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study buddy.
— for @svgarslut’s “a debt to pay” collab.
Tumblr media
pairing. nerd!albedo x fem!reader
cw. smut (you guys fuck in the dining room + blowjob + snowballing + pussy job + protected sex + he’s kinda subby at first + aftercare)
synopsis. having the nerd wrapped around your finger had given you two benefits: a study buddy and his delicious dick.
wc. 1.8k
an. SUGAR I HAD SM FUN WRITING THIS <3 ive always loved nerd!albedo and this collab definitely ripped that concept right out of my bones LMAOO thank u for letting me participate sugar <3 !! and to the rest of you, enjoy <33
mdni + includes ageless & blank blogs
Tumblr media
“y/n… you promised we’d be studying today,” albedo whispers under his breath, loud enough for you to hear it in his empty house. his parents were out for the night—on a date so you took the golden opportunity in your hands to ask albedo to ‘study’ with you while they were gone.
you’re unbuckling his pants the second he takes you to his dining room, where you two would normally do the actual studying. “i know, but can we put that aside first? plus, you look so cute today.” you kneel in front of him, unsurprised of the tent you’re greeted with down there. “hm, don’t tell me you’ve been thinking about this all day too…” because that only makes you more feral for him.
albedo sits and quickly grabs the chair cushion beside him to slide under your knees on the ceramic tiles. “you’re such a sweetheart.” you lean up to kiss his cheeks but he angles his face another way to capture your lips in his instead. you hum into the kiss, a cheeky study buddy you have but one you would not replace.
his hands travel down to your waist, pressing you close as his thumbs sneak under your shirt to rub circles on your smooth skin. his free hand holds your neck in place so he can kiss you just the way he likes it—in the way you would enjoy it as well of course. “you smell nice,” albedo whispers with half-lidded eyes, pulling away momentarily.
“knew you’d like it,” you bit your smile, not wanting to show how obviously happy you were with his opinion. you take the empty moment to dive into his neck, sneaky palms of yours thoroughly running over his chest, feeling his already hardened nipples under his thin cotton shirt.
albedo groans into your ear as you abuse the dip between his neck and shoulder blade, tongue rising to kiss that spot right under his jaw that turns your cute study buddy into putty. you hear his desperate pants and notice how the tent of his boxers pokes your tummy. the darkened spot on it only fuels you up. your fingers reach for the hem of his shirt, guiding the soft material off him so you could feel his porcelain skin.
your kisses move downwards while your fingers gently pinch and prod at his nipples, the tent in his pants being pushed right into your face in desperation. “y/n, let’s make this quick.” you hear the shivering in albedo’s voice—this is exactly the state you want him in. needy, desperate and hard.
“if that means you’ll help me with my studies then who am i to say no?” you slide your fingers under the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down with ease. albedo helps you out by lifting himself up a bit so that you can slide his boxers down to his feet.
albedo watches closely as your lips attach themselves to his red tip, he hisses at the warmth of your mouth, feeling your tongue glide over his slit spilling in precum. you make kitten licks over the head, edging and teasing albedo on as he grips the back of your head.
“you better put that mouth of yours to work, or else this won’t be much of a fair exchange,” albedo warns, pulling you back with your hairs in between his fingers. you whimper at the slight force, pretty hands falling flat on his flexed thighs. you would be lying if you said that wasn’t hot.
you do what he says, taking him all in your mouth, plump lips shining in a mix of your precum and saliva. your hands slide to his balls, playing and squeezing them because you know how much albedo enjoys having his balls fondled. and he reacts perfectly, throwing his head back in pleasure as his fingers card through your hair—petting you—encouraging you.
his hips begin jerking into your face, whimpering, you hold onto his thighs decorated in a pink tone from your grip on them. you catch up to albedo’s rhythm. your jaw aches like a bitch but god the view you’re looking at is worth the pain you’re feeling. and he’ll definitely make up for it later anyway.
“y- y/n, fuck, i’m—” it’s adorable, really. how he finishes before finishing his sentences. his cum shoots into your mouth, as if desperate for you to swallow it. you’re not one to just swallow cum though, where’s the fun in that?
albedo’s only just coming down from his high, you’ve turned him into a complete mess—hair disheveled like he just woke up, cheeks dusted in pink and naked chest heaving from the immense pleasure. oh but his lips? it’s like they’re asking for your attention.
you’ve yet to swallow his cum, sitting on his lap to take his lips in yours. albedo knows what you’re doing as you do it quite often. he definitely enjoys it as much as you do too. your lips fiercely take his on, and with your tongue you push his cum into his mouth. in the process of exchange some cum spills from the corners of your mouths. “mmh… shit, y/n…” albedo pulls away momentarily to exhale a breath of air, dazed eyes following your thumb where you collect his cum from the corner of his mouth.
nothing is better than seeing such an organised person become nothing but a pathetic mess under you. gently, you push the sticky mixture into his mouth.
“you should really see how you look right now,” you hum, licking off the remainders from the corner of your own lips in the process.
shamelessly, albedo watches your tongue lick up his release on your fingers. it isn’t too long until his cock’s hard again—and from just watching you too. he can’t help it, his study buddy just happens to be the epitome of sexy and he has her all to himself.
your hair is a little messy but you look hotter that way too. almost as dishevelled as him. then his eyes fall down to your… still clothed chest. albedo frowns, tugging the hem of your shirt as a sign to take it off. you lift your arms up. “do me the honour?”
albedo almost looses his shit. “god you are so sexy,” he groans, doing as you said to reveal your bra that unsurprisingly matches your skirt. your chest is still littered in hickey’s he’s placed from sessions before. he pushes you closer to him so he can inhale that scent of yours to stay sane, closing in on your neck to begin his ministrations.
you don’t realise how achey you feel from not releasing until albedo’s fingers ghost along the line of your clothed clit. your thighs flex in reaction, unable to contain your whiny moans when he kisses up your sensitive neck. a gasp leaves your lips when his cool middle finger slips under your panties just to be soaked in your essence.
“fucking wet now, aren’t we?” albedo doesn’t expect you to answer, not when your face looks like you’ve seen the stars already. you just want to cum so bad after sucking his dick—who knew that turned you on so much?
he glides his middle finger around the bud, hearing soft squelching sounds from the slick that’s pouring out of you. “‘bedo… make me cum please,” you whine, hips grinding onto his finger. “wanna cum.”
albedo realises that you’re probably desperate like this after waiting all day, and after sucking his dick the only thing you want is your hips stuttering against his.
“of course, now-” he gestures you to stand up and sit over on the sturdy dining table, switching positions too. once you’re on the table, pussy bare to him, he positions his cock at your entrance.
“ah,” albedo reaches out for the front pocket on your tote-bag, bringing out a condom you usually keep in there. he rips the packaging with his teeth before sliding the material on him. “ready, pretty girl?”
there’s something about the sex-filled air that does something to albedo’s senses. he can smell you—everywhere. it’s a sweet, delicate-tasting nectar that can drive him to the point of insanity. his eyes dilate at his cock pressed up against your clit, just utterly mesmerised by your essence collecting at his tip. it’s hot even with the condom on.
your legs are placed up against his chest, feet dangling by his ears. you’re beautiful lying on the table like this. albedo can finally see all your movements and reactions now. your chest rises and falls with every breath you take, a thin sheen of sweat covering your body after providing heavenly service for your study buddy.
it’s only fair if he returns the favour.
so he slides right in, without warning, and your head falls back at the sudden fullness that intrudes your pussy. your hands shakily find something to grip on, successfully finding albedo’s hands to hold. he leans down, tucks his face into your neck with his chest touching yours.
though this position is the most intimate you’ve ever been in with him, you don’t mind it and nor does he. the creaking of the table echoes in the living room, competing with your whimpers and moans that bounce off the walls. he doesn’t stop slamming his hips into yours.
the coil finally snaps and you swear you’re seeing stars. the burst of nerves sends shocks all over your body. your hands hold onto his tighter as he guides you through your orgasm. “fu—ck! ‘bedo, fuck, fuck, ooh ‘bedo, fuck—!” your high-pitched moans are heard clearly by albedo, he smiles lightly into your neck and lifts his head up to see your fucked out face.
his hips grind slowly into yours, taking in the sight right under his nose. your lips fall apart to exhale. your eyes are in a post-orgasm haze, half-lidded, staring at the ceiling behind albedo’s face.
“hello? earth to y/n, earth to y/n?” the platinum blond teases, waving a hand in front of your face and you click your tongue at him, swatting his hand away to hold again.
your thumb gently caresses the back of his hand. “how about you use these hands to clean me up huh?” you shoot back playfully, enjoying how his presence is warm in your personal space. you kind of don’t want him to leave it.
“you got it, sweetheart.” albedo grins at you, planting a kiss on your cheek before going off to get you a warm towel.
you take a look around, clothes are messily thrown on the table, your underwear is on the floor and then you spot his disregarded assignment in the corner of the table. guess it’s time to actually study now. you chuckle lightly before you’re brought back to reality with a warm towel gently wiping your inner thighs.
your gaze rises to meet albedo’s face, the shorter layers of his hair falls over his eyes and eyebrows unevenly. “what’s on your mind, pretty?” he feels your attention on him, throwing the towel on the chair and reaching for your shirt that hangs on it.
“nothing,” you say, taking your shirt from his hands before adding, “let’s do that assignment from class today?”
“now that you’ve had your fun, you’re ready to get busy, huh?” albedo looks at you with exasperation but you don’t miss the hint of a smile showing at the corner of his lips. he just won’t ever get bored of you.
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— for @kaeyatic ‘s monsterfucker may collab !
Tumblr media
summary: unknowingly summoning a demon has its consequences. you have to hold up your end of the bargain one way or another. . .
pairings: demon ! thoma & sub ! f ! reader
warnings: porn with plot, dry humping, virginity loss, monsterfucking, possessiveness, slight corruption kink, cunnilingus, references to masturbation (m and f), fingering, size kink, thoma has two cocks, praise, cervix kissing, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, slight dacryphilia, rough sex towards the end, gaping, breeding, squirting.
wc: 4.5k
minors and ageless blogs do not interact.
Tumblr media
being from a small fishing town just outside of liyue harbour had its difficulties. life was simple, unexciting - you envied the tales you’d heard of women in the city, spending evenings at lavish restaurants and having grandiose tea parties with guest lists containing a plethora of personalities. 
times were especially hard when the bounties from the sea remained scarce, meaning that the exports were low. everybody was becoming increasingly stressed, some even moving away to seek financial growth in some other sectors of teyvat. village elders began to find themselves in ill health, the stress wearing away at them. it was a sorry sight, one you no longer wished to perceive. 
whilst taking a late night walk along the nearby river, something glittering upon the riverbed caught your eye. it was buried under a pile of seaweed, loose mud obscuring it ever so slightly. it took a moment to shake the item free, untangling it from nature’s grasp and discovering what you recognized as a drifting bottle, containing a withered note and a rusty old coin. you dunked the body of the bottle in the shallow stream, admiring how the moonlight reflected off of the object. there was something alluring about it, and if you squinted you were sure you could see the faint glow that it emitted - reminiscent of a halo, though that would turn out to be ironic further down the line. . .
upon returning home, you started to better inspect the bottle, illuminated by the candlelight of your kitchen table. there was no indication that water had seeped past the cork, though the scroll of paper inside seemed to have aged. just how long had this been at sea for?
the cork slid out with a single tug; something that was strange considering how tightly it had appeared to be in there. you retrieved the note with the same amount of ease, carefully unravelling it to reveal a what you couldn’t distinguish as being a message or more concerningly, a warning:
“may those whom this bottle graces forever be blessed,
and be gifted benevolence in his behest;
one summon will gift you just this, so strap in! and 
for as long as you live, good things will always happen.”
you read the short poem over a few times, unsure of what to make of it. sure, you’d heard tales of spirit summoners and their adventures, though had always assumed they were simply make believe, a story utilized by adults in order to haunt or encourage a child’s imagination. it was a struggle to believe that a key to your success, a tool seeming to claim that it possessed the ability to bring greatness back to the village, had fallen right into your lap.
even if you did want to test the waters and try your hand at summoning whichever entity is referring to, you didn’t know how to go about it. all you had received was a measly note lacking decipherable detailing - for all that you knew, it could merely be a tease, a bottle set adrift by some teenagers hoping to mess with an unsuspecting traveler. 
not in the mood to further entertain such childish thoughts, you moved to grasp the bottle once again, wishing to shake the coin out of it. perhaps you could sell it to a merchant and fetch a decent price on the thing. 
confusion consumed you as you found that the coin was already resting on the table next to the withered note. surely you would remember taking it out. . . right? 
shrugging it off as becoming increasingly sleepy, you picked up the coin to inspect it slightly, flipping it in the air and catching it in a fist. it once again caught the light in an eerie manner, but you let it sit on the table and headed off to bed regardless, leaving the bottle and its contents to be dealt with in the morning.
. . .
in all honesty, you’d forgotten about the bottle. you’d had a peaceful night, more so than usual. mornings began with your usual routine, finding yourself brewing a cup of coffee when interrupted by an uproar of noise from inside the village.
flinging the front door open haphazardly, mug still in hand, you went to further investigate the commotion. it seemed as though the early morning fishing boats had already returned, and you instantly feared the worst, especially when taking into account the declining health of many of the town’s fishermen. a crowd had gathered at the docks, and your initial thoughts became immediately disproven.
the smell of fish was one that you were used to, albeit it seemed stronger than you had ever known. the closer that you got to the boats, the more fish that came into your line of vision. compared to the scarcities that the village had been facing, you were astonished that they’d returned with such an unbelievable amount! surely this would keep everybody fed for a week, along with being enough to trade for some serious mora! 
it was only then that your mind began to wander back to the bottle that you’d found; surely these two events were mere coincidences. . . right? perhaps it was simply a blessing from the archons, and nothing more. you recalled tales of entities from another world whom blessed to the regular folk of teyvat before then demanding an astounding price in return. 
the thought of being indebted to such a creature shook you slightly, an uneasy feeling settling in your stomach. you did your best to attempt to ration with these negative thoughts, instead reminding yourself that such stories were simply old wive’s tales passed down generation to generation in order to teach their young that they shouldn’t rely on others, but should instead retain a strong persistence and work for whatever it is that they wish for - to not take shortcuts nor back down in the face of difficulty. 
regardless, you went about your day minding your own business. nothing else was out of the ordinary, other than the fact that the entire village grew busier due to the morning’s large intake. the subsequent boats who returned seemed to have similar luck too, which only amplified the workload for everybody. but again, things were fairly regular outside of that. you even took another evening stroll along the same stream that you’d discovered the bottle in, finding it a calming feature of your daily routine. 
afterwards, you returned home as usual. upon unlocking your door, you removed your boots, heading to the kitchen to make yourself a hot beverage.
“hey there, darlin’,” 
an unfamiliar voice caught you off guard. a million thoughts rushed through your mind, instinctively grasping for a kitchen knife, should you need to defend yourself from the stranger in your home. you turned around, shaky hands gripping your makeshift weapon. you were met with a man, taller than yourself, donning a cheeky grin and what appeared to be two short horns. 
“no need for that,” he noted, moving to take the knife out of your hands with ease. “i’m not gonna hurt you, sweetheart.” he mumbled something about how stupid humans were before taking a seat at your table. 
“who are you?” your trembling bottom lip told the man all he needed to know: that you’d summoned him without knowing. he picked up the coin that you’d left on the table from the night prior, flipping it and catching it in a fist, exactly the way that you had done. 
“the name’s thoma, and just who might you be?”
your eyes grew wide, scanning memories for a reason as to why the name seemed so familiar. 
“thoma? like the old inazuman fairy story? you’re not real, i must be imagining this,” you insisted, feeling silly for talking to yourself out loud. clearly your mind was playing a cruel trick on you and there was nobody in your home except for yourself. 
“i’m as real as you, darling.” he watched your expression intently, not wanting to come on too strong. “those tales aren’t the most accurate. i just fix people’s problems, promise! my coin finds those in need and gives little humans like you a means to summon me.”
he took your silence as a cue to continue his backstory, watching as you judged the situation to your best ability. 
“i’m not technically from inazuma, you know? born and bred in monstadt! i took a ship to inazuma to visit my father. . .” there came the painful chapter that made thoma’s cheery expression falter for a split second. “i got caught in a shipwreck - i was found by a man who taught me how to best help others, to share the kindness that he extended to me, if you will.” 
thoma cleared his throat, the bright eyed and bushy tailed demeanour returning. 
“he tethered me to this coin, and now i get to travel through the lands and see places i never dreamed of!” you could detect a twinge of pain being masked here, though chose to keep it to yourself. “i help people like you - why do you think there’s an abundance of fish all of a sudden, hmm?”
your heart dropped at that statement. if he’d granted you a favor, you knew that you’d have to pay it back eventually. . . 
“what do you want?” your tone blunt and cold. 
“lighten up, darlin’! i can’t do anything you don’t agree to.”
“i don’t have much i can offer you.” the room fell silent for a moment, and your voice fell to barely above a whisper. “d-do you want me to sleep with you?”
thoma gasped, stunned at your question. “of course not! what kind of demon do you take me for?”
“i- umm,” you stuttered, “i heard stories of your- your kind offering to erase payments for sex, and i just- i’m sorry. i don’t know what else to offer-”
“relax.” thoma interrupted. “i mean, you’re a pretty thing, so i wouldn’t turn it down. but it’s your choice, doll. you get to pick what i take from you. hell, offer me something like that and i’ll stick around a little longer,”
he didn’t think you would listen to the final part of that, for your brain would instead be spinning with ideas of what exactly you could pay in return. 
“so you’d make sure there’s enough fish? i-if i sleep with you?”
thoma didn’t know how to respond, instead giving you space to continue. your gaze averted to the flooring as you admitted:
“because i’m okay with it,”
if you were looking, you would have seen thoma’s eyes darken with lust. he stood up once again, closing the gap between the pair of you. your hands gripped the counter as thoma kissed you with a fervour, lips tasting of sugary treats, though embellished with a salty twinge. upon pulling away from you, the demon licked his lips, eying you up and down. 
“a virgin?” he questioned, hungry gaze feeling almost predatory. your cheeks heated up with embarrassment - whilst thoma wasn’t wrong, you didn’t want to admit it. it felt as though he knew your innermost secrets, all from a simple clashing of teeth. 
“don’ worry, i’ll be gentle,” he continued, lifting you to wrap your legs around his waist. his grip on your thighs was firm enough to support you, though tender enough as not to cause you any unnecessary pain. occasionally he squeezed the plush skin, eliciting the cutest little whimpers from you. 
thoma was smirking by the time he had maneuvered you both so that he could rest you on the edge of your table, planting himself between your legs. the bulge in his pants was already becoming prevalent as he began to kiss along your neck, sucking a masterpiece of hickies into your sweet skin. if he was going to be your first, thoma planned to do it right. 
for a demon, he really was benevolent. the nips against the juncture of your neck were playful, though not enough to actually hurt you - they merely tickled. one of his hands pressed your lower half closer to thoma’s body as he allowed you to gyrate your hips against him subconsciously. his heightened senses could almost smell how wet you were for him, able to detect the slick gathering between your legs without so much as taking a peek for himself. his other hand trailed underneath your shirt, tracing unrecognizable shapes into your skin before reaching the hook of your bra. 
thoma took his mouth off of you for a brief moment, allowing him to strip your top half completely bare for him. the demon found himself struggling to think straight, instead overwhelmed by carnal desires to remove the rest of your clothing and plough into your virgin cunt. in a complete contrast to his prior, cheery demeanor, thoma wished to mark you as his property.
he pressed his pelvis closer to you, bulge becoming more and more evident with each passing moment. nimble fingers began to rid you of your remaining clothes; thoma shrugged off his own jacket before throwing his shirt to some unknown location that he could uncover later. 
shortly enough, the pair of you were left in only your respective undergarments. thoma couldn’t help himself but chuckle as he saw the damp patch seeping through your panties, unable to resist making a sly comment. 
“all this just for me, darlin’?” he dragged a finger across your clothed folds, applying enough pressure to make you squirm, though nowhere near the amount that you desired. 
you were already out of your depth. having a man (well, could you even call him such? he was a demon after all) see you in such a vulnerable state felt so foreign, yet at the same time was beyond exhilarating. you felt dizzy, butterflies bursting in your stomach as all you wished for in that moment was to have thoma make you scream. 
his fingers danced over your pebbled nipples, pinching at the hardened buds ever so gently. yet he still fought to contain himself, demon instincts working overtime to corrupt his thoughts. thoma’s hand then made a beeline for your pussy, hooking his fingers in the waistband of your panties. your pleas of consent went straight to his crotch, fueling his eagerness to devour your drooling cunt. 
as he slid off your underwear, thoma had to bite his lip so as not to groan at the sight. he instantly dropped to his knees, spreading your legs open wider for him to get a better look at you. 
“so fuckin’ cute,” he mumbled under his breath before diving into your weeping pussy. he began by placing a kiss to your clit, followed by kitten licks around the swollen bud, experimenting to discover how you liked it best. you didn’t know what you were expecting, though were pleasantly surprised to discover that your demon seemed to come with a forked tongue that you hadn’t previously noticed. a guttural groan fell from his lips as your hands shot to grip the two black horns protruding from his head, your cunt muffling the sweet sound. you used this as leverage to pull yourself closer to him, and if it weren’t for thoma holding you in place you were certain that you would have fallen right off of the edge of the table.
he changed things up, licking a long stripe up down your slit until he located the tight muscles of your entrance. with the knowledge that you hadn’t laid with another before, thoma decided it best to insert his tongue, lapping up your juices as he prodded the warm muscle against your opening. 
meanwhile, you were reduced to euphoric gasps. you’d only ever played with yourself, and this was a feeling much different to that of which your own hands could conjure. thoma was diligent, not even leaving your clit without attention as he brushed his nose against the twitching nub, one flat palm keeping you spread out for him. the only sounds filling the kitchen were that of your angelic moans and the lewd noises of him slurping at your cunt. before you knew it, you could feel yourself getting closer to the edge. you tried to hold back, you really did. yet thoma’s mouth was rather heavenly (ironic, considering his demon blood).
“‘m gonna cum,” you whined, grasping thoma’s horns tighter. 
instead of replying, he simply patted your thigh a few times, refusing to stop his ministrations and merely hoping that you catch on to his non-verbal cue. you did just that so perfectly, your pretty pussy fluttering around thoma’s tongue as he continued to eat you through your high. 
you didn’t even notice that your grip remained on his horns until he patted your wrists, signaling that you could let go of him now. he praised you for how well you had done for him, kissing your forehead and ensuring that you were okay.
in all honesty, he would have been happy to call it even right there and then. the taste of your cunt echoing on his tongue was enough for him to retreat to whatever realm that he hailed from and to jack himself off to. but how could he do such a thing when you sat there begging him for more?
there it was again. the primal urge to stretch your cunt and claim you as his territory. the thought of branding you with a mark, officially claiming you as his, even crossed thoma’s mind. he worked to chase away those ideas by tasting your lips again, simultaneously slipping his hand down to your folds once again. 
he coated his middle finger in your slick before aligning it with your hole, continuing to kiss you as a distraction should any pain occur. gently, he circled your entrance before easing his digit into you, massaging your walls as you clamped around him. once satisfied, he added another, beginning to scissor your pussy open, preparing you to take your first cock. 
thoma wanted to hear you, instead pulling away from your mouth and letting you rest your head on his shoulder. he cooed your incoherent babbles, telling you that this was necessary before he could fill you up himself, and reminding you that he wished not to hurt you.
he listened as a ecstatic yelp feel from your lips, indicating to him that he’d discovered your g-spot. as the soft pads of his fingers glided across the sweet spot with each thrust, making the stretch even more bearable for you to take. he could feel the pulsing of your gooey walls, the noises you made reminiscent of those you had previously released as you approached your prior orgasm.
