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A/N: okay so i originally wanted this part to be longer, but i replanned the timeline and i thought it's better to end it here so i hope you guys don't mind this part is shorter than the prev ones!
PAIRING: College!Long-hair!Harry X Reader
Tumblr media
It’s no surprise you don’t sleep much through the night. You keep thinking about the things Harry said and didn’t say and what he could possibly want to say. It’s like a constant itch in your brain that doesn’t leave you alone, bugging you every waking moment. 
You’re up early compared to how late you went to bed, you just can’t pretend to be resting any longer so you give up and start the day. 
By the time you hear Harry’s door open, you have his coffee ready and some french toasts for breakfast, knowing he will probably be hungry after drinking the night away. You’re perched up on a stoop by the kitchen island, textbook lying open in front of you when Harry’s footsteps echo down the hallway and a few moments later he appears, rubbing his eyes while yawning.
“Morning,” you greet him, ignoring the disappointment you feel when you see that he has put on clothes and he is not just in his underwear like you put him to bed last night.
“Is it really morning?” he questions with a frown and you can’t help but laugh. “Are you always studying? Every time I see you, you have a textbook open in front of you,” he comments as he grabs a bottle of water from the fridge and starts chugging it down.
“I study law, that needs a lot of time and energy,” you shrug your shoulders.
“I know, but I know other people who study law and they don’t always study.”
“Well… It happens when you’re not good at it,” you add, chewing on your bottom lip, avoiding looking at him. 
“Mm, I highly doubt that. But if it’s true, then why would you study it?” He joins you at the kitchen island while you keep staring at your book, though no word you read actually reaches your brain.
“Because it’s what was expected from me,” you answer quietly, nervously fidgeting with your pen. 
Harry stays quiet and you wish you could hear his thoughts, but he doesn’t speak them so they remain a mystery to you. 
“I made you coffee,” you nod towards the mug waiting for him on the counter.
“Oh! Thank you, you shouldn’t have,” he smiles, taking the drink. 
“Thought you might want something to bring you back after last night,” you chuckle, dropping your pen and finally daring to look at him.
“Yeah, about last night,” he clears his throat, turning his body to face you. “I’m sorry for getting so drunk that you had to bring me home. I don’t know what has gotten into me,” he sighs, clearly disappointed in himself. “I don’t usually drink this much, I just… I don’t know.”
“It’s okay, it happens,” you reassure him. “Do you… what do you remember from last night?” you ask what’s been bugging you all night. He was drunk and whatever happened, you knew there was a chance he wouldn’t remember. 
“Uh, not much,” he admits with an awkward chuckle, scratching the back of his neck. “I remember we took an Uber… Then I took a shower and basically woke up in my bed. Did you have to put me to bed?”
“Well, you kind of fell asleep sitting on the toilet, so I helped you a bit,” you nod, disappointed that according to this he doesn’t remember the major happenings. Like how he held your face or what he wanted to tell you before he fell asleep. 
“Oh fuck, I’m sorry, Y/N,” he sighs, shaking his head. 
“It’s fine,” you chuckle.
“Was I butt naked too?” he asks, horror taking over his expression.
“No, you managed to put on your underwear. Great job,” you grin.
“Thank God,” he laughs, his head falling backwards. 
You settle in a peaceful silence, but you can feel that something hanging between the two of you and it’s telling you that Harry remembers more from last night than what he lets you know. You’re aching to ask him more, but even just sitting in the kitchen with him, having a laugh is such a huge growth from where you were when he moved in, you wouldn’t want to ruin it.
“Y/N?” he breaks the silence and you look at him with anticipation.
“Can I ask you a favor?”
“Sure,” you breathe out with a nod.
“Can we… Can we just start over? Without any questions? Like we are meeting for the first time.”
His request stuns you, especially because you can read between the lines, but it’s just making you even more curious. With this he acknowledged the way he acted towards you in the past and he wants to move on and never talk about it, but you have so many questions. You’ve been dying to know what you did to earn his hatred before and he is taking away your chance to get your answers.
However you don’t want to corrupt what’s been forming between the two of you. You want to get on his good side since you’re living together and you’re also planning to pretend to be dating. Your answers are not your priority in this situation.
“I would love that,” you tell him at last and it seems like he’s been holding his breath, waiting for you to say something.
“Okay. Great, thank you!” he nods with a genuinely relieved smile. “So… Um, hi, I’m Harry, nice to meet you,” he holds out his hand for you. Chuckling, you take it and give it a little squeeze.
“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.”
“Y/N, nice to meet you too and I’m so glad we are going to be roommates and also fake boyfriend and girlfriend at your sister’s wedding!” 
“What an odd first meeting!” you comment, making you both laugh. 
Tumblr media
October starts peacefully and you spend most of your time in the library as the temperature starts to drop and Halloween decorations appear everywhere you go. The campus looks the most amazing in the fall in your opinion. All the oranges and browns and yellows go so well with the old brick buildings, giving the whole university that bit of a dark academy vibe.
Living with Harry has taken a turn since the night he got drunk and he asked to start over in the morning. There’s no more grumpy, unfriendly Harry, he treats you just like everyone else in the group. Like you’re real friends.
That’s all you wanted from the beginning and though you still have no idea what happened at the start, you’re glad you got to this point. 
You’ve been spending time together even without your friends. Harry has been joining you on your grocery trips on Sundays and you always pair up when you meet your friends or go home after a gathering. You even watched a few movies together, so things have definitely been friendly between the two of you.
Your dad’s request to bring him home for Christmas has been hovering above your head though, you still haven’t mentioned it to Harry and even now that you’re on good terms, you still can’t find it in you to ask him to do it. A while ago you started to think about excuses you can tell your dad why he is not coming, though you know damn well there’s nothing you can say that would save you from his disappointment. 
You’ve been keeping in touch with your sister, but mostly about wedding things. You never really hated Alice, it was always the pressure from your parents that poisoned the possible good relationship between the two of you. But you try your best to see her as Alice, your sister, rather than the person your parents want you to become.
In the middle of October the weather starts to cool down rapidly. It’s been such a pain in the ass every year to decide when to start wearing more layers or just a sweater will be enough when you leave the house. 
On a Wednesday afternoon you go out to the Fall Fest that’s held not far from the campus with your usual group of friends. It seemed sunny when you were getting dressed earlier, but now that you’re strolling between the parlors you realize that the thin sweater you chose to wear gives you zero protection against the cold wind.
Your group stops at a picnic table since some of the guys have gotten themselves food so they can eat in peace. Harry is sitting on your right and Vivian is on your left, occasionally stealing some fries from Tanner’s plate after she told him she wasn’t hungry. If you have to guess Tanner got himself a larger size than he originally wanted, just so Viv can have some too.
She is telling you about her Thanksgiving plans and you listen with a pang of jealousy, because it’s been so long since you had a nice Thanksgiving, maybe it never even happened. Ever since you started college you’ve been ditching Thanksgiving, not in the mood to see your family so close to Christmas, you limit your visits to the minimum. You always tell them you need to study, this might be the only excuse your dad accepts, he likes it that you take school seriously.
You wrap your arms around yourself, trying to keep your body’s warmth, but you’re getting colder.
“You didn’t bring a coat?” Harry asks, when Vivian turns to Tanner to ask for more fries.
“Uh, no. I’m really bad at figuring out when I need to start dressing warmer,” you admit. Unlike you, Harry is dressed in a black hoodie and he even has a denim jacket over it.
Viv turns back and asks you about that paper you struggled to write last week and you don’t even notice it when Harry disappears from next to you. When he returns, he places two cups of hot tea to the table, one for you, one for him and before he takes his previous place he shrugs his jacket off and drapes it over your shoulders.
“Wait, you’ll be cold,” you protest, but he brushes your hands away from the jacket, sitting back next to you.
“I’m fine and I’ve got the hot tea. Just keep the jacket on and next time dress better,” he chuckles, pushing your cup closer to you.
“Thank you,” you smile at him gratefully. 
Across the table you catch Iris eyeing you with suspicion and you just give her a questioning look, though you can feel your cheeks heating up from Harry’s gesture. It’s been incredibly hard to keep your growing crush at check. When Harry was an ass you could easily put your attraction towards him aside, but now that you spend so much time with him and he is actually nice to you, it’s pairing up with his incredible looks and you’re not immune to his charm anymore.
You get to keep Harry’s jacket on for the rest of the afternoon, he doesn’t seem to miss it, but it’s such a help for you and you also get to smell his cologne on you that you find so intoxicating and now it’s following you everywhere.
When the group part ways you and Harry head home together. It’s almost past seven, so the temperature has dropped even more, now you really wish you dressed warmer. 
“Another tea?” Harry offers when you finally make it inside the warm apartment.
“Yes please,” you nod, peeling his jacket off and hanging it in the closet in the hallway. You quickly change into some more comfortable clothes and when you return your tea is waiting for you along with some pills on the counter.
“What are these?” you ask, climbing onto one of the stools.
“Vitamins. I bet you were freezing today, so you should take some in case you’ve gotten a cold,” he answers, taking a sip from his own drink.
“I wasn’t that cold,” you scoff and take the vitamins anyway.
Well, you were wrong.
By the time you go to bed later on you can already feel your throat getting sore and your nose starts to block, but you just pray it won’t get any worse.
It does.
The night is torture as you get worse with every passing hour and at one point you get burnt up with a fever as well. Your head starts throbbing and your eyes feel like they are about to melt out of your skull. It becomes clear to you that you will not be going to any of your classes the next day. The sun rises and you feel like you’re on your deathbed that’s also on fire. You drift in and out of sleep and lose track of time, so when your door opens and your eyes snap open you have no idea what time it is.
Harry’s head pops in before the rest of his body appears as he walks into the room.
“Hey, everything alright? You’re usually up by now,” he asks, standing at the door, staring at you with concern all over his face.
“The vitamins did not work,” you groan, it feels like your throat has been rubbed by sandpaper and your fever hasn’t eased since the middle of the night.
Harry leaves his spot by the door and walks up to the bed, sitting on the edge before he places a hand to your forehead softly. His touch feels like ice on your burning skin and his eyes widen at how much you’re burning up.
Without a word he disappears from the room, you faintly hear him shuffle around somewhere outside and then he returns, both his hands full and you just let him do whatever he wants to.
He takes your temperature, makes you take some more pills and he also places a huge mug of hot tea on your nightstand. 
“What hurts?” he softly asks, wiping your face with a damp washcloth.
“My throat and head,” you croak out.
“Alright. Do you have any medicine you usually take when you get sick?”
“Not really,” you hum, barely able to keep your eyes open. 
“Okay. Get some sleep, I’ll be back soon,” you hear him say but you can only nod, eyes already closed. 
With the last thread of your consciousness you take his words as in, he leaves for class and then he’ll check in on you soon. But you wake when you hear the front door open and close and you reach for your phone, seeing that it’s only ten am, meaning that Harry is missing his own class.
Forcing yourself out of the bed you pull a hoodie over your head and slowly make your way out of the room, just to find Harry in the kitchen, unpacking two grocery bags.
“You have class, Harry,” you croak out. His head snaps up and spots you shuffling over to him.
“Hey, you should be in bed. Go back, I’m gonna bring you some medicine and I’m making you soup.”
“Soup?” you let out a tired laugh. “You can make soup?”
“I don’t know, but I already texted my mum so she’ll help me over FaceTime.”
All of a sudden, breathing feels like a hard task, but it’s not because of your blocked nose. Harry is skipping class to take care of you and he asked his mom for help even. This is probably the most anyone has ever done for you. If only you weren’t fighting to stay standing on your feet, you’d probably give him the biggest hug ever.
He forces you to go back to bed and soon he brings you some more tea and vitamins as he takes your temperature again.
“It’s still pretty high. You should take something,” he hums and a minute later he is giving you another pill.
You take everything and anything he gives you, trusting him with knowing what you need. Soon you fall asleep again and it’s sometime in the noon when you wake up again. You drink up the rest of the tea in your mug and head out to the bathroom, but you realize that you’re not alone. Harry is still at home, in his room, his door left wide open so he catches you walking past right away. You quickly do your business and then stop at his room on your way back. 
“Hey,” he looks up from his book. “How are you feeling?”
“Like I’m dying,” you admit with a tired chuckle.
“Soup is ready, why don’t you eat some?” he offers, standing from his desk and you just nod.
He walks you out, a hand on your lower back and your heated skin tingles under his soft touch. He makes you sit at the kitchen island as he heats the soup up a bit before serving you a plate.
“If you absolutely hate it you don’t have to eat it, I can just go out and buy something for you,” he chuckles as he watches you blow on a spoonful of the soup.
It tastes good. Not the best you’ve had, but it’s tasty and the warm liquid caresses your sore throat as you swallow it.
“Tastes good,” you smile at him, slowly spooning more of it into your mouth. 
Your breath hitches in your throat when he reaches over and smoothes his hand over your forehead to check your temperature, then he brushes his knuckles down the side of your face and you can’t tell if it’s your fever or his touch that’s burning you up.
“You shouldn’t have skipped class,” you clear your throat when you finish eating.
“It’s fine,” he shrugs and taking the plate he brings it to the sink and washes it for you. “I didn’t want to leave you alone in case something happens.”
“That’s… very nice of you.” That’s all you manage to get out. You’re not used to being taken care of, it’s always been just you and yourself.
