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#what does this mean. well you see
tturing · a month ago
apparently my roommate is going to be gone for like over a week a few days after i move in ummmmmm evil grinch smile
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belligerentbagel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hey young blood, doesn't it feel like our time is running out?
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deludedandlostcause · 3 months ago
“Me and Eleanor have been together ages and I don’t have a lot of private photos for myself. Even on a night out there’ll be some f**ker taking my picture and it goes everywhere. So those moments to ourselves are special. It’s the same way I look at Freddie. Do I wanna show him off and tell the world how amazing he is? Yes, of course I do! But I know he’s amazing and he knows that and that’s what matters.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#the louis you want to believe in: my gf and i are private#when we're out some fucker will take our pic and it goes everywhere#the louis we see whenever eleanor's around: *posing for pics they know fully well will get everywhere*#the louis you want to believe in: i wanna keep my son private#the louis we all saw: *does a thousand pap walks as soon as the kid is born*#the louis we still see: *lets his son's family spread the kid's face all over the internet*#it's the inconsistencies for me <3#if you think louis doesn't have the means to keep his actual life private you got a big storm coming#i don't even know why am i entertaining you lmao#i hope you know when you send messages like this we all laugh at you because you truly believe everything you read#also why am i suddenly a target of these asks?#when have i ever said i want to talk about stunts?#what does it matter to you what i believe in? or what i support?#i'm a literal nobody from a town in the middle of fucking nowhere in a small ass country#and for some reason you're so bothered by my beliefs that you feel the need to send shit like this to me#that ''quote'' didn't change my mind when it came out#why do you think it will now?#lol#and before you come at me with ''you're harassing louis and his family''#or some baseless accusation like that#let me tell you#i'm fucking not#i never once messaged or tweeted any of the boys#i don't care about their families so i never contacted or asked any of their family members stupid questions#i'm just here in the dead corner of the internet reblogging some beautiful art we have in this fandom#yet you're really bothered by that#you're fucking weird mate#asks#anonymous
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spectral-honey · 9 months ago
Guys it just really kills me how badly tubbo needs support and how little he gets it.
He didn't ever ask to be the president, and when he gave his acceptance speech he asked tommy to be his VP, to support him, to stand by his side because it was them against the world.
He needed the support of his best friend, he needed the support quackity and Fundy as his cabinet. He was always asking for their opinions and what they thought should happen and he kept saying he was trusting them to have his back, to help him make decisions too hard for him on his own.
And then when they were negotiating with dream everyone just kept comparing him to schlatt. The dictator. The guy who made Tubbo decorate his own execution. The guy who forced him to turn on his friends.
When he made a decision (that was, arguably I suppose, the only option that wouldn't put them in an equally bad if not worse situation) no one supported him in it, quackity and Fundy both actively told him he was wrong and were pissed at him for it.
Quackity is caught up in his own things with el rapids. After today's stream Fundy seems to be leaving for a 'long long time' as well. Besides Ranboo, who is doing his damnedest to be literally everyone's emotional support boi and therefore can't always be around, tubbo doesn't really have anyone backing him up.
In the end, it really is almost like Dream's been the most present support for Tubbo. And he's actively manipulating him for his own gain.
Tubbo's situation is as bad as Tommy's is, and no one seems to see it.
#dream smp#tubbo#im not trying to character bash at all or anything like that!#its just so sad to see tubbo constantly reaching out in little ways and yet never really getting a response :(#its like. he and tommy have so many parallels with their situation right now and i think its very obvious that tommys not doing well but i#--think its not acknowledged nearly enough how this is affecting tubbo terribly as well#i guess its sort of that people are like 'canonically tubbos the evil one for kicking out tommy!!' and i mean. creative freedom always its.#i just very much think its not canon at all and you are wrong? in the nicest way possible#tubbo has agency of course but hes in a pretty impossible situation too!! hes trying so hard please be sympathetic to the boy :(#ive been thinking about this for a while but the fact that fundy is going off with nikki and possibly ranboo as well (?) thats like.#literally almost everyone whose been allied with tubbo???#im so distressed about the boy#also like!! with the decision to exile tommy#they had a trade yknow? tommy exiled & dream having this invisible control over everyone being solidified#in exchange for the (at least for now) safety freedom and a solidification of tubbo as the leader of an independent nation#which like. it was NOT a good option but it was sort of the /only/ option besides being trapped inside lmanburg or everyone inside lmanbur-#-g getting killed.#which. i mean isnt this exactly what you would expect with this sort of political power struggle??#a choice that isnt really a choice that also causes about as much harm as it does help?#i guess i just feel like tubbos doing his BEST and he needs help too but no one is :(
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light-koe-pinsky · a month ago
so uh... do you remember that moment in space jam 2 when Bugs wont quit fooling around and exasperates Lebron so he stops bugs mid sentence grabing his hand and all the looney tunes collectively gasp do uh... do you want to talk about it or?