“gonna take another one for me, pretty girl?” he asked, though you couldn’t decipher whether or not he meant another finger or if he just wanted for you to cum again. 
it turns out you were wrong either way, for the demon proceeded to slip another finger into your messy cunt, as well as have his thumb seek out the nub of your clit, massaging sloppy circles in order to push you over the edge. already sensitive from your previous high, it didn’t take you much longer to shout his name, nails scratching his muscular figure as you fell apart on his hand. 
“‘s it,” he muttered, “what a good girl f’me,” 
once you had come down from your second orgasm of the evening, thoma pulled his hand away from your pussy. he lifted your head up to look at your face, admiring the glow that the moonlight bathed you in before wiping away the stray tears caused by how darn sensitive your body already was. 
“that’s enough, mkay? ‘m not gonna make you-”
“no,” you interrupted, voice barely above a whisper. “need all of you, please. i don’ want you to go yet,”
despite already seeming overstimulated and teary-eyed, thoma couldn’t deny such sweet pleas. he opted for laying you back against the table, planting soft kisses along your body as he finally trailed back to your hot cunt. instead of touching you directly, he pressed his lips along your inner thigh, watching your muscles twitch in anticipation. 
“if ya want me to stop, just say so,” he warned before finally slipping off his boxers. 
the way in which he had positioned you allowed for you to see his cock as thoma unclothed, the sight making your jaw slacken. it only further cemented the idea in you head that he was indeed not human, for instead of one he possessed two cocks. you gawked, eyes wide as you felt you walls tighten at the thought of having him in you. each appendage was as large as the other, both ribbed and with a slight barb around the tip. you noticed a thick vein pulsing on the underside, wondering if that was an indicator that the demon was ready to pump you full of his load. 
as thoma approached you again, he sized you up. he rested one of his cocks on your stomach, his pupils dilating as he took not of just how deep he would be inside of you. concurrently your mind was consumed by fears of whether or not you would be able to take even one of his cocks, let alone the pair at once. could your mortal body even take such a stretch?
your fears were chased away by the feeling of his bulbous head pressing against your entrance, thoma running it along your slit a few times just to collect some of your juices. he looked to you for consent, waiting for you to nod before he started to ease himself into you. his other cock remained bobbing around your stomach; thoma would have pumped his fist around it should he not have been so concerned about you instead. 
it felt like a fire had been set ablaze in your belly, tears gracing your lashline as you yelped, yet never once telling him to stop. 
“so tight,” thoma uttered, “you virgins always have the prettiest little pussies,”
you couldn’t even retort if you wanted to, mind going blank as the ridges of thoma’s cock brushed against your sweet spot. he took his time bottoming out, revelling in the spasming of your delightful cunt as you cried out in euphoria. you could feel the barbs around his tip tickling your cervix as he bottomed out.
“look at how well ya did, darlin’,” he praised, smiling at you as you blinked through glassy eyes. “maybe i should try fitting them both in, hmm?”
thoma noted that you made no move to say no, allowing his mind to drift to filthy thoughts of truly breaking you in and how damn gorgeous you would look with a cunt full of his cum. this spurred him to begin moving, dragging his cock out of you at a painfully slow pace. his initial thrusts were shallow, waiting for you to start whining for more before pulling himself almost all the way out, until only his head rest in you, and proceeding to slide his way right back in, once again nestling himself against your cervix. 
he listened to your body, doing his best not to cause you too much pain as he stretched your poor pussy to mold around his cock. he was aware of how sensitive you were, overstimulated before he could even fill you up. 
“go on, cum on me, sweet thing,”
the feeling of you clamping around his cock was a feeling so very different to having you cum on his fingers. it was much more intense, and seemed to finally be his breaking point. you were busy seeing stars as thoma pulled you closer to him, folding you into a sloppy position reminiscent of a mating press, ensuring that he had full access to your exposed cunt as he grabbed his other cock in his fist. 
its tip was already leaking precum, a portion of which had already caused a mess on your lower tummy. he pumped his fist a few times before aligning himself with your hole once again, this time pushing your pussy to its limits as he thrust both of his cocks into you. 
knowing he was not only the first cock you had, but also the second, filled thoma with a sense of pride, encouraging him to continue his assault on your abused cunt. you took him so well, he wanted to stuff you full of his cum. no, scratch that, he needed to fill you with his cum. 
thoma had gone feral, lost his sense of reality as he pounded you like an animal. he used your body, bending it and shifting it so that he could find the best way to bruise your cervix, chasing his own orgasm without any shred of care for you. hell, he wouldn’t be surprised if you’d already cum around his cocks at least once more with how fucking amazing you felt. 
words had truly fleed you, leaving you babbling strings of his name as thoma finally began sensing his orgasm on the horizon. he ploughed into you with inhumane speed, truly exhibiting his demon side unlike you had seen yet tonight. if you were level headed enough to look closely, you could see his emerald irises be overtaken by pure black. 
all that it took was one nudge against a certain spot inside of you, and you began to fall over the edge once again. this orgasm hit harder than the last few, overstimulation having truly set in. your gooey walls held thoma in a vice grip, enough so to trigger his own orgasm as both of his cocks spurted cum against your womb, the warmth feeling comforting to you whilst in your fucked out bliss. the sensation made your pussy gush, a jet of liquid spilling all over thoma and on your table. sloppy thrusts continued as your squirted, waiting until it had died down to a trickle before pulling out of you. 
to say that you were fucked out felt like an understatement. you were exhausted, struggling to move as thoma finished with you. he was intrigued at the way your cunt gaped as he took his cocks out of you, watching ribbons of his cum dribble out of you as you lay unmoving.
he admired your trembling form basking in the moonlight before dealing with you, ensuring he cleaned up and that you got to bed comfortably. the demon even placed a kiss to your forehead once again, this time a silent promise that he’d stick around a while longer.
Tumblr media
© ayatonomy, 26.05.
do not repost — reblogs appreciated !
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weirdshadeofgray · 21 hours ago
Without You
pairings: Marc Spector x f!reader, Steven Grant x f!reader, Jake Lockley x f!reader implied.
warning: A hint of smut and a lot of angst included. Marc (that little piece of shit) cockblocks poor Steven.
note: co-written with @iamcalmdammit — thanks for the angst. we didn't really edit it, there might be mistakes.
words: 2.8k
Tumblr media
Marc was frustrated, angry, and he made a big mistake by lashing out at you. He only realized what he had just done when tears sprang to your eyes and you put up your hand as you turned around to collect your bag and coat without saying anything.
"Bravo, good job," Jake told him after you left.
The muscles in Marc's jaw tightened, but he mananged to bite back a retort. It was Jake's fault that he was this angry tonight in the first place, it was bold of him to mock him like that.
"Go after her and apologize," Steven suggested.
He was torn. A part of him agreed with Steven and desperately wanted to run after you, begging you to forgive him for being such an inconsiderate idiot, but another part knew you needed to be alone until you calmed down.
In the end, he decided to stay, getting a bottle of beer out of the fridge before sitting on the couch and putting his feet on the coffee table. He didn't turn on the TV, he just closed his eyes and tried to think about how to apologize the next day.
Should he buy a gift? Flowers? Chocolate? Jewelry? No, you weren't the kind of girl who could be conciliated with such things. All you needed was honesty. What he had to do was going over to your place, apologize, and promise he would never do anything like this again.
Yes, that could work.
"Oh, bollocks," Steven said with an annoyed groan, then simply forced himself to the front.
If all Marc wanted to do was sitting on the couch and thinking about what he should do, then Steven could just as well take matters in his own hand and go over to your place to see you. You always said you wanted to be alone, but he knew you didn't really mean that. By going over to your place to be by your side, he could give you the support you surely needed.
Marc let out a tired sigh. "I would've taken care of it tomorrow, you know."
Steven ignored him as he walked towards the bus stop, masterfully navigating through the crowded street without bumping into anyone. The chilly night air burned his throat as he breathed and he began to regret not hailing a cab instead. It would have been warmer, faster, and surely more comfortable.
But now that he was halfway to your place, he wasn't about to change his mind. He just needed to get to your place, there was no need to change his way of travel now.
When he got to the building you lived in, Steven met a young boy who just came out through the gate with his dog, so with an awkward smile, he quickly got hold of the door before it closed and went inside. He gulped loudly as he stood in front of your door, still thinking about what to say.
"Just pull her into a hug and tell her you're sorry she had to see Marc act like an asshole," Jake offered a possible solution.
"Screw you, Jake," Marc spat angrily.
"I wasn't the one who fucked up. I'm just trying to help here."
And there was Steven, listening to his alters bickering while he not-so-patiently waited for them to end. Clearing his throat, he got the others' attention, then finally knocked on the door. He could hear you calling out to ask for a minute of patience, and he began to wonder what you were doing in there.
Were you cooking? No, you just ate with Marc. Were you in the shower? No, that couldn't be it either, you wouldn't have heard him knock with the water running. Then what could you be doing? Were you even alone? He could've sworn he heard another voice, but he assumed it came from a different apartment.
You finally opened the door, the smell of fresh coffee filling his nostrils almost immediately. There was silence for a few seconds, then your lips curled into a barely visible, sad smile. "Hello, Steven," you said quietly.
"Hey. Are you okay, love?" he asked worriedly as he reached out to take your hands.
"I'm fine, you shouldn't have come all the way here," you told him politely, but he only rolled his eyes at you.
Before he could tell you how wrong you were about this, about whether or not he should be here with you, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from inside your apartment. Steven gave you a questioning look before moving a bit to peek over your shoulder.
"Who the fuck is that guy?!" Jake asked, fuming from anger.
It was a handsome middle-aged man who was now standing next to you with a stupid smile on his face. Jealousy clouded Steven's mind and he was thinking about way to kick his ass for laying his hand on someone else's girlfriend.
But there was no need for that as he extended a hand and said, "You must be the boyfriend she talks so much about. I'm Dave, we just moved into the apartment across the hallway with my wife."
He hesitated at first, but then he cleared his throat and shook the man's hand. "I'm Steven. So... where's your wife?" he asked cautiously.
"She has a night shift, she left not long ago. Y/N looked a little under the weather so she told me to interrogate her. She loves gossip, you see."
Steven looked at you, waiting for a nod or anything that would verify his story. But you kept a poker face on, as if you were deliberately trying to keep him in the dark. You knew he was jealous and you were doing your best to make it worse for him.
"Well, I'll leave you two alone. Thanks for the coffee," Dave said with a warm smile before heading towards his own home.
You stepped aside to let him in, so Steven walked inside and waited until you closed the door and turned to look at him. He didn't say anything, he just cupped your face with his hands and kissed you hungrily, his body language giving away how terribly frustrated he was thanks to you.
When you reached the bedroom, he took off your shirt and unclipped your bra before moving on to your jeans. But you put your hand on his to stop him, drawing a deep, frustrated growl out of him.
"What is it?" he asked impatiently.
You rested your forehead against his as you looked him in the eye. It was hard to resist the urge to push your hand away and keep on undressing you, but he decided to behave for now. You wanted to say something, and after tonight, listening carefully was the least he could do for you.
"You didn't really think I would sleep with some guy right after getting into a fight with Marc, right?" you asked with an amazed smile.
Steven blushed as he thought about your words. What was he supposed to say to this? That yes, his mind was running wild and he seriously assumed you were having an affair with someone? No, he shouldn't sound so insecure.
Eventually he shook his head and said, "No, I was just surprised to see you already had a guest."
"You can't even admit you were jealous?" Marc asked with a snort.
He really, really wanted to tell Marc that it was his fault you ran away, it was his fault someone else noticed you were sad. But he decided to keep it to himself, mostly because you were there and he didn't want to answer questions about who he was replying to.
So he flashed a small smile at you before kissing you again, this time being gentle and moving his lips to your chin then neck eventually. You let out a satisfied moan, your hands already looking for the buttons of his shirt with your eyes still closed.
It was funny how he came to talk to you, to tell you Marc hadn't meant what he said back there, yet now he was lost in the burning feeling that built up in his core under your touch. He was jealous, yes, that's why he wanted to show you that you didn't need another man to take your mind off his alters in case they did something stupid.
Steven picked you up and gently laid you down on the bed, his lips already trailing down your bare chest as he unbuttoned your jeans and pulled them off your legs. For a few seconds be admired the view, a sight he could never get bored of. To him, everything about you was perfect, every curve and every scar you had from stupid childhood accidents.
"Give me the body, Steven, I need to talk to her," Marc suddenly said.
But he ignored his alter, instead he moved his hands up your legs before opening them wide to kneel between them. It was hard to decide what to do with you now, how to begin to please you.
After a few short seconds he decided to give himself time to think by leaning down to kiss you again, his lips moving to you cheek before changing course and heading towards your jawline, from there down to your neck and your breasts. You arched your back, desperate to get more of him, so he put his hand on your waist and push you down into the mattress.
"What do you want me to do, love? Should I get a taste of you? Or do you want me to push my fingers into you? Tell me," he murmured against your soft skin.
You combed your fingers through his hair as his lips found their way to your inner thigh, intentionally teasing you by being so close to your entrance without actually going there. But you wanted his lips there, he could feel it by the way you tried to keep his head right where it was.
Steven didn't need you to say anything, now that he could tell from your body language which way he should go, he ran a finger over your aching clit and smiled to himself when a loud moan escaped your lips. You were so amazingly sensitive to his touch, and when he pressed his lips to your clit, tongue slipping between your folds, you grinded your hips against his mouth.
"For fuck's sake, that's not why we came here," Marc complained.
"She's enjoying it so much, let Steven do this for her," Jake told him.
But Marc didn't care. He wanted to front now and he was willing to force Steven out of the way. When he succeeded, he stopped what Steven had been doing and moved above you, resting his weight on his forearm next to your head.
"We need to talk about what happened," he said as he caressed your cheek.
"Marc," you whined disappointedly as you pushed away his hand.
You clearly wanted Steven to come back and finish what he started, you wanted to come for him like the good girl you were. It pained him to see you like this, badly yearning for someone he didn't want to let you have now.
Letting out a sigh, Marc leaned closer and kissed you gently, sad to find out you weren't interested. "Baby, I'm begging you," he whispered. "Talk to me about what happened back there and I promise I'll give you as many orgasms as you want. Just—Just try to focus on me for a few minutes, okay?"
"Please, I want Steven," you asked desperately.
"I didn't mean to shout at you, I was just mad at Jake and you touched a topic I was sensitive about," he began, ignoring your wish. "I would never raise my voice at you, you know that, right?" After what seemed like an eternity, you finally nodded. Marc's lips curled into a faint smile as relief washed over him. "I love you, and I don't want you to be mad at me. What do you want me to do to make it right?"
You shook your head in silence at first. "Could you give Steven back? We were in the middle of something," you told him with a pleading look.
Marc felt a pang of disappointment upon hearing your request. "Am I not good enough for you?"
The sentence slipped out of his mouth before he even realized what he wanted to ask. He was insecure, yes, even terrified that you would cut ties with him as much as it was possible with Steven and Jake around. He didn't want you to avoid him, he wanted you to forgive him and show him that you loved him too.
To his surprise you pushed him back so you could sit up, and now the two of you were kneeling on the bed face to face, being so close to each other that your breasts brushed against his torso. The look in your eyes softened as you put your hands on the sides of his neck and looked him in the eye.
"Marc, you're good enough, don't ever question that. Yes, I'm upset and I'm mad at you, but it will pass, okay?" you asked, your thumb caressing his jaw.
He nodded. "Then can I stay with you tonight?" he asked quietly while he reached up to put his hands on your wrists.
You let out a sigh and he could see you were troubled. Maybe you were thinking about how to convince him to let Steven front. Maybe you were just trying to figure out if you should forgive him or not. Either way, it was nerve-racking.
"Mate, did you really have to put her in this position? Why can't you just give up the body for tonight?" Steven asked.
His alter was right, he should just give up and give you time to think it through. "Do you really want Steven back?"
"I don't know, Marc. I don't want you to feel like I'm about to abandon you," you admitted.
It broke his heart. It felt like you would only stay with him out of pity. "But you'd rather have him around now," he said with a sigh.
Seeing his reaction, you peppered kisses along his jawline before finally kissing him on the lips. "I need some time to calm down," you told him as you pulled back a bit. "He can help me calm down."
"All right, I get it."
You licked your upper lip then took a deep breath. "You're gonna be okay?" you inquired worriedly.
"Don't worry about me," Marc stated sourly before giving the body to his alter.
Steven kissed you gently, happy to see you immediately noticing the switch. This wasn't the same passionate kiss you shared before Marc interrupted you. No, it was slow and soft, one that was quite soothing for you. Your hands eventually fell from his neck to your lap and you sat back on your heels.
You didn't say anything, but you didn't have to, he knew perfectly well Marc was on your mind. The heated moment you had before Marc took over was gone by now. Apparently you were too worried to think about sex now.
"I need you to take my mind off of him. Just... I don't know, fuck my brains out or whatever, just make these thoughts go away, please," you begged him, almost crying.
He had never seen you like this, so broken and sad, begging him to do something that could make you feel better. With a worried look on his face, he tipped your chin up with his finger, making you look at him.
"All right, love. Well, fucking your brains out is Jake's area, not mine," he began, his heart clenching at the sight of your watery eyes. "And I don't think sex is what you need right now. How about watching The Mummy movies with my narration?"
Sniffling quietly, you nodded then wrapped your arms around him to rest your head on his shoulder. He rubbed your back with his hand as he kissed your head, breathing in your scent. Marc fucked up big time—neither of you had ever seen you be this upset.
Once you let go of him, Steven stood up and began to collect your clothes only to hand them to you. "Come on, let's get dressed and watch those movies then," he said with the hint of a smile.
You nodded then did as you were told, putting on one piece of clothing after another. Once you were both dressed, you settled down on the couch with you resting your head in his lap. He could only hope this would help. It had to help.
"If all else fails," Jake began after you drifted off to sleep, "I'll fuck her brains out just as she wished."
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wolfstarlvrs · a day ago
loving you is a full time job , s.harrington
in which steve slowly distances himself from you,.
warnings : slight angst, crying! steve., soft steve, intimacy, clinginess.
pairings : steve harrington x reader :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“you should come work with me at scoops ahoy, i think you’d enjoy it…plus you’ve been mentioning getting a full time job ” “love… i’m around you 24/7. loving you is a full time job.”
what you hadn’t notice was steve shift in his seat, his hand still draped over your thigh. the music softly playing as he stared straight down. “i forgot .. i have to go to dustin’s, do you want me to drop you off at home?” “sure my love.” the entire ride your eyes were on him
watching his every movement, how his hair was all messy from your hands running through it. how he bit his lip trying to concentrate on the road, god you loved this man. but he was thinking differently than you.
steve’s stomach was in knots, he was told by others that he was being too clingy with you but he never thought you were thinking the same. he made a mental note to not bother you as much.
the car came to a stop outside your house and he turned to you with a goofy grin on his face. “i love you.” you hummed pressing kisses allover the boys face and running your hand through his hair one last time.
“goodnight love, see you tomorrow?” he nodded in agreement. knowing he was gonna make up some dumb excuse.
steve drove off.
the next day he did make a stupid excuse, saying he was super busy with basketball practice and the coach was on his ass.
the next day was the same, just a different excuse.
it went on for a week before you got sick of it, walking through the mall you headed straight towards scoops ahoy. it was a monday so it was extremely busy, knowing robin wouldn’t mind you slid right behind the counter. “he’s back there right? can i steal him for the rest of the night? i need to talk to him.” “yeah the rest of the nights gonna be painfully slow. go ahead and steal the lover boy.” she smirked waving at you as you went through the back door
“robin can you write a note for jerry and tell him we’re almost out of butterscotch ?” he huffed running a hand through his hair. “nope, sorry. not robin. “ he spun around wide eyed “hi love”
“harrington, i need to speak with you. come on.” he bit his lip following you farther through the back to the unused theatre room, you sat in your usual seat and he sat in his. “steve..” “y/n. if your gonna break up with me can you just get it over with? “ he continued rambling for the next 2 minutes unaware of your stiff body and jaw dropped.
“what the hell do you mean? why would i breakup with you?” he stammered for a moment until you grabbed his chin softly “steve. why do you think that?” “i’m clingy. and you said loving me is a full time job.” you hadn’t noticed he’d been crying until you felt the water drip down your hands. “who the hell told you your clingy?. and loving you is a full time job. a job that i love.” he stayed silent
“steve harrington you listen to me. you are not too clingy.” “i am- i’m always wanting hugs and hand holding-“ “so?” he sniffed watching you stand up and tower over him. holding his face and placing kisses allover his face. “when you have thoughts like these please come to me. i don’t know who told you that you were clingy but they were lying. you are far from clingy.” he hummed still frowning. “and i applied to scoops ahoy after you said something. i was just joking my love. “
he calmed down a bit placing his face into your chest and sniffing. “i love you more than you will ever know. i’m not leaving you. i don’t want anyone else steve i want you. do not ever think that again, do you understand me? id rather you always be touching me than never touching me and avoiding me like you did this week.” “i was just scared.” “ i know you were.” you hummed softly pressing your lips against his and running your hand through his hair.
“and i applied to scoops ahoy, i will only be part time though.” he jumped up spinning you around. “i love you” “i love you too stevey.”
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tojikai · a day ago
The Sun Will Rise
PART I: Fix You
Pairing: Toji x Reader
Genre: Angst
Warnings: insecurities
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"You are way more than what I made you feel."
Tumblr media
Toji sat beside your sleeping figure on the bed as he watched you sob in your sleep. The room was dark, save for the night lamp's dim and dull yellow light. He stares at your face as you lie on your back, and your hair is splayed across the white pillows.
Your face was as beautiful as ever, even with the crease on your forehead that he knew he caused. He was so tempted to kiss your lips as he wiped the dried tears on your nose bridge and the side of your eyes with the back of his fingers. It pained him to see you like this. 
It was true that he was just caught off guard that night, which is why he snapped. He never meant to say those things to you that way.
He was being too sensitive about the topic of his dead wife that he became insensitive to the feelings of the woman who's loving him.
He was not ready to marry you, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't want to be with you. He just can't leave the memories of his wife behind. He's the only one holding them; not even Megumi knows of them. He'd hold on to these memories for as long as he could. 
But holding on to them means that he'd have to let you go.
Toji lied down on the bed and pulled your body close, turning your face to him, almost stirring you awake as he gave you're lips a long peck, pushing the hair out of your forehead as he traced your features. 
To be honest, Toji doesn't know what he'd do if you were to leave him. He thinks of everyday life without you, and it made his eyebrows knit together and his mouth dry.
He already told you that he loves you and that he knows that his wife is not coming back. He knows that it was selfish of him that he wants to keep you by his side as he lives in the memories of him and Megumi's mom, but it's just too hard, too painful for him. 
