phone. Then he just barged into my room talking about how my sister was a troublemaker and that she was super ungrateful. And that she was back at the club?" He says in a questioning tone. "He even said that she would never get away from the club and that she would never be capable of taking care of me because of it."
"He's wrong. I hope you know that."
"I do, but, my sister—" Kai turns to Jungkook again, his expression full of worry. "I—is she alright? She's still acting weird, and I know she's not telling me everything."
"She's fine, Kai."
"She's really not at the club again, is she? Please tell me you know for a fact he's lying about that." Jungkook silently shakes his head, blatantly lying to his face. He feels incredibly guilty, but he knows it would break Kai if he found out you went back on your word. It wasn't his place either, if anything, you would be the one to explain to him if you felt the need. But right now, he just needed someone. Some comfort. And Jungkook wasn't going to overwhelm him with all the shit that's been going on.
"No, she's not at the club. We got into another argument and she just needs her space, that's probably why she hasn't picked up."
"I see." Kai nods slowly. "I know there's a lot of shit being said about her, and I know she hasn't taken it lightly. Is that it?"
"Partially. I'm just giving her time to process her feelings. It's a lot. Look, don't worry about it, alright? We'll be good soon, nothing we can't overcome. In the meantime, you can just stay here. I'll have people come and get your things and you can take this room."
"R-really?" Jungkook nods.
"Yeah. I'll talk to your sister. Don't worry about her. I promised I'd take care of her, right?"
"Get some rest." Jungkook says, giving him a small, toothless smile before leaving him to his peace.
Bigs and Eric were working hard, but Namjoon, Jin and Jungkook were working overtime to make sure these people got what they deserved. Of course, with the support of the rest of the group, for the most part - Jimin still staying absolutely silent, mainly due to the fact that his plan to keep you away from Jungkook had backfired. Suddenly, he was starting to feel a little guilty seeing how worked up Jungkook had been, but he couldn't help but continue to tell himself that he was only coming from a good place.
But was he really? Way to fucking go, Jimin.
All Jungkook needed to do was get to you, and he wasn't going to let you slip you in between his fingers this time around. Which is why when you're getting ready to head out to the club, you're met with a Jungkook leaning against his car that's parked right outside your back door. And you know for a fact he's definitely not going to let you get there no matter what. Not under his watch.
"Jungkook, don't."
"Babygirl, wait. Please, okay? Just talk to me for a minute."
"Didn't you read my texts?" He gently grabs your wrist and brings you close, your body immediately softening under his touch.
"Yeah and it's all bullshit! You really think I believe that's all coming from you? What exactly did Bigs say to you? How did he throw me and Kai into this?"
"You really think this is all about Bigs, Jungkook?" You start to cry in his grip.
"What does that even mean? Talk to me." He pleads. "You have to let me help you, baby. I'm not like everyone else. I'm not here to attack you, none of us are here to do that. You know you have my support and the rest of the guys—"
"No, I don't."
"W-what? They're worried about you too. They know all of this shit as been unfair and that none of it is true—"
"If they're so worried about me and if they know this shit has been unfair, then why the fuck is Jimin trying so hard to keep me away from you, huh? Why is he so stuck on the fact that I'm only using you? Why is he so fucking stuck on convincing me that you don't actually have feelings for me like that? He's been working with Bigs and shit, I'm not dumb!" He almost flinches at the way you name drop Jimin. Was this it? The thing Namjoon and Jin had been so close to explaining before Kai called?
"What did you just say about Jimin?"
"No, forget it. It's nothing."
"No, Y/N. Say it. He said that to you? What else did he do?" You aggressively wiped your tears.
"Why would I tell you if I know it doesn't matter? He's your bestfriend."
"Of course it matters, Y/N. You matter to me and that's never going to change. If he was my bestfriend, he wouldn't have done anything behind my back. So tell me." You watch as his jaw clenches. "What else did he do to you?" He sighs heavily when you haven't responded right away. "I'm not gonna ask you again."
"He visited me at the club that night you were working late in the studio. That's when everything started. He kept saying that I should stick to the club if I wanted an easy way out, that my easy way out wasn't gonna be you and that he wasn't gonna let me use you." You sniffed. "And all that shit in Japan with that girl. Your past. He says you'd never change your ways for me. And it's just fucking dumb, cause God, it drives me crazy how he makes me feel so insignificant. Why do I feel like I have to fight for my spot here? Like I have to continuously prove myself when I've done nothing to make these people think that way." Suddenly, Jungkook is opening his car door and getting in, making you dash over to the passenger's seat because you realize what he's about to do. "Jungkook! Stop, where are you going?!"
"Y/N, it's either you stay or you come, but I need to take care of this."
"W-what do you mean, what are you gonna do?"
"Staying or coming?" You can tell he's fucking livid, and you don't wanna press him any further right now, so you quietly hop in and hang on for dear life as he presses the gas towards his dorm. All that mattered right now was making sure Jungkook didn't do anything irrational.
You're literally having to run after this man and his long legs with the way he's stomping over to the dorm. He hasn't said shit to you since he drove over, he hasn't even looked at you. He swings open the front door to the dorm, the knob hitting the wall harshly and causing a loud bang to echo in the room. Jimin's smile instantly dies when he sees the both of you, watching as Jungkook approaches him. He grabs him by the shirt and shoves him against the wall, Jimin fighting to get him off.
"Jungkook, stop!" You yell, but clearly, he hears nothing.