#Is funny#all of them love him and don't mind mess with him as long as its not mean spirited because they know the moment they do it he's gonna#fuck em up#thats so cool tho character wise#you have a character thats silly all the time#a clown#a child#but the moment he senses hostility he kills you#I just want a movie show or short that shows how far does he go as the 'bad guy'#why didnt they had him pairing up with al g rythm? I mean they had sort of same motivations they wanted to trap everyone in the same place#forever#wasnt that sort of what bugs wanted? for everyone to be together again?#It would've been great for him to confront the fact that things cant stay the same and at the end wouldve have to learn to accept defeat#which he's very bad at so there you wouldve had even character growth#FROM BUGS BUNNY#idk#is just bugs is an interresting character i mean he goes both ways (no pun intended...well maybe a little)#he can be everybodys friend or everybodys enemy and It would be interesting to see him go full against everyone to get his way because#hes very bad at loosing#thats just part of his character#thats why he cant do much against cecil the turtle#because hes the#underdog of the shorts hes in#and the cartoon logic always favors the 'weakest' character#thats why bugs always looses against him and he can't stand that#ahh#when would cartoons/ live action movies of the looney tunes finally treat them as the actual center of the show instead as an item for the#rl person to 'grow'#'is not that deep' I wan it to be that deep#It CAN be that deep
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redrobin-detective · 14 days ago
Just ‘I almost killed myself by running too hard’ thoughts.
Does?? Ben go to school anymore? Omniverse was very ambiguous on the subject. From what I can tell he did in AF/UAF but that was before his identity was outed. In OV he’s out and about during the day time doing alien/Plumber work and school isn’t so much as mentioned. I suppose it could be the summer but Ben absolutely should not be in school. 
One, he gets attacked like multiple times a day, having him in one place for hours a day is not safe for him or the people around him. Two, Holy shit that child has enough on his plate already between daily patrols, world ending emergencies and like trying to have something of a decent life/rest schedule. Three, education is important but a normal human school is not going to teach Ben what he needs to know as an intergalactic hero. 
But I can see his parents and Max forcing Ben to go back, making him cut his Plumber hours and trying to give him something of a ‘normal’ childhood before he has to grow up. But like, that shipped sailed loooong ago. Can you imagien you go to school and there’s this kid there who’s constantly on the news for saving the world, who’s traveled all over the universe, has the power to both become and kill God on his wrist... and he’s sitting next to you in Lit II. Ben would be both a celebrity but also people would keep far, far away from him. It’s intimidating being around famous people but also, Ben can be damned scary when he wants to be. I bet they won’t let him join any of the soccer clubs which would depress him so much. 
Does Ben like, excuse himself if there’s an emergency? “Hi sorry gotta duck out of this quiz early, Vilgax was just spotted downtown so uh bye.” He would have to have a modified class and homework schedule to accommodate potentially missed classes and assignments. Ben himself must be furious about the whole thing, literally forced into the life of a superhero and he’s doing his damned best and now he has to deal with high school on top of it? Normal teen sdon’t want to go to school not to mention ones who have unofficial full time jobs with high, high stakes and expectations. And they expect him to study for calculus in between apocalypses?
Nuh uh Ben needs to be homeschooled. Even the Plumber’s Academy wouldn’t be a good fit for him, he needs something personalized to his bizarre and unique situation. I’m sure Max could set something up for him eventually. But I think he and everyone would have a bad like 6 month period of making Ben go to normal school, thinking its for the best, not knowing it’s just adding more stress and burden and isolation on his already hectic life.
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starbuck · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That's why I'm here. You didn't want me with the men. You're worried I'll challenge Flint. 
— Well, the thought crossed my mind.
