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#what a pain in my ass

“I had a brother, his name was Cyrus. He was smart, and brave, and kind. You’re not him.”

“Why- why is your face the only thing I can remember? It makes me sick.”


Tragic sibling angst? In MY story?? It’s more likely than you think!!

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I need a level headed adult to calm my stupidity. look, I'm severely paranoid and a hypochondriac and every little thing I believe is a Sign(TM) and the thing is I know rationally that it's all in my head and I probably need therapy cause I've always been like this and nothing has ever happened. please convince me the end of the world is not coming. I convince myself it's happening all the time since I was a kid and corona is scaring me so much irrationally thinking it's the actual apocalypse.

idk how to help you because i’m also a hypochondriac since childhood and the only thing saving me from this is the fact that i never leave my house to begin with (but my mom is a receptionist at an urgent clinic so she could be bringing shit home without even knowing it!!!!!!!!!! lol anyway). BUT i highly doubt the end of the world is coming. the spread will slow down and things will get figured out, hopefully very soon. all you can do until then is just do what everyone else is saying and stay away from people as much as possible and wash your hands

gotta add i completely understand the “every little thing is a sign” because i’ve been trying to learn welsh and there are a lot of throat sounds and it made my throat sore and i was like FUCK IT’S HAPPENINGGGGGGGG even though it’s obviously the welsh… so i totally feel you and maybe i’m not the level headed adult you should go to lol

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i have a lot of feelings about tvd rn but mostly i’m just??? the amount of times that they sent caroline in as Little Blonde Distraction, fully knowing one mistep could very well get her killed, is??? astounding. like? “hey we’re gonna do this really stupid, half assed plan that could NEVER work and we need you to distract klaus while we do it, we don’t really know HOW he’ll react, he could lash out and kill you, but wear that shirt that makes your boobs look good and hope for the best while we save elena sound good? great.” 

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Whenever it comes to anything i need to do, its always something we cant do because “its too overwhelming” “i gotta see” but whenever ita something you want and or need, we all about it or whatever.

I didnt take a week from work to be tired of this shit.

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