nebquerna · a day ago
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Feral mind
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puddingandp1 · 2 days ago
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vicar amelia fanart
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prishimmer · a day ago
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Howleen & Twyla.
Click for better quality.
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aspiring-house-husband · 2 days ago
oh, you poor, sweet mutt. i think it was quite cruel of your last master to train you so that you can only cum when you’re inside a warm, wet hole- that must be especially hard during your ruts.
dont worry, pretty puppy, ill do anything i can to make you comfortable. you’re my obedient pet, my lapdog, so ill be taking care of you. i imagine that as i was in the process of bringing you here, you mustve been pent up for quite a while.
ah, look at that, i thought so. you dont have to be ashamed with me, pup, dont hide yourself. oh, look at that beautiful cock, just dripping and ready to burst the instant you get inside me, hm? or is it that gorgeous knot that needs to be inside me before you can cum?
either way, pretty pup, come take what you need. normally i like using my pets as dildos, but since youre new and you need it so bad, ill let you mount me. come here, puppy, let me feel every inch of that gorgeous cock.
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feralycan · a day ago
advice: get your self a hot werewolf girlfriend or boyfriend.
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retailwerewolf · 17 hours ago
Spending the day wisely.
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meloooooonade · 2 days ago
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I love Monster kichi so much
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crypt-tids · a day ago
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Another update from the preg drive!
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junie-junette · a day ago
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Commission of Hannibal (the white guy) and Louis, both werewolf, for @/Nen_Dragon on T/witter
Thanks again for your support !
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creepyscritches · 2 days ago
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buncha oc phone painting :P
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teenwolflivesforever · 2 days ago
The way Theo interacts with Donovan in this scene is kinda...you know 👀
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le-cabinet-du-garei · a day ago
Werewolf bartender
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silver-ink-iron-words · 8 hours ago
“I’ve heard . . . interesting things about werewolf relationships,” the villain said, their gaze roving over X.
“Oh, ah, mm. Okay, so I know what you’re talking about, but I need you to understand, that stuff is not at all backed by actual wolf science. And actually, the researcher who came up with that theory has since worked really hard to discredit it. So you’re not going to be able to, um, do those things with me.”
The villain scrunched their brows. “So you don’t form strong social relationships within your packs?”
“Oh.” X felt their face grow hot. “Oh uh, yeah we do.”
��What did you think I meant?”
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aspiring-house-husband · 2 days ago
of the werefoxes, youre the strongest. it isnt even a competition. youre the biggest and fastest and strongest. youve never been beaten in a foot race, in a wrestling match, nothing. and because of it, you get your pick of the skulk. whenever you feel like fucking someone, there’s any number who come to lay before you and take your cock.
and then you meet a werewolf.
you’re not even sure he’s the biggest or strongest- and he towers over you. he makes you feel tiny and treats you as though you weigh nothing. and when he decides youre going to take his cock, he picks you up with no issue and shows you what it really means to be big. you can see his cock moving under the skin of your belly, before your eyes roll to the back of your head.
sure, you can still have any pick of the foxes that you want. but the wolves remind you just how small you really are- and just how good of a sleeve you make for wolf cock.
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rawro · 2 days ago
what the fuck is gay werewolf sex? im a hands on learner btw.
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feralycan · a day ago
Since wolves and crows/ravens live in symbiosis, and as friends, I think werewolves have crows/ravens as pets.
A big wolf and a mischievous black bird ... A dynamic that I find adorable. The crow would steal a few pieces of prey and the wolf would be left with an expression like "😑".
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aethtalon · 2 days ago
I don't know how familiar y'all are with the game of werewolf, but I've got a story I wanna tell.
Its a socual deduction game with the basic concept that a small town, usually percieved as rural and pre industrialization, is being attacked by werewolves.
In my opinion, ya wanna have at least 8 people, and more people can make things interesting.
Everyone playing gets a role secretly, usually on a card of some sort. These roles separate into one of two factions: werewolf or villager. With 8 people, I think you usually have two werewolves, but the number of werewolves changes depending on how many people you've got. There are some special roles, but we'll get to them shortly.