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laniidae-passerine · a month ago
OH! also the way that Curtain straight up emotionally abused S.Q but is heaping all this feigned praise on Sticky is just the most perfect comparative ever because on one hand we have a scene where Curtain openly and clearly dismisses his son’s feelings and on the other we have this insidious, false adoration of Sticky and yet!!!! both boys are being used and manipulated by him but in two very separate ways tailored to keep them under his authority at all times
#see S.Q can’t ever stop being his dad’s weird pet son - family man to keep up appearances#so he erodes S.Q’s freedom and his will; constantly reminding his son that he is nothing without his dad and that he has never been wanted#and that keeps S.Q down because what is the point in rebelling if it means you’re free from the only person who can stand being around you?#who else wants him? nobody! Curtain has convinced him that he’ll be alone either way - either dad and no friends or no dad AND no friends#however! Sticky is tired of being put down! he’s sick and tired of being so so so good and getting breadcrumbs in return#he has enough knowledge of life without Curtain to have free will and a backbone - to possess strength S.Q has had berated out of him#so putting him down and calling him names by proxy isn’t gonna work. Curtain needs to try the opposite approach#he praises Sticky - offers him gifts and quality time with a father figure and gives him a respite from his anxiety with the Whisperer#he builds Sticky up shows him a world that’s wonderful - where Sticky is loved and wanted and acknowledged to be worthy of all good things!#but there will come a time when Curtain will brutally remind him that it can be taken away in a flash#he builds Sticky’s self esteem and confidence on praise only Curtain can give him and nobody else#see only Curtain knows how special Sticky is how smart he is how he’d make such a good protege and maybe even son#but! ah but that means without Curtain Sticky has no one. and you can’t expect love without conditions can you? that’s illogical!#so it goes like this. Sticky gets to feel good about himself as long as he plays Curtain’s game. otherwise Curtain will leave and Sticky?#well he’ll just be left alone. unwanted. abandoned. just like the start and just like he’s always been. does he want that? no?#then do as he’s told and it’ll all be alright. so Sticky will always stay in line and be a good little soldier. well done!#the mysterious benedict society#mysterious benedict society#nathaniel benedict#ledroptha curtain#ld curtain#sticky washington#s.q curtain#mbs#tmbs
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mcmoth · 5 months ago
Techno really be like, talking all about anarchy and mutual aid and protection, only to criticise others for not doing everything themselves and needing help/resources from others to stay afloat </3 /lh /rp
(Btw, I know he's joking around, I'm just rambling. More relevant thoughts in tags ig)
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thistlegug · 2 months ago
going to talk about how incredible lou wilson is as an actor forever but the part I keep going back to in the last episode is the bit where jammer is apologizing after the iron spike incident because there's so much to unpack in just a few seconds! we've seen so much of whitney's personality as a team leader who's confident and encouraging and kind. he gets excited about the magical potential he has and in that eagerness and confidence accidentally gets the misfits into a dangerous situation, and those few seconds of stammering through the apology after getting detention are just incredible from all the little details going through his mind that lou represents. that sort of uncomfortable chuckle at the beginning and trying to be lighthearted but sincere. trying and not finding the words to get it into a basketball metaphor. flickering eyes contact to mostly talking with his eyes down. worriedly/exasperatedly putting the wand down. it's such an expressive moment that I didn't appreciate enough the first watch around.
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1d-discourseoftheday · 8 months ago
Thurs 7 Jan ‘21
Z3 Z3 Z3 Z3 Z3 Z3 Z3!!! Firstly Zayn posted a teaser of a red curtain, labeled 'tomorrow', beginning to rise with a snippet of a song-- it's Vibez! Vibez is HERE! NEW ZAYN MUSIC! And hell yeah that's super exciting (and the curtain is reminiscent of the filming at the theater last month I'm hopeful we're about to get that video) but THAT'S not the half of it-- Z3 listings are UP! 'Nobody is Listening' (friend we are ABOUT TO BE and I CANNOT WAIT) is out Jan 15 and has 11 songs (titles unrevealed with the exception of Better, already released, and Vibez). The cover art is a painting of a bright colorful sea of staring faces; everybody looking, nobody listening? Spotify also has Vibez cover art- a cool blocky noir looking painting- and a new photo of Zayn smouldering in a tank top. Happy almost Zayn's birthday to US, and thank you very much!
