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You’re high, Detective Benson - it’s the high!Olivia trope 

Continuing in the trash tropes I’ve fallen into and can’t get out let’s go to: Olivia gets high but in a fun way not let’s take advantage of people way. 

So it’s basically Wet (s12xe05) related because I like it. Wet high Olivia is such a funny scene and I can’t stop thinking about it. Benson on shrooms: a vibe.

Does drunk Olivia work? Yeah, but I haven’t found fics that are particularly funny so they’re not here. I’d really appreciate more recs… got high? 

Trigger Warning: Some of these fics contain involuntary drug use.

  • Raffle Pockets & Fluffy Things by TeaGirl42Barba is called to Olivia’s Dental Surgery when she has a bad reaction to some pain medication and needs help getting home. Barson and so freaking cute.
  • Trip by Elephantastiic: It’s going to be one hell of a ride. Based on Wet. Mature content.
  • She’s a Hot One by Marchitayska: After what can only be described as the day from hell, Amanda has the full intention of going out and drinking it all away. Until she stumbles on a certain brunette that is already far beyond drunk. Rolivia. Rated M just in case…
  • Closer by MidnightHalcyon: A mishap during a case forces Amanda and Olivia to spend time together, much to Amanda’s displeasure. One shot.

Couldn’t find the gif with the stabbing pickle line so here’s the next best one:


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Spencer Crofoot photographed by Jaivron Joseph for Mr. Warburton Magazine. Spencer wears white Guns N’ Roses tshirt Zara

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It’s been a while since I posted something not so innocent 😇

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