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werelivingarts · 8 months ago
beginner’s guide to astrology
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Hiiii, it’s werelivingarts. I’m back with another beginner’s guide to astrology! ☺️ 
Astrology is not 100% scientific but it is an art of interpretation on movement of celestial bodies when you were born. You may not fit in well in your sun sign because you have so many other signs that also may affect your personality! 🌌
More resources if you are interested: Creating Birth Charts with Astro Seek App - Co-Star
What’s your sun, moon and rising sign?  I’m Libra 🌞with a soul of Gemini 🌚 and put the mask of Scorpio ⬆!
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scholastc · 4 months ago
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hey guys! we had to make a cv for our human resources class last term and when i tell u i had suchhhhh a hard time, i really mean it! anw here's a v short post including some advice/tips to help you make your own! it's v important that we start doing this early! after making my cv, i realized i needed to engage in more extracurriculars and internships outside my uni. hopefully, that's not the case for u. but if it is, it's not too late! let's build up our cv together!
this is a superrrrr short post, so i'm sure i wasn't able to cover everything important. but i hope this is still helpful for some of u <3 please do note that i'm not a professional at this. the information in this post is simply what i learned from my hr professor. if u wanna add to the discussion, please do feel free to do so!
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guimass · 6 months ago
A falta de amor próprio nos leva a buscar nos outros o que devemos encontrar em nós mesmos, e por isso é tão importante que encontremos o amor em nós mesmos, pois assim que o outro vir será para somar e não para completar. Ninguém completa ninguém.
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academiansvision · a year ago
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as my quarantine due to being sick with covid-19 steadily approaches its end, it is now time to catch up with all of my school work. It ain’t easy, but at least I’m trying, you know :) Luckily, the topics my class has covered in chem are neither really challenging nor very new to me, so we’re good now.
Anyway, I hope that everyone is safe in these trying times. Feel free to slide into my dms if you want to chat about things. 
bye for now~
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ifitsnotkizzie · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
If you hadn’t yet noticed I look different ALLL the time :P!!!
But that’s basically me up there, little geek. The glasses are for fun tho! I do wear specs but those ones in the pic are a wee bit Deirdre Barlow for me. If you don’t know, get to know.
If it was my greasy hair that caught your attention, it’s hair oil :P! I’ve been know to miss a wash here and there but cooooome on, I wouldn’t let it get like that.🤦🏻‍♀️
Experimenting with new looks is something I’ve done all of my life, my mum once said I looked like a plain Jane, she also said I was a Jack of all trades master of none. Such a lovely and warm hearted lady is my mother. I think her saying that to me at an early age spurred me on to experiment with different looks, I didn’t want to be a PLAIN JANE.
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If you haven’t checked out my blog and you are mad enough to like hearing from me, drop me a follow I’d looooove ya for it!! More than I already do :P!! @themindboggles
I basically talk a lot of shit. It’s a mixed blog. You will never really know what you’re gonna get with me. I am a different person every day. I feel ready to share that shit. My personality drives me insane but apparently there is much to be appreciated about it. I love writing though, always have and i always will, it’s a wordy orgasm for me. So I though fuck it, let’s do this! Let’s get me some more of them wordy orgasms…. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.
YOU IN?? 😉
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lilac-studies · a year ago
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Hi everyone!
I’ve decided to do a re introduction to my little corner of the internet since I have a lot more followers this time around. If you’re new, welcome! If you’re not, great to see you again.
18, she/her
College freshman
Some of my interests include:
Cognitive science
Learning about different languages/cultures (I know English and Spanish and am currently learning Japanese)
Fashion history
I also enjoy:
Watching bad reality tv
Listening to music, I have a pretty eclectic taste and am always open for recommendations
Also watching Crash Course videos!
Playing with my old adorable dog
Spending time in nature
Shopping for stationery without buying anything
My goals for the future of this blog include:
Posting more original content
Participating in @myhoneststudyblr’s studyblr challenges
Studying more, especially topics I enjoy
Reading more often, I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently
Enjoying my academic career since I’m out of the hellhole called American public high school
And of course, my inspirations.