"You pathetic son of a bitch!"  I mean, if this were any other circumstance, you would never hear Jungkook call him out like that. But obviously, this was incredibly fucked up on Jimin's part. Incredibly.
"The fuck is wrong with you!" Jimin yells back, trying his hardest to push him off. He was caught so off guard that he's almost losing air with how hard Jungkook is keeping him against the wall.
"Why the fuck did you say all that shit to her?!" He yells in his face, his knuckles turning white with how hard he's gripping his shirt. "Huh?! Why the fuck were you siding with Bigs, Jimin?! The fuck is wrong with you! Do you really not care about anyone besides yourself?!" At this point, they're both trying to land hits at each other, shit is falling off of their tables, the rest of the boys are yelling and trying to pry them off of each other—
It's a fucking mess. A chaotic, loud mess.
"Y/N, you're gonna get hurt." Namjoon gently pushes you aside while he's trying to hold Jungkook back. "Off! Get off!" Namjoon yells as he works with Jin and Hoseok to hold off Jungkook. They finally pry the two off of each other, Joon and Jin holding Jungkook back, Yoongi and Taehyung holding Jimin back and Hoseok in the middle to create distance. It literally takes all of them to pull those two apart.
"What the fuck is going on?!" Yoongi yells.
"Why don't you ask him? You fake son of a—"
"Jungkook-ah." Jin says sternly, using his hyung card as he shoots him a look.
"I only did that shit to protect you!" Jimin fires back.
"From what?! The only shitty fucking person here is you! You knew she was going through it with Bigs! You knew this from the beginning!"
"I was just concerned about you! I didn't want you to get hurt, or in trouble, or used! She took her stepfather's money and I didn't want her—" You look at Jimin with your brows furrowed. You step closer to him, Hoseok slightly shielding you as you come nearer.
"His money? That was my money and my brother's money and I stashed it away into my brother's account." You softly said. "I didn't take anything from that man. If anything, he took from us, but I really shouldn't be explaining this to you." You almost want to cry. He has you so utterly fucked up right now. So misunderstood, so full of assumptions.
"You have got to be kidding." Jungkook scoffs at Jimin's audacity. "You're supposed to be my bestfriend! You're supposed to be happy for me! If she had gotten hurt—" Jungkook briefly pauses to catch a breath. "If Bigs had done anything else to her, you would've been okay with that? How could you fucking live with yourself, Jimin? You're fucking cold, I hope you know that. You're sick for doing all of this. Stay the hell away from me." Jungkook rips his arm out of Joon's grip and storms out of the dorm.
"Jimin." Namjoon shoots him the most disappointed look he has ever seen come from their leader.
"You know how much she means to him." Hoseok says softly.
"I-I just thought I was doing him a favor, I—" Jimin runs his hand through his hair.
"A favor? By trying to take away his girl and giving her back the life she wanted out from? Real cool favor." Namjoon says.
"Shit." Jimin winced in pain, clutching his arm.
"That guy has been there for you through thick and thin. He's grown, he can take care of himself. Besides, you didn't even give her a chance."
"I was just—"
"You were just jumping to conclusions." Hoseok added.
"Whatever, go fucking be on his side then."
"This has nothing to do with sides, Jimin-ah."
"Okay! I get it." Jimin yells. "Fuck!" The rest of the boys are startled hearing him slam his door shut, unsure of how to approach the situation from this point on.
"Just give them both some time to settle." Namjoon says, trying to clean up around the living room.
"I take a fucking piss and all hell breaks loose?!" Taehyung says, still in disbelief about what just unfolded.
Meanwhile, you continue to follow after Jungkook, darting up the stairs and straight to the roof access. You finally catch up to him as he yells out a 'fuck!' before he stands there with his head hanging low, hands on his hips.
"Babe, please calm down." You say softly, Jungkook letting out a breath, hearing you call him babe while you cup his cheeks and caress them.
"I'm sorry you had to see that." He places his hands on yours, slightly tilting his head to press a soft kiss into your palm. "Why didn't you just tell me about all of this?"
"Because he matters to you too, doesn't he? Why would I get in the way of that?"
"He does, but it doesn't make this right. You should have just came to me, I would have listened to you. I wouldn't have brushed you off, if that's what you were assuming. God, Y/N. I would never do that to you, I thought I made myself clear when I told you how I felt about you."
"I'm sorry." You said close to a whisper as your head dropped and the tears began to flow more freely. "He was so good at making me question my place here with you. Jimin knows you so well Kook, I couldn't help but think that everything he was saying were possibilities."
"Why? I told you none of this shit mattered. None of the shit people have to say. I don't care how people look at us, I'm not interested in their shitty, narrow-minded opinions. I don't care about it and so shouldn't you. This is between me and you. No one else."
"And it's just, I needed to feel something, you know? I needed to feel like my existence mattered. And when I got back to the club, Bigs was talking about how I should tell you this is over or else he'd hurt your career and he'd hurt Kai, all this stupid shit and I couldn't let any of that happen to you or him."
"Fuck him, Y/N!” His tone slightly rose. “Okay? It's over! He isn't shit and he will never be. Stop letting this shit get to your head baby, please. Why can't you just trust me to protect you? Why can't I be enough to make you feel like you matter?"
"I just got scared." You whisper, causing him to pull you into his arms.
"Then you talk to me when you get scared. You don't go running off assuming I'm just gonna push you away. We're a team now, aren't we? I'm on your side."
