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#what doesnt kill you

So this morning I was thinking… people think they’re hurting Taylor when they talk shit about her or when they constantly bash her. I don’t think they realize that the more and more they talk about her, the more and more her name leaves their mouth then the more and more she will thrive. If they want to “end” her, if they want her to go away then they need to stop talking about her. The more you talk shit, the more you tweet about your hate for her, then the more her name will be in the headlines. If you seriously think you’re hurting her by talking shit then you need to re-evaluate.

I was thinking about her cover of “September”, this morning I watched a video on twitter of three women listening to the song with disgust on their face. As much as they hated it they still gave her a listen. They still helped the song grow and thrive. I can almost promise you that half of the streams that song has gained since last week, are the people who “hate” her and the people who want to see her fail.

Overall, thank you. Thank you for hating her and constantly talking about her. Thank you for helping her thrive. Thank you for keeping her name relevant and in the news. Oh also…. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. All you need to do is shake it off and you will continue to thrive!!

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