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#what a babyyyy
fallenrepublick · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Lazy coloring job is lazy but wcyd. It's finished at least, and I just had to add a snippet of dialogue with mischievous lil Bread. (Did I mention I didn't use too many refs for how Loth cat's coats look bc "eff it creativity" excuse so it's not gonna be 100% haha.)
Tried to make my handwriting as neat as possible because it's what I like to call Cursive's Bastard Child.
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aigoo-infinite · a year ago
Tumblr media
Also Woohyun won the Art-tainer award at the 2019 Sorbida Music Awards!
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sehunjeno · a year ago
Sehun apparently smelling like flowers is my will to live for today
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fallinyourtidalwaves · 5 years ago
It's 8:37 and I'm questioning why my kitten pushes his water bowl 6 inches in any direction before he drinks from it
bc he’s just a small angel learning the ways of life
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metal-snake · 5 years ago
I was lying on a couch and my kitten came to me and brushed his face on mine oh my god he loves meeee
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spookyboywhump · a day ago
🌹 for zander (maybe towards cathal specifically?) and 🌺 any and everybody you want :D
🌹 How is your oc with flirting? Either receiving or the source?
Zander never intends to flirt- sometimes it just happens, and once he realizes it happens he immediately gets flustered and embarrassed with himself and is really just worried he might’ve sounded stupid If he actually tries to flirt with him though he usually gets visibly nervous and kind of stumbles over his words and he’s not as good at it as people would think. As for receiving, in a case where Cathal could and wanted to flirt with him, well it would be much of the same thing. He doesn’t know how to react to it and he immediately gets red in the face and flustered and it’s kind of cute how easily this big scary guy can get reduced to a blushing mess just cuz one (1) pretty boy flirted with him
🌺 What is your oc’s formal wear like?
Zander: he doesn’t have a lot of formal wear, but with Cain it was usually something simple like dress pants and a black button up shirt (he always insisted on rolling the sleeves up though)
Wren: He doesn’t have a lot of occasions where he’d need to wear something formal but for him it’s a white button down shirt, dress pants, and if the occasion calls for it, a blue bow tie that he thinks is the best thing he owns. He also refuses to wear nice shoes, opting to keep wearing his bright red converse
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ruby-whistler · 18 days ago
what freaks out the dream smp fandom
1: the dream smiley with the ranboo crown (ref)
2: an array of emoticons ( ":)" ":]", the quackity smile)
3: the mellohi track
4: obsidian 
5: the color green
6: "it was never meant to be"
7: buttons
8: clocks
9: chess, poker and solitaire
10: the 16th day of the month
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tuff-and-fluff · 27 days ago
Oh shit yesterday it was exactly a month to my birthday 😳
I'm gonna be turning 21 on the 21st day of April in the 21st year of the 21st century... waow 👀
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