"I'm so sorry, Kook." You hold onto him tightly, taking in his scent while he holds you close to him. He holds you like he never wants to let you go and god, is it the most comforting feeling you have ever felt. After he hugs you for a good minute, he pulls away slightly to tilt your chin up. He caresses it with his thumb, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead and lips.
"Promise me you'll communicate if things are getting difficult for you. It doesn't matter what it is, doesn't matter how big or small. I want you to come to me. At least that way I know you actually trust me to keep you safe." You nod. "I know I'm not perfect and I have shit to work on, but my goal is to move forward with you, not backwards."
"I hear you." You softly respond, Jungkook placing a kiss on top of your head as he pulls you close again.
"It's insane how quick you can calm me down." You chuckle into his chest. "I don't know what I'd do without you."
"I appreciate you a lot more than you know."
"I do too." He says. He finally pulls away, but he holds your hand as he looks down at you. You can tell he still has more to tell you because you're more than able to pick up on the vibe. You tilt your head to the side, brows furrowed slightly.
"What is it, Kook?"
"Kai—" Your eyes widen in fear and you suddenly start to panic.
"Is he okay?" You cut him off.
"He's fine. He's staying at my apartment. Your stupid ass stepfather laid his hands on him again last night and he called me asking if I could pick him up."
"W-what happened, is it bad? Did he—"
"Baby, it's okay. He's fine, I promise." Jungkook spares you the details. "Your stepdad was just acting dumb, that's it. But listen, I didn't tell him you went back to the club. I pretty much lied and said no. I didn't think it was my place to, nor did I think he would like hearing it." You sigh as your head drops, but Jungkook lifts your chin to keep eye contact with you. "You should talk to him. Not saying you need to tell him if you don't want to, that's up to you. But, I know he would be hurt if he knew you went back on your word." You nod.
"I know. I'll talk to him."
"I sent some people to get the rest of Kai's things. I would really appreciate it if the both of you stayed at my apartment in the meantime, I just don't want anything to happen to the both of you."
"That's too much to ask for. I promise I'll start looking and getting it together—"
"You're not asking, remember?" He slightly smirks. "It'll honestly help me sleep at night. And I can always go to the dorm if you need your space or don't feel comfortable with me being there all the time."
"It's your space."
"It's yours, too. So, just tell me what you want and I'll do it. I want you to really understand that I'm here for the both of you."
"Thank you." He gives off a small smile.
"Wanna head to the apartment so you can see your brother?"
"Okay." He presses his lips against your lips, his fingers intertwining with yours. Heading back down to the car, Jungkook doesn't give the dorm one last look as he's honestly still trying to piece together what happened with Jimin. He just couldn't believe his own fucking bestfriend would do this shit to him - and for what reason? Because he believed he was protecting him? Keeping him safe? Whatever the fuck that meant. He couldn't actually believe he was willing to put your life at risk over some shitty assumptions. He never even gave you the chance, and for all of that, he wasn't sure if his relationship would ever be the same.
You just don't do that shit.
Jungkook brings you to your apartment first to pack up as much as you can for the night, Jungkook reassuring you that he'll get some people to help with your stuff as well so that you don't have to worry.
He was a literal god-sent.
"I'll order some delivery, would Kai be okay with that?" Jungkook asks as he scrolls through his phone while the both of you are in the elevator heading up to his apartment.
"We're both fine with anything." He gives you a small smile. As soon as he unlocks his front door, you head straight into the living room, seeing Kai quietly doing his homework on the coffee table while a show played in the background. He instantly gets up, pulling you into his arms to hug you tightly. "What the hell did he do to you?" You pull away, examining your little brother's face.
"Nothing. He was just being dumb." You silently nod.
"Can we go to your room? Let's talk for a little and rearrange your things. I promise you can go back to your homework after." He nods.
"Food will be here in a bit, okay?" Jungkook says, watching as you both walk into the guest room [or Kai's room, for the meantime] to talk. You hated seeing your brother like this, and it hurt you every time. You almost couldn't forgive yourself for not being available when he needed you and that's because you were at the club. You decided not to tell him you went back since it hadn't been too long, but you mainly decided so because you knew he was already dealing with a lot even if he didn't say it a lot. You were his sister and you just knew.
However, you did take the time to open up to him about everything you had been feeling, then he had told you about what happened with Eric and how Jungkook managed to take matters into his own hands.
Fuck the contract, and fuck your evil ass, not knowing what the fuck 2+2 is, coward ass stepfather.
You were surprised, but not really surprised? You knew Jungkook had it in him to do so, you just didn't think he would do it because of you and Kai.
The absolute sweetest.
When dinner arrives [quick too, since it's actually pretty late], the three of you eat in the living room and watch a couple of episodes of Jungkook's show that Kai has also watched before all of you retreat to your rooms. You turn on the shower, making sure to heat up the entire bathroom by letting the water run while you grab one of Jungkook's shirts to sleep in. You set it aside and get out of your sweats and shirt, feeling more than ready to let yourself stand under the hot, running water for a couple of minutes. You began making your way into the shower, body rid of all its clothes and undergarments. Jungkook leans against the door frame, a small smile on his face when he sees you bare.
"Shower time?"
"Mhm." You look at him once more before stepping in.
"Mkay, I'll be out here whenever you're done baby." He says, about to turn on his heel. However, you call out to him and peek your head through the small crack of the shower door.
