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#western civilization
symeona · 3 months ago
I always hear that the birth of Western Civilization started from "ancient Greece" or Rome.
Idk which period they're talking about, I don't even think they know, prob Classical Greece?
But here's where they're wrong. They think math, philosophy, science, etc is how you tell people are "civilized". And since the Greeks started it, that means Europe started it. Wrong. Greeks studied in Egypt and Asia. They didn't invent "thought", they exchanged knowledge. They were travelers, merchants and scholars, it's what they did. So,, those things aren't even strictly western in origin. That wasn't even the point for Greeks, they enjoyed contemplating life, they were high 24/7, they weren't looking to show how Great™ they were. (Except that ONE motherfucker... Starts with A? Had daddy issues like you've never seen?)
But from what I know from history, western civilization started when the churches split into the Catholic and the Orthodox one. The Roman Empire and Byzantium. (Whether they used ancient texts to support their murdering is kinda irrelevant.)
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Like to me, up until now people were being shitty but not on the same scale. After this, things just went straight to hell.
And the western Roman Empire became what we know now as "Western Society"
But Byzantium fucked up and got punched in the face by the Ottoman Empire. So while the "west" was at the height of their BS, the east was occupied.. by other things...
Anyway when the Church became a superpower. That's when "the west" was born as an idea.
(Correct me or add things if I'm wrong, I'm not a historian I'm just a nerd fjfjfjf)
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higherorder · 10 months ago
Focusing your time and energy on your faith, family and culture is infinitely more productive than being churned through the political meat grinder every election cycle.
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chocomilksheikh · 4 months ago
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While slavery was common to all civilisations, as well as to people considered uncivilised, only one civilisation developed a moral revulsion against it, very late in its history-Western civilisation.
- Thomas Sowell, Black Rednecks and White Liberals, AD 2005
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generalofficestudio · 11 months ago
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1955 High School Exchange Students from Korea, Nigeria, Finland, and Pakistan discuss American (USA) Teens
link to utube here
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eternal-echoes · 9 days ago
While it's true that the Catholic Church gave birth to the Western Civilization, ultimately we can't keep arguing that in hopes of gaining pagans to convert to the Faith. Because if God decides not to save the western civilization or He decides not to give rise to another one just as splendid, it doesn't negate the truth of Catholicism. We have to get people to love God for Himself not for His blessings.
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rptv1 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Eugène Manet and his daughter in the garden
by Berthe Morisot, 1883
(Eugène Manet was Berthe Morisot’s husband)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Farhad Moshiri,”Tranquility ,” 2017,
Wall based installation with Knives,
192⁄3 x 983⁄8in. (50 x 250cm.)
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higherorder · 8 months ago
People act like the West spontaneously combust in the 1960′s, like the counter-cultural and sexual revolution appeared out of nowhere and rocked Western civilization. They act like if we could only go back to the 50′s, we could change it all, but the truth is that it was all already set in motion by then - inevitable. The events of the 1960′s were a manifestation of something that had been simmering for decades - perhaps even centuries. You can’t reverse time by 10 years and expect to stop something like that. It’s like trying to stop a wave that’s already swelling - you can’t! It’s going to crash down on you every time. We need to stop looking at the past and saying “what if?” or “if only!” and start preparing for the next waves before they swell and crush us. Build an insulated community of like-minded people - that’s your ark, that’s how we survive the next waves of cultural and social unrest.
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third-nature · a year ago
"Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet."
Terence McKenna
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alchemisoul · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Leonardo da Vinci's Satellite Map of Imola, Italy (1502)
"The view from above — look at the thousands of flocks and herds, the thousands of human ceremonies, every sort of voyage in storm or calm, the range of creation, combination, and extinction. Consider too the lives once lived by others long before you, the lives that will be lived after you, the lives lived now among foreign tribes; and how many have never even heard your name, how many will soon forget it, how many may praise you now but quickly turn to blame. Reflect that neither memory nor fame, nor anything else at all, has any importance worth thinking of."
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 9.28
“Meditate often on the interconnectedness and mutual interdependence of all things in the universe. For in a sense, all things are mutually woven together and therefore have an affinity for each other—for one thing follows after another according to their tension of movement, their sympathetic stirrings, and the unity of all substance.”
"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them."
- Marcus Aurelius on The View From Above
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er-cryptid · 2 months ago
Farmers in Mesopotamia
-- farming occupied about 90% of the population
-- tools used include      -- wooden plows      -- bronze-tipped seed drills      -- stone-bladed hoes
-- Mesopotamia was roughly 8,000 square miles of land fed by stone canals and smaller channels
-- these divided the land into relatively regularly spaced, equally sized plots
-- largest estates belonged to kings and the temple priests
-- most farmland was held privately
-- whole clans rather than individuals owned each plot
-- clans worked out the distribution of tasks and profits
-- consent of the whole clan was needed before land could be sold
-- clans adopted buyers into their clan
-- inheritance practices were patrilinear
-- patrilinear = through male heirs
-- women could own property
-- women could give evidence in court
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appusunkad · 3 months ago
The hoax of Hindu Society
I've seen proud Hindus arguing that Westernisation causes some undefined "societal problems". They believe it is for us to take it for granted that freedom, egalitarianism, or feminism, for some unknown reasons, cause precisely societal imbalance. And Vedic society is how a society can run at its best posture. What they argue is with figures of mental health diseases and the gross consumption of anti-depressants that the West have serious mental repercussions caused by libertarianism. Did I mention how they cite the high divorce rates of the West? They embarrassingly make a clown out of themselves. A conservative estimate is that one-fifth of people in this country suffer mental diseases in their lifetime. Suicide is the most common cause of death among Indians of 15–29 years and 15–39 years of age. Only the United States and Belgium are the developed countries that have more suicide rate than India and that too by a marginal difference, while an Indian woman is 61% likelier than her American counterpart to commit suicide. Every 4 minutes in India there's a suicide. According to the National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) of 2015-2016, 85% of Indians don't get the mental health care they need. We know marriages in India are intact not because they are happy but divorced women are stigmatised and men don't want to shell out money for a maid to do chores.
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rptv1 · a month ago
Tumblr media
illustration for John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”
by Gustave Doré
(rebel angels being thrown out of heaven)
“Him the Almighty Power / Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky“
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chocomilksheikh · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Today, the culture that is celebrated in much of the media and in the schools is not the culture that succeeded, but the culture that has failed the black redneck culture. When white couples who adopt black children are warned to be sure to put those children in touch with their “cultural heritage,” all too often that means the black redneck culture.
- Thomas Sowell
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