You spend the rest of the afternoon in bed, mostly sleeping, for a while it feels like you’re getting better, but then your temperature starts to rise again as the evening comes around, probably the medicine you took has worn out of your system so your fever is spiking again.
“Fuck,” you whine out when you wake again and you feel yourself drenched in your own sweat. As if it was his queue, you hear Harry’s footsteps in the hallway right away and a moment later there’s a soft knock on your door before it opens and he pops his head inside.
“Everything alright?” he asks as you’re sitting up in bed.
“I think my fever is back,” you mumble, rubbing your eyes. Somewhere in the back of your mind you know you look awful. You’ve been in bed for an entire day now, your hair must be a mess and he has to see the discomfort on your face. If you weren’t burning up, you’d worry about Harry seeing you like this, but right now you have other things that keep you busy. 
“I’ll get you some more medicine, why don’t you take a cold shower in the meanwhile?” he suggests and stepping closer he helps you up from the bed, since it’s a hard task too with all your energy gone. 
It feels like running a marathon, just to get in the shower, but you somehow manage. When you get out from the cold shower you realize you didn’t bring any clothes in.
“Harry?” you call out, wrapping the towel around yourself.
“Yes?” you hear his answer coming from the other side of the door.
“Can you bring me some clothes? I forgot to bring any,” you breathe out.
You hear him shuffle around in your room and then there’s a soft knock on the door.
“You can come in,” you say and then he walks in, finding you sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, wrapped in your fluffy towel, your hair dripping wet.
“Feeling any better?” he asks, setting down a pile of clothes next to the sink. 
“A tiny bit,” you hum.
Nodding he kneels in front of you and without even asking if you need any help, he starts dressing you. He pulls the shirt over your head and over the towel, then assists with the pajama pants too before turning away for a second so you can get rid of the towel and fix your fit.
“Alright, come on, let’s get you back into bed.” His hand returns to the small of your back again as he walks you back into your bedroom where you realize he even changed your sheets. 
You could cry from the effort he has put into taking care of you, but all you can think of is to fall into those fresh sheets and sleep until you feel better. He gives you some medicine, you chug a glass of water and then you’re out cold again. 
You have no idea how long you were sleeping, but when you wake up it’s bright outside and you feel a lot better. Your fever is more or less gone, your throat is still sore, but definitely not as much as yesterday and your headache has finally vanished. It’s like you’ve come back from the dead.
All thanks to Harry.
WHen you wander out of your room you find him sitting at the kitchen island with a cup of coffee and his head snaps up at your arrival and when he sees your more lively version approaching him, a smile stretches across his face.
“Hey! How are you feeling?”
“Better,” you sigh. “My nose is still running and I’m not totally okay, but I think my fever is gone.”
“That’s good. But you should still rest, take it easy.”
“Thank you, doctor Styles,” you tease him as you make yourself some oatmeal quickly.
“If I were a doctor I wouldn’t be sitting here,” he chuckles. “Will you be fine on your own today?”
“Yeah, I’ll just have a movie marathon or something. Enjoy another day off from classes.”
“Okay, but text me if you need anything. I could bring us something for dinner and we could watch something together, how does that sound?” he offers.
“It’s Friday, aren’t you going somewhere? I bet you have better plans than having takeaway with me at home.”
“No,” he simply answers before chugging down the rest of his coffee.
Harry leaves not long after and you go back to bed for a bit, resting while catching up on some reading so you can quiet down your guilt about missing school. He was kind enough to put the leftover soup into the fridge for you, so you don’t have to make lunch for yourself. Sometime in the afternoon you take a shower, put some clothes on that are not pajamas and move yourself out into the livingroom to watch some Netflix. 
Your favorite roommate returns home a little bit after five with bags from your favorite Chinese place and a bright smile on his face.
“Hello, how is the patient feeling?” he asks, setting down the bags on the coffee table
“A lot better. It’s just my nose now,” you frown. Your throat is now fine and you haven’t had a fever all day.
“Good,” he nods, pleased with your words. “I hope you’re hungry, because it’s all fresh and still warm.”
“Oh, I could definitely eat,” you chuckle. His soup was good, but you’re aching for something more solid.
“What are we watching?” he asks, nodding towards the screen where you have a show stopped.
“Um, it’s just a documentary I started. We can watch something else if you–”
“I like those,” he assures you with a charming smile as he hands you a foodbox. “Which one is it?”
“Haven’t seen that. What did I miss so far?” he asks, joining you on the couch.
“We can just start again, I’m only two episodes into it.”
“You don’t mind?”
“Of course not,” you say and you’d do just about anything for him after these past days. This is the least you can do to thank him for taking good care of you. 
You eat and watch the documentary in silence, but it’s not at all awkward, you sometimes discuss something about the case, whenever they find something new and when the series ends you just randomly start another one.
Then your phone rings. It’s Alice.
“Hey,” you answer the call.
“Hi, I know it’s a short notice, but I’m about thirty minutes away from your place. Can I spend the night at yours?” she asks and you can hear it clearly that she is in her car. “I met with a photographer and I have a meeting with another one too, so I thought I would just crash at your place.”
Your eyes widen and you sit up alerted, Harry staring at you with a questioning look.
“Uh, you wanna stay here?” you ask.
“Yes, unless your guest bedroom is taken.”
You can’t tell her that Harry lives there, it would be weird if your boyfriend were living in a different bedroom.
“N-No, it’s free. What did you say, when are you arriving?” you ask in panic.
“In about thirty. Thank you, sis, you’re saving my life. See you soon,” and with that, she ends the call.
“Oh fuck,” you jump up from the bed. 
“What, what is it?”
“My sister. She is on her way here and she wants to spend the night.”
You can tell it takes him a few moments to realize what this means, his eyes widen as his mouth hangs agape.
“O-oh! And what… What are we gonna do?”
“You need to move some of your stuff to my room so she can stay there without realizing that’s where you live. You do that, I’m gonna change the sheets for her and… we’re just gonna have to wing it.”
“So we’re gonna pretend to be together?”
“We have to, you can’t move out in thirty minutes, so the only narrative that can work now is that we are together and we also live together.”
There’s a pause that lasts for a few heartbeats and you fear he’ll say no and leave you alone in the mess, but then he finally nods and stands from the couch.
“Alright. Then we are doing this.”
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Tumblr media
You Doing Okay?
summary: Javier hates parties, yet he was coming with you to one. You quickly determine his intentions when his hand ends up under your dress at the bar.
rating: E (18+!! This is smut. Kinda jealous Javier Peña, public sex, vaginal fingering, (1) clit smack, thigh riding, dirty talk, praise kink, exhibition kink, light d/s tones, feelings, soft Javier Peña (It’s me))
pairing: Javier Peña/f!reader
word count: 2000+
a/n: A fic for my follower celebration for an Anon who requested Javier Peña and the prompt “The only way you’re getting off is on my thigh.” It's time to sin. This is a sequel to Quiet. Same couple. Shoutout to my beta @invisibleismyname!
Thank you for reading! Comments and reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
You knew Javier hated social events. You’d known that before you started dating and were just co-workers—he never attended the office parties, or met up at the bar after work with the group wanting to blow off some steam. He’d get a drink with you and/or Steve. He’d even show up at the Murphy’s for Sunday dinner that Connie was adamant she cook the three of you, but parties? No, not his thing, so it was a bit surprising that when you mentioned you were stopping by a going away party, Javi said he was joining you.
The event was happening at a bar frequented by DEA agents, and close to the office—the place dimly lit, the drinks reasonably priced, music playing at a volume where you needed to raise your voice for people to hear you.
You suspected Javi’s change in opinion of social gatherings, had something to do with the fact that the guy leaving had taken you out on a date soon after you’d arrived in Colombia—nothing came of it, there was no spark, but you’d remained friendly. Your suspicion was proven correct when you were sitting at a table in the back of the place; Javi with his chair scooted so close to yours that you could feel his body heat next to you. He had one arm around your shoulders, his other hand slowly making its way up the hem of your dress under the table, while you were trying to converse with the man of the hour, who was sitting across from you.
It had never crossed your mind that Javi would ever be jealous; he wasn’t possessive. But then your mind tracked through all of your interactions with the co-worker leaving; you realized after Javi found out about the date, he seemed to pop up and pull you away every time you were talking to him. Javi always had a grumpy look when men flirted with you, or a grumpier than usual look, which usually ended with the two of you tucked away in a supply closet or file room, or that one memorable occasion in Ambassador Noonan’s empty office, with his dick inside you.
Your hands gripped your glass, trying to ignore the soft touch of his fingertips as they stroked along the sensitive skin of your inner thigh. You could close your legs and trap the wayward hand, but you didn’t think Javi would be so brazen—he had to just be teasing you, which was working, because feeling him had your body going warm as you tried to pay attention to the conversation in which your coworker was very happy to talk about himself.
A breath hitched in your throat when Javi palmed his hand over your underwear, and you knew that he could feel your heat and the wetness beginning to seep through the material. You were hearing about the other man’s plans for when he got back to the states when Javi rubbed his fingers against your clit, quickly bringing your drink to your lips to cover the moan stuck in your chest.
So, he wasn’t teasing. You were interested in seeing where this went.
His fingers slipped under the lace, your pulse hammering, heat licking across your skin when he zeroed in on your sensitive bundle of nerves, trying to control your breathing as the sparks of pleasure lit up in your core. He knew what he was doing, he knew the effect he was having on you, and you were relieved when he started speaking to the other man to give you a chance to compose yourself by taking another drink, relishing in the burn of the liquor.
You felt yourself pulling taut, the coil winding in your belly with each roll of his fingers, the fact he was doing this in some place so public thrilling you. Your body was heated, and you could feel sweat beginning to form on your skin as you tried to hold in your whimpers. Slick was pooling at your entrance, and your panties were wet.
Your brain could barely focus on a single thing being said between the men, as you put everything into keeping your face straight while Javi continued to finger you. With how often the two of you fucked around the office, this shouldn’t have surprised you, and yet you were taken aback that he was doing this while literally talking to another person in the middle of a bar. You loved every minute of it, so fucking turned on, biting down on your lower lip that you hid behind your glass.
You were doing your best not to squirm, but Javi knew exactly how to work you up. He was good with his fingers, mouth, and dick, the man making you come so easily you wondered if he was some kind of sex deity.
At the thought of his cock inside you, your pussy clenched hard around nothing. The glass shook in your hand, your eyes closing as you took a drink. The pressure in your core was steadily building, and you could feel the sweat on your brow, your body beginning to tremble.
“You doing okay?”
It took you a second to register that you were being spoken to, your head turning towards Javi, who’d asked the question.
There was a glint in his eyes, a slight smirk on his lips that said he was very well aware of how he was making you feel, and you had to hold back from moaning as both men looked at you.
“Yeah,” your coworker started. “Do you need water? You look like you’ve had one too many.”
You looked away.
“No… No, I’m okay,” you chuckled nervously.
“Okay, I’m going to go talk to the others. If you’re ever in DC, look me up. Have a nice night, you two!” He said to you both before getting up from the table and making his way through the crowd.
The moment you and Javi were alone, he was in your space, nosing against the side of your face and nipping at your earlobe.
“Are you close?” His voice was low and raspy, spoken directly into your ear as a shudder rolled through you, your eyes closing as you moaned.
You were on the edge, your muscles pulled so tight it was in reach, and you nodded your head, gasping out a Yes, Javi, his fingers continuing their movements.
“I understand why you only went on one date—the guy’s full of himself and probably wouldn’t know how to make you come,” Javi rasped. “I do, though. Don’t I? You like me touching you in public, Hermosa? Like my fingers on your pussy?” You moaned again. “My dirty fucking girl. You’d let me fuck you in the bar bathroom, wouldn’t you?” You mewled at the thought, and he slapped his fingers against your clit, making you gasp when you didn’t answer. “Answer me, baby. You’d let me fuck you anywhere,” his fingers were working against you again.
You nodded your head because it was true. Nothing else mattered when he was taking you apart. You’d let him do it to you anywhere, no matter the consequences, and you were honestly surprised you’d never been caught.
“Yes, Javi,” the words a breathy exhale from your lungs.
He chuckled lowly, sending a tingle down your spine, his teeth nipping at your ear again.
“You want to get off, baby? Want to come?”
You were already so fucking close you could practically taste it.
His fingers stopped, and your eyes flew open, whining at the sudden loss as your impending orgasm slipped away.
He moved his chair back from the table, it hitting the wall, and next thing you knew, he was using his strength to haul you into his lap, getting his thigh between your legs, feeling the rough texture of his denim against your core. His big hands pulled your head to his, kissing you hard, deepening it as his tongue delved into your depths and pulled a moan from your lungs.
He broke the kiss, lips moving along your jaw until his mouth was at your ear.
“The only way you’re getting off is on my thigh,” his voice was deep and husky. “Can you do that for me? Grind that pretty pussy against me? Make yourself come, baby. I got you.”
You nodded your head.
“Good girl,” he purred.
You were already coiled tight with tension as you started rocking your hips, Javi tensing his muscles beneath you, feeling them rippling and giving you something hard to grind against. You were holding onto his shoulders for leverage, his hands grasping the nape of your neck while he kissed you, pushing his tongue into your mouth. He tasted like whiskey and mint, the kiss all-consuming, while you ground against him, the thin fabric of your panties hardly any barrier against the texture of his jeans.