"Hm?" He tilts his head to look at you.
"Come join me. Please?" You look at him softly, watching as he silently nods. Sooner or later, you see his silhoutte passing the glass, the door slightly swinging open again as he lets himself in. You subtly bite onto your bottom lip as you look at him up and down, his member quickly hardening when he sees your wet body gleaming under the light.
What a gorgeous man. Gorgeous, gorgeous man.
The shower started off sweet, and comforting - Jungkook gently working his hands into your scalp to massage the shampoo and conditioner in your hair. He helps wash it off, continuing to work his hands in the same motions, causing your eyes to shut briefly at the sensation. You returned the favor, turning and slightly tippy-toeing to get a good grip in his hair, working the shampoo through it. It's quiet, and the only sounds in the bathroom are the running water and the water bouncing off of the tiles.
"You're so beautiful." He says, helping lather up the body wash on your back before you help with his and wash off. He gives a you a warm, small smile before dipping his head to press a kiss on your lips. But at this point, you don't want to pull away - instead, your hands rest on his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. You gently bite on his bottom lip, tugging back slightly as you keep your gaze on him. "Fuck." He whispers when you pull away, a small hiss being released from his mouth as he pulls you by the waist, his hardened member brushing against your clit. "Can I have you, baby?" You simply nod, allowing him to kiss you slowly and deeply. His tongue works its way inside your mouth, a small moan escaping from you into the kiss. He swoops you into his arms with your legs wrapped tightly around his torso. He presses you against the glass, the cold hitting your skin harshly, sending goosebumps through your body.
Jungkook moves from your lips down to your jaw, then to your neck. You hold him tightly by around the neck, your head tilting back in pleasure on the glass behind you.
"Kook." You softly moan. "I need you."
"You have me, baby. All of me." He whispers into your neck. You feel him fix his position to line himself up with your entrance. You were ready, and he knew it, simply by brushing his fingers up your folds. He lets out a soft groan right before he slips his tip through your entrance. He slowly continues to slip himself in, the both of you letting out breathy moans the moment he bottoms out. He begins to pick up the pace, your back moving up and down against the glass.
"Hnnnnng—babe. Faster. Please." You say softly in his ear as he lets out a moan.
"You have to be quiet though, sweetheart." He chuckles against your neck before licking across the surface and sucking lightly, enough to leave a slight color change against your skin. He does as you ask though, your body bouncing up and down in his grip, your lips grazing his as you continue to hold on tightly. He pauses briefly after he switches it up, fucking into you deeply and roughly. You start to work your hips and roll into his. "Ohhhhshit, babygirl, you feel so good. Working your shit on me like that." He tilts his head back in pleasure, allowing you to take the lead while he wraps his arm around you tightly for support.
"Kook, I'm gonna cum." You whine into his neck, sucking onto the surface and leaving a purple-ish mark near the base of his neck. "Fuuuuuck!" You moan as you bite onto his shoulder, your body trembling in his grip.
"That's it, cum all over me." He whispers, but starts to ram his cock into your overly sensitive pussy. You continue to whine loudly as you tilt your head back, Jungkook's hand covering your mouth to prevent you from moaning any louder. Your moans are muffled as he continues to fuck you senseless, the overstimulation building more pleasure in your core quickly. "Shit, shit, shit." He says lowly through gritted teeth. "Gonna fill you up so fucking good." He moans. You shut your eyes as you feel yourself toppling over the edge once more, Jungkook grasping you tightly as he fills you up warmly at the same time. You hold onto him as you try to regulate yourself and come back down from your high, placing soft kisses along his jaw before he lets you down completely. "You okay?" He chuckles as he brushes your wet hair back while you get under the hot water once more.
"Yeah." You smile at him. The two of you finally head out of the shower, you instantly lathering up in some lotion and throwing on Jungkook's shirt before you rub your hair with the towel to dampen it a bit. You throw on some baggy sweats and head to Kai's room to double check on him — which, he's fine, probably more than fine with the way he's asleep on the bed with his homework next to him. You silently giggle before shutting his door close and grab some water for you and Jungkook before retreating to the room for the night. You're first in bed, with Jungkook still arranging some things in his closet while the TV is playing basketball highlights in the background.
"I swear I'll fix my closet around tomorrow so we can get your stuff in there—" You chuckle and shake your head.
"Hey, we'll figure it out." You patted the empty spot next to you in his bed. "Come to bed." He shuts off the lights in the closet and climbs into bed, immediately pulling you into his arms. You hug him tightly, taking in all of his scent.
You were safe here.
And although it still felt a little difficult for you to toss your negative thoughts aside completely, Jungkook continued to show you that you had all of him and that wasn't going to change.
"Baby." Jungkook says lowly as you sleepily look up to him. "I, um—" He chuckles nervously.
"What is it, Kook?"
"Nothing. I just really like you." He nervously responds.
"I like you too." You say softly, cheek resting back on his chest.
What he truly wants to say though, is that he thinks he loves you. No, not thinks. He knows he's in love with you. But he didn't want to scare you away. Jungkook loved you.
