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#what a beautiful thing
stinastar · a month ago
There is someone in front of the camera.
These eyes aren’t the eyes of a sad farewell or one’s eyes waiting for death. He’s looking at someone he loves. He wanted to leave this for that person. He was looking at this person, and his eyes were greeting that person.
“Hello, I’m here.
I’m always here looking at you like this.
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meetmeatthecoda · 3 months ago
The only good thing about that season finale is the fact that Agnes calls Red "Pinky" now because it's cute af.
Also, pink is a milder and less aggressive color by meaning than red, so the fact that Agnes chooses to call Red "Pinky" even though he says that his name is "Red" basically means that she knows that he's soft and kind and generally a cinnamon bun (who can kill you if you touch his loved ones but a cinnamon bun nevertheless... then again, I believe even Aram could kill someone if his loved ones were put in harm's way) and not as bad as he obviously thinks he is...
I mean, I may be reading too much into color meanings and hidden meanings here... but who am I kidding? They won't pry this interpretation even out of my cold, dead hands.
Omg, anon 🥺😩😭 Tbh, the whole "Pinky" thing bothered me a little at first for some reason but now?? Welp, this is my canon 😭😭😭 I mean, hidden color meanings? Further proof that Red is indeed a cinnamon roll that will not hesitate to murder anyone who dares lay a finger on his daughter Agnes loved ones?? The adorable, Agnesgate connotations??? I love it, #Agnesknowsbest, & they can also pry this out of my cold, dead hands 🥲🥲🥲 Thank you for this beautiful ask, anon, I adore it, omg 🥰🥰 Much love to you, my friend!! ❤️
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willyouhaveme · 6 months ago
Finally got the chance to watch / listen to the music video for deja vu and oh my goodness I want to go feral!!!!! That was so good and I love all the background sounds and Olivia sound fricking awesome and so many scenes in the music video were so stunning and I loved the fashion
It also gave me major want you back by Cher Lloyd vibes lyrically
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the-punk-innovator · a year ago
Who can I rant my fashion feelings to?? I'm having so many feelings about 20th century fashion like WOW fashion has never morphed that fast and we will never see trends like that ever again.
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country-veins96 · 6 months ago
Death must be so beautiful.. to lie on the cold hard ground. I welcome that one day.
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floralcrownrhett · a year ago
My timeline is nothing, but Link showing his legs. xD
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mini-oddity · 2 years ago
This is how the bumbleby tag on here goes after each episode:
Round One: Freak out about every single bumbleby moment in the newest episode.
Round Two: Freak out about Arryn freaking out about every single bumbleby moment in the newest episode and validating the fuck out of us.
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majorxmaggiexboy · 2 years ago
there’s a legend of zelda game coming out on my birthday this year so i feel like this outweighs the fact that there’s a downton abbey movie being released on the same day. :3
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quccnnorth-archive · 2 years ago
💗 | From Theon
kissing meme @tallowes // accepting
Tumblr media
sansa  hated  herself  for  this .  for  craving  theon ,  for  being  desperate  for  his  touch ,  his  kiss . if  she  hadn’t  had  put  her  walls  down  that  one  night ,  she’d  have  never  known  his  taste ,  she’d  have  never  grown  addicted  to  finding  it .  it  was  about  the  third  time  this  week  they  agreed  to  meet ,  it  was  casual ,  no  feelings ,  no  attachments .  it  wasn’t  the  typical  protocol  for  sansa ,  but  surprisingly  enough ,  she  was  enjoying  it .  no  matter  how  much  it  pained  her  to  admit ,  theon  was  good  at  what  he  did ,  his  experience  surely  taught  him  tricks ,  tricks  that  had  never  been  attempted  on  sansa .  theon  knew  how  to  unravel  her  in  ways  no  other  man  had  ,  it  was  a  shame .  such  passion  wasted  on  a  pair  who  could  surely  never  do  more  than  bicker  in  between  moments  of  passion . 
her  hand  comes  to  knock  on  the  door  of  his  flat ,  she  waits  there  patiently ,  though  theon  opens  the  door  faster  than  usual .  before  sansa  even  has  a  string  of  words  together  in  the  sign  of  greeting ,  theon  is  closing  the  door  behind  her ,  shoving  her  against  the  wall  in  a  passionate  kiss  that  could  only  come  from  him .  
there  were  no  complaints ,  though .  words  could  come  later . 
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lemedy · 2 years ago
moonwhing replied to your post: I lost it [[MOR] I mean, that was absolutely a...
Saw someone say they had their sound low for this bit and it made it look like Goofy was singing
ahahah I wish Square and Disney had been that brave
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stardustizuku · 3 years ago
this is so wild, i found the perfect image for my fic “ugly boy” only if they were bakugou and izuku 
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