The stimulation spurred you on, rubbing your clit just right, making it throb, feeling like it was vibrating with how sensitive it was. Your eyes rolled back in your head, Javi swallowing your moans as the exquisite pleasure built in your body, the familiar feeling of your muscles tightening in your abdomen as you wound yourself tighter and tighter with each grind of your hips.
His grip moved to your waist, his big hands helping you work against him, pressing you harder into him, and feeling a wet spot growing beneath you.
You felt like you’d never get enough of Javi—you could have his naked body pressed against yours, his cock filling you, and still it wouldn’t be enough, your need for him to consume your entire being too much. He was an unquenchable thirst, something you constantly craved and needed more of.
“Come on, baby,” he murmured against your lips. “Come for me.”
His words were your undoing, that familiar burn in your belly as the coil finally snapped, coming with a shuddered moan of his name that his kisses muffled. Your heart was pounding in your chest, your body tingling as the euphoria burned brightly in your veins, making your brain a muddled, hazy mess as you came down from your high.
Javi continued to kiss you softly, his hands rubbing against your sides and back, grounding you back to earth as your breaths evened out.
After a minute, you felt as he kissed the tip of your nose, cheeks, and forehead before placing one last kiss on your lips again.
You opened your eyes, seeing him smiling at you.
“How are you feeling?” He asked.
“Fucking incredible,” you answered truthfully.
He chuckled.
You quickly looked behind you, checking your surroundings, and seeing nobody was paying either of you any mind, a deep breath of relief left your lungs.
“Hey,” Javi said, bringing your eyes back to his and rubbing his hands along your arms. “I’ll keep you safe. No one even looked this way.”
You felt warmth move through your chest at the sincerity in his tone, because you knew without a doubt that you could trust him, that even in these risky situations, he wouldn’t let anything happen to you. You suddenly wanted to be somewhere less crowded, where he could fuck you; feeling him hard against your thigh, and even though you’d just come, you were aching for him.
“Bathroom, back alleyway, or car?” You asked.
He laughed, pulling you in for a kiss.
“Fuck, I love you,” he said against your lips, making you smile.
“I love you, too,” you replied when your eyes met. “Which will it be? I’m not feeling picky.”
He grinned.
“There’s no fucking way we’re leaving this bar without me getting my dick inside you. I’m hard as a fucking rock.”
You palmed him, his eyes closing for a second as he groaned.
“I can tell,” you got off his leg, seeing the wetness darkening his jeans and holding your hand out to him. “Come on, babe. There’s that big mirror over the sink, so I can watch you come inside me.”
“Fuck,” he rasped, taking your hand and getting up quickly. He couldn’t help himself, his other hand grabbing the back of your head as he crushed his lips against yours. “Love you so fucking much,” his words muffled.
“Love you, too.”
Tumblr media
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lavenderdreams22 · 18 hours ago
Violence and Love Letters - e.m.
A/N: hope you guys enjoy this! I’m in an Eddie mood lately, so I needed to get this out of my system. feedback is always welcome, just please be nice! ❤️
Warnings: cursing, violence. as always, very quickly edited. I think that’s really it, but let me know if you need me to add anything else here!
Tumblr media
It was a shock to no one that Eddie Munson was now, and had always been, the type to humiliate himself. When he was younger, it had always been accidental. Now that he was nearing adulthood, he found himself doing it on purpose more and more.
It had started out as his way to take some control back when he started getting bullied, but, as time went on, and he got older, it became second nature. And, even though everyone at Hawkins High was used to his theatrics, very few actually tolerated it.
He had the guys in his band, the little sheepies in Hellfire, and then there was you. You were the type that people wrote songs about (he would know, he had written you about 25). You were a blinding, beautiful light that illuminated the depths of his mind when he started to spiral. You were the first person he called when his antics had gone too far, and you were always, without question, the first to let him live it down.
He had called you after a particularly violent encounter with Jason Carver, and you came over to his trailer. As your fingers worked over the cuts and bruises on his face, he had the chance to really look at you. He had never been able to take you in before, at least, not up close and personal like this. God, you were beautiful, and he didn’t miss the anger burning in your eyes.
The next day at lunch, Jason came into the cafeteria with a black eye and a busted lip.
“Woah, what the hell happened to him?” Gareth’s voice was low to avoid drawing attention to their band of misfits.
Eddie’s eyes followed Jason from the door to his table before slowly sliding his gaze to you. You kept your gaze trained on your food that you had brought from home. With a quick once over, he noticed that your knuckles were bloody, and he felt his heart stutter in his chest.
“Did you…?” Eddie whispered.
“No idea what you’re talking about, Munson.” You replied, popping a grape into your mouth.
Eddie grinned at you, then. He let the conversation drop, but you knew it wasn’t over. With a sigh, you eyed him for a moment. He was still grinning as he tucked the memory away. It was one that he wanted to revisit again and again.
Then, there was the infamous chicken salad incident. Your mother had packed it for you, but you spent most of the lunch period with your nose wrinkled at it.
“What’s the problem, princess? Don’t like chicken salad?” Eddie asked, pointing a pretzel at you.
“Not the biggest fan, no.” You shook your head.
“Here, let me get you something from the vending machines?” He said, and when you nodded he smiled at you.
Eddie pushed the chair back, accidentally bumping into a passing cheerleader.
“Ew, watch it. Fucking freak.” She squealed, and her friends laughed behind her.
“The fuck did you just say?” You asked, standing. Your chair nearly toppling over if Dustin hadn’t reached out to steady it for you.
“You heard me,” she gave you an evil little smile.
“I’m gonna need you to repeat yourself.” You were fuming, but you kept your tone quiet. Eddie found that both terrifying and incredibly sexy.
“I called him a ‘fucking freak’.” She repeated, her hands on her hips. “And now that I get a good look at you, I’d say the title fits you both pretty well.”
Before Eddie had the chance to say anything to defend your honor, your chicken salad was flying through the air, hitting the cheerleader square in the chest of her pristine little uniform.
“What the hell!” The shrill sound of her voice rang out through the lunchroom.
“I gave you a chance to shut the fuck up.” You said with a shrug. “Go away.”
“Are you kidding me?” Another shriek.
“I would listen to her if I were you.” Eddie mimicked your shrug, and with a scoff the girls turned on their heels and stalked out of the lunch room.
When he turned back to look at you, you shot him a grin that he was sure stopped his heart completely. He stood there for a moment, letting everything sink in. God damn… he was in trouble. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Hey princess.” Eddie grinned down at you from the door of his trailer.
“Hey, Eds.” You gave him a small wave. “Can I come in?”
“Course you can.” He stepped to the side, holding the screen door open for you.
You stepped over the threshold and were met by the distinct smell of Eddie. You inhaled as discreetly as you could, but Eddie didn’t miss it. He never did, and sometimes you found yourself cursing him for being so damn observant.
“Sorry, smells like weed and booze in here.” He chuckled, running an embarrassed hand through his hair.
“No, smells nice. Like your aftershave.” After the words left your lips, you felt the blush creep up your neck.
“So, you like the way I smell, then?” He winked at you before gesturing down the hall to his room. His face scrunched up, again embarrassed by where he lived. “Sorry it’s not the White House.” His voice was quieter than normal, and you felt your heart sink.
“Eds… it’s perfect.” You patted his shoulder, “just like you.” You shoved past him to get to his bedroom. “Can’t believe you’ve never invited me over before now.”
He grinned as he watched you move around the room, your finger tracing over various knick knacks. He would never tell you that the reason he had avoided having you over for so long was because if he got to see you in his space, with his things, he would never want you to leave.
Truth be told, you never wanted to leave, either. Eddie had always felt like home to you. So, with unspoken words, and coveted feelings, the two of you spent the entire night in his bed, passing a blunt between the two of you while Black Sabbath played in the background.
About a month later, Eddie had asked you to copy your notes. You handed him your notebook without thinking. Your notebook that you had scribbled his name in various calligraphies in the margins. The same notebook that you had written love note after love note, dedicated to Eddie, in. You had never intended for him to see them, but you realized your mistake a moment too late.
The sound in your bedroom turned to static, as he sat there, his eyes trained on the page as you chewed nervously on your bottom lip.
“Eddie?” Your voice cracked, and his gaze snapped to you.
“Do you mean these things you wrote?” He asked, his tone just as tentative as yours.
“Every word.” You nodded. “Didn’t mean for it to come out like this, but…” with a shrug, you reached for the notebook.
His face split into a dopey grin, and you felt the weight of the world fall off your shoulders as he traced over the words with a finger.
“So, you meant it when you said ‘Every day I fall more in love with you’?” He asked, “or what about, ‘your eyes remind me of coming home’.”
“Yup, even that.” A small smile, “I don’t expect you to feel the same, obviously.”
“Oh, sweetheart.” He closed the notebook and reached out both hands, taking your hands in his. “I have been crazy about you since you decked Carver in the face.”
“You have?” You blinked, and you were sure that the confusion was evident on your face.
“Oh yeah. I always thought I was being obvious, but it seems like the only person that didn’t know how I felt was you. Wasn’t a secret.” He pulled you into his arms by your hands, and, with a yelp, you settled in. Your head rested over his heart, and you swore you could hear the words that neither of you had dared speak aloud. I love you.
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perpetuelledaydreaming · 18 hours ago
18 | chapter tenth
summary: steve freaks out over nothing, everyone likes boobies and you like to get on people's nerves. also billy can't take his eyes off of you.
warnings: like smutty thoughts? alcohol too.
listen to: arabella - arctic monkeys (playlist here)
Also like right now we're feeling like cool it girls, so I have the playlist for the mood of y/n here
word count: 3.1k
series masterlist + read the next chapter early on my ko-fi!!
Tumblr media
You’d tried throughout the afternoon to remain as quiet and calm as possible, trying not to overthink about the party that day but it seemed always impossible. It would be your first party since April and that wasn’t exactly a great experience. Not with what happened with Craig after the fact but now here was your chance and you couldn’t waste it, especially now that you wanted to run for student president, you needed to attend, you couldn’t let people forget you over the weekend before you were nothing new. 
Therefore, you tried to dress as old-fashion and modestly as you possibly could so Craig wouldn’t flip out. You’d decided to wear some jeans and a sweater that you’d probably worn to school already, you’d also decided to wear a soft make-up look and your hair was just blown dry. You were ready just as Steve arrived and Craig had accepted your outfit option without looking too much into the small bag that you decided to take as well. Steve didn’t think anything of it either as he opened the door for you and then drove to Robin’s place, where she and Eddie were already waiting for both of you. 
It was only until then that you started to show off who you truly were. 
“What what the fuck are you doing?” Steve shrieked, holding the steering wheel tighter as you took off your sweater and threw it to the back of the car where Eddie was waiting for it before he handed you a rather tight and small white t-shirt with a Queen logo over it. 
“What?” you asked, before pulling the shirt over your head and trying to see how you looked in the mirror. “You haven’t seen a girl in a bra before?” you teased. 
Steve quickly rolled his eyes as he heard Robin and Eddie snickering in the backseat. 
“Yeah, Steve haven’t you?” Eddie mocked while Steve glared at all of you while you proceeded to take your pants off as well. 
“Y/N!” Steve shrieked again while you simply rolled the jean down your legs before reaching for your bag and taking the mini black skirt that you’d waiting to use for a while and placing it on. 
“Steve, get over it!” you yelled back, which only served for Robin and Eddie to laugh louder than before. 
“It’s not me,” Steve stated annoyingly. “It’s Robin,” he explained, Robin quickly glared at him as her cheeks turned a bright red as she looked away. 
“Shut up,” she quickly growled at Steve, swatting at his arm hard while you and Eddie laughed loudly. 
“Don’t worry, Robin,” you stated looking back at her with a soft smile. “I think all of us like boobies,” you said with a shrug and there was a beat of silence in the car as it dawned on them what you meant by that. 
“Oh,” Steve and Robin stated at the same time as they looked at you. 
Eddie just had the biggest smirk as you started to take out some make-up from your bag and began to paint your eyes, unaware of their expressions. 
“Oh, yeah we do,” Eddie stated with a smirk. 
Steve hadn’t been kidding about the craziness of the party. Within minutes of arriving, you felt like you’d walked into a crazy mess of teens on the front lawn cheering on guys that were drinking on a keg stand while they were people grinding on each other or simply nearly having sex against a wall. The thrill you felt as soon as you got in was something that you hadn’t felt in a while, especially when you were finally feeling like you were dressing like yourself. 
You were aware of how your outfits were at school and the impressions they gave to people and yes, you enjoyed dressing like that, even more taking into account that the clothes you were wearing were your mother’s when she was young. You’d kept it all. You’d enjoyed the fashion of the 70s and how it reminded you how she was when she was young and not sick. It felt like you were with her most of the time. But then, there were sometimes when you would like to dress as you saw in magazines and with people, and there were sometimes when you wished you could express who you truly were. 
But the school didn’t make the cut, especially with Craig being so hyperaware of how you presented yourself since it would reflect on him. 
So, being able to dress how you actually wanted was something that felt so freeing. 
The t-shirt that Eddie had brought you had fitted you perfectly, you’d hidden the sleeves a bit so it looked better while it fell exactly on the right place over your black mini skirt (you had to be careful though because you were beyond sure that if you bend over a little bit more than what you’d planned, you would probably give someone a very nice look of your panties). Moreover, you were wearing tall knee-high boots with heels that made you look so good that you could cry. You’d finished the look by applying a bit too much mascara and eyeliner but it fitted nicely with the outfit. 