Toji knows that you have to talk it out in the morning. He has to know whatever it is that is plaguing your mind. He knows that it's not just about the argument you had concerning marriage. He needs to bring you back to his side before you distance yourself from him any farther.
Toji's last thought before falling asleep was to ask you to stay.
You woke up facing Toji's chest with his strong arm wrapped around your waist. The sun rays are peeking between the warm gray curtains hanging on the floor-to-ceiling windows. They made the white walls glow as they kissed its surfaces. Looking up, you see Toji already awake and watching you. There's a forlorn look in his eyes as his fingers draw figures on your skin.
"Morning." You murmured, feeling him pull you closer to his body as if he couldn't get enough of the warmth of your skin against his. You felt him tangle his legs with yours, and only then did you realize that you were naked.
You were about to get up and get dressed when he tightened his arms around you, placing his lips on your forehead.
"Stay with me."
He susurrated the three words, and the crack in his raspy, morning voice is something you cannot miss. A shaky breath followed by his hand trailing light, feathery touches on your back made you look up at him. Your tired, morning eyes met his bleary ones.
His hand snakes up behind your neck, up to your cheek, and strokes your jaw before leaning down to kiss your lips.
"Stay with me, Y/N." He spoke louder, beseeching as he rolled you on your back. He kissed your neck and collar bones before resting his head on your naked chest. You took a deep breath before reaching a hand up to stroke his hair.
"We can stay here for a couple more minutes, I guess. Megumi's not coming back until lunch." You talked softly to him, feeling him sigh and press a kiss on the valley of your breasts.
You know that he wasn't just asking you to stay in bed for a couple more minutes. You're very aware of how much deeper those words mean. 
But you just couldn't bring yourself to find an answer for it. 
Only your soft breaths and occasional shuffling sounds on the sheets can be heard in the bedroom. The images from the night before were as clear as day inside your head. The searing pain in your chest halted your tender touches on him, making him look up at you. The cool air inside the room made you aware of the trails of hot tears that rolled down to your temples from the corner of your eyes.
"I'm sorry," Toji leaned on his elbows, moving up a bit so that his face was on the same level as yours. He leaned down to give you a peck on the lips, but as if your body knows that it's not what you need right now, it turned away on its own.
Persistently, Toji peppered your cheek with kisses, moving down to your neck and shoulders. You felt him take your hand in his, intertwining your fingers before bringing them up to his lips to press kisses on your knuckles.
"You called her name in your sleep." His hot breath that was previously fanning on the smooth skin of your hands came to a halt as he looked up to meet your eyes. Your vision of him was blurry, and you couldn't tell if he was looking at you with pity or regret in his eyes. It hurts that he's feeling sorry for you. 
It hurts because you know that he's feeling sorry because he cannot love you the way you want him to.
"I didn't know that." He whispered after a couple of seconds, and you know that he is lying for the sake of your already broken heart, but you also know that you have no right to get angry. You cannot compete with his wife. 
Even if she's six feet underground, you know that you are still below her to him.
The number of times that he woke up in the middle of the night as he called out her name is uncountable, but you remember all of them so vividly. He would always look over to you, only to find you sleeping peacefully—or at least, you pretended to be. After he had calmed down, he would put on his ring for a short moment, only to take it off again before going back to sleep. He would place it back to the safety of the small cabinet by his side so very gently.
Even gentler than how he handles your heart.
You'd never tell him that you know all of these. You would never tell him about the hot, heavy tears that stream down the cold skin of your cheeks as you get up and prepare what they need for the day during ungodly hours. You have no idea how you spent years living with him like this, but you thought that maybe this is how love works. Perhaps this is how your love for him works.
You are his, but his heart is hers. All that you have is his empty shell—what she left in her wake.
"It's alright." The crack in your voice is too audible, but you couldn't bring yourself to care. He's seen you break your heart in front of him before; hearing your voice break in pain is no big deal.
You held his hand tight, bringing his hand to your lips to give it a peck. His eyebrows furrowed, and his lips twitched as he tried to find the words to say. He took your face in his hands, kissing you fervently as if his lips could put back together your broken pieces.
"You know that I love you." He panted as his thumb softly grazed your jaw. You closed your eyes, letting more tears fall. The words he spoke used to burn you before. Now it completely kills you over and over. You hated yourself for not believing him when he's openly telling you this.
When you and Toji started dating, he seldomly uttered the words to you. Back then, you thought that maybe he's just not vocal with his feelings. When you moved in with him, you realized that that's not the case.
He rarely tells you that he loves you because he doesn't like saying something he barely means.
You still stayed even after figuring it all out and putting all the puzzle pieces together. Why? Because to you, it doesn't matter if he really loves you. What matters is that you love him. You thought that he'd learn to love you the same way he loved Megumi's mom as time went by. But maybe love is not really something people learn. You cannot teach someone to love you.
To love someone is to accept the way they love you.
And right now, Toji can only love you like this. When you decided to love him, you also accepted that it could only be like this. In gentle touches, burning desire, and the softest moments that he could only offer when you're alone with him.
While your love for him pours like a waterfall that fills this house to the brim, his was a river of clear water that you'd have to fetch by hand to quench the burning dryness in your throat. 
But how far can your love for him take you when you're all skin and bones, barely standing from the damage that his storm brought about?
"Just not like how you love her, right?" You don't know where your courage is coming from, but you know that you'd have to open it up to him sooner or later.
"Don't say that." He looked away, letting you push the hair out of his face as the sun lightened the color of his eyes. You didn't let him see the sad smile that lingered on your lips as you cradled his head to your chest, kissing the top of it.  
"But it's true." You couldn't stop yourself from crying it out, sniffing as you put the back of your hand over your mouth. "It's true, and it's alright, Toji." He slowly looked up at you, refusing to blink as he took in the exhausted look in your eyes. He got off of you and sat to get a better look at your face. The morning light touches his skin, making him more beautiful than he already is.
"You don't have to compare yourself to her. She's not here anymore." He whispered, clenching his jaw as his eyes followed your bare body as you stood up and walked across the room to get dressed. You could tell that he's getting frustrated. 
He's not frustrated with you. He's frustrated with himself because he cannot seem to love you right no matter what he does. He knows that he was wrong for asking you to live with him when he cannot move on from his past yet.
This is the same house that he lived in with his wife. Every corner of it reminds him of her, and that is why you fade into the background every time you step inside it.
"She's not here anymore, but I still can't have you." Toji stares at your back as you put on his shirt. 
"That's not true." His voice was soft and quiet but not reassuring. He almost sounded unsure of the words that came out of his mouth.
Little by little, you're finding all the right reasons to finally let him go. Little by little, it's getting clearer to you that there's nothing more you can do.
You placed his folded pants on the bed before turning to leave. Toji sat there, his thoughts running wild. He couldn't say anything because you were right. He couldn't say anything because he could not deny what you already knew. 
He couldn't say anything because if he did, he'd only hurt you even more.
Walking down the stairs and into the kitchen, he watches you stir the coffee in his mug. You still made coffee for him— probably for the last time before you leave him for good. The thought brought a long, stinging ache in his chest.
Now that he thought about it, you're the only person who gets the taste of his coffee right. He doesn't even remember telling you about it. You just know him like that. He doesn't understand why you had him memorized this good. He can't really remember opening up things like this to you. Memories flooded inside his head as he thought of how you know things about him that even he himself doesn't notice.
"Welcome home," You chanted as he walked inside the house. His day at work was hectic. His colleague got on his nerves during their afternoon meeting, the CEO was being a bitch about their ongoing project, and he's home an hour late because of it. The day was terrible, but he forgot all about it when you walked out of the kitchen with open arms. 
"Hey, baby." He whispered as he kissed your cheek and lips before taking off his coat.
"How was your day? Maybe some chamomile tea could help." You smiled at him, squeezing his shoulder. His eyes followed you figure as you walked back to the kitchen. He was perplexed that you could tell that he had a bad day. 
"Megumi's in his room. I picked him up when my lecture ended." You called out from the kitchen. You turned around just as he reached the kitchen entrance, leaning on it as you placed the cupcakes and chamomile tea on the table.
"Megumi! Come, eat some cupcakes!" You were about to walk past him to go upstairs, but he just can't let you walk past him like that when you're doing all of these things for them. No one's ever made him feel this warm since his wife left.
"You know that I was having a bad day." He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you close to his chest and pecking your lips. His hand landed a light tap on your ass, making you place a hand on his chest. 
"You were cracking your knuckles one by one." You stated it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, and Toji could swear he could see his everyday life in your eyes as he gazed at them in that short moment. He didn't even notice that he does that whenever he's irritated—only now that you pointed it out to him.
"Don't stress yourself so much, love." You pulled away with a concerned smile as you continued to walk up to Megumi's room. You were doing everything you could for them.
And he shouldn't be thinking of his wife during these moments when he should be seeing you. 
Toji felt bad for it. For all the times that he wished it was her who held his hand while driving around the city, instead of you. He loathed himself for it. For all the times that he thought of his wife while he's inside you, clenching around him like you'd never let him go. He despised himself for it. For making you feel like you're nothing compared to his late wife.
"I… I'll be explaining everything to Megumi, so you don't have to worry about it." You were already sitting down when he got out of his trance. You bit your lips as your eyes—drained of all the light—avoided him. 
You don't want to be on bad terms with Toji when you part ways. You got attached to Megumi, and if possible, you still want to be able to at least talk to him even after you break up with this father. You're not even sure how he'd react. The last thing you want is for the kid to hate you.
"You're really leaving?" Toji spoke before exhaling harshly as if he's been holding his breath for so long..
"Won't you let me fix this?" You want to believe his words, but whenever you look back on that night, your vision of the happy family you've always dreamed of having with him gets more and more blurry. Toji's heartbeat was erratic as he looked at you, waiting for you to change your mind.
"You need to fix yourself first, Toji. And you have to do it by yourself." You look down at your hand that was enclosed around your coffee cup. 
"Trust me, all these years, I tried to help you. But I couldn't pass through." Your voice broke at the last sentence, realizing that all this time, he only kept you close—within his reach and right beside him—but he never let you inside his heart. 
"Toji…I cannot be here while you're still living in your past." Your eyes are soft despite the redness brought by all the tears and crying. 
"You've been leaving me alone all this time. You could travel anywhere in the world, and your heart would still be farther away from me than your body. Because she has it." You continued, your voice getting more and more inaudible by the second. He could tell how much you wanted to break down and scream out all the pain you were feeling—all the pain he had caused you.
"Toji, I don't blame you for it, and I know that I can never come close to her. But don't you think I deserve to be genuinely loved?" You sobbed as you looked down, afraid that you'd lose all your resolve to leave if you looked up at him.
"I do love you, Y/N. I told you already, she's a memory. She's not here, she's just staying in my heart, but that doesn't mean that—" Toji spoke, and you could hear your own cries bounce around the walls of his kitchen as the bittersweet feeling drowns your heart.
"Where am I then, Toji? She's not just staying inside your heart. She's taking up all of it, and me? I'm just here in this house, waiting for you to give me even just a piece of it." You finally broke down. You have never said it out loud before.
You didn't think that it would hurt this much to hear it from yourself, to admit it to yourself. You didn't realize how badly you have been damaged for holding on for so long until the words you refused to say came out of your own mouth. 
"I just couldn't get her out of my head, but I know I love you, Y/N. Let me fix this." He panted as he walked closer to you as you turned your body away from the table. You finally let it all out, and its waves are taking him down. 
How clueless could he be that he didn't even notice your pain even when you're living under the same roof and sleeping on the same bed? How selfish could he be that he only thought about numbing his pain, not considering how it would all double on you?
Toji realized he was too busy chasing after his dead wife on a tempestuous road, and he's been dragging you along with him.
His answer made your mind wander to the other side of things. How sure are you that the problem isn't with you?
Do you really deserve the kind of love that you are asking for when you can't even make Toji feel as happy as he was with his first wife? He wouldn't have looked for her if you were doing enough. He wouldn't have missed her to the point of calling you her name if you were pleasing him enough. He wouldn't have thought of her so much if you were enough.  
"Did I ever…Did I ever make you happy, Toji?" Your question made him look at you with slightly widened eyes. You stopped crying and stared blankly at the kitchen floor. You sound so tired, and Toji could only wish that he could hold you to his chest right now—hug you until all of your cuts and wounds close and heal; caress you until all your bruises fade.
"Was I ever doing enough?" You added, and this time, you saw him rush towards you, taking your face in his hands. He kisses you hard, as if attempting to drown your thoughts with his mouth. He pulled away to look into your eyes. It killed him to know that this is how he's making you feel.
"You did more than enough, love. You are way more than what I made you feel." He whispered to your lips. Tears cascaded down your cheeks, and he could only watch as you—your heart and your soul—crumbled in front of him. Toji realized that he's not the only one who has to heal; you do too. You have to recover from all the injury he inflicted on you.
He spent all of you, and now there's nothing more left for yourself.
Toji thought last night before he slept that he'd never let you leave no matter how much you fought. He thought that he'd be able to fix it all by keeping you close. But right now, as he watches you question your own value under his touch, he could only think of setting you free. 
"I'm home," Megumi called out, removing his shoes by the door. The house was quiet, and he wondered if you two went out on a date. He smiled at the thought; he thinks you're the only one for his dad, for his family. From downstairs, he saw the door to your bedroom was open, which made Megumi's eyebrows furrow as he spotted his dad standing in the doorway. 
"Dad, where's Y/N?" He walked upstairs, turning to your door and peeking in. The first thing that caught his eye were…bags and clothes. Your clothes, to be exact. Megumi's eyebrows scrunched together, and he looked up to see you coming out of the closet with a pile of clothes in your hand.
You stopped in your tracks as you saw him, quickly putting down the clothes on the bed to walk closer. He looked over to his dad, who had a blank expression on his face as he stared at your bags. Megumi knows what is going on, but he needs to hear it from you. He needs to know what happened that made you—the kind, patient, and forgiving you—pack up.
"What's wrong? What's going on?" Megumi heard his own gulp as you put a hand on his shoulder, urging him to sit down on the bed. He looked over to his dad, seeing him bite his lips as he walked towards the window to slightly open the curtains.
"How was your sleepover, Megumi?" You started, and he really appreciates that you're interested in how his weekend plans went, but he needs to know why you're leaving. 
"Are you…" Megumi glanced at his dad before continuing, "Are you leaving?"
He saw you take a deep breath before smiling sadly at him and nodding.
"I'm sorry, Megumi. It's just—" Megumi was not ready for that.
"Why? Are you not happy with us anymore?" He blurted out, seeing your eyebrows knit together as tears started pooling in your eyes. His intakes of breath were heavy and sharp, as if he was struggling to pull the air out of his lungs.
Because he can't take another mother leaving him. He didn't get a chance to spend time with his real mom, and he believed that you were gifted to him by whoever was up there. So, why is he losing you now, too?
"It's not that, Megumi. Your dad and I just need to figure out some things," You explained, reaching for the boy's hand.
"Then, figure it out together. Why do you have to move out and leave?" He pulled his hand away, looking at his dad, who was now facing him with a bleak expression on his face.
"You can figure it out together, right? Dad? You don't have to leave, Y/N." He almost sounds desperate, and you don't know how long you can stand firm before you give in and stay for this boy.
You've only known him for three years, and the first few months were rough, but you got him to warm up to you. Even Toji couldn't believe it at first, but his son was closer to you than anyone else other than him.
You feel like you were betraying him as you watch him go closer to his dad, asking about why you have to leave. You and Toji could only look back at him as you thought of how to explain the situation to him better. You've never seen him lose his composure like this, and you felt bad that you're the reason for it. 
"I'm hurting her." Toji finally answered, making Megumi's questions cease. You looked up at him, meeting his pained gaze.
"Not physically, but I'm hurting her, Megumi," Toji explained more sternly this time. Megumi looked back at you before frowning at his father, colors all drained from his face at the realization that you really have to leave them.
"How could you?" He spatted to Toji before storming out of the room, picking up his bag on his way out. 
"Megumi," You stood up, trying to reach for his hand, but he's already slamming the door. You flinched as your tears fell down on the carpeted floor. You looked back at Toji, and his lachrymose eyes stared back at you.
You know that he wouldn't be able to hold in his tears when it comes to his son. You love how soft he is for him. It probably took everything in him to say that to Megumi because he knew that it would definitely hurt him. It pained you to think that you're making the poor boy go through this because of your problems. It pained you that Toji was probably making his own son hate him because of all of these. You almost doubted all of your decisions, but Toji spoke as if sensing your hesitance.
"He's right." His eyes were glued on the door as he stood there, lips quivering—a sight you've never seen before, "How could I…how could I hurt you like this?" He looked up to you, his eyes glistening with tears that he quickly blinked away before turning away from you.
"Don't change your mind because of Megumi. Stop hurting yourself for others, Y/N. Think about yourself for once." He ran his hand through his hair as he walked towards the bathroom. 
You didn't think it'd be this hard.
"You can always call or text him. I wouldn't take that away from you." He spoke as Megumi stood by his side. He was looking down with a sullen look on his face. His eyes are red, but he wouldn't admit that he cried.
"Megumi, you'd come to understand this as you grow older." You explained to him, taking a step closer to him. He turned his face away from you, shrugging his father's hand around his shoulder.
"I already know. I'm old enough to understand things like this." His eyes dart around, looking everywhere but you.
Megumi is an intelligent kid. You know that even if he doesn't understand the depth of the situation, he still gets the gist of what's happening around him. You wanted to say sorry to him, but you'd probably end up crying again because you really care for him.
Instead, you opened your arms and pulled him to you, kissing his head. He leaned his head on your shoulder as he let you rub his back. You saw Toji look away from the scene in front of him. You wondered if he imagined his wife when you acted like a mother to Megumi during all those times. 
"Bye, Y/N. I'd talk to you again." He murmured before pulling away and turning to go to his room. You looked at him with sad eyes, seeing him glance at you before walking upstairs. You saw him sneakily wipe his eyes but he still continued to put on a straight face.
"He'll be fine." You found Toji's eyes already looking at you when you turned to him. 
"We'll be fine." He added, pursing his lips before carrying your bag and walking past you to put it in your car. His voice was the saddest you've ever heard from him. You swallowed as you looked back to the house you lived in, taking pictures of it in your mind, remembering that you were once happy here. 
"Y/N," Toji called out before you got inside your car. You looked back at him as he stood a couple of meters away from you. 
"I'll be better for you." You smiled sadly at him before getting inside the car to leave. Toji wanted to grab your hand, stop you, and beg you to stay, but that would be very selfish of him.
He'd been the center of this relationship for a long time, and now he wants you to put yourself first, even if it means letting you go. He doesn't know where he'd go from here, but he knows that he has to start somewhere. He wants to be deserving of your love. 
If your fates allow, he'd want to get you back beside him. And when that happens, he'd make his life all about you. 
He knows that he's the one who said that he wouldn't mind if you want to go and find someone who wants to marry you. He never thought that he'd come to regret his words this much. 
The thought of you walking down the aisle, wearing the most beautiful gown for someone else, made Toji feel like he was drowning in air, like a cube of ice melting on a hot road; his soul started to feel paper-thin. Can he really watch that? Would he be able to stand and watch as you walk away from him towards the person you'd give your everything to? The everything that he once had but chose to turn away from.
He'd probably lose his mind. He might not have lost it when he lost his wife, but you—God, he'd lose it if he completely loses you. 
He doesn't understand why he kept holding on to his past when his future was already right in front of him. Things happen for a reason, and maybe he lost Megumi's mom because he was meant to find you. Maybe you were the one who's supposed to be beside him all along.
And maybe you were not a replacement but a brand-new start.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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screnwriter · a day ago
falling out of love prompts
being used to waking up next to your lover, but now they're never in bed when you wake up
kisses that don't ignite the same passion they used to
wanting to spend more time with each other, but feeling physically exhausted when you do, knowing you're lying to yourself
telling each other i love you, but your eyes say differently
still being physically attracted to each other, thinking that's enough to keep the relationship going, but not even sex on its own feels right anymore
wondering why you're yearning with desire to kiss them yet is appalled by the sight of them
pulling away when your lover goes in for a kiss, finding any excuse not to touch them
giving your lover their hoodie back, the one you swore you'd never return, because you don't feel like wearing it anymore
barely saying goodbye when you leave for work, knowing full on well your partner will already be asleep when you get home
before leaving for work, you always kissed each other goodbye, and said i love you. there's none of that anymore.
not wanting to let go because you're scared of being alone, you barely even know how to flirt anymore
holding onto each other despite knowing it's over, but you spent the last ten years together, and giving up now doesn't seem right
spending less and less time with your lover, claiming ''they're busy'' when your parents ask why they no longer come to visit with you
falling in love with someone else and wondering if what you had with your lover was real to begin with
being so in over your head overwhelmed by emotions that you can't do other than cry when the two of you try to work out the problems in your relationship
being asked by your friends if everything's okay between the two of you, and denying anything being wrong. you're as happily in love as you've ever been
''just kiss me. i know it's over, so just kiss me. let's forget about everything for one night before we ruin everything we built tomorrow.''
the break up
blocking each other's number
wanting to call your ex, but when they pick up, having forgot your number, you hang up, wondering what propelled you to be so stupid to call them in the first place
finding your wedding dress in your closet, the one you were meant to wear three months from now
when your partner tells you they want to break up, you can physically feel something break inside of you
breaking up with your lover, and being able to pin-point the exact moment their heart breaks when you tell them it's over
thinking you're handling things fine, but you're at home now, and there's a photo of you and your lover, so you grab it and throw it towards the wall, hard, forcing it to come apart
things are fine when you're around family and friends, but when you're alone, in bed, that's when it hits you. that's where it hurts the most. that's when you start crying. and that's where you don't stop.
packing all your ex's things into a box (and not knowing what to do with it)
going over to your lover's house, wanting to ask them to give it another go, only to find someone else's jacket and shoes in the hallway
break up sex that is truly nothing but a means to an end for one, but a glimmer of hope for the other
months after the break up, you find an old hoodie of theirs tucked in your closet. it used to be your favorite one, the one you swore you'd never give back
finding old love letters, or things that hold sentimental value over your relationship
reminiscing over old memories, shedding a tear as you grieve the relationship
being convinced into going on a double-date with your best friend, but all you can think about is your ex
not wanting to call your ex to ask them to return a piece of clothing you left at their house
having to physically force yourself to stay where you are, resisting the urge to fling your arms around your ex and kiss them, when you go to their house to pick up some stuff
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The Hills II (Rafe Cameron x Reader)
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: Non-Con touching/kissing, mentions of NON-CON, eventual NON-CON, eventual violence, eventual physical/verbal abuse, toxic relationship, underage drinking, drug use, one-sided JJ x reader
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Tumblr media
➥ series masterlist
summary: Unable to watch JJ look at someone else the way you wish he’d look at you, you start to distance yourself from the Pogues. In an effort to numb the pain, you make a drunken mistake, but nothing is coincidental, and you learn better than anyone that Rafe Cameron always gets what he wants.
You picked at your food, unable to focus on the conversation being had around you. JJ’s shoulder bumped into yours as he told some joke, but your laugh was weak at best. Your eyes met Sarah’s when you looked up, and you could tell by the slight frown on her face that she had noticed. You sent her a reassuring smile, but you knew that it wasn’t convincing. She eyed you for a few more moments before looking away.
You wondered if that had less to do with today and more with the party from a few weeks ago.