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hotgirlhockey · 9 months ago
Mine | Anthony Beauvillier
A/n: this idea came after we had a very sexy- I mean- Angry* Anthony pushing Sidney Crosby. Barbie and some anons send the good energy and so althought it took me forever here it is *cheers*. A huge thank you for @barbienoturbby​ for sending me some specific ideas (sharpies, choking etc hehehe), putting up w my random messages in the middle of the night or being a insecure bitch, ILY BARBIE! Huge shout out to @sebs-aston​ for proofreading this so fast *you’re amazing, liv!*.  PS. More than ever I’m gonna need your feedback because I’m an insecure bitch and this is my first time writing smut (freddie was thigh riding, I don’t consider it too much). So please just lmk if you like it or hate it <3 
Word count: 4k
Warnings: smut, mention of chocke, spitting, oral -female receiving- and all those dirty stuff. 
Summary: after getting angry on the ice, you decide to make Anthony angry in bed too. 
Tumblr media
You knew Tito was a dom in bed as soon as you met him: he helped you to sit and to get up on your first date, and he led you to your car with his hand on your lower back. One month into getting to know each other, you were planning a gathering with his friends and he was the one to assign everyone with a task. Some days he would use fewer words and stick with hand gestures or eye contact to tell you what he wanted or what he was silently saying. 
So when you two had sex for the first time and he was on top, you were not surprised, you also weren’t surprised when he asked how would you feel about hair pulling, choking, and tying. And, well, you’d never tried any of this, so you were honest with him, knowing that honesty was the key to make things work. He promised to go slow, and he watched you intently while he did everything just to make sure you were comfortable. You can still remember how it felt when he first stretched you, how your heel went to his back to accommodate his waist better, how this movement gave him the perfect angle to go all the way until the end. 
You also remember the hickeys he left on your skin, mostly on places where your clothes could hide, but some you knew he purposely made for people to see. And people saw, indeed and also heard. He got a noise complaint twice because his old bed would scratch and bang on the wall, and that wouldn’t be a huge problem if it was anyone else, but it was Anthony, a hockey player, at that point -your boyfriend-, and he had the stamina to go for hours. A chug of water, maybe a fruit snack, and less than twenty minutes later he was ready to go again - or he would use these twenty minutes to get you off with his mouth and fingers. So the noise complaint was very much expected. 
Now six months into the relationship, this wasn’t a problem anymore. Tito bought a new bed, and even talked with a friend about the possibility of getting soundproof walls. That’s why you were drinking your water and eating one of his energy bars while watching the game. The dynamic after games was usually very sexual, it didn’t matter if he was on the road or at home, you would find a way to get off, either phone sex or spicy pics. He never left you to your own hands. 
The Isles were playing against the Penguins and you knew he was pissed off because of their losing streak against that team. That made him angry with some specifics players too. When he got home last night, you just cuddled together and went to sleep, he was tired and fuming because of their loss, and he probably heard a handful by his coach. Because of those losses, you knew he was going to skate his way around the ice tonight more than ever, and, especially, that he was angry. 
You were laying on his couch when the game started, the Isles skating around the ice in a way you would have bet was a premonition for another loss, but ten minutes in things started to go differently, and that was the exact moment when you sat and gripped Beau’s shirt before an amazing shot hit the Pens’ net. They kept the rhythm on for the next two periods, although they were pretty much stressful- a handful of times you caught yourself holding your breath or cursing. The last two were also a stage for your boyfriend’s anger. He was pissed in a way you’d never seen before on the ice, and when Sidney Crosby pushed Pulock, Tito had had enough and shoved the opposition’s player on the ice. Torn between finding it hot or funny, you chose the latter letting out a loud laugh. Yet, when another exchange of pushes happened between the Pens’ superstar and Beau you sure felt the heat taking up space inside your body and you shifted on the couch. There was another goal and the game kept on providing stress and anxiety for the fans, but you were stuck on the scene your boyfriend had just put up. 
He was usually like this in bed, but not that much on the ice, and seeing that happening outside the four walls left you with a lingering warmth inside your body, and not the cute warmth you usually felt when he cooked for you or told you how much he loved you. But the warmth you got whenever he bent you on the kitchen counter or held your hand tight while going down on you. 
It was past midnight when you heard the door open and close, the soft click making your heart beat faster. He was home. You heard the thud of his bag on the floor and his steps bringing his scent closer to the living room where you were sitting on the couch wearing only his jersey and his favorite lace.
“Hey you, winner,” your voice echoed in the dimly lit apartment and you could see his lips curling in a small smile.
“Hey, babe,” his lips found yours on a quick peck and you looked up for more contact, but Anthony was already walking to the kitchen. 
“Are you ok?” you asked, barefoot padding the floor until you reached the stool.
Your boyfriend was already busy cutting some bananas in a bowl, “Yeah, just a little stressed with the game and hungry,” he answered.
“But you won,” you stated in confusion. 
His eyes scanned you for a second before going back to his task. The silence was everything you needed to know: he really was not in the mood for long talks after the episode, but you were a woman on a mission and you knew exactly what to do to get Anthony riddled up. 
“You guys had a great game…” you began, cautious with your words and actions, hands reaching for a banana on the fruit bowl. “How was playing against Sidney Crosby?”
You saw how his eyebrows raised slightly before pouring honey on his bowl and whipping his fingers with his tongue. You knew the action wasn’t supposed to be filthy, yet you’ve been dating him long enough to know that he knew every action of his could be seen as sexual at some point. 
“It was normal, he’s a normal hockey player like any of us,” his tone is nonchalant. 