@philology-studies @athenastudying @athenus @studyblr @study-van @slytherinpjimin @starsandaspirations @starlight-student @mildlinerrs @seraphicstudying @eternal-starshine @honeymoonbujo @universi-tea @study-bloom @werelivingarts @emmastudies @studyingkoala @studyingwithjo @studylustre @coffeeandpies @applefroyo @mujispo @kjrxbujo @cawefee @la-galaxie-langblr @moonstarbujo and probably hundreds of others that I forgot!
If you’re a studyblr, please reblog this so I can check out your content and follow you! I’m really excited for the next chapter in my life and in this blog.
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studywithzorah · a year ago
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nothing like a new set of flashcards to get back into the rhythm of school.
QOTD: what have you been inspired to do lately?
AOTD: today I'm feeling inspired to take on a new project that could help a lot of people 😳 here's to seeing how it pans out
(ps: instagram saw it first hehe)
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bea-estudiando · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
15/07/2020 | day 5 [#everydaywatercolor] & day 3 [#summer studying challenge]
I've been painting watercolors for less than a year but I'm completely in love with the feeling of freedom and the peace while painting. the results don't even need to be nice, but the process is amazing.
+ small detail of my bujo
15th July - Do you have a specific goal for this summer?
yes! I wanted to learn a new language (or like the basics of it, some vocabulary, etc.) and I'm proud to say that's what I'm doing! I started with czech few days ago.
Also I want to read everyday, even if it's just one page.
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studious-kiddo · a year ago
UX Case Study Interviewees Needed!
Hey y’all! I hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe!
My name is Morgan; I’m a college student doing a school User Experience (UX) project on online artist communities in hopes of building a hypothetical artist networking app. I’m looking to briefly interview artists (via email/text) of all skill-levels and mediums to learn more about artists’ experiences online and their relationship with social media. Basically, if you consider yourself a creative person (e.g. everyday doodlers, amateur photographers, freelance graphic designers, professional sound producers, student animators, web designers, musicians, writers, etc.), I would love the opportunity to chat with you! Any insight anyone can give will be much appreciated, and if you’re interested or have any questions, please DM me! Thanks so much for your time and hope you have a great rest of your day 🥰
(Also! Reblogs are appreciated to get the word out; thank you in advance!)
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werelivingarts · 11 months ago
how to deal with mental fatigue
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Hi, it’s werelivingarts! Exam season is coming so soon, and some of us might deal with a lot of stress and mental fatigue while preparing for the exams. 
Here are some tips on how to prevent and deal with mental fatigue (before it becomes too serious and leads to burnout). Exams are just ways to test your knowledge and understanding, so please do not expect too high and take care of your health! 🌿
Hope that we would all do well! 😊
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scholastc · 6 months ago
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managing your time is something v v important! especially now that we're all at home, it's really easy for us (or for me, at least) to lose track of time. with this, here are some of the time management techniques i've tried including what worked and what didn't!
i very vaguely explained each time management technique, so here are some additional links you can check out if you wanted to know more about them:
time blocking
time blocking method by werelivingarts
flexible time blocking by eintsein
calendar blocking // time management for students by mariana's corner
getting more done with calendar blocking by amy landino
energy management
energy management by @eintsein
the one productivity system you need: time vs energy management by rowena tsai
5 tips to manage energy for higher productivity by mariana's corner
pomodoro technique
pomodoro technique 101 by werelivingarts
the pomodoro technique by mariana's corner
eisenhower matrix
time management for college students and the eisenhower matrix by mariana's corner
how to be more productive by using the eisenhower box by james clear
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studyforalittle · 7 months ago
when the mind is as gloomy as the weather outside...
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We all have those days when some things just don't end up as planned. One thing I learned in microeconomics is to not put salt on a bleeding, therefore saying to yourself how unlucky or bad it is that you didn't make something work out the way you wanted is just a waste of time. It is what i call in my head "sunk cost" because no matter what i do next does not change that i fucked something up just now. Bud hey MOVE ON. The hardest part during this quarantine was actually to set things up and start working ( of course sometimes focus is another problem but this is a different topic...) SO don't you give up :> I believe in you, and you should be confident enough to believe in yourself!