Neither of you had brought it up, and you had hoped that Sarah was too drunk to remember seeing you leaving, but the glances that she sent you now and then said otherwise. The thought of that party left a bitter taste in your mouth, bringing up the same negative feelings you’d been trying to push down for weeks. Yeah, it sucked to see JJ falling for someone else, but did it really suck enough to warrant sleeping with Rafe of all people?
You grimaced at the memory, feeling like you were going to be sick before pushing your food away.
The group quieted down a bit as you hurried out of The Wreck, feet carrying you to God knows where. You could hear other footsteps soon joining yours, and you slowed when Sarah called your name. Pretending like you hadn’t heard her would be laughable, and so you slowed to a stop.
“Hey, are you okay? You just got up and left,” she said with a soft chuckle, but her concern was evident.
“Yeah,” you lied. “I just felt nauseous all of a sudden and wanted some air. I think I’m probably just gonna head home anyway.”
You watched her purse her lips, pulling her bottom one between her teeth before sighing.
“I’ll walk with you,” she said, leaving you to rush back inside before you could protest.
Her purse was slung around her body, and you guessed that she’d told the group you were leaving. As she neared you, you glanced behind her, gaze meeting JJ’s as he frowned at you with a look that was easy to place. He looked confused as he stared at you, even a little worried, but when Kie came out behind him, you turned around.
The walk to your house was fairly quiet at first. You could feel Sarah’s gaze on you every now and then, and she finally huffed.
“Are you okay? I mean…more than just feeling sick,” she finally said.
“Yeah,” you breathed.
She stopped on the side of the road, forcing you to stop too, and you struggled to hold her gaze. Staring in the face of Sarah Cameron, all you could see was her brother, and thoughts of Rafe only threatened to force thoughts of that night to the surface.
“You don’t seem like it,” she murmured, and you looked away. “You’re never usually this quiet, and…it just seems like you’re always leaving us lately.”
“That’s not-.”
“And when you are around, it’s like you’re not even there.”
You were loathed to admit that Rafe was right. Sarah had noticed a lot more than you thought, and there was no doubt in your mind that she wasn’t the only one. She was just the one to voice it, and you got the distinct feeling that this may have been discussed. You didn’t know what to say, and your gaze fell to your feet.
“I’m sorry…”
She frowned at you.
“Don’t feel sorry, Y/N. Don’t apologize, I just…we just want to know what’s going on with you.”
She confirmed your suspicions, and you looked out towards the trees.
“Is it your mom? School?”
You’d started taking some online classes this summer, unsure if you’d ever want to go to a physical campus, but you wanted some education under your belt. Your grades had earned some decent scholarship money.
“No,” you whispered. “It’s…nothing. Really.”
You didn’t even sound convincing to your own ears, and you realized now that you had another problem on top of the old one. Sarah was about to respond, some argument on her lips no doubt, when the sound of an approaching car got your attention. You weren’t in the road, but you still moved further into the grass. However, when you both looked up, you realized that it wasn’t the sound of an approaching car but an approaching truck.
Your heart sank at the sight of the familiar vehicle, and you turned your head away when he slowed down before you. You heard Sarah heave a sigh, and you refused to look at him when she spoke up.
“Why are you following me?”
Rafe didn’t respond right away, and for some reason, you swore you felt the heat of his gaze on you.
“Rose is looking for you,” he finally said, a shudder passing through you at the sound of his voice. “She wants you home, now. Needs to talk to you...”
You looked at Sarah as she crossed her arms over her chest.
“Fine. I’m gonna walk Y/N home first-.”
“Now,” he repeated, emphasizing the severity of Rose’s wish.
You spoke up when it looked like Sarah was going to protest.
“It’s fine, Sarah. I don’t want you to get in trouble,” you said, already stepping away. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
You walked away before either of them could say another word and wrapped your arms around yourself. A soft breeze ruffled your t-shirt, and when you glanced over your shoulder, Sarah was yelling at her brother. It seemed like she didn’t want a ride from him, but he wasn’t paying attention to her anyway. Through the windshield, you could see that his blue eyes were focused solely on you.
Tumblr media
“Mom, you’re going to be late for work…”
She groaned as you shook her, and when she exhaled, the lingering smell of alcohol hit you full force. You sighed, glancing away to look out of the window. You thought you’d heard her come home pretty late last night, and your wishful thinking had proved fruitless. You didn’t know what strike your mom was on, but you knew that if she didn’t show up today, she’d be looking for a new job.
She said nothing, your words only answered with a light snore, and with a roll of your eyes, you left her. There was no way you’d fit her uniform, but you knew they had to have spares, and with your mind made up, you went in search of her car keys.
Your hands were tight on the wheel as you drove to the other side of the island. The last thing you wanted to do tonight was smile in the faces of people who thought you were less than them, waiting on them hand and foot. Her boss wasn’t trying to hear it at first when you presented yourself in her place, but after a while, he acknowledged that he didn’t have much choice.
Like you’d thought, they had spare uniforms. It fit you too perfectly, you thought, but it didn’t matter because it’s not like you’d be wearing it ever again. The first few hours were simple enough, the most trying task being a group of teenage girls who had to be escorted out because the leader’s mom had abruptly cut her off. One of your mom’s coworkers had commented on how fast you picked up on everything, and you had hopes that this whole day would be smooth sailing.
Until they had walked in.
Rafe was the loudest, obnoxiously so as he sauntered into the building. Topper and Kelce were right behind him, and you didn’t turn away in time. Your temporary boss signaled to you, and you swallowed down a sigh, noting that they weren’t even sitting in your section.
“Hey, I know you,” Topper noted as you approached them. “Doesn’t your mom usually work here?”
“Yeah, but she’s feeling a little under the weather today, so I’m filling in…”
“Well, that’s sweet,” Kelce commented, and you didn’t miss his dry tone.
You avoided a certain blonde’s gaze, asking them what they wanted. Kelce and Topper were simple enough in making your job easy, but when your gaze finally met Rafe’s, his even expression told you that you’d have no such luck with him. He stared you down for a moment or two before the corner of his mouth curved upwards just the slightest.
“I’m still undecided. Come back to me…”
His tone made you frown, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d say there was double entendre in his words. Fighting back a sigh, you turned away with a nod. Kelce and Topper were joking around when you returned with their drinks and food, both of them none the wiser to the way Rafe’s hand ghosted over your leg as you bent over to set them down.
You glared at him, eyes wide, but the blond simply smirked. You straightened and took a step back as you stared him down, Rafe pressing a finger to his lips as he hummed. He looked like he was deep in thought, but you didn’t miss the way his eyes ran over your frame.
“I’ll have a vodka soda for now,” he mused, and this time you did sigh.
“Rafe, you’re 20.”
He raised one brow at you, simply staring at you like that was supposed to mean something.
“I can’t serve you alcoholic drinks,” you continued.
He hummed, reaching into his pocket, and you could feel Topper and Kelce’s eyes on you two.
“No…?” he wondered, pulling out a crisp bill and clasping his hand with yours.
You shuddered at the contact, remembering the feel of his hands on your wrists that night. He seemed to remember it too, eyes darkening as he gazed into your eyes. You clenched your jaw, fighting to release your hand from his as his tongue darted out to swipe along his bottom lip.
“Keep your money, Rafe, because I’m not breaking the law for you,” you spat.
From the corner of your eye, you saw Kelce look away, sipping on his nonalcoholic drink while Topper leaned is elbow on the table, hand failing to hide his amused smile. Rafe reared back a bit, something glinting in his gaze as he pressed his lips together. He looked down, chuckling to himself as he fingered the fresh 100 in his hand. He glanced up at you from beneath his lashes, and when he spoke, it was low, but not too low for your ears.
“So public indecency is okay, but a Vodka soda crosses the line…”
You snatched the money from him as he trailed off, huffing at the look on his face when he lifted his head. You struggled to swallow, and you hurriedly turned away. When you returned, you didn’t set his drink down gently, and the ‘thank you’ he sent you was snarky. They didn’t ask for anything else, but as you served other patrons, you could feel Rafe’s gaze on you. You’d hoped that you were imagining it, but every time you looked up, your eyes met his.
When your shift was over, they were gone, and you couldn’t stop your sigh of relief. The sun was setting when you hurried outside, happy to be back in your own clothes and not some stuffy uniform. You thought to yourself that your mom owed you big time but chewing her out would have to be put on hold, it seemed when her car didn’t start.
You frowned at the dashboard, trying it again only to get the same result.
“No, no, no,” you mumbled.
Walking to The Cut wasn’t the worst of situations for you, having done it before, but it certainly wasn’t ideal. You tried the key a few more times before giving up, slapping the wheel with a curse.
“Fuck,” you spat.
You wondered if you’d left a light on or something because while your mom wasn’t the most responsible when it came to money and bills, one thing she never let slip was keeping the car in top shape. Both of your hands were on the wheel now, a long sigh escaping you as you pressed your forehead against it. You remained like that for a moment more before a knock on your window startled you.
Rafe was the last person you expected to see, and you gasped at the sight of him. You thought that he’d left, but you could see his truck over his shoulder, the lights on, and you didn’t remember seeing it there when you came out.
“Need a ride?” he offered through the window.
You opened and closed your lips, eventually shaking your head, and the blond tilted his head to the side.
“You sure about that?”
Something in his tone gave you pause, and you narrowed your eyes at him before glancing at your dashboard again. Thoughts drifted through your mind that hinted at sinister actions you’d normally put past him, but now you weren’t so sure. Face hardening, you grabbed your purse and the keys and exited the car. You locked it behind you, pushing past him.
“I’m positive,” you sneered.
He quickly moved to block your path, hands shoved in his pockets as he stood before you.
“You’re not walking home this late…”
“I’d rather that than accept a ride from you,” you bit out, and he smirked in that way that always made you want to slap him.
“You already got a ride from me,” he teased, tilting his head, and you didn’t hesitate in striking him clear across the face.
Rafe reached up, adjusting his jaw, and the way his eyes snapped to you had you involuntarily taking a step back. You both stared each other down, you nervous and angry, and him… You didn’t know how to place the look in his eyes, but you knew that you didn’t like it. In the blink of an eye, he seemed to relax, rolling his neck before his hands found his pockets again.
“You’d really rather walk all the way home instead of letting me take you?”
You looked away with a deep frown, noting how insane that sounded. You were stubborn and prideful, this was true, but you’d also worked all day and dealt with painfully out of touch rich people. You were dead on your feet and pushing that night to the back of your mind, you gave a reluctant nod.
Rafe walked you to his truck, painfully close to you the entire way. He caged you in when he reached around you to open the door for you, and you held your tongue as you brushed against him when you pulled yourself in. You felt weird sitting in his truck, and you clicked your seatbelt as soon as he slid in next to you. His truck roared to life, and you kept your gaze on the world outside of the window as he pulled off of the green.
The truck was silent, and the tension between you was thick.
“Is your mom really sick?” he eventually asked.
“Do you care?” you fired back.
He chuckled, and the sound made you tense.
“Nah,” he drawled. “I just want to know if I can expect to see you on my side of the island again anytime soon.”
“Not if I can help it,” you murmured.
You looked ahead, and you noticed his gaze on you.
“You should really focus on the road, you know,” you told him, and Rafe hummed.
“I’m a multitasker,” he said, and you rolled your eyes.
“Look, I know this is fun for you, but… There’s really no need to talk about that night…ever.”
Rafe’s eyes were on the road when you looked at him.
“I was drunk, and it was…so stupid,” you whispered more to yourself than him. “So, let’s just forget it.”
He was silent for a while, one hand on the wheel and the other pressed to his chin as he leaned his elbow on the open window.
“I thought you Pogues loved doing stupid shit,” he said.
“Fucking you isn’t one of them,” you snapped. “That was a mistake.”
“From what I can remember, you enjoyed yourself quite a bit over a ‘mistake’.”
“Damnit, Rafe! You have terrorized my friends for years. Sleeping with you was like slapping them in the face,” you cried. “If I hadn’t been drunk, I never would’ve…”
Your words died in the air, and you worriedly looked away.
“I was drunk and upset…and that combo doesn’t usually birth the best of choices. I know you love being an asshole, but please, just forget about it,” you quietly pleaded.
Relief filled you when he pulled into your yard, and you reached for the door when he turned the car off. He didn’t unlock it, so you took the liberty of doing that yourself, but he locked it back immediately. You turned to glare at him, prepared to ask him what the hell he was playing at, but you hadn’t expected him to be so close.
His hair kissed his forehead as he gazed into your eyes, his own unreadable as he simply stared at you. Your breathing was heavy at his slow perusal, his blue gaze lingering on your shorts before settling on your face again. You leaned back a bit as he leaned in, reaching around you to unlock and open your door. His nose was almost touching yours, and he didn’t break eye contact once.
“Home sweet home,” he slowly said, and you swallowed. “You be safe.”
The usually comforting words didn’t sound so comforting coming from his lips, and without another glance, you exited his truck. You stomped away from him, making your way up your steps, and it was only when he started to peel out of your driveway that it hit you.
You had never told Rafe where you lived.
Tumblr media
“My dad and Rose are going on some unnecessary trip that’s really just an excuse to get away from us so the house will be all ours…and Wheezie’s and Rafe’s,” Sarah added with a small laugh.
You shielded your eyes from the sun as you looked out into the water. It wasn’t too hot today, and you were genuinely having a good time. Pope, JJ, John B, and Kie were playing a failed attempt at football, but they were having fun, and you supposed that was all that mattered. Sarah had talked you into sleeping over tonight, and unable to come up with a good excuse as to why that was a bad idea, you’d had no choice but to accept.
It's not like you could tell her the truth, and you’d stayed over plenty of times before. She’d surely wonder what was different this time. Your eyes were drawn to JJ and Kie as they fought over the ball, their laughs reaching your ears all the way over here. Your attention was thankfully pulled away when Sarah groaned. You looked to her, following her gaze, a frown of your own taking over.
Rafe and Topper stood at the top of a nearby hill, Kelce absent as they looked out over the beach. Topper’s gaze fell to Sarah, the blond still hung up on Sarah even after their messy breakup. Rafe was next to him, chest bare and beach shorts hanging low on his hips as he held a solo red cup in his hand. Shades covered his eyes, the dark tint of them hiding his gaze, but something in you told you that it was fixed on you.
You turned away.
“I swear to God, it’s like Rafe has been doing everything he can to ruin my days these days.”
You didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wasn’t her days he was trying to ruin. Just then, Kie’s shriek captured your attention, and your heart clenched at the sight of her in JJ’s arms, the blond spinning her around. You couldn’t stop your grimace, and you quickly turned your head away, feet carrying you away from the group.
Sarah called after you, but you didn’t answer, busying yourself with getting a drink from the nearby cooler. You forced yourself to keep your gaze on your soda, furiously blinking with a sigh. When you glanced up, Rafe’s head was blatantly turned in your direction now, and you stared at him for a minute or two before turning away.
“It’s JJ…isn’t it?” Sarah asked you hours later in the privacy of her bedroom.
You didn’t respond. You didn’t need to.
“I feel so stupid for not seeing it before,” she murmured, troubled eyes focused on her toes as she polished them. “You could’ve told me…”
You closed your own nail polish, staring at her bedding.
“I just wanted it to go away,” you told her. “I didn’t want it to be true. If I could choose not to be in love with my best friend who doesn’t see me in that way, then I would.”
Your eyes met hers, and she sadly stared at you.
“He really likes Kie…and I think she likes him, and what can I do about that besides force myself to be happy for them? This won’t be forever,” you said with a shrug. “One day I won’t have to force it.”
“They know something’s wrong with you,” Sarah told you. “They’re worried.”
“I’m just not evolved enough to smile in their faces, right now. It hurts too much,” you confessed, putting the polish down. “You want some popcorn? I’ll pop two bags if you do.”
She looked like she wanted to say something else but thought better of it, smiling at you instead.
The rest of the house was quiet, and while you knew that Wheezie was holed away in her room, you assumed that Rafe was out. Your arms were folded over your chest as you watched the popcorn spin in the microwave, your conversation with Sarah on your mind. You realized that you were wrong about Rafe when you felt heat at your back.
You flinched when his hands came up to land on your arms.
“Maybank, huh?”
His chest was pressed to your back, and you surmised that he’d just come back from the beach. His chest was bare, and water dampened your shirt. You both heard and felt him slowly exhale, sucking his teeth.
“That’s gotta hurt like a bitch,” he commented.
“Go away, Rafe,” you said, stepping away from him.
The blond followed, hands coming down to rest on either side of you on the counter, body flush with yours.
“I always though Kie was pretty hot for a Pogue, so I get it…”
You shrunk in on yourself, attempting to get away from him. He leaned in, lips softly grazing your ear.
“…but I always thought you were hotter, so maybe I don’t get it.”
You spun around as best as you could, prepared to push him away, but you realized that you were wrong again. He hadn’t just come back from the beach, your eyes wide at the sight of the towel wrapped around his waist. You faltered, and Rafe took advantage, stepping closer and pinning you between him and the counter.
He glanced away, head turned as you watched the way he poked his tongue to the inside of his cheek. When he faced you again, there was a devious grin on his pink lips, pearly whites winking at you, a drop of water falling from his hair.
“Is that why you spread your legs so easily for me…?”
You shoved against him, trying to move away, but Rafe’s hands prevented you from going anywhere.
“Hey, I’m not complaining,” he lowly chuckled. “That’s the last thing I’m doing.”
His nose brushed against yours, and you fought to pry his hands off of the counter.
“…cause if you’re trying to get his attention, then yeah,” he dragged out the last word. “Fucking me…that’ll do it.”
Rafe was enjoying himself, and you glared at him.
“I wasn’t… I was just upset,” you forced out.
“Upset,” he hummed with a nod. “Like you are now?”
He tilted his head, hips flush with yours, and your stomach churned at the feel of him poking against you. One of Rafe’s hands found your cheek, and he pressed his lips to yours. You sharply inhaled, eyes wide, and you pressed your hands against his stomach. Rafe didn’t budge, forcing you to bend back as he moved his mouth against yours.
You sank your teeth into his lip, and Rafe ripped himself away from you. His chest was heaving when he reached up, blood on his finger when he pulled it away. Your own breathing was heavy as you pressed your hands to the counter, warily eyeing him. The blond didn’t seem upset, instead he laughed, a soft sound that made you shudder. His eyes snapped to yours, a twisted smile on his lips.
“That can’t happen again,” you whispered. “It won’t.”
The sound of the microwave reached your ears, and you realized that you’d burned the popcorn. Rafe nodded, but he didn’t look convinced.
“Yeah, okay…”
“I’m serious. I was drunk.”
“I wasn’t,” he shrugged.
“Yeah, well, someone somewhere might call that rape,” you choked out, on the verge of tears.
Rafe raised his brows, licking his lip with a nod. He laughed to himself again, eyes meeting yours before they ran over you, slow and purposeful in making you squirm. You were just a hookup, something more than familiar to Rafe Cameron, so finding yourself in this predicament with him of all people was terrifying. There were a million Kooks who’d happily fuck him, and yet here he was terrorizing you.
“You really shouldn’t throw words like that around, Y/N,” he quietly said.
He backed away, heading towards the stairs, his parting words making your heart stutter.
“If I had raped you, you’d know it.” 
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mr jeong stop being so reactionless 🫤🫤
genre: suggestive
warnings: arguing, sexual talking
Tumblr media
jaehyun huffs when hearing the front door being knocked on. after checking the cameras, it was jen.
he climbs out of bed, telling you to stay in after accidentally waking you up, and goes to open the door for jen.
“jen, it is late. you need to stop showing up to our place when you’re wasted.” jen stumbles in, giggling as she falls into the man’s chest. “i’m sorry, mr jeong. this’ll be my last time, okay?” she says with a pout.
“jen, im serious.” she pushes herself off his chest and closes the door, locking it and then pressing her back against the door. “i am too, mr jeong.” she pushes herself off the door and walks towards the man.
“i’m so.. in love with you,” she says slowly. “but you’re so blinded by mrs jeong— you can’t even see the love and affection i try to show!” she cups his face.
jaehyun holds onto her wrists and pushes her off. “stop— jen, that is enough.” his voice firm which stills jen.
“i’m a 28 year old man who isn’t interested in a 19 year old. i am happily married to the sexiest women who is sound asleep in the next room. i have a baby in the other room who is also sound asleep— they don’t need to hear this shit.”
jen doesn’t even notice the wet streams down her cheeks as she cries listening to jaehyun raise his tone at her.
“but i love—?”
“no,” he roars out, “stop trying to break up y/n and i’s marriage. it isn’t going to work, no matter what you do— we’re happily married. 8 years and still going.”
jen sputters and dramatically falling onto her knees. “m—mr jeong.. please,” she hiccups, “please forgive me? i’m so sorry, mr jeong. i’m so blinded by loving you i never.. realize how crazy my obsession was getting.”
“jen, get— get off your knees. stop crying. let’s take you to the guest room.” jen shakes her head, shoulders shaking as she cries.
“mr jeong? can i, can i get a hug? i’m so sorry— i’ve been feeling so emotional lately. i mean— my dog died a few days ago so to get over it i went out and go wasted.” jen blabbers as jaehyun pulls her up.
jaehyun sighs, giving in and wraps his arms around the girls neck. “i’m sorry, jen.” she shakes her head, holding the smile as he rubbed her back.
“let’s take you upstairs, yeah?” jen nods and takes ahold of jaehyuns hand as if she was a lost child. he leads jen upstairs and into the guest room.
jen climbs into bed and tucks herself in. “all right— goodnight, jen.” he flicks the lights off and heads to his room.
he sees you still sleeping just turned around this time. he climbs into bed and takes you into his arms again— or at least he attempts to.
“i saw you hugging jen,” you frown, “and holding her hand when walking her to the guest room.” you add.
“my love,” he takes you into his arms. “can we not talk about this? especially right now? it’s really late and i’m tired.” you shrug, pulling yourself away from him and pulling the blanket up to your shoulders.
he takes you into his arms again. “stop— im sorry, okay?” he hugs your waist. “sure, i guess.” you shrug again.
“okay, let’s talk. cmon, get up.” you groan as he sits up and turns his lamp on. “noo,” you whine, pulling the blanket over your head. “nope, cmon. let’s go, get up.” he yanks the blanket off your body.
you were in his boxers and in his t-shirt.
you roll over giving him your big eyes. “carry me?” you ask while half laughing. he moves to the end of the bed and grabs your ankle, then yanking it until he was between your legs.
he pulls you up by your hands and carries you downstairs with you hanging onto him like a kola.
he flicks the kitchen light on and brings you to the counter where he then sits you still. he starts the coffee machine and makes a cup for you and him. he hands a cup to you and props himself between your legs again.
“now, im gonna explain why i hugged and held hands with jen.” you sigh heavily when hearing the mention.
“jen came knocking around at four and when i told her she had to stop doing this, she confessed and said she loved me.” you wince.
“then,” he sips the coffee first. “i start telling her that she just.. needs to back off.” he shrugs. “then she breaks down crying and says that her dog died or something.” you frown at the mention of a dog being dead.
“yeah, i know.” he cups your face with a hand. “then she asked for a hug so i gave her one and took her upstairs— i didn’t know she’d be holding my hand while i took her to the guest room?” you lean against his palm.
