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hey can I ask, what’s the hesitation?

I ask because that kind of paralysis is definitely something I used to go through and I’m trying to get better at describing it because I think it’s an incredibly widespread problem; that inability to connect to the culture because of no apparent entry point, when entry points are everywhere. Is it, being afraid of picking the wrong book to start out with? Is it a fear of being overwhelmed by new materials? Is it a fear of being Othered and ostracized by the book? Is it a financial constraint, or a lack of safety associated with being closeted, and are free and online materials more suitable? Is it scarcity of materials? 

if anyone else has any insights please chime in, I would love to hear about it. What’s the hesitation? What’s the barrier to lesbian literature? 

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Hello :D

Hope you’re doin alright. Err, i dont usually post on weekends, but after google image surfing, i found an image of mine and was curious about the site it was on? Cuz it wasn’t tumblr, but is “tumbex” instead?

I was confused, so i searched what tumbex was, and became even more confused… Aparrently tumbex is just one of a few other tumblr copies of some sort? Like there’s another called tumgir that seems to be the same shtick as tumbex.

From what i understand, whatever is here on the original tumblr, will also come out on tumbex/tumgir/etc. So all the stuff you see here; blogs, posts, works, all of these also show up over there. It feels strange that there’s essentially another fake/copy tumblr where people can see your content as well as your other information without you knowing their intentions? It seems a bit shady…

I can imagine this may be more upsetting to others who are strict about their posts/works/ideas and how others may steal and claim them as their own from a site that may be promoting this…

I dunno, food for thought maybe? Just wanted anyone to know if ever they didn’t know about it. Anyway, thanks for reading and have good day :)

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