And you felt good, so good that you’d walked into that house with a sense of confidence that you probably hadn’t experienced in a while. 
You felt stronger. Better. Hardened. More powerful. 
Even more, as you entered the party with Eddie, Steve, and Robin by your side as people turned around to watch you, blinking slowly and confused while you walked through the hallway towards the living room where people were dancing the most. 
By the time you entered the kitchen, you were pretty sure everyone in the party was aware of your new look and you were correct, to the point that Tommy H. had run, ran to the pool so he could tell Billy that you’d arrived. 
“The new girl isn’t just hot,” he stated as he placed a hand on Billy’s shoulder, squeezing it tightly and with an emotion that Billy probably hadn’t seen before. “She’s actually smoking hot. I repeat the new girl is actually smoking hot.”
It wasn’t like Billy didn’t know that already. He knew since the first time he had laid eyes on you that you were the most beautiful girl that you’d ever seen. But there he is, walking towards the beer pong that’s a little bit closer to the living room just so he can see you, an element of intrigue dancing across his features as he leans a bit over the beer pong table, announcing that he wants to play when honestly his eyes were just searching for you, and when he found you, Billy’s lips parted slightly as he looked you over. 
You did look good, god, you looked gorgeous.  
You were downing shots with your friends in the kitchen with the same unbelievably short skirt he’d seen you wear when you first met. In all honesty, you hadn’t been paying much attention to people, you were just determined on dancing all night long and having fun with your friends, maybe get to know other people but nothing else. 
“Just drink it!” Robin insisted as she took the red solo cup and placed it in your hand. Honestly, it didn’t smell quite good, it had to be some kind of outrageous mixed alcoholic beverage and you weren’t exactly planning to get drunk, just tipsy enough for you to have a good time and relax a bit. 
Suddenly, you felt pinpricks on the back of your neck, a feeling as if the hairs were rising on your neck. Some one was watching you intently and you knew just who it was. Running a hand slowly through your hair, you looked over your shoulder, searching for them. 
And there they were, those strikingly blue eyes gazing at you 
Billy let out a playful grin on his lips, relishing in the way your eyes widened as you noticed that he wasn’t wearing anything but some red shorts. He was all sunkissed skin and sharp lines, you could already see from where you were each ridge of his muscular chest, even under the shadow of the night. Your eyes flickered across his features, taking him entirely, how the drops of water fell on his skin, rolled through it. 
God, you hated him. 
He looks like an action figure, you thought. 
You knew he was muscular and hot, you weren’t fucking blind but seeing him there and standing like that? Maybe it was the alcohol, it had to be because there could be no way that you were feeling dizzy just by looking at Billy Hargrove without a shirt. You quickly looked away for a second before knocking out another shot, but you’d just been too obvious. 
Too fucking obvious, you realized. 
You didn’t dare to look at Billy again after that and you busied yourself with your friends, knocking back shot after shot until you were tipsy enough to scream loudly as you heard a David Bowie song that had you pulling Steve, Eddie, and Robin to the dance floor, where Nancy and Jonathan already where. Time passed and although you weren’t falling all over the place, you were definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol on your bloodstream. You twirled, hands above your head as you giggled and moved your hips to the music. You smiled up at Steve and Eddie with a dopey grin, head bopping to the beat of the music while you jumped when the music got too good. And then, you weren’t exactly sure when you lost Robin and Eddie and then Steve and ended up on the patio, looking for some fresh air. 
That’s when you found him, he was standing at the edge of the pool with Tommy and some other guys a little way across the patio his attention was not on the conversation at all. He was watching you, you had his undivided attention.
There was a flush on your cheeks, you aren’t sure though whether it’s from the heat or from the way that he was looking at you. 
“See something that you like, y/l/n?” he teased. 
Maybe it was the alcohol, but you started to walk towards him, getting real close but you couldn’t feel if you were going because of your own volition or because of the pull of his heated gaze. A slow grin grew on his face as you approached him, although you didn’t know exactly what your plan was. You stopped directly in front of him, a playful grin on your lips as you relished in the slight confusion on Billy’s gaze, hidden between clear pleasure. 
You leaned into him, slowly and close enough for your lips to touch his ear. Billy did his best not to shudder at the feeling and you did yours to not feel goosebumps appearing on your skin when your arm touched his wet skin. 
“Keep on dreaming, Hargrove,” you whispered, so close to him that Billy could smell the alcohol you’d drink before you spun on your heels and walked away from him. 
His friends looked just as amused as you were by your sudden appearance and they started to holler at you as soon as you let Billy with the words caught up in his throat. You could hear some cheering from other people and lewd comments to Billy as well but you pay them no mind. Now, you were just worrying to find Eddie or Robin or anyone of the others so you could stop walking around like a lost puppy. 
But you ran into someone that you honestly had been avoiding too. 
Jason Craver walked up to you without a second thought and you cursed mentally that you’d drink so much that you couldn’t swerve him as you’d been doing at school. 
“Funny seeing you here,” Jason said as he held the red solo cup in his hand, he was wearing an all-American boy outfit and you had to force yourself not to roll your eyes. 
“Sure,” you stated with a small smile, your eyes still roaming the patio, trying to find your friends. 
“And seeing you dressed like this?” he stated as his eyes lingered on your body a smirk appearing on your skin. 
Your eyes immediately narrowed. 
“What do you mean?” you snapped and you could tell as his eyes widened at 
“I…” he stuttered, stumbling into his words before he quickly changed the topic while you waited, irritation drawn on your face as you waited for him. “I heard that you’re running for student council president,” Jason finally said, deciding it would be the best route of conversation if he didn’t want you cursing him off. 
“How did you hear that?” you frowned. 
“Heard it today in the cafeteria,” Jason explained and you frowned, you never realized people were actually snooping in on conversations. “I’m running too,” he stated, chest puffing out a bit. 
You rose a brow. 
“Why you?” you asked him seriously, you’d seen Jason, you were aware that he was popular and was a well-round good boy but you hadn’t exactly pictured him as your competition; you honestly believed it would be someone like Nancy being on the race. 
“Oh, it’s normal that the King of Hawkins is the president of the student council,” he explained to you, amused by your question as if it was silly for you to be asking that. 
Fuck him, you thought. 
“So why Billy isn’t?”
You immediately noticed that you’d touched a nerve and you tried not to let your lips quirk up at how Jason’s breath caught in his throat or how his jaw clenched when you brought up Billy and more specifically that he was King of Hawkins, not Jason. 
“He doesn’t have the best reputation with the teachers,” he muttered while he looked away for a second and cleared his throat. 
He was easy to rile up with just a few choice words and it only made you want to continue. 
“But his grades are good,” you insisted. 
“It’s not about grades,” Jason finally snapped as he glared at you but you frowned at his reply.
“So, it’s a popularity contest?” you asked. “Not the one who would actually try to make a change?”
Jason chuckled and you hated how condescending his laugh was. “Something like that, but hey,” he said as he suddenly leaned closer to you. “Let’s stop talking about school, I was wondering if you were free on …”
Jason’s words quickly died in his mouth and you weren’t sure exactly why until you felt a strong arm looping around your waist and lifting you from the ground while you yelped.  
The scent of sea and cigarette immediately invaded your space, you could feel his body heat directly behind you as he plastered you against his strong chest. 
“Sorry, Jason,” Billy muttered with a smirk on his face as he pulled you away from the blonde guy. 
He wasn’t sorry. Billy had actually been waiting for you a while, he’d been waiting that you finally finish talking with the guy so he could talk to you, so he could at least get a chance you see your smile and flushed cheeks because of the alcohol, to see if you could at least whisper one more time into his ear because it had already sent him into overdrive. But when he noticed Jason getting a bit closer to you, he was aware that he needed to step in. 
And the best thing he could think was this. 
“What are you doing?” you snapped angrily at him as you tried to squirm from his strong hold on you but he didn’t care as you swatted at him. 
Billy chuckled as he raised you a bit higher and you cursed loudly as you tried to pull down your skirt, hoping that no one had taken a peak of your underwear. 
“You’ll see, princess,” He stated mischievously, which only served you to be more uneasy as you glanced around trying to figure out what he was trying to do. 
But then you soon caught up as you glanced at the pool. 
Hell no. 
“You are not going to throw me!” you snapped quickly at him as you reached the edge and Billy quickly and impressively moved you around as if you were a toy, dragging your body to the edge of the pool, to the point that you had to raise your legs so you didn’t touch the water. 
“Oh, don’t be such a bore,” he teased, as he moved you around again and planted your feet on the ground, almost trying to lift you into his shoulders but you quickly screamed and pulled away from him while Billy simply chuckled louder. 
People were starting to turn around to see your interaction and you could feel their eyes burning you while some began to cheer and laugh as they stared at the stand-off you were having with Billy. 
You glared at him as you tried to pull yourself together, the alcohol making your actions a little bit slower while you tried to pull down your skirt and brush your hair with your hand before your eyes landed on him. Billy was already wet as he placed his hands on his hips and waited for you defiantly. You stared at him for a second, the red trunks riding low on his hips, enough for you to glance for more than a second at the V shape muscles he had, then staring at the cut of his biceps and the smooth muscles of his frame. 
Maybe it was the alcohol, it had to be the alcohol because you were playing a really dangerous game with Billy Hargrove right there. 
“You want me to get into the pool?” you teased with a flirty grin as you gave a step closer to him. 
Billy decided at that moment that he was seeing the girl he’d met at dawn riding in her bike with no care in the world, finally. 
“I. want. you. to get into the pool,” he muttered lowly, stepping even closer to you but you didn’t give a step back, instead, you leaned into him. 
“You have to earn it, Hargrove,” you murmured slowly placing a hand over his chest, shallowing discreetly so he couldn’t see how your face flushed up when you finally touch him. 
People began to cheer around and scream for you, they loved it and soon all of the party had turned around just to check what you and Billy were actually doing. 
“What do you suggest?” Billy asked, his gaze turning dark and heated. 
“Strip poker,”
author's note: okay maybe i got the expectations a bit too high for this chapter when it's the following two that have more like excitement but i swear it's going to be worth it, i'll try to hurry up with the updates too but take into account it's a slowburn. I hope i didn't excite you too much last chapter for nothing and i really hope that you enjoyed it. as always your comments make sleepign at 1 am to write this worth it!! thank you so so so much all. as always let me know your thoughts!!!
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eu-whoria · a day ago
BESTIEEEEEE i need u to write a mean dom austin filming a sex tape w his girlfriend. please im begging
teacher’s pet
austin butler x reader
in which y/n and austin make memories (in a way); 1.5k words
nsfw; degradation, oral (m. receiving), titjob
long time, no see. idk what happened. i started writing as if i completely forgot ab the first part so it seems like they got really into their roles … sorry for not posting for a couple days. it’s been a struggle but i wanted to put out something for you guys. not proofread
although, filming was over, it was time for austin to travel again for press and interviews and the premiere of course, all that good stuff. you dreaded his departure. you’d just gotten him back and he had to go again.
you both lied in bed, him spooning you. you relished in his warmth, wanting to stay like that forever. you were so happy for him yet so sad. he played in your hair, massaging your scalp. “gonna call you everyday and text you every chance i get, gonna think about you nonstop.”
you took a deep breath. you really didn’t want him to go. “i’ll be waiting,” you murmured, “ ‘m gonna miss you a lot austin.”
“i’m gonna miss you too baby,” he began kissing your neck, “gonna miss your laugh,” another kiss, “your awful singing,” another one, “your moans.”
that made you push back into him, rubbing your ass against his front. he had an idea. “what if i didn’t have to forget your moans?”
“you know what i mean,” he lightly bit the flesh of your neck, “shoot one of those little videos, so i don’t forget you.”
y’all were pretty experimental when it came to sex, but there were a few things y’all hadn’t tried. you both agreed to role play, fishing for something creative.
“do you mind stepping into my office ms y/l/n?”
“y-yes sir.” you found an old skirt. it fit a little too well, one wrong move and you’re entire ass was on display.
“you’re exceptionally bright y/n,” he began speaking as he stalked around you, “one of the best in my class.”
“why thank you mr butler,” you shakily breathed out. you had your hair in braided pigtails — cute, but easy for him to bully his cock down your throat.
he was behind you now, rubbing your shoulders. “i have an assignment i need you to do for me. nothing too bad. you’re just gonna be my guinea pig this afternoon, is that okay?”
“i don’t see why it wouldn’t be. thank you for this opportunity mr butler!”
“no honey,” he brought his hands down to your breasts, feeling your nipples, “thank you”
soft whimpers escaped your mouth as you felt yourself harden at the older man’s touch. you wanted to see him, but your attempt to turn around was interrupted.
austin took his place in front of you and between the desk as he murmured an order. “slowly unbutton your shirt doll.” he could sense your hesitation.
“relax, remember what this is for. you’re helping your entire class y/n, doing me a big favor.” that quieted the small voice in the back of your mind that was questioning everything about the man that stood before you. it was for academics, that was your thing — excelling was your thing, going above and beyond for an A. “want you to put on a real show, bunny.”
and that you did. before you went down button by button, you made sure to slide your hand into one of the open spaces of the shirt. since your breasts were straining against it tightly, it was pretty easy to guide his hand in as well, allowing him to fully play with your sensitive buds.
