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#what a fucking life
icebizzle13 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is why the doodlepage went up a third time, lol
i swear, i promise, he doesn鈥檛 get Icy-big. he stays聽鈥渃ompact鈥 most of the time, anyway
i promise, lol
...he鈥檚 a good boye, i swear, guys
he picks flowers and goes fishing, yanno? he doesn鈥檛 always make people explode in a rain of hellfire, or eat them, like.
it鈥檚 fine!! :鈥)
#kimmy plays ff14#aymeric is gonna FREAK OUT#this is what happens when you hit on a freaky monster guy ok bud. you invite him over for dinner and to stay over#.....listen guys if i'm gonna have a scuffed babs/icy knockoff i'm going FULL HOG on it ok#and he STILL doesn't get icy big. icy big is eating galaxies or whatever. don't worry about it. it's fine. IT'S FINE#so in the story at one point aymeric comes back and is fucking hanging out with the player character and i just fucking DIED#confirmed elf boyfriends now. this goofy npc has worked his ass off within the game's boundaries. i concede. i will ship for once in my life#and kimmy don't ship. kimmy has an ace bus of stupid memes not a god damn SHIP. i don't ever ship. i barely ship my own ocs#there's a select few ocs i ship. like two of the monster office monsters who are a confirmed couple. i ship that. that's good. but like#established media? h e l l no. and yet here we are. with little mister aymeric begging. pleading. 'please let's have dinner. let's hang out'#it makes me angry. but also laff. and it's cute. but i don't think he realizes what he was hitting on lmao#and zair is still ace despite everything. because of course he is : )#i guess he's just homoromantic ace? or. hm. i dunno. he doesn't really GO LOOKING for anyone. aymeric just kind of pushed hard#this is a lot of tags. i've got one more thing though#this is probably zair's true size. him staying compact all the time makes him tired#like if you clenched your hand into a fist as hard as you could. it gets tiring after a while.#he doesn't 'relax' in populated areas usually. or will try to find a secluded area or some place where he can at least lie down during#despite him like. being a monster that eats people and/or blows them up he'd rather not cause a ruckus all the time#explody time is ruckus time. any other time is not ruckus time. vampire-like people-murder is like a stealthy thing usually#not that it needs to be but he prefers it that way. this might be where the high intelligence stat shows up too
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teethsmoothie15 hours ago
#gonna tag vent just want to add a long tag so nobody has to see it#since i know for a fact im probably gonna forget to#delete later#any who#i think isolating myself has done a number on my brain but literally i have no idea what else to do#not talking about pandemic isolation incase someone decided to open this digital can of worms o mine#talking about emotions. been in a rough spot mentally physically socially financially all the ''-allys''#and historically. when i tell anyone my problems and issues they leave me#its too much for them i guess.#and the two people in my life who actually say it and mean it i love with all my heart and soul#but i cant go to either of them too much. at least id rather not#because then all i would ever do is complain so much#and then theyd leave too#i think its been a couple months鈥 since ive talked to my middle school friends.#i never know what to talk to them about anymore. one of them fell into h*zbin hotel. and i tried to talk to her about it#about what its gonna do to her brain but i cant get my words out of my brain out of my mouth straight and she kept interrupting me#saying i dont know what im talking about and calling the verified evidince of v*vzie being a huge fucking creepo ''rumors''#and turned it on me saying how would i like it if rumors like that spread about me#she doesnt let me talk#and i get along fine with the one other middle school friend i love her so muchwith all my life#but we like never talk over the phone or over text and she has a car but i just keep forgetting to call and make plans im so busy#and so beat up from work that i just come home play my switch and barely talk to anybody at all anymore#im so lonely and i think its killing me. likenot even a joke. im being sanded down to my core and all im allowed to do is smile about it#cant even talk about stuff like this to my own mother. she doesnt let me talk either#i just wanna curl up in a nice warm bog and disappear off the face of the earth#god. fuck#i feel like im gonna throw up. i need to talk to this in person to somebody who will listen#but ive got absolutely nobody#this is one hell of an emotion to process with kk calypso in the bg. paused my game to type this
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mashkwi20 hours ago
My next exam is not until Thursday and then my contracts exam is Saturday... I have my sheets ready for both classes but constitutional law is kind of complicated and has a tonne of material and contracts well... we could all use more study time for contracts I think...
