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decennia · 8 minutes ago
I don't know who needs to fucking hear this, but I'm about to say it with my full chest:
Why? I'll tell you why:
Let's start with Neville Longbottom. Often the butt of the joke, Neville was often played up for comedic effect, so I can understand why we never took the implications of his boggart seriously.
But the fact of the matter is: Neville Longbottom was more terrified of his potion's teacher than he was of Bellatrix Lestrange, a woman who was a proud Death Eater who tortured his parents into insanity, a fate several people throughout the series state as "worse than death."
I've heard the argument from Snape Apologists that Boggarts are "superficial" creatures, so they don't go much deeper for a fear of yours, and, having gleaned a recent and prevalent one, will shift into that. Hence why it would be Snape, who recently tormented Neville, rather than Bellatrix, who Neville has never met.
It still stands, however, that Bellatrix is a known Death Eater, and Snape was just his potion's teacher.
We also see from Harry's own experience with the boggart, that the boggart hesitated before turning into the dementor. It "chose" which of Harry's fears to become, Voldemort, or fear itself?
Now, because I always listen to both sides of a story, try and see it from both perspectives before I draw a conclusion, I asked myself "why?"
There never is a good reason for abuse, but I still tried to look at it from Snape's eyes. And the conclusion drawn was literally the same as almost every single motivation for every one of Snape's decisions: because of Lily.
Neville was born several hours before Harry, and was a contender for being "the Chosen One" (the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies) but Voldemort chose Harry.
By Snape's logic, it meant that if Voldemort had chosen Neville, Lily would've still been alive for him to woefully pine for from a distance.
And so he takes it out on a fucking c h i l d.
He abuses him, torments him, and even forces Neville to poison his pet toad, Trevor, who has been shown to be of incredible significance to Neville.
And when the potion doesn't poison Trevor? And actually proved to be a competent potion? Snape made his displeasure known by deducting five points from Gryffindor.
I know that's not a Big Deal™ in the grand scheme of things, but we have to remember that Neville was a CHILD.
Moving on from Neville, let's get to: Lily.
Remember what I said before, about Lily being his end-all and be-all for everything? I meant it.
I'm not saying she was the sole reason Snape became a Death Eater, but she was the "last straw."
Snape's dislike for muggles stemmed not from Lily (of course not, he loved her), but from his father. Yes, I remembered his father, Tobias Snape. The muggle, the abuser. Apples and trees, I guess. From what I recall, Tobias was never physically abusive towards Eileen, Snape's mother, but he was emotionally and mentally abusive towards her. This would be cause for resentment for any young child growing up in that environment.
But, for a moment, may I direct your attention to Harry James Potter?
Who grew up that exact same way with the Dursleys?
Who was also neglected (Severus was said to have ill-fitting, mismatched clothes, sound familiar?) but who also did not have Eileen there to protect him?
And did Harry ever become a member of a muggle hate group? (No. The answer is no, in case you all didn't remember that Very Important Detail of the series).
So, yes, Snape was abused, and no, I am not condoning it, I do sympathize with him on that front: no child should ever go through that. Ever. No matter the fucking child, there is no good reason for it. But do I condone his actions later on in life? Absolutely not.
Because he called Lily a "filthy mudblood."
Not just "mudblood", but a filthy one, too. And why did he do that? Because she defended him against his bullies. Yes, Sirius and James were bullies, I guess everyone's faves are a little problematic in this bitch.
And not only did he call her that, but he also was besties with people who fancied themselves the next generation of Death Eaters.
And when Lily asked him if he STILL intended on becoming one, he never gave her an answer, prompting her to sectumsempra all ties with him. Meaning, she probably gave him multiple chances to not be a raging bigot, none of which he took. Love of his life my fucking toe, gtfo—
Also, Snape obviously knew what his "friends" were doing at the time. Particularly, and especially, Mulciber's attack on Mary Macdonald.
Now, we can't talk about Lily without talking about James and the Marauders.