You suppress a grin, “he’s not like any of you, he’s Sidney Crosby. Just last night he reached his thousandth game,” Tito’s now chewing on his fruit and you can see how the motion seems tighter after your words, still you keep going, “he’s like a superstar! I would love to meet him any of these days…” you trail off busying yourself on biting the banana you just peeled off. His eyes trained on how your lips wrap around the piece of fruit, your tongue purposely darting out. Your boyfriend chooses silence again and you huff rolling your eyes. 
“Did you just roll your eyes at me?” he queries, eyes on his bowl, jaw still clenched tight while biting another piece of his fruit. You dart your eyes in another direction while biting your banana again, this time without so much care on giving him a hard time. “I asked you a question, y/n,” his tone was sharp and his voice low. You shake your head. 
He grabs his water bottle before chugging half of the content, “Cat got your tongue? I swear I just saw you poking it out while eating that banana to provoke me,” he tauntingly  gives you a defiant look. 
Anthony motions for you to come to him and you follow his orders willingly, eager to finally have your way with him. You’re within arm’s reach when he tugs you closer, making you stumble in the middle of his big thighs. In a blink of an eye, you feel the sting on your butt cheeks, his big hands finding it again one more time before grabbing your chin. “You can’t even wait for your man to eat,” it’s a low grunt and he seems more annoyed with your playful smile, and you see the perfect opportunity to tease him a little bit more, “You could eat something else, there’s nothing stopping you…” 
With that Anthony seems to lose his judgment before swinging your body on top of the counter, “you’re being such a brat tonight” his hands grab your butt squeezing it hard, “that’s not how you get the things you want” 
“No? Then why are you about to fuck me?” you mock him knowing damn right that this would only make him go harder on you. 
“Crisse,” (holy shit) his French accent makes your pussy throb. You loved when he talked in French to you.
His big hand pushes you back in a swift motion, the same hand spreads your legs for him, and it’s only a second before you’re fully laying on the counter. Still wearing only a lace thong and his jersey, you know the former is about to be ripped out of you. Anthony drags his fingers from the bottom of your belly to your breasts before gifting you a devilish smirk as soon as he notices you’re not wearing a bra. 
“You think Sidney Crosby is the superstar, but you know damn well I’m gonna be the reason why you’re seeing stars tonight,” he whispers before sitting on the stool and kissing up to your thighs. His lips are sticky from the honey and because they’re cold it sends chills running through your warm body. You stretch your arms to reach his hair and he hums grabbing your wrists harshly, “no hair pulling for you tonight,” his murmurs hit your skin and you let out a small whine. 
In order to play with your sensations, you see him taking a long gulp of his cold water. You know it will make his mouth colder and slicker, and you know he’s only doing it because he’s planning to spend a long time between your legs.
And that he does.
You sigh when his lips finally reach your pussy, the shock it causes is good and you can’t help but close your thighs in an attempt to bring him where you are really yearning for his lips. Nevertheless, that’s not what he has planned for you, and he drags his mouth between your pussy lips long before finally wrapping his lips on your clit and humming in pleasure. 
“Oh fuck,” you let out a whine when his fingers reach for your nipple and twist it hard. His wet tongue flickered on your clit and he dived in deeper, making you feel all of him, from his stubble that was starting to grow to his full lips, you could feel it all.
“Anthony,” you try to form a sentence in the exact moment he pushs one finger inside of you, but your voice comes out as a prayer. A plea for more. 
You were a sinner for him.
“You taste so good,” it’s a pleasure mumble and it comes just before his palm strikes your butt cheeks in a firm slap. “I could spend days here, bébé” 
“Anthony,” you try again and this time he laughs with his lips still wrapped around your clit. The vibrations send shivers through your whole body, your toes curl and you try to reach for his hair again before his hand holds both of your wrists. 
You’re close and he knows it because he adds another finger and curls it. It’s a ‘come here’ motion and from another dimension, you were almost able to hear him whisper the same words in French. 
“Give it to me,” he demands, and you do as said just as another finger hits your right spot. For some seconds the kitchen’s ceiling turns black with dots and your vision goes blurry. Toes curling, the pitch on your belly button finally making its way out just like the curses and moans that leave your mouth. Most of them being his name and how good he makes you feel. 
You’re not even done with your high when his big hands grab your ankles bringing your body to the edge of the counter and making you sit. “Open your mouth,” he demands. 
You moan, eyes rolling back from pleasure, “put your tongue out for me, má chérie,” his hands, now holding your jaw, tighten around you. There’s a whimper of bliss and you part your lips wide bringing your tongue out just like demanded before he spits on your mouth. 
“See how good you taste?!” Anthony hums and you swallow it before poking your tongue out again and licking from his glistering chin to his lips. The action fuels a passionate kiss and it’s seconds before your weak legs wrap themselves around his waist bringing him closer. Your core finds the bulge on his pants and you whimper feeling aroused again. 
Your boyfriend is fast to grasp the underside of your thighs bringing your body close to his before making his way towards the bedroom. You take your time licking and kissing his neck and jaw until your body hits the mattress and he’s unbuckling his belt.
“Take it off” he commands, unbuttoning his dress shirt. You’re fast to obey taking off the jersey you’re wearing, now you’re fully naked in front of him. 
“Hands,” you put both of your wrists together and he fastens his belt around it tight. 
From the way his eyebrows were slightly up to his lips parted, you knew he was about to give you another orgasm, you knew that he wasn’t done and he wouldn’t be any time soon. 
“Do we have a safe word tonight, bébé?” his full lips find your jaw and neck and he nibbles on your ear before sucking harshly on your neck again. 