“so that’s why i hugged her and held her hand. i’m sorry, my love.” you sigh, setting you coffee mug down and then his. you wrap your arms around his neck. “no, im sorry. i shouldn’t have made you apologize. i just, felt jealous? i let jealousy get to the best of me.” he chuckles softly, rubbing your back.
“i love you.” he says pulling away.
“and i love you.” you kiss him.
once pulled away, you hum. “by the way, you forgot my extra creamer.” you frown, tilting your head. “i’m sorry, baby. i’m just so tired that i forgot to.” he leans his head onto your shoulder.
“let’s go upstairs and fuck this out, maybe that’ll wake me up.” you gasp and giggle when being yanked off the counter and brought upstairs.
he ended up falling asleep after three rounds.
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katsuki just wants to show you off around his friends. you’re not too keen on the idea.
cw: pro hero, brother’s best friend, you’re kiri’s sister, not a couple yet, minors dni, light touching and smut mentions, they’re only like three years apart.
Tumblr media
“me and the boys are goin’ out tonight. bringin’ their girls too. we can go together if you want?”
you hold your sigh in your throat, yanking on a random t-shirt that belongs to the man beside you over your naked body. bakugou katsuki has been relentless in this topic, bringing it up when you watched movies together, when he picks you up from work and now it has stretched to the bedroom after you’ve both had amazing mind blowing sex that topped the last time you’ve been together.
“we?” you ask, refusing to make eye contact as you search for your panties. plucking them off his desk, you pull them on and scramble back into the warm sheets.
“yeah we. we meaning you and me. me and you. both of us.” he’s putting his underwear on too, sliding on those tight black boxers that lift and hug his ass cheeks. they’re the death of you.
despite the constant rejection you give him about hanging out with his friends, including his best friend and also your older brother, he still returns to the topic with a cocky smile. as if your unwillingness to even sit in the same room together makes him laugh. he’s completely not the character to give up on something he wants, his gorgeous ruby red eyes eyeing you playing with the loose string of his bedsheets. he can tell the conversation makes you uncomfortable and when you’re uncomfortable you like to fight back. katsuki won’t deny it, the push and pull of his relationship with you completely draws him in.
“since when were we a ‘we’? we only meet when i want your dick or when you’re feeling lonely after a day on the streets.”
he knows what you’re doing. he even knows you don’t mean it. using extra bite in your tone to cover up for the fact you can’t meet his eyes.
a laugh rumbles out his chest, it’s loud, quick and deep and your eyes snap over to him in surprise. then the six foot two man slides back under his bed covers, rests his big head on your stomach and wraps an arm around your hips. his whole body is warm. he’s triple the size of you so even the stretch of his arm across you has him covering your lower body completely. the lamp light beside you highlights the sharp slope of his nose and casts a shadow under his plump bottom lip. you’re about to daydream about another one of his features when he tilts his head back to glance up at you.
“baby, d’you want me to take you to the doctor for memory loss or somethin’?” you hate how pretty he is. how he runs his tongue across his bottom teeth and how his eyes twinkle playfully at you. even the deep drawl of his words and his body on top of you has you feeling a little light headed.
“shut up katsuki.”
“no, ‘m serious. did you forget the time you met me in the hospital because you thought i broke a rib? all the times we meet at midnight because you text me you’re hungry? y’know i roll my ass out of bed to do that? or the multiple times i’ve come over because you’re stressed about an exam? i’m a busy guy y’know. i’m not doin’ that for anybody—”
the list was about to go on forever so you cut in while you can, “you only come over when i’m stressed because you know it ends in sex.”
he flicks the tip of your nose, “i’m not about to say no to a pretty girl begging for my cock now am i? ‘s not my fault i’m talented in comfortin’ you.”
you groan, covering his eyes with your hand. “see, so you only come over for sex then!” you accuse and slowly his fingers circle your wrist, pulling your hand off his eyes and you meet his slightly disappointed ones. you don’t think you’ve ever seen katsuki look disappointed?
he shifts his body slightly, a forearm propping himself up so his face is before yours. “y’don’t really think that do you? that i only see you because i want sex?”
you want to pull your gaze away from his eyes. they’re swirling with hurt and concern and you’re not sure if you’re capable of handling that from him. your mouth gapes open like a fish, thinking of excuses to mumble out but none of them leave your lips. his thumb brushes over your knuckles and your legs part so he can comfortably lay between them. everything about you both fit. probably why you’re so good together, in more ways than one.
the smile flickers across his face in a flash, gone as soon as you saw it. then he scoots up even closer to you, your fingers naturally running up his back.
“then talk to me, sweetheart. why don’t you wanna go out with me? you know kiri doesn’t care right? he knows we’re together.”
you bite your lip to suppress a groan at your brother’s nickname. one thing you avoid mentioning whenever you’re with katsuki is him. in all the brother’s best friend stories you’ve read, you’ve probably got it the best. there was no arguments, no beef between the best friends or between you and your brother. katsuki told him he was interested in you and your brother said go ahead.
“i know, i just…” you trail off, searching for a distraction around the room but katsuki’s determined to keep you present in the moment with him.
“feels shit sittin’ with them all while they’re all over their girls. can’t keep their hands off each other,” a large hot palm reaches under your (his) t-shirt to rest at your waist, “has me wishin’ you were beside me. whisperin’ in my ear, kissin’ my neck. even fuckin’ holding my hand.” the last one comes out with a rough laugh as he pecks kisses at your collarbones, his thumb beginning to trace the underside of your breast. you sharply exhale, lightly scratching his back.
“but… it’s just weird,” you whine, your leg twitching as his thumb brushes over your nipple.
“being with me is weird? thanks baby,” he’s being so playful with you vocally, completely messing with your head as his touches are anything but.
soft lips land at the junction of your neck, as he practically lays on top of you now, just a sliver of air inbetween you both. you’re unable to reply, that being with him isn’t weird, but being with him infront of your brother and his friends is.
he’s determined to wear you down again, “just wanna be in the same room as you—,”
another kiss, “at the same time as you.”
then he sucks and nibbles at a spot that sends a rush down between your legs, he can tell from how you wriggle under him. when he releases his lips, he breathily whispers, “just wanna be with you. why won’t you let me?”
you’re about to splutter all your thoughts, the squeeze of his hand at your breast, the feeling of him against your thigh, the tinge of pain at your neck… so you shove him off you and easily he lets you, his back laying on the mattress beside you. he doesn’t have time to feel embarrassed about being rejected because you’re talking faster than you can keep up.
“i don’t know! it’s just weird. i know our age gap isn’t big or anything but you’ve all known me since i was an awkward teen, running around the house trying to avoid you in hallways on the way to my room. and… and you and the rest of his friends have always felt so much older than me. wiser, stronger, more mature. i don’t want to embarrass you, or myself or my brother saying something dumb in-front of you all.”
katsuki listens to you through it all. eyebrows tight together trying to put himself in your shoes. he replies immediately after though, not giving you any space to gather your thoughts. swiping your hand under the covers, he rests it under his pec, holding it with both his hands.
“y’know i don’t feel that about you. i don’t see you as his baby kid sister. i see you as my yn, stronger than me in more ways than i can count and fuck, you’re smarter than all of us. i remember in second year whilst you were still in middle school telling kaminari what was wrong with his homework. remember when i was about seventeen and i couldn’t work out how to open the bottle of painkillers? i was fuckin’ groanin’ in pain and you just walked over and yanked it out my hand because i didn’t realise the—.”
“child lock was still on,” you smile at the memory, the image of a younger katsuki’s cheeks blooming with red and his awkward grunt of ‘thanks’ before running off to get a glass of water.
“i’ve embarrassed myself, we’ve all embarrassed ourselves more in front of you than you ever have in front of us. also when you were a teen, so was i and now we’re both not. you don’t wear your colourful headbands anymore and your braces are gone. you were always cute then but now youre—,” he lays on his cheek to face you, “now you’re fuckin’ unreal baby. when i saw you again after three years i couldn’t keep my eyes off you.”
“you couldn’t keep your hands off me either,” it was a gathering your brother hosted in his new apartment, inviting both his family and his friends which ended up with you and his best friend making out in one of his many bathrooms.
you can feel the heat of his grin beside you, definitely imagining the same scene as you. katsuki shifts to lay on his side, linking his fingers with yours. “come out with me, it’s probably gonna be at a bar and they’re all gonna be drunk anyway to notice both of us. keep me company so i don’t have to watch them suck the faces off their girlfriends, wanna show you off. ‘m tired of being the only lonely fucker at the table. even fuckin’ deku has a girl.”
a giggle rolls out of you, knowing the blondes friendly rivalry with the green haired man. “fine. only to keep you company. no touching or kissing, katsuki.”
the smile on his face drops, “hah? why?”
your nose scrunches in disgust, “i’m not doing that in front of my brother.”
a childish huff passes through his lips as he returns to his previous position, though this time his hips meet yours and as if it’s second nature, your legs spreading to accommodate his size. “y’know he doesn’t care baby. he’s all over his girl. always two seconds away from becoming a porno.” he rests on his forearms, caging your body as his nose strokes up your neck and his dick presses between your legs.
“firstly, yuck don’t talk about him and porno in a sentence or whilst you’re trying to subtly hump me,” you chastise, tilting your head so he can kiss under your ear.
“fine. but you said it. we’re meetin’ tomorrow, i’ll pick you up from yours. no backin’ out now, i don’t date pussies.” you rake your hands through his locks, his eyes fluttering shut and locking into yours as they open. your smile makes you glow, your eyes squinted a little with your cheeks high on your face.
“date? you don’t date pussies but you fuck pussies and if you’re dating me and if i’ve got a pussy doesn’t that mean you then date pussies?” your words are like a melody as a giggle slithers through them all, your arms locking around his neck and your legs lock around his waist.
“no because i don’t date your pussy, i date your big smart brain, smartass.” he grunts, rolling his hips against yours for the second time tonight.
“hm, maybe i am the smarter one. you used the same adjective twice in a sentence.”
“and you fuckin’ used it again, sounds like you’re lacking on vocab too baby.” he’s already breathless at the friction between your clothed parts. he yanks your t-shirt up so your tits are out and immediately they harden with the cold air.
“it’s hard to be intelligent when you’re rubbing your dick on me, take it out now,” you order, grabbing for the waist band of his underwear as you lift your hips for him to grab yours.
“huh. want me to fuck you dumb, baby?” he leans in so close, nose knocking against yours as his bare dick pressed against your clit. you notice the switch in his demeanour at the prospect. his breath is hot on you, voice a million times deeper and strained like he’s seconds away from begging. “cmon, d’you? you’ll have nothin’ left to embarrass yourself with tomorrow.”
your arms tighten against his neck, brushing your lips against his before mumbling, “yes please. fuck me dumb ‘ki.”
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Congratulations, Liv! You so deserve all of those followers and more 🥳🥰💙
Can I request prompt 4 with Steven please 🥺 I love you 🥰💙
Suz!! I love you so much! 💕🥰 Thank you so much for the kind words and the request!
peace lily and english ivy
summary: steven is in desperate need for sleep and he comes to you for help.
warnings: fluff, meet cute, plant facts.
word count: 1.1K. requested for my 2K celebration.
A/n: I wrote this with the pairing from one of my wips in mind, i hope you like it! masterlist
Tumblr media
All Steven seems to know is exhaustion. His head is constantly throbbing from lack of sleep, he has no energy, and Marc is always making passive comments on the dark circles under his eyes. His brain just can’t  seem to be quiet long enough to let him fall asleep. At this point he’s tired of being tired.
He’d read online that some plants aid in the process of falling asleep, and in some sort of last-ditch effort he decides to try it. He came to the garden center just a few blocks from his flat, but upon arriving he realized he left his phone at home. Unwilling to walk back home and then come back, he’s been wandering the garden center and trying to remember the names of the plants himself.
He’s examining a small pot of bright purple flowers that he is almost positive were on the list he had found. He’s not sure how long he’s been looking at these particular flowers, his drowsiness causing him to zone out, unable to tear his gaze away.
“You must really love petunias.” 
He jumps at the sound of the voice, his eyes snapping open and the plastic pot slipping from his hands and dropping to the ground. “Shit…” He curses.
You come into his line of sight, kneeling down and scooping some of the soil that had fallen out of the pot back in before standing and smiling apologetically at him. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”  You look down at the plant and seem to be checking to make sure it wasn’t damaged. When you were satisfied that it was fine, you set it back where Steven had found it.
“Sorry, do you come here often? It’s just that you seem to know what you’re doing…” 
“Well considering I work here, yes.” You laugh softly, turning your attention back to him. Steven’s face grows hot as his eyes immediately spot the name tag that was pinned to your shirt. He’s mentally cursing at himself as he sputters out an apology. You brush the dirt from your hands still grinning at him as you reassure him that it was okay. “Did you need help finding something?” You offer.
“Yeah, actually…I uh…” He stutters, still trying to cope with his embarrassment.  “I saw somewhere online that some plants help to promote sleep…don’t remember the names, though. I forgot my phone so I’ve just been wandering around all lost.” He chuckles breathlessly and scratches the back of his neck. 
“Peace lily and English ivy.”
“Sorry, what?”
“That’s what you need. Peace lily and English ivy,” You smile at him again and his heart skips in his chest. “Follow me.” 
When you walk past him he can smell your perfume, lilac and honey filling his senses and making the stiffness in his shoulders disappear as he turns and follows after you. You guide him through the garden center, occasionally slowing to check to see if certain plants need watering or if they are getting enough light. Steven gets distracted by some bright yellow primroses so  he doesn’t see you stop, causing him to crash into you.
“Sorry, sorry! Oh my god I’m so sorry!” He blurts, his hands jutting out and grasping your waist so you don’t fall on your ass.
He thought you’d be annoyed, because he would have been if it happened to him, but you’re just giggling and telling him it’s okay again. “Daydreaming again?” You ask, a hint of laughter in your voice.
“Something like that.” He mumbles.
He doesn’t even realize he’s still holding on to you still until you're clearing your throat and tilting your head slightly.
“Oh shit!” His hands snap from your waist to his sides in less than a second and the blood is rushing to his face again. Your laugh is like a breath of fresh air and your smile is brighter than any star he’s ever seen.
You turn towards the rack and pick up one of the plants, handing it to him. The long stems of the plant spill over the pot and the leaves are light green with a dark green center. “English ivy is an air purifier.” You inform him. “It will clean the air and help you sleep better at night. It needs bright light and you only water it when the top of the soil is dry to the touch.”
“Okay…I think I can handle that.” He says.
He’s about to thank you but you’re grabbing another plant off the rack and holding it out to him. “Peace lilies need bright indirect sun and have to be watered regularly. They are also air purifiers, they increase room humidity which makes it easier to breathe when you’re sleeping.”
 He takes the second plant from you and cradles it in his other arm. “Got it. Thank you.”
“Of course,” You hum, smiling up at him. “I’ll be at the counter when you’re ready to check out.”
He watches you walk away for a minute, his heart screaming at him to ask for your number or something, a desire to see you again taking root in his heart. He holds his breath,  pressing his lips tightly together so the words don’t slip out, and waits till you disappear around a corner till he finally exhales. He didn’t want to be awkward and show up at the counter right away so he browses the center a little while longer, picking out a third plant that he believes to be some sort of succulent. He heard from someone that succulents were near impossible to kill, and it would give him an excuse to ask you about it.
The smile you give him when he places the three plants on the counter makes his heart stop. “I see you picked out some aloe. That’s actually also useful in helping you sleep. Doesn’t take much to care for it either. Just give it lots of sun and only water it about every three weeks.”
For some reason your approval of the plant he picked out means the world to him. He’s practically beaming at you from across the counter. “Really?” You nod, still smiling as you ring out the plants for him. “Oh god, I hope I don’t kill them.” He worries out loud.
“I can always give you my number so you can call whenever you have any questions.” You offer.
His eyes snap from the peace lily to you, his mouth suddenly becoming dry. Your gaze shies away from him and you pretend to examine one of the leaves on the English ivy. His heart jumps to his throat and he swallows thickly as you wait for his answer. “Yeah…yeah sure.” He notices the flash of relief that crosses your face before you pick up a pen and quickly scribble down your number on the back of his receipt and hand it over to him. “Cheers.”
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Villain ~ Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Author: @madamekurokawa
Word Count: 1 530
Pairing: Vil Schoenheit x Reader
Summary: You always preferred the villains.
A/N: This is pure fluff with a hint of angst. Please let me know what you think!!
Tumblr media
The most beautiful rose you had ever seen had the sharpest thorns. Its perfume was sweet and delicate, intoxicating anyone who got too close, and its petals were the brightest colour, catching anyone’s eyes in an instant. Yet its stem, covered in thorns, dissuaded even the bravest from touching it, making it a lovely but lonely flower. Something you could only desire but never have. This rose was Vil Schoenheit.
“Your posture is appalling. Are you trying to give a good or a bad first impression?” was the first thing he told you, his sharp eyes studying you on your very first day at Night Raven College.
Back then the words had failed you, taken off guard by his rude comment. You had wondered shortly if this was how the other housewardens welcomed their students before brushing the thought away. Taking too long to answer, Vil had proceeded to scold you and you quickly understood that there was a certain way to behave at Pomefiore if you wanted to avoid his harsh criticism.
You weren’t used to most of these unusual requirements, however, and while you were obedient, valued your appearance and knew how to make a good impression when needed it remained difficult to keep up with Vil. So, soon you started resenting him, talking back at him whenever you felt like his comments were unnecessary and even considered changing dorms for a short moment. The vice housewarden had convinced you otherwise at the time, however, and it was only later that you found yourself being grateful.
You didn’t understand for a long time why Vil had settled his eyes on you, why you were the one he decided he needed to shape into something better. It drove you crazy, did he dislike you so much that he felt the need to change you into someone you were not? Yet was it not the person you were trying to be that looked back at you when you stared at your reflection?
When the realisation hit you, it was guilt that washed over you. Of course, Vil was looking out for you. He didn’t change you. He helped you polish the sides of you that you wanted to ignore instead of embracing. It had been hard to understand. After all, when a rose’s thorns pierce your skin and you find yourself bleeding, it’s hard to believe it was just trying to hold on to you. Surely there was another way to nurture you and you wondered why Vil chose this way of doing so.
“Is it not how you would expect someone like me to treat you?” he asked you, one cold winter night. “No matter how good my intentions are, I’ll always be the villain.”
It was only later that you understood the true meaning of these words. Vil grew up trapped into the role people around him had assigned to him, the villain. While this seemed to be a constant in his acting career, he had turned it into a constant in his life too. It appeared tragic, a self-fulfilling prophecy, but you knew better. The villain wasn’t only evil, he didn’t only bring pain and desolation. He helped the hero grow and you were the hero Vil chose that first night you met. While you knew he longed to be the hero too, it had always appeared to you that he had the most important role. 
“You always liked the villains better, of course, you wouldn’t understand,” he had told you chuckling, a beautiful smile on his face.
“How could I not? They always seem to overshadow the hero to me.”
Villains or heroes, to you, there wasn’t anyone Vil couldn’t overshadow. You wished he believed that as much as you did but you figured there was no harm in reminding him. He did seem to resonate with that belief more with time though and it was rather mesmerising to witness. Then the time Vil’s thorns didn’t sting as much anymore had crept. Maybe you were used to its sharpness and while deep into your skin, it felt like this was where it should remain or maybe it was its petals that you were touching now.
Surely softness wasn’t what most people would associate with Vil, you weren’t even sure this was what he evoked to his fans, as kind as he was to them. Even to you, the realisation that it wasn’t only poison that came from his touch took its time to settle. Vil was gentle, though, if people watched closely they would see. Someone as meticulous as him could only handle those he loved with care after all.
However, you remained terrified of getting too close even though like roses grow over plants and walls he had done just that with you. Rumours of you two dating each other were recurrent and if there was someone you trusted more than yourself it was him. The love you felt for him was endless but what was the separation between friendship and romance? Did it really matter?
Few were those he had dug his thorns so deeply into but would that ever guarantee he would never change his mind? You had seen him nurture Epel the way he did with you and you had heard the stories of Rook and him. If Vil was always looking for his next work of art, could you be sure to be his masterpiece?
As doubts crept into your mind, Vil could feel your once unmoving body try to free itself from his canes. Was it too painful to be held so close by him? Could it be that he had bled you out completely? What about the soft petals he had let you touch and his calming perfume? Was the price of holding the rose so close to your heart not to your taste anymore? The sharpness of the pain from this rejection was too much to handle.
“Doesn’t the villain ever scare you?” Vil had once asked you.
“No, I don’t think their love is meant to hurt.”
Did you lie or did he hurt you? You didn’t know what to answer when he asked and you couldn’t help the tears from blurring your vision. Maybe you did lie but there was nothing scary about your best friend. So why?
“I would hate to disappoint you,” you said instead of answering his question.
“Then don’t.”
You had expected him to say that and it made you chuckle. Vil remained as serious as ever, though.
“I can’t compare to you,” you explained, still trying to make sense of your feelings.
“Of course not, no one can.”
Vil wasn’t perfect, no one could be but he was so blindingly close, to you, that it was hard to look at sometimes, you were reminded as you studied him. It was well past his bedtime and he looked as flawless as ever as you welcomed him with all your imperfections. Was this what attracted him to you? This didn’t even seem unlikely, it made total sense to you. There were a number of things that you shared with Vil and this was one of them.
This was when you understood. The both of you were so desperate to help the other that it almost felt like a competition. You were as similar as you were different after all. Only Vil understood that there wouldn’t be one without the other, though. Maybe because he was always able to see what you couldn’t.
“If I’m the villain, then you are the hero,” he said, moving closer to you. “Therefore we can never stand together as equals but,” he paused.
“One can’t exist without the other which is why both are so important,” Vil continued. “You told me that, don’t you remember?”
“I do,” you said, smiling.
“It looks like you forgot, though.”
You chuckled.
“Maybe I do sometimes forget.”
“I do too,” Vil reassured you, his voice gentle, “but you always helped me remember. So why not let me remind you too?”
You couldn’t help smiling as the tears that had gathered rolled down your cheeks. His fingertips brushed them away and he smiled at you. How foolish you had been, this wasn’t the first time Vil helped you stand tall and proud and it was no different from the previous times.
“If you really are the villain,” you said. “Then there’s nothing to be afraid of.”
Vil laughed, his lilac eyes shining beautifully as they got smaller and the melodious sound filled the air.
“Only you can say such nonsensical things,” he replied, smiling.
“Exactly, which is why you won’t let me go.”
You were right and it was tightly that Vil held you, his soft lips kissing your cheeks before finding your lips. The action was hesitant at first but as soon as you kissed him back, the confidence he was known for followed. He smiled against you, the tenderness of his petals instead of the sharpness of his thorns feeling your skin. This moment was euphoric and neither of you would ever let it end for you made each other bloom endlessly, in a way most heroes and villains didn’t, though.    
