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Another series on deck, “Futuro Negro” (Black Future). It is an off-shoot from the “Black Boys Bloom Thorns First Series.” This one will be a little more heavy with violence I think. It’s Fuckboi Erik +Hoe Ass Erik + Junior Killmonger. If you read “Say Less”, you’ve met Marisol, and also one of Erik’s Brazilian girlfriends. This book takes place right before “Say Less” and some parts during BBBTF Vol. 3.


Erik Stevens and Marisol De Souza have known each other since they were born. Having mothers that were best friends, their lives have been intertwined so much that they have become family–play cousins–and like all families, they have their ups and downs together.

Raised in Black activist households and taught to master the art of Capoeira since they were children, both Erik and Marisol go through an unexpected trauma together in grade school when Marisol’s politically active Aunt, Lia De Souza, is assassinated after a political rally in Sao Paulo, right in front of Erik.

Forever changed by the assassination, Erik and Marisol become closer and vow revenge as teenagers, carrying through on that vow as young adults, setting the stage for Erik’s transformation into Killmonger later in life.

Marisol shares many of Erik’s darkest secrets, even his plans for Wakanda as she marks his body for him with the keloid scars that start even before Erik joins the military.

Throughout their journey together with Capoeira, Carnival, and Candomble, Erik and Marisol learn that Black life only changes with direct action, and that love is for the brave, even a forbidden love that Marisol hides from Erik.

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Summary: All roads lead to Wakanda….

“Knew I had to run away now
Tell them what you did
Tell them how you tore my heart out
And threw it in the bin

But I still wanna bless you
Wanna kiss and caress you
You know nobody can test you
Cause I’ll be the best you…

I’ll be the best you best you
Best you ever had
Praying that you change yuh dirty ways
Coz ain’t nobody gonna love you like me
I’ll be the best you best you
Best you ever had
Didn’t mean to hurt yuh that you say
But all I need right now is balance and peace”

Jada Kingdom—“The Best You Ever Had”

Shit ran so smooth.

Limbani and Klaue rolled the gurney out of the museum as Erik laid prone on it gripping the vibranium on his chest. The breathing mask that covered his face itched his skin, but he stayed still as Limbani and Klaue lifted him onto the ambulance.

Linda quickly secured the stoppers on the wheels as Erik sat up and grabbed her waist, gifting her lips with a spontaneous kiss that made her laugh out loud. She grabbed his face in return, the genuine affection coming from her making her breathy and open like a teenager sneaking smooches.

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I may have to rewrite this sequence again one more time because I kinda feel bad for her now. Ugh. Working to get the Wet Sugar finale out late tomorrow night for my birthday.

Sometimes we write characters a certain way and realize it’s too late to change them, lol.

But she knows what she did…

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