I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THAT THE MARAUDERS BULLIED SNAPE, OKAY? But listen up: still not a good enough reason to join the wizarding world's KKK. Actually there is no good reason, period, end of message, send tweet.
He loathed them so much, he literally gave zero fucks about their wellbeing.
Even though! Sirius' biggest crime against Severus is jokingly telling him to follow Remus Lupin under the Whomping Willow during that time of the month.
And Severus would swear that James' biggest crime against him (after "stealing" Lily, of course) would be stopping him from encountering the werewolf and saving his fucking life.
Where the fuck was that reciprocated energy when Snape KNEW that James was also marked for death?
Also, are you going to tell me, that with his ear so pressed to the ground about news on Lily, that he didn't know who the real rat was? That he didn't know that it was Peter Pettigrew? This is speculatory, but... Snape had to have known that Sirius was not the betrayer, he must've at least known it was Pettigrew, meaning he let an innocent man waste away in Azkaban and for what? Something that happened when they were kids? I wonder why Sirius is a "stray dog" idk probably because someone let him rot in Azkaban for thirteen years?
Don't even get me started on how he literally stepped over James' body to get to Lily's while Harry sat there crying. Please. Or the fact that he only wanted Lily spared? He literally said "yes, only her, please, Dark Lord, fuck that newborn"?
Severus had been made headmaster of Hogwarts, and what does he do? Allow the Carrows to torture muggleborns and first years. Eleven year olds. Disgusting. Please. What the fuck.
I don't think Severus Snape died a fucking hero, or in "penance." NOT when twelve hours prior, he'd been turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to eleven year olds screaming as the Cruciatus Curse was used on them.
Also, James never sexually harassed Lily? Wanna discuss sexual harassment? How does "waiting outside the Gryffindor common room until someone lets you in even though it has been made very clear that the person you want to speak to doesn't want to speak to you" sound?
I am not denying that Severus Snape is a tragic character; he's a very complex and somewhat interesting one, even. All I am saying is that I don't think saying "always" on the brink of death excuses any of your past actions. He's a martyr at best — having his sins "forgiven" by sacrificing himself for a just cause.
Yes, this is a hill I'm willing to die on. But, as always, I am open to a respectful conversation (not argument, conversation). If you disagree, I'd love to hear why. Try and change my mind; as long as you do so respectfully, I will hear you out.
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elmothewise · 18 minutes ago
I'm sorry I have nothing to post
Have a creepy orange I gave up on that I got requested to draw
Tumblr media
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boulevardofbrokenmemes · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
#my post#babbles#OK SO FIRST OF ALL IM GONNA PREFACE THIS WITH#this is NOT at all a dig at pan people in any way. if you’re about that leave NOW.#because of you assholes thinking it’s trendy to shit on people for iding in a way that makes them more comfortable#i can’t even be pissed at biphobic shit in peace without having to clarify that i’m not one of you!!!!!!!!!!#ANYWAY..... THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS. GOD. i fucking hate you if you say and think anything like this not even kidding#what are you even saying???#are you saying that bisexuals DO advertise that they exclude people’s identity???#are you saying that you have to id as pan if you don’t want to imply that you’re exclusive?????#DAMN IT.#am i... and every other trans/nb bisexual.... and every bisexual who loves trans/nb people.... a fucking JOKE to you????#WHY DOES THERE EVEN HAVE TO BE A RIGID DIFFERENCE. im not denying that there is. but its NOT your say#it is the say of the individual bi/pan person doing the defining so long as they dont doit in a shitty way LIKE THIS#im so sorry its just i log on tumblr for less than 5 minutes i stumble upon this shit#IM TIRED.#oh also also to clarify that last tag there... there doesnt always have to be a RIGID difference or a difference at all thats what im saying#BLUH AGAIN SORRY IM JUST.... MAD. ALSO TIRED ITS BEEN A LONG DAY#OH YEAH AND#WHY ARE PANSEXUALS INHERENTLY OBLIGATED TO ADVERTISE SOMETHING WITH HOW THEY ID????#WHY CANT THEY ALSO JUST EXIST.... PLEASE this is just so insulting to EVERYONE
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You know what i hate? The fact that I can't see someone describing people as 'special' in context to their interests without freaking out about whether they mean that in a derogatory way. Like, yes, most people don't mean it like that, but I have heard so many of my friends say things like "my mom tells, me I'm special, but my name's not ed." My brain decides to remember that one time when my mom was mad at me because of my huge amount of late work, and she asked if I was special. And I hate it. I saw a post saying people who get excited over stars were special, and my first reaction was "!!! It me! I like the stars and that's beautiful, see?" But then my brain kicked into overdrive and started freaking out, because what if it's using special as a derogatory way to refer to people who are interested in the stars because the interest is quote unquote "weird?" I still reblogged it because well. This is tumblr and enough people here are neurodivergent I can trust it doesn't mean that. But the fact that my brain had that reaction at all is... Concerning.