“such a good student,” he moaned, “my favorite student. letting me touch you like this, being so nasty.”
you reached for his belt, but he stopped you again. “hold on honey.” as you sat there exposed, the humiliation began creeping up your spine. thoughts racing with what if’s and how disgusting you probably looked, all for your teacher. he came back with a camcorder and it made your mind sink deeper. “mr butler, i’m not understanding, you haven’t really explained the criteria, a-and what do you have that for?”
“now now princess, don’t worry your pretty little head about a thing,” he started, “this is all apart of the assignment, this is just for the record.”
you just stared at him, giving yourself time to relax. “o-okay, i trust you mr b.”
he smiled a devilish grin. “i know you do. can you look up for me, right at the lens darling.”
there you were as he watched you on the small screen. tits spilling out of your halfway unbuttoned shirt and big doe eyes staring up past your long black lashes without a thought behind them.
“want you to put on a show f’me okay? a really good one. go ahead and get yourself wet.”
your soft features contorted into an expression that displayed confusion. you were going to do the best you could. you took two of his fingers into your mouth. first, slowly giving them a couple of slow sucks, but as a little time went by you were treating them like his cock. drool was landing on your chest, as if they were glazed in oil.
“that was cute, but let’s see if you can do all that with the real thing.” he wasted no time in pulling your hands towards his zipper. you wanted to help mr butler out badly, wanted to get an A and make him proud. you took it out and your eyes went as wide as they possibly could. you heard a chuckle from him.
“c’mon y’jus slobbered all over my fingers like some pornstar, don’t act all stupid and surprised.”
now you actually were surprised, by his statement of course. where did that come from, he went from reassuring to degrading real quick. you couldn’t take your eyes off of his member as you began to lazily stroke it. “y/n don’t make me force it to the back of your throat — you know what to do. and keep your eyes up here. yanno, you’re really slacking?”
slacking? you’d never been told that before and you never thought you would. no, not you, you couldn’t be slacking. you wouldn’t, ever. you made it your mission in life to make the man above you look down at you in adoration again. you twisted both hands around his length a couple more times before bringing him to your mouth. you sucked the head as hard as you could while making sure to keep eye contact.
“like a goddamn vacuum.”
that made you smile as you took him as deep as your throat would allow, you just couldn’t fit it all. your heart was drumming loudly in your ears while you struggled to take all of him in.
“s’okay, at this rate you can still get a B-.” tears were forming in your eyes and austin knew he’d struck a nerve. he was glad he did — you performance improved greatly. he also knew that if you saw yourself, you’d actually cry. he couldn’t stop staring even if he wanted to. eyes red, watery, & puffy, cheeks hollow, lips spread around his cock, black matter from your mascara smeared under your eyes, nose running — for him, it was heaven. he wanted to stare at you all day. you looked just as good as you felt, or at least as good as your mouth felt.
you wrapped your arms around the back of his thighs to get him farther back into your mouth. bobbing your head, eliciting the nastiest sounds. “see, i knew you were a pro at this. there’s no way you could get so many good grades without doing a little something.” your head was spinning, but not from the excessive gagging around his dick you were doing. did he always think so lowly of you?
cutting off your oxygen supply, he held your nostrils in between his thumb and pointer finger for a couple seconds. it felt like hours to you. after choking and sputtering around his member for what possibly could’ve been the longest forty seconds you ever experienced, he released your nose but slapped you when you tried to pull your mouth off of him. “nuh uh ‘m not done with you yet. you’re not done being a nasty bitch.”
you couldn’t stop the flow of the tears.
“look at you,” he cooed, patting the top of your head, “slutting yourself out for a damn letter.” he pulled back, exiting your throat. he reached down to rub your saliva into your face, making it an even bigger mess. “acting like some back alley whore for a grade.”
you were gasping for air under his gigantic hand. he shoved the camera in your face. “how ya feeling? the people wanna know.”
“mr b, you’re being r-really mean.”
“no, no y/n. i’m just being a good teacher and pushing you. i know you can do better, ‘m on your side baby. it’s working, though, you’re up to just a B now, no minus.”
your eyes lit up a bit and you nodded in response. it still wasn’t what you wanted, and you thought after the way he just had you dying, you’d be at an 100.
“push those tits together, be a good girl.” you did as you were told and before you knew it, he had his tip hitting your tongue as he thrusted in between your breasts. “c’mon,” he gritted, “make daddy cum.” you took matters into your own hands — literally as you began to move your boobs up and down him, the underside of your breasts slapping against his balls every time you descended.
“ah fuck,” he groaned, spilling white ropes over your tongue, “such a teacher’s pet.” he had to catch his breath after that.
“smile baby, you’re on camera.”
after the two of you showered together, you ended up on the sofa, watching some low budget horror film. he was on his back, fingers playing in your hair while you were lying in between his legs, head on his stomach.
“babe, i forgot to say thank you for earlier.” austin said.
“no problem, honey,” you started, “though, you never told me if i got that A or not.”
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iambilliejeanok · a day ago
Can you do Kakashi, Iruka and Gai for what it’s like to sleep with them headcanons? Like with the Uchiha guys 🥰
Warnings: 18+, sfw and nsfw, somno
Tumblr media
Kakashi being the well calculated and strong shinobi he is, means that when it’s time for him to get some much needed rest, he’s out like a rock. On days when he’s particularly stressed out, he will seek you out to request a little help. He absolutely loves it when you’re the big spoon, the warmth of your body against his back, your leg wrapped around him, and your hand in his makes him quickly sink into the perfect deep slumber. On other occasions, he loves for you lay ontop of him, and while he moves throughout the night, he drags you along with him like you’re his little squishmellow.
Don’t think that you stand a chance at carefully slipping away during the night though, because Kakashi isn’t a deep sleeper, which is why sleep time for him means sleep time for you love😊. He absolutely does not mind your feet rubbing against his while you slowly fall asleep and doesn’t mind holding you throughout the night if you ask for it. He really values falling asleep together and waking up together as often as the two of you can, it’s important to him because he constantly yearns for you (his safe place), to be there with him when he ends the day and when he starts a new one, it somewhat reassures him that there will always be love for him at the end of a troublesome day and even more love for him at the start of a new one, braving him for facing his life as a shinobi.
Since Kakashi actually needs his rest, he doesn’t usually try anything if he’s really tired, neither will he wake up in the middle of the night and try anything on you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it never happens. Some nights, when he’s not exhausted from month long missions, he get sinister ideas that he’s certainly not ashamed of carrying through. Especially since he is a little touchy, he might casually cup you pussy while he’s the big spoon, and if you happen to be damp or a little too warm he instantly gets hard. At this point in time, he’s long handed himself over to his perverted ways and is fully committed to hearing your softly whimper in his ear. He’s addicted to your breasts, gently massaging them while tweaking your nipples, a trick that always gets you in mood he’s noticed. Once he feels you arching your back and hears your soft moans, he starts a trail of wet, sloppy kisses and nibbles along your cheek, jawline and neck, your panties now drenched from the attention, licking his middle and index finger before his hand is in your panties, steadily massaging your clit, hushing you if you stir and sweet talking you into going back to sleep.
Things might escalate if you allow them to, which you often do since you’re aroused enough that even the thought of not having him inside of you leaves you whimpering, but he always gives you just what you need, slowly thrusting all the way inside of you, deep enough that you lose your breath and then he pulls all the way out, slamming right back into you, making you cry for him as he brings you to orgasm. A few rounds of this torture and you’re begging him for mercy. A little cleanup is needed and of course some cuddles and kisses, until the two of you are asleep again.
Tumblr media
You’re surprised and lowkey jealous of Guys ability to fall asleep no matter the weather, the noise or the light around him. He’s also a really deep sleeper, and rather heavy, unconsciously rolling to lay ontop of you in the middle of the night. It’s okay though because he always puts you to sleep when you need him too. When it’s time for bed, he practically forced you to lay ontop of him, between his legs while your face rests on his chest, gently rubbing your back while rocking you back and forth never fails him, and once you’re snoring he will carefully find a more comfortable position for the two of you to sleep in. Usually, he will always opt for holding you tight and engaging in a little conversation, waiting for you to fall asleep before he quickly follows. He doesn’t like sleeping on his own at all, but will let you come to bed a little later if you promise to actually be one bed at the time you said you would. If not, he’s going to come and get you. Needs you all over him while he sleeps, and will sometimes whine about it in the morning if you don’t.
Gai is a big big pervert. He loves touching you in your sleep, since you’re so vulnerable like this. He loves to slowly stroke your clit, are fully analyzing your face, your breathing and any sounds you make, imaging just what it is you’re dreaming about while he massages your clit in circles, adding the same amount of pressure he normally does when you’re awake, patiently waiting to see you cum, grinding himself against your ass while he cups your breasts. When you wake up he gets a little more impatient, hushing your moans and whimpers as he slowly sinks in a finger, desperately coaxing you into making a mess on his hand, whispering lewd things in your ear as you brace yourself for the coming orgasm.
Considering how big he is, it takes a few tries, lots of encouragement and little praises for him to fully sheath himself inside of you. opting to simply cockwarm you. Once you both get up in the morning, that’s when he will get to slowly fucking you, waking you up with intense orgasms to help you start your day right!
Touches you a lot in his sleep, sometimes it’s conscious sometimes it’s unconscious, but it’s often sexual and you love it. He doesn’t always tend to arouse you, but that’s okay, you’ll try sleep any arousal off, since you always get that taken care of in the mornings.
-don’t write for him
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dilf-whore · 19 hours ago
two less lonely people in the world (part 3)
pairing: steve harrington x f!reader
genre: fluff, angst, unrequited love
summary: you’d do everything for your best friend even if it means your heart getting broken.
A/N: here’s part 3! just so you guys know, this will follow after the events of what happened in the series. and also, this will be a slow burn (maybe very slow) but i promise it will be worth it, hopefully 🤞🏼. send in your feedbacks on this part and let me know if you wanna be added to the taglist 💙
requested: no
requests are OPEN
Tumblr media Tumblr media
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Steve rushes in to the restaurant, he’s ten minutes late on his first date with Nancy. He spots her sitting at one of the tables at the corner and he quickly approaches her. “I’m so so so sorry for being late” he sits down in front of her and catches his breath, wiping a few beads of sweat off his forehead. Nancy giggles softly causing Steve’s heart to do a summersault, “don’t worry about it. I also just arrived anyways, guess we both came later than the planned time”. He sighs in relief and they start to order their food. 
Steve would often wipe his sweaty palms over his jeans, he was nervous as hell and he wants to impress Nancy. He takes a huge sip of his water in attempt to hydrate his dry mouth, “you know, I was actually surprised you asked me out. I thought you and Y/N were dating” she speaks up. 
“Uh no, she’s my best friend” he replies. Nancy rests her chin on her palm, “since when?” she asks, interested in your friendship. 
Steve relaxes once he sees Nancy’s invested look, “well, we’ve been friends since we were like 7 or 8? We’re neighbors and unfortunately, we both have shitty parents and they’d leave us alone for business trips and other stuff”
“You know, we became friends when she rang my door and offered me this ‘cake’ she made. It was just the plain ones you buy at the grocery and she just threw in a bunched of sweets on top of it. Thankfully it was edible” he laughs at the memory, he remembers it clear as day - how messy you looked as you handed him the so-called cake, chocolate still on your tiny sticky fingers and he didn't complain even one bit, he was starving that time. “And the rest is history. Our parents are still shitty though, guess money’s more important than their own kids”.
The night went on and they both have loosen up. Nancy also talked about her parents, how her dad is just physically there and does the bare minimum as a father. How she thinks that they don’t truly love each other, just got married due to the circumstances. They know more about one another and Steve just fell harder each time he learns something new about her. He just adores the way her eyes light up whenever she talks about her interests and dreams in the near future, how she laughs at all of his jokes, and how she listens to him with so much attention. 
He’d mention you every chance he gets and Nancy couldn't help but wonder, did they really not date? not even a fling?. She’s not bothered though, she could tell how much Steve is interested in her - in fact, she actually wants to befriend you, you seem like a kind person based on Steve’s stories.
"I’ll introduce you to Y/N tomorrow, I just know you’ll like each other”
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
You lean on one of the lockers as you wait for Steve to get his things for the next class, “so how did your date go?” A huge smile forms on his lips, “more than great”. You pat his shoulder, “I told you she’ll like you” you say, giving him a proud thumbs up. 
Nancy spots you and Steve, she pulls Barbara with her as she approaches you both. “Hi” she says, placing a soft kiss on his cheek, causing Steve to freeze. You feel some sort of pang in your chest at the sight, but you just smiled and raise your eyebrows as you tease your blushing best friend. “Oh yeah, so this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Nancy” he introduces you to each other. Nancy gasps and points at the book you’re holding, “I’m also reading To Kill A Mockingbird! what chapter are you in?” she asks with enthusiasm. 
“I’m in chapter 5, I just started last night. What about you?” 
“I’m about to finish it. I promise you, you’ll love it” 
The bell rings and you and Nancy walk ahead, talking about the book and giving recommendations on what to read next. She also introduced you to her best friend, Barb and they’re both just the kindest people you’ve ever met. Nancy’s such a nice person, no wonder Steve likes her so much - she’s so friendly and comfortable to be with. 
