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#what about the little guys
trauma-rat23 hours ago
quarantine is really fucking with my perception of social situations and ability to form normal relationships with others... As in i accidentally got a crush on a regular who only came in bc he was trying to sell us business insurance and then i completely forgot who he was and took a phone call from him and thought he sounded ~sad and mysterious~ on the phone and now this dude is like... always in here either eating or like... talking about fucking geico.. and i am getting absolutely ROASTED for it. and hes not even like conventionally attractive but every time he comes in im like *twirls hair* hiiiii greeeegggggg *bats eyelashes* and its TERRIBLE.... hes very nice and i think he looks nice but anyways i really need this quarantine to end so i can actually see people on a regular basis and stop trying to fuck every customer that comes in thats vaguely my type.... AHHH
#mine#i changed a few details for anonymity#btw his name is just as bad as greg tho... he has no social media i could find and it should be easy bc his last name is really unique#its not even like a CRUSH crush its just like... a dude i see a lot#also when i say hes not conventionally attractive i mean he is still attractive but not enough to stop my SIL from making fun of me#listen.... LISTEN...#the only guys i hang out with regularly are off limits for crushes.... therefore.. random customer#also im never inappropriate or obvious about this to the dudes face im not gunna make this dude uncomfortable#i just over shoot customer service a little bit#GOD please... please imagine ME. green hair and going to work in led zepplin tee shirts... being overly sweet to an INSURANCE REPRESENTATIVE#he is nice to me too tho :(.....#us both trying to sell eachother something... lmao#I NEED TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE SOON I AM GOING CRAZY#i would never flirt with customers thats kinda immoral outside of very specific instances where there is like.. an Understanding#but uh i will absolutely sneak nice and attractive people extra goodies#to be fair i will just give anyone who's nice a little extra goodie.... if u are nice u get the bigger cookie or get to try an icing flavor#a dude who looked like MGK came in and let me pet his dog and i also fell in love with him#parasocial relationships???? is that a word... anyways#yeah its very awkward and its clearly my dumb little pandemic brain going OwO whats this but STILL#greg..... uwu#FR THO he had to buy his own birthday cake and he sounded SO SAD and was very self depricating and like COME ON#i wanted him to have the BEST birthday cake so he wouldnt be sad :(((#he just wants us to buy geico but idc 馃槶馃槶馃槶 his coworker seemed but more douchy than him tho#F U C K
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brothed2 days ago
feeling: guilty
#i just like Really Listened to what i would call my favourite album of all time for the first time in forever#the band that made it was my favourite band in the world Forever#since i was twelve#and they were like. canceled - kind of. a little while ago. and like Rightfully so but.#i feel like i should stop listening to them and people are going to think im a bad person for continuing but like??#at the same time i literally wouldn't be the same person without them? thats so sill to say but i was shaped heavily by my interests and it#helped me form my personality and friends - as well as helping me through so much yknow.#sounds cliche and im defo not excusing anything but grrr this bad is the reason i am who i am today and i genuinely love almost all of their#music and gndhsvsgsh fuck i just feel so much guilt listening to it#i also purposely avoid a lot of the callouts and news and stuff becayse i didn't want to see it so im literally hardly educated hnfvdgsj#it's probably painfully obvious who im taking about !#ill give you three guesses - but you don't get any guesses if you forget the exclamation point 馃様#god#my *you look like a sprinkles guy* moment is 100% p!atd#i feel like if i told someone that panic! was my favourite band for years and i obsessed over them intently for a lot of that - they would#not be surprised#i know brendon urie is an awful person hndhsgsh but Fuck i have a problem letting go#and i prefer the music written by ryan and dal and spence and stuff but i still bump to stuff brendon wrote 馃様馃#idek man#feels bad
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hidden-joy2 days ago
Liz can you not 馃ズ I agree with everything you said in your rant hdksks. Moyo's comments and how the girls behaved with Robbe (I still don't get why Zo毛 wasn't present during the apology like she was a big part of that whole thing) definitely made him internalize it even more, so when we saw him in season 3 he was changed and lashed out on people he didn't want to (like the sander thing).