Song for you:
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academiansvision · a year ago
Tumblr media
-intro post- Hello and welcome to my studyblr! My name’s Maria (as you can probably tell from the pic above, haha) and I’m a high school student currently in my senior year (whoops, a lot of stress fun ahead!). Here I will post about studying (obviously), languages as well as literature, music, art and other cool aesthetic tingz, so stay tuned!
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maeve-studies · 2 months ago
Back to School Resource Masterpost
Hi everyone! It's that time of year again, back-to-school and all the excitement of learning new things, along with the stress and anxiety that inevitably occurs. I've been on Tumblr for longer than I'd like to admit, and have compiled a long list of resources below!
Please note that I did my absolute best to find the original links to all of these posts, but many of them are 4+ years old and the users have changed blog names/deleted. If any of the links don’t work, or there is a link to an original post which I am missing, please let me know! Many of the master posts have dead links so if you find any updated resources please feel free to add on :)
Starting College/New School Year
College Study Tips that Actually Help by @samsstudygram
How to Study in College by @niccistudies
Guide for Starting a New Semester by @studybeshy
No to Low Stress College Studying Strategy by @plannerdy
A Really F*cking Vulgar Guide to Not Losing your Sh*t in College (TW swearing) by @alice-rolfe
How to Be Successful in College by @goddesszillaa-blog
Studying for An Exam in A Really Short Amount of Time by @studiyng
Study Tips for the New Semester by @universi-tea
Back to School Masterpost by @studylau
Resources for the School Year by @ginsengstudy
Back to School Tips Masterpost by @starry-eyes-and-blissful-nights
Unconventional Note Taking Tips by @studyspiration-coffee
@emmastudies note taking system
Effective Notetaking by @afternaomi
Note Taking for Different Lecture Styles by @caffeinatedcraziness
Note Taking Tips by @eintsein
How to Take Notes from a Textbook by @staticsandstationery
Note Taking Tips by @parisgellerstudy
Essay Writing
Transition Words for Essays by @soniastudyblr
How to Write a University Level Essay by @healthyeyes
How to Write a Kick-ass Essay with Half the Stress by @wittacism-blog
Recovering an Unsaved Draft on Microsoft Word by @touched-dreams-blog
Helpful Websites for Writing Essays by @intellectys
Tips for Being Overwhelmed
How to Handle Having Too Much to Do by @howtomusicmajor
4 Tips for Getting Ahead after Falling Behind by @passwithclassandaniceass
Motivation Tips and Avoiding Procrastination
7 Strategies to Manage Distractions by @myhoneststudyblr
7 Strategies to Improve Concentration by @myhoneststudyblr
Tips to Stay Motivated by @maeve-studies AKA myself
6 Ways to Avoid Procrastination by @ivystudying
Tips for Motivation by @sobistudies
Getting your Shit Together by @coffeesforstudiers
School Prep and Motivation by @tea-study-sleep
Guide to Crafting your Daily Schedule by @werelivingarts
Four Rules for a Disciplined Life by @a-disciplined-life (OG credit to reddit user ryans01)
How to Stay Productive by @busystudyin-g-blog
A Productivity Masterpost by @effortanderudition-blog
Planners, Apps, and Printables
Learn to Code by @boomeyer
Popular Apps Perfect for Students by @emmastudies
Printables Masterpost by @studywithnerdyglasses-blog
Listing of printables by @emmastudies
Study Apps and Extensions by @mujistudies
Apps for Students by @moleskinestudies-blog
Emails and Templates
Email Template for Anyone Who Struggles with Writing Emails by @ischemgeek
Post Interview Thank You Note Template by @a-windsor
Language Resources
Language Studying Tips by @ssehuns
Google Drive with a Link to Language Grammar Resources by @ingenjor-blog
Studying and Time Management Tips
@aimstudies on effectively reading textbooks
Tips on Managing Research Projects by @munirastudies
Memory Tips by @brain-exercise
Study Less, Study Smart by @marias-studyblr
Tiny Tips for Things You Never Thought About by @leahrning
18 Unexpected Tips for Higher Exam Scores by @studyblob
Study Tips from an MIT Student by @academicheaux
Self-Care and Burnout
@hellenhighwater on loving what you do, and doing what you love
Small Ways to Improve Your Life by @cwote
How I Ditched my Phone Addiction by @universi-tea