Steve watches as he follows closely behind, he’s so happy. The two most important people in the world to him goes along.
Suddenly, two figures stop in front of you - it’s Tommy and Carol, “so Steve we still up for tonight?” Tommy asks. 
“Yup. You guys should come along” Steve invites you three.
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
You were soaking wet, a towel wrapped around you, slightly shivering whenever someone passes by you as the wind from their movement sends goosebumps over your skin.
Tonight wasn’t enjoyable as you thought it would be: first of all, there’s Tommy and Carol, you don’t even understand why Steve’s friends with them. Second, Nancy and Steve are in their small little bubble, you can’t help but feel out of place and well, lonely since your best friend and girlfriend just said one word to you ever since you got there and from then on, it seems like your existence was never really there.
“Where are you going?”
You snap out of your daze when you hear Barb speak up, she looks disappointed. Steve goes ahead and straight up to his room, you could feel the air around Nancy and Barb tense up, “you said, y-you promised., you won’t do this” she adds, hands motioning over Steve’s bedroom door.
You eyes grow wide at her statement and quietly rush back outside to the pool, they’re planning on sleeping together - the mere thought of it just makes your heart shatter and your eyes to tear up. You were starting to feel frustrated and regretful. What would have happened if I just told him how I feel before?
You shook your head, cursing at yourself for almost letting your emotions get the best of you.
You dip your feet on Steve’s pool and indulge yourself in your own mind.
“Hey” Barb says from behind. You give her a soft smile as she sits down beside you, you notice the change in her aura - she’s not bubbly like a while ago at school, “something wrong?” you ask, concerned.
“Well, Nancy just told me to go home” she replies, followed by a soft chuckle to hide the hurt in her tone. You put a hand on her arm and sigh, “if it makes you feel any better, my best friend didn’t even talk to me”. Barb meets your eyes and purses her lips, “maybe that’s what love does to you. You forget the people around you” she shrugs and you follow along.
You and Barb start talking about other things to distract yourselves from the loneliness you felt tonight. You both talked about how you and your best friend met, some hobbies, and pet peeves - she was kind, a caring friend, and gives off a warm energy to the people surrounding them.
You both fall into a comfortable silence and your eyes land on Steve’s bedroom window, him and Nancy were inches apart, eyes filled with adoration, love, and a hint of lust. Your breath hitches and quickly look away. “So, uhm, Barb, I’m gonna get going now, there’s still school tomorrow. You can come with me if you like, my home’s just a few steps away” you offer.
“No, thanks. I’m planning on heading back home anyways”
“Oh, alright then. It was really nice talking to you by the way. Drive safely, I’ll see you tomorrow”
You bid each other goodbye and walk out. You can’t bear seeing Steve and Nancy together and like that, you just can’t help but have some bitterness inside of you.
You take one last look at Barb and give her a smile, happy that you’ve made a new friend - knowing that you’ll have someone to be with while your best friends stay in their small world.
But what you didn’t know is, that this may be the last time you’ll see Barb ever again.
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
taglist: @fujiihime
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"I Never Stopped"
(A Byler Oneshot: a year after Season 4, after Mike and El's breakup)
"Why the hell did you come after me?!", Will shouted. "You can't just risk your life like this! Not for me! Do you have any idea how dangerous this place is?!"
Mike was sat down on a rock, looking at Will in distress. He didn't reply anything, but he didn't have to. His expression said everything. Well, to us. It was lost on Will.
"Why are you not saying anything?", Will said in a slightly calmer manner. "Listen, it's just... I've been here before. I'm not a beginner...in the Upside Down. I can handle it on my own. I have before. And I was like twelve or something..."
"You don't get it.", quietly said Mike. It's more than that.
"What?? What don't I get? I think it's you that doesn't get it." Will was confused. What was that guy even talking about?
"No, dude, listen to me." He sighs, then continues: "You can't just... 'See you soon' us and jump inside this hellhole. Who knows what could happen to you, Will?!"
"It doesn't concern you, Mike." Why do you even care?
"Of course it does! Last time you went missing...Do you know what your last words to me were?"
"What's the point of this..." He was losing patience with each second. What the hell does he want?
"Just listen to me! You asked why I came here. I'm trying to answer you as simply as I possibly can." Mike was trying hard, but it seemed like Will wasn't in the mood for it at all.
"Okay, let's just...start moving. We are in the middle of nowhere. We need some place to hide." Maybe he was giving in after all.
Mike stood up and the both of them began walking. Will was a few steps ahead of Mike and, for some reason, it kind of made the both of them feel distant. Will was running away, metaphorically, of course. He did rip off the Band-aid after all. He no longer had any expectations about anything at all. His eyes, dull. His heart, aching. Meanwhile, Mike was trying to hold onto him but... No success, so far. Did I really screw up this bad?
"So aren't you going to continue?" It was a genuine question on Will's part. He actually wanted to know what Mike had to say. But he did kind of expect some sort of bullshit.
"Yeah...I didn't think you wanted to listen." There was a glimmer of hope in Mike's eyes. Will just looked back and nodded.
"Your last words to me were 'See you tomorrow'" Will stopped in his tracks and Mike bumped into him. Mike stepped back and Will turned his head only a bit. "And you never showed the next day. When I found out you were lost, it was like...Like my whole life stopped right then and there. You have no idea how hard it was without you. Yeah, you were away for a week. But I honestly thought you were gone forever at one point." Mike's eyes were watering only a bit. He rubbed them before the latter could notice.
Will couldn't believe what he was hearing. His eyes were wide and glossy. His mouth, slightly parted.
They didn't even notice it at first, but they arrived at the quarry.
"This is..." Mike paused. "This is where we thought you died. They said it could have been an accident."
"My mom told me." Will cut the latter short.
"Yeah, well what you mom didn't tell you is that..." He hesitates, recalling the awful memories he has from this place. However, one thing was for sure. He felt the same way he felt then.
"I jumped off this cliff."
"What?!" Will yelled, but not so loud to draw attention. Just enough to scare Mike a bit.
"It was a pretty nasty situation... I was kind of forced into it but, when I did actually jump... I felt relieved?"
"What the hell, Mike?!"
"I'm serious."
"You would've been dead, dude." Will totally didn't believe Mike at this point.
"El saved me." Oh. "The point is...I did jump. I thought this was how you... left us. I would have rathered being there with you. Alive or-"
"You're crazy." Will scoffed and started walking again. "What even is this?! Why are you saying this now??"
"I'm trying to prove a point." Mike replied calmly. Please give me a chance.
"Try again later." Denied.
They were silently walking towards the Byers' old house. More specifically...to Castle Byers. They knew the Upside Down was stuck on the day Will went missing, so they were positive they were going to find shelter in Will's little hide-out.
"Woah. What?" Will's eyes widened.
"That's not how my house looked like." Will raised an eyebrow.
"Wait, what?" Mike was confused.
"Wait... Let's go to Castle Byers." Will proposed.
It was different. It wasn't even destroyed. It was simply... different.
"What is this?" Will was stressed out. "This isn't how Castle Byers looked like when I was in the Upside Down."
Mike recognized the changes.
"This is how it looks in real life." Mike said, little to no emotion in his voice.
"What???" He was losing it. Mike felt a bit embarrassed, more than anything.
"First of all... I destroyed it. In the real world. Second of all... the Upside Down is supposed to be stuck on the day I went missing..." He looked around. Nothing was the same. "I don't get it."
"I rebuilt Castle Byers." Mike said quietly. "In the.... 'Right Side Up'??"
Will gave him a look. Why did you do this?
"What...Why...Well that still doesn't answer my question. Why isn't the Upside Down stuck on the day I went missing?"
"Wait..." Mike had an answer. He wasn't sure if it was right. But it still was something. "What if... What if you shaped this place?"
"What?!" Will chuckled. "Don't be stupid."
"I'm not! El said that the Upside Down was never meant to look like Hawkins." He paused. "What I'm saying is... Listen... What if there was a reason for everything... For you being abducted by the Demogorgon...And not simply killed."
"Will...What if...What if this was the reason you were abducted in the first place? Maybe you have something... Like Eleven. But not really? Maybe you reshaped the Upside Down again. Based on the world you live in, the moment you entered this place. This explains everything!" Mike was already a bit excited.
"No way. This is insane, Mike. No way I have..." He doesn't continue. "Whatever. Let's... Let's just... rest for a bit inside the Castle."
They sat themselves down, facing eachother in the little space they had. Will admired the place. Did Mike really rebuild the Castle?
"Why did you do this?", asked Will.
Mike just looked at him for a while. Do I say it?
"Um...Are you okay?"
Screw it.
"I did this because I missed you." Mike felt a whole weight be lifted off of his shoulders.
Will raised an eyebrow. He keeps doing that nowadays.
"I don't get you. I really don't." He paused, choosing his words wisely. He wants to know: "Why do you only care about me when I'm not around?"
Mike was caught off guard.
"Will, you're- I'll never stop caring about you and I never have...ever! You're my best fr-"
"Best friend?" Will scoffs. "Yeah we're totally...a team... We're friends...best friends." He pauses. "How can I believe that, Mike...?" He seems a bit irritated. "I can't remember the last time I truly had the guts to say that you're my best friend or that I'm yours. I keep trying to remind you of what we used to be but...really? I don't even believe we ever were that close." He stops for a bit, catching his breath. He's pissed, but he is trying really hard to keep it in. He doesn't want to prove that what he's saying is true. He really wants Mike to disagree and to reassure him that they really are best friends. That's all he wished for at this point. "I'm sorry."
"No! Will...I-" Mike gets cut off.
"I mean...I mean... You keep telling me how much you've missed me and all that. How 'scared' you were. But when I'm with you it's like I don't even exist." He stops for a beat. "When I was going through all that Mind Flayer crap...it felt like...the last time you truly valued me as a friend. You really were there for me. But I'm starting to think it was only because I was endangering both myself and everyone else. You felt like you had to be there for me." Mike wants to say something, but it's better to just let Will finish everything he has to say. "Then, when El came around... it was like I simply stopped existing. To you...it was always either me, or her. And don't get me wrong. She's awesome. She's the greatest. She saved my life twice and...hell! She saved the world twice! And now she's my sister and... honestly? She's more of a best friend to me than you were these last few years. So I don't blame her for our... 'fallout'." He catches his breath as he feels a tear roll down his cheek. "I blame you."
Mike feels his heart drop. His eyes are watery and he can't speak. You're right.
Will covered his face with his hand and looked away from the latter, who was looking at the ground. Mike's eyes were searching for something, anything that would just calm him down only for a bit. His eyes locked on a picture. It was the party on Halloween. He remembered first seeing the photo being ripped in two, separating the two of them half way. He recalled taping it back together and sticking it to the wall of the new, rebuilt Castle Byers. He didn't even realize the tears streaming down his face. He swallowed anxiously and tried to calm down.
"You're right. I'm so sorry. What I've done is not excusable. I was a shit friend. You have all the means to be upset. It's fine if you hate me. I do too." Will's eyes opened wide and he quickly faced Mike. I don't hate you. How could you say that? You mean everything to me. That's the point!
"When El broke up with me... I realized that I was right all along. She didn't need me anymore. And...well... I know you lied about the painting. I just don't know why. I know it's been a year since then but... It took me a while to process everything and to get over it all. I talked to El about my feelings. She talked about hers. She helped me realize so much...about myself. But most importantly... she helped me remember. She helped me remember what I was hiding from. She's your sister. She knows you better than I probably do right now and... she brought this up the same way you did. She asked me why...why it can only be you...or her. And she wasn't asking this for herself... She was asking for you. She wanted to know if me brushing you off was on purpose."
Will was listening carefully. Mike continued:
"I said it was." Mike swallowed and waited for a bit. "The truth is...I hid behind her for so long. And she didn't deserve it. I was a shit boyfriend to her and a shit friend to you. But I had a reason. Not excusable...but it still matters...to me at least." A pause. He was searching for the right words.
"I never stopped caring for you. Ever. I never stopped when you were lost. I never stopped when you were possessed. I never stopped that summer when I kept brushing you off... I still feel bad about that. I was such a jerk. And I never stopped when you moved to California."
Will's eyes are glossy again. But can you blame him? It feels like a dream.
Mike's voice, on the other hand, was really shaky. He wasn't done. He still had things to say.
"At the quarry. I was doing it for my friends who were in danger. But I jumped thinking at least I would meet you on the other side. I jumped because I never stopped caring for you."
Mike's heart was about to burst out of his chest.
"I'm here right now because I never stopped caring for you. I knew the risk. I knew that there was a good chance that I might not go back but... If anything were to happen to you... I don't know what I would do." He sobs.
"This is why I came. I would rather die here together with you or in your arms than leave you on your own." He scrubs his eyes and wipes his tears. "I never stopped loving you, Will."
Will's eyes shot wide open and his mouth parted. No way.
"And you know what...? I don't care anymore. I don't care if you're going to hate me forever after this. The world is ending anyway."
He leans in, places his hand gently on Will's cheek and kisses him like it was the last thing he was going to do. It felt beautiful, warm, and most importantly... It felt right.
Mike backed away after a bit, waiting for something. Validation. Was ths okay? Did he do the right thing? It was how his heart felt. It had to be right. He started breathing faster. Did he really ruin everything? Yeah, the world was ending but... It was still pretty scary.
