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#what if...
starstruckmyths · 3 months ago
I'm really glad that the way Steve was made "unavailable" for the serum was because he was shot and wounded and likely wouldn't survive the procedure, not because he wasn't "good enough" or they didn't want him. Steve still is worthy, he still is a good man, he was still picked for the serum only wasn't able to get it. It doesn't undermine him or frames him as lesser or weak, and I'm very relieved about that
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suricateg · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“We never get to fire the nukes″  What If... Thor was an Only Child? S01E07
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light-miracles · 2 months ago
Bucky was so done with life this episode 😂😂😂
*sees Sam's corpse*
Bucky: Meh
*sees Steve's corpse*
Bucky: Meh *hijacks the shield*
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maybe they can do a "what if... star lord didn't punch thanos" episode so they can prove that thanos was always going to win in infinity war and people without a basic sense of reasoning can finally stfu
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oraora-hime · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Holmes's granny telling Watson embarrassing childhood stories.
Tumblr media
@herlocksholmes1888 🥺🥺🥺
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vic-draws-sometimes · 2 months ago
No one's gonna address the fact that Bucky saw Sam get chopped in half in the new What If... Episode?
No one's gonna address the fact that he had to kill Steve Rogers, his best friend, himself, and take the shield?
No one's gonna address the fact that the reason Sam was a zombie was because he was one of the first to act in an emergency along with Captain America?
No one's gonna address how Bucky was emotionally dead already from all of that?
No one's gonna address that Bucky probably felt guilty for his friend's death? That he sacrificed himself right away to fight against someone much more powerful than him ?
Okay, I see how it is
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luna-rainbow · 3 months ago
So I finally caught the full episode of What if. I mean...I didn't dislike it, but I didn't particularly care for it either. I think the problem is that the 3 central characters were still Steve, Peggy and Bucky, except with the plot and lines the whole thing felt kinda superfluous. It didn't really add anything to any of their narratives, put itself in the awkward position of affirming the gayness of CATFA while trying to brandy the heteronormative narrative, and really didn't break any new ground.
You know what would have been nice? Make the serum receiver Isaiah. But I guess that requires too much thinking on the part of the scriptwriter.
The exchange that really bothered me was this one though:
Steve: I gotta ask, how does it feel? Peggy: To get the serum? Honest truth, not as different as you might think. Steve: Wow, you’ve always been a fighter. In a way, the outside finally matches the inside.
Okay, wait, hold up.
She's flaunting her able-bodied privilege in front of a man plagued by chronic illness and disability with, “Not as different as you might think.”
Let's remind ourselves of what Steve has to live with:
Tumblr media
There’s a different list showing also colour-blindness, diabetes and anaemia.
You know what getting the serum means? He doesn't have to get short of breath walking up a flight of stairs, he doesn't have to get palpitations after a short sprint, he doesn't have to get sick every time the weather changes, he can hear people sneaking up on him, he can see the world in colour, he doesn't have to spend most of his income buying insulin (which was only invented in the 1920s so who knows how much they cost) and medications. He can finally do the stuff that able-bodied people, like Peggy, take for granted.
Peggy says it's not as different as he thinks, because she has no idea what he's living with.
And guess what, in true MCU ableist style, they then have Steve reply, "You've always been a fighter."
No Steve, the true fighter is you. Everyday was a fight for you. Sometimes in the midst of an asthma attack or an exacerbation of your rheumatic heart disease every breath and every heartbeat. Every winter when you come down with colds and sinusitis. Every time you get knocked back because of your deafness or colour-blindness or your small stature. Every time you're struggling to put a penny together because you've used it up for your medications. Every time the doctor shakes their head and wishes you luck.
Steve fought through all of it. In one timeline, he got the serum, and the outside finally matching the inside was you, Steve. Not some woman who has no appreciation of what she already has.
Good job MCU showing your ableist colours again.
(PS: I did not spot any pics of Sam in the opening sequence. Are they serious?? They've left out the next Captain America, one of the characters who will be expected to carry a franchise in their phase 4? What are they smoking??)
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nyptagypta · 3 months ago
Okay hearing Chadwick boseman’s voice in the new what if episode is making me way more emotional than i thought it would
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mystoriesofthegalaxy · 3 months ago
Dear Marvel bosses, I have a suggestion for an episode of Season 2 of your What If... series:
What If...Peggy and Daniel finally got their happy ending together! I would love to see them go on their first date, and on their second date, to see Peggy decide to move to L.A., to see both of them work together, their first fight and their first reconciliation.
I really want to see their relationship develop over the years, and then Daniel buy a ring and drive himself crazy on how to propose to her...and of course he finds the right way and she says yes. I want to see their wedding, want to see them go on their honeymoon, to buy their first own house together, have kids and see them grow old.
Peggy and Daniel deserve to actually live their happy ending, so PLEASE consider this, thank you!
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suricateg · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Grumpy cartoon Brock Rumlow   /ᐠᵕ ‸ᵕᐟ\ノ
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davekrtzyy · 4 months ago
what if i named myself dave, actually. what if i just did that.
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d3liri0s-mistak3s · a month ago
ya know, i have never shipped steve and natasha, but seeing nat with peggy really showed me what romanogers shippers were talking about. i mean come on, marvel literally said "lets have them call eachother besties like ten times to let them know that steve and nat were just that" but bro i could FEEL the tension and ik i aint the only one
Tumblr media
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palecomputerduck · 3 months ago
"THeY stOle SteveBucky moments!" 
You say with your whole chest while replacing Peggy's picture in the compass, using "You're late." line, photoshopping Peggy out of the kiss scene in Endgame and generally acting like she never ever existed or was of any importance to Steve. 
I know it's not the same, but still, you get the gist
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nnnlazyshit · 9 months ago
Hey, what if...
Tumblr media
Boyfriend used to be in Pico's school. He survived the event and he was the one who called the police. That would explain a lot.
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