How to Avoid Overthinking by @onlinecounsellingcollege
Tips for Staying off Your Phone by @intellectys
Simplifying your Life by @universi-tea
For All the Bad Days by @studykouffee
How to Deal with Burnout by @kawaiistudy
Calming Masterpost by @shelbys-advice-blog
Ideas for Self Care by @educxtional
Masterpost of Everything pt 1 by @areistotle
School Cheat Sheet by @jwstudying
School Cheat Sheet part 2 by @jwstudying
Misc Studying Posts by @epicstudyings
Bullet Journal Ideas Masterpost by @optomstudies
Study Sounds by @universi-tea
Studyblr Masterpost by @getstudyblr
Study Methods by @etudiance
Study Skills by @schoollifeandstuff
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vaststudies · 3 months ago
Another Resources Masterpost
Tumblr media
[id: an animated gif of a spiral bound notebook on top of a bed. To the right of it a light skinned hand holding a pink pen hovers. /End id]
See part 1 here | pt 3 | dividers source (described in alt text)
Tumblr media
School Tips
ADHD Specific
ADHD masterpost
ADHD Friendly Study Tips
Books that give you tips for how to life with adhd
Active revision tips
Review tips and presentation advice
Studying with anxiety
How to do uni readings
Break ideas
How to study for an exam in a really short time | battling exam stress
Taking notes from a textbook
Dealing with a bad grade
Why the 5 paragraph essay thing sucks
What graders want to see: tips for papers, essays, and long exams
10 tips for smarter notetaking
How i got a 4.0 in college
How to do well in a class taught by a crappy teacher
Stuff u need to write essays (masterpost)
Asking for a letter of recommendation
How to: college applications
Online Class
How to survive online classes
Study tips for online classes
Online school/uni tips
Reviewing online learning tips
Advice/comments on impostor syndrome
How to handle having too much to do
Tumblr media
School Resources
Books and Literature
Sites to download pdfs
Sites in india to buy books from (there are firsthand and secondhand options)
Stuff you can get at libraries
Study music masterpost
Masterpost of music by @werelivingarts
Other Media
Museums you can visit online
Educational youtube channels
Photopea, which is basically photoshop but free and on the browser
General Resources
Broke college kid masterpost
Dear researchers of tumblr
Back to school masterpost
Tumblr media
Misc resources
Unsettling short stories | more short stories (that arent unsettling)
Intro to literary theory
Non-anglocentric reading list
Books from Metropolitan museum of art
Chinese learning resources (masterpost)
20s english lingo because why not
What to write in a language journal
Studyblr and Academic Related
What to write in a journal
Job hunting
Real examples of job interview questions
CV/Cover letter/Resume advice
Other Topics
Handbook of clinical signs on black and brown skin
Glossary of health insurance terms
Med school apps
Black folklore
Evil biology facts
Free astronomy resources
How to start a podcast
Learn to code
Big bang of how to stuff
Random info
For those of you bored in quarantine
Hobbies masterpost | another
Request a masterpost and/or tag me using #heyrei!
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werelivingarts · a year ago
‘eat the frog' method
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi all, it's werelivingarts. I just stumbled across this method called ‘eat the frog', which means you get the most difficult or important task out of your way first. I actually have been using this method for a long time, hope this post gives you a new way of managing your time and productivity! 😜
“If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first.” -- Mark Twain 
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scholastc · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’ve done one too many research papers and have learned the different ways of collecting research data cos of my course! here are 4 different ways of collecting data for qualitative research studies, as well as the different approaches under each type! personally, my current fave is the content analysis! i’m currently working on a paper using that method <3 honestly wish i could have learned about these different approaches, instead of just opting to conduct interviews for all my papers in the past. but i hope this helps!
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