His purpose is to mark you, not only where people can see, but also where they can’t. Just like your waist is being held with such fierceness, you know it’ll leave prints there. You hum a yes dropping your head to the side so he can have more access to your skin, “use your words, you know I need to hear you say it,” he whispers now bringing his mouth to your nipples and biting it lightly. You whimper, “our safe word is blue.” 
“Perfect,” you can feel his smile on your skin and when you reach for his hair with your hands tied, he pushes them up. His strong arm swings on top of your belly and he takes his time on your breasts before making his way lower. There’s a pitch bubbling on your belly again just with the idea of it and he gives you mischievous grim kissing and licking your thighs. 
“Beau,” you whine already feeling your legs weakening again.
“I told you I was hungry, you were the one who suggested the meal,” the funny remark is accompanied by a flicker of his tongue on your cunt. “Now I’ll only stop when I’m satisfied.” 
You curse closing your hands and trying to bring your waist up. He shakes his head, “huh huh, that’s a bad girl attitude,” he spits on your pussy and you moan loud, “and you know exactly what we do to bad girls in this house, don’t you?” 
You nod and he chuckles.
“I know, sir.” 
“Now, there’s my good girl,” he praises finding your clit and holding it carefully between his teeth, “now give it to me just like you suggested,” he murmurs before diving on your pussy, his tongue gentle and slow, in contrast with his solid arm pinning you to the bed and his rough behavior. 
It would be a long ride and you would feel every step taken, because each one would bring you closer to the inevitable. You felt urgency though; you wanted him to fuck your brains out already. But Anthony took his time, and you knew he was being good because he let you cum in the kitchen even after you provoked him. When his point finger entered you, your eyes couldn’t focus and you knew you were closer, yet instead of giving you a release, your boyfriend took his kisses to your thighs grinning at you one more time. 
“You’re so beautiful,” he speaks under his breath, eyes trained on your pussy. Yet you don’t feel ashamed, because it’s Anthony, and he knows you like the back of his hands, he knows what to do to make you comfortable and he knows how to make you feel good. He would praise and love your body rightly, so you let him. You spread your legs wider and gave him a lopsided smile. 
“Please,” you plead again that night; however, he follows your request this time. 
Anthony dives in again, licking and spitting, flickering his tongue and using his fingers. Giving you what he got and what he knows you like. Your body is fast to answer, your waist trying to go higher to find his mouth, your toes curling, your head shooting back and your eyes rolling. 
He got you there. Fast.
And he made sure to ride you out of you high, this tongue not the least careful with your sensitive bud, while cleaning you up he kept licking it lightly. Full lips brushing it with dedication. 
“Now I want you on all fours,” there’s a dirty smile on his glistering lips and you hold back another moan with the image of Anthony sitting between your legs, face glowing with your cum, “allos y,” (c’mon). You turn your body, holding your hands before supporting your head on the pillows, ass up for him.
There’s the noise of a slap and the sting on your butt cheeks, right before a soft kiss is placed on top of the surely red mark. His hands roam around your body and you shiver when he grabs your hair. “Crisse, tu as l'air si chaud,” (holy shit, you look so hot) Anthony slaps you booty again and finally slips his finger at your entrance feeling your wetness pool around. You’re already ready for him again and he seems pleased with the realization. So pleased it doesn’t take long for him to slip inside of you hitting just the right spot. Your body shots upward and he holds you by your waist keeping your butt bent. 
“Anthony,” you moan loudly when he starts moving ruthlessly inside of you. There’s something hot about how his body is being aggressive and you are taking it all, how his hips are almost knocking your body down, “right - fucking - there,” you whine and he keeps going, this time grabbing your hair and making your body lean towards him. 
“Whose name are you screaming tonight, bébé?” he mumbles bending his own body on top of yours without completely letting go of the position. 
“Yours,” your answer between groans. 
“Let me hear you” 
And you do.
You say his name out loud and clear, and you’re almost sure the neighbors are going to hear it. Yet you do it again and again while the sound of your voice is mixed with the noise of his skin hitting your skin and his feral grunts. He’s big and hard inside you and every time he goes out to get inside again you can feel your pussy stretching out to accommodate him. 
“Beau,” you moan and he chuckles leaning his body down to kiss your back. You see from the corner of your eyes when he finds the black marker on the top of your drawer, you can almost see his head working on ideas, and then he’s grabbing the sharpie you were using to write on your sticky notes earlier today. 
His body is straight up again and his movements are now slower, as he unclasps the marker and you feel its cold material hit your skin. There’s a long up and then down movement, you’re almost sure it’s an M, and then there’s a harsh line of an I, you can hear his grunts louder and he stops himself for a second before shooting his body towards yours again. The sharpie finds your skin again, this time to draw an N, you knew he was doing it big, not only for his eyes, but for you to feel and to know exactly what it was as he wrote the last letter, an E. 
You roll your eyes when he closes and throws the sharpie somewhere in the room before leaving another one of his blows on your butt cheeks. Anthony swings his arm around your torso bringing you up to him, your back hitting his solid chest, “you’re mine,” and that’s what it takes for you to come undone on his still hard cock. Your whole body trembles and your vision goes blurry again, there are tears in your eyes, and this time your moans turn into screams of satisfaction. 
He keeps fucking you through your high and you curse dropping your head back on his shoulder. His hand sneaks in front of your body to touch your sensitive clit, and you hold it sinking your nails on his skin. “Oh fuck,” he grunts drawing his finger deeper. You’re not sure if your body can’t take so much pleasure.