Liam did a long live today with an also long BEARD (oh shush on his FACE you guys) to talk about Saturday's show, but then he ends up talking to Ben Winston for most of it which is, as you can imagine, a mixed blessing. I mean all that 1D reminiscing is great for dredging up unknown tidbits for us but otoh Ben: the part where Liam puts manager Steve on to say hi to Ben and it's just the two of them is the worst content I've seen in a minute and I mean... Holivia is current..? ANYWAY, before Ben, Liam has his cousin Ross on and tells us Ross will also have cousin Luke playing drums for him at the show Sat, and snippets of all the openers' music are played. They discuss accents, and Liam, as usual, says that he was just on the phone to Louis (relatable I too immediately think of Louis when discussing strong British accents). And then the Ben chat: they talk about the We Are 1D Family fan project at San Siro and how the band didn't know it was going to happen, Liam talks about not wanting to do the Leroy piece for the BSE video (“haha remember I had a meltdown but you made me do it!”:/), and they talk about the two Midnight Memories videos-- we learn that Ben didn't have anything to do with the scrapped first one so he can't release it sorry, and “you guys didn't like it so we had to make a new one in like a week”. Liam: “no I preferred the first one!”, lol. Ben talks shit about not liking You and I (no wonder he did her so dirty), Liam: “WHAT??” and “didn’t Zayn’s high note turn you on a little bit? It had to!” sksksjfa okay calm down there, and then he turns me into the 'had me in the first half' meme when he says his least favorite 1D song is I Would! CAN YOU BELIEVE. He quickly realizes though that no! He means I WANT! Yeah okay that makes more sense but jeez Liam, don't mess with me like that! He also says (not about I Would or I Want), “when I was younger I didn't really understand the songs as much as I understand them now, they mean so much more to me later on in life than they ever have done before, the feeling, the emotions that come through, the lyric as well for some of them.” Oh and Ben mentions the Grammy awards being pushed to March 14 which btw I forgot to say yesterday so there ya go. New date. And last but not least, new LP Act 4 merch! RAINBOW HOODIE! Omg it's so good! The rest is great too but that rainbow hoodie (uh 'hoody' that is hmm why) is soooo nice.
9 am PST came and went without a single Holivia pap pic, but don't worry (darlings) they were just a little late today, though you'll be excused if you didn't realize there were new ones, as they are simply more of the same batch as yesterday's- it was a very exciting parking lot after all, they needed a lot of documentation! Harry grabbing Olivia's arm SO AWKWARDLY is a gem though, I'm starting to have doubts that they're even really friends now that I'm seeing them interact so much tbh. I think the press time excitement was supposed to be the 'candid' pics of them drinking coffee together with Harry in the spa robe (taken... maybe you can guess... YES! it was over the weekend!) but aside from being memed they didn't seem to get much traction. Even so, the press is still all over Holivia ofc and if you only read one article about it PLEASE make it the Harper's Bazaar one that marveled at today's pics “Wilde happened to be wearing the same outfit from last weekend” oh SO CLOSE YOU GUYS, defensively states that Harry was wearing a mask (in response to the many articles out there about people being mad at him for not wearing a mask which yes are very much still up and not being suppressed by HSHQ, btw) but some enterprising layout person placed a picture of him without a mask right under that line, and tells us twice in a row that their relationship is 'very organic'-- definitely 100% truly oBvIOusLy ORGANIC, 'a source' says so. So you can see that clearly it's all very organic. In case you were wondering! STRONG honorable press mention for Vogue though, who declared that Holivia were “already 2021's most stylish pair” with a picture of Harry in his paint splattered merch hoodie and pushed up sweats; but then they also said the other day that larries were people “who ship Harry with Liam Payne”...hey Vogue I really recommend getting an intern if you're struggling, so helpful!