No because you鈥檙e about to send me on another rant here hold on skdjdkd
Like I watched s3 before I watched the rest of wtFOCK, which I think is what a lot of people also did tbh, so when that scene with Sander happened, everyoneeee was mad at Robbe. I wasn鈥檛 super active in the fandom at the time so kind of just kept my mouth shut but that scene was just so clear to me that Robbe had some serious fucking internalized homophobia. That didn鈥檛 make it okay or right, but that鈥檚 also why there was an apology scene and tbh I think it makes sense why Sander forgave him so fast (I mean aside from the cute lil explosion bc HELLO, I also would have melted so fast, no one can blame Sander for that)
And like if you look back at s1 and 2, it鈥檚 so fucking obvious why Robbe reacted that way. It was literally all he knew!!! He didn鈥檛 have any friends that were gay, and everytime the idea of him being gay was brought up, Moyo made fun of him and called him slurs, and Jens did nothing to defend him.
And while the girls weren鈥檛 necessarily making fun of him, the way they acted also had to have fucked him up. Like not just Jana immediately making the assumption he had to be straight and into her, and then his attempt at coming out being interrupted, but imagine how it must have made him feel to have Jana come up to him, try and kiss him, and then run away giggling to her friends. And then MILAN tried to kiss him!!! Like the poor thing was just having everyone do fucking 鈥渢ests鈥 on him and making fun of him, it鈥檚 no wonder he completely internalized the idea that what he felt was wrong and he needed to push it away at all costs.
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s-lay-ing3 days ago
Tumblr media
#controversial opinion coming through :-)#i feel like ever since march happened that carrots have been b4bying the living shit out of mg#even BEFORE he was all cleared out#at the beginning everyone said 'don't forget he's a man after all he can have flaws he can make mistakes we shouldn't glorify him' and stuff#but then statements started to come and my guy...#the amount of people who forgot about that and went all 'I KNEW MY B4BY WAS INNOCENT 馃挅 HE COULD NEVER HURT A FLY' was astounding#and now people write whole poems and manifestos saying stuff like 'this puppy is so soft and innocent. of course he respects women'#or go absolutely bonkers at the slightest image of him in videos saying: see? that smile of finally being in front of us. so brave 鈾#..........#you guys....... come on#THANKFULLY he didn't do anything wrong. i'm glad that he didn't#but is anybody going to talk about the victim here???#people are more glad that mg is innocent than the victim being bullied in school and that's shocking#and what do i mean with that? trending a hashtag to support the victim? no#but the least you could do is stop b4bying a 24 year old man#there's this one particular twt carrot who tends to do translations and such#who always believed he was innocent and decided to take a break rather than acknowledging the possibility#and then she came back and said she knew the allegations weren't true and that her sunshine was perfect and shit#and carrots dragged along and 馃拃#idk man it's been bugging me a little#i too care about mg but this kind of extreme attachment to celebrities can be super harmful#rambless
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beaversatemygrandma3 days ago
I was randomly thinking about how my name rubs me the wrong way, always has, always will. Like yes, i love how it's unique (met like two people who shared it with me at most but now that the namesake's dead.... well there's more), and I've always gotten complimented on it and how its pronounced and whatever. But holy hell, could it be any more ragingly feminine.
I also remembered this weird conversation i had with this coworker (straight dude who was like 35 and always flirting with me, tbh i usually play along because it made him Very Helpful). Anyhoo, him and somebody else were talking about 90s music artists. He was like "Ya know who was a really good singer? Aaliyah." The other coworker just agreed. Then i noticed him giving me this Look as i held this dumbfounded face trying to figure out why the fuck this had to do with me. It took me like a solid thirty seconds to just say "Ohh yeah, she was pretty good." and just walk the fuck away. Just another small thing that made me internally start screeching about how i hate having this name. Also how else was i supposed to react to that and the damn Look??
