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dead-poetsblog · 29 days ago
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Would it be too childish of me to say: I want? But I do want: theatre, light, color, paintings, wine and wonder.
— Sylvia Plath, from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
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pratchettquotes · 2 months ago
I took the hiver through the dark door, Tiffany thought as she viciously scraped food scraps into the garden for the birds. The White Horse came out of the hill for me. I got my brother and Roland back from the Queen of the Elves. And I danced with the Wintersmith, who turned me into ten billion snowflakes. No, I don't want to be in a cottage in these damp woods, I don't want to be a kind of slave to people who can't think for themselves, I don't want to wear midnight and make people afraid of me. There is no name for what I want to be.
Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith
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paintedgh0st · 3 days ago
I want:
• the full effects
• to hit it hard
• to dance in the middle of a gay bar
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jacks-wack-attack · 9 months ago
The Addams Family is honestly such an iconic family. They’re all chaotic but you can tell that they do all love each other and have a healthy family dynamic, regardless of if they are a bit kooky. I love them all and they are fantastic. 
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champvictor · a month ago
Complex issue...
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onlyanothermundane · 6 months ago
When I think about loving someone, I crave to share the most mundane moments with that someone. Cooking dinner together while talking about the most random things, holding each other while reading books, going grocery shopping and buying snacks we look forward to eating while watching a movie later that evening. I don't want fancy dates, night outs, expensive gifts or holidays.
I want true intimacy in the purest form possible.
I want love in the purest form possible.
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euesworld · 10 months ago
"Give my soul the thunder of your passion and make me truly feel you, I want the uncensored version of you.."
Just be you.. that's what I want, be real with me - eUë
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gothteddies · 10 months ago
just wanna fuck someone and ignore them while I watch the porn they made instead <3
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sadnaid · 2 months ago
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stoplookingupforheaven · 4 months ago
I! TOOK!! A!!! CHANCE!!!! ON!!!!! A!!!!!! FEELING!!!!!!! BUT!!!!!!!! HERE!!!!!!!!! I!!!!!!!!!! AM!!!!!!!!!!!! FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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jotunnjotunn · a month ago
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Fucking kill me. 
Bring me back to life and kill me again, babygirl.
There’s nothing sweeter than a bitter bitch and she’s as sour as paloma. She drives me up the wall; jealousy and screams galore fill the halls and somehow she keeps me begging for more. Tear me apart from the inside out and feast, baby. I’m wicked. I’m twisted. I’m sick and there is no cure. No, give me your disease and keep me ill with hate. I’m so drunk with power over you I nearly wrecked my ‘rari. We scream, laugh and fuck. All of the girls keep their eyes on me and she chased away all of my friends. I’m obsessed. What’s mine is mine and you’ll never belong to another soul so long as I live, and even in death? Even in death, my touch will haunt you. You’ll only shudder and shiver when the thought of me creeps up and down your spine. And while you’re coming, I’ll be coming undone. This is home to me, baby. Consider me a shut-in.
Let’s burn it down to the ground.
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r4peprincess3 · a month ago
Somebody love me, I deserve to be obsessed over. I’m so tired of waiting for my daddyyyyy
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trash-box · a month ago
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littlepumkinseed · a year ago
I want scenes after Inuyasha and Moroha reunite where he’s just doing his damn hardest to be a good dad but Moroha makes it hard for him because she just goes off and does whatever.
Like I want scenes where she curses out a demon 20x her size and Inu is just like
“What the fuck are you doing?! Do you want to be killed?! Moroha let me deal with this- DONT GO POINTING YOUR WEAPONS AT IT”
Or she’s just as reckless as he is and goes jumping off of fucking cliffs and he’s having heart attacks praying she just didn’t break her legs and her snazzy leg warmers.
He’s constantly asking his nieces if this normal and they’re totally calm just like
“Yeah she almost dies Like 2 times a weak.”
And sense Moroha is a fighter she just charges in which he scolds for later even though he would probably do the exact same thing.
To Inuyasha it would be like looking after Kagome
But smaller
And his attitude. This poor man will never catch a break guys
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spiro-nagnew · 9 months ago
Favorite lines from MONTERO
MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name):  I'm not fazed, only here to sin.
DEAD RIGHT NOW: Breaker, breaker, 911 somebody come get this bitch.
INDUSTRY BABY:  I told you long ago, on the road, I got what they waiting for.
WHAT I WANT:  And I'm known for giving love away but I want someone to love me.
SCOOP: I don’t wanna lie, I really only need you for the night.
ONE OF ME: Say you one of me, say you need the validation.
LOST IN THE CITADEL:  I need time to realize that I can't be yours // I remember when I met you, thought the universe sent you.
DOLLA SIGN SLIME:  I done went and got new neighbors. So fuck all that Nas be considerate.
TALES OF DOMINICA:  Sometimes I'm anxious sometimes it makes me feel like there's only now // Finally grown ain’t nothing like I hoped it would be.