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When he pulls the “not saying ‘ily’ back” prank pt.2
Tumblr media
but with a twist…
—image reads: “i love you, i love you, don’t cry”
warnings/notes: requested, cursing, marriage relationships, angst, long reading (GLHF), fluff/comfort, pregnancy (Bokuto), eating (Boktuo)
part one
nishinoya, oikawa, bokuto (afab!reader)
♢ nishinoya ☄. *. ⋆
Nishinoya had been frantic throughout the morning when he realized he lost the ring
You tried to calm him down but he would just exasperatedly sigh and explain the urgency of this situation, that the “token” of your love is not to be toyed with
which is very hypocritical of him to say for what he’s about to do
He had gone to Hinata’s house to look for the ring and called you to say that he hadn’t found it
“Love you, babe” you whisper into the call, something you both do when the call is about to end
You wait for Nishonoya’s response
5 seconds in, there is silence on the other end
you pull your phone away to look at the screen
He hung up??
what the hell…
you dial his phone again, only for it to reach his ‘trolly’ voicemail: “hello? hellO? Haha just kidding this is a voicemail” *click*
You slump down on the chair you sat on, thinking
maybe his phone died
But that thought is erased when you receive a text from him “coming home soon ;)”
this motherfucker…
you rapidly tap on your screen, delivering a message to him
“babe”, “why did you hang up so fast?”
mere seconds later, he sends an emoji: “🤷‍♂️”
you wanted to send him a bunch of texts “What do you mean 🤷‍♂️??” “Why didn’tyou say ily back?” “Are you busy with your other girlfriend?”
being frustrated, you decide not to reply to him
what is his deal?
Maybe I’m just overreacting? you wonder
An hour later, your husband arrives, entering the door quietly
You sat on the same living room sofa, arms crossed and eyes closed, but not asleep
“Honey,” his voice whispers lowly.
You don’t budge so he moves closer to you, tapping your shoulder lightly.
“Hmmph,” you grunt, opening your eyes but facing away.
He gasps. “A-are you mad at me?” His heart races, thinking what he’s done.
oh, the prank!!!! he forgot about the trick he pulled earlier, not saying ily back
It was all a prank, because he had lied when he said he didn’t find the ring.
He wanted to surprise you with the ring and tons of gifts he bought along with it, to celebrate this moment, showing you how much he loves you
When you continue to ignore him, he starts getting anxious, falling to your knees.
“Babe, look! I found the ring!” he says, making you whip your head to him holding out his left hand with that exact wedding band.
Finally getting your attention, he smiles and brings his bag of gifts.
“A-and I got you flowers, chocolates, a fruit bowl (your favorite)…ooh! and this teddy bear, and…” he stops mid-sentence, looking back at you.
You remain quiet, watching as he moves closer to leave a kiss on your cheek.
“And this, too,” he says, his own cheeks turning red as he leans over you, not breaking eye contact.
He tries to read your expression when you grab his face and bring him closer to finally kiss him on the lips.
“What’r all these gifts for, it’s not Valentine’s day,” you mutter against his lips.
“I love you,” he finally says.
Hearing those words from him made you realize how stupid you were for doubting him
Of course he does! Why else would he look so depressed once he found out he lost the ring? Why else would he spend the rest of his time buying your favorite things?
Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, tears begin to roll down your cheeks.
“Sorry, I got mad,” you whisper, sniffing.
Noya’s expression changes to worry. “No! I’m sorry for the prank! It was bad timing!” He hugs you, softly patting your hair.
You continue to sniffle against his shoulders.
“Babe,” he pulls back, looking into your eyes, wiping tears away with his thumbs. “I love you, I love you, please don’t cry,” he whispers.
Despite your infinite tears and continuing sobs, you nod.
He spends the rest of the day tending to you, giving you his undivided attention
Not skipping a beat to say “i love you” every 5 minutes paired with some kisses
Even when you say you’re just going to the bathroom, he’d say it again.
He’d say it over and over again until his last breath.
♢ oikawa ☄. *. ⋆
it was the 12th year anniversary of when Oikawa first asked you out
but he probably doesn’t remember things like that, now that you’re a married couple.
In fact, it felt like any other day (that’s what he wanted you to think)
except for one thing
“Okay, I’m off to my meeting, honey,” he chirps, giving you a chaste kiss before walking off to the door
“Alright, hun, drive safe. Love you lots,” you reply, chopping some vegetables in the kitchen.
…should you tell him?
He usually replies with a “I love you more” and one last parting hug, never failing to bring butterflies emerge in your stomach
But for some reason—you wish you knew—he doesn’t, which makes your knife movements come to a stop
huh? you turn your head to the sound of the closed door. He just left with no other words.
Whatever. It’s whatever, you try to pay no mind to it, going back to your vegetables.
You spend the rest of the day cleaning the house, vacuuming the carpeted floor, dusting shelves, etc all while quietly reminiscing your high school days in Seijoh with Oikawa.
When suddenly a breathless Tooru basically breaks open your door, making you jolt.
“Honey, I’m so sorry, I’m late. I was not expecting traffic! Phew, Anyways…”
Your husband had his hands full of bags, one clutching a string attached to a heart shaped balloon.
“You went…shopping?” You ask, cutting him off mid-sentence, not exactly catching onto his words.
“Oh, right!” He drops everything, moving towards you to hug you first and foremost. “Happy 12 years of being my official lover,” he finally says, all giddy.
“Huh?” he remembered????? Your head spins from the confusion. Is this why he was acting all cold in the morning?
“Surprise, babe,” he smiles.
“S-so, you didn’t forget to say I love you?” you ask, shyly, wondering if he’ll think it’s a lame thing to hold on to.
“Of course I didn’t, sweetie,” he chuckles and moves a hair strand behind your left ear, before placing a lingering kiss on your forehead. “I love you,” he whispers against your skin.
“Now, gimme a sec,” he says, going back to the bags of stuff to pull out a long navy velvet box.
Meanwhile, you felt absolutely touched by his actions
The fact that he’d go through all the trouble to gift you all the things you love, but also to commemorate a moment you thought was trivial at first
You felt guilty for not making an effort for this special day, tears pricking at your eyes
You bite your lip to stop it from quivering
As your husband turns around to give you the special gift box, he notices your saddened expression
“I love you, I love you, please don’t cry~” he says, bringing you in a bear hug as he rubs his cheek against yours. “It was a prank.”
“That’s not why I’m crying, Tooru,” you sniff. “I’m just so happy you remembered all of it.”
He smiles, hugging you tighter and placing his lips on your forehead
“How could I forget,” he whispers, almost to himself.
That only fueled the fire, making your tears pool and little whimpers escape your lips.
“I’m s-sorry, I never said a-anything, I n-never prepared anything,” you hiccup, apologizing guiltily.
You should’ve just told him, instead of thinking of the special occasion to yourself so you could celebrate and plan a special evening together
“Hey, hey, hey. You don’t have to worry about it,” he consoles you, grabbing your stained cheeks to look deeply in your wet eyes.
“Enough with that crying,” he mutters.
Your husband leans down, placing a couple of kisses on your pouty lips, making you calm a little.
Truly, he could never forget any of your firsts together
You sat together, your right leg resting on his left as he holds you close and wipes your tears away, talking about the old days
the first time he saw you, the first time he asked you out, the first time you said your ‘i love you’s
“It’s also the first day we said ‘i love you’ after so many years and years of pining over…me. You finally shot your shot.”
“Shut up, Oikawa. You confessed first,” you say, chuckling.
“Hey, there’s my smile.” He widely grins, catching your smile.
He tugs on your pink ears before pulling out the velvet box he had thrown to the side while consoling you.
“Now, if you don’t let me put this necklace on you, I’m gonna regift it to my nephew to give it to his little girlfriend.”
You laugh and turn around, allowing him to slowly adorn your neck with a jewelry, before placing a loving kiss on your neck.
A calming silence washes over the room as you rest against his broad chest.
Before you could open your mouth, he beats you to your words.
“I love you, more.”
♢ bokuto ☄. *. ⋆
It was another early morning when your husband, Koutarou had to go to work.
“You sure you don’t want me to make you breakfast?” you ask your husband who’s wrapping a watch around his wrist.
Despite being pregnant, you always insisted on cooking for him, even though he’d reject the offer
“It’s alright. I gotta go early anyways, I’ll just pick something up on the way. Thank you.” He slips on his shoes.
“Bye-bye, Kou. Love you” with a hand on the door, you lean up to kiss him.
he ducks his head to kiss you back. “Mmkay, see you later, honey. Lo—” he pauses, an idea popping into his head
a bad idea
He coughs into his hand, hiding a mischievous grin. “Bye!” he squeaks, leaving before you could retort
What the—
His strange behavior leaves you questioning things, especially your relationship
Maybe it’s the crazy horomones, being in your second trimester of your pregnancy.
You felt a little more grumpier than usual
You grunt, deep in thought, as you sat back down on the couch to watch some television
You tried to focus
But through a couple of episodes, as your eyes watched the animations on the screen, your head was elsewhere
Why did he stop? Is he having second thoughts on us? Because I’m pregnant now? I knew it, he was scared all along. I bet he’s on his way to ‘get milk’ right now—
Your thoughts were interrupted by the swing of the door, entering a smiling Bokuto
“Guess what, baby?” he holds out two brown paper bag, one looked like a Mcdonalds bag and another looked like a grocery bag.
“I brought breakfast!” he speeds over to the coffee table in front of you and displays everything he got.
From your fav Mcdonalds order to some baby food.
“Baby food?” you raise an eyebrow.
“Well, the kid’s gotta eat too right? Since they’re practically grown…in your belly…by now…” the last part of his sentence incoherent, he grabs a french fry and bites it in half, offering you another in his free hand.
You shake your head. “W-what about work?”
“I’m taking a vacation today,” he takes another salty stick and plops it into his mouth.
Gosh, he totally forgot about the little stunt he pulled earlier, you think to yourself
You sigh, both out of exasperation and relief
It was really cute how he thought of both you and the baby
You were wrong for doubting him
Sliding down on the floor next to him, you bring his head to yours, touching foreheads
The action makes him place a fry down, mouth still chewing on one.
“You alright, love?” he quietly asks, voice now filled with concern.
You nod, but with the way you furrow your eyebrows and bite your bottom lip, makes him think otherwise
The idea pops back into his head as he tries to think of what made you look so upset
“Oh,” he only says, before wiping his hands on his pants to dust off the salt on his fingers.
Your eyes begin to well up, thinking about how lucky you are to have such a caring husband and father of your children
F-ck you, horomones
“I love you, I love you, please don’t cry~” his own tears welling up. “I was totally kidding, babe. I was just trying to prank you and forgot to say how much I love you right after that!
“I’m sowwy,” he says, pouting, resting his chin on your head.
“Bokuto, you’re fine,” you say between sniffs. “I’m just really grateful to have you.”
You pull away to look up into his golden orbs, only guilt can be seen in them.
“Hey, Kou?” You cup your hands around his face, using your thumb to wipe off the excess salt lingering on the side of his mouth.
He hums a response.
“I love you, too!” Your words create an inevitable smile on his face.
You point to your own lips, leaning forward
and he chuckles, receiving your message and giving you a long kiss.
“You taste like fries,” you say after the kiss.
He laughs, back to his cheerful disposition.
“C’mon, love. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet,” he feeds you a french fry before opening one of the baby foods.
“Kou, what are you doing with that?” You ask as the owl-headed man looks around the table for a spare spoon.
“Oh! Like I said, the baby needs to eat,” he points to your stomach.
“Um…” you laugh as you try to explain to your clueless husband why the baby doesn’t need the baby food during pregnancy.
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multifandomme · a day ago
Surrender - WandaNat x Reader [18+]
A/N: I haven’t written wandanat in a while, so here is my newest instalment. I received a request to a similar effect but decided to repurpose it into a threesome scenario. I hope that you all enjoy it and as always, happy reading <3
Summary: When Natasha is suspected to be a double agent, you are sent to conduct an interrogation. But how will she fare against your unprecedented tactics?
Cw: Smut, choking, face slapping, praise kink, daddy kink, d/s dynamics, restraints, use of magic, coercion, orgasm control, hair pulling, biting.
Word Count: 2755.
The clamour of metal penetrated the silence, the continual clatter indicating a vehement resistance. You had expected nothing less, genuinely surprised to have subjugated the target to begin with. Natasha grunted in exasperation, the chance of escape thinning with every ounce of energy that she exerted, exhaustion setting in. The redhead's efforts were stymied in a flash, a burst of scarlet flurrying towards her and rendering her catatonic, mouth agape, mindless as she stared towards you.
"Natasha Romanoff," you sighed, your hand gesturing upwards and inciting the ebbing out of the vermillion force that stole her of thought. "Always the fighter, hm?"
"Who sent you?" Natasha growled, her fury barely housed within her, green orbs scoping the area with growing suspicion. "How did you find me?"
You chuckled aloud as you dared an approach, hands reaching out to assure the rigidity of the chains that bound her to the chair. Natasha was adept in assassination, you knew that, every precaution extended to ensure that she stayed put, by any means necessary. It was a strike of luck that had led you to her in the first place and you intended on keeping her contained.
"The Avengers," you admitted, her teeth gritted angrily upon hearing the name fall from your lips. "Looks like someone got in with the wrong crowd, again."
"Do you really believe that?" Natasha questioned, her eyes devoid of any emotion bar anger, vexed by the mere possibility that you doubted her loyalty for a second. "Do you?"
Nonchalantly, you drew your hands upward in surrender, an act that had Natasha thrashing against her restraints once more, infuriated.
"I remain undecided," you smirked, your thumb brushing over her full lips as you watched her swivel in rejection of your touch. "I'm here to gather intel," you revealed, shortly. "Nothing more."
Natasha scoffed, almost amused by your response, though you could only imagine what bubbled below the surface. Her eyes grew black beneath the dim lighting of the warehouse, silence engulfing the space and persisting.
"What makes you think that I'll talk?" Natasha challenged, her head half-tilted in intrigue.
A simper curled your mouth upwards, blossoming wider as you knelt down to meet her eye line. Soft fingertips brushed her fiery tresses from her face, clinging to the perspiration that beaded upon her forehead. You had expected a sharp avoidance, though surprisingly, she did not recoil.
"Oh, I know that you won't," you conceded, the woman's eyes flaring with the confusion of being read. "That's why I came prepared."
The redhead hummed, a disinterested expression taking hold of her features as if doubtful of your claim. You had known of the torture that she could withstand and in any case, had priorly vowed to bring something different, something that evaded what she was accustomed to.
"You're going to torture me," Natasha predicted, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, bored by the prospect. "How original."
You paused in place, feigning as if the woman had uncovered the rouse. A smirk painted her lips, widening as she observed you falter before her, completely taken by your misleading of her.
"No," you replied, bluntly, an air of victory enclosing around you as you saw her smile yank itself from her mouth, replaced with a distinct uncertainty. "It's too familiar."
An audible gulp sounded, Natasha fidgeting in place though thwarted by the metal that restrained her. Pink-tinted cheeks drained of life, paled as she gathered the courage to meet your gaze once more, anxiety lapping away at her usual objectiveness.
"What are you going to do to me?"
The question hung thickly in the air, unanswered as you circled her as a means of fuelling the suspense that existed. Swiftly, your fingers sprung to grasp at her throat, the oxygen freeing itself from Natasha's lungs as she choked out, blindsided by the sudden manoeuvre.
"You," you snarled, her eyes flickering in terror. "You belong to me now."
Natasha squirmed beneath your grasp, her attempt at an escape foiled by your unyielding grip on her. Even with her breath so ruthlessly robbed from her, it did not deter the woman from verbal retaliation.
"Rot in hell," she gasped, the words exiting no louder than a whisper though the threat behind them was violently real, her glare callous with intent.
A wry chuckle fled from you, Natasha's threat only instilling more motivation to subdue her as you cinched harder around her slender throat. The woman released a strangled groan, the whites of her eyeballs presented to you and indicating a looming loss of consciousness. Abruptly, you freed her, observing carefully as Natasha quickly came to, willing away her weakness with a hasty shake of her head.
"Gladly," you responded, sardonically as you leaned in, your lips barely an inch from her own as she jostled to fight the urge to resist temptation, her senses still partially clouded. "But I'll be taking you with me."
Green orbs disappeared behind heavy eyelids, control relinquished for a second as she basked in the sensation of your warm breath against her mouth. You inched closer, Natasha securely in your possession as you held her by the jaw this time, fingernails burying harshly into the bone there. A tiny moan escaped from her, uncontrolled, regret inherent in the way her eyes widened in realisation of what she had let slip.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" You queried, though the answer was starkly visible in the way Natasha mewled out in reply, teeth piercing into her lips for leverage, her eyes desperate to avert in deflection. "You like being interrogated, manhandled?"
Crimson adorned Natasha’s cheeks in an instant, any hint of a reply obstructed by teeth-clamped lips. The woman’s defences seemed to falter before you, collapsing just enough for you to infiltrate. Your eyes honed in upon her neck, her heart racing with such force that you could see her jugular twitch with every beat, lightly protruding from the skin. Instinctively, your tongue sneaked outwards to paint your lips with fresh saliva, momentarily claimed by the fantasies that clouded your mind, those that detailed the lasting marks you wished to leave upon her. 
“I’ve heard a lot about you, Ms Romanoff,” you began, daring to lurch forwards to trail your lips along her throat. “Read your file,” you continued, a low moan reverberating against your mouth. “I know that I’m fighting a battle that you’ve already won.”
The redhead panted, complete disarmament finding her as she relaxed into your touch, her curiosity piercing through her momentary entrancement. 
“Then why are you trying?”
A hum of amusement filled the brief silence as you retreated, intent on occluding the temptation that festered within you. Though you would never admit it to Natasha, you were taken, sure that any further exploration of her body at your hands would render you affected, addicted even. 
“Because I have new interrogation tactics,” you revealed, proudly. “And it would be a real shame to leave them untested.”
Natasha sucked in a breath, her panic felt tenfold when the air around her spiralled in red once more, a lone twisting strand drifting towards her. The redhead’s orbs fell into darkness, sparkling with obsidian as she remembered the torment that the unknown force had incited earlier. 
“What is this?” Natasha worried, terror holding her hostage. “What are you doing to me?”
An answer failed to find Natasha, your gaze reclaimed by the rusted door that existed beside you, a knowing smirk lurking upon your mouth.
“Baby, you can come out now,” you instructed, your tone soft and coaxing as you stared expectantly, the thick door soon creaking open in the wake of your command.
Wanda peeked out with caution, her striking blue eyes staring deeply into yours as she travelled hastily to land at your side. The brunette did not throw a second look towards the bound Natasha, her attention undivided, wholeheartedly intent on you. 
“I did everything just as you asked, Daddy,” Wanda beamed, her proudness evident in the way her teeth dazzled out into the gloom of the warehouse. 
Your heart melted at the sight of Wanda’s joy upon pleasing you, palms immediately pressing to her face to draw her close, her lips pouted in search of yours. Denying her was futile, frantic in feeling her against you as you kissed with ardor, passion that brimmed with every second that passed by. Wanda whined shamelessly into your mouth, unfazed by the silent spectator who watched on, transfixed by the sight before her. Curiously, you opened your eyes, Natasha’s tensing thighs not lost on you as you inwardly smiled at the reaction the two of you had inflicted.
“You were so good for me,” you extolled, the apples of Wanda’s cheeks inflated with delight, a gentle blush materialising. “But I need you to do what Daddy taught you, hm?”
Natasha released a sharp exhale, her fear blatant as her eyes flickered wildly between the two of you, unsure of who to be more wary of. 
Wanda outstretched her fingers, eyes narrowing with newfound focus as the scarlet threads expelled from them, her sights set on the restrained redhead.
“This won’t hurt,” Wanda assured, though her tone remained hesitant, unconvincing. “As long as you’re a good girl, like me.”
In a split second, Natasha’s clothes were stripped of her, shredded mid-air as the scraps of material rained to the floor, irreparable. A loudened gasp blurted from the redhead as she glanced downwards to regard her indecency, only underwear separating her from full frontal nudity. For a moment, you assumed her silence to denote crippling dread, until you noticed her thighs rubbing together once more, seeking inconspicuous alleviation. 
“Good girl,” you praised, earnestly, a wink thrown in Wanda’s direction. “Just like we practiced.”
A nod of permission saw Wanda’s grin ebbing out into seriousness, dropping to her knees before the redhead without a hesitation. Natasha squealed out as Wanda parted her thighs with unrivalled strength, an unyielding glare of warning tossed to the latter.
“Please,” Natasha urged, weakly. “Tell me what you’re going to do to me.”
Wanda laughed, eerily, its sound echoing out into the expansiveness of the room as she swivelled to regard you, a knowing smirk plastered to her lips.
“Why don’t you tell her, princess,” you instructed, sensing the dwindling of Wanda’s patience, too enthralled with the prospect of what was to come. 
The brunette shook with excitement, orbs of azure bursting with zeal as she turned to face Natasha, peering up from between her thighs.
“I’m going to torture you,” Wanda disclosed, a mischievous simper never straying from her. 
Natasha’s sentence was occluded by a set of teeth sinking into the skin of her thigh, a pained hiss exuding from her in response. A thickened silence persisted for a second, the redhead left in a daze by the sudden act, though simultaneously thrilled by it.
“Uh oh, you didn’t let me finish,” Wanda cooed, her tongue flickering softly against the bite mark that now adorned the woman’s porcelain skin. “I’m going to torture you... with my mouth.”
The brunette pushed aside Natasha’s underwear in haste, amused by the glistening flesh that she was met with. Wanda's tongue dragged languidly against the wetness, pausing once she arrived upon Natasha’s clit and sucking fervently. Desperate groans pierced the silence, repetitive and intense as the redhead wrangled pathetically with the restraints, the jangle of metal sounding without respite.
“When she’s finished with you,” you began, your feet propelling you until you lingered directly behind Natasha, fingers threaded tightly into her velvet locks. “Not only will you talk, you will fucking sing.”
Wanda hummed in agreement, the vibrations absorbed by Natasha’s needy pussy as she shook, infuriated by her state of makeshift imprisonment. The redhead’s reactions only fuelled your intention of exacerbating her as you yanked her hair from the scalp, the pain sharp enough to draw mewls from the weakened assassin. 
“That’s it, princess,” you encouraged, Wanda shivering in response to the praise that you bestowed upon her. “Use that pretty mouth just as Daddy taught you.”
Natasha’s knuckles whitened below the force that she exerted, her wrists grappling helplessly against the restraints. Her teeth clasped ruthlessly against her plump lips, rouged with blood from the droplets that had subsequently prickled the surface. Moans rumbled in her throat, though her pride knew better than to let them escape, her mind embroiled in a ferocious battle with her bodily reactions.
“Oh, fuck,” the redhead cursed, her whispered tone depicting the humiliation that riddled her, avid in her rejection of being affected, of becoming a slave to the pleasure that Wanda provided.
“How does it feel?” You tormented, delivering a particularly brutal tug to Natasha’s hair, a sudden squeal bursting from her. “Ready to come clean?”
The redhead shook her head frantically in rebuttal, words failing her as she bucked into Wanda’s face, consumed by ecstasy. Natasha’s resistance had been expected, your hands retracting to sneak below the material of the assassin’s bra, toying with the peaks of her nipples. The buds hardened with immediacy, called into rigidity by the adeptness of your manoeuvres, Natasha’s head thrown backwards as she clung to the fading traces of her self-control.
Wanda drew backwards, her mouth glimmering with arousal as her tongue collected the remnants, marvelling at the taste.
“What should I do now, Daddy?” Wanda asked, a sole finger probing teasingly at Natasha’s entrance, a chuckle emitting as she observed Natasha thrashing wildly to manipulate the digit to land inside of her.
The brunette giggled as she sank the intrusion in halfway only to remove it upon attaining a desperate whine from Natasha. It was evident that the assassin was growing impatient, her control stretched thin as her moans transformed into carnal growls, low and frenzied.