Suddenly, he felt a hand pull him in from his back and when he opened his eyes, Will was so close. Mike looked deeply into Will's eyes. He was mesmerized. He always thought his eyes we're beautiful. But now...now it was different.
Will leaned in and placed a kiss on Mike's lips. The kiss became deeper and deeper as the both of them melted to the others touch. It lasted for a while, until Will stopped and pulled Mike in a strong and warm hug. Mike started spilling happy tears.
"Mike. I'm never leaving again. Do you understand? I'm always going to come back...to you. I'll always be here. Okay? Nothing will ever change that. Ever."
Mike started sobbing harder, as Will pulled him closer.
"I never stopped loving you either, Mike."
They stayed there for a while in each other's embrace.
It was the end of the world, and everyone was looking for Mike and Will.
Both of them vanished in the blink of an eye.
And while everyone was hoping to find them...
...They found eachother.
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dontbesoweirdkira · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
NSFW alphabet Iceman.
Not all of it. Just what I’ve written so far 😭😭
A/N: sorry I’ve been gone but I have work and I’m just now getting time off so… anyways if you want me to elaborate on anything. Let me know!
Warnings: Sexual Implications 18+
Requests: Open 24/7!
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Very gentle with him. He’s quiet and very tired usually afterwards. Not many words are exchanged in the time. Everything that needs to be said is already implicated by the tension in the room. Always so attentive to you and your needs, Tom will make sure everything is fine with you before cuddling you up so he can soundly fall asleep.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
I’ve already written about his cum sins but I will say that Ice finishes embarrassingly fast every damn time. It’s so frustrating for him but he secretly loves it. *see my first alphabet post to read more about it*
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
Rather experienced before you came along. I joke about him being a man whore but I think he’s very picky about his sexual and romantic partners so only had 2-3 partners before hand. Most of his experience came from one person. He still has things to learn but don’t we all. Ice knows exactly what he’s doing to you. 🤭
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
He takes a lot of pride in his appearance and image and I feel like that translates over fairly well. For the most part it’s always clean shaven, maybe a bit of stubble? He never allows it to grow out of control or anything at most it’ll be a little bushy but he tries to always trim it down before you guys get intimate together. That mainly happens when he has leave time off of work.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
He’s such a tease but he takes intimacy with you very seriously. He loves you so much and it’s not something he takes lightly. He’ll do anything in those moments to please you. Even if that means holding his needs off to the side.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Anything that’ll actually physically harm you. Like no knives or hitting! He just cannot being himself to do it.
Also any humiliation, especially public. Not his thing. Don’t test him, he’s hates being embarrassed.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Receiver. Biased? Yes. My only goal is to give him the best head of his entire life.
I don’t know I just feel he’d have so much fun throat fucking you any chance he gets. You’re so pretty choking over his cock. He’s always so good for you, please just allow him to have this.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Might be a controversial take but at his core…slow and sensual. Tom absolutely loves taking his time with you, getting to know every single nook and cranny is a pleasure. Slow but every thrust is powerful and intense. Fast and rough is saved for quickies and special nights.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Who doesn’t like a good quickie??? Quickies are the best in the summertime, getting off quickly on the lifeguard watch tower or after a sweaty game. Mmm nothing better than that.
Depends on his work schedule ect…maybe 1-2 times a week or so? He prefers to take his sweet time with you but he’ll take what he can get. He’ll never turn it down.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Obviously he’s a risk taker! Will try most things you suggest to him at least once. Don't mind switching and becoming vulnerable for you.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Hmm. I feel like you guys do have some kinky fun time toys but I don’t feel like he’s one to always bring them out. Like I will always stand by the fact he’s a bdsm girly but other than practical things eh. On majority he's vanilla.
I will say though……he likes the vibrator you got him.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Come on… it’s TOM. THE ICEMAN. He’s a very serious man to most but when it comes to taunting you….He’s definitely a sweet degrader and gets off on making you suffer. It’s so much fun for him.
He loves to play ;))
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Like I’ve mentioned in my “J” post, he actually doesn’t really moan that much?? Not very loudly at least but he does curse the most sinful things you’ll ever hear. You’d think he’s getting ready to kill someone with the things he’s saying, sounds so rageful🤣 Tom is actually just a cumming mess and doesn’t know what the hell to do with himself.
Whimpers and grunts are also made from him but like I said it’s not super loud.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
I just know his dick is big. Oh I just know it has a very nice thickness and is very long in length. My man is packing AT LEAST a beautiful 8 inches. Ughhh it’s so glorious. Not much of a curve to it but it’s so filling once inside of you. Idgaf if he’s been circumcised or not because I will still pleasure that man.
It’s the perfect cock for sucking. If you know what I mean??? The second he takes his pants off you’re on your knees begging type beat. His body so fucking tan but I feel like anything under his v cut is very pale?? Nice cool tone in contrast to the warmth of his body.
Most definitely always has a dick print..like all of the damn time. He knows you see it, he wants you to see it. Loves to catch you staring down at it. OG slut before hangman
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
Oh it’s pretty high….you probably wouldn’t really even know it. Not in the beginning of the relationship anyways. He’s always craving you, thinking about new and improved ways to pleasure the fuck out of you. Most of the time though he doesn’t bother you about it he’ll hold back and restrain himself, Ice feels you may get bored or uncomfortable with frequent sex. But baby when he cannot hold back any longer, oh he’s a mad man in bed.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He refuses to fall asleep until you have. It doesn’t matter if he just got back from deployment and is on the verge of death! He wants to make sure you’re actually okay and that you don’t need anything else after you guys are done. He’s amazing with aftercare but he’s scared if he falls asleep first that you’ll be too scared to wake him up if you feel sick.
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empire-antz-stalker · 2 days ago
Gorillaz members apologizing to their s/o - headcanon
I FINALLY GOT INSPO TO WRITE SOMETHING AGAIN YAY (i have a raging headache this is a cry for help)
this man will be petty ASF
"i just don't see where you think i did wrong, luv!"
often feels better off not talking, rather than apologizing
eventually comes around though
but NOT before trying to gaslight you into believing he didn't do whatever he did
or that you're the one to blame,,
"fine. i'm sorry that you think what i did was wrong. that good enough for ya', darlin'?"
says it while grinning like an idiot, ofc.
even when this mf knows that he should be apologizing, he'd never miss the chance to annoy you in the process
knows how to push your buttons;
also will try to include a sexual joke or some shit to lighten the mood (it never does)
you always forgive him in the end, because still, what's not to love about an old green man with temperament issues??!??!?!?!
go figure
tbh it depends on what she'd be sorry for
if it's something like breaking something of yours, she'd not only ask forgiveness, but also help repair it
on the other hand, if it's something that she finds small or insignificant, she refuses to apologize
usually does this in the heat of the argument
"i love you, darling, but i won't be the first to say sorry."
just puts it behind her and leaves it to be
she may feel guilty sometimes, and try to make it up to you somehow
especially if you're really sad about what happened,,
perhaps by making dinner for the two of you, or inviting you for a romantic netflix + chill night together
somehow, you manage to get the apology out of her, eventually
"ugh. i guess i can't help but fall for your charm. i'm sorry, my flower."
tries to sound like she hates it, rolling her eyes;
doesn't help that she's smiling through every word tho
not many arguments going on between the two of you,,
usually, the two of you just work it out right then and there
otherwise, he only refuses to say sorry up to a certain point, then gets tired of it and apologizes anyway
"okay, whatever. i'm sorry, cupcake."
adds in an extra hug, too; for good measure
litterally the cutest guy ever
says sorry so often that apologizing isn't even a problem
no but like literally everything
mf bumps into a chair and says sorry
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dragonclaude · a day ago
Okay. Okay. OKAY-
So I know you said a while back when answering for an anon when making the THH survivor remnants for Makoto, it’s basically impossible for him to become a remnant. And honestly, I agree because the dude is too hopeful for that and it’d be near IMPOSSIBLE to shatter his spirit.
But HYPOTHETICALLY, if he were to become a remnant - say it’s him BEFORE the Tragedy occurred (or in some sorta scenario where the THH and the DR2 cast swapped places or something idk), what do ya think he would do?
Oh and also speaking of the survivors, is Toko the only one of the two a remnant? Imagine a scenario where Toko and Genocider kept alternating with Komaru or Makoto while Toko was a remnant? That’d be an interesting, and honestly kinda funny, convo where they’d probably be like “…whICH ONE OF YOU TWO AM I GONNA BE SAFER AROUND-?”
[This is referring to these drawings]
I hope you get how trying to add the trait “someone who’s given up on life” onto “the guy who literally never gives up” is so hard xD 
No matter what point in time you could pluck Makoto out of, his luck will just prevent that from happening to him; you would have to remove a part of his character for there to be a chance of him becoming a remnant. If he’s not lucky, he’ll have to ATLEAST be in the reserve course like Hajime which will change how he sees the world and if he doesn’t have his endless will to never give up, he’s not …..Makoto.
If you are somehow able to convince Makoto that life is boring/not worth living and that bringing other people into despair is the best way to live while also finding a way to suppress his luck somehow, I suppose I can see him being a morale support person who will befriend people and convert them through that bond. I guess he just won’t give up on despair instead of hope??? Which is weird to think about….
In the end I just rather not, it’ll take away too much. There’s a reason why he was the only one who can defeat Junko after all!
And for the last paragraph yes, only Toko would be a remnant in that case and therefore Makoto has to make sure she doesn’t switch when on adventures with Jack. Honestly, that could be a fun moment of tension, Makoto having to avoid remnant Toko but also having to “accidentally” his way around turning Toko back to Jack xD
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berkmansimagines · 2 days ago
Summary: You confront Fuches after Barry gets injured on a hit.
Pairing: Barry Berkman x hitman!wife reader
Tumblr media
“Just give me the name and the address and it will be done in a couple of days.”
You're on the phone with your handler, Diane. She reached out to tell you about an upcoming job. You were enjoying a quiet day at home before she called.
Barry has been out on a hit all day but you’re expecting him back soon. Fuches is driving him. Truth be told, you don’t really like Fuches. You’ve only met him a few times but you’re a good judge of character. You believe that Fuches is manipulative and you don’t trust him. You hold back most of your true feelings about Fuches from Barry. You understand that he has a complicated relationship with Fuches just like you have with your own handler.
“Yeah. Yeah, I know, Diane,” you sigh as you grab a pack of cigarettes and step out onto the balcony.
You’re listening to Diane and pulling out a cigarette from the pack, when you spot Fuches’s car parked outside of your building. You can see Barry sitting in the front seat. From a distance you notice blood all over Barry’s face, neck and shirt. He’s not moving too much. Something is wrong.
“What the hell?” you mutter to yourself.
You put the cigarettes down.
“Shit! I’m sorry, Diane. I gotta call you back…”
Before Diane has the chance to respond, you end the call. You rush off the balcony and out of your apartment, racing to get the Fuches’s car. 
As soon as you reach the car, you tap on the window. Fuches opens the window about halfway.
“Oh hey, Y/N. What are… what are you doing here?” Fuches nods.
You try opening the car door but it’s locked. You give Fuches a cold look. He doesn’t even budge to unlock the door. Fuches is just trying to fuck with you. 
“Are you serious right now?” you shrug impatiently.
You slide your arm through the window and reach inside to unlock the car door. Then you quickly pull your arm out and open the door before Fuches has a chance to lock it again.
Finally up close, you check out Barry. He’s passed out and looks like he’s in seriously bad shape. He’s going to need stitches for sure. You have to get Barry out of the car and bring him back up to your place so you can give him first aid. 
“Barry…” you gently tap your husband’s shoulder trying to wake him, “Babe?”
Barry is not responsive. 
“He’s been going in and out of consciousness,” Fuches tells you. 
Your heart sinks.
“What the fuck happened to him?!” you frantically ask Fuches.
“The hit was a little more rough than Barry thought it’d be. I was told that the guy lived alone but apparently he had roommates. Barry said that one of them snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the back,” Fuches explains.
You raise your eyebrow, “Who told you the target lived alone?”
“The woman who hired us. I guess she got it wrong…” Fuches sighs, “This mess is on her.”  
You’re not buying Fuches’s story for a second. You believe that Fuches underplayed how dangerous the job actually was so Barry would agree to do it. And now he is trying to avoid taking any responsibility for what happened by shifting the blame to the client. You can see right through his bullshit.
“You’re so full of shit. You knew how bad that hit would be and you sent him on it anyways. You’d do anything for a payday. Barry might not see what you really are, but I do. You’re a treacherous snake,” you call Fuches out.
“You think I don’t care what happens to Barry?” Fuches sounds offended.
“I know that you don’t always have his best interest in mind,” you reply coolly.
Fuches shakes his head.
“You didn’t even bother to help him with his injuries,” you mumble.
“That’s not true! I superglued his back to close the stab wound,” Fuches challenges.
Your eyes widen.
“That’s not helping him!” you yell, “I swear, Fuches, if anything ever happens to Barry while he’s on a job that you set up… I will fucking kill you.”
Fuches scoffs and rolls his eyes. He’s not taking you seriously. You keep your composure. 
“I will kill you dead and there will be nothing madcap or whacky about it. I doubt anyone would be looking for you, but if they were, they’d never find your body. Do I make myself clear?” you finish your threat in a low, serious voice.
Fuches shrugs, unsure what to say. He looks a little rattled now. You spooked him. 
