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grishaverseshitposts · 21 hours ago
Jesper: Hey Wylan, can you help me with my New Year resolutions?
Wylan: Well, what is it?
Jesper: I want to go on a date with the person I've got a crush on.
Wylan: Okay... how can I help?
Jesper: Say yes.
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vintagehoax · 2 days ago
i don’t know why grishatwt is going crazy about the possibility of Wylan’s actor being leaked but, IF I SEE ONE (1) COMMENT OF HATE TOWARDS THE ACTOR IN ANY WAY WHEN THE CASTING DROPS…
Tumblr media
📌edit: this goes to every single new character this season, WE WILL NOT tolerate any kind of hate towards them🤺
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mimi-croissant · a day ago
Kaz: looks like he could kill you, will actually kill you
Inej: looks like she could kill you, will actually kill you
Jesper: looks like he could kill you, will probably kill you
Wylan: looks like a cinnamon roll, will most likely kill you (probably with an explosion)
Nina: looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a sinnamon roll (and will actually kill you)
Mattias: looks like he could kill you, will actually kill you
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magicschoolbus · 2 days ago
Wylan: *accidentally hits Jesper in the face*
Wylan: *trying to decide between saying ‘I’m fucking sorry’ and ‘are you ok??’*
Jesper: what’s wrong with you?!?!
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justdaphne · 2 days ago
The crows go to a mall. Nina drags Inej to each store. And after each store, their hands hold one shopping bag. Nina has two. So it’s store after store and after store after-
The boys are just behind following. And I mean really behind. “YOU BOYS NEED TO KEEP UP! SAINTS!”
and at each store, they’re sitting down. Just silently.
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latte-cant-spell · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I usually only post MCYT fanart on this account, but I just wanted to post this to let everyone know I’m changing my name on all of my art accounts including this one. My user used to be Verlierer-can’t-spell and that’s gonna change in like a few minutes.
Anyway enjoy some complementary Six Of Crows Wesper fanart while we begin the transition🙇🏽
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lilisouless · 2 days ago
Jesper: Da, why are you giving all of us like 3 bottles of watter each?
Colm: I am worried about your health, that shu boy has said you are all extremely thirsty the whole time , oh Brekker
"Drops a five gallon jug"
Colm: He said you may be need this one
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"Joost had two problems : His prototype of a moustache and the fact that Wylan didn't get A N Y screentime yet."
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ketterdam-it · a day ago
Kaz AU.
If Kaz hadn’t suffered so much as a child, maybe he would have grown up to be a writer. He has a way with words that may have been allowed to flow, if not for the pain.
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sazzzzzzze · 16 hours ago
the crows as stuff i've overheard at school
kaz: so we're basically kicking a dead body around. great
matthias: stop trying to kill your mother
wylan: i have been infected with *cough cough* homosexuality
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vintagehoax · 18 hours ago
i literally can’t wait for them to drop the castings and see people editing wesper with hope ur ok by olivia or homemade dynamite by lorde, I JUST CAN’T
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threecalicos · 2 days ago
im bored so im going to write a happy crows fic for once, damn
This is part one out of a two part fic
Welcome home, Wraith (pt1)
“I’m just saying, I think she’d love a party when she gets home” Jesper crossed his arms stubbornly, and lifted his head to look down on Kaz
“We’ve been through this before Jesper. I’m not going to throw a party at the Slat” Kaz snapped back
“But I’m sure she’s not getting drunk often enough on that damn ship”
“She’s surrounded by sailors, Jesper. I think she sees enough drunk people to make her despise alcohol for a few years”
“If the Slat is your only problem, we could do it at the mansion” Jesper offered and flashed a smile at Kaz as if that would be enough to convince him
At last, Kaz let out a painful sigh “Fine, if you want it so bad. But you’ll arrange everything, and it’ll only be the five of us” He said as he turned to leave
“Send a letter to Nina” He looked back behind his shoulder, and flashed a smile so small, that Jesper wondered if he just imagined it. Jesper just stood there in silence for a minute, grinning like an idiot at Kaz’s sudden change in behavior. So he missed his old friends after all, maybe more than Jesper thought.
After a couple weeks, everything was ready for the arrival of the Wraith, according to Jesper’s plan. Nina arrived a day before, looking tired but really happy to be with her old friends again, and Jesper noticed how she was even more gorgeous than usual, probably due to Genya’s powers. Wylan was definitely sharing on Jesper’s excitement. He was up early, cleaning and cooking Kerch dishes, and Jesper could barely catch a glimpse of him during the entire morning. “You know that you’re supposed to cook for five people right?” Jesper asked, lopping his arms around the struggling Wylan’s shoulders. He was currently slicing up vegetables with one hand and setting the heat of the oven with the other. The kitchen looked like it has been attacked with one of his bombs.
“I know” he said with an anxious tone “I only wanted to make the trout first, but then I remembered two other recipes and I couldn’t decide”
“ I would offer to help, but you remember the last time I was in the kitchen-“
“I know, get out. Now” he laughed, and pushed his chest away playfully
The sun was below the horizon when Inej arrived. Kaz came to the harbor alone to greet her, to avoid suspicion. At least that’s what he told as excuse to Jesper. He watched the ship slowly sailing in, but he didn’t see Inej on it yet. The Wraith looked like a phantom ship in the faint moonlight, the harbor water flowing in graceful waves around the bottom.
