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#what do y’all want

do y’all want me to do posts abt going in depth on my favorite episodes? and if so do y’all want them to be more jokey or serious

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ok ok how do we want to pay our respects to road trip??

a. mood board

b. compilation of stupid things the team did while on the road

c. both

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Any particular astronauts/cosmonauts/missions/etc y’all wanna see?

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why are people complaining that the lion king isn’t really live action like did you want them to use real lions

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u can’t harass fat people into exercising and then laugh us out of gyms. you don’t get to have both.

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…get outta my swamp

I’m like 98.99% sure tumblr eats all of the asks sent into me and it’s painful

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I’ve been stuck at the same amount of followers for like 4 months should I leak my nudes or smth

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I’m really tired of age gaps being this be all end all of red flags. Honestly? I’m tired of it being considered a red flag at all when the people involved are over 21

If the older person *is* abusive, I promise there are more red flags than just the age gap

Otherwise, 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? I don’t care. Age gaps alone are not enough for a relationship (real or fictional) to be problematic or suspicious or whatever for me

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also, slightly in reference to my last ask, I have seen people run out of this fandom bc they write rpf, including getting horrible, horrible threats made on their life among other things. I’m saying it right now the first ask I get that has anything even close to that in it, I will turn off anon for the foreseeable future. So don’t be the asshole who ruins it for everyone.

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send me asks and ask anything you wanna know about me :) also tell me things about y’all!!!

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@qveenbvtch asked if i would consider drawing javi, so here’s me considering

also i know this is incredibly rough shut up don’t @ me. also probably gonna be gone ‘til i got a majority of this done with so byeee ✌🏽😌

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