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#what an icon honestly

My teacher had a mini-breakdown over one of our machines at school today and every time it broke she’d look up like she was looking into a camera with a deadpanned expression and we went over to ask if she was alright and she looked us dead in the eye and said, and I quote “I want to lay down and nap for ten years or punch something for double that and I can’t decide which one” 

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For all the kayaking holiday jokes people make, i sometimes forget that tim actually did just go take an impromptu vacation out of nowhere one time

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✨ + cresselia?

lovely friend of dreams!!! i first encountered them in the lunar wing quest in b2w2, and ive loved this pokemon ever since! when i was little, id battle with them a few times before going to bed because i thought id get better sleep! Cresselia’s just so radiant, you just can’t help but be in awe of them!

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