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#what a beautiful love story
pigeon-princess · a year ago
hey! i messaged you a long time ago about my warlock who fell for her patron! that campaign ended, so long story short: their romance was incredibly important and very very emotional. all the gods of her world lost their divinity, including her patron, and essentially fell to “mortality”. one last godly power from the main goddess allowed him to extend his lifespan to live as long as her! :’) happily ever after, until further notice because they’re making a cameo in our campaign 2!! so worth it!
HELLO!! Yes I remember your warlock character!! OOFF to all the gods loosing their divinity that must have sucked but AAATHATS,,, SO BEAutiful,, ,I’m so happy that they get to live a long and happy life together,, ,ughh I’m going to tear up thats so sweet. AND AAA LOVE when characters from old campaigns get brought up in new ones!! I Hope you have a tonne of fun!!
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darksonatas · a year ago
if you had a crush on a girl you just met and you wanted to hang out with her more but then she forces you to sit down and watch nearly 150 episodes of a decade-old anime (that you knew very little about) would you still want to date her? for emily that answer was yes
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july-19th-club · a year ago
so you’re just some local yokel, barely a magician, and you and your two hayseed siblings who you love very much are on your first unsupervised road trip to go to a lecture in the mountains, only when you get there, your sister runs into her arranged fiance and he turns out to be kind of a stuck-up dick and in her stress she forgets your lecture invitations and the incredibly stuffy, outrageously good-looking nephew of the professor refuses to let you into the compound and to add insult to injury your attempts to convince him to make an exception annoy him so bad he puts a silencing spell on you. so for lack of better options you go twenty miles back down the mountain to the inn to track down that invite and while you’re there you pick up some beer because christ, you’ve earned it, and when you get back everybody else has already gone inside? so you decide to just. sneak in except tall stern and handsome is waiting for you on the rooftop and you guys have a brief, flirtatious swordfight up there set to the tenderest romantic score money could buy and anyway, shizui, that’s how i met your father
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odins-sonofmischief · a month ago
Sometimes I still can’t believe Marvel really gave us a show about Loki going on a journey of self discovery where he comes to the realisation that his glorious purpose is to love and be loved.
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405blazeitt · 3 years ago
omg softbank made an atarashiichizu reference
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todayesterday · 26 days ago
As 16-year-old, 17-year-old kids in Liverpool, you could never say that [I love you]. It just wasn't done. So I never did, I never really just said, "John, I love you, man." It's never got around to it. So now, it is just great to realise how much I love this man.
— Paul McCartney about John Lennon, during Royal Festival Hall (nov. 6, 2021)
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larrylimericks · 2 months ago
HS Edition H turned heads in ivory satin, He caught and then donned a fan’s hat and Looked Wild and Unruly— A cowboy bride, truly, The same day that pop-y song turned ten.
LT Edition Dunno where he was flying to, But Lou deffo made sure we knew That he’s in the States (Seeing Harry’s first dates?) With a post cheering Raducanu.
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herefortheships · 2 days ago
I just think that Clint and Natasha were each other’s “right person, wrong time”. You know? When you fall in love with The One person perfect for you, but it’s just impossible to be together due to terrible timing, circumstances, position, etc. Right person, wrong time. And that “wrong time” stretched and stretched as years, and it just became a “right person, it’s too late now” thing and then lastly a “right person, but we can never be together” thing. But the mutual feeling of romantic love was always there, just quieted into a deep beautiful bond of friendship, but still there nonetheless, underneath it all. And now Natasha is gone but Clint will always love her. Yes, he’s married. Yes, he loves his wife. That doesn’t remove the truth that he might still love someone else, maybe even more profoundly than he will ever love the person he ended up with (and whom he still loves, I’m not exactly saying he settled for her because he couldn’t be with Nat). Love is a complicated thing, and with these superheroes types and the job they do? “Complicated” may be too weak of a word here. 
My two cents.
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july-19th-club · 2 years ago
i know benedick and beatrice have a history, but i never saw them as having dated each other at any point in the past. they’ve seen each other through lots of ex partners apiece, and even though they communicate entirely through slightly mean jokes and clowning on each other, they’ve also known and supported each other for so long now that the concept of trying to date each other would never occur to them. that asshole? yes we’re constantly together but it’s just more convenient to bicker in the same room. yes we talk about each other all the time but it’s out of annoyance. yes we keep tabs on each others’ dating lives what of it. it’s so we can make fun of each others’ s.o.’s easier. you people want to set me up with my number one roast target? think again idiots 
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fanhanlon · 8 months ago
this is my third time trying to write this post because tunblr hates me 
just a quick shoutout to console users playing CP2077:
You are valid and important in this fandom.
I know the userbase is mainly PC players and modders right now, but I just want to take a moment to acknowledge and give a shoutout to meta-writers, lore analysts, headcanon posters, fic authors, fanartists, or anyone on base console who is contributing to or otherwise engaging with the fandom. 
Tumblr media
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cobra-shy · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Mr. Miyagi, you’re like a father to me.” He started, hoping he wouldn’t disappoint his mentor. The beta smiled at him, nodding. “You’ve taught me… so many things. I’ll always be grateful for your guidance and friendship.”
“Miyagi grateful for Daniel-san, too.” He said, Daniel smiled at him. “But why so nervous, Daniel-san?”
His throat closed again, Daniel swallowed and willed himself to talk.
“I’m pregnant.”
For a second, Mr. Miyagi didn’t even blink. He cleared his throat before speaking again.
“Is it good news?” For you was left unsaid, Daniel only nodded. “Daniel-san,”
Mr. Miyagi walked closer to him, taking both his hands and looking him in the eyes.
“You will be best father.” He assured, Daniel’s heart ached. “Best father!”
these are some little fanarts for @lawrussorights ‘s mind-blowingly sweet & fun & romantic WIP you’re my nomad and i love you sideways !! 😭💕💕 this au story is filled with literally all of my favorite things and you should totally check it out if you want something to put a smile on your face!!! 
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clearbluewaters · 8 months ago
thinking about how beauty & the beast and pride & prejudice are both so frequently misunderstood and yet they both are born of the same coming out of a man actually listening to a woman and then actively making an effort to change and be a better person, so as to be worthy of her
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