#liam payne#harry styles#zayn#most of my dash – ugh I have holivia blacklisted I do not see it anyway the chicken#me: ugh actual updates JUST LET ME MAKE FUN OF HOLIVIA PRESS ALL DAY#yeah I know not everyone is an I would stan but I' just prefer to believe everyone appreciates as much as me it's how it should be#I'm in the 'spoiled by Icarus Falls an actual epic work of genius' camp and I'm sad this one is comparatively short#but Z knows what he's doing I'm gonna bet it's perfect as is and I can't wait to hear it#I already love Vibez it's so pretty and soft#Liam to Ross- haha this is first time I've been on the phone to you in a few weeks when I'm not drunk. :/#he also talks about watching the San Siro gig drunk the other day#he does not however say he doesn't have access to any of his accounts he says he DOESN'T KNOW HIS PASSWORDS offhand#that he's just logged in on his phone but can't just tweet from another phone real quick while he's on live#I would say the exact same in that situation and despite tumblr oppressing me rn for the most part no one is controlling my accounts yall#it's NOT THE SAME THING he clearly states that he access to ALL HIS ACCOUNTS on HIS PHONE#Harry Lambert made a flagging joke not relevant to much just a reminder that yeah it's a real thing#and gay people def know about and about the significance of wearing bandanas#I mean the connection of the blue bandana to Louis is a whole other thing ofc but if Harry does mean that by that#he knows very well it isn't the only thing he's putting out there#probably why he steers real wide of ever putting in his pocket lol he truly said fuck your top bottom discourse#7 jan 21
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bigskydreaming · 3 months ago
What kills me in fics is when you have tags going like "Good brother Jason", which, cool, but in the same story there's " Dick TRIES to be a Good Brother" LOL way to switch the dynamics. I also tend to stay clear of the ones where the centric character seems to have a platonic relationship tag with everyone (including the ones where they're antagonists in canon like Jason & Tim) except Dick. You can feel the hate/dislike/prejudice a MILE away.
Yeeeeeeah. You are definitely not alone. Like pretty much every Dick Grayson stan I’ve ever talked to on the subject stays the hell away from any fic tagged “Dick Grayson tries to be a good brother.”
LOL’s basically what I was talking about in that older post I just reblogged a few minutes ago. That thing where Dick’s actions or choices in a canon story or fic aren’t judged on their own merits but are rather inherently weighed against some hypothetical perfect choice that he DIDNT make and so he’s basically evaluated based on how much he falls short of that mark each time instead of anything he actually did.
Sorry not sorry, but I’m just not interested in stories that TRANSFORM the character most commonly referred to as the emotional glue of the family and the only one who consistently even CARES about them all being a family....into the fumbling incompetent relationship disaster man who at best gets credit for at least putting in an attempt at being there for his family.
Especially not when Bruce and Jason and Tim are praised for doing the bare minimum in canon when it comes to family interactions while everything Dick ACTUALLY did is just completely ignored and overwritten in order to make his Failure to People Good the narrative obstacle to be overcome.
Now, the “Dick Grayson Tries To Be A Good Brother” tag applied to Tim-centric fics in particular tho....hoo boy I am out of there so fast there’s a Kool-Aid Man shaped hole in the wall and not a sign of me as far as the horizon.
Like, currently my Pet Peeve Thermostat is set to Battle for the Cowl-referencing fics that don’t use this tag but very much are in that spirit. You probably know the ones, like their summaries suggest they’re open to considering Dick’s side of the situation but turns out the author at most is throwing him a “well at least you tried not to suck” bone while still reading him the riot act for very much still sucking.
Because what drives me up a flipping WALL here in particular, when I naively click on a link that seems different from the usual and ignore the voice of experience because I’m just desperate enough for Tim and Dick food that doesn’t just go on and on about how Dick ruined their brotherhood and it will never be truly repaired....
What makes the fruit bats in my belfry go absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S is not just the super fun realization that Psych! You thought this fic might be different but it’s actually the same!
It’s how much people, both writers AND commenters, just absolutely LOVE to reference Tim’s shitbag parents and how emotionally abusive and neglectful they were (all true and valid, btw, let’s be totally clear about that)....but bringing them up here specifically to emphasize just how great Dick’s ‘betrayal’ was and how what he did makes him no better than them.
It’s like. Oh. I see.
So because after twenty years worth of stories about Dick dropping everything the second Tim needs him, whether it’s for help or just advice or even just reassurance or comfort or ANYTHING ....because after two decades worth of content showing Dick absolutely doting on Tim in their EVERY SINGLE interaction and buttressing his self confidence at every opportunity, never passing up a chance to call him his brother and emphasize that they’re family and he loves Tim and is so proud of him...