“Let me ride you,” it’s a prayer, a plea, a cry, and you can feel his lips on your neck before your bodies are turned and you’re on top taking him deeper, touching new spots. 
“That’s it, bébé,” he praises you and you roll your hips using your last energies. His hands find their way to your thighs and his short nails dig on your skin bringing you impossibly closer. There’s a deep grunt from him and a small whine from you. It’s hard for your eyes to focus, and you use your body to pin his down and your tied hands find his neck before squeezing it. His hips shot up under you and you scream, tightening your grip on him and squeezing his dick inside of you. 
You can feel another knot on the pitch of your belly, but this time it feels different to recognize this new sensation. That’s when you notice the wetness under you dripping onto his cock to his belly button and in the bed. 
“Fuck,” he moans, “Oh shit, you’re squirting,” his big hands go to your back and he keeps shooting his hips up to meet your pussy, “that’s it, bébé, give it to me once more,” and you’re squeezing him one last time before giving both of you a mind-blowing orgasm. Your body tumbles on top of his and this time things go pitch black instead of blurry. You can still feel his hot body under you and his rapid heartbeat, but your body is fluttering and there’s nothing in front of you. There’s only his body. There’s only your boyfriend existing under you with his cock still deep inside of you. 
It’s seconds before his caresses on your back become some kind of poking, “y/n?” 
“Huh?” you mumble, your voice raspy. He chuckles.
“Fuck, you passed out,” he sounds proud and you giggle. 
“That was the best sex we’ve ever had,” you confess without finding the strength to move your hands and caress him back, but Anthony keeps the tip of his fingers moving softly around your body, “I think I should talk more about Sidney Crosby, huh?” you joke and his hips shot upward making you moan Anthony’s name. Although he just came, he’s still hard and deep inside your soaked pussy.
“What were you saying?” he questions with a smug grin. “I think you were saying something about a certain player, Sidney Crosby maybe?” 
You arch your eyebrows, “who’s Sidney Crosby? I only know Anthony Beauvillier,” and he laughs at your answer before kissing your lips softly. You know there’s gonna be a time for water and a fruit snack later and then he’s going again, because he’s never done until you’re completely wrecked, the only name able to escape your lips being his. 
Taglist: @smit41 @mybrokenshitthoughts @linasobsessions @hoiyheadharpies @barbienoturbby @barzysandmarnersbitch​ @elitebarzal​ @fallinallincurls​ @starswin​ @sortagaysortahigh​​ If you wanna be added to my taglist you can send my your user in here
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cognitosclowns · a month ago
i need some myc headcannons please your rambles make my day
also him meeting the gang or in general incognito? so many possibilities,,,, o.O
mostly sfw!! mentions of his Milking Machine smdnsd. 
Tw : drugs and related concepts!!
Despite being like,, thousands of years old, Myc is a surprisingly new ‘’’’recruit’’’’?
He was way more active w/ humans before they were,, a little less developed.
Like when he first found humans, they were still Monke? Just kinda wandering around and licking trees?? banging rocks together??
Seeing them get smart was kinda like watching your pet hamster go from chewing on dirt to getting a degree in physics and begin plotting to blow up the neighbors hamsters.
Needless to say he got fucking freaked and decided to be a bit more Stealthy with his ‘Contact’
(intro shows a Space Odyssey Esque thing of early humans + him interacting and that tickled my brain)
A lot of secret societies were vying after him bc,, Obviously, but they were having trouble pinning him down? He’s pretty sneaky when he wants to be - besides, the mind-powers definitely help with keeping a low profile.
Cognito was the first one who got their hands on him <3 shifty bastards probably snatched him up when he went to go visit hollow earth only to find it got like,, smdnsd fucking gentrified
Very unpleasent!! Lots of shooting, considering the soliders manning the area were not informed of anything quite like,, him
Bagged and tagged babey! shipped off to the main headquarters and the rest is history once they figured out what his Goo Could Do
It’s way easier to get it outta myc, than having to do a fuckin,, scavenger hunt for mold hives in the hollow earth like they were doing before - put two and two together, he’s now company property!! :’)
and yeah, theoretically he could start wiping peoples minds w/ memory goo escape but like,,
Nigh-Immortality is boring as hell, especially when you can’t talk to most people w/o them shitting themselves.
Jack Off Machine Go Brrr
So he’s pretty happy to just vibe at Cognito for the time being! I mean it’s a little,, limiting, seeing as how he can’t leave the building without express clearance, but he’s given the freedom to roam around as much as he likes otherwise!!
He definitely met Andre first - the ‘doctor’ was trying to steal some of his mind-erase goo from his Extraction Lab and Myc caught him msndsd
When Andre explained he wanted to see what could happen if he smoked it,, instant friendship because what kind of crazy bastard thinks of something like that?
Answer : The exact flavour of crazy bastard Myc wants to be around!
He kinda met the rest of the gang in One Big Go, when they were shoved together into the main ‘Team’ (excutive department? Management staff? idk bureaucratic words man smdnsd you know what i mean)
He wasn’t entirely sure why he was chosen for the team? He’s pretty sure it was just their way of keeping him out of trouble - besides, he is pretty important to the whole operation, if he does say so himself <3
MMMYYYYCCCC <3 <3 <3 thank you for this ask anon!! 
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