He imagined people sewing legends around the ship and it’s captain, slavers fearing for their lives when they see it appearing on the horizon, and the thought filled his heart with warmth.
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echo-bleu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“A gambler, a convict, a wayward son, a lost Grisha, a Suli girl who had become a killer, a boy from the Barrel who had become something worse.”  
The Crows at the beginning of Six of Crows and at the end of Crooked Kingdom. I wanted to draw hands and it grew into something more. The designs are inspired by both the show and the books.
ID under the cut.
[ID: Three picture, the first is a looping gif of the other two. The second is a digital drawing of the six Crows' hands on a table in a circle, above a map. In the first drawing, the map is the Ice Court. Clockwise, Wylan is holding a pen and drawing on the map with one hand and holding a grenade with the other. Jesper has three playing cards and a revolver. Matthias has shackles around his wrists and bloody knuckles, and he’s pointing at something on the map. Nina is holding a heart, wearing the Crows and a rose tattoo. Kaz’s hands are gloved, one on his crow headed cane and the other holding a coin with a crow on it. Inej has three throwing knives in one hand and a dagger in the other. There are other coins scattered around the picture.
In the third image, the map is Ketterdam. Wylan is still holding a pen and his other hand is clasped with Jesper’s. Jesper has his revolver. Matthias’s hands are shackle free but they’re ghostly, and one of them is on Nina’s hand. Nina’s other hand holds a human bone. Kaz has his left glove in his right hand, above his cane, and his left hand is ungloved and brushing against Inej’s hand. Inej still has her dagger in the other hand, which has a ship etched onto the blade. End ID]
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justdaphne · a day ago
The crows in squid game
Also also let’s pretend they aren’t in the same squid game group becoz I don’t want them killing each other. like can u imagine Ka- alright I’ll stop.
Watch the squid game to understand this further lol
He would kill the others during lights out to eliminate the people
I mean cmon. The prize is cash and the more people eliminated the more cash
He’d probably have some difficulty in the honeycomb game because of his gloves
Mr Aggressive asf
In the glass bridge game, he passes it because of his sharp eyesight. Probably can identify which is breaking glass and which is not
He would be part of the ‘dont mess with me’ gang
Stealing food from others lol
The final round: the squid game. I will not talk about how extra aggressive he will get. *insert dramatic quote before he unalives the human*
He’s too nice for his own good
But he can turn on beast mode :’
“Why am I here?”
I feel like he would panic in the red light green light game, seeing all the dead bodies
“This should be illegal.”
Yea on second thought he would panic in all the games but just with self control
He’s nice to everyone but prefers to stay alone because he doesn’t want trouble
In the marbles round, he would pick someone he trusts, thus leading to heartbreak
If someone picks on him, he make sure’s to do some justice for himself. And it would be very very hectic
He would not be very familiar some of the games because when he was child he was studying ig
Very aggressive. Especially in the tug of war and the squid game.
In the honeycomb game she eats off the sides that needs to be cut off
At first she didn’t take the game seriously until she witnessed the dead bodies
She literally plans what she’s going to buy the second she leaves this “DISGUSTING PLACE”
She complains about the clothes and the food
At one point she tried to flirt her way out
Didn’t work
Sulking on her bed
Her knife skills comes in handy, her agility etc etc
On Red light Green light she was so quiet no one even noticed she got across already
“I need to win. For freedom out of this place.”
She knows all the upcoming games
She definitely would feel terrible during the marble round
She would try to convince them that her partner could win instead of her but welp
If any jerks tried to cross her because of her size, they mess with the wrong person
If she needs to make a kill: “I’m so sorry” and cries herself to sleep
She donates the money for the ‘anti-slavers’ charity (if that’s a thing)
He initially joined for the lolz
He thought it would be a simple kids game but boy was he mistaken
Definitely almost died on the FIRST GAME. until he saw the machines shooting bullets
Would question every single thing
Like Nina, he would complain about the outfits too.
“I look fine. no, MORE THAN FINE. But this is less than my usual ‘more than fine’ “
He would wander around for a quick few minutes until he saw the masked people
Would definitely go emotional during the marble round
I don’t think he’s as experienced with knives than with guns and I don’t think guns are allowed there so he’d probably have a harder time than usual.
I don’t even know why he joined. Like it’s definitely not about the cash
No one dared to be near him coz of his resting face lol
He’s struggle during the honeycomb round. Constantly grumbling.
When he hears the gunshots, he felt a shrill on his spine
MVP during the tug of war round
I mean he definitely would not want to die so he goes last or in the middle during the stepping glass game. And if he ended up being infront uhm- *grabs someone from the back and pushes then says sorry*
The last round: THE squid game was probably the most intense for him but since he tackled wolves in Hellgate he should be experienced at least
Except the permission to use knives
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lilisouless · 2 days ago
Jesper: Here i have your orders ,one vainilla latte with whipped cream and some marshmallows for Wylan , and one dark coffee with very little sugar for Kaz.I find it funny it matches your soul
Kaz: Yeah, Jesper , go and get us some muffins. I´m hungry
Jesper: But i just came back
Kaz: And i just got hungry, go
Jesper: fine "kisses Wylan" i´ll be back
Wylan as they exchange their cups : Kaz,this is ridiculous, is just coffee , he is not going to make fun of you...Don't you think he probably already knows? he can taste it on my lips
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