SUN GOES DOWN: It's much more to life than dying over your past mistakes
VOID:  It seems so much out of reach, the place I want to be.
DONT WANT IT:  Started thinking, am I stupid to be fawning over things that's been haunting me all my life? Ain't I fucking living proof that if you want it you can have anything right before your eyes?
LIFE AFTER SALEM:  All of my feelings are gone, I left them all on the floor. Who's to blame if you don't love me no more?
AM I DREAMING:  Never forget me and everything I've done. Never forget me like I'm your favorite song.
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aless-megs · a month ago
Would you like them to show masquerade ball where Ben will meet Sophie in s3 or in s4 ?
Honestly, it’s a hard question for me to answer I’ve been debating on if I want to see it since the news came out Monday that Polin was going to be the lead. I had a feeling they were going to because Shonda has made it clear since the beginning that they are her favorite…. But anyways….
The true Benophie fan that I am would like to see in S3….BUT I want it to happen long before we even get into Polin’s love story. I would love it to happen in the very first episode just as it does in the book with the viscount and viscountess throwing it as a sort of beginning of the season ball…I know the first ball is Lady Danbury’s thing but I would love to see them switch it up and do something different. But after the ball I want to see Benedict looking for Sophie and being so depressed that he is drinking all the time, is always high and very depressed. I want to be able to feel is pain and see him long to have what everyone else has and spend the entire season just lost in his own world while his family looks on worried about him. I want to see him cry to Anthony and Kate about his lady in silver and him venting to Eloise on the swings about her and how he’s in love with a women he doesn’t even know. I want to be able to feel his depression the entire season and then in s4 they just right in with it being two years later and maybe start with the party at Cavander’s. If it happens in 3 I think we will just get a glimps of Sophie and nothing more. We will see her in the mask at the ball and that is it. It will be a surprise kind if thing like they did will Phillip.
I honestly believe that they are holding Luke Thompson back and saving his story for S4 because I think they want a strong finish to try and get renewed for more seasons to finish out the rest of the siblings storyline and I think he is the perfect person to do it. He is such a great actor and I know that he is going to nail it and kill us all because he has said in interviews that he has read AOFAG a few times and he understands Benedict so well……so I hope that Jess does Benedict justice and we aren’t disappointed.
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havewemetsomewhere · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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euesworld · 6 months ago
"If you need to know what I want for the holidays, I just want you.. that's all."
I don't think it's asking for too much, just make some time for me, that's all - eUë
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missjmelville · 11 months ago
Adding in my two cents about the s5 opener being a blackout, picture this: huge blackout city wide, everyone is panicking and trying to check on their loved ones, Maddie is unable to get a hold of Buck, Bobby can’t get ahold of Eddie. Everyone freaking out and we find out through the firefam group that Buck and Eddie were both out for whatever reasons. Then comes the reveal, they were actually together, on a date, too busy fucking to answer their phones. Everyone is gobsmacked. Buck smirks, Eddie cuffs him on the back of the head. End scene.
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thewriterofdesperation · 4 months ago
What I want
To be selfish for a moment, to allow myself the privilege and freedom to express what I want in life - I want a quiet kind of love. Not grand gestures - not holidays and gifts, not declarations in front of crowds, not dates every weekend trying to one up the last. 
I want coffee, sat in a quiet jazz cafe. The two of us sat across from each other, notebooks in hand. Peace, muttering and discussing ideas for new stories, new scenes, new art. You could sit across from me, and I’d write you as I would in a story, you could draw me in whatever style you desired. I tell you of a new character I’ve introduced to my novel series, you tell me of a new character, dress or even landscape you’ve drawn. Tell me in detail about how you struggled with the lighting, pointing out slight smudges you made but somehow they make it better. 
I want cuddles on a couch, the sunset filtering through the half open blinds as we snuggle beneath a blanket - the fire burning gently in the cold winter. We could watch something together, jump up from the couch or cry as the next episode rolls across. We could sit watching our phones, reading a book, whispering about random memes or videos. 
I want random strolls through the woods, the rain pattering against the ground and the leaves crunching underfoot. I want to laugh as we sit beside a stream, watching the water rush its inevitable path, the fish caught in the motion. I want to watch the sun rise, our breath fogging and mingling in the crisp air as we blearily stare at the skies incandescence. 
I want love as sure as mountains, and as inevitable as the days. I want to live knowing I am loved, and every small moment shines that love through because the big things aren’t needed, just something extra. I want to know someone so imtimately and comfortably that I know the beat of their heart, the rise and fall of their chest, their smile, their laugh, the twinkle of mischief in their eyes. To know their mind so well we can have conversations in a single glance, to know their favourite songs, colours, the way they take their tea, the comfort foods, the ridiculous rituals they have, things to avoid and shield them from. 
I want a quiet, but oh so intense, kind of love.
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