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Im still ???? Over some calls i got this morning. This lady kept calling and telling me another guest was harboring a criminal in their room and she used to be friends with the guest but not anymore thats how she knows and to keep this info between us and i should call the cops. And like all with no proof for all i know this lady was a stalker and just like. Its 2am and ive had no complaints about that room and no one in or out all night im not gonna call the police because someone out of state thinks theyre doing drugs in there?? Go to the police yourself if you have the info lady like what would i do?? I legit only told her the location of the hotel she already knew the name and room number she couldve called them herself wtf are you calling me for?

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Where you love watching your boyfriend work out, kinktober series

eric x gender neutral reader


  • warnings: not really kinky, just a brief moment of sub!eric, masturbation (male rec.), a hint of cumplay too, needs proofread too hihihi


ㅤ ㅤ

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