Suddenly, from the corner of your eye, you see Barry slowly coming to. You gasp and cup his chin with your hands.
“Barry? Babe, can you hear me?” 
“Y/N? Where am I?” Barry asks, confused.
Fuches pats Barry’s knee.
“Hey buddy! I drove you home.” 
Barry looks to his handler.
“Fuches... the superglue didn’t help. I’m still bleeding. I told you it wouldn’t work,” Barry weakly replies.
Your eyes narrow in on Fuches. All you want to do is beat the shit out of him for putting Barry in a bad situation in the first place, but you can’t. Barry needs your help right now and that’s more important. 
You take a deep breath to calm yourself down. Then you soften your face and turn your attention back to your husband.
“C’mon, babe, let’s go inside. I’ll patch you up,” you say gently.
You help Barry out of Fuches’s car. He wraps his arm around your shoulder and you hold him up for support. You slowly lead him towards the entrance of your building.
“Y/N… I’m in bad shape,” Barry quietly tells you.
“I know. But I’m going to take care of you. You’ll be alright,” you reassure your husband.
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haleigh-sloth · 2 days ago
As someone who loves BNHA for everything that it is, good and bad, I gotta say that there are a lot of instances where the fans give the creator too much credit.
By that I mean, expecting him to subvert things that majority of manga in this genre adhere to.
The biggest example is Shigaraki and AFO.
I can appreciate the idea of setting Shigaraki up to be redeemed and be the victim in need of help, only to manage to free himself of his abuser and become the enraged final villain that still gets saved, though it's more gritty and difficult and more of a challenge to the protag (and would require a lot of retconning of Shigaraki's character and casting aside a lot of characterization of the rest of the League, which I don't see happening).
But I feel like people are giving Hori way too much credit, or have way too high expectations for his "subversion" tendencies. Honestly idk of anything that he's subverted, but there is close to, if not completely 0% chance that AFO and Shigaraki will be an example of that.
AFO's presence isn't just Shigaraki's obstacle. His existence in the story is to be the common enemy that both the hero and villain sides can unite to overcome. Relating him to Touya, Aoyama, and All Might on a personal level shows this. Call it what you will: easy, cheap, outdone, whatever, but it's clear that's what he is.
The clear lack of reflection on the heroes' side of things should be pretty much proof of this. There is no reflection on society and its systemic issues, the issues that exist outside of AFO's manipulation of people, just outside of everything AFO does in general. The only ones thinking of the villains as people are 3 of the kids, and nobody else. It's clear that it's not a wide scale dilemma being considered, and that in order for the villains to be seen differently by the majority of the other side they will have to show it through their individual choices and actions. It's a flaw in the manga, I will not deny. Because if the manga was going to present these issues as relevant, it should follow up on it. But it's very present this close to the end and probably not going to change or go away.
So no I don't think AFO is there to be a subversion. He's there to adhere to the easy pathway to redeeming villains and being the guy who does worse than the redeemable villains do. There's the bad guys, and then the even worse guy--which his him. The guy who not only has wronged the heroes, but also the villains, giving them a reason to team up with the heroes at the end and "switch sides". The common enemy that exists so everyone, no matter which side they are on, can relate to each other on some level.
I agree with the complaints that he's boring. What I don't agree with is that he's secretly meant to be more than he is, and we just "haven't seen it yet". I'm sorry but I do think he will remain the boring big bad that he's always been. I'm not necessarily complaining about that fact, because for the characters I DO care about everything is going the way I prefer, but I don't disagree with the criticism that he’s boring and could be handled or utilized much better.
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anna-dreamer · a day ago
More grumpy Valar thoughts
I’ll just vent here for a little bit
Had a little thought about the Valar, mercy, and judgement. (Still think the Valar do a rather poor job of being in charge of things, though i suppose it’s a discussion on its own what ‘in charge’ means in this case.)
I’ve encountered a notion that by releasing Melkor out of his confinement in the Void Manwe executed an act of estel, so it was a good thing actually, because themes and everything. I believe it very well might be a thematical thing, but the way the Valar executed it made it hardly moral or responsible from a leadership point of view. (Again, is it even a valid concern when it comes to Silmarillion, Doom and all? Dunno, just like to think about it.) 
Like, sure, it is incredibly virtuous of you guys to let your mortal enemy go and to believe him when he swears to never again, to give him a chance because everyone deserves one. But what about his victims who you specifically brought to the same place to protect from him? How is it a great idea to let Melkor lose, unsupervised, unchecked? Both Melkor and the Eldar are Valar’s responsibility, but the former they seem to favor more. And by the way, isn’t it clear that the confinement itself might have made Melkor extremely vengeful? Of course he would want revenge, and if he couldn’t touch the Valar themselves, he had the Eldar at hand. That should have been at least plausible for anyone who new Melkor, the rejected jealous child he was. But the Valar are apparently bad both at talking and at empathy, as Eru must have been not a great dad for any of them.
So Melkor does what he does, and as far as I am concerned the whole conundrum is Valar’s responsibility as much as his. 
Now, i thought of other times when the Valar had to seat in judgement. 
First case is Feanor, and frankly it seems to me it was absolutely not the Valar’s business to punish him at all. It doesn’t mean he did no wrong, but it all seems to be an internal Eldar affair which Melkor exploited. And the Eldar already have their own authority, their king. It must be he and them who decide what to do. But the Valar apparently strongly believe it is their right to interfere. I wonder, was there any rule or a law that prohibited weapons and armored assaults the the Valar previously imposed? Did they state that there would be times when their judgement precedes the one of Eldar’s authorities? Because if they didn’t it looks like another case of arbitrary unspoken rules based not on law but on faith, that apply to the flight of the Noldor. Essentially, nobody knows what the Valar’s rules are, but everybody will know once they’re broken. That is abuse. 
At last, Earendil and Elving. Their case frankly makes me angry. They too broke the rules (finally some clearly spoken rules, though no clear punishment for breaking them), and the judgement was unfairly harsh. They were essentially both removed from the world they knew, parted from their children forever, Elving was turned into a bird, and an ever solitary mission was imposed on Earendil which he can never abandon or complete. And for what? For them coming to plead for help and mercy. As if they were already guilty somehow. The Valar probably felt they were. 
Now, granted, Melkor was imprisoned for a long time, but he was released and fully pardoned as if nothing happened. And he tried to destroy an entire race. While Earendil just trespassed. And he is still up there in the sky.  
And, granted, I am not discussing any metaphysical reading of this story. Rather I am concerned for the implications it makes because i feel it is important. The Valar are willing to give a chance to one of their own, however fallen he might be; but when it comes to the Eldar, the Valar’s compulsion to judge and punish is without fail. 
Freaking pre-built inequality. 
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redbootsindoriath · a month ago
Tumblr media
Seeing as how it’s still July 4th in much of the western hemisphere, Happy Independence Day to those of my followers who live in the States!  And happy...uh...bald eagle drawing to everybody else...?
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dogcasino · 10 months ago
everyone draws unpossessed kris as being distressed and shaken and grabbing ralsei and asking him to help them while the red soul is distracted by the cutscene but honestly i feel like they're much more likely to just turn to him and go "'sup?" like their soul didnt just leave their body
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latest-obsession · 2 months ago
Ed AND Stede both mask and I wanna talk about it
I know the fandom talks A LOT about Ed being a chameleon, flipping his entire personality on a dime to fit into the current situation and company, to the point that he can't even really recognize when it's happened and how far he's gone.
But I wanna look at it with Stede too. He literally asks his crew in the very first episode to give him constructive criticism so he can change what he is doing to better serve them, but he cannot fathom behaving different on a personality level.
They both mask so heavily, but in different ways. Edward masks with his personality, whereas Stede masks with his actions. And it is absolutely because of where they came from before they meet each other.
-Edward's Mask and His Struggles-
Edward learned to survive as a lower-class, mixed-raced, son of a physically abusive father and indentured mother. When he became a pirate, his survival on the water hinged on performing in a way that pirates approve. It isn't the mainland where you're protected by certain laws, if pirates don't like you, they can just kill you. It's important to be liked on the water. So, being hard, being cruel, being Blackbeard, when the company was right, it allowed him safe passage to climb the ladder and build his legend. He succeeded with that carefully crafted persona entirely devoted to this job.
In contrast, he is allowed mistakes. He may mess up a bit, but we all like Blackbeard. If a raid goes bad, if he gets too drunk, if he acts a bit erratic, if he loses sight of it all, if he faces critique? He's fine. His crew are loyal to the persona he displays and they allow him room to be imperfect because of it.
He is allowed to make mistakes as long as he is good company.
He can put on the right face and say the right things until he goes into crisis because he doesn't know what to do with himself. Because everything is boring to him that he can't force himself to keep doing it any longer. He's so tired.
-Stede's Mask and His Struggles-
Stede learned to survive as a upper-class, white, son of an emotionally abusive father and, as fas as we can tell, complete lack of mother-figure. His entire life has hinged on doing the right things. It's the aristocratic society, he has responsibilities he simply does not have any choice in abandoning. And, as long as he does as he's supposed to, he cannot be harmed. So, he'll be bullied, he'll get married, he'll inherit his family's fortune, he'll father children, he does all the things he has to do to just hold his position in high society and survive in that sort of world. And he does it well enough.
In contrast, he cannot figure out his personality. He cannot master what is it he's suppose to be to make people like him. It's no matter though, he does his job so there's nothing anyone else can do about it. If he's annoying, if he's too soft, if he's dandy, if he's an outcast, if he's not like the other boys? He's fine. He's safe under the veil of a rich man in mainland high society.
He is allowed to be disliked as long as he does what he's supposed to.
He can follow the rules and do all the right things until he can't be Mr. Bonnet because day in and day out he's alienated in his own home. Because he's been trying to find a way to make himself fit with his family and he can't keep trying any more. He's so tired.
-What Their Masks do to Each Other-
So - while Ed comfortably slips between "Blackbeard", "The Mad Devil", "Ed", "Jeff the Accountant", "Captain", "Beardie*", "Edward Teach", "Eddie", "The Kraken" - Stede cannot understand how one files down parts of themselves to fit in different places, to constantly act like someone they're not. He has always been completely himself, even when it doesn't work.
And - while Stede is able to navigate being a family man, starting a pirate crew, inventing people positive management, accepting critique and adjusting to it, smiling in the face of his abusers, learning to stun and kill, understanding and using passive aggression, throwing a fuckery, learning to duel, starting a treasure hunt for Ed, promising to do things he's not sure he can handle - Ed doesn't get how someone just makes themselves do all these different things, half of them things they didn't want to do at all. He has always done as he's wanted, even when it gets risky.
Which is why is it so fascinating that these two forms of masking, the gap between their communication, is what leads them to hurt each other in the last episodes.
Ed tries to be what he thinks Stede wants him to be, throwing away the Blackbeard title and trying to settle down into complete softness... and Stede tries to do what he thinks Ed wants him to do, promises to follow his plan and run away to China despite his anxiety about his family... But these things aren't authentic to themselves.
Edward Teach is a little bit of every persona he wears and a little bit done with the pieces he has grown from. They are all a part of him. And Stede would love them all if Ed shared it. If he trusted him enough to let down the curtain and shake off the performance.
Stede wants to do so many things that he's never spoken of and doesn't want to do so many things he thinks he has to. He just wants to get to chose. And Ed would support him in whatever he wanted if Stede would just tell him how he feels. If he would just be honest and stop forcing himself to do things for other people.
They have both been trying to please each other with the tools they've mastered to please the worlds they came from, but they were effectively lying to each other in a hundred tiny ways. Because they loved each other so much, but they didn't believe they were good enough as they really were.
They thought they needed the masks to keep their lover's affections - But they need to put them down so they can truly see one another.
#Another post analyzing the effects of Ed and Stede's very different traumas and how it shaped them in opposite ways?#it's more likely than you think#They are BOTH autistic and they BOTH heavily mask through out the entire season#They follow different systems and have learned different rules to survive the worlds they were born in#But I only see people wanting to talk about Ed's masking WHEN STEDE DOES IT TOO AND IT'S EQUALLY AS INTERESTING#LEMME TALK ABOUT STEDE AND HOW HE WALKS THROUGH THE WORLD TRYING TO EARN PEOPLE'S APPROVAL TOO#So yeah - I just really wanted a chance to explore all the 'actions' Stede has done over the season#and how - in a lot of them - he is clearly uncomfortable but doesn't allow himself to say no or fight against it#And it's so clear that he just does things that are expected of him - even if he struggles in being the 'person' he's supposed to be#A lot of Stede's life just happens to him - he never had much of a choice in so many parts of it and that doesn't change at sea#And in the exact opposite position#Edward just throws himself into becoming every different person he thinks people want him to be - whether he likes it or not#He doesn't know how to be himself and risk letting people down when they see who that is#so he plays the roles - even does them quite well - even if he struggles with what he things he's 'supposed' to be doing#And he doesn't just 'get fixed' the second he meets Stede - he needs time to understand he's safe#I'm typing a lot of stuff tonight guys#didn't sleep - must keep analyzing OFMD#I'm in THE ZONE#Our Flag Means Death#Our Flag Means Death Spoilers#ofmd#ofmd spoilers#hbo#Stede Bonnet#Edward Teach#Gentleman Pirate#Blackbeard#blackbeard x stede#gentlebeard#blackbonnet
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