Thinking more and more about possible name changes, but i can't even name things, let alone myself. (Have yall seen my flight rising lair??? Half of the dragons are unnamed rn.) Like the only other thing I've gone by was Taksony and that's online on a few sites and sometimes here. It's a medieval hungarian name (i should look up that monarch who had the name and make sure he wasn't problematic. He was a monarch so that might be hard) and i doubt the world is ready for me to bring it back. Plus the short form is Taks and that just sounds like tax. So. Yeah. Taxes. And a name from an OC from the ancient dA days. I just stole his name once i got comfy being called that on FR and lioden and whatever. But yeah. Super feminine name from an old hip hop artist isn't exactly what I'm liking tbh. I've never liked it much and now I'm aware of why i don't so here we are. I'm an adult who's very likely not cis, and renaming yourself is possible. So yeah. Here we are.
#there was also this other time when the guy tried to get my number#and i was standing on a damn ladder as he held it steady#and i literally tossed down what i was holding and just said 'bruh im gay'#and then proceeded to go over to the guy that i had been actively talking to/messing around with#yes the guy was jealous#id be real flirty around the guy i actually liked while he was in earshot and honestly i lived for that shit daily#i mean not to mention the dude is 16 years older than me like fuck no#i didnt realize i was flirting out of spite but i find this hilarious two years later#and yes i would still use his help and kindness to my advantage#i think it as payment for literal harassment#like yes you creepy old dude who asked me out please carry this heavy shit for me that im fully capable of carrying because i dont feel lik#before i get called out for this i want to reiterate that i was 18/19 at this time and the guy was literally 35 sooo#back to the name thing#no i have no ideas and no im likely not doing it anytime soon bc im not even out yet#the bf went on this harmless rant the other day about how he doesnt understand they/them pronouns and ive been reeling#like ik he didnt mean harm and was just asking about it but ugh and i thought i was about to come out to you#might as well just skip to he/him for him...#though id highly prefer he/they#but still#i also remember back in the day when i was really little and scooby doo was the special interest#how i would always say that i wanted to be shaggy but my mom was like no youre more like velma#and i was like No I'm Shaggy.#shaggy gives me gender envy#beavers speaks#some gender shit#back to the scooby doo thing i wonder if that was why i was really into stoner guys for a while#i think it was tbh#not anymore but holy hell do i want to give off those super chill masc vibes#i wonder just how long it took me to realize that i didnt have a crush on those dudes but wanted to be them
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lotus-baby3 days ago
is it just me or do people kind of oversell the "zetsu eats people" thing
yeah kinda lmao. its relevant sometimes or for jokes i dont mind that thats fine, but occasionally theres a serious headcanon post or something about all the akatsuki members and the other ones actually reflect their personality and zetsus is the same old 鈥榟ur dur maneating plant鈥 the popular headcanon where eating ppl is all he cares abt is starting 2 get annoying lol
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narelleart4 days ago
I have such a hard time putting my research interests into words - strange for me, given how much I write and how wordy I am.
I see other students in my position that can rattle off very impressive niches they want to be working in within their field. Nice little one-liners that can wrap up their interests in a neat little bow. I want one of those.
I think part of my problem is that in my field, you just can鈥檛 be quite so specific? I was questioned for having possibly too narrow of interests because I want to study Southeast Asian fishes - a broad, speciose region comprised of many countries and habitat types. And I recognize that part of that is because people are moving more and more away from studying fishes by region or even group and often more into techniques. But my research interests aren鈥檛 motivated by the techniques I鈥檒l be using, otherwise I鈥檇 be a more general biologist and not an ichthyologist specifically. I鈥檓 in it for the fish. Their physiology and behavior are what draw me, and wow is that broad.