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imnot-mentallystable · 2 hours ago
I just re-downloaded tumblr at 1 in the morning because I have no fucking friends
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tanakasshawtybae · 2 hours ago
Okay, so I know almost everyone has gotten the birds and the bees talk, but have you ever gotten the copyright talk? Because, like, whenever I would copy paste a s i n g u l a r sentence from wikipedia, I would be sat down as if I was about to learn how I was frickin created
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i want things to be handed to me (multimillionaire in a giant mansion with butlers and stuff) but i also want to do things for myself (librarian living in a cottage in the woods growing her own garden)
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canonicallysoulmates · 2 hours ago
damn a psycho made a blog with a name mocking yours for the specific purpose of trolling you and other tinhats? that's how you know you've made it!
Yep! I'm VIP now 😎😜
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kingspuppet · 3 hours ago
Makes highly unnecessary frustrated noises. I’m kind of exhausted of hearing people say that Goro’s justifications for hating something or being angry at the world is too extreme ––– or something to that effect.
I think that people really forget that underneath all of the bad things he did that he’s still a kid. He was someone that was hurt by society and the people around him. Not only that, but a damn god literally said “let’s make this kid’s life a living hell” just to be pitted against Joker. To give him power just so he could set him up as a bad guy.
Do I think what Goro did was right? No. Do I think he needs to pay for his choices? Of course he does. But I also believe that Goro’s hatred towards people with “mightier than thou” attitudes and positions are completely justified. He’s seen firsthand what power does to a person through Shido. He’s even seen what that does to himself, but because Shido had more over him he was never in control. All the choices he thought he made for himself and by himself weren’t what he wanted them to be. He had no control over his mother’s passing, and when he thought he could exact revenge on the man that made their life hell he took it. But he thought he had a leg-up on him and when he finds out that he didn’t it hurts him immensely.
So it only stands to reason that he’d hate Maruki and everything he stands for. Because Maruki, in Goro’s eyes, has a savior complex with a disregard for what people actually want and need (specifically Goro himself). Sure, he can’t deny that maybe some of those changes made the rest of the Thieves happy, but he wouldn’t even consider what Goro wanted. Goro was never asked what he wanted. Instead it was assumed that it was what Joker wanted, and Maruki completely stomped on the single choice Goro ever made for himself without his consent.
The worst part? His one choice that he made for himself and his own fate that he knew was all his own was taken away from him by Maruki. And it’s quite possible that should Maruki had never dragged Goro into it he wouldn’t have given a damn. But Maruki was toying with his life on the slim possibility that he died on Shido’s ship, and that despite Goro’s own wishes Maruki was going to use that to his advantage. I love Maruki, I really do, but he was using Goro as an ultimatum and manipulation over Joker.