Because after all that there’s a story whose very premise forced Dick to choose between two kids, both still very much his brothers and their shared father’s sons even if one was new to him and didn’t have the same history the other two had....
Because by the very nature of the story Dick had no choice but to prioritize one over the other due to them both hating each other and Dick already being stretched to his absolute limits trying to live his dead father’s life and take on everything Bruce used to do at the cost of giving up everything Dick had chosen for his own life and wants and priorities, all while dealing with his own grief....
And with it being inevitable that the boy he DIDNT choose to prioritize was going to be hurt....
Because after twenty years of never failing to put Tim first the second Tim needed him, never even putting HIMSELF first OVER Tim....because for the first time Dick felt that someone else he felt obligated to, felt a responsibility towards, actually needed him MORE than Tim....
And for that reason and that reason ONLY, Dick picked that other boy, all while trying his best to tell Tim that he still needed him, still valued him, all the things that Bruce DIDNT tell him when he took Robin not even because he thought someone else needed it at the time but simply to take away, with absolutely nothing Dick said in any way negating or contradicting any of his many, MANY assurances to Tim over the years that they were brothers and always would be and with them still very much legally brothers and with concrete ties to each other that declared them family even WITHOUT the connection of Robin....
Because after and despite ALL OF THAT, Dick picked the brother that he didn’t know and frankly didn’t even LIKE, because he knew no one else was going to pick this kid and he also knew he’d already picked Tim a hundred times before and hoped that at least all that HISTORY of past focus and attention he’d given Tim to help build him up, give him foundations to build further upon, that hopefully at least that history that was still there, still relevant, still something Tim had actively benefited and grown from in ways Dick now hoped to help surely this would be of at least SOME significance to Tim, SOME kind of proof of how much Dick loved and valued Tim....
Because one time and one time ONLY, Dick DIDNT put Tim’s needs first, not because he didn’t want to or because he was being selfish or short sighted or simply didn’t care, but rather solely because this one time Tim’s needs were in direct opposition with the needs of another young boy Dick saw as his responsibility and in even greater need and with even less of a foundation than the one Dick had helped Tim build....
This puts Dick on the same level as Tim’s shitbag parents, the ones who are infamous for (and practically synonymous with) emotional abuse and neglect. Dick’s basically interchangeable with them now. Certainly no better than them. Tim’s entire emotional well-being rested on Dick and Dick alone and nothing he’d provided Tim with in the past counts, just this one moment in time right here right now, that’s the entirety of their relationship see, it all comes down to this and nothing else, and because Dick didn’t put Tim first, no matter WHAT his reasons or how much he wanted to, he has officially failed Tim as hard as the neglectful parents who did nothing BUT neglect, ignore and just not give a shit at all, simply because they couldn’t be bothered to.
That’s neat.
#and please before certain people get all up in their righteous umbrage and declare a blood feud against me for this#take note of how nowhere did I say Tim doesn’t have the right and reason to be hurt#because of course he does#you will never see me claiming otherwise#but just because someone was hurt that doesn’t mean that someone did it to hurt them#and that is the distinction so many fans don’t seem to care to make#I’ve literally seen people call Dick emotionally abusive and neglectful for this era of canon and holy shit people#in terms of abuse specifically you absolutely can be abusive without meaning to#hell this is basically the nature of neglect. they’re not TRYING to hurt a child because the entire problem is the child#doesn’t even rate as much of a presence in their awareness as they should#but people can yell it’s just their interpretation all they want about this era of canon#but it’s flat out not true. it’s their transformation of the material not an interpretation of it#because you literally have to CHANGE what Dick ACTUALLY says to Tim to paint him as neglectful or not caring about his emotional well-being#you have to CUT OUT all mention of the times Dick tried reaching out to Tim or checking up on him in order to paint Dick as simply moving#on with his shiny newer little brother#that’s not a difference of interpretation. that’s an act of transformation. changing details of a story that isn’t reading the way you want#it to....until it DOES say what you want it to#and the problem has NEVER been some of us just being unwilling to let people have their headcanons#the problem is people’s refusal to call them headcanons or AUs or anything that acknowledges they’ve transformed the source material#in order to CREATE the interpretation they’re going with#AND OTHER FANS HAVE EVERY RIGHT IN THE WORLD TO SAY YEAH WE’RE NOT TRYING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR TRANSFORMATION OF CANON THO#we’re literally trying to talk about what you transformed it FROM....and the fact that despite all your complaints about canon character#choices....some of you repeatedly make the CHOICE to change canon not just to fix or address the poor character choices you don’t like for#your faves.....but also at the same time making this other character do the very stuff you claim to hate canon having your faves do#and that is your CHOICE. AND YOU GET TO MAKE IT. BUT IT IS STILL A CHOICE TO MAKE CHANGES#NOT simply a different interpretation of the foundational material#like you guys keep trying to pass it off as#and that MATTERS#it matters quite a lot in fact
