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for a kdrama about being an actor in kdramas, record of youth is quite unrealistic.

tv/movie sets aren’t that serious. jeez where are the “NG” moments? everyone isn’t this somber all the time. and gossips rags always publish bs rumors. most of the time they go ignored because gossip and rumors are just that.

is anyone else over this show like me? i feel like i need to finish it since i only have 2 eps left but i’m just over this story at this point. this drama has fed into every over done kdrama trope that i thought the industry was starting to move away from finally. was this written like 5 years ago or something?? so much disappointment…

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@refinedtragedy​ said: “I know I’ve cause a lot of trouble, so I don’t know if I can say this, but… But if you would still be my friend… I would be really happy.” 
Soft Fluff.


When Darcy went to visit Ric and noticed another woman with him, and her calling Ric love and sweetheart, she didn’t exactly expect to hear him say hey Darcy so this is my fiancée. Not that Darcy and Ric were dating or even a thing, they’ve been friends all this time.

But it did hurt. So she just left, she didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say, she needed to be alone and think of… Anything else but there he was, asking to still be friends. 

“Friends.” She should say no and walk away, because she didn’t want to be just his friend. But she didn’t want to lose him either. “Sure, we can still be friends.” This isn’t going to end well, she could feel it.

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I woke up and I’ve lost 20 followers in two days. I’m confused. Like. What kind of content would you guys like to see. Am I. Reblogging too much? Do I need more memes. Am I out of touch with the youth.


This is low key a serious post asking what I’m doing wrong. But also I know I won’t get feedback. So.

Welp guess this is just a vent post now

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