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guys ik ive been posting lame little rants like this but just hear me out… what if plants and flowers listen to you. like, you feel really really sad and go to crai and you crai to your cactus in your room and it cant talk to you but its thinking aw this person is crying I feel really bad and they contact some green faeries and they ask them to help you not be sad anymore, like were you crying cuz your parents yelled at you? did you coincidentally find ten bucks in your pocket the next day? maybe it was a faerie. were you really happy n talking to the plants about your amazing win in English class on the test? maybe that faerie is the reason you found a little chocolate in your cabinet because the plant wanted to let you know it was proud of you for doing good and wants to encourage you to keep doing good. so every time you talk to plants they listen and help you and make you happy and encouraged maybe that’s wai I feel so much better after talking to plants guys and I mean ik this is just my imagination but still how amazing would that be?

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So I started steven universe since it just ended. Im just starting season 3 and im kinda disappointed we didnt have peridot stick to her morals and steadily change as she went back to homeworld after her time on earth. Instead just going off on yellow diamond, still cool but eh. So a little doodle of that what if scenario and her taking a look back before making her choice.

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everyone thinks that anxiety is a fancy made up term for worrying. often times it doesn’t get taken seriously because anyone who gets nervous about anything says they have anxiety. getting nervous about the scary unknown fears in your future is a normal human emotion. the worst thing about having actual anxiety is that often times you’re not worried about those bad things around you- but the good. it means being so terrified of being happy that when something goes right in your life you get an awful taste in your mouth that you can’t shake. it’s random panic attacks in the middle of the day because you believe the sense of joy you’re feeling is just a trick. it’s insomnia and 3 am tears as you imagine how everything you love will soon disappear. it’s not being able to accept a compliment or even let people close to you because you can’t help but think that there is some underlying motive. that it’s all just a lie. everything in your life is a lie. anxiety means taking everything good in your life and making it bad. it’s “what ifs” and worst case scenarios. it’s a constant war of wanting so terribly to be bright but darkness always finding a way to creep back in. often times my brain tells me that I’d rather be alone or sad because at least those are emotions I can control. though it may be hard, it’s so much easier than if my happiness were to get taken away. maybe my brain is right. it is safer to be sad and there will always be comfort in the uncomfortable. 

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I saw something the other day that said “If Neville was the chosen one, Snape would still be a death eater because Lily never would’ve died.” And it made me think, what would the storyline look like if Neville was the chosen one and didn’t have a professor secretly “helping” him along the way? With Harry, Snape was pulling certain strings behind the scenes because he wanted the downfall of Voldemort to avenge Lily. But if it were Neville, how would that turn out?

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I’m so ready to read a fix-it fic where batfam is quarantined together for a few weeks, these are the few ideas my own quarantined mind has supplied.

  • Random reasons for how they all ended up at the manor at the start of quarintine. Travel to and from Bludhaven is banned, Damian’s school goes virtual (“Tt”), etc.
  • No chances for patrol- they can’t risk Alfred’s health goddamnit. Vigilante work relaxes into early morning runs through the empty Gotham streets instead of across rooftops, they avoid puddles instead of 3-story drops (it’s been raining every other day here in NJ so I bet Gotham’s soaking), everyone spends more time sparring in the cave and learning directly from each other.
  • At first Bruce and Jason have to stay in separate rooms or they’ll end up killing each other. Thank god Wayne Manor has so many.
  • Tim and Bruce protect their city through Wayne Enterprises, give all their employees paid leave and make charitable donations to stores to make sure everyone has access to groceries, toilet paper, and your typical villain-protection supplies.
  • Before things get too bad Alfred stocks up on coffee, cereal, and pet food.
  • On the same note as earlier, Jason tries to claim the Manor’s library as his own but Bruce is bored and at some point asks for a turn. Jason refuses for a while but they end up sharing it in silence and just reading. Reading leads to discussing books which leads to some deep discussion of their own lives and there’s so much beautiful angst.

Feel free to add more, I’ve seen a lot of these types of posts going around and though it would be fun even if I’m not much of a writer :P

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