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The Hunting Party” by Don Medford (1971) Oliver Reed and Candice Bergen in Rambla del Buho, Tabernas  #Almeria.

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DEV Oh Okay, bay roan quarter horse mare. She’s so tiny.

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Oregano Meatballs

  • 500g ground spicy Italian Sausage/ground beef  
  • 2 slices thick, damp bread
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp dried oregano
  • 2 tsp cumin
  • Chili 
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Oasis Springs Saloon 🏜

There’s a new hot spot in Oasis Springs ! This old fashioned saloon has been around since 1840’s. Negan Greene a very wealthy businessman and collector renovated the saloon in order to expose a part of his collector’s items. He has managed to turn this place into a very trendy bar, and a key venue for tourists.
Gallery ID : Azae11

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After several months in the making, the Ranchers Paradise Ninjago Doc is complete!

This Google Doc contains the cowboy backstories and associated songs of the main cast including all six ninja, Wu, Garmadon, and Pixal. All art for the AU can be found under #Rancher’s Paradise AU


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Let’s make this week a good one! #pedalpumping #bootporn #twistedx #twistedxboots #cowboyup #cowboyboots #cowboysnation #cowboy #cowboy4life #bootedman #booted4life #bootedup #western

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photos of cowboy camp by Charles Belden, taken between 1914-1940 | via Boy Howdy

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movie of the day 01/03/2021


“Django Unchained” (2012) dir. Quentin Tarantino

I like the way you die, boy.

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*Taps microphone*




The smut is live. 

So If you’re on patreon, just clicky the link. And if you’re not…Now’s a good time to join!



Art by @clementinesgulag, banner and everything else by moi!

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Read: WILD RAIN by Beverly Jenkins

Read: WILD RAIN by Beverly Jenkins

Give me horses any day. Ranches and towns in the middle of the great western landscape. A beautiful, strong woman. And a sexy, gorgeous outsider to fall in love with.

Then have Beverly Jenkins write it.

WILD RAIN is the second in her Women Who Dare Series, but it’s the first one I read. Believe me, I’m heading back for the first book about other characters in Wild Rain that I definitely want to…


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<div> —  Inuyasha and Kagome, One Last Ride, Lemonlush </div><span><p>“I don’t deserve you,” he sighed against her, his lips brushing against hers with every little movement. </p><p>“You got that backwards, Yash.”</p></span>
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