The closest I鈥檝e gotten to explaining my interest is focusing on adaptations in response to environmental conditions, particularly in the case of extremophiles? (Wow do I want to get lost in studying acidophiles in peat swamps - some quick, not at all thorough literature searches suggest we still don鈥檛 really understand how they manage to live in those conditions??? Beyond the levels of acidity where most species would cease reproduction and die.) But that鈥檚 pretty much me going 鈥渋dk fish evolution is neat,鈥 with a dash of 鈥淚 really like those little guys that should be dead but are still making it happen somehow.鈥
It feels incredibly broad compared to my peers, who are pinning down super specific physiological mechanisms to study, and similar topics.
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aeipcthy4 days ago
Tumblr media
I鈥檝e done a terrible, terrible deed........聽 i have added yet another tired looking bearded white boy-- gkdfdg his name is Oswin Caldwell! and he is............The Vampirate... because I simply could not resist.聽 Here鈥檚 a grab of his little bio blurb below so yall dont have to go trudging through the whole muses page for it .w.鈥
Tumblr media
#( ooc )#( tbd )#i said i was gonnA WRITE BUT........... i did this instead and u know what.... this is fine#idk how much ill use him or for what rlly but!! here he is for now....#hmmm... little bit about the guy? he is.. not tall. not ridiculously short but certainly not considered big#but thats like.... normal height for the century he was born and raised in i think tbh#hes a slippery.. vicious.. violent eel of a man. unlike tommy-- he is genuinely not a good man#tommy and oswin have a similar background and whatnot but... oz is like... woof. Pirates were a different breed hfdbujd#but i guess at least they had like.... honor amongst themselves? sorta?#anyway hes like... mostly gay. he doesnt put a label on it. he genuinely just doesnt care enough to#could love a woman he supposes ? could happen but has yet to#hmmm.... hes a very personal person who enjoys drinking and fighting a little too much.#& has /tremendous/ control over his bloodlust as a vamp (as opposed to tom who still struggles at times)#& is actually significantly more powerful than he looks or puts forth (he never drinks anything but human blood if he can help it#& isnt afraid to go after it when he wants or needs it--聽 unlike tom who holds back & is weakened bc of it)#his voice is also like.... some weird mixture? pirate-y yea but much less so than it was. he's.. practiced a lot to get rid of it mostly lol#some weird ass diluted version of a handful of UK accents#pirate-y.... or hints of it.... but like. watered down significantly. ..dont ask how i intend to write this lmAO#uuuuuuu.....hmm... ill add his extended bio later!#if yall got any questions about the old rat in the meantime-- feel free to ask ofc!!
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badlands-supremacist5 days ago
if karl crit is so annoying to you, why not block the tag? he acts like a jackass sometimes, we're allowed to be annoyed by it.
you act like jackasses sometimes im allowed to be annoyed by it
#i was gonna write an actual answer#like a thought out one#pointing out why exactly i dislike karl critical bullshiut#but my friend suggested this#and also i doubt you guys would actually care to listen#especially if you saw at least 1 of my posts and didn't get it#but ya know what i'll do it in the tags#you see karl DOESN'T even act like a jackass#he acts almost the same as any other dsmp member but hes a little louder about it#so it annoys you guys#not only that but some of you are straight up just ableist#and its gross#its annoying#seeing half the shit karl gets be solely based on things he does because of his adhd as someone who also has adhd is uncomfortable#not only that but any valid critic you guys make of his behavior is made invalid when you say shit like#'he stole from puffy he hates women'#like at this point you guys are just being absolute dumbasses#theres also this trend of karl crit blogs babying every single streamer who comes into contact with karl#and acting like hes holding them at gunpoint or saying shit like 'i would be sad if i were x cc'#or 'this cc looked a bit sad when karl said/did x thing'#which at that point is just weird and creepy and projecting onto people who can very much speak for themselves#especially since you guys all seem to forget that karl is literally friends with these people#and has been friends for them for like. what? years?#like idk man maybe if you had any Actual valid crit of karl other than 'hes a bit annoying' then maybe i would take you guys seriously#but you're all a big fucking joke#and this behavior is literally Just for karl#which is why i have a problem with it
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