So, game starts, everyone gets their role. Then comes the first night.
Everyone closes their eyes. Whoever is running the game says "werewolves, wake up." Anyone with the WW role opens their eyes and then silently they collectively select a single victim. The person running the game takes note.
"Werewolves, go back to sleep."
After the "night" is over, the game runner tells everyone in game who was found dead, killed by werewolves.
Then begins deliberations. No one except the werewolves and the game runner know who they are. All the players that haven't died yet debate on who they think the werewolves are.
And then they vote on who to lynch. If a majority cannot be reached or the players collectively decide not to, a day can end without a lynching.
The goal of the werewolves is to whittle down the number of villagers until the number of werewolves equals the number of villagers so that the werewolves can easily overpower them.
The goal of the villagers is to take out the werewolves before that happens.
Now, while there are a plethora of special roles, right now I'm only gonna mention 2.
The seer, who each night gets to wake up separately from the werewolves and silently indicates a player. The person running the game silently communicates whether that person is or is not a werewolf.
The doctor, who gets to wake up separately from other night active players and choose a person to visit. If the person was the werewolve's victim that night, then they do not die. If the doctor happens to choose a werewolf, then the doctor dies. If the doctor choses to heal someone other than themselves and the werewolves select the doctor to die, then the the doctor dies
The doctor can select to heal themselves.
Now, important note, you can claim whatever you like during debate and voting. But you can. Not. Show. Your card. In some games you reveal your role at death, in others it stays hidden.
The game we'll be talking about was my first ever game of werewolf and all the above roles were in play. You revealed your role upon death in this one. 9 players.
I was a villager. Being unfamiliar with the game that seemed boring to me, but oh well.
First night happens. Werewolves kill someone. First day.
People are going around hemming and hawing and throwing accusations as you do. And eventually the guy next to me speaks up and says "All right. I'm the seer. I checked (indicates other person at the table) last night and they're a werewolf. Doc, whoever you are, please heal me tonight so I don't die."
More conversation goes around, the person next to me who claimed to be the seer reiterates.
Now. I was a villager. My in game goal was to kill off the werewolves. Technically I shouldn't have done what I did next.
But god was it fun.
At this repetition of the seer claim and the reassertion of the one player being a werewolf, I speak up.
"All right, I kept quiet for the first time but uh. I am the seer. And I did check (same person he'd been accusing) last night. And they are a werewolf. So the only thing I can figure is that you are the other werewolf and you are outing your teammate so that you'll be safe as "seer" for the rest of the game."
Lots more discussion happens, and eventyally the majority vote to lynch the person next to me who had first claimed to be seer.
He 'dies'
He reveals his card
He's the seer.
The person running the game quickly calms things down and sends us all to sleep, as the lynching is the last action of the day cycle.
Night actions happen.
Morning comes. The werewolves have killed again and the doc did not manage to save them.
Time for discussion and voting
Everyone immediately rounds on me.
I am lynched.
I am a villager.
I am laughing my ass off.
Night comes.
Werewolves kill someone.
The ratio of Villagers to werewolves is now 1:1
Werewolves win.
The funniest part to me is that the seer left the village with a single 100% confirmed werewolf, but they all lynched me instead. I totally understand why, but its still funny.
Anyway, after the game ends the person running it addresses everyone.
"Good game folks. There is a role called the jester whose goal is to be lynched. In honor of the role being played so well, we will be adding it to the rest of the games today. But please. Play your roles.
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cowtato · a month ago
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been drawing some werewolf stuff over twitter, here, have them all together as one big sequence. the bit where she's complaining about it keeping her awake is about 2 weeks later. for the record: the talk of coyotes is because there are no wolves here on my island. they are extinct and we imported coyotes to take their place (it did not work well)
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creepyscritches · a day ago
Time lapse of the oc page ;P
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vamp1r3-luv3r · 6 months ago
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