“Fuck her,” you commanded, bluntly. “And when she starts to cum,” you whispered, your mouth pressed to the shell of Natasha’s ear. “Stop and make her beg.”
Wanda wasted no time, her digits hasty in their commencement as they slammed into Natasha’s twitching hole. The redhead gripped the chair with unrivalled strength, the veins in her arms drawn to the surface from the exertion. Your fingers continued to unleash torture upon her nipples, now sore and irritated from the avid stimulation. Wanda pummelled without relent, no heed paid towards Natasha’s condition as she leaned in sporadically to suckle upon her clit, laughter rumbling from her.
“Awww,” Wanda mocked, retracting with suddenness. “Was someone about to cum so soon?”
Natasha cried out, tears forming in her eyes until they slid down her reddened cheeks, exasperated and unsatisfied.
“Tell us everything,” you demanded, forcefully, your palm smacking haphazardly against Natasha’s face, the tears sinking into your hand. “Or I promise that you will continue to be denied.”
An epoch of silence occurred, obscured solely by the heavy exhales that passed through Natasha’s mouth, hung agape in a coalescence of desperation and blossoming fatigue.
“I...” Natasha breathed, fighting desperately to locate her logic in her state of mindlessness. “I-I’m being framed.”
You hummed, ruminatively, a gentle hand falling to ruffle affectionately atop Natasha’s hair.
“Good girl,” you smirked. “See, that wasn’t so hard was it, hm?”
Wanda’s mouth reconnected upon Natasha’s clit, avid in the completion of the task at hand, until you thwarted her efforts.
“I think Daddy should finish up, princess,” you insisted, observing as Wanda quickly leapt to her feet in compliance, allowing you to take her place. “I want to feel her cum on my fingers.”
Wanda nodded submissively, a meek smile bitten away as she moved to encircle her hand around Natasha’s throat, a moderate cinch incurring. Natasha sighed, the moment of pacification seemingly extended as you thrust two fingers inside of her. Pleasured cries rang out into the vicinity, heightening as you increased the pace, Natasha barely able to withstand the bliss that flooded her senses. Her pussy fluttered around your digits, the tension building until she froze, rigid against the restraints as she came undone. With her back arched, she shrieked aloud, visibly shaking as she descended back to reality, a reality which saw her succumb, her resistance forsaken.
“Are you going to let me go?” Natasha asked, hopefully as she glanced down towards the chains that anchored her in place.
Wanda flashed a knowing grin towards you, her cheeks plumped in an attempt to stifle her laughter.
“No,” you rebutted, your thumb trailing delicately along Natasha’s jaw. “We’re far from done here, isn’t that right, princess?”
Wanda could only nod violently in response.
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darkestcorners · 2 days ago
Polarity | 04 ( sneak peak )
A/N: hi guys, just dropping a little teaser for what’s to come later this week :) hope you enjoy ! ❤️❤️🥰
The last thing you wanted was to have to resort to this but surprisingly you didn’t feel as much shame as you probably would have a few days ago. You swallowed, taking a deep breath as you paced up and down the long corridor.
You were sweating through your clothes, your skin feeling clammy as you let out another shaky breath. If your life continued to take such horrendous routes, you weren’t sure how much more of it you could take.
Suddenly, the door in front of you swung open. Your head snapped up, seeing Jungkook’s familiar figure making his way out the door before he immediately paused once he saw you.
His eyes scan you over, cocking his head to the side as he waits a few seconds before breaking the silence.
“Thought you never wanted to see me again.” He says, his words are laced with genuine confusion, hurt even but it’s hard to believe them when his face looked so smug.
You lick your lips, letting out a sigh as you think about just forgetting about this and running back towards the elevator but your feet stay planted in place.
Jungkook seems to immediately take notice of your agitated state because his eyebrows knit together and a frown settles on his lips.
“What’s wrong?” He demands, inching closer to you and letting the door shut behind him.
“ My university,” The words pain you to say, embarrassment immediately washing over you. “ They are accusing me of plagiarism.”
You hold up the crumbled piece of paper that you have read over 20 times now, each time giving you a bigger headache than before. His eyes drop to the letter, a look of understanding crossing his features.
His frown deepens, looking at loss for words as concern flashes his eyes.
“I didn’t do it! I swear, I would never.” You don’t know why you’re eager to prove your innocence to him but it was as if it was a knee-jerk reaction at this point.
Jungkook eyes you, slowly looking back and forth between you and the paper. He motions for you to hand it to him and you hesitantly give it to him.
“It has to be a mistake, I would never turn in an essay that was blatantly plagiarizing.” You shook your head. “ I didn’t write that, I mean I did but not that. It has so many paragraphs that I don’t even recognize, it’s like a completely different essay.”
Jungkook holds no expression, his dark eyes carefully reading over the paper before his fingers move to fold it closed.
“Baby, this is bad.” He states, his gaze hardening and you don’t know why that’s the breaking point for you.
As horrible as it was, he had undeniably become a safe space for you. Someone who showed complete and utter devotion to you, even if that’s what you swore you never wanted from someone like him. He was still always there to comfort you, to borderline coddle you and reassure you.
It was something Eunji had rarely showed you.
“But I didn’t do it!” Naturally, your voice starts to break, quickly getting defensive which makes you look even more guilty. You feel a bubble of anger at his words and at his almost accusing stare.
“Y-You believe me, don’t you?”
Jungkook’s doe eyes soften as he takes in your panicked expression.
“Of course I believe you, baby.”
You blink your tears away as the smallest bit of relief fills you. His familiar sickeningly sweet tone is back, the same one he always seemed to use when you were having meltdowns or panic attacks. Even after you had told him you never wanted to see him again, even after the fight and cold words thrown his way, he still didn’t reject you or push you away. It should have sent alarm bells off, it should have reminded you of just how obsessed he was with you that he simply didn’t see any flaws in you or was willing to put them all aside.
It would have freaked you out a few weeks ago, but a few weeks ago you had also sworn your best friend was someone you could confide in and someone you would never stop loving.
Look at where you were now.
“But your university administrators won’t believe you, there’s proof of you submitting the essay online,” Jungkook added lowly, holding up the letter as he explained the horrible reality to you.
His words are like a slap in the face, pulling and drowning you beneath the surface. You stare at him, wide-eyed with sheer terror.
“I need your help,” You whisper, hating to admit it but you were left with little to no choices. Everything was being ripped away from you.
“ Your mom’s a lawyer, right? Maybe she can help me?”
As soon as you say it, you want to take it back. What if Jungkook refused? After all, you had practically yelled at him to leave you alone and now you were crawling back to him, asking for his parent’s help? Guilt filled you, he didn’t deserve any of your guilt but yet the feeling took over you completely.
Jungkook was quiet, seemingly taking in your cry for help and you couldn’t escape his gaze this time.
“I-I know what I said but I’m sorry,” You explain further, swallowing down your dignity and any ounce of self-respect you had left. “I really need your help, please. I have nobody else right now.”
His silence was killing you, the way he seemed to be studying you deeply was nerve wrecking. All you knew was that you couldn’t let him deny you, not now.
You close the space between you two, fingers gripping the front of his shirt as you practically beg him to do the impossible and somehow fix this. If any one of the neighboring doors in the hall opened, they would be in for such a pathetic scene. You looked and sounded like some clingy ex-girlfriend that was desperate to be taken back.
And in a way, you kinda felt like one.
“Please, please I can’t go back home to my parents. It would be a disaster.” Your lips tremble, your mind already envisioning the disappointing scenario.
Jungkook’s eyes close in on your hands tightened on his shirt, the vision causing deja vu as you’re reminded of the exact same position you were in that day in the car with him, threatening you with telling Eunji of the kiss he had given you.
His thumb comes to caress your cheek while the other holds the back of your head, bringing you closer to him. You don’t miss the way the tiniest bit of a smile tugs at his lips but you choose to ignore it as he holds you against him.
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cxssiopeia-major · 2 days ago
How would the acolytes react to reader having a mental breakdown when they are told that they can’t go back to their family?
They are sad and angry and maybe they end up punching someone out of rage.
Tumblr media
This is your home now Warnings: yandere content, violence, attempted unalive Notes: We’re in the roll today in the ask box because tomorrow is the last free day before defense. Ugh. Requests are open! ( I should probably make a separate post about this) Masterlist
“What do you mean I can’t go home anymore?!” 
Your shouted echoed inside Jade Chamber where nation leaders and archons gathered. It wasn’t a long time ago that you found yourself in another world. Your case you are inside Genshin, one of the games that you spend time playing on. You thought that it wasn’t bad going to another world as an experience until things become too weird. 
Characters would not leave you alone, calling you their creator or their god. Nations are fighting over your custody and even the abyss emerged from their lair just to have the rights to take you with them. “You can’t go home anymore. Teyvat is your home”, one of the characters that you love calmly explained, their eyes fixated on your home. 
“No, this is not my home”, you insisted. Teyvat is not your home, it is only a place where the game was set in. You need to go home. You have studies to do. You have friends waiting for you. You still have a lot of things to do. 
Seeing you frozen in place, Venti went down from his floating seat and gently held your hand. “You grace look around, Teyvat is your home. Look how it flourished when you first came down. It recognized you.” Venti innocently looked at you but the glint in his eyes held a different thing. “Unhand me”, you said. 
“Your grace?” 
“Unhand me.”
“But your-”
“I said let me go!” You pushed Venti off and jumped down the staircase of the Jade Chamber. Alarmed, Ningguang called out from behind. “Don’t let them run! Jade Chamber height is dangerous!” You slammed the doors of the Jade Chamber open, pushing the Milileths that tried to hold you down. 
“You need to behave your grace. This is for your own good”, Enjou said as he hold you by your waist. You have nowhere to run, behind you were the characters with their visions all glowing, ready to make moves if you ever do something, next to you were the Milileths stationed in Jade Chamber, and on the roof were the adeptis and even Cloud Retainer is there. “Then I’ll find my way.” Before Enjou can even reply, you elbow him at the chest giving you enough time to push him and run off. “Like I said I want to go home!” You give them a smile out of anger and a peace sign (Barbara’s pose) before jumping off Jade Chamber. 
You stirred awake and felt the softness of the bed, your eyes still threatening to not open and lure you back to sleep. Wait… You opened your eyes and found an open lamp illuminating the whole room. Not far from you, sharp blue eyes pierced through the darkness. “Hello, your grace.” Dainsleif stood from his position and walked towards your form. It looks like Teyvat itself doesn’t want to let you go. 
Tumblr media
Taglist: @chihawari
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bbyatsumu · 2 days ago
DEVOTION ─ college football player!jean.
Tumblr media
001. c/w: smut (mdni), f!reader, jealousy, overprotectiveness, slight possessiveness, mentions of armin x reader, armin is kinda mean, unprotected sex, best friends to lovers, reader is oblivious, mentions of purity rings, love confessions, mentions of a breakup, mentions of a slightly manipulative armin, mention of threats
002. w/c: 1.5k | thank you for requesting this anon! I didn’t know what direction you wanted me to take this in, so I hope this is okay! I’m not comfy writing threesomes, which is why I didn’t take it in that direction, but  I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)
this can be read as a continuation to college football player!armin | college football player!eren
Tumblr media
college football player!jean who’s been your best friend for years - and who’s also been in love with you for said years. he can’t help it, and honestly, who can blame him? you’d been attached at the hip ever since your awkward middle school years, and pretty much everyone could see just how deeply jean was in love with you. jean has known you since forever, and he can’t imagine his life without you.
college football player!jean whose entire life has revolved around you. he cherishes all of your memories together, but he can’t pinpoint his favorite - perhaps it was when you were in middle school, pretending to have a fake wedding one rainy weekend. perhaps it was when you gave him your first kiss, on the night of the senior prom. it was an unspoken thing that you two would be attending together, and jean couldn’t help the overwhelming rush of feelings he felt at seeing you in a gorgeous gown. 
college football player!jean who realized he was in love with you the night you both got accepted into paradis university, celebrating after jean received a football scholarship. that night, you were both high off emotions, giddy at the realization that you’d be spending four more years together, and jean couldn’t help but wear a bit of his heart on his sleeve. “when we’re older, if we haven’t met anyone, let’s get married,” he said, but his nerves overtook him when he saw the shocked expression on your face. so, he smoothly let out a loud laugh, trying to hide his brief hurt behind a joking smile. “when we’re like, thirty, duh. besides, who else would put up with you?” and, thankfully, this earned him one of your sweet laughs, giggling in return as you nudged his shoulder playfully.
college football player!jean who was hesitant to bring you around his football team; they were a group of flirty, hormonal young adults, and he knew that one look at sweet, innocent you would have their heads spinning and dicks twitching. but you were a force of nature - jean knew this. so he could hardly hold you back when you were so insistent on meeting him after practices, or running onto the field after he won a game, throwing yourself in his arms in a tight embrace. and despite his original hesitancies, he had to admit that it felt good to have you in his arms, swinging you around after the last playoff game of the season. your loud, excited squeals were like music to his ears, and all he could do was hold you tightly to him, pretending that you were his for just a moment.
college football player!jean who’s been protective over you for years, so of course he noticed when his teammate - armin arlert - locked his sights on you. he could feel his gaze from across the field, interest swimming in his eyes as jean continued spinning you around. he wanted to ignore it - to just focus on you, how euphoric he felt in the moment, and how good it felt to have you in his embrace. but he couldn’t ignore the obvious. armin arlert was curious, and that was never a good thing. 
college football player!jean who didn’t notice when armin pulled you away from the party - he was too busy drinking with his other teammates, and didn’t even know armin was in attendance. he was cautious of armin, of course - especially when he found out about his piqued interest in you. but he didn’t think that anything would actually happen because of said piqued interest. so imagine his surprise when he saw you both emerge from a previously locked room, clasping hands with a lovesick smile on your face.
college football player!jean who noticed you no longer wore your purity ring. instead, he noticed you expectantly looking at your phone during lunch, a smile tugging your lips when a certain notification dinged on the screen. he noticed how his gaze wasn’t the first you sought after practices, and even though you still hugged him, jean noticed how armin’s gaze would linger.
college football player!jean who was overcome with jealousy and overprotectiveness, especially after seeing a certain ring dangling from a certain blonde’s necklace. all jean wanted to do was protect you - he hated seeing how you got caught in armin’s honeyed words. but, there really wasn’t anything he could do, was there? 
college football player!jean who found you one day, pressed up against the locker room’s walls, shirt pushed up and tits spilling out, moaning around armin arlert’s cock as he mumbled the lewdest things into your ear. jean hadn’t meant to catch you - of course not. and he couldn’t help the way he thought you sounded so beautiful moaning like that, and how badly he wished it was his cock you were gushing around. In an attempt to tamp down these overwhelming feelings, the rage he felt towards armin, he left, returning to the field to try to work on his stretches. however, the overprotectiveness and jealousy flared inside him again after seeing armin smirk at him when he led you out of the locker room. but, really - what more could he do?
college football player!jean who, finally, one day had enough. you were trying to study together, but he could tell you were distracted. you could hardly focus on anything, not even his cheesy jokes that always had you grinning at him. it wasn’t until you shot him a sad smile, merely uttering “we’re over,” that jean finally knew what you were referring to. again, he knew it was bad to feel joy at your words. he knew it was bad to feel triumphant. just like he knew it was bad to have finally threatened armin, cornering him after practice one day and ripping that damned necklace off. jean knew it was bad, but he couldn’t help but bring you into his arms that night.
college football player!jean who knew it was a bad idea to kiss you, but he really couldn’t help it when you looked up at him, pleading for him to help you feel better. he felt the restraint inside of him crumble as soon as you gave him that sweet look, and jean knew that he had to have you. 
college football player!jean who held you tenderly, gently, making love to you in the sweetest way he knew how. he cradled your body against his, comforting you and cooing words of praises against you. “you’re doing so good baby.” “god, you feel so good around me - i’ve been wanting this forever.” “this was how it was always supposed to be.”
college football player!jean who kissed you affectionately, pouring all of his emotions into the kiss that he was too afraid to say out loud. he simply held you, caging your smaller body with his much larger one as he pressed home inside you, adoring the way you moaned his name. you felt heavenly around his cock, and he couldn’t help the way his hips stuttered, his head coming to hide in the crook of his neck as he let a spew of expletives fall past his lips. the way your arms held tightly onto his broad back as he started grinding his hips was addicting, and jean felt like the room was spinning when you pulled him closer to you. jean could feel how you were clamping down on him, your tight pussy clenching around his thick cock as he loosely circled his hips. he let his fingers trail down to play with your pretty clit, drinking in your moans as he continued slowly and gently making love to you.
college football player!jean who couldn’t hold back when you started cumming around his cock, moaning your name as his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. it was overwhelming, feeling how you tightened around him and crushed his fat tip deep inside you. while his thrusts were slow, they were powerful, grinding inside you until the fat head of his cock was continuously nudging against the cushy spot that had you seeing stars. all he could do was hold you, pressing your naked body against his sweaty and toned chest, murmuring sweet confessions into your ear. “I love you, I love you. I’ve always loved you,” he whispered, pressing his lips to your ear as he came deep inside you. 
college football player!jean who swore he died and went to heaven when you tightened your arms around him, pulling him in for another deep kiss while he was still nestled deep inside you. he swore he saw stars when you similarly whispered against his lips, albeit a bit more shyly, “I love you too, jean. I always have,” and all he could do was hold you in his arms, a soft smile overcoming his lips as he kissed you over and over again.
college football player!jean who was now able to hold you in his arms whenever he liked, kiss you whenever he liked, and finally call you his.
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finelinevogue · 3 hours ago
what about y/n and harry picking out clothes for the baby? i feel like that would be so so adorable!!
ohhh for sure!! okay so they’d be in gucci….
January 2nd 2023
“Bub this is far too expensive.”
You were stressed that you had no clothes for your fast approaching baby and Harry had decided to take the day off to go shopping with you. Turns out he didn’t mean Primark though, he meant Gucci.
Your pregnant waddle was getting more obvious as you reached the 8 month mark of your pregnancy. Your baby girl was getting heavier now and you couldn’t wait to finally meet her, and not just because it would stop her from breaking your back.
“How much is it?” Harry asked, standing nearby looking at shoes whilst you were holding a jumper he’d just picked up.
“You didn’t even look at the price before handing it to me?”
“Don’t need to. Don’t care how much it is. As long as m’girl looks adorable, she can have whatever.”
You rolled your eyes and tucked the label back into the jumper. It was cute. It was a lemon yellow colour with brown ducks walking across it. Harry loved it because it matched the brown cardigan with yellow ducks on it, that he owned.
“But H, she’ll wear this for one week and then she’ll be too big.” You groaned, not finding a valid reason to justify spending this much money on a tiny amount of material.
“But she’ll look great.” Harry argued, raising his eyebrows and smiling like that was going to instantly change your mind.
“But it’s the same price as a family holiday to Greece.”
“But she’ll look great.” Harry stepped closer towards you.
“But she’ll wear it once.”
“But she’ll look great.” Harry stopped in front of you and held onto your shoulders. You took a deep breathe, his touch relaxing your anxiety over baby clothes shopping away. “Simple question, do you like the jumper? Yes or no?”
Harry took the jumper from you and put it into the little basket that you were pushing around. You laughed at how careless he had just been to the priceless jumper, but carried on anyways knowing that your baby girl was going to be the most loved girl in the whole world.
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robininthelabyrinth · 2 days ago
Jiang Yanli/one of the Nie brothers - your choice! Post war letter writing - a long distance slow burn type thing through letters? It would be especially lovely if they somehow save the day that way.
Untamed verse
You’d better not marry him!
Jiang Yanli did her best not to giggle when she saw the note in the mirror sitting on her dresser. It was a hand-held mirror, dusty and banged up – most people who saw it thought it was some treasured sentimental memento that she’d rescued from the Lotus Pier, probably because that was the only reason they could conceive of a lady of her status possessing something so poorly made. In fact, it was the most valuable thing that she owned, and it wasn’t even originally hers: Nie Huaisang had pressed it into her hands with a grin while she’d been staying at Qinghe during the war, claiming that he desperately needed her to keep him informed of everything that was happening while he was away in the Cloud Recesses.
She hadn’t understood what he meant until she’d looked at it again that evening and seen words shining in the mirror, at which point she’d abruptly been completely aghast – communication mirrors like that were sect treasures, utterly priceless. The technique for making them had long ago been lost, and most of them were bloodline-bound or, at utmost, used for married or engaged couples that had endure lengthy separation; she couldn’t even imagine giving something like that away to someone outside the sect that owned it. She’d written to Nie Huaisang at once with her protests, and he hadn’t listened to a single one of them, insisting that it was his inheritance that he could distribute it to anyone he pleased, and anyway that if she felt so strongly about it she could give it back to him on the event of his marriage. Or hers, if she preferred.
Jiang Yanli had eventually given in to his pestering – by the time she’d figured out its use, Nie Huaisang was long gone, and she really didn’t want to get him in trouble by revealing what he’d done – and they’d kept up a correspondence ever since. During the war it hadn’t been all that much, mostly updates on how the people around them were doing, but after, when it was done, Nie Huaisang’s liveliness had started making a comeback with a vengeance: he had opinions on people, lots of them, and he was a positive fountain of gossip. Really funny gossip, too.
Well maybe you should have warned me that Sect Leader Jin was going to make that sort of proposal, she wrote back, tracing the brush straight onto the mirror without any ink – the words were formed in the faint condensation that always seemed to cling to it, and sank into the mirror, vanishing without a trace.
If I’d known about it, I would have! You can’t hold that against me! Anyway you can’t possibly marry Jin Zixuan, he was a complete ass to you.
Jiang Yanli smiled. She knew how blessed she was, to have brothers and friends whose first thought was always her happiness and never the political situation.
Maybe he’s gotten better.
Jiang-jiejie! You can’t!
There are certain undeniable advantages to it, Jiang Yanli wrote, feeling a little wry and regretful. She’d never allowed herself to be a romantic, not even when she’d been younger – too aware of how ordinary she was, too aware of her position, her responsibility to her parents and her sect…it was all the more critical now, no matter what brave words her beloved Jiang Cheng said both in public and to her in private. Just because he didn’t want to have to trade her away for benefits, using her life to solidify an alliance with a bond that couldn’t be shaken as easily as the words on a page, didn’t mean that it might not make the most sense to do it.
Jiejie! Nie Huaisang wrote back, somehow managing to convey a great deal of emotion in very few characters.
Don’t jiejie me, she wrote, scolding lightly. You know it’s true. The Jin sect has money, stability and power, and my Jiang sect currently lacks all of those things.
But -
And it’s not as if it would be a tragedy to marry Jin Zixuan; I’ve only spent my entire life preparing to do it. I liked him rather a lot when we were younger…you might not remember, back in the Cloud Recesses, but I really did, I was very genuine. It wouldn’t be that hard to dig those feelings back out again.
Though…perhaps she might only admit it to Nie Huaisang, but it would have to be an affirmative effort to do so, if she did.
It was hard to maintain liking in the face of such consistent rejection – first in the Cloud Recesses, then later, again and again…Jin Zixuan had matured more during the war, and he’d been nothing but polite during the times when he’d escorted her to and fro through the dangerous paths, from battlefield to safety. But then there’d been the incident with the soup and it was all happening over again…It was painfully clear that even after years and years, Jin Zixuan still didn’t care to know her enough to know that she would never behave in such a manner. Even if he regretted what he’d done, if he by some miracle he liked her now, it was more than a little insulting.