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pechebeche · 7 months ago
sometimes i think about how the only thing that changed between sam post-dean’s death in mystery spot and sam post-dean’s death at the start of s4 was ruby. sometimes i think about how having a connection, any connection, outside of the complicated mess of hangups in the winchester family history, about having someone he could relate to, about knowing that he was not alone in feeling damned and wanting more, was the sole barrier between sam going into an obsessive spiral
 sometimes i think about how angry dean and bobby got about sam trying to do good with his powers, not knowing that re-using his powers for good was the only reason sam was functioning at all. sometimes i think about ruby taking care of sam, in her own way, in ways that others maybe didn’t approve of but that worked, of sam who can’t leave his past behind in a normal life but can’t become the kind of vengeance-obsessed hunter that john was and that he could so easily slip into without someone there to remind him who he is, and of finding a middle ground by taking his past and what people have done to him and using it for good.
sometimes i think about how castiel identified sam as ‘the boy with the demon blood’ and how maybe it was not supposed to be a cruel thing, because cas does not understand what is cruel and what is kind at the best of times and the angels watched and knew. maybe this was a kindness. maybe this was sam winchester, boy with the demon blood, who used it to help and save and protect. sometimes i think about ruby whose job would be infinitely easier if sam were emotionless and manipulable and instead loving him, giving him the opportunity to love himself, to learn that he is not broken, that he is not damned, that he is more than whatever demons did to him. sometimes i think about sam winchester.
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styxdrawings · 3 months ago
I just like to imagine domestic Thomas and Alastair sometimes :)
Tumblr media
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raspberryjellybrains · 16 days ago
i just want to be a kid who wasn't born like this
tags: saiki kusuo, saiki k reawakened (more like cleaning up the mess of their implications because Netflix writers wouldn't know nuance if it hit them with a brick), post-canon, mentall illness
trigger warnings: suicidal ideation and disdain towards surviving (this is very big!), mild swearing, canon-typical violence.
Kusuo spent the rest of the evening digesting and confronting the fact that he was not human.
He was brushing his teeth to the rhythm of not human, not human, not human. The showerhead whispered as it sprayed not human, not human, not human. Before sleeping in the silence created by his germanium ring, his heart beat with not human, not human, not human. Every moment, words echoing between his ears not human, not human, not human.
It had been a very long time since he considered himself fully human; so why did it hurt this bad to have it confirmed? He felt lonely like this, a being in a class of its own, isolated by his unique power. Even Aiura and Toritsuka weren't this powerful. despite being strong psychics, too, he could probably kill them both with a flick, or even a turn of his head without his limiters on. Kusuo should try even harder to cut off his idiots, they'd make it hard and his own will would make it harder, but it was for them. He couldn't have himself losing control and hurting them, wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did. Could he die? He could probably figure it out. Is it possible that this curse has revoked his right to love and right to die?
The injustice of it all welled up in his throat, and it was the possibility of what he could do to everyone in the vicinity that kept him from screaming. He didn't want this, never wanted any of it, he was still a kid for fuck's sake! Kids aren't supposed to worry about killing their friends because of some ridiculous powers they never even wanted!
Kusuo teleported to his special spot in the desert to throw what was, if he was honest with himself, a fit. Rocks flying everywhere and screams breaking the sound barrier, he felt a little better. When the crashes ceased, millions of years of nature's hard work lay scattered in chunks all around him and there were tear tracks through the dust covering his face.
A voice that sounded an awful lot like his brother's floated through his head, reminding him how childish he was being. It probably wasn't actually his brother, but he responded with a venous 'fuck you, I am a child.' for good measure.