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hornsandcrownsa day ago
one of the most bizarre things to ever happen to me is that when i was like 11 i had a moviestarplanet boyfriend for like 3 months until i broke up w him because he wanted to meet me and a bitch panicked but then a few years later i saw him on the fucking voice of germany and now he has a fanbase do u know how confused i was his name was like geilerstyler or sum shit what r people
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My motto right now: do your best and Cambridge will do the rest
#assessments#blue's blues#cambridge has taken the place of god in my life#im freaking out so hard rn so just gonna rewatch the sab traailer#im have legitimate shivers and shudders but that may just be the coffee but its also the fatc that i still have exams#even though Cambridge cancelled them#and i still have to do exams#except they call them assessments#but like i will fail either way no matter what theyre called#so does it really matter#because i have so much to revise and start next week#and oh god oh gods ive barely finished my maths syllabus because i decided to take more subjects than i had to#amd im studying on my own#and life is hard#and ooh the jitters have moved to my legs and nothing is going well and oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck#i cant remember the formula for 2 4 dnph or tollens and fehlings solutions and my chem teacher just said he needed us to score at least an a#and i dont want to disappoint my teachers theyre all so lovable and i cant bear to let them down and shit im going to arent i#well cant be helped i suppose#ill just fucking pray to cambridge that the grade boundaries will magically lower themselves#and cambridge will ignore me like they did to my gsce rs exam#and then i can cry about it knowing it was my fault for watching anime throughout bio class#and i can also cry about the fact that well shit people are still going around without masks when i have to do my FUCKING BOARDS in a week#because humans are fucking insensitive idiots#well anyway that didnt help#ranting about only makes it worse good to know#maybe ill go write an essay or something
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irlmobua day ago
WAIT i should elaborate on how im a ???%/"shigeo" apologist BASICALLY.
#oooooo this'll take a while to type out properly#in short hes a manifestation of all of mobs suppressed emotions nd traumas + his subconscious thoughts about other people. this should be#common knowledge. ALL of ???%'s aggressive actions nd feelings towards others imo are a product of mob growing up in a world that doesnt#accommodate him all that well.#AGAIN THIS SHOULD BE COMMON KNOWLEDGE ITS HOW MOBS 0-100 SYSTEM WORKS hes been masking (lol mob autism moments) HIS WHOLE FUCKING LIFE so#of course it'd be easier for him to lash out and hurt other people. hes had enough. hes burnt out.#what i dont like about the mp100 universe is that because of mob unconsciously harming others due to ???%#some people such as ritsu have developed a fear towards it. theyve been traumatized by it before basically#but in the ???% arc ritsu accepts the fact that ???% is just another part of mob and that he cant control it. this is WONDERFUL ACTUALLY#whats really interesting though is that mob himself is still left scared by ???%. he refuses to accept it as a part of himself.#this is why we see ???% roasting tf out of mob in his mind and acting scary towards him.#to compare this to real world stuff imo it feels like an instance of internalized ableism. his whole life hes been taughts that his psychic#taught* anyways that his psychic powers are scary and dangerous.#his state of ???% is perceived as dangerous. his psychic powers are only seen as good by others#such as reigen when theyre proven to be useful (this is very similar to my experiences as#an autistic person but im not gonna talk abt all that now lol). anyways#but ???% isnt aggressive! he doesnt have to be! if mob grew up in an environment where his powers were fully accepted#maybe the ???% arc would have never happened. maybe he wouldve been able to live peacefully#YEAH i have. thoughts#liveblogging
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