But if Jiang Yanli’s pride, inherited from her mother, was deeply stung, then her practicality, inherited from her father, still ruled over her heart. If the best move for the Jiang sect was for her to marry Jin Zixuan, and it might very well be, then she would continue her tentatively started acquaintanceship with Madame Jin. She would accept all future invitations to be pushed together with Jin Zixuan against her will, and while she wouldn’t bend her neck to beg for his attention, if he finally showed interest…well…
Like she said, it wouldn’t be that hard to resurrect her former interest in him.
Jiang Yanli was a practical girl, friendly and easy-going. No matter the circumstances, she could find a way to be happy.
The Jin sect isn’t the only sect with money, power, and stability, Nie Huaisang wrote. You’re selling yourself short! Just because you can be happy with him doesn’t mean that’s the happiest you could be.
Happiness is a state of mind, Jiang Yanli wrote back to him, smiling a little – younger brothers never understood the nature of sacrifice the way oldest daughters did, and that was a good thing. And I really don’t have as many options as you might think. My Jiang sect is a Great Sect, and has to be mindful of its dignity; I can’t just marry some rogue cultivator or sect no one has heard of. And even the larger small sects…now that the Jin have expressed an interest, there won’t be many who would be willing to cross them in order to have me.
It was the simple truth of it. That was why Jin Guangshan had made the announcement public – even though she’d demurred and put him off, he’d known he was boxing her in, cutting off her options.
Then get someone whose influence outweighs theirs!
Jiang Yanli actually laughed out loud. Jiang Cheng had said something similar when she’d pointed out the situation they were in, refusing to acknowledge reality, rejecting it as if things could be different if only he willed it strongly enough. He’d done the impossible with resurrecting their sect, so he’d assumed the same would be true for her marriage. Sadly, things were never so easy as that.
That leaves me with the Lan and the Nie, she wrote, smiling. The Lan are notoriously picky. Are you making me an offer?
Nothing on the mirror.
She realized belatedly that he might not realize that she was joking, and lifted her brush to clarify, but before she could, the mirror shimmered again –
Jiang Yanli blinked. Before she could say anything, the mirror was suddenly fully of words.
I don’t see why I can’t! You’re the nicest girl I’ve ever met, and even if you’re a weak cultivator in Jin Zixuan’s eyes, you’re still stronger than I am – anyway, no one in my sect will care about something like that. My brother’s always wanted me to marry someone who I liked, who’ll make me happy; I don’t see why I can’t be happy with you, and you can be happy with me. Certainly happier, and more genuinely, than you’d be with Jin Zixuan, at least until he grows up a little…even if you don’t actually want me, I’d be more than happy to pretend for a while, let him learn to fight for you. Just think about it!
Jiang Yanli stared at the mirror as Nie Huaisang rambled on, alternating between trying to convince her to marry him and trying to convince her to at least become engaged with him in some wild scheme to piss off the Jin sect and convince Jin Zixuan that if he wanted to make a move for her, he had to get off his ass and do it – accordingly to Nie Huaisang, the biggest problem Jin Zixuan had was that things came too easily to him, everything he wanted being given to him by his parents, never having to work for anything, no effort meaning no satisfaction with the result…
All right, Jiang Yanli wrote, and the words suddenly stopped. Let’s get engaged. We can work out how the rest will go after that, all right?
She waited for his response with her heart in her mouth. If he’d only been joking…
I’ll talk to my brother, Nie Huaisang wrote back immediately. Tonight. You just keep on refusing that arrogant jerk for now, all right? We’ll come talk to you soon, just you wait.
Jiang Yanli found herself smiling again, except instead of the faint, resigned smile she’d gotten used to, it was a real one. It was nice to be asked, nice to be wanted. Even if it did end up being a sham in the end, and Jin Zixuan did somehow pull off a caper to win her heart back after all this time, it would be…
It would be fun.
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njisano · 2 days ago
bungou stray dogs x gojo! reader
masterlist of infinity
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╰➤ CW(s): possible spoilers for bungou stray dogs, mentions of gojo satoru's cursed technique, mentions of violence, fight scene references gojo's fight against sukuna and jogo respectively, jujutsu sorcerers via mentions of elders, family and conservatives are also referenced
╰➤ PAIRING(s): mostly dazai x reader & chuuya x reader
╰➤ WORD COUNT: 3,612
hello there, kindly view the masterlist of infinity in order to get a sypnosis of what this bungou stray dogs x jujutsu kaisen crossover of sorts is all about! likes, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated, enjoy reading :) ♡
Tumblr media
"mori-san? you called?"
the orange-haired individual entered the wooden doors of the ever so familiar room that was illuminated by the light outside of the glass pane. every time he entered this room, nakahara chuuya found himself recalling the very first time he was brought here at the age of fifteen. it takes him back to when he and port mafia were after arahabaki, only to find out that the god of chaos had merged with him, presumably at the age of seven. it brings him good and bad memories at the same time. he had found a place to belong, yet he had lost people along the way.
"i have an investigation for you."
chuuya sauntered towards mori ogai who was seated promptly in his velvet cushioned chair, holding a brown envelope. he took it without another word and opened it to find several documents, leading chuuya's brows to furrow together with interest and confusion, urging his boss to continue. the document chuuya held in his hands contained pictures and classified information all over japan.
"have you heard about sugawara michizane before, chuuya-kun?" mori quipped.
"no, i haven't." chuuya shook his head, his eyes skimming that was written all over the papers.
"sugawara michizane is considered to be one of the three most vengeful spirits here in japan. you could even say he is a god, just like arahabaki. he is considered a big shot in the japanese government. however, his whereabouts are unclear." mori continued, clasping his white-gloved hands together as his eyes darkened. "some of the documents you have are from rimbaud's. it appears that he, too, had been meaning to find and subsume sugawara michizane, not just arahabaki, in the past."
"are you saying sugawara michizane is alive?" chuuya's blue eyes widened.
mori shook his head, softly chuckling. "we don't know, not even the government does. check the fifth page for me, chuuya-kun."
chuuya nodded and skimmed over the front pages to locate the fifth as told by mori before he continued, "an ability user is rumored to be a descendant of sugawara michizane and they are said to be here in yokohama. however, we have lost our lead on that because of her."
the woman in the stolen pictures together with the documents appeared to have [color] hair with her eyes covered by a pair of black round glasses, making the color of her eyes unclear; she was always dressed in expensive brand name clothes that chuuya recognized due to his taste in clothes. the port mafia executive also took note of how the woman's stolen shots were taken in museums, cafés, and libraries in the city.
"she ambushed one of our groups the other day, stealing classified information from us, documents particularly about sugawara michizane and the said descendant. the documents you have on you are the only ones left." mori explained, further, eyes darkening.
"i highly suspect that woman knows something."
Tumblr media
meanwhile, a reddish-brown brick building near yokohama's port housed gifted detectives rather than notorious mafiosos, who gathered in the fourth floor office;
"what a breathtaking woman! she looks so cool! do you think she'd be willing to commit a double suicide wit—OW!"
"focus on the meeting, idiot! do not interrupt the president!"
the weretiger let out a sigh as he and his fellow detectives watched kunikida strangle dazai with his bare hands after interrupting with his side comment. similarly to port mafia, the armed detective agency learned of the existence of sugawara michizane's descendant in yokohama from the special division for unusual powers, thanks to sakaguchi ango. the matchless poet user was discussing crucial information that the special division had from how the said breathtaking woman projected in the meeting room has something to do with sugawara michizane, including the descendant, due to reports of her infiltrating and ambushing organizations and such, including the mafia.
atsushi found himself thinking about the woman in question. it was incredible, almost terrifying, how she had accomplished so much in such a short period of time. no ordinary person could do that on their own. she was unquestionably a force to be reckoned with.
she may appear to be a simple woman who enjoys fashion, food, and art; the weretiger could tell there was something sinister about her, right behind the mask she wears, but atsushi was no ranpo-kun or dazai-kun to confirm that completely, especially given how little information they had about her. she, too, was skilled at hiding her identity and concealing her records.
‘could she have predicted this already by now as well?’ atsushi pondered.
"ugh, alright, alright." a huff escaped dazai’s lips as he raised his hands in defeat, interrupting the weretiger’s train of thoughts.
kunikida breathed a sigh of relief and released dazai's neck from his grip before clearing his throat and adjusting his tie. he strolled back next to fukuzawa, who was standing right next to the projected screen, allowing the boss of the armed detective agency, to resume his work. "as i previously stated, we will conduct a thorough investigation into this woman. we don't have a background on her because she has no records, but we've seen what she's capable of. everyone, proceed with caution."
with that, dazai, atsushi, kyouka, yosano, ranpo, junichiro, naomi, and kenji rose from their seats in unison, nodding curtly but understandingly to fukuzawa.
Tumblr media
"well, this just made my life more interesting."
after a long day, you found yourself relaxing at another cafe. you were craving sweets as you rightfully retrieved classified information worth huge amounts of money and apart from that, you've gained a couple more people after your tail, so how could you possibly not? you had a sweet tooth, other priorities besides these documents, and you deserved a reward or two as a pat on the back. you leaned back in your seat and flipped through the papers, scoffing bitterly at the thought of them getting involved in business. you didn't think those people could do any of these things.
one thing was certain: they all had wits.
you're originally from tokyo, but through your connections and espionage, you've learned about the people here in yokohama, particularly how the gifteds in this city were something special. you've also heard and read about three important organizations in yokohama, namely the military police and special division for unusual powers led by taneda santoka, the port mafia led by mori ogai, and the armed detective agency led by fukuzawa yukichi. as you know, they each rule the day, night, and evening as part of a tripartite framework created by a man named soseki natsume. you did your thorough research before coming here, so as to not come here empty-handed.
honestly, it almost made you jealous. the way tokyo was governed in comparison to yokohama was incomparable, resulting in your dislike and cruel attitude towards the elders. if only they had focused on maintaining peace and order rather than conserving traditions, then maybe you could have learned how to love your own city. 
you ran your fingers through your hair, pressing the bundled papers against your face and inhaling deeply. you despised them; the thought of them attempting to affiliate or manipulate you by having you marry someone from one of the larger families for power and blood rather than love was revolting. it was awful to be the only one blessed with it, but it was far preferable to it falling into the wrong hands.
you shook your head and shoved the papers into the inner pockets of your high-neck jacket before reaching for the mug of coffee in front of you to take a sip and take your mind off it. "still, they don’t compare to me at all."
"really now?"
at that moment, your lips curved into a smile. you have already been found. you lifted your head and pushed your round black glasses closer to your nose as you faced a young man your age sitting on the opposite side of the table, dressed in a white button-up shirt under a dark red vest, a black choker, a black ribbon bolo tie held together with a small silver buckle, an open black cropped jacket with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows, black slacks, a black belt hanging off his right hip, and black low-arch shoes.
you watched him pushing the black hat further with his black-gloved hands, giving you a good view of his face, especially his dark-blue eyes, which were nothing compared to your eyes behind your sunglasses.
"you know, it's rude to stare, but i don't mind the attention," you said as you sipped the last of your coffee before setting it down on your table's wooden hard surface. "you know, i'm impressed. i should thank you all for finding me, but i won't."
"eh?" a baffled expression broke through his face.
"i might have these glasses, but that doesn't mean I'm blind," you shrugged. "the port mafia is quite predictable; even little ol' me can see how you've surrounded the entire cafe. besides, i don't want to boost your ego."
"tch, well aren’t you quite the talker lady.” a smirk graced his lips.
you may not look like the person he knew, but your demeanor was uncannily similar to his. chuuya might have said something else if it hadn't been for your lovely mouth. even with your black sunglasses covering your eyes, you were stunning the closer he got to your face. your high-neck zip-up jacket, paired with a black miniskirt, stockings, and thigh-high heeled boots, made you look like a celebrity.
you bit back, “of course, i wouldn’t want my tongue to go dry.”
“sadly, you’re just wasting your spit.” a frown faltered on chuuya’s face, but you could see a glint of agitation in his eyes. “hand over the documents you stole from the mafia and come with us or else.”
"oh, my! here i thought you were a gentleman." laughter erupted from your throat, causing a puzzled expression to cross his features. "yeah, that's going to be a no. the papers your little gang has don't belong to you or anyone else in yokohama. to be fair, i'm only taking what's mine."
“you’re running on thin ice, lady. alright, then. i’ll be nice. i’m not one to assault a pretty lady. what do you know about sugawara michizane? what's your connection to him and his descendant?” he continued, trembling gloved hands beginning to tremble. as a bright red glow surrounded his frame, his sense of restraint began to wane.
“you? a mafia executive interrogating me? get out of here, detective-wannabe. i ain’t spilling anything. you’re gonna have to try a little harder than that.” you stood up from your seat, shoving your hands into the pockets of your jacket.
“and i’m not running on thin ice, i’m dancing on it actually.”
and that’s when a nerve snapped. 
the appearance of smoke followed by an explosion was enough to send the city, including the mafioso outside, into a frenzy. the armed detective agency rushed into the scene as soon as they heard the news. the entire cafe was a shambles, with debris and soot strewn about. as the weretiger swatted away and coughed up the dust in the air, his eyes widened in surprise, as did those of dazai, kunikida, and kyouka. there you were, the woman they were looking into, sitting casually on nakahara chuuya's back, your legs crossed over the other, him crouched on the ground, hands flat against the floor.
when you noticed the armed detective agency staring at you, you found yourself chuckling softly.
"she's sitting on top of a port mafia executive." kyouka's lips quivered.
"like it's nothing." atsushi swallowed heavily as he continued the young teenager's sentence.
chuuya spun around with an agitated scoff to swing at you with his sharp movements augmented by gravity and density, but you instantly vanished into thin air and reappeared behind his back at blinding speed, dodging each hit with grace.
"the armed detective agency is watching, so i'm going to have to show off a little," you said, pressing your back against the back of his arm as you found yourself standing behind him and leaned against him before facing his ear.
"you little piece of sh—the port mafia executive proceeded to send a flurry of sharp attacks towards you, raining hell on you, but you easily maneuvered each of his hits cleanly, that was until his subordinates began to shoot bullets at you in order to assist him after regaining composure. just as chuuya was about to land a gravity boosted roundhouse at your face with bullets centimeters away from you, it simply remained halted in mid-air.
"what the?" kunikida's eyes shrunk. "that ability user can stop time?"
"no, look closely." dazai furrowed his brows, an intrigued smile gracing his lips.
"a force field?" was all chuuya could manage before being repelled by an unseen force alongside bullets.
you appeared to be floating in mid-air as you stood with your hand on your hip. your feet were no longer touching the ground. chuuya immediately stood up and lunged towards you, sending larger pieces of the ground towards you, resulting in another collision and the emergence of smoke, but just like before, as everything cleared out, he was halted, just as he was about to reach you and the pieces of debris had deteriorated.
"can't you even learn? ugh, this smoke." you waved your hand in the air.
"what's the meaning of this?" chuuya sputtered out, completely infuriated at this point. "i hit you! why can't i..."
"no, you didn't hit me; you simply touched the infinity that exists between you and me," you explained casually, shrugging your shoulders and pointing to the unseen force that existed between chuuya's red glowing fist and you. "see, you're not completely stopped, but the closer you get, the slower you go."
you flung the orange-haired boy away from you, towards his own subordinates, before turning your head behind your back to see a young man with mildly wavy, short, dark brown hair and narrow dark brown eyes, wearing a long sand-colored trench coat, accompanied by three more people behind him.
"oi, chuuya-kun! how long are you gonna take? need a hand?~" you watched as he yelled at the orange-haired person you had just attacked.
"idiot! shut up! i don't need your help!" chuuya spat out rather bitterly in response.
"yo, did you guys enjoy the show?" you snickered as you casually raised your hand and waved at them as if you were addressing a couple of close friends.
"i did, belladonna~ it's nice to see get his ass beaten every once in a while!" with stars in his eyes, the brunet known as dazai exclaimed, clasping his hands together.
"EXCUSE ME?!" you heard chuuya shout from a distance in the background.
"enough with the nonsense!" kunikida exclaimed, sighing at the idiots before sauntering over to you. "miss, i’m afraid you'll have to accompany us; you're being investigated by the armed detective agency."
"eh? i'm only getting what belongs to me." you tipped your head at him.
"you ambushed and infiltrated several organizations that hold classified information, such as the military police, special division for unusual powers, port mafia, and other underground criminal organizations in yokohama," kunikida continued.
"in my defense, your honor, those classified information do not belong here. yokohama needs to stop looking into tenman-tenjin." you folded your arms across your chest, "but, if you so desperately want them back, i dare you to come and get them from me yourself." you grinned.
"that we shall, belladonna." dazai replied darkly to your challenge.
you vanished from their sight at that moment, dashing away at breakneck speed, leaving them stunned. your speed was comparable to that of atsushi's beast beneath the moonlight form.
“atsushi! kyouka!” kunikida called out for the white-haired boy and twin pigtailed girl, to which they leapt in unison.
looking over your shoulder, you noticed the white-haired boy from earlier, who had the appearance of a tiger, as well as a female sword-wielding phantom on your tail. you came to a halt, a sinister smile on your lips, as they approached, only to collide with another infinity you had set up. with that, you lunged back at them, seizing the weretiger's neck and striking him down before conjuring a ball of luminous red orb with your finger tip.
"limitless: reversal red" you said just as the compressed ball of reversed infinity repelled both the weretiger and the sword-wielding phantom, unleashing an immense explosive force powerful enough to dematerialize the phantom and turn the entire street into debris.
as the smoke cleared, you noticed gravity manipulator flinging himself at you once more. you shook your head as you dodged another flurry of his attacks before reaching out a hand, index and middle fingers pointing directly at him as you opened your palm and aligned your other hand across.
"don't you realize you can't stop me?"
"but he can stop you."
chuuya returned your smile as you conjured another luminous orb that was a mix of infinite red and blue. as you yelled, "limitless: hollowed purple!" he flung himself backwards.
your ability, which was supposed to erase everything in its path as a result of the fictitious mass, instantly dissipated as it hit its target, causing you to widen your eyes. the same brunet who calls you belladonna was standing there with the gravity manipulator. you felt a horrible shiver run down your spine for the first time as you heard the sound of breaking glass in your ears, and it wasn't just glass. your ego shattered like a broken mirror.
that cannot be. that isn’t possible.
there are no exceptions to your limitless ability.
did you maybe ran out of stamina?
your footing stumbled as you staggered an attack towards him, as you were too preoccupied with your thoughts. your agility had significantly decreased. your stomach began to churn. something was wrong with this boy, and you wished you weren't right about him, but as you extended your hand to use your ability against him at close range, a single touch of his hand had worsened it. all of your power had been stripped from you in an instant.
just like that, the untouchable had become touchable.
you weren't given a chance to react, as much as you wanted to admire the warmth of his hand that had touched yours, crossing the infinity between you and him. gravity was able to make direct contact with you and immediately sent you flying backwards. that was extremely personal. without your limitless ability, the port mafia executive's ability was exceptional. you were thrown so hard that you collided with a building that had been reduced to rubble, and as a result, your disguise had faltered; the [color] wig you were wearing had flown away, and your round black sunglasses had broken in half, with the lens shattered.
"damnit, those were my favorite ray-bans," you scoffed, pulling your feet up to stand and painfully stroking your back.
"so that's why you were stealing all of yokohama's information on sugawara michizane. it all makes perfect sense now," you lifted your head forward, spitting blood, to see the man who had nullified your ability as if it were nothing.
"you are not a spy, hired assassin, or anything of the sort. you are the descendant of sugawara michizane. the honored one throughout heaven and earth. you've come here to remove all evidences of your connection with him, but there's one thing you can't hide or even get rid of. the six eyes and limitless you inherited as a blessing from your ancestor.”
dazai's dark-brown eyes scrutinized you from head to toe, from the white locks of hair that reminded them of snow that flew with the breeze in the wind in the atmosphere to your aquamarine eyes that held the heavens above in them, grazing on your very human soul. he has heard about you before, just like everyone else. your family was known for possessing powerful gifteds, and today, dazai has confirmed your connection to the god of the sky. your possession of sugwara michizane’s six eyes and commitment to take those evidences from them says it all.
"you’re gojo [name], the limitless user everyone feared."
you scoffingly bit your lower lip. he not only had the ability to ruin your ability with a single touch, he could see more through you than your six eyes could. those eyes of his were just as perceptive and analytical as a high resolution camera. above all, you were overly impressed. you should have never doubted the gifted people who live in yokohama. no one had ever been able to break you like this before. you were too impressed to let your frustration and shattered ego get the best of you, or perhaps you were really just a masochist in the first place, but one thing’s for sure.
"what is your name?"
you weren’t going to forget him or any of this.
"dazai osamu"
the man who ruined you with a single touch.
"my ability, no longer human, allows me to nullify any ability."
however, as much as it irritated you, his ability, namely, no longer human, ironically reminded you that you were only human, and that you were not always the inheritor of the six eyes or the limitless user. 
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onsunnyside · 2 days ago
Bambi on the brain I’m just thinking of her trying to make Steve jealous (idk what he did but she got jealous or upset) but Bambi being Bambi is just really bad at it and goes up to Bruce or some agent right in front of Steve and laughs way too loud saying”oh you’re so funny more funny than Stevie.” Then turns to Steve to say “ did you hear Steve” I think more funny
omg yes !! I love this !!
“Did you hear, Stevie? Isn’t he so funny?”
“Yes he is and yes I did, Bambi. Now, do you want potato salad or not?” Steve munches on a cracker and holds two plates in one hand. “Or, do you want more macaroni?”
You pout at him, pulling your hand away from the agent’s arm. “Sorry, must go.” You walk back to the buffet table, twiddling your thumbs. “Hi?” 
“Hi, do you want potato salad or macaroni?”
You narrow your eyes, “Both please.” The agent was handsome, but Steve was Steve… and he always had your heart. “Is Stevie upset?”
“Why would I be upset? It’s a beautiful day and we’re having a relaxing lunch with our friends.” He shoves a cracker in your mouth, patting your cheek. “Why don’t you go get us some seats, yeah? I’ll grab us drinks too.”
“What if—sit next to agent man?” You already forgot his name, after all, you were paying more attention to Steve than your actual conversation. 
Steve chuckles, knowing exactly what you mean and what you’ve been trying to do. So he decides to play a little. “Really? I kind of wanted to be alone with you, Bambi, but if you want to…”
“No!” You shout, quickly chewing the food and covering your mouth. “We sit alone by the window! No agent man, no anybody!”
The blond smiles, handing you another cracker. “Okay, are you sure?”
“Yes, yes! Will find best seats for us, we can, uhm,” You blink, “have Stevie and Bambi date… be all cute… and stuff.” 
“And stuff.” Steve repeats, “Better go quickly before agent man comes by and asks to sit with us, I don’t feel like sharing my girl today.” 
It was amusing to see you get so excited and skip across the room, he flashed a wink to the agent who raised his glass in reply. A silent agreement, everything was fine, and you were still his girl. 
Jealousy wasn’t his favourite thing, but watching you flirt so badly was worth it. No one was cuter than you as you waved him over, jumping up and down from the window. “Found seats, and hurry please! Ah, and don’t tell agent man!”
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