Feeling irrationally guilty for the damage, he restored time on the landscape around him and used the last of his energy to teleport home. Kusuo changed and later when he lay in bed, he found himself too tired to sleep. The silence he had almost begun to take for granted before bed was gone, replaced by a cacophony of dreams and thoughts from everyone within a 200 meter radius. He almost got up to grab his germanium ring before remembering he had carelessly tossed it into the trash a couple days ago. After laying there a little longer, Kusuo noticed his mouth getting sticky and his face wet.
He was crying. Again. 'I need to get a better grip, come on'  he chastised.
His tear ducts did not listen, rudely in Kusuo's opinion. If he was loud, his parents might hear and come running in. They'd have good intentions, but they wouldn't understand what the problem is, why being this way would make him feel so painfully alone. They couldn't know, he couldn't burden them like that.
It's fine. Saiki Kusuo is not human anymore, not really, and this has rendered him completely alone, but it's fine. He'll manage. He always has, always will. He'll put one foot in from of the other and avoid launching himself into space to suffocate or crushing in his peers skulls by accident or letting himself love and feel. It's what he's always done, what's a little longer?
#i have Several bones to pick with saiki k reawakened#and truly too much experience being bitter about questionable writing choices that alter a character in a fundamental way#by misinterpreting a bit of complexity within said character#basically.#what the fuck was that where they had saiki declare himself superhuman in the first episode#i havent read the manga so maybe its there but legitimately pissed abt that#and then when they reinforce it at the end with his powers returning!#WHAT DO YOU MEAN??? WHAT IS HE THEN??? WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR THEIR UNIVERSE AND HIS CHARACTER??? SLOW TF DOWN!!!#also i think saiki is entitled to throwing walleyed fit at some point so i decided that point is here#(all of them do tbh)#but like. what do you do when your character rooted in normality and humanity is declared to be above that?#what does that mean for the character who's tethered themselves to this concept of sharing the barest sliver of commonality with peers?#i get that saiki does hold himself above others#but you can see in tiny moments by his reactions and emotions that he still finds this concept of maintaining humanity incredibly important#as well as adhering to some form of moral code as a result#someone who truly does not value other human lives#who sees them as cockroaches#would not go to the extent to protect them that saiki dows#is it occasionally rooted in self-preservation? yes.#is it often rooted in a legitimate desire to be decent and good to the world around him? also yes#why would he go to such efforts to be a good and normal person if he didn't think of himself AS a person in some crucial capacity?#so to sweep away this big motivator without addressing the implications#especially without addressing the implications in any capacity#seems like a lazy and poor writing decision to cash out on a popular series#that was way too much and could've been a whole separate post and probably will be#saiki k#saiki kusuo#saiki kusuo no psi nan#tw suicidality#tw violence
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cherryrobber · 6 months ago
I’m back on the Ito bullshit, thanks to @spookyarttyrant​
This time with Miles and even less discernible plot than last time! 
The other comic with Eddie and Waylon is right here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Individual panels under the cut because tumblr fucked up the quality lmao
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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unproduciblesmackdown · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
i dreamt i drew something like this, so
#corned beef#wasn't a day for progress on the thing i was already working on so time for another loosy goosy pt drawing i just dreamt#although in the dream it was remixing the media so the idea was different and also visually more Ambitious coloring/lighting-wise#dream version was about like. what if the characters had that classic ending of ''oh we're in a loop we just redo this story repeatedly''#which i mean mytho kind of almost does anyways...but and yeah it was his Earlier In The Story Self w/this disembodied self who had more#Awareness of the full story and the looping situation and was like. idk feeling morally supportive i guess lmao#so for waking Actually Relevant Context now it's heart shard version of self. any feeling idk this is already not precisely based on any#canon moment obv. convenient for me mytho's got that dance lessons shirt or whatever close enough to a tee. all the heart shards have the#sort of default prince outfit? no they don't b/c i don't feel like it#princess tutu#a cool dreamt visual detail was that where mytho and the disembodied self touched it Glowed which i barely attempted to work in here but.#imagine it#anyways this isn't Not based in anything like. i like how each emotion Wants to go back to home base for the most part#and they sort of all want More feelings to come back as well....mytho wanting to be Himself#i see i've left off Blue Outline at one part. ah well#when you think abt why you like mytho so much like hmm. probably quite Something going on there...#got white hair from the stress just the most fun(tm) version to hc there lmfao
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