And sure, a utopia may seem great in the grand scheme of things but Goro doesn’t want his autonomy to be taken away. Siding with Maruki would do that to him, and we see that very clearly. He’s not going to let someone else play god over him ever again, and he has every right to be fucking pissed about it. He’s allowed to hate Maruki. He’s allowed to think that he’s a piece of shit for what he’s doing. Maruki doesn’t have to be like Shido nor does he have to do something so morally wrong either for him to hate his guts.
Can Goro judge for wrongdoings when he’s made mistakes and bad choices himself? Not really. But he’s still valid in his anger and he’s valid that he’s not okay with people thinking he should live his life a certain way. He’s allowed to be angry. So let him be angry for someone else trying to dictate his life.
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sxmford · 3 hours ago
today was so much easier than i thought omfg best day ever.  my appetite’s been nonexistent all day and getting myself to eat more than a third of most things just makes me feel super full.
halo top ice cream x1/3- 75 couple sips of some vanilla keto coffee i bought- 10 progresso meat soup x1/3- 75 couple sips of pepsi- 10 idk some cotton candy- 50 some bites of panera bread sourdough bread- 10
and i was walking the whole fucking time so i burned about 552 calories.  so my net calories of today were
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bimbooctopus · 3 hours ago
another overanalyzation haha;))
Naruto is a huge ass fandom and the shipping ratio is probably just a teeny tiny fraction that could easily go ignored. Naruto has 700 episodes, ovas, movies, fillers, spin-offs, cd dramas, all filled to the brim with inconsistencies. Everything from the plot, to the bonds made, to the government, is studded with flaws. It has so many writers and editors and animators projecting on it, that at this point you could literally hate/love/ship any character and be justified in your actions. It's your own interpretation of a massive piece of art that was constructed from the collective efforts of thousands of people and we're prone to have disagreements.
One thing that we can all agree on, I think, is the bond between Naruto and Sasuke and how deep it runs. I don't care if you think it's brotherly (which is kinda totally not true btw) or romantic or even a QPR. Without Naruto, Sasuke would have spiralled down his hatred and eventually ended up killing himself or have become the tyrannical yet lonely ruler of the world or smn. Without Sasuke, Naruto wouldn't even have his fighting spirit and he would never have gotten strong enough to become the Hokage, simply because he didn't have enough competition or someone to fight for. He would just be the loser who used to yell about becoming Hokage but was never powerful enough to make it. At that point, neither Sakura nor Hinata would be able to save them. Their bond is the one thing that Kishimoto genuinely enjoyed writing and additionally, wrote without any inconsistencies.
I feel sorry for ss fans, in the most nicest way possible, because even when their ships are canon, ss bond or even nh bond doesn't run as deep as sns bond (with respect to every piece of official content we have). Naruto was never meant to be a romance but sns bond runs deeper than romance itself. It tells you that "here, a reason to live--your bonds with another human". Romance was something that Kishimoto didn't put any effort in and that's why all the canon ships in Naruto feel so awkward and pathetic to watch. Honestly, imagine being a girl and dating either Naruto or Sasuke. You would never be their priorities because for Naruto, Konoha and Sasuke are important. For Sasuke, his brooding and Naruto are important. Your goals and your emotions and your personality would simply disappear behind their overbearing personalities. SP did all of them wrong, especially the women. The way they draw the expressions and create the scenes and barely show any proper interaction between the canon ships kinda hurts me too. The sheer unexploited potential from every single ship is leaving us all unsatisfied and consequently pitting us up against each other.
Point is, as a naruto fan, if you find things that you don't like, whether it's in the series or amongst fandom content, ignore it. Don't take it so seriously, because everyone has a different take. When you ship something, you're shipping it because your shipping it, you're romanticizing romance. It doesn't matter whether you're shipping sns, ss or nh or whatever the hell (other than those which are pedophilic and creepy, in which case, you're just being weird), you are a SHIPPER. If you want something in which your ships are actually canon and have valid screentime, go watch romance anime, stop suffering here with us Naruto fans who ignore canon on a daily basis :")
Because at the end of the day, we're all trash.
For our romances and for our pretty cartoon men, women and non-binary characters.
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